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April 29, 1938     Arkansas Catholic
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April 29, 1938

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,..:i PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 29, 1938 IrII l'' TA"Ik'" that this holy woman died at the age of thirty-three and is  -- : : : : -- : -- : ............. = ,         : lit IP qL. .)-.- JLI--. now honored on the Altars of the Church, which she defended' * Catholici ........... PUBLISHED WEEKLY SO loyally, as a Saint. Catherine was a woman of prayer and ' I [ J q T I A[ D ' Y THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY of noble deeds The work which she accomplished in the few c %../ L..Jg,] I ,l [   ..Jl" of the Diocese off Little Rock, Arkansas S0SV2 WEST SECOND STREET Entered as second-class matter March 21, 1911, st the poet office at Little Rock, Arkansas. under the act of Congress of March 8, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: $1.00 the year OFFICIAL DIOCESAN ORGAN The Guardian Is the official re'gun of the Diocese of Little Rock and I pray God that it may be an earnest champion of the cause of right, justice and truth and an ardent defender of the religion we all love so well. I extend to it my blessing with the sincere hope that its career may be long and prosperous. I JOHN B. MORRIS, Bishop of Little Rock EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT REVEREND THOMAS L. KEANY. Ph. D., Editor Associate Editors : Rt, Ray. Msgr. James P. Moran, LL.D.; Very Ray. Msgr. Joseph A. Gallagher. M. A.; Ray, Lawrence Hoyt, O, S. B.; Ray. James E. O'Connell, M. A.; Rev. Patrick M. Lynch, B. A. BUSINESS MANAGER All communications about The Guardian must be handled through the ]slness Manager, and all matter intended for publication should reach The Guardian office not later than Tuesday'at noon. REVEREND THOMAS J. PRENDERGAST 3091/a WEST SECOND STREET Phone 5486 for Advertising tes SPONSORS OF SERVICES N: C. W C. News Service--Anonymous Picture ServieeKnights of Columbus of Arkansas Texarkana Council No. 2650 ............................. $12,00 Pine Bluff Council No. 1153 .......................... $12.00 Pocahontas Council No. 2443 ........... $12.00 Paragould Council No. 1713 ............ $12.00 Stuttgart Council No. 2770 ........................... $ 7.00 APRIL 29,' 1938 ST. PHILIP AND ST. JAMES Sunday, the Church honors two Saints who were close companions of our Blessed Saviour while He lived on this earth. St. Philip was one of the first to be chosen by Christ. : While on His way from Judea to Galilee, our Lord met Philip and said to him, "Follow Me." Without a moment's hesita- ., tion, Philip immediately obeyed, and then filled with zeal and charity, sought out Nathanial and told him, "We have found l Him of Whom Moses and the prophets did write, Jesus of: Nazareth. When Nathanial held back and said, "Can any good come out of Nazareth?" Philip answered, "Com and see." St. John the Beloved Disciple has also preserved for us a very characteristic saying of the Apostle, which was uttered when Christ in His last discourse had spoken of His Father. 4 ' Philip at that time exclaimed, Lord, show us the Father and it is enough." St. James the Less, who was the author of the inspired Epistle and who was also one of the twelve Apostles, shares ? this feast day with St. Philip. Bishop of Jerusalem, he was held in high veneration for his purity, mortification, and pray- er, so much so that he was called "The Just." The early his- /* torians of the Church relate frequently of the sanctity of St. James. He was always a virgin, wore no sandals on his feet possessed but a single garment, and he was a man of prayer and a living proof of his own words, found in his Epistle, "'But : the wisdom, that is from above, first indeed is chaste, then peaceable, modest, and full of good fruits." ........ He was present at the first Council of the Church at Jeru- salem, and like the others shared the death of a martyr. The Church commemorates the feast of these two great Saints on i: Sunday, May I st, for their lives present to us two aspects of ' Christian holiness and 'virtue--faith and good works. Their close relation with our divine Saviour during his earthly life i ...... should make them very dear to us and should prompt us tel pray a small part of the zeal which they possessed in their ef- forts to spread the kingdom of Christ.M. ST. CATHERINE OF SIENNA ! ' The exalted position that women occupy today in the  world is due entirely to the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church freed women from the bondage of slavery, the place which she occupied in the pagan religion, and elevated her to a position of rank and the prominence, worthy of a queen. i With the changing conditions, woman has herself to blame ff she relinquishes that position. While the Catholic Church by divine command has never permitted women to assume the place of her clergy, she has throughout the many centuries of her existence provided every opportunity for Catholic women to perform great works and !: outstanding deeds in behalf of the Church which Christ found- ed. Even while Christ lived on this earth, a group of holy and devout women perforn'ted such tasks as were allotted to * i them in that period of the world's history. Throughout succeeding ages the religious orders of we. i:! men have been in every sense, the handmaidens of the Lord, and have proven to be the joy and crown of the Church. i ! There is a place in the Church, as there always has been, for Women, and this was never more truly evidenced than in the study of the life of St. Catherine of Sienna, whose feast is cele- brated on Saturday, April 30th. !i; II' ...... Catherine, the daughter of a humble tradesman, was des- :tined to be the guardian of the Church in one of the darkest ii periods of its history. When but seven years old, she made a vow of virginity, from which she later suffered many persecu- ; tions for refusing to marry. When but fifteen years old, she )j tutored the third Order of St. Dominic, and while she continued :  to re6ide with her father, she united a life of active charity iii with the prayer of a contemplative saint. " !: r Out of this obscure home. this holy virgin was called on to defend the Church's cause. With Papal authority she travel- ed throughout Italy, where through prayers and sacrifice and by the example of her noble life, she reclaimed the loyalty of : many rebellious cities, and brought many careless and indff- ferent Catholics back to the practice of their Religion. Through :':her efforts and by her courage and zeal, she sought out Pope Gregory XI at Avignon and brought him to his primatial See r at Roe, and then by her letters to the kings and queens of "": ! Europe firmly strengthened once again the Papal cause. , The magnitude of her work can well be judged by the fact In American Hist000 years that she was permitted to live on this earth, the enthus- iasm and loyalty which she displayed for the cause of Christ, should be an inspiration for every Catholic woman of our day and time, when Holy Mother Church is being viciously at- tacked by enemies from within and without the fold. They like her by the example of their lives and by their prayers can bring many souls back to Christ, and they like her can labor for the triumph of the Church which Christ founded.M. To-Day's Parable By JOSEPH F. STEDMAN CONFRATERNITY OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD Sunday, May 1st CIIRIST'S OR LENIN'S? A great day for Communists.. taken over by them from Catholics. A day on which they celebrate their present and fu- ture victories. MAY FIRST is to them the day for a great round-up to corral the workers into the fold of Communism . . . into the red pastures of Lenin. But today is Sunday, too . . . greatest day of the week for Christians. A day of victory! Christ's Resurrection from the dead. The day on which the Good Shepherd led His flock into Eternal Pastures. This Sunday is often called! '!Good Shepherd Sunday" . . . be- cause the Gospel, and other parts of the "Proper" of today's Mass speaks about the Good Shepherd. Two things our Good Shepherd tells us to do today: to help bring together into His flock all those who have strayed . , . and to help bring in those, too, who never been members of His In the great work of the Re. demption we all share. And un- less we exercise our life in Christ by the practice of spiritual and corporal works of mercy towards others we surrender this MAY DAY to the Lenins . . . instead of :to Him, Who is our Good Shep- herd. The Monastery, 5300 Fort Ham- ilton Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. St. Jude Novena The Dominican Fathers of St. Pins Church, 1909 So. Ashland  Ave., Chicago, Ill., announce a Solemn Novena in honor of St. Jude Thaddeus, Patron of Difficult Cases, will be held at the Shrine of St. Jude from Monday, May 9 to Tuesday, May 17. Fathers Leo Louis Farrell, O. P., of Chicago, Ill., and Arthur Plus McEvoy, O. P., of Louisville, Ky., will conduct services each day. The remark- able increase in the attendance each year at the Dominican Fa- thers' Shrine is a manifestation that the devotion to the "Forgotten Saint," is spreading rapidly. The increase in attendance and interest is due to the many favors granted through the powerful intercessor St. Jude, who was close to our Divine Lord as an Apostle and relative. FEASTS OF THE WEEK SUNDAY, May 1.--Sts. Philip and James, Apostles. Philip was one of the first chosen by Christ and St. James (the Less) was the author of an inspired epistle. Ac- cording to St. Paul, St. James was favored with a special ap- parition of Christ after the Resur- rection. MONDAY, May 2.---St. Athan- sius, Bishop, was born in Egypt and defended the faith against the heresy of Arius. For 48 years he fought, well nigh alone, for the True Faith. He is honored as one of the greatest of the Doc- tors of the Church. He died in 373. TUESDAY, May 3.The Dis- covery of the Holy Cross. Com- memorates the finding of the relic by St. Helen, the mother of the Emperor Constantine, in 326. After the Cross together with the two crosses used in the execution of the two thieves, had been found, I the character of the one upon 'which the Saviour suffered was established by a miracle. WEDNESDAY, May 4.Saint Monica, the mother of Augustine, was born in 332 and after a girl- hood of singular innocence was given in marriage to Patritius, a pagan. When her son, Augustine, went astray in his youth he was brought back to the Faith through her prayexs. THURSDAY, May 5.---St. Plus V was noted for the reforms which he enforced in the government of the Church and in the Roman Court as well as for the spotless- ness of his own life. The holy l league which he formed crushed Words of Encouragement God the Teacher There is only one person who can teach us to love God. Him- self. If you do not think Him lovable, you cannot love Him. Religion is the service of God, is love of God. He is everything that is likeable, lovable, and easy to get on with. If you think Him haughty, far away and unap- proachable, you invest Him with unlovable qualities and you cer- tainly will not love Him. Be on Best Behavior The Devil says: "You are un- fitted for His service, a coward. He offered you a mortification you did not take it. You are weary in well-doing. You are not one of the ELITE called to Divine Iove." He wishes us to think of our Master as hard, difficult to please; that we must forever be on our best behavior. Ask Our Lord for Help How different from the Apos- tles, who were completely at home with Him. What is the talisman for the future? It is to have a true opinion of our Lord. Not to think Him difficult, pompous, hard, but generous, willing, eren eager to forgive and always find- ing more to pity than to blame in us. Ask our Lord to help us to know Him, for to know Him is to love Him. Wh52t Do You now.  (Answers on Page 8) 1. What is the term, in two words, which signifies the prac- tice or art of professing to re- veal future events, in the life of another? Why-is this form af divination wrong? 2. What is the devotion call- ed which consists in a solemn exposition of the Blessed Sac- rament in honor of the 40 hours during which the Body of Our Lord is considered to have rest- ed in the tomb? 3. What is the term, in two words, which indicates the mid- way or mean between extremes; the supreme characterist and merit of the Catholic Church, always avoiding excess and de- ficiency, as in the matter of temperance, recreation, labor, Sunday observance, and in all other regulations of Christian life? 4. What Is the name of the feast of the Church which is celebrated on May 3? What event does it commemorate? 5. What is meant by the term homiletics? (N. C. W. C. Features) the Turks at the great battle of Lepanto in 1571 and saved Chris- tendom from the infidels. FRIDAY, May 6.---St. John Be- fore the Latin Gate. This feast serves to recall to the faithful how when St. John was plunged into a caldron of boiling oil at the command of the Emperor Domi- tian, the seething liquid seemed to him only an invigorating bath. After this miraculous rescue the Saint was banished to the little island of Patmos. SATURDAY, May 7. -- Saint Stanislaus, Bishop of" Cracow. In order to refute slander against his honesty he on one occasion raised a dead man to life. He was slain by King Boleslas II whom he had often rebuked and finally excom-i municated for scandalous excesses. Our Lady did not know what was to be her honor when she gave herself to God day by day, hour by hour, but she was re- warded above all creatures for her abandonment. And so surely shall we be rewarded if we merge ourselves into the Divine Will though we may not see it now, and may be it would not be well for us to know what God will give us in return, but we may be sure that entire abandonment, no mat- ter how long things may appear to the contrary, will bring us God, as certainly as the confiding abandonment of Mary brought God to her. By REV. FRANCIS S. GUY, Ph. D. What becomes of thc souls oil lived before the time of Christ heathen and those not baptized or after, went to Purgatory after after death? God will not refuse His grace  to any man who does the best he can. This has always been the teaching of the Church. God sin- cerely wills that all men be saved. No one, thereore, is lost except by his own fault. What does the Church teacb concerning the Millennium? Millenarianism teaches that at the end of time Christ will return in all His splendor to the earth to gather together all the just, to annihilate hostile powers and to found a glorious kingdom for the enjoyment of the highest spiritual and material blessings. Christ will reign as king and all the just, including the saints recalled to life, will participate in it. The duration of this glorious reign is given as a thousand years; hence the name millennium. Though not condemned as heretical, this doctrine has no for- mal approbation of the Church :and .is generally rejected as er- roneous. It seems to have no foun- dation in the teaching of the Bible or of Tradition. Why is it that Catholics abstain from meat on certain days? The law .of the Church forbid- ding Catholics to eat meat on cer- tain days is primarily intended as a mortification, and has come down from the very first years of Christianity. The regulation of the Church on abstinence is most wise and moderate. The lodes forbidden are those whose de- privation is a mortication to most people; the times appointed are few but appropriate and they are[ so distributed as ,to sanctify by mortification each week and each season of the year. Is Hitler a Catholic? He was born of Catholic par- ants in Austria but does not prac- tice his religion. When did God make Purga- tory? Purgatory, like Hell, did not al- ways exist. Heaven has always existed .because where God is, there is Heaven. Hell was made for Lucifer and his companions l when they rebelled against God. Purgatory was made later when men and women begin to die with sins repented for but not fully atoned for. All men, whether they pastor. He will tell you just what to do if you have a vocation to the religious life. Why does the priest make the sign of the cross with the Sacred Host before he gives each one Com- munion? What are the words he says as he gives Holy Commun- Ion? The reason for the. sign of the cross is to remind the communi- cant that it is the Crucified Christ who is given in Holy Commun- ion. The prayer said by the priest is: "May the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ guard your soul and lead it to eternal life." Is it true that the Presidential oath of the United States could not be taken by a consclenUeus Cthollc? By no means. A Catholic could, :if elected President of the United States, take the oath of office without any violation of consci- ence. Is it wrong to chew gum In church? To chew gum in public is al- ways considered vulgar, and to chew gum in church is certainly! showing irreverence to the Bless-' ed Sacrament. I FIRST FRIDA Y DEVOTIONS DEVOTIONS TO THE MAY 6 SACRED HEART OF JESUS FIRST FRIDAY EDWARD LEE GREgL, Edward Lee Greene was : nent American botanist and .... vert to the Faith. He is ree death, if they were not good as one of the leading fi41 i enough for Heaven, not yet bad the development of the s/ enough for Hell. botany and in his own rt. *** he discovered and nne4.i I Is it a sin to gamble? than 5,000 new species of:'l., Gambling is not a sin in itself He was the son of Wi:" i though there may be circum- and Abby (Crandall) Ore+iJ:.,,e stances associated with it which scendants of the original wl, would make it a sin. tlers in Massachusetts. AS * * * he moved with his family What is meant by "profane" his- West and settled at Jan / tory? Wisconsin, where he came: The word profane has two the influence of the  meanings. In one sense it implies botonist, Knure Kumlei contempt, irreverence and disres- lowing his service in the: pact; in another sense it means War with the 63rd infaBtY not sacred, non-religious, secular, ment of Wisconsin, he ret etc. It is in this latter sense that school, receiving a degree K profane is used in regard to his- from Albion College and in' / tory to distinguish general history sophy from Jarvis College,: from Clurch history. In this sense ver. He had been brought: the use of the term does not imply Baptist, at this " .... * any reprobation; it is merely a came an Episcopalia  classification, ed the ministry, meanw * * * tinuing his botanical stu"" If one would like to be a nun, His deep study of the l=l!.' what should one do, and where ning of the Reformation I should one get the necessary in- effects led him into th  formation? ,olic Church. rior to thiS ' Any girl wishing to become a! begun publication of his I:/_ nun should ask the advice of her revew, "Erythea," whicl order that you may acquire great purity of intention. Book Review By NEWMAN LIBRARY The Sacred Heart of Jesus was formed for us, and for our salva- tion, it beat, and prayed, and suffered; it inspired the touching narratives of the gospels; it is the fount and source of all the Sac- raments. This Sacred Heart, by its mys- terious wound, was, as the holy fathers teach us, the origin of the Church; and now, from the silent tabernacle, it upholds the Church, ] blesses and consoles it. I This Heart inspires all acts of self-devotion, sanctifies all sor- row, and produces all virtue. It is this Heart that speaks our par- don in the tribunal of penance, and breathes throughout our souls the sacred inspiration of His grace. This Heart gave us Mary for our Mother, and has shown in the Blessed Sacrament that its delight is to dwell among the children of men; in one word, this Sacred in this book that will excite Heart is the source and the chan- [ healthy sentiments and inspire nel of every grace and every gift one 11 r [ to "re moe joyously. One from heaven. And, indeed," inas-[ could reflect on l"ts contents for much as God has taken, in the Ja life time and still enjoy it. mystery of the Incarnation, a hu- It is easy reading in simple man heart to be the abode and [ style, this adds to 'ts charm and the instrument of HLS infinite love, mtere t .... [" s and as one closes he book He has thereby intrusted to it the a feeling of reverence remains. whole ministry of goodness and of Its pages contain rich treasures "Song of Imoltion," by Sister Marie Emmanuel, Sister of Char- Ity, Cincinnti, Ohio. Benziger Brothers. $1.25). This little book of verse is of convenient size and smart in ap- pearance. It contains a collec- tion of spiritual gems. In the foreword in the book Ray. William A. Scullen, D. D., says: "The spir- itual beauty of the poems in this little volume is evident. They are well entitled "Songs of Im- molation," for they exhale, in ex- quisite verse, the communing af a soul with God." There is meditative substance which cannot fail to appeal to all who read it.--A. mercy; so that there is not one single grace or gift of God which does not come down to us ,rom and through the Heart of Jesus. When our Lord showed St. Frances His pierced Heart, He caused her soul to hear this sweet invitation: "Let him who is athirst come to Me, and drink." Come then to the Heart of Jesus, and you will draw with joy from those fountains of the Saviour that liv- ing water of grace which springeth up unto life eternal. Perform all your actions in un- ion with the Heart of Jesus, in After our Lord's ascension He was detached from the best and most necessary things; from His Church and from His Blessed Mother. We must beg Him to give i us this Spirit of detachment. It is l comparatively easy o be detach-: ed from exterior things, but we ! must go further, and also be de- tached from interior things, from lights in prayer; from everything but Christ in the soul, and His adorable will. came widely known and him a place in :the natural science in the of California. He was made ! man of an international i" sion for the reform of bwj i nomenclature, and his proved that the Italian 4 was the real founder of. scientific botany.  He taught nine yearS:/I Catholic University of : and then became an ass the Smithsonian InstitP Among ,his writings may I / tioned: Manual of BotanY: Francisco Bay," "Landnl Botanical History," "So American Oaks," "Flora  cane," "Pittonia" in five  and "Leaflets of Botanl-l. servation." He was born Jt kington, R. I., in 1843,--vi.] at Washington in 1915. l (N. C. W. C. FeatUi$). i! ?ii * A CATHOLIC DI(YJON * OF THOUGI"  * FEAR 'l " " " " " * " " " * 'i He who fears being Ca: is sure of defeat.Napol 4 There is a virt ii uou00 is the effect of and S;  faith, / fear, which is a produce and distrust. The form I to hope as relying on Whom we believe; the la clines to despair, as not re God, in Whom we do not Persons of the one charC to lose God; those of the! character fear to find I. cal. I feel my sinews slack eii' the fright ..:ii:::' And a cold thrll.,' sweat allo'er my limbs, .i[ As if I were dissolVlmq', water.Dryden. Ml The mother of prudence( I son, but fear is its cousin. lay.  i'1 Let they fears be for; ture. The present is for a;.,: fear blinds and paraly frightened rush madly . gers, which a moment'S would show them how to Bishop J. L. Spalding. :i  Fear, anxiety and w of lack of life, and they JF: the little we have.---Spa! Fear is sharp-sighted,: :,, see things under grot much more in the skles." tes. ii:i" :I (N. C. W. C. Feats  Ask Our Blessed La rain for us a hunger for a hunger for Christ al0 for nothing else If we were told that on earth a jewel of the ! value was to be found, never again could an seen like it, how we W0 dearer to possess it. NOJ is this jewel; there never like her before, and the!:'J So I will be one again. / ask Mary to help us to to love her and to trust 11! the care of ourselves. :.i!