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April 28, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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April 28, 1923

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! -" PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 1923 FASCISM A FACTOR FILED BRIEF FAVORS IRELAND NEEDS I SECULAR SCHOOLS IN THE POLITICAL CONSTITUTIONALITY OF $315,000,000 FOR I. FOR ALL IRELAND LIFE OF MEXICO THE MATERNITY ACT ONE YEAR EXPENS E IS BELFAST PLAN I Efforts to Brand New Movement as I (By N. C. W. C. News Service) (By N. C. W. C. News Service) (By N. C. W. C. New, Service) Catholic Not Likely to Prove Ef- Washington, April 24.--The De- Dublin, April 13.The cost of ad- Dublin, April 16. The education fective--Washington Developments partment of Justice, through the So- ministering all Irehmd has grown measure introduced by the Belfast of Catholic Interest. licitor General, James M. Beck, filed enormously. It now amounts to the government is of more signiticance this week its brief in answer to the very large sum of $35,000,009 annu- than would at first sight appear. Writ- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) contention of the Commonwealth of ally. One cause of the increase is the ing to the promoters of a meeting in Washington, April 23.Fascism, as Massachusetts attacking the constitu- partition of the country, involving du- Belfast, Dr. Miller, the Protestant a political factor, has made its formal tionality of the so-called Maternity plication of services. In the six coun- Bishop of Cashe], said: "I have rec- appearance in Mexico, coming out in- Act. His argument is directed mainly ies a vase army of police is main- ommended the same educational to the open as a party, according to to the financial aspect of the centre- tained at exceptionally heavy expense, scheme to the southern government reports from Mexico City. It has is- versy, the right of Congress to dis- I In the twenty-six counties the conflict and will continue to do so." sued a marrifesto declaring its put- tribute among the states taxes col- I between the Free State Party and the Another signiticant fact is thaL the pose to take part in the forthcoming lected from all the people. In brief, Republicans has inflated expenditure Irist National Teachers' Organization certain lcrinciples for which it stands. : act falls clearly within the general I at an alarming rate. has accepted the Belfast bill. The presidential elections and laying down I his contention is that the maternity Army Costly vast majority of the members of the Among these are freedom of religion  welfare clause of the constitution, in I The army established hy the Free organization are Catholics. and the unrestricted right of worship, that it is intended to sprea(l knowl- i! State authorities costs $53.000,000. On "Follow Belfast!" the Cry It announced its opposition to the edge of use to mothers and improve a peace footing an army costing about While stating that any immediate agrarian policy of the government the body of citizens and, conversely, $15,000,000, would, it is believed, be land complete undcr.tandiug between which amounts virtually to confisca- "that it is not an inva,ion of the right quite ample for an area the :ize of the [ north and south is out of the ques- tion of the larger estates and the dis- of states, twenty-six counties. I lion, Dr. Miller presses for "at least tribution of the land among the poe- Answer to Mass. Contention Claims for compensation in respect] a common system of education which ple. The fascisti propose the division "State officials," it is asserted on of property destroyed and of personal would bring all h'ish children togeth- of the estates but advocate a system behalf of the government, "do not de- injuries are estimated to . absorb in er and be a proof that Irish people of long-term payments similar to that rive from this Act any authority the current year $55,000,000. Namer- placed Christianity above denomina- adopted in Ireland. which they possess. The brief for ous other items of an abnormal and tion." Denounced Obregon's Officials Massachusetts develops terrifying what should soon be a non-recurring It is apparent that insidious efforts What the effect of the new political possibility of federal officials under character appear in the bill which the are being made to induce the authori- organization on Mexico will be is this act compelling registration of nation is asked to foot. ties in the twenty-six counties to "re- largely problematical in the eyes of pregnancy and broadcasting a props- Heavy Deficit form" education, by abolishing the de- those familiar with political condi- ganda in favor of birth control. The Revenue, even on the existing high nominational system and to remove tions in the republic. In some quar- answer is that this Act nowhere con. basis of taxation, will fall short of priests from the managership of ters it is asserted that the fascisti fers such powers and no such authori- expenditure in the twenty-six coun- schools. "Fol]Dw Belfast" is the cry. will be found to be muck more nu- ty has been claimed. If it should be ties by about $100,000,000 this year. raised in more than one quarter. merous than has been anticipated, but it will be time enough to determine To meet this heavy deficit money It is, however, by no means certain it is doubtful that they will develop the possible application of this act must be borrowed, that the Parliament of the Northeast sufficient strength to overturn the when such a concrete case arises." The floating of a loan will be a se- will be able to carry its bill without Several of the states, through thei rious issue. Is it to be entirely an in-I modifications. Many Protestant meet- system by which the President virtu- Attorney, s General, have joined in ernal loan, or is to be partly inter- ! ings have expressed strong opposition ally dictates who his successor shall i'iling abrief upholding the law un- hal and partly external? Unquestion- to the secularization of the schools. be. It is not improbable that they will, on the other hand, gather to der which, more than thirty of the ably there is a lot of money in the They advocate the teaching of religion themselves large numbers of the con- states have applied for their share of country available for investment, but as part of the curriculum and declare servatives who are opposed to the the federal fund aprpopriated, while this strife leasts, people may that teachers should be of the same radical element which controls the not feel satisfied with the security, religious denomination as the pupils destinies of the Mexican government. SILVER COFFIN FOR Against External Loan attending the schools to which they It has denounced officials of the Ob- There are objections to a external are appointed. loan. In the old days Ireland was regOnManyregime.prominent Catholics' have "tITTLE FLOWER" IS drained economically by the remission "BLUE SUNDAY" BILL BRAZILIANS of rents to absentee landlords. It is subscribed to the manifesto, but, in ' GIFT felt that this evil would be repeated IS VOTED DOWN BY view of the recent developments in _ if money were to any 1;trge extent Italy, efforts to brand the movement] as Catholic will probably prove inef- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) borrowed from outside sources, There CHICAG0 COUNCIL fective. Lisieux, April 12.--The chapel of would be an annual exportation of the Carmelite Monastery of Lisieux money in the shape of interest. D. R. PRESIDENT has been closed to the faithful until Trust funds administered by Catho- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) the time of the beatification of, the lic authorities have already helped to Chicago, Ill.. April 20.--William E. THINKS SOCIALISM "Little Flower," on April 29. rhis finance certain h'ish economic under- Dover, Chicago's new Catholic mayor, action is in accordance with the rules takings, notably railways and banks, elected by more than 105,000 plural- MENACES RELIGION of the Church governing such occa- At present there is no considerable ity in the face of a whispering cam- sions. A solemn triduum will be held accumulation of Church money which paign of bigotry and Ku Kluxism, Washington, April 20.Citing the at the monastery on A)ril 28, 29 and could be loaned to an Irish treasury, had his first opportunity to demon- murder of Msgr. Butkiewicz as the 30. The coffin containing the mortal If a short-term loan is launched, strate his ability to control his coun- logical result of so-called "liberalism" remains of little "Soeur Therese" has the price of'the issue will probably be oil on a proposal to enforce a "blue and socialism, Mrs. George Maynard been placed in the chapel of the men- a few points under par, and the rate Sunday" on the city. After a hot Minor, President-General of the astery, in a tomb of massive silver, of interest will not be less than 6 per discussion, in which the new mayor Daughters of the American Revolu- the gift of the faithful of Brazil. cent. maintained perfect control of the bel- tion, called upon the delegates to the August Celebration ligerents, the proposal was given a national co,vention of the organiza- In August there will be another OBITUARY death blow, so far as the city council tion here to fight against the spread celebration at Lisieux, in honor of the was concerned. of bolshevistic teachings in tte United Little Flower, when splendid ceremo- The proposal in Mayor Dever's first council meeting was a development States. hies will be held in the Cathedral of (By N. . W. C. News Service) of a bill introduced within the week Socialism Striking at Religion the city and otber churches. His Msgr. John F. Kearney in the legislature at Springfield, by "Under the mask of peace and free- Eminence Cardinal Touchet will come New York,. April 20.The Right . Senator James MacMurray, at the in- doe movements, of human brother- to Lisieux and will preach in the Rev. Monsignor John F. Kearney, rec- stance of the Chicago Church Fed- hood movements, of international Cathedral. tor of St. Patrick's (Okl Cathedral) eration, the Presbyterian, Methodist friendship movements," she said, "this A national pilgrimage to Rome has in Mott street, was buried on Satur- and Baptist ministers' associations socialism by whatever name you call been organized under the patronage day, Archbishop Hayes being the cele- and the Lord's Day Alliance. it, masquerades as though it and it of the Cardinal Archbishops of Reims, brant of the Pontifical Mass of Re- Intolerance nly ere that 'one far-off divine Paris, Rennes and Orleans, and a pil- quiem. The bill would prohibit every form event toward which the whole creation grimage from the diocese of Bayeux Monsignor Kearney, who was eigh- of amusement or entertainment on moves.' Tear off the maslc and you and Lisieux has also been arranged ty-four years old, served all of the Sunday, except sacred conceits or 'will see it as it isthe denier of God, under the patronage of the Bishop. fifty-seven years of his priesthood in services of a religious nature con- he negation of all that men have These pilgrimages will leave from one parish, of which he was rector ducted by religious organizations. held sacred from time immemorial, l Paris and from Caen on April 23, at- for over halt" a century. In 1873, Sunday baseball, Sunday concerts the denier of homes and the denier l riving in Rome in time to witness the when he became pastor, St. Patrick's for which admission is charged, Sun- of country. Has not this onslaughtl ceremonies of beatification, was the Cathedral church of the arch- 'day theaters would be barred under The special train from Caen will diocese, with a congregation that was the law and billiard and pool rooms, upon religion, thi attempt of social-I sto p to take the pilgrims from Paris, made up mainly of Irish immigrants lsts to abolish God, had frightful fruit I Dijon and Lyons, and will proceed to and the children of Irish parents. To- dancing pavilions, picnic grounds, ere., in the murder of a vicar-general of I Rome by way of Marseilles and the day it is the largest Italian parish in wouldThe billbe closed.came before the council on thereds Romanof Russia?CathlicTheChUrChwholebYw0rld tthe I Riviera, stopping at San Reno, Genoa the city, and perhaps in the country, a motion to approve it, and recom- stands aghast at a crime perpetrated and Florence. The family of Little with a Catholic pupoulation of over mend its passage. The purpose of its not alonb against the individual but Sister Therese :'will travel on this 28,000 souls, promoters was reversed, however, against the sacred religious instincts train. Monsignor ,Kearfiey was the second when the aldermen by a vote of 43 to of all'mankind, regardless of church CZECh.IS DEMAND OATH ldest priest in the archdiocese, Men- 7 defeated the motion to approve, and or creed. ,: signor McGean of St. Peter's being adopted a memorial asldng the legis- "'It was an example of bolshevist the oldest In September, 1866, Men- lature to ignore the MacMurray bill, repudiation of God and holshevism is OF LOYALTY FROM signor Kearney returned from the The bill was branded by aldermen :socialism and is no confined to Rus- Americm College at Rome, havin as "an expression of intolerance and sic. It is over here in this country ALL NEW BISHOPS been ordained there on August 25 o" bigotry, and deserving the condemna- deriding our faith in a God o'f right- that year, He was at once assigned tion of every man and woman." eousness, sneering at spiritual things, to Old St. Patrick's Cathedral as an Earlier in the day the Cook County leading astray our young, people, some By Roy. Dr. Wilhelm Baron yon assistant to Archbishop (later Cardi- Board held up for a week an attempt ,of whom are saying 'There is no Capitaine nal) McCloskey, and the Very Rev. to ge it to approve the bill, though (od.'" (By N. C. W. C. News Service) "William Starts, reetor. Father Kear- at the same time the Methodist and Birth Control Danger to Nation Prague, April 12.The "Lidove ney found there as his fellow assist- Baptist ministers went on record fa- Continuing, the speaker declared Noviny" states that the government ants the Rev. Father McNierny, who coring it. that members of the D. A. R. could lhas decided again to exact the oath later became Bishop of Albany; the The bill provides a fine of from $50 best}serve their country by building of fidelity to the government from Rev. P. F. McSweeney, who died sev- to $500, or six months imprisonment up rdal homes with large families, all newly consecrated bishops. Under, eral yearn ago, as pastor of St. Bri- or both for' the first offense, and on "It is not birth control that Ameri- the laws of the old monarchical re- gid's on the East Side, and the Rev. each subsequent conviction a fine of ca needs today," she said, "for our gime ;, this oath was' compulsory and James H. McGean, rector of Old St. not less than $100 nor more than country is 43 per cent foreign and was always given to the sovereig Peter's on Barclay street. $1,000, or six months imprisonment, .birth control will not be practiced by but since the establishment of the When Father Starrs died in Febru- or both. the. foreigner and the poor whom it present regime it has not been ie- ary, 1873, Father Kearney, then but lofesses to benefit. It aims straight manded. It is stated that new bishops seven years a priest, was apoltinted SPAIN'S PRIMATE URGES :at the hearthstone of the American Will, from ow on, be required to give ,by Archbishop McCloskey to the im- ALL-CATHOLIC UNIONS lhome. Make no mistake about that. this oath, until such time as the rela- portant post as pastor. For fifty "It is for you to keep the homes of tions between Church and State shall, years he lived there, occupying the Madrid, April 12.His Eminence the nation firmly built on the sure ha'co been. definitely settled., same rooms in the rectory, Cardinal Reig, primate of Spain, has :'foundations of the past," Mrs. Minor addressed a message to the Catholic old the convention delegates, "the The way of the spiritual path is Every man may err, but not the workmen of the country condemning / :foundations of a strong pure family strewn with the wrecks of souls that whole gathered together; for the the indifference of the so-called "neu- life around the family lamp as a cen- might have been friends of Christ. whole hath a promise, tral" labor unions and advocating the ter from which glows all that is high- '  continued establishment of strictly est and best in the nation's character. Remorse is easy enough, but re- Areaction, of course, or, rather, a Catholic labor unions. This, the Car- .or a ntlon can rise no higher than pentanee means 10re; and a soul that series o them, is always to be found dtnal says, is the only means of corn- \\; th$ level of its home and the char- 'has lost her lover has lost her own in every soul that is making any ad- bating nefarious doctrines of Karl actor of its mothers, power of loving. . vance in the intellectual region. * Mar, , POLISH CONCORDAT WITH THE VATICAN FOUND DIFFICULT (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Warsaw, April 9.One o/: the most important of all the political and re- ligious questions now under discus- sion in the Republic of Poland, is that of the Concordat to be concluded with the Holy See. The desire for such a Concordat has existed ever since th.e constitution of the Polish nation. There have been many obstacles, so far, to the fulfillment of this desire, one of the principal ones being the actual composition of the Polish State, and the different situation of the va- rious parts of New Poland with re- gard to Rome. In that part of the territory which has been detached from Prussia, the t]ull "De Salute Animarum" is still in effect; in that detached from Aus- tria, the Austrian Concordat is still. in effect, while in the section former- ly under Russian domination, there is no arrangement or agreement with the Holy See of any kind. The question now is to conclude a uniform Concordat for the whole of Poland, and to do this it will be nec- essary to take certain historical and local circumstances into consideration and to sacrifice others. The opposi- tion of certain Polish statesmen who, in reality ,are anxious .for amicable relations between the Church and State, is due to the fact that they would like to see Poland retain all the advantages of the Bull "De Salute Animarum" and of the Austrian Con- cordat as well, which is demandin the impossible. In any case, it has been impossible, up to the prescnt, to come to any agreement, and the negotiations which were to have been opened a few weeks ago, have again been postponed, for the reason that at the present time there is no suitable basis for these negotiations. NEEDY CHILDREN AIDED DESPITE SOCIALIST (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Paris, April 16.The Municipal Council of Nantes was recently called upon to discuss a motion proposing the annual distribution of the sum of 25,000 franks among needy children of the religious schools. A Socialist Councillor declared that such a meas- ure would be illegal, since it might be detrimental to the public schools. The Mayor of Nantes, M. Bellamy, opposed this statement, and the mo- tion carried by a large majority. It was afterwards ratiified by the pre- fect. Doing is only of value so far as it contributes to Being. This is the point of existence--To Be. MUSSOLINI PRAYS ," AT GRAVE Rome, April 23.When Mussolini, after many visited his native town of recently, he went straight t( etery, where he prayed at of his father. The local section of th0 I veterans had corn tomb with flowers and a black marble, with a rich ion had been prepared for mier's use. He remained siderable time in prayer tion. Later the Premier in which he had been near-by shop in which.he his father in his humble blacksmith. J. B. TABB LIBRARY Ricbmond, Va., April Bannister Tabb Children, which has its in the State Library has inaugurated a whereby appriximately furnished each month to rural sections of The library was 1922, by prominent Cath Catholics of Richmond a collection of 3,000 niles. 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