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April 30, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 30, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 30, 1927 Page Three chiefs. An elaborate luncheon was l l The announcement that $75.00 had -.l~u~ure .. oc:a1 All social items been cleared bv the circle on the must be in m ' " " '~ onth s actlmtms was met enthumast- -- . Events by ically St. Tuesday noon. Mrs Win. Franke, 4611 K street, invited the circle to hold its next card party at her home in May, the CALENDAR -pole Dance bv the Good Counsel School chil- e school grounds. ~. Card party by the ladies of Good Counsel Church , ~mth and Bishop streets. 2"'-'MAY Day Fete and card party at Mr. St. Mary's 8:~Card party at St. Edward's Hall, Ninth and Ferry me St. Rose Society "Excursion to Subiaco College Submco, Ark. ~Sa't~;W,edding of Miss Marie Kortc to A~drew J. ~rlc~: s Church, North Little Rock. 26---Annual Carniw~l by the students of Little on the College grounds. nnua] reunion and banquet of Mr. St: Mary's ~ tparty in the school parlurs on Monday ~ [[ CA'rI~DRAL NOTES!I if this week with a very large at- [tendance present. Circle No. 7 held a successful party in the school par- - ~- Hers with Mrs. Harry Casey, chair- MaS:fdf(M;aeL lman of the Circle in charge LITTLE ROCK_ COUN,.IL No 812 It~; ~ Circle No. 2, Mrs. Eugene" Harring- Masses at 11 a. m OFFICIAL NOTES "ton, chairman gave a successful card Weekly Masses party at the Elk's Club on Wednes- exact date to be announced later. Mass daily in the Cathedra] at 8 day with a splendid attendance of International Work. - ta m members and friends engaged in play. r~n the summer of 1920 the Su- ECHOES FROM THE MOUNT " " ,- .... Practically all of the members of P me Knight and a committee of the Mommy, May 2, will be the date of~ "-, . ~venlng Lnevozlons :the Aid Society are engaged in pro Supreme Officers together with some lne ~unoay evening oevouons are -,2~^ ,, .... . the .May Fete at Mount St. Mary's. lheld a~ 7'45 o'clock, consisting of thefmeting the success of the Little Rocki ou ~mgn~, maae a PiLgrimage to May--the month of Mary Heaven's recita~on" of the "Rosary, a SermontCllege Carnival which is to be held France and Italy. Queen, will be dedicated in a veryl.~a ~ ..... a~.~^, ~v ,~ ~,o~ m .... a!at the College grounds on Tuesday, Brother F. J. Donahue was a mere- " " "~ ,May 26th Mrs W Bigelow Robin IDer of this delegation and we well x special manner by the students to the Sacrament. Devotions in Honor of .... ~ ..... love and honor of the Mother of God. ~ ~acred Heart are held on the son, past President of the Aid So-,remember the glowing account he The fete will !~" ffw ...... .... 1...~ ,. ~. Iciety is chairman of the General Corn- gave us on his return. He told us open with the l l~lrsl; rmay ol. Lne/VlOn-- a~ ~ '~* { annual p m Imittee in charge of the event, iof the wonderful reception given May devotions: Procession and the " .. ~. : I Donations to the Bishop Byrne Burse them by the Hierarchy, as well as the crowning of the May queen. The stu-I lviay oevotmns - t }1The childrenof the Cathedral governmen.t of France After this dents will meet promptly at 8:45 ] Ma.v Devotions in honorof Our ..... t . " . in{m--'oed L~,~ will be held in c~nne- [ ehool made an offerin~ of twenty-five,wnderful welcome the..h,ghest offi- thethe procession.Study hall to form in line for ~il;n"with ti~e eight" o'clock " Mass dollars to the Bishop Byrne Burse at c.ials in the French Church and state At il o'clock, the sports-competi-[ ........... >,~ ...... ~,'-~-~ -~.~ a~ ~'~ Easter. This represented a sacrif'iceiaurneyed to Metz o dedicate the ,~*,~-.r ........ ., .......... ~, ......... ' " offcrin- of the childreu durin~ theIBartolett statue of Lafa ette iven to rive games of basket ball, tennis, lo,cloek every Sunday evening during _ ' g " " ~ 1 ....... Y g races, etc.. will begin, Victors in the',~. ..... th of IVIa- Lenten season, and made their gift to i~ne people o. l, rance in recognition various competitions will be awarded] ............... the Burse reach a total of one hun-'f the aid given the colonists in the attractive prizes. Lunches sand-] First Friday Devotions dred dollars for the year. lwar of independence and to commem- wiches, hot coffee, home made cake, t Masses on the First Friday of the Not to be outdone by their elders,~rate the saerifices of the soldiers and pies, ice cream and cold drinks Month will be celebrated at 6:30 and the children of the School of Our ~nd sailors of both nations in the will be served all day. Novelties of 18 a.m. Devotions in the evening at Lady of Holy Souls sent a cheek for World War. Business meeting a~ 3:00: banquet all kinds will be on sale at extremelv]7:45 o'clock, rive dollars, representing a LentenI Traveling to Rome the pilgrim , ~ ~ Confessions h)w price Fishes v, orth every penn~, ~ . savings for this purpose. ]Knights were received in audience by ~U~e~}. Crsstey, ltertainment is sponsored by the Par- of a quarter will go at five cents a- Confessions ~qll be heard cvery~ ~ .~tthe Holy Father who said Mass for P~a~:~'cent's In-' enl>Teachers' Assciatin f tl~e ]~'iece" ~l't~'e cl~air~':~ f t!~e T~g :Sat~rday' t~e eve f I~lydays anct ~ It .[ONES~ORO tthem in the vatiean~ Gardens" booth are thereeSpients of various'the Thursday before the First Fri-] }~is Holiness spoke feelingly of his h~r h- el< is nowlsehool, under the chairmanship of love for the Knights of Columbus and . vine, 5400 T. Mr. Frank Sarlo; practically one hun- and attractive donations which will day from 4-6 and 7:15 to 8:45 P"l dred girls of the school will give a serve as acceptab!e prizes A~ide m Confessions are also heard be- "' ' ~ ~ ' ~ : ,: : : : : : ~' Ibestwcd his blessing on the members " from the pleasure derived in plavin~fore the Low Masses on Sunday and ST ROMAN S PARISH lot the organization. Alurn~ - IMay Pole Dance on '~he school~ " -~ ' ' Brollmr Donohue generously re- . n:.,~e W}ll hold grounds; a contest is underway by theIthis g'ame these artistic prizes will,before "the eight o clock Mass on " ' ' , ~ -" lmembc~red many of his friends in our oanquet at lenfldren '' each one stmwng" " 'hard to prove an inducement to the interest- weekoays, the mos sublhne mysteries of the [Council by bringing to them beau- ua:~, May 28th return the greatest'number of pennies ed to risk "more than many" a dime I May Procession entire ecclesiastical or liturgical year, I tifulrosariesblessed by the Pen- Will be held at 3 in order to be crowned, Queen of the For the comfort and convenience of The annual May procession and are graphically and realistically per- tiff. at 6. Miss ){ay; the Queen's royal court will be the guests of the card par~y the stu- crowning of the Statue of the Blessed trayed iu the beautiful ceremonies ofI traasterhas' thee.s~ numberfUr girlsofreturningpennies; thethe littleneXc larg-boys dents'. ~ dining hall will be. converted, Virgin will be held at the Cathedral rote an auditorium for tlns activitySunday, May 1st, at 3 p. m. The A doer prize as well as prizes for each]n devotions will consist of the recita- "w~ of the school~will present a unique table will be given. It on of the Rosary and the Litany, a Uncle andIpatriotie drill following" the dance. A LAST but by no means LEAST ISermon, the Act of Consecration and " .e" ~_, .'-,.!:" ;~ " '"~ se'" s '' -" .'the Crowning of the Statue of the she will I ,; xf ul~liq~nd~l~2nnell]~,~e ~ltel~ds Blessed Virgin, concluding with Benc- fie:.- al , ~ ..... " . . . land patrons of the institution by pre- diction of the Most Blessed Sacra- eorgetown Visi- u, ~e ~wo crees are inviteu zo come- . , ......... i senting to the~ portrmts of them-ment. an ct bring ~neir cnimren for ~ms en-. . -- _, ~ k~ .... _._ [ tertainment ise~ves, as they expec~ ~.u .,e ~wency 'Church of Our Lady of the Holy Souls and years hence. . . '" _ . _ ! Sunday Mass at 8 a. m. Every stuoen~ ~s urgeo to oo ner 0., Easter Monday afternoon witness- part in malting the fete one of the First Communion Class and ed one most inspring sight when the ,. s " ' ' last week Willbe the new auditorium of Our Lady of Good I&emgge' th~sto~yandofmsr'the successfUlschool events m The children who attend the school " ~ " ;" " of Our Lady of the tIoly Souls, will Counsel parish had a capacity house I -r reemve thmr Pwst Holy Commumon parents, for their annual card party, under the ; ~ : : " " : : : : : "-* .... [lace, Hot auspices of the Altar Society--the t ,TAMP~ I on Sunday, May 1st, at the eight before re- vast hall, the Sisters reception room ~ t.~l-~tlv~a~,} ~ o'clock Mass. A special musical pro- and the assembly rooms were filled ~ :: : : : : : : : -"-": ~ gram will be rendered by the chil- Fm thef~r dren's chmr of the Cathedral with members of the parish and their ' st time in fifteen years, ollege car-many friends throughout the t~vin St. Mark's parish of Stamps, was Evening Devotions cities, and it lent a most cheerful blessed with the observance of Holy On Sunday, May 1st, at 7:45 p. m. inspiration, with the warmth of the Week. Father George F. X. Strass- bright rays of the sun, after so much ner, of Morris Preparatory School ofinthethefirStchurcheVeningofdevtinSour Ladyt beef heldthc gloom with its accompanying misery Little Rock College, with Andrew Holy Souls will take place. These in its path; truly it was the social Murray, Jack Walsh and John Schultz, will,be for the children who have re- gathering .of the season and sixty students of the Preparaory School, ceived their First Holy Communion at guests returned to their homes, the motored to Stamps for this specific the 8 o'clock Mass in the morning of happy and proud possessors of a purpose. The students formed the that day. The Rosary and Litany beautifully hand embroidered refresh- choir, thereby assisting Father Strass- will be recited, a sermon will be ment set which had been given as the ner in observing the ritual of the preached, the children will be enrolled high score prize at each individual Holy Week Services in as solemn a in the Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. table; the guests were received by manner as possible The choir re- Carmel, and Benediction of the Most Mrs, William Heibach, chairman, and were her committee, who extend "sincere Mrs. Joe and grateful thanks to their many Nora friends for their assistance~in making Present_ this annual affair at Good' Counsel a single Holy Week. "We call itt IIoly Week" says St. Chrysostom, postponed aecoun`t of he change in : committee ~al e pre~)~ra. tU.res to be Val this year. ~d ~Irs. A. Engel- 19 in bride. with gdward,s card Party ai St. Ed- ~rry streek~. Dr high Score r Prize will ar~ on the my Bopp, na Schultz, Hart, Mar- rnPfling. A tded to all Association School by With thei~ e: an( as th, N We make mention of these incidents to illustrate the recognition shown "not that it consists of a greater num- ber of days, or that the days in it are longer; but on aceoun~ of the great things which 'God had wrought in it: for on these days was the tyranny of the devil overthrown, death disarmed, sin and its curse tak- en away, heaven opened, and made accessible and men made fellow with the angels." Holy Week is the culmination and climax of sacred liturgy, and the op- portunity made i~t possible, this year for St. Roman's parish to have an occasion to witness this pinnacle of the beauty and solemnity of the Church's liturgy of these sacred cere- monies. Even though the incessant rains made it unpleasant to venture out, the crowds at Church during all the .services were most encouraging. The pastor, Rev. W. J. Kordsmeier, assisted by deacon and sub-deacon carried out completely the entire Week's functions in all solemnity. Beginning on Palm Sunday with the blessing and distribution of palms and procession, followed by solemn High Mass, the Week of Great Trag- edy was introduced. Tenebrae serv- ices began at 7:30 p:m. Wednesday evening. The name Tenebrae is giv- en to the services of Matins and Lauds, part of the divine office, be- the Order in an international way. About a year later at the convention in ~an Francisco it was un.animously voted to establish an endowmen~ fund of a million dollars for financing welfare work in Italy This was un- dertaken at the request of Pope Bene- dict XV. Playgrounds, recreational facilities, and athletic instrugtors were provided and Pope Plus XI evidenced his special interest in his work by donati~g a plot of ground near Che Vatican so~ he may 'be able to have visual evidence a~ all ,times of, the character of the work. ONe of these playgrounds is located outside the Leonine Wall, another in the San Lorenzo district of Rome, another, an immense tract of many acres on the Gessimiaa Hill. In addition to this bathing facilities are maintained by ,the Order on the banks, of the Tiber near the Bridge of the Apostles. The work of the Knights of Colum- bus in Rome will, have an imperish- able history in ,the archives of the Church as the Holy Father who di- rected that an Papal medal be struck for ~he year 1924 the obverse sid,o of the medal to bear the image of His Holiness Plus XI wearing the tiara, and the reverse side a repre- sentation of St. Peter's playground. The fact that these Papal medals are struck 0nly when some great event longing to the las~ three days of takes place (the last time it was done Holy Week. Lauds followed imme- by Pope Leo XIII on the occasion of such a splendid success. [ diately on Matins, which in this oc- the 25th anniversary of his .elevaion --- t asion terminate with the close of day, to the Papacy) indicates plainly the ed exercises by the outsiders every Sunda mornm fo~ one A special benefit, characterized as! ~ ....... . .... ~ _ ^ . ~ ~ y ' g " half in order to sigfiify the setting of the great impression the work of the dOn~ Sullivan oI ~i~ue IgOCK L~OI- , , , . an afternoon and ev~mng card party, 1 ~ / ......... hem before themght o clockMass. ISun of Justwe and the darkness of Kmgh,ts of Columbus has made on will be given by members 'of Ourt,ege, spen~. ~r~ ~as~er nonuays a~ ....... [the Jewish people who knew not our t, ho mind nf the n ..... I- P,~tq~'4' Lad-- of Go-~ "~ -- " ~---'-h on nextInme with his parents, Mr and Mrs. ' ~dathedra~ ocnoo~ [. . ' -- . ... - , ., -,- ........ *,'- ....... r ............... ~' ot~ wounset Yarm ~ " l~oro all(] condemne(1 l-lira $o the giD- r Monday, May 2nd, in their newly oullivan. Mr. and Mrs. Simon Kohn, The closing exercises of,the Ca- blot of the cross Next week we shall conclude these ren.~ , , ' .......... lot Magnolia, spent Easter day with thedral School Will be held on Tues I~ " " series with a reference to the' worl~ uueleuau(lll;Orlum, IN lnTA1ann ' " n " ' " - Ithe ~rand~arents da,~ Ma- "%* " " 30 u ~" :~ *~'~1O Holy Thursday, solenm H~gh of subordinate and State Councils B~shop Streets; the card party ist ~. ~-.. . ~, y o~ ~ a~ ,:,~ ...... ~" ~"U{Ma~ h,,~ .... ~ e ....A~*~--*~ ~..- " ~' ~ " 0--~ .......... I Oo,n Uonklm m recovering from a Catnedrall Itall, o0"l East ~x~h .. . . . my one ox tne ~ea~ures el T, nlS spe-. ...... , , t " -' i thenrocession wen~-,~ ;, ....... Glee Club Entertains, cial be " ~sermus alA:aeK el pneumonia-typnom s~rdet A program has been prepared ~" . . ~ ...... ~':~ nef~t and the chmrman, Mrs. ~ ...................... through the a, sles of tim church nd Through the courtesy of Father Em,~ r~...,~, a~... ^ T W...o I~ever, wmen has Icepg nim con,lneu in wnlen all of Lne ffraouatcs o, tne, .. ,- ., . . ,a - . , - .~ .--.~. ..... ....... . ......... ~,t,o,l ..... '--r-- *~r *: .................... Y lback to the wonderfully decorated Moran, premden~ of the Little Rock tieneral chairman for the entire bene- uo ms none .o *~ve inunLllS, school ~.Vlll ta~ce par(. ]~..a ,a ..... .~D .. .~ L o~n~.~. '--.~ ~*--,~ ,----2 - - -. " , *.. -- ~ -- ~. ,.. .,,,,u ~.uu***cU a~eposlLory ~..u,,~s~# w~2 ~II~Ltl n~tve~ ~vvon(lerlul f" ' , . . MISS /-knna ~no,om is ~ne editor-m- ' " it, is anxious to exceed all p~ewousl ....... " " " " 'chiif of the first ann,,.,~ ~ +~e Cathedral Boy Scouts Agah~ on holy Thursday and Good program for our next meeting Tues- sU;~:e:~lak~ngs o! th:~p?rish^,due !oi~ Sta~nps High School. She gra~duatesi A Father and Son Banquet Avhich[i~r~day evenings the Tenebrae serv-day, May 3. Be sure and be present wa to ~ ,lees were pro erl held I e among other specml tea tranged the most elaborate high score this year. Thus Miss Anna maintains o be held at the Cathedral Ha.l ,~ P Y ~ . -~ - ~" ..... r; ~t~ ........ .......... Iunder the ausnices of the Cathedral I the morning of Good Friday wit irares one of the most lively debates on DI zo~f ;~.a" "~ 1 ~t ~ ,.;.,... ~;ne reco u b ab eve.~ '-~i~;nOllC in LII~ ~" " ' I " " -- anulVluUal taules eve, I, . i the l" " in ~""~ - High Schoolgraduatin~ class is hen-ITroop of the Boy Scouts and which lnessed the wmt to the Repomtory and~ ~vest questmns of the day by the ~ ~ne city, in hand decorated coucn ' o "~ ~ ored in some special way. s ' ,, ~, . ~. ..... in most beautiful realistic " was to be ~i~en o- Thursda,~ A,~ril proce,'sion back to the Altar with the Little. Rock College Debating Soci- 28th kas bc e o a laterIBlessed Sacrament, to have "the M,~s and conventional designs and o,,~Or-den:;e " l ' . :en postpon d t . , ~ ' ~. ety. ' ~ ~ of the Presanctffmd Partmular at ALUMNI BANQUET POSTPONED date on account ot' the .prevaihng~,. . " ".. , " . _ Ask the secretary abou,t the attend- ings, and is hopeful that Prey~ ~c As the Alu i a d the former stu-i ... p . y ~ . ance prize. At the last meeting the mn n ~flood con&tmnsIt willoss}bl take'ten~Ion ~s called to the symbohcal will favor her and her committee with den~ of Notre Dame in Arkansas are'place earl}- in May. The ,Troop'eeremony on Good Friday,when the nmne of Brother F. S. Duerr was'call- Sunshine as well as moonshine, in scattered' throughout the State the mcets every Friday evening in, the lTM Mass is replaced by the "Mass ed--there will be twice the amount which event Good Counsel wil! again banquet,which was scheduled for last Cathedral Hall at 7:30 o'clock, andlof the Pre-sanctified" in which the at the next meeting.,~, entertain a capacity house. All ,~h [more than lift, be s are actlvel enlcelebrant rinses the Sacred Host ~h Ins friends on this ~side, as well as'over Thursday ni~.~ t, Notre Dame Night,, ". ~ y y -. . ". " " There are many interestng and en- the river and all members of the -)ar had to be postponed for a time. War- ~gaged in ]earning the rud:iments of right hand only, to emphasize the dif- tertaining articles in the May issue :~.1- ' * ~ -I~.. r~a~in secretar- o~ ~ ~on ;scouting [ference~between the Ma~s on this day of the Columbia If you do not get nwted and urged to assist m ~ ..... ! .... our co call 4 " this most A ....... a ...... ~ ......... ]s Netre Dame Club, ' ~s arranging[ In order to not confhct w~th the an-and that of othe~ day~ of the year. Y PY, -5387 and notify the asked to tal~;":,'~.~"~:.:~=':~-~co;; with Aristo Brizfolara and Father Inuat May Day celebration of Mt. St.I Twelve o'clock noon, brought mauy secretary. pads. ~ ...... ~ ............. {George F. X. Stras~ner the date and'Mar:~'s Academy wt~ich will be heldltO the church. At 2 F'm the church m etm on Monda Ma 2n the re ular was almost fflIed for the ser on on ONCE FAMOUS SINGER ! -- place for the e " g, whereupon in- y, y d, g ~ . ~ -. ' . ~ ~ n~ ,~. ~ [vitations will' be..sent out to the 'monthly~ meetm" g of the Cathedral ;the Se~.,en Last, Words.. of our c~ym" g : BURIED IN CASSOCK ~rete No. 1, Cathedral Aid SO-IAlumn~ .~ Aid Soci'bty has been postnoncd telSaviour, and the mournful devotion ciety, met Anvl'lqfh ,,H . ! 1 " - 'the foIlox" ", ~ lot the Church was )iousl ended w~'hAfter a .brilliant career in rand _ ~.~ ...... , ..~th Mrs. N~LIn response to the telegram of the, v]ng Da~, May 3rd_ ik large, t - Y ., g L Busb r. n , . , fl . " attendanc, ~ " ~the Stations of the Cross o era a leo cried o~f blindness a d _ y, o00o F street. Instead o ,secretary of the Notre D~me AlummI c of the member's ~s ex-~ ~ P , g p , Y~ the. regular meeting,, a surprise birth- t Assocmtm" " n., notifs, ing him'" that- th-o' pected at lhis, ~ meetingz as b'u~iness'~ ] On Holy .... Saturday at 6 "30. the a. remarkable triumph over his afflic- day .... Party was celebrated. A hand- [Arkan~a~ Notre Dame" ~ Club's observ- i~f unusual, interest" ' .. will" come up fo~" i Church's ....... wealth was ushered m and tmn ProfeSsor Alfred von Bang," of some cake topped with four candleslm~ce of Notre Dame Night hhd to belaction- Luncheon'will be served byIrevealed to the faithful in the blcs~- Munich, lies buried in the'cassock of announcing the age of the circle, was called off on account ef the flood, lthe members of Circle No. 1. Mrs.!ing of the new life, the incense, the a priest, as he had wished. cut in turn by the members and the Rev George F. X. Strassner, of ~or- Burrows, chairman, and an enter- l triple candle, the holy water, and the] silver trophies t~ereiu were~'highIYlris Preparatory School of Little Rock'~tainment will be provided. The Cath-Ibaptismal fgnt, in the Prophecies, the r" ' ~ ' . * i P zed by the lucky'finders. Four,College, and premdent of the Arkan- edral Somety was one of theiflrstlExultet, the htany, the bursting outi beautiful linen gifts representing sas Notre Dame club, received the church organization in the cit~ telof the organ 'so long silent. ! spring, summer, fall and winter were[following telegram: "Certainly sorry[respond to the appeal of " the RedJ At 8 o'clock, the solemn Mass ofi fawn for by membersTwhose birth-Jto hear t1~t floods are occurring inlCross for aid in helping the flood[the Resurrection, was sung. ] gays occ sea refu ees Easter Sunda two hu urred in the different. -'lyour community. Regret that Ar- g with a" donation, r~ractical-1 . Y ndred and sons an m ~ m t~l all of the ers seventy seven con ecrated H d the winners were Mrs. W -]kansas club meet'ng " a victim, bu i Y~ memb of the Aid ~So-I ~ osts were~ r~ranke, Mrs. F. M. Werling, Mrs. H.]h~)pe that damage is limited to ,that. lciety are engaged in worldng withldistributed to the faithful during the loshe and Mrs. J. C. McFarlane. The[Trust that y6Ur school will be spared jtho Red Crbss Society in helping in l8 o'clock Mass.. At 10 a. m. Solemn door lorize, a foot stool, was won byllosses; and .that the floods will soon one capacity or another in relievinglHigh Mass of the Feast of the Great Mrs. Fred Morrison. Father Moran recede. Other meetings looking good [the condition\of the flood sufferers, tTriumph was ended by Solemn Bene- and Father Walsh were presented Best wishes to Arkansas, regardless." Circle No. 4, Mrs. Frank Haley,~liction of the Blgssed Sacrament and V~th beau ' ~ ,, ,, tiful monogramed handker- (Signed): J. E. ~rmstrong. chairman, ,held a successful card the hymn "of Praise Holy God. Forty years ago Herr Barg sang principal male parts in Wagner's operas at Munich. He had few equals as Lohengrin and Tristan. Then he became blind and had to leave the stage. It was his desire to enter the priesthood, but this was not granted h~m. Nevertheless he stud~ed bee- logy and passed his examinations at the Munich seminary. When lie saw that an illness contracted a few i months ago must end in death, he begged the privilege of being 'buried like a priest, if not as one. t