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April 30, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 30, 1927

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Page Two THE GUARDIAN. APRIL 30. ]927 Published Weekly masq~.lel'ade el revolved, hypothcL,;cal (luestJoris ing- ttae 0]'~ it'3 SV'=.[,~p1 of xxqft ...... -,,~-,_, h,,~: L ...... ~,,~l ...... ~ ~... 4~.-~.~..,1-.;o i "rH~ofCaTnOLICthe Di0cesePUBLICATIONof Little RockSOCIETY L~ a (ln.~,t l.nsu~t not only co the Governor of robbed through th,e pc~ty greed or' a horde oflmore heartfelt gartitude than s07 W 'ST SEOND s'rRm T [ iew York, but to every Catholic in the United; )otit; q, m Just ore ox-m ole o17 wa- iUGothic tem,q ;-the Cr(, F,~at~ as a~d-class matter ~arch 21, 1911, at the postofflee K)~tbt~. ~ , , -~ , ~ -, , .. _ ~ . . a~ LR-t~ Rv, ek. Ark., under the Act of Congress of MarchS, 1879. [ ~. mk . Gla:)e: glO,\,a ]li A,:kan a cos~ more ability to gratify the eager ..................................................... Furthermore. it, is self e,,ident that a rep!y to than grapes grown Ne" York in,lower Texas who make their appeal ~UI;k~CRIPTION PRICE, $2.00 THE YEAR Mr. Marshall tlmt would discuss all the hypo- cities. Thk our effk:iency working fuli time. lonly by the g of CHANGE OF ADDRESS thetica] problems he evolves would be useless. Now we of the South are supposed to assume God fervently that ( s address is deMred the ubscriber ,hould give one as well informed as Mr. Marshall should an Oliver Twist pose of , rrati ude and not ask threatened neither wi h the ~ld~d the new addrese. .......... - -- have been able to find satisfactory answer for for any more than a dole, and only one that.]rot. Extension, Chicago. Matter for publication in The Guardian should reach us his own problems and his failure to do so, indi- Our government sends us Mr. Hoover to save] o-------"J hater ~l~an Wednesday morning. Brie news correspondence is t ly lways " l c Tha kindnes of the clergy in this matter is .... cotes that there is some obstacle in his vision us as it sent him to Belgium. But we are lmlikel R V. E MeDI RMOTT........................... Managing Editor that would hinder hinl from grasping any argu-iBelgium in that we have not the heel of the in-[ THE RIGHT ll abo,t "the Guardian" should be addressed to meats presented and would lead but to theivader on us. VJe are simply stepchildren ap- The right nental attitude is the R~v. ~ I~L McDermott, $07 West Second Street oRgAN further complication of the s range difficultyiparenHy, or the victims of nati}mal stupiditY!ant influence in our daily in .... d here, that tt is is no an the The Gu~trdl~ i~ the official organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, ,' " . .... ' "~ " ",~ " ' . .. . e.d 1 pray {~ that it .a, be an earnest champion o the cause of li~ ;;; dt;n LlT::FLl dt 2h2 c:fF,};' h:u;'lC: e is to blame" Ifl)~o~uhr ;n;2pectant and eur_oSes,' right, .~v~ea ~d truth and an ardent defender of the religion which we all have so welL I extend to it my blessing with the sincere hope .... ~ ~ ~" " ~, , plans aria p p eart,~' may he long and prosperous, attempt to belabor Mr. Marshall, nor effort teltl e price of wheat and corn drops, the politi-I.., ............ our JNO. B. MORRIS, . i . . u,a e anu ennance s , produce the mH)ression that he is necessarily clans mmedlately assume a grave aspect. They _..: .............. rd ,our __ Bishop of Little Rock., . . * I~ ~, ~ . . bplI'llj 111 wnlcn you regu a - ................... not m good faith. I do not care to be put in his[nl wn spereu sessmns and send learned ........ -q be'rei . . . . " " ,the worl(1 aoou you w- --- ATp -27 ................. own class, a gratuitous questioner of the honorlports to mvesbgate and mtroduee weird pieeesl ..... ......... ;., right of others.Mr. Marshall's motives are not thelf legislative'stupidity with a how lin Alleluia ..... \"'-- nnsPi . o many nlngs Will seem be - subject here, bat his actions. His motives may that the great remedy is found, and it requires ate to advance -our work and Second Sunday after Easter. ' be wholly absolved from any complicity; but)an immense amount of labor on the part of the ........... attitud " " ,- i intelli,- " r r manly is your men a -- o this will not m any degree lessen the hurt and ent human beings le:,t to keep them from -.u ....... - --^auctive, astonishment of Catholics. wrecking the whole financial fabric of the thed, sn. pp an ZsnS Next Wednesday will be the feast of the ............ Icountr-, , avance, wlcnl a, Solemnity of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed lviarsnali s letter does not contain any- / ' I " 4" . --tr~ . f any outsldm momaates that some of the all Virgin Mary, Patron of the Universal Church.thing that is particularly new. Catholics havet " " " "- ' o come to recognize such things as the sympton of/us tariffs be reduced, he is solemnl i warned HUMBUG ANI) This Sunday ushers in the Month of Mary a psychopathic condition somewhat commonthat he is imperilling the welfare of the Amer- l " amen cod but uneducated ,lean wgrkingman He is shortly convinced that Toward the end of last wee with its sweet and pleasing devotion to the " g g - people in the re-t, " ' Virgin Mothei .Let us prove our fili. .... mote section/ of the country and while it is!ne can be compared only with such people as carried a press despatch from.h - .' lfound in some, populous sections' they generallyiBenedicte A nold. , the Pope intended to have .t' devoting some part of each day toward provmg ...... Befm t flood be an to t our love with sincere prayers, esneciallv h, +h lregard it as the effect of tne proDa randa ell" . g ear the very heart airplanes hence forth on their, recitati ::" .... " ".. , - 'out of the South, the Southern farmer was rac- on of the beads and her litany lemtam mlseleants who play on human thought- .. 1 We scarcely think-that the " o--- " I lessness and ignorance for financial gain. Butlncally bankrupt. Southern merchants were bc:d( inalWGh:n it was called THE TR AIL OF' IMr. Marshall is not charged with this What]Straining their resources to carry on. Southern ,, sparri, he charaCte .......... --xt , b , , " of journalistic humbug T .... ....... .I anks ere stoically trvm " to work out a rem- ,, 'amazes taal:nOllCS 1s El'lag one Oi ms apparent ~"' - ; ~" " ' ' r ------- " talent ....... ledy the powers that be in tuna xxere pendents too often employ. The Catholic nress w .... .............. and ablnty can be md to such question- " . the *--:' .....- . enOUgh o unhurt in s and wh- ....... ;. , .... u^lso preoccupied with the distress of the rest of is that the average editor n 41..... (r ....... Y *~ ~5 .......... v .... hrn onhr me country tnat they did not see us. Wh,.V cannot distinguish between n uugn pmces mgn and low and it is to be ......... ....... ?" .... , -j . . >" news from Rome. The corre; . . . . . v~ ,~u is zo olame, '~one ourselves. congratulated on the accuracy with which the,, In free Cathohcs of the Umted States can not u.. o ........ . ..... this. That is the reason why s--* " " "- ..... .' . . ., .. .,v ,,coou asme and allowed ou, reorw- ,n o nea ':Soa a S ore nii:t iYna toe t;;t.Oef a:u: y r7 7na 2dn i[;t:2ethettawteoml ,t mpad /PthObr ntat,ves to be put amde They too have pel humbug for news ill their d True Voice Omaha, Nebraska" purpose One would not likely search for prop- aganda in the columns of the Rotary magazine, APPRECIATI though it may welt be realized what a Potent DO WE influence such an organ could be. The article appearing in "Rotary", was dia- There are now very few bolieally clever, for while it av(;ided all refer- tholic Church that some ence to the present conditions in Mexico, it left brethren are not now cornme*. , nevertheless a picture of the Caltes Government their own people to im tat@. that was Utopian in its beatitude. The great Rosary, which a Protestant and good Calles , head of a college and a . , the ex-adxenturer is a true . , . patriot and doing much for the:people, the bless- Marshall has outraged all American Catholics, lcamnnio-, ,, .......- ............ theological school, praises_ . ,--~,-. v~.2v,,s,-b, vv e nave ueen~ ~oo prouo el" rl n e: eeop,e who receive so many benisons from for the burden of the article, at least inferred, to fight even for our own land own homes .,Lo 7, owL: menanas of the great p01iticoes of this world, and in one place specifically stated is that aI ............. ' --- . v ............ ,,** ..... v .... .^ , lnere is woe in fle ouzn gooa nele is oe obv ,, None would hold the editors of "Rotary" lia- Catholic cannot be a good American. neither alan-;, ^ = .............Y. . " . - lng, which does not prom DI ...... ~ .... ". ~-~ nunureu nousano nomes nave been " r , to e ,or co-operatmn m this plot. That is not loyal citizen nor a worthy exeeuflw po. .... ........................ attention, hat appeals the burden of the article h,,~ ........ It ...... , ...............(-... ~.~..~-2. ....... ~ wrec~eu, n0pes nave been olastea. Tlaere cularly is the combination o* ........ men acblve inl* wuum regre to gnlnK tna vtr. v*arshall meant are children crying for food All this in the meditati " the Rosary public affairs should see to it that their editors/just this, but in any event he says it and in this richest country in the world Now this has ..... uff' are awake to the dangers of propaganda, bar-/he has sinned grievously w ' , .......... " ..... ,, .... peoples _ . ..... - , -. ~- nappeneu once omy, a aozen or more timesithis methad af Arriver? II iN ' U xlcan propaganaa, wnicn is rener-} o - ....... - " I .... ally alleged to be Red and certainb ] ......... - in me the average man. ' ]to a learned Protestant minlS ohc to a ...... bUt)t)b AND EFFICIENCY There is no attempt here to reflect on the lselves te 1tl , " degree that would nrohibit .... . "' should apprecia "" "'J ........ u' ' - present administration more than regarded his Faith from even ..... ' , any other Omaha, Nebraska suc " ....... : ........ .-:-. for some time, Americans have devoted a The whole Southern disaster of toda- can be ..... u mzaaon tna COUld through its pub [great deal of ener . . .... a ........ - gy to telling themselves and attributed to no single influence of the present MEI ::lth: h:ln:$ofehT:nlze the msldmus attempts .the w0rldat large about,their generalefficiency It is the result of the incompetence of years: A STRANGE , I+ ;o .1, ........ co-reug .onlsts. . m all things We have become so accustomed coupled with political opportunism and our own 0 J theR;t:#V;s a error, but to talking in superlatives about ourselves and indifference or pride that led us to considering', Last Sunday evening a on record as .go our government that we are sometimes very ourselves so blessed in the country that we live in ,ne a in the small back ure to do so lays the a nu mj- much snocKea wt en our infantile crudity is that we could afford to neglect our own inter- OOKSho,p at 465 West Twe :, o"en ...... , - " ...... WhOle ShOWn up in a manner that is disastrous not to ests. F. OrK wi y. About forty wna appears to be a well grounded our pride alone,- but to our very being, foreign relations. Senator Bor,_ -F. From the beginning, the citizens of the Mis- was phed with questions. A attendance were John Haynes , o I sissippi Valley have, at regular intervals, faced land suffered disaster from floods. There is i IGNORANT INTELLIGENCE. , hardly one of us who has not passed through The most: amazing feature of Mr. Marshall slsuch a crisis several times during his life ime. 'letter to Governor Smith and the most incom-IMost us have freqffently witnessed the de- prehensible, the strange union of intelligence, lstruction of property and life and many of at least apparently, with a total lack of under- have seen cuff all in this world's goods swept standing of the effect he produces, away in torrents of wild water rushing through a--------- -- - .l RESTLESSNESS Whence the increasing unrest all around us? Looking out on the world scanning the pages of the' world's history, we sense'at once a never .A. Ward, Leo. Wolman, Bleven and Felix Adler, all w# and disciples of the new may she ever be wrong." A well-known editors, Os Nation, and Herbert B. Swope World, two real warriors The first reaction of a Catholicto Mr. Mar- shalls letter is one of anger andastomshment." Honest anger at this attempt put him on trial, for the challenge to Mr. Smith is a challenge to all Catholics of this country. Astonishment at the attitude of a seemingly intelligent man, an attitude c mmon among ignorant backwoods- men, but not usually found among men who pretend an elementary education, Now it is not to he inferred that Mr. Marshall has been deprived of an education, but rather his reading and study have failed to do mpre than buttress his own original, prejudices In- formation is usually,, thought to bring about'a broader view of men and institutions, to culti- vate a sense of respect for the convictions of our fellowmen and to develop a civilized confid- ence in the honesty of these convictions. With this Statement before us, the conclusion is naturally evident Mr. Marshall is not enti- tled to a reply. Insinuations are insults and the best way to deal with them is to ignore them, for no man is endowed with the right to question another when the question itself attempts to impeach his honor. In this case Mr. Marshall directly challenges Governor Smith's loyalty to the country he serves in so distinguished a man= her/ Mr. Smith is not suspected of treason, but popularly proposed for the highest honor in the gift of the American people, therefore, his loyalty is at least in the eyes of the people of the State of New York and many o{hers above the richest section the richest country in the world, leaving desolation and despair. We, of the South are again going through the same commercial, agricultural and financial up- heaval that our fathers before us saw, and many of us are again exposed beggary by the same destructive natural agent that has done more damage to the people of the South than three or more civiLwars. At the same time, our national organs have us edified with pictures of the vast engineering feats performed by a paternal government for the benefit of arid countries about us. We have been told in fulsome phrases of the deserts made gardens by the power of controlled water, all of which is due to the genius of our poeple ceasing unrest, which the great men of every even if it is against religion, age are trying to calm, while others are always hot for the persecutor. The fomenting. No man has ever found a panacea of these gentlemen are at for the world's ills. In vain,,do idealists, dream Per war with Mexico---a war ers, theorists of every kind beat with all their engaged in making and fJ energies against the world that is, to make it was Thomas W. Lament / what they think it ought to be. Science with alll owns the New Republic, a its modern discoveries, art with all its modern]amrig whom were Federal allurements have increased the general restless- Hand. hess, but not the -general happiness of man. Hu- man misery, as the world interprets it, increases. ---The Catholic, Pittsburgh. O' CHURCHES A church survey, made by Frederick L. Col- andthe prosperous largess of our Government. lins for The Woman's Home Companiqn, finds American money has been literally burned that at least 100,000 Protestantchurc build- up in a thousand causes of war and peace. We ings are "useless and parasitic," and recom- have all been pledged and bonded for the wel- fare of a half dozen projects and our taxes are paying interest on debts incurred over half the mends that they be abandoned. - The writer, who is a Protestant, admits that' the Catholic Church is "a thing apart." seHerr- goes on to say that "it performs so many ices for its people which the Protestant church does not attempt that it cannot be judged by the same standards. I dare say even its humblest edifice would be seriously and sincerely his- sed." All of this makes interesting reading to us earth for the welfare of every kind of marl and country. So be it, if we can do so and are @illing to do so, more credit and more honor to us. But while all this goes on the Garden of the North American Continent has become a morass through incompetence and We might say crim- i 4al neglect, at least that is what a great many think of it. Panama Canal was. built for the benefit of the world's shipping apparently, but the South, One can appreciate hoW be when he can attract the these men give---not Villard are so one-sided as not to be but men like the two judges s Lament. Why was the strange meet mg," the concealed circumstanceS:. afoot to either cripple the country or to,give Sacasa The meeting was pledged to ably it Will not be long deliberations begin to seep press. One thing is certMn, the liberty for Mexico and the ican rights cannot afford to The exposure of the campaign of Calles must meeting of Sunday night, the office of Extension. With appeals coming as the old Klan meetings, m daffy from far places m the nat " '" ion ,for|Calles in the United States "churches, churches, and more churches,"| Tablet, Brooklyn, N.Y. \