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April 30, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 30, 1927

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I PP., XV. i ..... The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas ........ LITTLE ROCK, ARK., APRIL 30, 1927 No. 33 KILLINGS BY JAQUES CARLU AND WIFE JOIN UNION Other Mere- of Mex- Ured te Death by Their " GOVern. !iScat. of Cath. Artists' Work at New Hotel Held Decorative. Boston, April 26 Jaques C~rlu, professor of advanced design at Tech, director of the Summer School of Fine Arts Fontainebleau. France, and winner of a "grand prix de Rome,' one of the rarest of art dis- '> .......... SEN. WALSH BEGINS CATHOLICS FORN APOSTOLIC DELEGATE ASKS I LONG SPEAKING TOUR AN ASSOCIATION PUBLIC TO AWAIT FACTS Day Exercises and West " i .---- to llline;s Williams College, Msgr. Fumasoni-Biondi Says Mex, an Eplscopacy Has No Responsl I Cleveland and Columbus bility for Revolutionists' Atta:k on Train. | Among Invitations, (By N. C. W. C. News Service.~ logic, must be evident to anyone wh~WalshWashimrtn'of MassachusettsApril has26---Senatrhad many Washington. April 22. Most Rev-'reads his statement. Because three ..... e requests to address clubs and other erend Pierre Fumasoni-Biondi. Apes- ,ie,ts led the attacking party, as n p- .s- ' . ", ,.. I or~anizations in various parts of the n~sert~then we must concluae tna~ "~ _ . tolic Delegate to the United States ........ 'country since theadjournment ox i ches. I * ..... ~mctmns, was wffh his wife, also an who is, wt,ll informed on Mexican af- the Cathetic Church of Mexico is re- lartist" admitted yesterday to mere- f~irs, in an interview today case- sp~nsible for the massacre. Moreover, Congress. For nine successive days, 20.-~Wanton bership in Local 11, Painters, Decor- ~orieally denied the statement made in v manner wholly unworthy the head beginning tomorrow, Senator Walsh ..... has speaking engagements. Catholics byiators and Paperhangers' Union, as a ,.. President Calles that the /~eeent of a eiviiized sta~e, Premdent t~mms - el ~sl Sunday e~enmg he will addless intense_llesult of union ol/ections to their~a~t.~ek on ~ passenger tram near recklessly .~,serts that this atta ~ ": ~ " "~ the FOR WORLD PEACE Bishop Shahan Chosen Honorary President and Martin Manton President--Objects of Organ- ization--Addresses and Reports. (By N C. W. C. News Service.) Washington, April 21.---The Cath- olic Committee on InternafionM Peace adopted a constitution, by-laws and the permanent name of th.e Catholic Associ'~tion for International Peace were executing certain wall paintings in Guadala.jara in which many of the'another evidence of what he imp]ies is Williams College Forum at Williams-a~ a two-day meeting wtfich c!os,~d t otel m Arhn untie t:vrann of the CaSh town, Monday he 1~ scheduled to at hele .~(sterday he new Ritz-Cariton H g- passengers were killed, was tbe resuh the syste~ , ' / Y . ~ ~ ,.~..1 .... I ....... b at several banquets . ' - ,. ~ " ......... ". establish~ ~, .iron street unless he and his wife could .., ~...,.~ .... r was done with the knowl-lolic Church. It is a notorms Iac~ ............... ~ ..... . ~. , . ", ~ lmmema~e~y ionowm~ Lnls acu,,n, Savage ~ .... show a union card _,_^ _. ,u.. o.~,.~oE,fisconate of that President Calles has, over a longtf patrmtlc o~gamzauons, ceteorat g which gave a permanent orgamza- Victim~ - ~ "sl The trouble arose over the fact that~.~. I-cried of time, employed every meanstthe eve of Iatrmts Day m and about tma to the committee founded m ---.~ Delore, .... ,,~ex~co. v Boston Tuesday at 11 a. m. he wm ~ - er 1926 the %s,'o- ~tChed the paintings instead of being exe-,,T ........ :o~- " said Archbisho~ !at his command to make the Churcht ' ...... . . Cle\eland m Octob , , ., ;~ ~ " leuted on canvas in a studio and theni. " ..... - -~':~"~J-'", ........ ~. ,~,--;--~! ..... r responsible for the presentldehver an aoarcss Delore the t~enum elation elected the following officers n the Massachusetts Boy Scouts at Cone 'lef, ,~ . lattached to the walls as is usually In; ...... ~.. u..~ -~*,h~o- to do either I revolution in M.exieo. Under this pre- ~ ~s ~ * ~ ..... for the coming year: v Z~ uonzales the case witb such work, are executed]2'~-::"~''~ ."?L:::'/22;2 ..... l,.xt he has imprisoned Bishops killed ln the occasmn of their pamouc pn- The Rt Rev Bis~,on Thomas J. Sha- *uu lnera alreel;ly or ln(lllUUtl~y )v,v.~ ......... - ~'" " ' ," wn" at 2"30 he is to ~ ...... ~ , iatio~ .~ ~, ber!divectly on the walls of a second-floor ...... usa~taek My first request to Ipricsts, and has ordered shot w~thoutIgnmage tothat to , , .. , .. hun rector of the Catholic University -, 'oI " ~ ,a~..:u ~- - .y " I - ' 1 e ~uex~- ~ . 1 " men The names of be the orator on ~ne oceasmn .oi ~a . - . ~o ~-- [.oungmg room of the hote. ~ A ...... ; .......... ~'lic in the matter isltrml Cathohc . . I ..... ]of Amemca, honorary president, ~umpanions . ................... v ...... . . . ~unveiling of a tablet in Quincy m . . ~lez and Jor..eI. Umon workers Constructing .the that juda'mentbe suspended until def- th.esevwt~ms of h~spersecuti~gmanm h.nor ~+" l,,hn Adams and John[Martin T. Manton ofNewa'ork, pres- ~ hotel considered that this me~noo inite and reliable details are available. I have been given to ~ne pum~c press, l~- ..... ~ ff~'.J_ n~. ^~ ......... :~., e^n /ident; the Rev. Moorehouse F. X. f~ ,,_ lmade the Carlus' work purely decor- The onl" ne~s we have to date isllte has concentrated in Mexico Cityt'4umcy ~uams; ~u~,~ ~ .... ~ ~ 'tMilb~r, S J, of New York; Wlliam "~ '~aese thr ~ .Y ~ " Walsh will atteno rne uemocradc " . " ann ~- . ee!atlve, from ~ovrnment sources, and as co-]hundreds of pmests and has pubhely] ............. ]Franldm Sands of Washm,gton, the mn ' ----- ' I b~a~e eomml~;ee oanque~; ano ~ne Ul- . .. g chawnlThe Carlus, not m the least of- ^-.~ ~...~ .... Mt dish, arches from[declared he would have them all exe-I ....... . . .IRev. Charles Mfltner, C. S. C, of No- ' xelledw~th " " at ~" .............. ' - "'- volution develo oceson xo~at AosunenceDanque~ at, . , . ~ If ended, on learmng of the umon ' - ~.: ....... ~ ....... 1,, censored bylcuted shouht the re P l ]tre Dame, Ind., Frederm I. Kenke] .... ted fromlh~ude, after thew p~ctures were aboutl ...... ~ .......... ~ent whose oHi-lbevond certain hm~ts he has set. Th~slEast Cambridge.. . . of St Louis, Dr. Herbert F. Wright ~'~ Ke t " . .... ~ne ~,,,~ ~,, ....... , ~ The Senator win commence a Driei ~ " . .... a~,-:- p al!ve'lhalf finished agreed to join the umon. o~nl~', decid, e wlmt can and must be!mau, who has almost every day du~-/ , .................. of Washington, Mass Anna Dill Gam- brels KnO " .... ....... ' ~ ' " S eaKln tour oi l~ile ~.wtlUOle vv e~b _ . . cked[The~rm~tmtmn yesterday mormng]o,~+ m, cn f ho nress In these cir-tin~' the last three months stmned hm i P . g ..... ble of York, Pc., the Rex,. Dr. John A. mPlea u on ' lam[ .............. " ....... " ' " t blood now weanesaay evening at ~yracuse, ~. . _. P .]was dwected by Pres James Has ...... , ..... :* ;~- ~nl., the ~art of wis-[hb~h office w~th mnocen , I ......... Ryan of Washington and P. H. Calla- nPPi!~ ~ntha ~f!n~ii:i'Y;=i;ii~i:~ilnY~h~S i~e ~;~/~:!ii!:i:ri~aan~t~ !~s~ie~h~m~12 ii!i~n~c!~s~iki~! d~i~s bi~.!~rC! (ii ~! i !igjaWo~!i!ty~!~iJi~in : : ?in:danwt'i~h ii~.eE!:i~:elTi~l:~c~~tii persecu- tire duration of the World War. His fill it. wife, daughter of a Russian ~hysi- Objects of Association Set Forth. ~n Which it eian, took to painting after hey mar- The Constitution set forth that"the -'o~nmon bandits tinge and has been assisting her hus- objects and purposes of this associa- the band on his present commission, tion shall be to study, disseminate, co As far - - Church This bitterness of the Presi-'of Mexico cannot be held responsi- Un!versity students: luncheon gue? and apply the principles of natural ~,ncerned, this ~ ~ ]~l~ ~'~ ~ ~i~| |~ |!~I done nf Mexico and his utter lack of ble." el leaqmg femocra~s oz ~0u~n ~ena, law artd Christian charity to interna- ;*o,. ~or all the ] ffl/'[l] 1 ba I llUllalll#O Ill ........ evening aaaress .Delore ~ne ~ar .~- ional problems of the day; to consider ~'lores sociation o~ ~or:nern lnmana. . n~uet w~,s a April" 23, Cleveland, guest and the moral and legal aspects of any DIPLOMATIC CIRCLES qlIPPflRT OF CROM IBISHOP PROVED ...... u oh:a Club action which may be proposed or ad- a' also wo.~i ~aa~a~a v I speakeroelore cne '~ Y g ' .... +^A ;., +~-~ ;..+~o+;~ol ~nhere. f good leading Democratm orgamzatmn of "'* faro- ~ 4 d to examine and consider issues which New York, April 25. Senatorl BYENGLISH LABOR I HERO WHEN Northern Ohio; Sunday, April2,a- . ....... Heflin, who still lives in spite of his "" -- ___ __-.. ,, ,I t~w,w, ,,l~,|r dress before the Knights of Columbus b:::Z: ':h:r~:=:~ilong:f ::~:r , MfR$ loudly nrofessed fears of assassin!a-I DI~DIII[i~i~ AT P|ll !%/ ~tllF ,~[~l~t of Northwestern Illinois, at Freeport, g ........ : .~.~, " - ~ ~ II1|~|1~111|t|.|$ tr'~! alkl~l~lUi~| ~,~*~*~ "~*""-- , " . ., , ,~ , ..... ences, lectures aria stuoy circles Wll.n "sa CHAlet-coition at the hands of Paual emissaries, i .... v ......... ~ Ih. Aprn 20, Uolumoos, U., oex~er- ,, " ..... ..~.^~;~ ,,.,~,, -''"*at "" .. I I " -- "' - ~ "~ " .... m ~;ne view oI caucusing u.~u.u~.~ .~...- reeentl denounced Sir Esme now- I i ~ , son oanque~ oi _wranKlln boun~y ~e - [ ......... Y B N C W C News bervice.) ." . ion upon ~ne subjects relaung vo m- Which the .~ lard, British ambassador because ofI (By N C W. C. News Serwce.) ] ( Y ," " [ocratm Club. The Senator will re-I .............. * ~---~int- ~- . " " " o He ~;ernatlonal moranLy ~nu u~ ~=qu,~ ~ g for the ,.oo--[his Catholicity In this conneetmn, I London A-~ril 13 The six offi-| Washington, D, C., April ,0. "/turn to Boston at the conclusmn of[ ~ ....... a" . v r . ~. . . . . . v ! . . . . . . . ing, as ~ar as pooh, SIDle, ~ne generat .~hs, in Pales.lthe following reprint ~s mtereshng: lcial Catholic candidates in the Westlrmm s~mflar to that which ~mmortal-l,th~s trap. public with the Church's teachings ~Y the Jewish~ "The university of the Cathohc[n~... ~,...~a ..~ ~,,~rdians election,:tized certain American passengers onI ~- [unon these matters; to issue reports nOa;: 2 e w:r;, wer:returned at th: ithe:~';~:2:," ;B:::::tn:::ndm~;iNEED 40 BARRELS tnn:2?e~s:'2Sn~::t~::t2:ln2P;:; ~alesian M~ |Washin~,ton at the present time. Thethead of the poll for the six vacancie ,]g " ' ~ ~.~., ,~w A,~,~ w.~w~ ~w~nm~ ............ ~- ~*~'"Hc and the BI or S~r E~me How h Ie lthe behawor of ~he Rt Re United -itish'Ambassad , ~ -[after an election campaign whic "-I . . ~ [ |~" ~|,fl0~~ ]q|~ |~t~| ...... r .... z ~v ~_~ ..... a ~.~'.1~o ~,., :c as}on of the ard, cud Lady Isabella Howard, b.o!h ]solved itself into' a ii~ht abainst labor, ]Paul McCloskey, B,shop of Jalo,'! -- ............ __ I CatholiceCma re~-,~writers, I ........ of differentaru ...... coun-Y enqation. ]representing very old and d~stmgumn-!...:~. +~.~ Mexican -uestion a bi~ is- IIoilo, Philippine I~lands, when aboard[ x~, ~. ...... ^,.,4) ~ Altries; and to further, m co-operation ;;;'ila~ ~iill;:~m~!i!i~a~sYPsi! !ili~~:i'ii:t;'~:al~hrii:~'e ~:adh:;~i:: !:i,:iiii!'~:i!:nige~:ii!:!~e!:iiii!Cm~b~Yi:d,o'~il,i;ii!~!i:!/i'~! l~i!!~i!i'teh~f :i:ii~~]~Jili ing " ~ ar. received here from ,,he Philippine.. man body, but bel'e" p ;. , s , -/ g rdless! r ' "" " , ..... -, Individnal ' rs hat ~ :h~ ~:~'~-s~,,,~:~ ~.curred Iwas awarded a Sterling fellowship atlmen " -Y " ' iation~ ,, I wor~ny that, in in~ernauonat rem~m~" Ie~a~,~e ~e~V~e t," qu'~'s~mns .... aaolessed ..... a ........ ,_....c ,. Mc i . " ~ ' .... ) ...... " ........ * ~li , ~i' " l- s " ~ " " " " ~ The diocese of which B~shop -~Yale, where he took up the continua-I ---- .....__ ~ stops oI this sort, tne ques~mn u~ ~ -to thent b r C,-~tholics They show al .... ~ ~ ..... 5 ..... - Ctoskev is the srfiritual head includes tion of his work in the if all of 1926. ~l~.V|t~ ~][ g'~ i~l~l[ ~ igmn ~s never ra~seo. [most complete ignorance of what is the" Pr~ov)nces of Iloilo, Capiz, An-[ It is considered'that 100 grams is all lgAlb/tl ~V~ll~, )~L~[ I~ ..... ~N I happening in Mexico, thus giving the ti~nel Po~nblon, and Negros Oriental. } minimum necessity fer the experi-[ w~ a lrv.~'l t~ a'l~l~lrw~lr~ It qllr hm ~m~ntatmn and for th~s 1600 htle~ or} , he to statements attmbuCed to t '~ ]]~| 1' CHARITIES AIDED 54,000 . -~ " - le"~' - when He is a native of Philadelp "'. ] : , ' ": '' s, , ~lt~b bAIU~UAI ~11~ ~IN | ................. 5 IN YEAR)tburpean moor auers wno, , " approximately 40 barrels of b!ood, is! ............. ,i ,,'~, a~.~t[ w~ Cu~o,o~, ,they ,vent to Mexico, were reportect ~ITn' ]I' 1"~1~ ' inecessary, besides other chemicals. Ih'Uh'N|NL" P||~T fb "t Mexican official agenc as hay- I ~VJI~I~IUI~I ~1 ~k~l[ JAPANESE IN BRAZIL ~rmerly was the organiT, ation's ;ninth annual re- was barred from delivering his sched- The I=ost has been publishing a series' onslaught by Well under a serious )PPosite direc- assault ought been gather. on el port, just made public. The fund amounted to $18,930 more than the previous year. Cardinal Mundelein is founder and sponsor of the organization. The of- ricers are D. F. Kelly, K. S. G., presi- dent; Robert M. Sweitzer, K. S. G., vice president; F. J. Lewis, K. S. G., and Joseph F. Connery. Of the 53,433 aided, 20,299 were cared for in Catholic institutions and 33,134 in their homes charitable services included care of mothers and infants in Misericordia Hospital, lodging for homeless men, work in the welfare settlements and care of or- COMING INTO CHURCH (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Rie de Janeiro, April 8. The Bra- zilian government has agreed to per- mit the immigration of 500,000 Jap- anese. Fifty thousand have already availed themselves of the privilege, most of them naturally pagan~. Among these, a great movement of conversion to Catholicism is making itself felt. In the Jesuit church of Sain~ Gonzalo, for example, 5'(} Jala- awese were recently baptized. New York, April 25.--It is report- uled address here last night over of articles by Isaac Marcosson depict- ~d that a monument in memory of KOA. General ElectNc Companyling the Mexican scene as it revealed Father Marquette, French explorer, radio station, itself to that writer during an exten- will be erected near Utica, on the Members of the station's eensor-isive investigation of conditions there. banks of the Illinois River, upon the ship committee objected at the lastlThe articles have indicated that the site where he built his first chapel minute to parts of de Valera's speech lCalies regime is generously and posi- :The Knights of Columbus of La Salle because2hey2idhiet 7n~ta~ned"propa-ltively tinted with Bolshevism. This County, Illinois, are sponsoring the,g'anda,, g " "'h Govern- ~ glimpse of truth was so distasteful plan and are considering various types]meat. ]to Senor Calles that he prohibited of arches. The tract was purchased "They asked me to modify per- t~e dirculation of the magazine with= recently an4 there remains only the tions of my address and I refused, in his borders, It will be recalled that selection era suitable type of menu- That's all there is to it," said de/"Clumbia"' the official organ Valera. "I could not truth~fully com-IKnights of Columbus, meat on political and economic condi-Ipublicatin to 'gain ,this tions in Ireland d~fferently from the 1 Being barred from Mexico just address I had prepared," an honor,