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April 29, 1922     Arkansas Catholic
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April 29, 1922

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F J 4 PALESTINE PEOPLE BECOME ALARMED OVER ZIONISM Holy Places blenaced--Jewish Is- I migration Said to Be Almost Whol- ly BolshevmticFear Rule From Moscow. By Dr. Frederick Funder. (Vienna Correspondent, N. C. W. C. News Service.) Vienna, April 15.--Interesting in- formation regarding the present con- ditions and tendencies in Palestine are given by Mr. Kamel Wafa E1-Dajani, president of the Haifa Chamber of Commerce, who is on a visit to Vi- enna. What Mr. Kamel Wafa El-De- jane says confirms the statements that have heretofore been made by the N. C. W. C. News Service in re- speet to the political Situation in the : Holy Land. Speaking of the influence of Zion- ism in Palestine, Mr. Kamel Wafa said to the correspondent of the N. C. W. C. News Service: "England is making every effort to introduce into Palestine a Zionist government and to give preference in all quarters to the Zionist-Jewish ele- merit. It should not be forgotten that these experiments are being made in a country where the Jews represent hardly a tenth of the nativ popula- tion. In this land are the places dear i and sacred to Christians as well as I to the Mohammedan Arabs. What fills[ us with the utmost concern is that, i above all ,the Jewish immigration in- to Pale'tine as it is directed by Zion- ism is notoriously Socialist and even Bolshevistic in its complexion. Many Immigrants Socialists. "We people of Palestine harbor no grudge against the Jews. We have no animosity toward our old' Palestine fellow citizens, nor against the right- eous Jewish immigrant who comes ready for the earnest work of colon- ization. But the majority of the Jew- ish immigrants who have entered the country since the armistice are little intent on quiet, peaceiul agricultural activities. Far from it! They are for the most part youthful adventurers from Southeastern Europe. All they bring with them is their Socialist out- look upon life and the desire to found there a new state after their own THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 1922. P,4kGIt : /I New York, has given his approbation to the organization known as the Knights, Handmaids, and Pages of the Blessed Sacrament; which has proved a .distinctive success in Eng- land. The movement will be launched in the United States from headquarters in 330 West 42d Street. The Rev. E. J. McFadden, S. J., a San Franciscan, who has been in Eng- land for several years, has written enthusiastically of the success of the movement there. BISHOP MULDOON CALMS PEOPLE WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES BRITISH PREMIER'S ATTITUDE TOWARDS CATHOLIC CHURCH (sv It. €. w. s. ItnE |ERVlCtll By H. C. Watts. London, April 15.--Although Pre- mier Lloyd George is a Welch Bap- tist of the stricter sort he seems, on the whole, to have had a strong pri- vate friendship for Catholics, and a Catholic can generally be discovered floating around somewhere in the Prime Minister's entourage• During the recent famous period of political convalescence down at Cric- cieth there was a small house party at Mr. Ll.oyd George's private resi- dence, among the members being some famous English musicians who got up a sacred concert for the Pre- mier's behalf. The concert was to have been given in the local Anglican church, but the divine in charge would not hear of it, and so the perform- ance was given in a non-episcopal conventicle• But what emerged from this incident was that the accomp- paniment was conducted by Dr. Terry the musical director of Westminster Cathedral, who is a close friend of the Premier. One of the close friends of the (BY N. €. W. €. NEWS EENVICE) Rockford, Ill., April 22.Right Rev. P. J. Muldoon, Bishop of Rock- ford, is being congratulated on his escape from injury and his coolness in danger as a result of his experi- ence last Sunday, when, in the course of his sermon' ,lightning struck St. James Pro-Cathedral, shattered one of the chandeliers and sent a shaft of fire down another. A fragment of the broken chandelier narrowly miss- ed striking Bishop Muldoon. "There is no danger," Bishop Mul- doon said, reassuringly, an instant Prime Minister is His Eminence Car- after the bolt struck, and calmly con- dinal G suet w ...... • a'q , no is a irequen calt- tmued his sermon. There were see- . . / ' .' er at Dowmng Street when m Eng- eral hundred persons in the cathedralland Mr Llo d Geor e is credited • . y g at the time. The:¢ were quickly com-Iwith .... , .... I being an aum" irer o me a'{ll pose(t t)y um wor(ts an(t examine Olnal, s man w i'in " ..... .... ,., " y r t gs, ann 1¢ nas neen mnop lviumoon . . . •  said that there is not a book written by Cardinal Gasquet that the Premier has not read with attention. It was to Cardinal Gasquet, too, that Premier Lloyd George is report- !ed to have made his remark that the Welsh people had never really assim- LEGION'S COMMANDER THANKS N. C. W. C. FOP, AID TO UNEMPLOYED l ilated the Protestant Reformation; a statement that is well borne out by the way the Catholic revival has seiz- ed hold of the Welsh people since the restoration of the Catholic Hierarchy in the Principality. His Telegram to Cardiff. There is something too, to be gleaned of the Prime Minister's atti- tude towards the Catholic Church in the famous telegram he sent to Car- diff, on the occasion of the enthrone- ment of Monsignor Mostyn as Arch- bishop and Metropolitan of Wales. After commenting on the fact that it |ff It. |. • i, Itlfl iIIVII Washington, D. C., April 22.--As sistance given b) the National Coun- cil of Catholic Men to the American Legion's campaign in behalf of the unemployed is made the subject' of grateful acknowledgment in a letter that Commander Hanford Mac Nider has written to Rev. ohn J: Burke, C. S. P., general secretary of the Na- tional Catholic Welfare Council. Commander MacNider's letter is as follows: Rev. John J. Burke, Secretary, was a native son of Wales that had been promoted by the Holy See to Prime Minister went on to point out that the attempts to secure a Welsh Metropolitanship ,which had been con- ducted at Rome in the twelfth cen- tm'y by' the famous Gerald the Welsh- man, had been conceded by Rome in the twentieth century• Nor does the Premier seem averse to have a Catholic in close attention fashion, l)Tational Catholic Welfare Council, "These newcomers naturally are[ Washington, D. C.' ignorant of the Arabian vernacular I , Dear Father Bme: I'want to an are unable to amalgamate wth thank ou officmll Lt " [ y " " y'on behalf of The thd native population ,including the American Legion for the splendid Jews. True Bolshevists of Trotzky's way in which your organization re- and Lenin's school, they demonstra-[sponded to our appeal for assistance tiety parade their disregard and in The American Legion unemploy- contempt for the 'religious rites of all' sent work. confessions represented in Palestine You helped make the whole thing not least of their own Jewish corelig- a splendid success, and we know that ionists. ORDER TO HONOR HOLY EUCHARIST IS SPREADING Known as Knights and Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament. your olganization is going to con-i upon himself." The most successful o tinue to' cooperate with us, until we"[ all his private secretaries, Mr. Philip have the entire situation properly lKerr, who as political private secFe- taken care of. " tary to the British Prime Ministei: has The American Legion appreciates[been very closely associated with his what it means to have organizations chief in important international puliS- of the fine character and high in- tegrity of the Catholic Welfare Couil- cil cooperating with us. We have no other desire than te make the Legion the greatest possl- ble asset in all its eleven thousand communities. We appreciate the splendid spirit in which you have aid- ed us in that endeavor. Yours very sincerely, / (Signed) Hanford MacNider. Commander MacNit!er's letter was1 i written from The American Legion's] / headquarters in ffndianapolis. GERMAN CATHOLIC ical evefits since 1918 ,is a Catholic and an old pupil of the Oratorian Fa- thers at their famous school founded by Cardinal Newman at Birmingham. CARDINAL CALLS ON • CATHOLICS TO OFFSET HOSTILE WORK IN ROME (IV N. €. W. C. NEWS |KEVlCE) • New York, April 22.In a letter to John B. Kennedy ,editor of "Colum- bia," the official magazine of the Knights of Columbus, His Eminence, MISSIONS IN AFRICA i Oardinal Dougberty, points on, that I Tr American money is being spent to TAKE ON NEW urr-'fioance the attacks which various Protestant sets are making against tl% Catholic Church in Italy. Cardi- €.v N. €. ,. €. E,EC,AL CANL> ] hal Cologne, Germany¢,April 10.--Ger- Dougherty's letter was received man Catholic missions in South Af-fby Mr. Kennedy along with an article rica, after a period of suffering and[ which His Eminence has written for suspension during and following the the magazine to further' the collec- World War, are aain in a flourishing tion of a fund of $1,000,000 to pro- condition• Their work is bringing a great number of the natfves into the Church. From a small beginning in 1882, when Father Franz Planner, accom- panied by a small band of mission- t aries from the Trappist convent of i Maria-Stein" in South Austria, went to,I Lower Africa and founded Mariann-i ? hill, the missions have grown to great size and fruitfulness. Rev. Rubert mote Catholic ativities in Italy. "Taking advantage of her pover- ty," said Cardinal Dougherty's letter, made public yesterday, "various Prot- estant sects of the United States have tounded on Italian soil institutions styled educational ,or charitable, whereas they are instruments for the perversion of Italians. These prosely- tizers have established themselves in Rome where they opened settlement ter their birthright of the faith forlINFORMATION OFFERED temporal gain. " ! "They have gone $o far as to plan [ TO ATTENDANTS AT THE the erection of a structure overlook- I ing'the Cathedral of St. Peter, the Vatican and the whole City of Rome• EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS In their, hatred of the Papacy, they I have fraternized with the infamous .... } .....  ..... I iew /orK, April :,t.--l, rom the oi- Nathan, followers of the apostate rice of ........ ' ..... ne rcopm s ucnarmuc monk, Giordano Bruno and publishers Lea ue New ......... • . . . j g , YorK, t;ue IOilOwlng in- of scurrilous hterature against the formation as to rates and accmmno. Holy Father and the Catholic Church. dations at the Eucharistic Congress "These revilers of'our holy religion, these seducers of her poor children, have been financed by American money. It is fitting tlmt their propa- ganda be offset with fuhds contrib- uted by American Catholics.' ' CATHOLIC SCHOOL DIRECTORS MEET TO PLAN PROGRAM Superintendents From 28 Dioceses Hold Semi-Annual Gathering in Washington. (EY It. C. W, C. NFWS EKEYIC[) Washington, D. C., April 24.--Vital problems affecting the interests of hundreds of htousands of children be- ing educated in Catholic schools were considered at the third semi-annual meeting of the Superintendents' Sec- tion of the CatlIic Educational As- soc!ation, which met at the Catholic University last week. The present tendencies of the cer- tification of 'teachers in different dio- ceses, the teaching of pedagogy to seminarians and the organization of diocesan examinations were among the matters discussed. Superintend- ents of schools for twenty-eight dio- ceses were present at the meeting, which was opened with an address by the Right Rev. Thomas J. Shahan, rector of the Catholic University, and president of the Catholic Educational Association. at Rome is offered: . Hotel accommodation is lirited:-- prices vary from 45 to 100 Italian fires a day for each person. Accommo- dation in religious conmmnities (lodg- ing only, not board) vary from 4 to 12 Italian lires a day for each person. [To obtain accommodations in a re- :legions Community application must be made through the medium of the local Bishop who should add his guar- antee as to the applicants and for- ward the application to the sub-Com- mittee for approval and aecommoda-i tion at No. 13 via Della Pigna--at Rome. Apply Immediately. i All applications for accommoda- tions slmuld be sent immediately, if they have not been arranged for, affd shouht be accompanied by the full amount in Italian lires for six full days. 25 fires should be added for the i ticket of the Congress. This ticket is absolutely necessary' in order to ob- tain a reduction on Italian Railways MINISTER WHO MADE DOG A PRESBYTERIAN STILL HOLDS PULPIT (IT N. C. W, C. NEWS s[nvrc[j Boston, April 22.--Rev. Edwin Cur- tis ,who became nationally famous be- cause of charges against him that he baptized a clog and blessed boiled po- tatoes, is still pastor of First Presby- terian' Church of Brookline, in spite of 'efforts of the Boston Presbytery to oust him. • Last Sunday two other clergymen were sent to the church by the Boston presbytery, but had the pleasure of sitting in the pews and listening to Rev. Mr. Curtis's sermons. Had the strangers attempted to preach a large part of the church choir would have Walked out. The next move in the battle, which is attra¢,ting national attention in the Presbyterian church ,is up to the Presbytery. It is said that title to the church property is possessed by the P resbtyery and that legal steps to ob- tain possession will be taken. GERMAN PROTESTANT'S " GIFT TO REBUILD CATHOLIC CHURCH (lf It. i, |. |. 11111 illiy,¢€) Cologne, Germany, April 15.--With a gift of, 100,000 marks from an anonymous Protestant donor, the rec- tor of the Catholic parish of Lindau, on the Bodensee, Bavaria, is to un- dertake the rebuilding of the church which was destroyed by fire some time ago. The generous donation was presented to the Catholic rector through the pastor of one of the Prot- estant congregations in Lindau. Following the burning of the Cath- olic church ,the wardens of the Prot- estant congregation sent word to the Catholic pastor that hc might use I their place of worship until other pro- I vision had been mate. ,This act of I Christian fellowship' has been made the subject of comment by the re- ligious and secular pabers. The more we detach ourselves from crude realism, from the naive views o funeducated minds, the easier it be- comes for us to lead an intellectual By Peter M. Dunne, S. J. (BY N. €. W. C. SPECIAL CA¢L|) London, April 15.--Two priests in Glasgow were going recently to one of the big football games between the Celtics, a Catholic teach, and the Rangers. One of the priests was a vis- itor, the other an old parish priest of the city. As they approached the grounds the latter took out a small badge which te was wearing inside his coat, and placed it out on the la- pel. "This will distingui'sh me," he said to his companion. "Most of us wear this and you may be sure no Protest- ant Minister does." They entered the grounds without question, free of charge. / "Most of us wear this•" That state- sent was just about true; the" young priests epecial]y have almost all tak- en to the badge, and worn by the Catholic men and women one sees it fr¢quently in the streets and in the churches of Scotland and England. The badge referred to is the distin- guishing mark of a K. B. S., or'of' an H. ]. S.; Knight of' the Blessed Sac- rament or Handmaid of the Blessed Sacrament It represents a movement which fbr the last few years has been growing apace, beginning in England God always gives more than He promises. If we do not receive wlat we ask, the fault is with ourselves. To many this life is the porch of Heaven, full of its overhead harmon- ies, shining already in its sure dawn. #eslc co. & • • ele , -. . ea de . PROFIT and also to be admitted to the meet '[In DepdVlng Year Savlnp With tim ings at the Congress If possib,e! 00UaT those who are going to the Congress l " vv surtll should state the date and the place EI COMPANY where they will most likely cross the i Italian Frontier. l yeu not only obtain comle mdetF -- , ............... ', or your funds and 4 per emit fia American UtilCe VVIII RiO IOU. tmoltrded twice a year, but ymm alN The Euclmristic Petce Crusade-- im that your money is mdl[y avtdl- 185 East 76th Street, New 'York, N. able whoever you may rlUtro it. that a small ammmt Y., will be pleased to forward to Rome the names of those wlm intend to go to the Congress and will try to ob- tain all possible accommodations and tickets for them; Names and home address should be sent to the Euchar- istic Peace Crusade immediately. On arrival at Rome, visitors to the Con- gress should apply at No. 13 via Del- la Pigna, or at 160 via del Pozzetto, Rome. GENOA CONFERENCE. Rome, April 15.--Tiros far papal influence on the Genoa conference is undeniable. Archbishop Signori vis- ited Premier Facta, of Italy, follow- ing an exchange of letters,, and their conversation was most cordial. Pre- mier Facta thanked Pope Plus through Monsignor Signori for the communication from His Holiness. Msgr. Signori Receives Delegates. Archbishop Signori has received several delegations in the course of the last few days. One of these was frofn Germany, one from Austria, and one each from Luxemburg, Austria Poland and Spain. Many non-Catholic' representatives have called on him. l NOBLES AND DIPLOMATS RECEIVE EASTER CQMMUNION (iT a, €, 11. €, a|wII lilliyl¢l) Rome, April 17.The Holy Father on Easter Monday celebrated Mass, admitting tho nobles of papal court to receive their Easter Coinmunion. On Thursday there was a similar cer- emony for the prelates and other ec- clesiastics. On Suntay the families of the diplomatic representatives at the Vatican attended the Pbpe Mass, and received Communion. NOVELS J If you have read one you will read all Each 8vo. cloth, net, $2.00 Postpaid, $2.15 [ THE POTTER'S HOUSE-The novel is a timely one. and Intensely dramatic, it shows Miss Clarke's genius in a new and vivid llghL TRESSIDER'S SISTER--"The ,to  well and interestiugl told."--Catoli Vorld. 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Lu the:; new book the author adds enough thrllts hi'rattier and at attacks, scrche$ for a treasuteghlut . and its subsequent robbery and fll /\\;f  pursuit. Io make the sh>gv all that it 11 tt boy could desirc. \\;! II HELD INTItE EVERGLADES. The II\\;\ ,I'I  story of an Aivericaa lad, who an- '[\\;' ['lJ coxtcJ,,utl', lU hi own IMIle y,   k. contribuleMfls 'Iblt" rewards hallflnll t U.cloS..,w,.th, w.. :,,'- AT THE FOOT OF THE SAND- t'.  ' ItlLLS. lies the pir}t and the €dI " t of the w/ld. \\;}  TIIE CAVE BY TIIE B{: FOR4 )7.,). A ,pirlted. adventtwetome tale ,. of plucky, tlurd boys . ^ TIlE SHERIFF OF TStE; /, BEECH PORK. Relete with /fg;2 c..,. .ic• ..=?'/ THE MARKS OF TI4E B.%tK C L A W S. An Utertainlmg and Ireland and thence spreading to every part of the world, to France, to Italy, to Australia ,[o South Africa, to Uganda, to Canadh and the philip- pines. Hundreds of thousands o.f Catholics are Knights of the Blessed Sacrament. How Order is Carried On. movement was begun anii is chiefly by the Catholic lay- and women, to carry on a cru- Of increased devotion to the reed Saerament according to .the irit of Plus X. 28.--The Most Sehmiz, S. V. D., who recently r- turned from South Africa, gave the corzespondent of the N. C. W. C. News Service an account of the prog- ress of these 'missions. • Fifty=nine priests, 162 brothers and 337 sisters are laboring in these mis- sions. There are 7460 pupils in the 138 schools conducted by hese sis- • ,p stanches..At p{:esent 5,883 heathens are under instruction for baptism. The Christians in the territory in the jurlsdiction of the missions number 24535. The whole native population' is about 400,000. The larger part of the ttistrict, was elevated last autumn Archbishop of to a vicariate Apostolic. houses as a lure for Italians to bar- and religious life. lllll|lll|Ml|l|l||i|l|||lll|ll|ll|l|l|| '| , j[. ART CALENDAR [ ] CATHOLICFEASTS AND FASTS l I* BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED .m I: : ' CHILDREN OF EVE--"The narrative is powerful."--]3oston Evening accord. THE DEEP H EAIZT--"AIt osether delightful, graceful and upllfUng."-- 6" thole€ JBullctin. WHOSE NAME IS LEGION--"It is a thriLLing setting handled wlth p?wer."-- E¢clcsmstical Z' eview. " I FINE CLAY--"Fuli of human interet, not a dull pae In the volume."-- W'rn Cafhol2¢. PRISONERS' YEAR--"The book la inter- I estin|'throughout."--x/o'ant. TIIE REST HOUM]g--"The inhtrest holds ] down to the last Ilna."--Brod&m Tab/a. . [ ONLY ANNElt'A nulae welceme addition .,[ to Catholic flcUon. ,4 Maria. THE SECRET CITRL--"rhe tman* t hl  adaptable. '--omry Mai. BY THE\\;BLUE RIVI--"Full of ckana and inter€EL'-.St. Ath#nyf##nr z-[[ atorv w¢itten 'otmd the • tj)/ AFTER. Attoryoft*dvtum /" with the .cne$ laid la ,'ht So - ano/ken[UCKy. , '[l ,, THE RACE FoR goPPlg \\; [i[  ]SLAND. lu the ,%t b ,o...,o.,.., ' ,L/. THE CA}4P BY COP-  'J' with Dlmty o advert- , .THE OLD ,L ON, 7f,% THE BOOKERY 309 W.  fiT. / 'J LITTLE ROCK, AKAN|A8 /