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April 29, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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April 29, 1911

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l f I L .J q 'i't " \\;. :4, k SOUTH AM-ERICA.. MORALS DE- FENDED BY MEMBER OF PASSION'IST ORDER. Father Isadore, Prerching in Holy lame Cathedral, Chicago, Says Sin and Corruption Are Not Prevalent. Inebriety Almost Unheard of in That Country. "Tllou sh,dt not f:dse witness against thy neighbor." "In a sermon l)reaehed by tile Rev. E. A. Bell on the religious conditions of clergy lind people of South America which was published recently," said lOatt. .' lsadore, "the clergyman pie- rut ant condition of moral degradation and corruption tMt might well vie with onr ().vti llilder,vorI([s, .s one who ]Ills spent ten years ill travel and mi,.;on- ary work iu different parts of South America, I can assure the reverend gentleman that South Americans, how- ever vicimls, are still ignorant of the nauielcss excesses and unnatural im- moralities that run riot through out" 'w'., cities am] towns. "but it is his report regarding rile vle,'y that particularly concerns me. I ilIIVL :Ill extensive acquaintance with many of the bishops and clergy of t],.4.. conntries. I have worked shoulder to shoulder with them on the missions an, during epidemics. I hqve witnessed their zeal .uld heroism. I have lodged with them in the huts of the poor as well as in the m.lnsions of the wealthy. l have spoken their language for years. I 'un one with them in faith, and in the endeavor to further tile cause of our c0mmou M, aster, Christ. T]ere- fore, if, as a class, they are represent- ed as sensllal, luercenary ghlttonous and corrupt, l personally, am involved; for, however unwerthy, ] w'ls one of their number for years. I ann qualified lo speal of them, not from hearsay, nor from forged encyclicals, but from l)erson:d acquaintance. I give infor- mation first hund. I will quote from the iml)lished statements of the rever- end gentlenmn:  The Southern Cross shines over. a htrge part of the unewu|gelized worhl.' "I answer: The Big Difper shines over 50,000,000 of people here ill the United States, who belong to no church, who have no religion and worship no (led; who commit 1%000 murders every yeqr, and 12,000 of whom slay them- selves. :It wouhl take a half dozen South Americas to equal that. In ev- er 3, country of South America the re- ligiou of Christ htls been propagated under great difficulty by zealous mis- sionaries for tile last three centuries: with results that we here do not dre'un of. I met the finest types of culture I nud education in those countries. The women aml girls are us virtuous anti! devout as any on earth. The men, though indifferent in matters of relig- ice, tire always gentlemanly and hos- pitable. They have an abundance of well-conducted schools, colleges, hospit- nls and orphauages. " 'The Indians have been so badly treqted, est)ecially by the murderous conquerors of the Pizarro type, that they wish to be left alone in the mMst of their aboriginal forests.' 'I uuswer: Under missionary train- ing millions of South American Indians have attained a high degree of civili- zation aud are the bulwark of the faith iu so,ne regions. We externfiuated tile indian; the Latins civilized him. Our colonists banded together to 'kill an Indian as they would a snake.' The Jesuits ill Paraguay raised tile Guarani Indians to such a state of virtue and perfection as to command the admira- tion of the worhl, until driven out by revolutionists, who " afterward demoral. ized the poor Indians. " 'Very recently the Bible has been translated into the language of the Quichua Indians. ' 'I answer: Two hundred years ag9 the Franciscans and Jesuits had it translated into Guarani and other Ill- dian tongues. I found copies of the New Testament nearly as plentiful in Argentine homes as love novels /Ire in some of our own. Besides, [ met plenty of gospe]ers from this country selling Bibles on the trains in Argentine for $1.00 a copy, which the generosity of Aniericqn contributors furnishes them for nothing. ' 'A great mass of the people ar without education and nntaught in mat- ters of religion.' 'I qnswer: I found that nearly ev- er 3" boy and girl in the abandoned towns of Gatun and Chagres, Panama, coohl recite the Lord's prayer und tile creed and tim ten cmnmandments. There are millions in this country who cannot do that. I found South Ameri- can chihlren: in general, its l/right and precocious as any that I have ever met. Ignorance and illiteracy are found mostly in the poorer and more unset- tled di,stricts; but nothing more (lense than the religious ignorance which is found in our own Ozarks and in the backwoods of some of our States. ' 'There are 7,00(,000 savage al- dians in their aboriginal heathenism un- touched by churches of any name in Brazil--cannibalism survives. ' "I answer: We have 10,000,000 ne- groes in tile South who arc no better off morally than these Indians. I work- ed among the Indians of the Grana Chaco, and found them tractable and industrious. Many vices of civilization are unknown to them. ]Oranciscan friars are buihling cltarches, instituting industrial schools and doing splendid work among them. These friars, though the most calumniated of men, have been the pioneers of civilization all over the world. The seven millions of savages wlm live in the impenetrable jungles of the inner Chaco and in the Selvas, of the Amazon have thus far bee0rdinaccessi.ble to white influence. Exff,, lions sent by the Argentine Re- pubL into these jungles have never been heard of since. Our reverend l)rother is welcome to undertake the evangelisnt of these hot and pestilen- tiul swamps, and ascertain whether or no there l)e real cannibals there i for 1 aui sure that the well-salaried and well-housed gentlemen on the pay roll of rich American societies wheat I met iu these countries and who stimulate Americ:m generosity by reports of the deph)ralde condition of clergy and peo pie there are not likely to venture into the perils of these forests. It requires men of heroic self-denial like Padre Volk of Colmb Panama, who sl)ends weeks every year amoug the San Bias In(lians," instructing and lu|ptizing them. They alluw none of our white traders, for well-known reasons, to stop over night on their territory. They a(hnit only the Catholic priests. Or the heroic band of Sales]an Fathers, who :ire working "ill through the for- ests of M'ttto Gr.sso, central brazil. These men travel on rafts, catamarans aml cayucos, sleep under trees and live on the products of tile forests. Their success is wonderfnl. One of them re- cently In'ought to Rio Jane]re a band of thirty educated Mororo Indian musi- cians, l'lte children of the forests, who delighted the people with their skill their speeches qnd their deep religious spirit. "'The Rev. Julio Maria said: 'I see but one single rap of hope, and as t (?atho]ic priest I am ashanled to say where I see it."' "I answer: The man who said that was no Catholic priest, for every Cath- olic tn'iest knows the immense power of his religion, as history attests, in fhe work of eonverting and civilizing different tribes of the earth, nowhere more gloriously exemldified than in tile Jesuit reductions of Paraguay. " 'In every diocese the ecclesiastics break all bounds anti them- selves up to manifold forlns of sensu- ality. ' "I answer: During my whole ten years ill Argentina I never met a pas- tor against whom a charge of immor- ality was sul)stautiated aml only a few cuses where they were even ru- mored. I never saw a Spaniard drunk. The vice is unheard of among the Spanish clergy. Drunkenness is almost unknown in Spain, and only some In- dians arc addicted to it in Argentina. No pastor could obtain or hold a par- ish in Argentina after having been found guilty of these vices. t 'It is plata from testimony fromi 1)]shop and pope that many of tile bal)tized in South America, aml many I even of the priests, are in a deplor. able moral and spiritual conditibn.' "5 answer: The alleged encyclical of Leo X.III is such a clumsy forgery that no one, who is at all fanfi]iar with tmpal documents, could be deceived by it. besides, it is utterly false. I can taks the bishops of Argentina and Chill when there is a question of gentlenmn- liness, and set them, man for man, against any body of churchmen on !earth. I shall mention some. of my personal acquaintances with whom I have lived and labored. , bishop ,lunguito of P,uunna, whom Governor Magoon styled "t student and a saint,' is a man of most perfeet life. Regular church services, confirmation l ahns giving, fostering of orphanages.. hospitals and schools, all enter his daily [routine ill llfe. Often when I sat at !his table two or three strangers were [present to enjoy his hospitality gratis. "bishop Boneo of Santa Fe, Argen- tina, is a man of blameless life, who enforces the ol)servunce of canon law ion clergy and peotfle, bishop Terrero of La Plata is a fine type of gentleman a lawyer and a zealous and active ntis- siouary. Bishop Benevento of Cuyo, lately deceased, was a .grand church- man, a great orator and a man of most amiable disposition. Archbishop Cam tellano so completely dispensed all tilt; funds uf the Buenos Ayres Cathedral Ire different charities that when he died lie had nothing reserved for his burial. I have seen his present suecessor Dr. Espinosa, on the missions serving like a l)oy, the masses of his priests. And these men are all taken from the body of the clergy, who are more or less up to lhe slune standard; and they wonhl immediately suspend and remove . front office any pastor proven guilty of scandal. "I ask this question: 'Does this b ok like deld0rallle moral degradt!tion :mmng the clergy? And with regard lo the people: The vices of South American peol)le are mostly of the nat- ural kind, generally unconcealed aad above board. They know little of our Northern hypocrisy, whereby a world of secret vice is cloaked from public view. They have nothing like oar frigitful evil of divorce. The whole- sale prostitution of the married state by the l)ractiee of race suicide, such as we have to deph)re, is little known in South America. They will allow that there is a great deal of immorality in their countries, but they see that the most flagrant part of it is committed by adventurers fl'mn this country, who take advantage of the simplicity of these people to perpetrate all kinds of outr'ges, und then come home and tell us of the degradation of South Ameri- cans. "I, myself, saw a dozen of such rioters ou the streets of Panama at light, drinking and shouting 'Hurrah for Uncle Sam,' shaking their fists iu the faces of native police and insult- ing women. ome of the Americans these people meet down there are so licentious and profligate that they shock even their own vicious classes; so that a Mexican paper recently sug- gesbed the organization of a mission- ary band to evangelize the 50,000u000 'no-church-no-religion people' of this country. They read how we lyncl h riddle with bullets and burn Mire four score of negroes yearly; how we pull off thousands of prize fights and brutal THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN ii Rugby matches, in which j'tws are broken, ribs are fractured, brains con- cussed and UlaUy men killed. They read how, according to the estiumte of ()lie doctor, ulore than 50,000 unborn are yearly murdered in the single city of Chicago, and more than 300,000 iu the single State of New York. So they are scheming to semi us missionaries to coral>at these enornfities. "Never ill the orphan asylnm, the hospital or in the dwellings of the afflicted or distressed, or found in ref- ugees or prisons (Priests).' "I answer: Who institated these asylums and liospitals but these same priests? And who now run them but the same clergy and different religious orders? 'Always in the midst of the afflicted, always administering to the wants of the needy,' would be nearer the truth concerning many of these' religious. During the cholera epidenfic in Rosario, while fifteen people died daily, Friar Aml)rosio c.tme in from the convent of San Lorenzo, and, unasked, assisted me in administering communion to the plague sutferers. Father M., from the same convent, a yonng ulan just ordained, hell)ed me, on another occasion, to minister to snmllpox pa- tients and auyone of their thirty breth- ren were re'tdy to do the same thing. Padre Salazar of South Rosario once said to nm, l?athor, with this bare hand [ anointed over two hundred smallpox patients during the plague in Tucuman.' Padre Sylvan of Rojas arose from the taMe, where lie had just sat down and leaving his meal, hastened to assist a dying person. And any pastor I met there wouhl do the same tiling. 'My coral)anion , Padre Julio, went I daily through the pesthouse in buenos! Ayres, where scores of sisters, like rain. istering angels, remained night aml day i serving the stricken. Sister A. of Ro- sario and her companions went, to the  Lazaretto near that town, and after serving the plague victims, took the i disease herself and died a martyr. These sisterlloods are the crowning' glory of the church in South America My'companion, Padre Leonardo of V'd- p'traiso, Chili, during tile e'rthquakei which destroyed that city, spent twenty- two out of twenty-fear hours daily i ministering, with his fellow-priests, to the injured and the dying. And I can furnish uny number of such examples of heroism from the records of South Ameriean clergy and sisterhoods. No cue can charge them with cowardice in time of danger. I have seen them always brave the perils of contagion.. and stay with their stricken 1)eople to the finish; while it is notorious down there how their cahrniators take the earliest trains and hasten off with their households into safer territory. ''It is no wonder that such priests attract no men to the churches.' 'I answer: Archbishop Espinosa of Buenos Ayres, who ordained me, spent !years of indefatigable hrbor all over the republic, devoting his services to men on/y. His motto was, 'f am for men.' He counted his success in' the ntunber of meu he 1)rought to ('hrist. Padre Orzali's ehurch in Buenos Ayres is crowded with men every Sunday. Chilian men are prmd of their great churchman, Bishop Jara, who, with Archbishoi) Casanueva of Santiago came over to buenos Ayres and by his eloquence and tact dissipated a war cloud that threatened to involve the two republics. This was the occasion when the bishops of the two nations agreed to erect, as an emblem of mu- tual peace, the famous statue of Christ ] on the summit of the Andes, which l idea our reverend brother attributes to a wise Scotchman.) ] 'Concerning prisons: Dr. Espinosa, with several of onr fathers, lately gave their am, ual nfission in the federal !prison, near Olvarra. , All the convicts ]corresponded to the grace of the mis- sion with the exception of three, and two of these were hold-up men from the United States. ' 'The preponderance of men is as striking in the meetings (rf Protestants as the prepond.erance of women in the Catholic churches. ' "1:answer: On invitation I attended It Methodist chtll']l meeting in /t. (har/es, La., to deliver all address on intmuperanee. ]7 found there present about fifty women and only four or fi:vc men, who were nearly all elders of the church. We do not have to leave the [hfited States to find women congregations. In every country ex- cept some very Catholic ones, women predominate in the churches. However, our large church in Baenos Ayres 1 filled five times every Sunday morning with worshi)ers, among whom are thou- samls of men. Dadre Grote, the fa- mous missionary, has organized 'A Cir- SERVICE culo de Obreros' for Catholic men all over Argentina, which briugs thousands of the indifferent to the churches. "Much more might be said, but this is sufficient. ]u conclusion, therefore I, with my Protestaut friend, the Rev. Pellham Ogle of Buenos Ayres, eamwt see how any man thinks the cause of religion is goiag to be furthered by wholesale misrepresentations of a large nnd honorabh, 1)ody of such slanderoas forgery as the allege(l encyclical. The clergy an,l people of South America are intelligent and patriotic men of sensitive ironer, who resent calumny as much as we do. Why therefore, con- sider it a duty to detract them? This would not even be a very honoralfle way of trying to swell the nfissionary budget, by stimulating the generosity of American and English contributors, honest supportexs t.hat they are of for- eign missions. I aut glad to see that the Rev. Mr. bell, since giving this sermon, has pub- licly stated that he had no intention of saying what was false, but was mis- led by bishop Neel),'s book, 'South America,' and that his hope is the truth will prevail.' Aml I add, Mu- tual charities /ikewise.' " SIMPLE. She--Why, I never saw you act so dmple. He--Are you trying to compliment me, dear? She--Coml)liment you! I shouM say not. He---Well, you know some one has said that the greatest trutim are the simplest, and so are the greatest men. Natural Gas Will be a big help to the cit- izens of Little Reek. 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