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April 29, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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April 29, 1911

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00)II Page Four THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN PUBIASIiEI) WEI,;KI.Y BY THE CATI-1OMC Pu BMCA&apos;HON Noel ..... 1 +. 1 5:' OF THE D1OCESE OF LITTLE ROCK [ 1 IE The l,ttblie well!are th/nml+ds the enforcement (ill' tilt, htws. and lit:> [;tltllis]l senlilJn0nlality shtuthl lm allowed {o hhlel{ the way. There is so much erime <d' evcry shade, and hue eounllitted that the law- abi(liug' llet)l)le (d' the St It( are tit!ten irl fear of l,)silig prol)erty and life. + -F K. OF C. STATE CONVENTION. BUSINESS OFFICE: 315 W. MARKHAM ST., LITTLE ROCK, ARK. RT. REV. J. M. I.UCEY,V. G., A.B. rA'I'EI,tMAN Editor Business Manager The Stale C, une'J of the Kuights el! Cohunbus of ....... ===- +=--=: ............... = ........................ " ...................... " ....... :::::::::::::::::::::: Al'l<ansas will meet May !) cmlfin,,' at Fort Snlilh. SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 THE YEAR " " .................................................................................................. Three councils will be reln'eseuted, +It<+ miliimtlni nutnber reqttired by lhe 'enel'al etmslitttlion--l++itlh+ ll.ock, Fort Snlith and l'ine l+lttfl!. An efllort shouhl I)0 nut'de ill this lneetillg It) tlrgallize t!<)ttiit,ils al llol l,httt Sl)l'ili<+.t+s and Mm'rilt t+ tip l'ara'otthl, l>ine  ' was huntn'ed at the htsl thee<trig ot7 the State Council will) the Stale pri,si(leut.y, whit!h will n<)w <,..'o to I l,itlle l<)i!k or Fort Smith, as retail<in in office is I he til'e (+1! an or,.,'anizaliu+. F,n't Smith will r%'a,ly OFFICIAL APPROVAL. The outhern (u, is 1he official organ of the diocese oil Little hock, anti I pr!ly G< d that it. may -be+an earmst ehaml)it)n in the eatse el! riy'ht, justice aml truth and an ardent lefender ol, the religion which we all hive so well. 1 extend to it my ble, ssing with the sil+eere hope that its career may be long alld IH'OSl)el'OtlS.---,lohn B. Morris, ]{ishOll o1! IAlth, SOUTHEIIN GUARI)IAN RAVINGS OF AN INFIDEL. \\;Ve im\\;e from an esteemed qect:hohler in the Sot!.thcl'ii (lllal'ttl'All a nt;t21iod (:OlJy of th'e <dr. l.onis l+;e- j,ttbiJc, tit April l'Tth, tile day aftcr 1.2asl,..G with a le;i(lillg editorial oa all Easter Meditaliol), whose salient pohtts are gi\\;'en below, with a l'eque+t that we take tll I the cudgels and ad- lltilliSlel' to the wriicr a SOUltd liglti.S- tic thl'itsiiillg, lhlt wltere is Father I:hcltlll ot lilt \\;Vestertl \\;Vatehn)all and how does Ire Stalid? l'el+hat+s w,.2 might be l}uaeliing on his preservesl A cltlso seruthly of the article sal!s lies 1.ts thnt l'oferelleo iS ll/)[ llla(lo to Catllolic, s. 'l'l)e editor or the te- l)ul>lie says: '"+l'his is till age el fear and dl'eatl Of death, the like o: which the worhl lilts ])erehallee nevol' Ietore \\;\'itllessod." id\\;eryolle RliO\\;V+ that Catholics do not fear deatlt, l,?- cry Asll Wednesday they go vohln- tal'ily and gladly to the tlltar railing )'of l]le ililtl receive nl)Oll their foreheitds tile blessed ashes in tile fornl of a cross ;is tile priest tells tttenl, "l.enlelnber tiltill that thou ill'( +, bill dust and tli)to dust+ tltot shall l'etUlll." \\;Vllen a grRve MeRness conies Ill)Oil Catholics, tllc'y send for Ihe pl'iesl, receive the l:;sl Ftlt'Talllents lind l.,l'Cl)ttl'12 for delttlr. A ('atllolic is a firm believer in the in+. lUOt'tality of tile Soul aud does not fear to deimrt fro111 tltis worhl. The editor of tile l,telmblie further sa)s: "The synlposius by leading l)rea(..hers alid writers wliiclt graces the usual Easter nUllllleF of a ;'elig- ious weekly, consists chiefly of al)oio- g'ios for and weak-l{necd ilelllOnslra- lions of a doctrine which was I:a- he\\;'cd a)ld held without queslion a (;ellt/try or two ago, but is not now p.ccepted." 'rids is not true of t'atholic ln'Je.<ts and Catholic pal)el's, as 1lilly St+! easily verified. We llave never lle+rd of such priesls or papers. Tim editor further states that now !10 Olle is great or Iloble ellOtl<gh ti.. die for a cause or 1)rincilfle, but that al! die fronl senility or tuberctllosis. lie wislles war exalted and peace ,.le- ericd. It is a pity this editor had not lived ill Ihe lime of the Civil War o17 uear fifty years ago. l!e could llave got all the war that lie wants, and ile could llave seen lllell (tie for a cause, l'resident Taft, Al)- drew Carnegie and Cardinal Gibbons do not agree witll the l{el)uhlic. They are slrivillg to kill tile spirit of war and estal)lisll the reign of peace. It is ln'obable that the editor of the l{el)ublic i)ad ill llis nlind's eye Pro- leslant l)reachers and 110(: Catholic weacllers. The fornler make a Dr&c- tiee of advertising timir services in the daily papers and of printing tieir Sililday sernlons. Tile latter eannot bc said to do eitller. Sortie leading Protestant nlinisLers havo the u11for- lunate llabit of being sensational in order to attract an attendance at church services. Nor do tiley stop a ensation, but l)ander to tll lower tasles of social leaders wllo have to=t tile Christian faitll and in boastfnl lil)- crality of thougllt openly discredit the !dble and fundanmntal pricil)les of the Christian religion. A Catholic editor has no call to refute the ravings of an infidel whictl the above editorial l)lainly re\\;,eals Thin is a duty that belongs to the ediiors of our Protestant l)apers Ai lh(,ugl there tire tOO lnany tl, lnolT, g bc In'cachets of llle fasilionable Pro- testants who seek notoriety at the expense of divine revelation, timre a"e distinguished Protestant lninis- tcrs whose devotion to the Holy 13i l-le and the fundamental l)rincil)les of the religion of Christ is abo;,e Itll praise. Tim following are the sa- lient l)oints of tile editorial in ques- t loll : AN EASTER MEDITATION. "This is an age of fear and dread of death the like of wllich the world has l)crcllance never before W!{itesse(l '1 uc Destroyer ha;3 such telr;.)," lur p.tmklnd tha.t lie is, so far a5 possi- Lle, PAt out of thought and consid- el'al IO11 altogether, "This is In sharl) contrast with tile m;.-hty lmst. The lgyptians love,l tile tiiought of dt.'all and builded to?lit+is whicl) overtop all earthly strut<urea bttx'c llle steel skeletons of tile nJod- orn age. Tile (;reek totllbS v.ele rts much : lmrl of (h'eek tow,l.; ,s tile outlying villas of the rich and their scull)tures were of thc most intimate and beautiful character. The Middle Age or l{ellaissl)nnie lnagnate held Ills tontb as dear as his llalace. Aloug with tills inexpressil)le terror of deatlt ln)s conte, lland in hand, a (leo incurable distrust of imnlortalit average nlan of the present. ilis lleart of hearts, believes tll is as tlle lmas(s tltat 1)erish. syuq)osium by leading ln'eacher writers w]lJcll graces the usual nlunber of a religious weeMy clliefly of apologies for and kneed demonstrations of a do which was believed and held w question or analysis a century ago, but ]tot now aceepted '+Whatever the theologian <)17 this, the faet is indislnltabl the light of soehd history, tl gl'eat--lllough negalive---eause , s the decline of war, and the al) frolu l)Ol)Ulttr tlloughl and experJ of all need of dying for a cause. die among us of senile decay, till) losis, tYl/tloid fever, lnleumonta c ther diseases, chronic end at l)eath conies to the nlan who dlsol --fhtgrantly or ignorantly--the 111 trunll)eted laws. "It was not always so. In Be tllere is abeautiful llrtdge over Spree, connecting the Pahlce : Unter den Linden. Ullon it are sct: lured groups by Schinkel, beginni with the trainlng of the young wl rfer lly Minerva, followed by his + + TUBERCULOSIS DAY. Several inlhwntial and l)alri<ttie eitizens l:hrottgh- mit lhe thfited States have interesled thentselves ill a lutited eff,wt ot7 a]l e}ltlre}leS ill<it ehtsses 1t' petli)le It) offer vig'or()tts battle against lhe adva,tee (if the It.rril)le disease <)t7 lttberetth)sis. After an ildelli'ent stttdy ot, the (luesiimi in ils vari(nts phases, the lead- ers in lhe Int)venteltt have deeith'd to ask all the (qitil'['hes, Chrislian, ,lev<ish and others, to mttke Sun- dn.v next, April 30, a tttl:ier(,lth)sis (llt) , when the sot'n(in shall be devoted to au exposition of the ?T:/vity t)l! lhe sitttaiitln in respect io what is we ll etll]ed |he white 1)lague, and t:tt ev)ke lhe syt tl)alhy aml aid of lhe severtll ('t)nTegati(nts in its elimina- liOll O1" Ill. ]east ils slay. +\\;lttllV arehl)isht)ps and I)ish()l)S of lhe Cath<)]ie ehttreh have z'iven the move- nmnt their allpr<lval. Speeil(l literalure ,may 1)e obtained l'r(un lhe hteal Miders. ()tit'elergy will not now 1)e lroul)led ab()ttt lhe sill)jeer <)1! their sertnoli nexl: Stut(hty. + + RESTORATION OF THE POPE'S TEMPORAL POWER. \\;Ve have heard al}sl)lul(']y n<dhin,,_: from.the o ood tlisholl of ()lda'ht)n,t, whelher he will send us 1)y May 20 next tnte lht)usand Indians with sealltin  knives and tomtdtawks, under command ot! lhtffttlo Bill, whe,t we will make a start with 10,000 oht Confederate,(lldiers 1o invade Italy and rest,m! Rmne t!r(nn Vielor Entanuel for resloration lo ils ri'htl'ttl sovereign P(tpe Plus X. It is intpossibh' t'm' us tt) w(iceed in this enterln'ise with any hol)e ol, success wilh<mtthe Indians. Thereaf'e awholeh)t of l)eOl)le in Rome who need seall)ing. That must 1)e attended to first of all. We mustmttke good Italians of them all(/ the only way to do so with the class with which we must deal is wilh the sealldng ktdfe and toma- hawk, as the ortly good Italians of this class are the dead <:)lieS. The Indians understand this feature of the e.ase better than any other race, as they have heard personal allusitms I'o the sentintent. + + MR. CHRIS LEDWIDGE. In lhe Stale Set tie. hlst week, when the granting of the ri'ht to vote <in a eomutission form of gov- erllnlelll by lAttle Roek citizens was discussed, ntore lhan one of the senators took oeeasion to eontpliment Mr. Chris Ledwidge by insisting that his nttnte be t)hleed on the eotnmittee that wtntht re/tt]ate affairs in IAtlle Roek: It was elaimed that the bill pre- senled was vet')" faulty, but thttt if Mr. I++edwidg'e was ,a'iven ehiet! ehar'e tll! the matter he wmtld, on aeeount of his integrity, exl)el'ien(.e in ofliee as ahler- man, and g'eneral 1)<llmhn, it y, brin' order out <)f ehaos and possibly make a stlceess of the measure. The bill, however, failed. 5h'. Ledwidgc is a ntemlter <)f the parish ()i! St. Andrew's Cal]tedral and e(intes of ,u'(itld oM h'ish Catholie stock. + + SHADOW OF MOB LAW. The inliabitlnlls of litlle Rt)ck, the eal)ital t)t lhe Kreat Stale of Al'kalisas, are liow in the shadow of inob law. Whether lhe darkening eloud wilt pi/ss aVttly llll(t leave tl eletn' sky IIll(ler whieh till peollle nlav rust seelire ill 1)eaee tllid safety is uneertain Will Williams, the neg'ro who (;onfessed to the Mlling <)t' l'airtllnian J. O. Miller in lAltle Reek last Sunday lil()rnilig. WaS eal)tured in lho swalnlls of IAnt.)ln 'Courtly hist qhies(hty in(irning a:l!ler a posse of 30(} lileli llad ravel) nigh surroullded hiln. lie was ;brt)ug'ht lhe same day to l,ine Blltff and l>laeed in the eounty jail t'or safe lee, l>in,,u'. Lira,cling cob)red men )t! Litlh. lh)ek, like J. E. Bltsh " . and , Jones, uniied with the whites in raising a sinall reward of $500.0(} in a :rew hours, sht)win' tire lo.{'ally t<) the ]aw of lhe Stale of the ilt'R'i't)es. it! aliyone inquires why the 1)l'iSOllOt' WaS ll(It llrmly'hl lo the jail o:t! Pu]asM ('oluity where the erinle was e(lininil.ted, the reply is that the shtlthlw of inob law has al)/)etlred over IAltle lh)ek iltl(t that it wouhl llOt be sal!e to brin+' hini lo this eity. (h)vernor Dona- ghey is a e<)ta'ag'eous nian and tht+ ehief exeetttive (It' lhe State. lte eould (n'der a (,.()nipaiiy ()t' the .Stal;o (hu rd lo R'() lo l>ine l:lluff and bring the prisoner to the Pulaski (;',OUlllV .jail illl(t safely g'llilrd hiltt t]lere uniil he was tried and punished for his erilne a,(,ord. ing to law. Is it llot il Shilllle I)ll our eivilization that such a stale of affairs shouh] exist? Are we II(It OVer t(I get over this ]fist ste I) to higher civilization? ])or- ]itll)S if the legislature would pass tt hlw that all exlra expense ]neurred in safel{eel)ing a lwist)ner threatened with lynehin shall be assessed against l lie eoliUt.y whero the erinie was ei)inlnitted, wouhl l)e a sufl]ei0nt llUml)er of level-headed men f(nltld ill Pllhlski C()unly to see that the law wouhl take its eourse. THE COMMISSION FORM OF GOVERNMENT. A very ttnexlmctetl tq)])osilion to even alh)win' cities t(i vote <lii tho aeceptanee of the eommissitm t'Ol'lli ()f Koverilliit,qit has (leve]t)ped in the Arkalls&s ' i lelzislalure. F( rl Sul th has petilioned for t:ho privi- leKe o[' vl tilly,' till l}le ([uestioll tllld was 1)raelit'ally denie(l lhe righl. Litlle Rock and one (n' two tllher eiiies oi! lhe Stale had (liseusse(t l]ie nuttier in the puldie l)ress aliil wei.'e inelined to give a trial the eoliiliiissi()li i'orni <)t! t'overliiiielit, lnil were rehtetanl l(i face s(t nilleh Ol)l)osition. Anioiig |he lirgtlluenls In'ought f()rwilrd ag'iiinst the .llleaSllre is ttie infhiim(ff iu pul)]ie aft!airs which it W()u]({ 'ive t() the lielmbliean parlv It is hard to st,(; that any sue]i (!()llseqllelle, e w()uld folhlw, and it' il dht, file l{ellU})liean 1)arl3 * is entitled to lit)" legitiniale ilithleiieo whieh il. may niol'i|orious]y earli That such a l!orin of 7overliiliellt w()uid give all in- ttuenee 1() individual l.el)tlblieluls is true, and tiiat is W]llil every h<)lleSl; all([ patr]otie eitizen WalllS. \\;Ve wslit l}ie e<)-\