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April 29, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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April 29, 1911

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Page six THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN I LOUIS KOERS Carriages Studebaker , and Tennessee Buggies Wagons Oliver Chilled Plows Harness, Whips and Robes ,1 E. Markham St. LITTLE ROCK CATHOLICS AND THE YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Ex-President Roosevelt Characterizes as Gross Injustice the Clause in Constitution of Y. M. C. A. Ex-President Roosevelt, ill the course of an address delivered at Reno, Ne- vada, on April 4th, congratulated Reno upon tile Young Men's Christian Asso- ciation whicil had just been completed. Continuing, Mr. Rooseveltsaid that he had not known until a recent contro- versy arose, that Catholics and Jaws, who, he suid were often anlong the most liberal contributors to this work, were denied the right of holding posi- tions Ul)On the managerial boards of the Association. Col. Roosevelt said: "] want to protest in the strongest manner of which I am capable, aguinst uny continuance of that policy. Iwant to say that as a matter of simple jus- lice we should alter this, and I want here to make my appeal, especially to the Protestant clergymea, the men with w]lom I have worked especially in thnes l)ast. "1 want to appeal to them in the name of our common efforts for ethical uldift , and in the spirit of the New Testament at once to take steps to so- cure the righting of what I regard as a grievous wrokn. A Catholic Layman or a CathOlic Priest Who Works With Us Should Be Al- lowed to Have His Full and Fair Share in the Management. "l)o that in the name of the Y. M. C. A., and thenj when you get Cath- olics and Protestants in I am going to appeal to the Catholics and Protest- ants to take in the Jew, if he is a good fellow, in the same way. 'p We desire to say that Catholics are llot knocking at the doors of tile Young. Men's t:hristian Association for mem- bership, 1)ut the Y. M. C. A. is con. stantly seeking to induce Catholic young men to join its ranks, and ask- ing C'athelie aid in its work on the idea that the Association is unseeta. rian and undonomination'd in its work. Under the caption "Catholics and the Y. M. C. A., and Can tile Organization Honorably Solicit or Accept Other Than Protestant Support?" tlle Cath- olic Standard and Times imblishes the following letter front a correspondent: Editor C:Rholic Standard aud Times: In view of tim warnhlgSs against Catholic young men joining the Young Men's Christian Asociation that have been recently appearing in the Cath- olic press, wouhl it not be well to have published, for the information of Cath- olic young men, ..ust what the constl. tution and 1)y-laws of the Association contain ill tile way of discrimination against (Nthelic, Jewish, Unitarian, IYniversalist and non-denominational young men. With this in view, I am ene/osing you'm extract from the constitution and by-laws of tile Young Men's Chris- than Associations employing general secretaries, as lmblished by themselves and containing all that I can find ill the pulllicatien bearing on the subject. You will see that it effectively shuts oat nny Catholic young men from tile privileges higher than the pool table and the shower bath. I can vouch for the exact wording of this extraet even to the .punctua- tion. There is one expression which I have underlined. "and who wits nlade sin for us:" tlle'interpretation of which I confess is beyond me. ]t looks like a misprint or Christian Science--prac- tically the same thing. My reason for seuding this is that several people with whom I have talk- ed about the matter expressed wonder as to just what was the nature of the discrimination against Catholic and other young men exercised by the Y M. C. A. They had been unable to discover this for themselves, and I was iunable to discover it for myself until I got their publication. The state ments in the Catholic press have thus far been largely general ones, which many young people attribute in tile ab- sence of the text to simple prejudice or jealousy. It sccms to me that;it is well to correct this. Yours very truly, M. J. RIORDAN, Flqgstaff, Arizona, March 23, 1911 Rev. M. J. Foley Writes as Follows in The Western Catholic, Quincy, IlL: IIaving received several calls over tile phone asking for information and stating that some of the men conduct- ing the Y. M. C. A. campaign had told our Catholic peolfle that Catholics could hold office, etc., Roy. Father Anthony Kunsch and the writer ca,led on Mr. A. Schumaker, the manager of the Y. I. C. A. headquarters and had a pleas- ant interview with the geutleman, who qdmitted that tile Y. M C A. is n Protestant organization and kindly loaned us a work called "The Twenti- eth Century City Young Men's Asso- ciation with Suggested Constitution." After reading this book we are con- vinced of the following: First--No Catholic can be an active member--and only active members can vote and hohl office. See Constitution, Article 2, and Section 2, which says: "Male members in good standing In evangelical churches *  * may be- come active members, etc." Second--Since Catholic yonng men are barred from holding office and having any say in the government, the day may come when they may be ex- cluded front even using the buihlings thut their money has hclped to build. Third--On page 5 it says: "The in troduetion of social attractions on Sun- day afternoon    the application of Bible study to the problems of daily life    the subtle personal influence of Christian men etc. * * these things hive added tremendous force to the evangelistic work of the Association  while the Bible classes and re- ligions meetings must :be provided for   " On page 14 we read: "IIe (the secretary) shall labor to enlist th, nlembers in active Christian work," etc. On tinge 17 we read: "The re. ligious work committee shall arrange  * shall devise means to enlist there- in the talents of members and also sock to promote the att, endance of young men Ul)On church services.  * " All This Goes to Show That the Young Men's Christian Association is a Pro. testant Proselytizing Association, and Therefore One That Catholic Young Mon Cannot Join Without Danger to Their Faith. As a mqtter of fact, we know cases where young peol)le have lost their Catholic faith through the Y. M. C. A. influence. * * * Therefore as Catholic young men are debarred from active neml)ership, as it is a Protestant Pros- elytizing Association an,l as it is against the laws of our church to join the Y. M. C'. A. we see no valid reason .why any Catholic should contribute to the Y. M. C. A. fund. N. B.--We requested the "Whig" to publish the above article, but were re- fused, which fact only proves the no. eessity for the existence of the Western Catfiolie. Yet ur readers take note of this fact. In a Leading Editorial That Able and Feariess Journal, the Catholic Fort- nightly Review, Says Under the Heading "Catholics and the Y. M. C. A.": Your Own Ideas of Harness Carried Out in Detail If you want a buggy harness, earria,,e harness or team har- ness made to order, different from the prevailing styles. Adangerous harness is one you buy, but don't know who 'made it. There is no uncertainty about our harness. Every pa't is made according to he dictates of skill. We want your trade, for we believe we deserve it in the high-class harness service we Call ren- der at easy-reached prices. WALDENBERGER'S Stable Supplies oiAll'Klnds Old Phone'547 Repalrlnli.'a Specialty 411 Main St. We believe that our readers without exception nnderstand thc true charac- ter of the Young :Men's Christian Asso. elation. Time a]nl again in these pages wehave shown how it rcaches out for our Catholic young mcn to wllom es- pecially in the large cities, it offers its winter courses of studies its gymna- sirens, reading rooms, its summer camps and other attrqctions, all for a fee of $5, while on Sunday there are "talks" to young men 1)y l{ev. M. ]3lank, who may profess any form of "Evangelical Christiunity" and may be attached to any church or none. Of course a Cath- olic priest not bcing an "Evangelical Christian," would not be admitted, if any such could be found willing to speak there. Needless to Say Catholic Interests Are Not Considered and Catholic Senti- ment Is Entirely Iacking at These Gatherings, the Atnmsphere and En- vironment Are Decidedly Non-Cath- olic and the Undercurrent Steadily Anti-Catholic. Under such Influences, the ),oung Catholic who allies himself with thls institution is plainlyy in serious danger of losing his faith. All this is perfectly well known to pa.tors, as well as to the intelligent Catholic laity who have observed the workings of the Y. M. C. A. Just as we write these lines the Boston Pilot of :February.. 17 reaches us with an ac- count of a new Y. M. C. A: building ia that city. We are told that the Boston branch of that organization was found- ed by a Protestant descendant of an apostate Irish Catholic, who had been educated for the Church in Ireland. Contint, ing, tile Pilot states the ques- tion so often addressed to our clergy, viz: "Is the Young Men's Christian Association a sectarian and Protestant institution? May a Catholic young man join this association?" After re- viewing its history, its methods and their effect upon Catholic men, our contemporary says: "The answer then to the question is simple. The Y. M. (L A. is sectarian and Protestant. Its whole atmosphere is (letrimental to the spiritual life of the Catholic young men. No loyal Catholic young man will under any pretext or because of any influence join this society or colt- i tributo one penny towards its support, llut will on thc contrary give it a wide berth nnd seek athletic training where there is no danger to his faith." From another Archdiocese comes sim- ilar words of warning. The Catholic Bulletin of St. Paul, the newest of our contemporaries, in its initial num- ber (and, doubtless, speaking the mind of the distinguished Arehllisholl of that See), often exhibiting the Y. M. C. A. as a sectarian, and proselyting institu- tion, says: "Catholics should haw nothing to do with tile Young Men's Christian Association. ' ' And the New Orleans Morning Star of Recent Date Quotes the Archhishop o That See in Answering the Ques- tion whether. Catholic young women were at liberty to join the Young Womcn'.q Christian Assoeiution as follows: "Nol most (lecided]y no! Underno circum. stances can a Catholic wt)man become a member of the Young Women's Christian Association, any more than a Catholic man can be a metal)or of the Young Men's Christian Association. That is my answer, aml it is decisive anti final" This Consensus of Opinion, Derived From the Most Authoritative Sources Ought to Determine the Attitude of All Catholics Toward the Y. M. C. A., and We Think It Would Be of Great Service to Religion if one of our Catholic Truth Societies wouhl reprint tile articles to which we have referred, so that pastors eouhl distribute them freely among their poe. ple. EXTRACTS FROM FORM OF CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS For Young Men's Christian Assoela. tions Employing General Sec- retaries (Portland (k)nveution Resolution, 1861)) "Resolved, That, as these organiza- tions bear tile name of Christian, aud profess to be engaged directly in the Saviour's service, so it is clearly their duty to maintain tile control and man- agement of all their affairs in the hands of those who profess to love and pul)licly avow their faith in Jesus, tile Redeemer, as divine, and who testify their faith by llocoming and remaining mend)ors of churches held to be evan- gelical which, nmintaining thc llo!v Scriptures to i)e the only infallible rul'0 of faith nnd l)ractice, do believe in tilt; Lord Jesus Christ (the only l)e gotten of the Father, King of Kings and Lord of Lords in whom dwelleth the fullness of the Godhead bodily, and who was made sin for us, though kuow- ing no sin, bearing our sins in ltis own body on tile tree), as the only name under heaven given nntong men where- hy we mnst be saved from everlasting punishment and unto life eternal. "Resoh.ed, That the associations or- gqnized after this date shall bc entitled to rol)resentation in fnture conferences of the associated Young Men's Chris- than Associations of North America, upon condition that they be severally cotnposed of young men in commnnion with evangelical churches; "Provided, That in places where as. sociations are formed by a single do- nomination members of other denom- inations are not excluded therefrom and active membership and the right to hold office be conferred only upon t'oung men who are members in good standing of evangelical churches.' Article IIMemhership. Section 1. The members shall con. sist of two classes, viz: Active and associate. Set,. 2. Active members only shall have the right to vote and hold office, and for this class members only youn men over sixteen )'cars of age, who are members in good standing of evangel- ical churches (the word evangelical be- ing understood its defined by thb intcr- nntional convention at Portland, Maine, in 1869), shall be eligible. Scc. 3. Young men ovcr sixteen years of age, of good moral character. shall be eligitlle for associate member- shill. Associate members shall be enti. fled to the same privileges as active members, except those of voting an,[ hohling office. Article III.--Section 5. See.then 5. All the officers and di- rectors must be active members of the assoeiatiou and members in good stand- ing of evangelical churches in * * * Article V.--Section 5. Section 5. No essay, review or me then of a sectarian mr political charac- ter shull be entertained 1)y the associa- tion or board. All the foregoing is published by the State Executive Committee, Illinois Young Men's Christion Association, 609 153 La Salle Street, Chicago, Ill. ODD WAYS OF TELLING TIME. The Clock, the Sun and the Cat's Eyo the Clocks of Turkey. A watch or a clock was ahout as rare in Turkey 50 years ago as an aeroplane is in America now. Even today in the smaller cities and villages a timepiece in the house is a convenience and ]ax- ury indulged in by a few of the wealthy class. Nature is the clock of that land, n clock which never stops or fails to serve its Imrpose. The crow of the cock it he simplest, says Armenia, the sun the most dependable and con- venient and the cat's eye the most dif- ficult and to Occidentals the most hu- morous of timepieces. The cock crows regularly morning, foretloon, noon, afternoon ilnd evening. and serw,s the purpose of the striking clock of the belfry tower. Sometimes a cock crows at irregular periods. Woe unto him; far superstition demands that his head be chopped off, a demand which is complied with without delay, for to tolerate an ill crowing cock is to bring bad lack--so the natives be- lieve. It needs little experience to be able to tell whether it be moruing, noon, ,afternoon or near evening by merely noting the position of the sun. The time is more accurately told by judg- ing the shadows cast by the sun, which is the mode most popular with the shepherds in the fields. Still a]tother method, more accurate is 'the follow4ng: Thesr hold their thumbs touching each other horizon- tally, and exteod the forefingers up perpendicularly. Then they divide the thumb and forefinger of each hand into six parts, nominal hour points, one hand representing the morning and the other the afternoon. Where the tlmml)s join being 12 o'clock, thc tip of one forefinger rcp- resenting 6 o'clock in the morning an3 the tip of the other 6 o'clock in the Railroad Lands The Land Department of the ST. LOUIS IRON MOUNTAIN and SOUTHERN Am) LITTLE ROCK and FORT SMITH RAILWAY Announces the following list of Field and Locating Land Agents, to whom the public is invited to write for informa- tion relative to Railroad Lands, of which about EIGHT HUNDRED AND YIFTY THOUSAND ACRES are now offered for sale at very low prices and on easy terms: RICHARD JACKSON .................. Paragould, Greene Co., Ark. S. C. DOWELL .................... Walnut Ridge, Lawrence Co., Ark. F. M. HAI .......................... Batesvillo, Independence Co., Ark. WALTER G. CALDWELL .................. Scarer, White Co., Ark. H. N. BEAM: .............................................. Beebe, White Co., Ark. J. H. BRAWLEY .................................... Cbot, Lonoko Co. Ark. A. M. CROW .................................... Arkadelphia, Clark Co., Ark. II. B. :M:*cKENZIE ............................ lrescott, Nevada Co, Ark. STEVE CARRIGAN. ..................... Hope, Homptead Co., Ark. W. H. DU27CAN ............................ Conway, Faulknor Co., Ark. CALVIN SELLERS ...................... Morrilton, Conway Co., Ark. R. B. WILSON .................................. Russellville, Pope Co., Ark. . M. THRELKELD .................... Clarksville, Johnson Co., Ark. CONRAD ELSKEN .................................... Paris, Logan C., Ark. W. R. BURN .............................. Yen Buren, Crawford Co., Ark. Each of the above gentlemen is thoroughly posted upon the quality and adaptability of the soils in his territory, and will gladly answer aM inquiries and give all possible informa- tion relative to the lands owned by the Railroad Companies. rot general information and Free Pamphlets, Maps and Plats, write to G. A. A. DEAN E LAND COMMISSIONER LITTLE ROCK, - - ARKANSAS The Lardest and Most Complete;Stock In the State to Select From MONAHAN & STEINERT DEALERS" IN Monuments OldPhone 2565 afternoon. By hohling the hands in the  ,-x descril)ed position toward the sun,,oltn,re IS an old p rove rb: w h, c h may he ivided into additimal parts, as the quarter hours. ] To tell the time by the cat's eye]sTi.KT.e sounds at first humorous, but it ca [00 I)e dime. The average person perhaps] is not awarc that the shape of the cat's eys undergoes changcs during the dav. In the morning the lmpil is normally circular, but gradually it narrows until noon, when only a nurrow streak is left As the day progresses it resumes its normal shape, becoming oval about 3 o'clock in the qftcrnoon. Ill Turkey it is ('ommon for the old folks to call the cat to their sides tn order to as- certain the time. As an illustration of how accnrately time can be nleasured by the shadow cast by the .sun can be cited a triul in the courts of Onmha, Ncb., hehl in the first week of Jaunary, 1911, where a man was acquitted of the charge of attempting murder through the alil)i established by the shadow of a churcl, steeple east upon a photograph, which contained the two accusing witnesses, ho )rod ttstffttd seem ' ' '"' " g the umn be- tween 2 and 3 o'clock iu the afternoon while returning from church, after the l)hotogral)h was taken. But from the angle formed by the shadow und the horizontal boards of the church in the photograph Father Riggs, astrunoner at Creighton Uni- versity, calculqted the time the pho- togral)h mast have been taken and tes. tified that the exact moment wits dur ing the afternoon at 3:21:2.(}, one hour later thau thewitnesses had testified "they met the prisoner. The testimunv given 1)y the astronomer was so con- cise and clear and the imt)ossibility of the witnesses having seen the qc- cuscd urea at the scene of the crime at the time it was alleged tu have been conmfittod was shown to 1)e so al.lsolute that the accused man was acquitted. ............................................. MITCHELL SELIGMAN Architect and All Kinds of Tombstones Citizens Bank Building PINE BLUFF, ABK. TELEPHONE 1564 LITTLE ROCK, ARK. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" We hope you have the latter; We know we can give you the former Call or phone for the White Wagons ]Litttr 00oth 00tram 00aunor00 i 217-219-221 Center Street . :: :: :: Telephone 534 AWNINGS : for Store or Residence Om:eiidgi:!: - ..... -__ Send postal Phone for . Little Rock Tent and (,-.. j' Practical Socialism ,; P By REV. MNSG. J. M. LUCEY : This booklet gives the principles of practical Socialism as presented e 1 ' -- -- by t m hghost authorities of the Socialistic organization, quoting the d authorities. It then gives the solution of life's problem presented by,7 Christian civilization. Timse who may read this booklet--and' it ea: i be read in half an hour or less--will be able to compare the remedie "s ! which Socialism has in vain offered to the world to ame:borato th.  poverty and distress of earthly life and the cure which the Christi religion has for centuries so successfully employed. The late Dr. Lain- ," bert, editor of the New York Freemans Journal, said that it was the/ best book of the kind printed. The price is nominal; single copies,/ 5c; by the 100, 3c, postage free; by the 1,000, 2c, exprossago free. Pastors and others should order a hundred or a thousand copies fatr general distribution. Societies life the Knights of Columbus, Hib, r" nians and Knights of Father Matthew will find the book an excelld.. thing to defend the faith against Socialists. . Address-- / The Catholic Publication Society ,, 315 W. Markham St. LITTLE ROCK, Afe'" . x.x\>