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April 29, 1922     Arkansas Catholic
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April 29, 1922

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THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 29 1922. ,i,'" 7=': ii i i  -. _ tl t __ L. ....... itt] .Jl I . _ P IDJk.Oai lrl'yle. J i "%i ' I t ._.' ............... , .... 4. Rev. Garrett Pierse, of the faculty of St. Patrick's College, Maynooth, Ire., an editor on the "h'- ish Theological Quarterly," boldly as- serts that "the monoply of goods or unrestricted Capitalism" is one of the I three great monopot4es of history, the I' others being the "monomoply of TO-1 men or polygamy," and the "monopo- ly of Government or tyranny." All of them, traceable to he selfish element, the animal in man, "are illustrated in the hog with its feet in the trough," as Rev. Pierse puts it, according to the C .B. of C. V. Bureau. "Christ," he continues, "expressly supplied the remedy for one abuse He suggested a remedy for the sec- ' )nd. His principles and the reason He has given us point to a similar reme- dy for the thud similar abuse. It is not Socialism, wihch would mean to remedy an abuse by a similar abuse it wouht be , glorified bureaucracy with very human and frail officials. It is rather a distribution of the earth's goods, not by a mere limited Profit-sharing,. but by a full Proper- ty-sharing, or Partnership, which would give Capital its moderate due and would give all workers, mental and manual the returns that are the laroportionate fruit of their labors." Educated public opinion will undoubt- edly recognize the reasonableness oi this division. "It discountenances Mormonism, and sets the Mormon apart, says the Maynooth Father; "but it has not Yet reprobated Mor-i monism in earthly goods ,nor has it yet pilloried the millionaire." Yet, the latter has, as Rev. Pierse quite correctly contends, "by unduly absorbirlg the earth's goods inevitably lowered' the standard of the life and comfort of other men." Instead of the three great abuses of history, monop- oly in women ,in government, in goods ,the Irish theologian hopes to see the world gradually recognizing the three great Laws, the Law of Partnership in married life, the law of Partnership in Government, and the law of Partnership in Property. "This will help, he says, "to elimi- nate the present slaves. For we have not yet abolished slavery, only the name. We have salved our con- sciences by hypocritically changing names, from 'slave' to 'serf,' from 'serf' to 'servant.' And the 'servant' is with us still Yetthere was and is One who did not call His helpers ser- vants, but friends." " "Tliese statements, comments So- cial Justice, published by the Central Bureau of "the C. V., "seem radical; but it is only by such Christian radi- calism that 'we may hope to save so- ciety." Robert L. Hoffman, who has just completed his fiftieth year of service as a bad'irene singer in he choir of St. Joseph's church,[ Winstead, Conn., iis to continue his activities. A special mass was cele- brated for' him on his' anniversary and other members of the choir gave him a purse of $150. For the first ten years of his connection with St. Joseph's Choir Mr. Hoffman lived ten O. . miles from Winstead and had-to walk that distance to attend rehearsals. WOMEN EXPOSE LIE OF ILLITERACY OF LATIN-AMERICA Costa Rica Spends More for Edu- cation Than for National Defense (BY N. * W. C, HEWS $gNVtCl) Baltimore, April 24.--The persist- ent and carefully developed fabrica- tion about the "ignorance' 'of Latin- American countries was given a hard blow at the Pan-American conference of Women" during sectional meetings dealing with child welfare and educa- tion, hehl under the auspices of the National 'League of Women Voters last week. Among other facts which came to light and which caused no little sur- prise to delegates who had been prone to accept gratuitous statements as truths were these: \\;Costa Rica spends more money for education than for national defense or for any 6ne other department. The most important problem that faces Porto Rico school teachers is the lck of moral training which was compdlsory under Spanish rule, but dch was abolished by the United Lack of Moral Training.. "The most pressing problem con- the Porto Rican public school declared Senorita Mercedes a high school teacher of San in 'an interview, "is the lack of and moral training. When island was under Spanish rule the used to train the children ' in manners and good morals. Since Stas got control of the I islands, all this training has been . ..... -- = -- : .....  .............. abolished and the residents are cn" t' General Intention cerned about it. Every possible means has been tried to have such training restored to the schools. We have per- severed in using propaganda and have . ...................................................... 4. gone to the legislature to ask that it provide such training in our educa- GENERAL INTENTION MAY; CONFIDENCE IN OUR LADY tional system. We have not succeeded because the Commissioner of Educa- By Roy. John A. Dillon, L. L. D., in the "Messenger of the Sacred Heart." tion, who is appointed by the United States government ,is completely op- How appropriate and how urgent osophers is sombre and heartrending. posed to the plan. in these days of moral disorder is the These leaders, or fashioners of "He never wanted to bear about it. in.--vcation we are asked to make in thought, with thoughts about God Even when the legmlature tried to our Morning Offering during this more vague and less satisfying than pass a law requiring the system, he month of May! We cannot think of those of the veriest savage, do not tried to use his influence against it. grace without being le die the very hesitate to deny or even to ridicule With such training lacking there is centre of our religion, since it is in- what they call the old-fashioned no- plenty of evidence as to the effect it sperarably connected with our Blessed tion of a personal God, the God in is having upon the future citizens of Redeemer. We can no more think of whom w Catholics believe, and with- Porto Rico. The children have no grace without thinking of Him, nor of out whom morality is but a vain and manners. They are growing rough. Him without thinking of grace, that empty sound, and religion at best a We don't like to have our children we can think of the sun without mere travesty. Their ideas, through that way. We want them to be man- thinking at the same time of the rays their pupils and their books, have nezy and to be hospitable to other of light that stream from it. been constantly filtering down into people. The Porto Rico sixth grade Value of Grace. the less intellectual strata of society. students who come to the United Grace is the immediate fruit of Re- Scientists with shallow views of re- States are often times placed in the demption. It was to win grace for us ligion, through interviews, have help- seventh grade 'in /this country's ehat Christ died, that by means of it ed to spread them still more. Popular schools, so that it is apparent that our we might be able to fulfill our des- writers of exceptional ability, imbued children re not behind in scholar-tiny and carry out ,each one his/Jart, with the ame priciples, whose read- ship." in the Divine plan. Without grace we ers are numbered by the hundreds of }are utterly and in all ways powerless thousands, have fashioned after their RARE )LUMES FOR C.U. [for such a purpose. We can do ab- own likeness a god of limited power  ..... |solutely nothing that will make for and preached with devastating SUC- (OY If, 4. W. |. Nlmql |EHICE) . -..__ r  ,__: ,A .Iour eternal welfare. We cannot think cess their new gospel of Man and his Wash,,,s,,, ,. ,., p, .-- j [a salutary thought ,we cannot utter a volume of the famous German de-, progressive animal soul. They have salutary word, we cannot begin, con scription of America, published in[ . . lured countless men and women into r.( 1 tmue, or complete the smallest salu lo93 by D'etriqh de Bry and entitled l . _ their ships, cut the cables and set ,, ,, tar work without God's hel in and Brasilia, has been 'presented to the Y p g them adrift, rudderless and without elevating grace "Not that we are library of the Catholic University.[ compass, on the ocean of life, no hat- sufficient to think anything of our The volume contains sixteen exquisite] _ bet in sight, no destination fixed. All ." selves," says St Paul, "but our suf- who have been brought within their ly fimshed copper plates in a perfect[ ' ". ,, ,, sway have banished God from their flcmncy zs from God No man ut state of preservation. [here are two - other works to the set, one entitled tereth the Lord Jesus but by the lives, and with God banished there "Virginia" and the other "Florida." Holy Ghost." "Unless the Lord build can be no room for His only begotten The three volumes are so rare tha 4, the house, they labor in vain that Son. Christ to them is an historical it is said that for the last set the sum build it, and unless the Lord keep the figure, so hidden by exaggerated of $15,000 was asked, city, they watch in vain that keep it." myths and stories that His real char- The good works a man might do actor can hardly be ascertained except ,  without grace would be all of the nat- by the study of these enlightened THE POPE S ANNIVERSARY. ural order and would merit and oh- critics whose one' unalterable working tain some natural reward, but not the principle is that whatever He may be (n N. . W. C. HEWS $VICF.) Paris, April 13.--It has been the glory and the bliss of seeing God face He cannot and must not be God. custom for many years, for devout to face for which we have been des- Devilish Instinct. Catholics attached to the See. of Pc- tined. That is the perrogative of grace What wonder that the moral law ter, to receive Communion for the alone. How precious it is when we has lost all real significance! Wha" Pope on the anniversaries of his elc- consider what it does for usi Howl wonder that the more ignorant of tfon and of his birth and on his name much more precious still, whhn we these modern pagans with no sense day, consider by whom it was purchased of sin and no fear of an outraged The election of Pope Piu XI oc- and the price that was paid for it!i God, in their mad endeavor to abol- curred, as everyone knows, on Feb- For every grace that comes to us in ish the supernatural, are undermin- ruary 6. The anniversary of his birth the present dispensation has been in'g with a kind of.devilish instinct comes on May 31, and his name day won at the cost of the Precious Blood  the very groundwork of our civiliza- (Saints Nereus and Achilleus) is cole- of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. tion itself! What wonder that the sa- brated on MaTe 12. He is the source, then, and the foun- credness of our mE'st venerable insti- : tinhead of all grace, tutions is trampled underfoot; that POPE SENDS ALPINE 'Conditions Attached to Grace. marriage has become the flimsiest of GUIDES A SOUVENIR Limitless and inexhaustible as are civil contracts; that the most mini- the graces that issue from that Di- fest purposes of nature can be con- (BY N, . W. , NEWS lEItVtCl) Rome, April 12.--The elevation of vine Source, there is, however ,a con- temptuously frustrated; that the end Plus XI to the dignity of Supreme dition attached to them which must be justifies the means, and the sole end Pontiff has not effaced the memory of fulfilled before we can hope to receive is to pamper the body and allow the his many Alpine excursions and the of them. It ig a law of Christ's king-[passions of men, freed from moral re- guide Gadin who accompanied him an dom on earth, the law of prayer; if straint; to run riot along the broad i many occasion, you woull obtain, you must first ask. avenues of destruction! Wha wonder Recently a magnificent autograph There stands the treasure-house of that the frivolous-minded and the photgraph of the :Pope arrived at the grace filled to overflowing, but the young, with no vision beyond this guides' bureau at Courrtfayeur in the door will not open to you ,nor can you present life, have literally hurled Val d'Aosta, recalling the guide Gadin partake of its blessings, unless you themselves, body and soul ,into a mad knock. There is the life-giving stream vortex of pleasure-seeking--the mag- who died several years ago. The guides of Courmayeur were flowing in abundance at your feet, azines, the daily papers, the novel, the deeply touched and extremely grateful but you cannot drink of its pellucid theatre, the screen, with their sex for this .ouvenior of the Pope. waters nor quench your thirst unless problems, their seductions and their you kneel. Such is the ut-iversal an,T crimes, urging them on, and multi- FRENCH cONCESSION irrevocable law; "As and you shall tudes of living examples on every side ' TO CATHOLICS receive, seek and you shall find, to sap still more their moral fibre - ' knock and it shall be opened unto and leave them ultimately without E,. c. . c. HEws sWCE) OU" hope of redemption! What wonder Y . Paris, April 13.--There is reason to Mary's Office. that the deadly vices of avarice and hope tlaat Catholic education will soon But the Blessed Virgin, who was lust are running rampant, unabashed be authorized to send representatives so closely associated with our Lord in and unashamed ,in the world, and un- to the Supreme Official Council of .the work of Redemption, is no less der thinly veiled disguises are begin- Public Instruction. closely associated with Him in the ning to thrust up their hideous faces Msgr. Baudrillart, rector of the "In- distribution of its fruits. She is not, even among our Catholic people in the stitut Catholique," presented a re- nor can she be, the author of grace, fair gardens of the Church I It is the quest on this subject to M. Leon who is always in the last resort God self-sufficiency of nmn, with all the Berard, Minister of Public Instruc- Himself working in the Person of the destructive moral agencies that fol- tion. M. Leon Berard replied that Holy Ghost in the souls of men; but low in its wake. for the present the composition of tim thase seducers of her poor children, as Mother of Christ, she has a'a of- How to Preserve Our Heritage. t- ^ -^-- ,nave ee, financed by American couldCUnCilnotWasmodifyfiXedit.bY However,law and thathe hashe lice, if we may say so, in keeping How can we breathe this tainted money. It is fitting that their propa- introduced a bill which would permit with her exalted dignity. Is there moral atmosphere without being con-!ganda be offset with lunds contribut- anyone s 9 fitting as she to present taminated? How preserve the idealS;ed by American Catholics. By under- tle enlargement of the Council, thus our petit{ons at the Throne of the which saints and martyrs have left  taking such a work, the Knights of making it possible to satisfy the Most High, she who is at once the us for our heritage? How resist the Columbus will save ninny to our Holy claims of Catholic education. Mother of God and the Motfmr of temptations that beset us from within Church, and will solace the heart of 1,200 SCHOOL PUPILS mankind? and withoutf. How keep the path the our Holy Father. They have aided WILL SING AT MASS Dispenser of Grace. Church point;s out to us and in which other countries especially Catholic 1N ROCHESTER, MAY 4 In virtue of the love that binds the we must walk if we are to receive France. Surely, when requested by the ..:' hearts O f Jesus and Mary, no prayers the crown of life? We can do noth- Vicar of Christ, they will not fail to ,, .. .,. . ,E,H m,,CN) of ours joined to hers will go unan- ing of ourselves, we are s([ weak. But extend a helping hand t9 the center Rocfester, N. Y., April r24.-Chil" swered. She is ,then, in the 'true sense we can do all things in Him who of Christendom. , dreu's Day, when music for the of the word, the dispenser of grace, strengtheneth us. We need not fear (Signed) D. Card. Dotigherty, t Propel" of a Pontifical High Mass in since it is the good pleasure of our if helped by those graces which Christ "Abp. of Phila." the Cathedral will be given by stu-Blessed Lord that thus our prayers merited for us and which can be oh- dent choirs and music for the ordi- hould ascend to Him, and what she tained only through prayer. Let u nary of the Mass will be furnished asks for is sure}y granted. She is in- go to her.whose intercessory powers BOSTON COLLEGE GETS by twelve hundred studen.ts from deed, as tle title proclaims her, are unlimited and whose love is as WIRELESS GREETING twenty-seven city schools will be "Mother of Grace," not only because:deep as the sea. Mother of Divine TO CARDINAL ON SItIP among the features of the conven- she .brought Him forth who is the lGrac, pray for us. tion of the Society of St. Gregory, to source of grace, but also because in Let Us Go To Mary. , u.,. ... attN,,,,) be held in this city May 3 and 4. our petitions for grace He would have And where shall we seek a remedy Boston, April 24.--From the pew- Children's Day will be on May 4. us go to Him through her through for the evils themselves that afflict erful wireless stati.or of the Boston A Pontifical Mass with a sermon will whom He came to fis. the world? Who can search out the College Radio Club a home-coming be/celebrated on the first.dhy of the Late Pope's Intention for May. sources of wickedness? Who can welcome was sent by radiophone to convention, with a choir of men and In recommending the Intention of turn back the flood of moral turpi- Cardinal O'Connell as his ship was boys from the Cathedral together this month, His Holiness of happy tude once it'has broken bounds and is nearing New York. The transatlantic with the student choirs of St. Ber- memory had in mind the evils that under way? Who can stop th steamship lane swings north from nard's and St. Andrew's seminaries afflict the world and the dangers that tide of unbelief? Who can illumine New York and passes along the New fn:nishing the music. In the evening threaten the faith and moral goodness the mind, blind with pride, and make England coas Vessels are easily there will be a sacred concert of two of "the little flock" entrusted to his it humble? Who can soften the stony reached from the Boston College sta- hundred voices, care. heart? Who can bend the stubborn tion, which has one of the most mod- The Very Rev. E. R. Dyer, S. S:, World's Ridicule and Denial. and strengthen the feeble will ? None ern and powerful radiophone sets of president of St. Mary's Seminary, To one who believes in the Redemp- but our dear Divine Saviour, who died any college in the coulatry. The,set Baltimore, is president of the Society tion, find realizes what it means, the that all men might be saved and was Cardinal O'Connell's gift to his of St. Gregory. , attitude to God of present-day phil- come t6 a knowledge of the truth, alma mater. , I There is no remedy but in grace , the I.:'. ....... ' ............ t fruit of Redemption, that grace which I l l/t'tl[ [ lrltTql'lllr/lrl} will not be given except througt pray- / ] UU Ot IPtI51 er, Let us, then, this month besiege ]]--" , .......... --4. 1 the throne of grace. Let us go to her/,l----- -- --.4. who we know, dispenses it. Let us be- seech her to unite her prayers to ours, that in answer to our petitions plen- teous showers of that salutary rain may penetrate the hearts of men, quicken them with its life-given pow- er, and thus renew the face of the earth. Mother of Divine Grace, pray for us. 0 Jesus, through the_ hnmaculate Heart of Mary, I offer Thee my pray- ers, works, and sufferings of this day, for all the intentions of Thy Sacred Heart in union with the Holy Sacri- fice of the Mass throughout the world, in reparation for my sins, for the intentions of all our Associates, and in particular for confidence in Our Lady. CARDINAL DOUGHERTY TELLS OF ITALIAN K. OF C. WEL,ARE WORK Cardinal Dougherty of Philadelphia in a letter published in the May is- sueof Columbia, the Knights of Co- lumbus nmgazine, explains the condi- tions in Italy which have made it nec- essary and appropriate'for the K. of C. to pledge themselves to carry out welfare work there entailing an ex- )enditure of $1,000,000. The Cardinal, who is one of the two highest ranking members of the American Hierarchy, and who recently returned from the consistory that elected Pope Plus XI, declares that it is at "the behest of the Holy See" that the welfare work is undertaken, adding that American money has financed revilers of the Catholic Church in Italy and seducers of children. "It is fitting that their propaganda be offset with funds con- tributed by American Catholics. By undertaking such a work, the Knights of Columbus will save many to Holy Church an d solace the heart of our Holy Father," the Cardinal adds. His letter, addressed to Joim B. Kennedy, the editor of Columbia, fol- lows i "Acceding to your request that I give "Columbia" a statement of the need for welfare work in Rome and other parts of Italy, according to the behest of the Holy See, I beg to set before your readers the followinf con- siderations. "It is well known  that Italy par- ticflarly in certain districts is far from being a wealthy country. One in- dication of her poverty is the fact that many of her children have been obliged to emigrate, as many Irish were forced by want to leave their ow country and seek a livelihood in foreign lands. Italy has been almost crushed by the burden of the World War; and she will not be on her feet again for many years to come. "Taking advantage of her poverty, various Protestant sects of the Unit- ed States have founded on her soil in- stitutions styled educational or char- itable, whereas they are instruments for the perversion of Italians. These roselytizers have established them- ;elves in Rdme, where they opened settlement houses as a lure for Ital- ians to barter their birthright of the faith for temporal gain. "They have gone so far as to plan the erection of a structure overlook- ing the Cathedral of St. Peter, the Vatican, and the whole city of Rome. In their hatred of the Papacy, they have fraternized with the infamous Nathan, followers of the apostate monk, Girdano Bruno, and publishers of scurrilous literature against the Holy Father and the Catholic Church. These revilers of our Holy Ieligion, "When you go with God, all the way is wonder," May Doney says in her little volume of that name, which shows how close she has been to him.' In the Tablet's Literary Notes of a few weeks ago W. H. K. spoke of the writers who had written out of their own experiences with results that had brought them renown. Experience was not always necessary for, he cited de- scriptions, nmrvellous descriptions'of bAttle. that had been written by those who had never witnesged one. Byron and Burns wrote out of their common experiences, but does one have to wallow in the mire in order to write? For some forms of writing one must have, andknow the  experi- ence. Mystical writing could not be even imagined by flmse who dwelt so near the earth. It is the privilege of those rare souls who have dwelt so near God that their writings have been colored by the experience. "The Way of Wonder" is a sample and so spiritual is it in tone, so rare is the soul that dwells on the heights, she sees in nature the expression of God. In "My Little Hills." "Like Him who loved best, the calm shoulders lean Upon the breast of God," and ia another poem entitled "News," she tells us The tulips are kissing God, I can tell it by their faces As they reach in their quiet places, Straight up from soil and sod; Do they know it? or in a dream Does their breath kiss th breath su- preme. Such expressions call forth a feel- ing introduction from Sir Arthu Quiller-Couch, who says: "I have one main reason, and two minor and par- !ticular, for wishing lovers of poetry to read this book, nay main reason (which should suffice) being that I i believe it to be packed with the true stuff of poetry. Miss Doney writes poetry. .When !one comes to qualify that poetry, to name its note, the first word for it is l"mystical;" as to me it seems impos- :sible to overlook her kinship of spirit with the seventeenth-century mys- tics, Crashaw, Vaughar b Treheru. Of these, and of Miss Doney, the detract- or will say they harp much on one string; the believer that each is pos- sessed of his "own message." So of these pages the burthen is of woman's devotion to man, honor of him, reverence for the God she dis- covers in Him. It ]nay seem an eccen- tric faith in these days; but I no more think it ex(!essive than I deem man's honour of woman "excessive or the reverence for the goddess in her." He stresses her Celtfc note also and believing her poetry to be rue Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch recommends it unqualifiedly to all and particularly to the readers in the West Country,. C. e POITIERS HONORS PRELATE. (liy N, C. W. C, NEWS SERVICE) Paris, April 13.The municipal council of Poitiers has decided to give" the name of Msgr. Augouard to the street on which that prelate resided during his sojourn in France, and on which he recently died. Msgr. Augouard was for many years Vicar Apostolic Of French Congo. SISTER MARY CLARE DIES AFTER SPENDING 66 YEARS IN RELIGION (BE i. g, 'if. , MEW O|ltYtCE) Boston, April 22.--Sixty-six years of religious life were brought to an end here with the death of Sister Mary Clare of the Academy of the' Assumption, Wellesley, at the age of eighty-three. Sister Mary Clare was one of the poneer members of the community and in 1860 was a mem- ber of a group of Sisters of ChariJy who volunteered to care for a large number,of Asiastics who had reach- ed Halifax aboard a steamship in- fested with cholera. She was "a sis- ter of the late Roy. J. Connolly, S. J., and had__also a sister in religious .life" l OFFERS TO DUi)LICATE f ' ANTICS OF MEDIUMS WHO FOOLED DOYLE (lit N, * W, . llEl'$ EENVI) New York,, April 22.--Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ` is the dupe of clever and unscrupulous mediums, according to Joseph F. Rinn of Brooklyn, ,who declares that he and his colleagues in the Society of American Magicians can produce psychic phenomena which would "knock Sir Arthur over." Rinn, who is a produce broker' and expert magician, declares he will wager $5,- 000 ,to be deposited in a bank.that he can produce phehomena like these of the mediums. PATRONIZE OUR ADyERTISERS.