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April 29, 1938     Arkansas Catholic
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April 29, 1938

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man that he made Abe carry his books. Then one dy Sister Made- line pointed to the picture of Ab- raham Lincoln, and Abe learned that he, too, was named after a great man. After that things be- came worse and worse. One day George and Abe quarreled in school d Sister Madeline said tlutt each would have to make a speech on the man he was named after. A whole week went by. And, the day came at bast for George and Abe to make their speeches. George started out early that mornlnk. He wanted tO walk alone to school. Abe waited un- til George was out of sight. Then he too went down the road. The school bell rang. All the children stopped talking. They walked up the steps into the school house. But the Sister was not the only one in the front of the room this morning. There were three gen- tlemen with her. They had come to find out how well the chil- dren were studying. First the children said their prayers. And they said them very well, too. Then they gave the salute to the big flag that hung between the two pictures in the front of the room, Sister Madeline was watching Abe. But he gave the salute as well as the rest. Then they sang, "My Country &apos;tis of Thee." And every boy and girl sang every word, even Abe sang. Sister made them read. And they read well. She sent them to the board to write their num- ber work. And nobody made a mistake. Then one of the gentle- men who had been watching and listening came to the Sister's desk. He began to speak, and this is what he said: "Well, boys and girls, I'm very proud of you. You can sing; you can read; you know your num- bers, and I am sure you love your country. You gave the salute to the flag so well. "But how could you do poor work when you have in the front of the room the great George Washington and the great Abra- ham Lincoln?" He pointed to the two pictures. "And do you know, boys and girls, I have often wondered which was the greater man. But now I know that although they were very different, one was just as great as the other." If the gentleman had been watching the children as he spoke he would have been surprised. For all eyes were wide open and looking not at him, but at one another. And two boys looking exactly alike seemed very happy and contented. The gentleman sat down. Then Sister tOok his place. "By the way," she said, "there were two speeches to be given today. George Washington White begin, please." Any other time George would have minded very much. But not now. The gentleman had said those two men were just as great. He walked up to the front of the room. He bowed to Sister and the company. Then he began-- "Abraham Lincoln was a great man. He lived in a cabin. He shot ducks, he chopped down trees and he plowed. He was one of our Presidents." Then he went to his seat. Every- body wanted to clap but they waited. "Abraham Lincoln," said Sis- ter. And Abe walked with a grin to the front of the room. He began-- "George Washington was the Father f our Country. He rode on a white horse. He chopped down a cherry tree and now his picture is on stamps for letters." And the boys and girls never knew why Sister and the gentle- man laughed. But soon the gentleman got up again. i I ,WEEKLY PUZZLE - [ A [ ,_.- _<::-:.--.:-- .. " .... _ IN THE KITCHE| I -- [vY00 I I - - -- .-- .. Sends Message To 00oUr00vin-- I I00EDAL I !,. General Franco I ,,rnnv 9Jl41 I ' __..._=...., ........ v 9 ......... '-'"" > 7:o;"00ol00i =Fk../.   '" tertaining is forethought Of beaten egg whites ]   JL =Fk..L  [ _ --  '" L ( Vatican Citl 19. (}EL--Re- tce::::itgis idoe::ahgdt' gooOdf wbeelegr:gge:hi ,, "    Franco on the occasion of the must do her wn kin fe rh ....... e  h 'T "  ,.. .^ _ . .   canomzatlon of. St. Salvatore of waitress to her guests and also cooked thlough) . a picture of George Washington, And this time the children  " txellcT!Y':f C::::g: t:p:i:nc:h O :::t:e]:h::::nbe:;rde:ne:: e:b[ the creamed meat , and then little George was so laughed, it if desired. sees her crown of Saints enriched not be served comfortably without Rhubarb  proud to be named alter a great And George and Abe never Make a baking ! fought again. They went home by a new hero of Christian a maid. A young hostess epeci- 4 arm in arm, for they were name- -, I strength, We heartily send the ally should keep this in mind when egg it dough, adding 1 t i Apostolic Blessing to propitiate di- planning to entertain her friends instead of milk. sakes of two great men, and one was just as great as the other. 7 vine favors." If the first course consists of a with the dough (To Be Continued) In his message to the Supreme tasty canape, a fruit or vegetable lows: Wash, cut i (Medal Stories, published by the Pontiff, General Franco said: "At juice cocktail, or a delicious fruit 2 to 2 lbs. rhub Whitman Company, Racine, Wls., ., this moment, when the famous cup, it can be set upon the table barb is young and:. may he purchased at ten cent  ''--'" Spanish Franciscan missionary before he guests sit down to eat. peel; if old, rer ....... Salvatore of Horta, who in his life Gelatined soups also make a good Sweeten to taste stores and elsewhere). BY FATHER FRANCIS coupled the supreme ideals of his first course. 1/ cups sugar. I !, (N. C. W. C. Features) (This is one of a series of maps of the various States. Cut out the faith with apostolic virtues to a Prepare everything as far as batter of 1 cuP N C C W P pieces and put them together. Then paste them in a scrap book. Fill heroic degree, is raised to the possible in individual dishes for whole eggs beate . . . rotests in the blank spaces in the words and sentences and when you finish honors of the altar, I desire to serving. For instance, if cas- tap. lemon juicelu'] you'll have a story telling you about the Catholic Church). express to Your Holiness, with serole chicken is to be served, namon. Put t Birth of Baby This state is on the Atlantic O'Leary. There are. 649 priests, the gratitude of the Spanish peo- small individual dishes for each the pie plate and Coast and is named 206 schools, 28 missions, 96 schools ple for this canonization of sym- gu'est will make the serving in- batter. Pour over Pictures in 'Life' and 488,903 Catholics. bolic value at a moment when we finitely easier and also daintier, ed butter. Put at F L R V R is the third diocese are climbing toward the realiza- If a meat dish of roast beef, roast oven and cook a The archdiocese of B S ON is in the State. Bishop James E. tion of our purest aims amid pork or ham is served, it can be or until crust is I Washington. (.In a letter to governed by William Cardinal Cassidy has 250 priests, 96 church-; struggles and sacrifice, the re- before being brought to This is an unusUal. the publishers of Life, Miss Agnes O'Connell, and Bishop Francis J. es, 26 missions, 39 schools and newal of the pledge of loyalty of the table. Vebetables can be sere- barb recipe and i$ .% G. Regan, Executive Secretary of Spellman is the Auxiliary Bish- 185,009 Catholics under his Catholic Spain and myself to the ed in a large covered dish and in: Squaw the National Council of Catholic op. The number of Catholics is charge. Pontifical throne." this way kept warm until actually 1 can corn :fi Women, strongly protests against 1,142,860. There are 1,315 priests, Out of a total population of 4,- ready to serve, dainty 1-4 Ib. bacon  One act of submission of your Disserts can be made in Cut bacon in ofthethereCentfilm publication,,The Birth off aPiCtureSBaby." Catholics307 churcheS,schools.60 missions and 188 249,614, the Statehas of. will, will place you on a plane glasses or dishes and kept in the fry until it begii "lt is inconceivable that we are The second largest diocese in which you never knew before, and refrigerator until serving time. Or then add 1 can o! asked to accept as explanation for the State is S P N F E D, gov- Catholics. from which you will never de- can be placed on the table before corn and let covae this publication the values for erned by Bishop Thomas M. (N. C. W. C. Features) part. the guests sit down. When pre- point. Serve hot  " , tily garnished, desserts make a If a tomato flavorful! children, for adolescent, as well as " Style No. 1861.--A charming colorful appearance on a table, cup of tomato puJ adults, in an educational way," little cotton dress in new Pie can be cut and served at the matoes may be add. Miss Regan's lector, addressed to pottery coloring for home, garden table, especially if it is a meringue an excellent luncl' Roy E. Larson, of Life, said. or beach wear. lts youthful lines "Can any educator, any pay- will bring you compliments galore, or whipped cream covered pie. chologist, possibly hold that the The flared skirt flutters provoca- Fudge Cake HOUSEHOI presentation of a question which tively at every move. "Pull in" 3 sqs. chocolate  your waistline as much as you 3 tbps. butter To make good a involves psychological and spir- please with the "sweet sixteea" 1-2 cup boiling water four thicknesses itual as well as physical elements I   sash. Note the little girl collar / is an any sense adequately hand-! 'UO and sleeve cuffs, favor solid color. 1 cup sugar turn in the ed led when only the ph,sical side is With the same pattern, you can 1 egg on the machine a shown? make quite a different dress with 1-4 cup sour milk apart. _:! vee neck. See small view! The ., 3-4 tap. baking soda To prevent v.,0  "This physical presentation sash may be omitted with no  1-2 tap. vanilla from shrinking leaves so much to the imagination, i detriment to the model in general, h 1 cup flour them on curtain Without guidance, without direr- It will be enticingly cool and tion, without previous knowledge, smart for town or afternoons in 1-4 tap. salt A teaspoon of gl to come upon this most important a sheer cotton, printed on black, Melt chocolate and butte/" to- each pint of rincl on a white ground. Pleasant cot- gether over hot water. Add boil- woolen blankets IaU' of all stories in the midst of het- ton prints, polka-dots, dirndl ing water and mix thoroughly; new. erogeneous articles and advertise- stripes, tiny check, etc., are at- -- . merits can hardly be effective for tractive suggestions. You'll se then add sugar; mix well. Add When ooiling any good. On the other hand it it quick as a flash with the aid egg well beaten. Stir until well shells well with c0 in can do irreparable damage, of the diagrammed instruction mixed. Mix soda and salt with putting them . chart included. Designed for sizes the flour. Add alternately with they will not c Mrs. Charles P. Neill, of Wash- 14, 16, 18, 20 years, 32, 34, 36, 38, the sour milk to other ingredients. When windoWS ington, also expressed her disap- 40 and 42-inches bust. Size 36 I!,, proval of the pictures in a letter requires 3% yards of 39-inch ma- Mix thoroughly. Pour into a raise, pour a ltttl to the publishers of Life, point- terial with yard of 39-inch greased and flour-dusted cake pan. tween the windoV contrast. Bake 30 minutes in a moderate ing, also on the lug out that "it is an unwise pol- Style No. 1906.--Here's a deft- 1,1 oven (350 degrees). Ice with Keep in the se icy for a comparatively new maga- nitely smart and inexpensive to l icl, zinc to outrage the conservative sew cotton dress with slim young Fudge Frosting. Top with chop- ded covered br views of many mothers by print- lines. It is fitted to give you a pod nuts. sewing can be ing pictures which the' would tiny waistline. The wide swing- Potato Muffins be held taut whtl ing hem, makes it a perfect dress [  2 small potatoes being done. i:  not wish to admit into their for active sports as well as for o;. homes." spectator sports It's ideal for 1 cup milk Paint the wind town wear, whether you decide on IW/  1 yeast cake inside with thin Mobile, Ala., April 18. (E). long or brief short sleeves. Sturdy 2 taps. salt persons who are,s4  print cottons, spongy type cottons, 2 eggs can see out, but Voicing the opposition of the Mo- crush-resistant linen, washable 2 tbps. shortening see within. bile Diocesan Council of the N.C. rayon crepe silks, etc., are all pop- A woodenpotat0 C. W., Mrs. A. S. Carlisle, its presi- ular fabrics for your choice. It ' 2 tbps. sugar excellentJutensil for l dent, in writing the publishers of takes about 3% yards of 39-inch 4 cups flour ter and sugar Life characterized the pictures as material with /4 yard of 39-inch Peel and boil the potatoes and ' 1 with a large wO0l "o-" " contrasting for the 16-year size. put through ricer. Scald the milk u}ectmnable to the better think- Its small cost and the short time i'lt and when it is lukewarm add the batter becomes 11! ing men and women of the coun- it takes to sew it simply amazing, yeast cake to the milk. Add salt, try." Designed for sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 years, 30, 32, 34, 36, and 38- sugar, shortening, riced potatoes, THE inches bust. " beaten eggs and flour. Mix as Many of N I d Li from Leftist Deprecates ew n ex, st Price of patterns 15 cents (coin rupt good habits, instead of op- stiff as possible with a spoon. Let stainec theeatJ Linking of Priest is preferred). Wrap coin care- posing liberty saves it from the stand 5 hours in a warm place. Let and now the[ fully. Pattern mail address, N. Y. To Propaganda Of Indulgences Pattern Bureau, The Guardian, defects into which it might easily Turn onto a floured board. Roll only eating it but, i Suite 1110, 220 East 42nd street, fall through human weaknesses." out, adding as little flour as pos- batch of delicioUS Rom New York, N.Y. Collection of Indulgences sible. Roll one-half to thre- The following .NtI i New York, April 19. {E).--Fol- Issued at e (N c. w. c. Features) The Tribunal of the Sacred fourths inch thick. Cut with a recipe: lowing the indignant denial by Apostolic Penitentiary has had biscuit cutter or knife; place on Fu? I the Rev. George B. Ford, Cath- authentic collection of indulgenced published by the Pontifical Pub- greased pans, grease top of muf- 1 cup sugar i .. I olic chaplain at Columbia Univer- Vatican City, April 18. {E).-- prayers and pious works, lishing House, Marietti of Turin, fins and let stand 2 hours. Bake 1 cup brown sity here, that he ever said he Two important official collections The new edition of the Index the official collection of indul- for 10 minutes in a hot oven (425 2 tbps. butter "hoped" Jose Bergamin, Spanish have been recently published in of Prohibited Books hasbeen pub- genoed prayers and pious works, degrees). This biscuit dough can 1-8 tap. salt : Leftist propagandist now in thisthe Central Offices of the Roman lished by the Vatican Polyglot The publication is extremely in- be prepared and kept in the re- 2 sqs. chocolate  , country, would "be received and l Curia: the new edition of the In- Press for the Sacred Congregation teresting, for it is not a m?ere col- frigerator until ready to bake, as it 2-3 cup milk : :i: heard by Catholic audiences," i dex of Prohibited Books and the of the Holy Offices. The volume lection or list of indulgenced pray- keeps well. Potato Muffins and 1 tap. vanllla._J Bergamin himself has deprecated reproduces the previous Index, era and pious works, but a corn- Potato Bread are very popular Put all the the fact that his meeting with the published in 1929, and includes all plete rearrangement of these spir- now. the vanilla into 'rJI priest had been put to propaganda V00rhat !}o You additions made to it up to the end itual gifts more in correspondence Beet and Onion Salad until the chocol s'jll uses. Know? of February, 1938. It contains with the character of our time. On a crisp lettuce leaf place a the sugar dissolV. The statement capitalizing the ANSWERS not only the alphabetical list of It will be at once seen that, small sized, boiled, tender beet. stirring until th meeting of Father Ford and Berg- 1. Fortune telling. It is the books prohibited by the from the organic point of view, Slit it so it forms a rosette, and a soft ball wher ", amin was issued by the radical- wrong because it is an inordi- Church, but also the preface writ- these four criteriums are now in the center put a teaspoon of water. Cool. t controlled Medical Bureau and hate craving to know what ten by Cardinal Merry del Val adopted by the Church: finely chopped onion or 1 tbp. Add vanilla and North American Committee to Aid Providence has in store for one, in June, 1929, for the previous 1. Prayer and pious exercises of the green part of spring onions ed pan. Cut ini I Spanish Democracy, which is and because such knowledge is edition. In that preface the late in honor of the Ble.ssed Trinity, of cut fine. Then put a teaspoon of fudge cools. 'l sponsoring Bergamin's propaganda obtainable only by powers not Cardinal summarized the rules Our Lord Jesus Christ and of Mayonnaise Dressing on top of tour in this country. A few days acting in accordance with DI- followed by the Church from the Our Lady, are more indulgenced the onion and serve. This makes DO yOU: I ago, Father Ford arranged a priv- vine Providence. Fortune tell- beginning of her history to pro- than prayers and pious exercises a tasty and pretty salad. That the Pr# ! ate dinner attended by Bergamin Jug is permissable if indulged serve the faithful from the contag- in honor of other Saints; Hot Asparagus Ring really opens wi and several prominent American in for amusement, provided no ion of erroneous and immoral doc-I 2. The acts of public devotion 1 lb. asparagus rhubarb and str$ / Catholic ,editors. trust is put in the means used. trtnes which might be spread are more indulgenced than those 2 tbps. flour pamphlet entitled 2. Fifty Hours' Devotion. through the circulation of such, of private; 3 eggs pickles and ReliSt The dinner was arranged, Fa- 3. The golden mean. thor Ford explained, for a mu- cellent recipes 4. The Finding of the Holy books. This preface is worthy Of I 3. Liturgical prayers are more 2 tbps. butter fo note inasmuch as  very cm,artY[indulgence d than non-liturgical; 3-4 cup milk serves. You can tual interchange of information Cross. It commemorates the shows the right possessed by the I 4. No devotion of a private ha- Salt and pepper simply sending a  about the Church in Loyalist Spain finding of the True Cross in a Church to use her authority to ture is more indulgenced than the Cut in small pieces 1 lb. fresh to cover the cost and wh, American Catholics al- pit near Calvary by the Em- censure harmful books, cooked asparagus tips or 1 cup mailing. The "II most ulanimously oppose the press St. Helen. general devotion of the Church. Spanish Leftists. Bergamin ex- 5. The science or study of Doctrinal Errors The volume also reproduces the canned asparagus. Make a white Pamphlet" is a lJ pressed amazement that this meet- composing and preaching ser- "Competent authority," the Car- Canon of the Codex of the Canon sauce of the butter, flour and milk this time and  ing had been made "the occasion dinal wrote, "when it impedes the Law relative to indulgences and by blending the butter and flour three cents. Tli mona, so called from homily, of public allusions which are, to the name applied to familiar diffusion of highly deleterious contains an appendix on indul-together and then adding the milk Gavin cookbook .; say the least, scarcely respectful explanations of the Gospel. doctrinal errors and seeks to take genres granted for visits to the:and allowing it to boil until it lar. Address r': of the mutual courtesy due as out of circulation writings that sanctuaries and sacred places of thickens; stir into it the well beat- Gavin, 1312 MsD:II: between a host and his guests." may cause the loss of faith or eor- Rome. en egg yolks and mix until smooth. N. W., WashinbdT! i