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April 26, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 26, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 26, 1930 PAGE SEVEN LEAGUES COUNCIL AT ROME IN MAY nouncement of election results and resolutions, and benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Morality,, to be Theme of STUDENTS' MISSION CRUSADE Union Convention. RECEIVES INDULGISNCE GRANT C. W. C. News Service.) (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) MARYKNOLL PRELATE parture 0f the Russian propagandists. FR. JOHNSON WILL stations. DETAILS MURDER OF But Bishop Versiglia and Father SUCCEED FR. SHEEN "'Nevertheless," Mr. Dolle contin- t BISHOP VERS!GLIA Caravario held on until finally, when ON CATHOLIC HOUR ued, "we feel that there is still a ] the pirates had beaten the mission- -- great many people in various sections (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ors into unconsciousness, they pulled Ten New Stations Added to Radio who do not yet know that the 'Catho- J Marykno]l, N.Y., April 14.--- the girls away by main force. Network Since the Cathnllc lic Hour' is a regular Sunday even- i Further details of the murder in Their rage was not yet spent. Broadcast Was Inaugurated. !ing broadcast. For this reason, we China of Bishop Versiglia and Fath-Leaving the Chinese girls, they drag- Protestant Reaction. wrote a few days ago to all the Bish- April 18. Miss Mar- Cincinnati, O., April 17. The un- er Caravario has just been received ged the two missioners into a clump !ops of the United States, asking assistant executive usual privilege of an indulgence pray- at Maryknoll, N. Y., the headquarters of bamboo. A minute later, two shots (By N. C. W. C. News Service) I . !whether it could be arranged to have of the National Council of er, the indulgence for which can be ~ of the Catholic Foreign Mission So- rang out. They went through the Washington, April 18.--The Rev. the 'IIour' announced from the pulpit Women, has been named gained only by members of a lay or- ciety of America in a letter from the heads of the missioners. With club- Dr. George Johnson will be the speak-~of every parish in their dioceses. delegate of the Councilganization composed of Catholic Rt. Rev. James E. Walsh, M. M., bed rifles their skulls were then cr on the "Catholic Hour" beginning "The Most Rev. Michael J. Curley, ghth international council Americans, has been granted to the formerly of Cumberland, Md., and smashed. The deed was done.the cvenin~ of Sunday, April 27. The ,Archbishop of Baltimore, already has aal Union of Ca|h- Catholic Students' Mission Cmlsade, now Vicar Apostolic of the Mary- Meanwhile, the two boys had de- "Hour" is sponsored by the National replied, giving permission to the Na- Leagues, to be hem a~ according to letters received at the knoll Kongmoon Mission in South camped early in the fray. Noticing Council of Catholic Men and is broad- tional Council of Catholic Men to 20 to inclusive. She Crusade Castle, national headquar- China, which is adjacent to the their absence, the bandits now sud- cast over a network of the National i make this request of the various pas- by Miss Regina i ters, from the Most Rev. John T. Mc- Salesian Shiuchow Vicariate of which denly got worried. They forgot Broadcasting Company from Station I tors, and to say that we do so with the N. C. W. C. head-iNicholas, Archbishop of Cincinnati, Bishop Versiglia was the spiritual abous the girls--or at least had no WEAF, New York. his full approval. The Rt. Rev. Rich- president of the Crusade, who is now head. Nine years ago, Bishop Walsh time to molest them. The boys Dr. Johnson, who is Associate Pro-ard Oliver Gerow,.Bishop of Natchez, and Miss Hamelin will in Rome. attended Bishop Versiglia's Conse- would spread the report, and sol- lessor of Education at the Catholic lhas replied that he is writing a letor with the pilgrims The prayer is a versicle and re- I cration in China; this year, he was diers would be on the way soon. University of America, Executive to all the pastors of his diocese, ask- Archdiocese of Baltimore sponse to the Blessed Virgin for the present at the murdered prelate's Taking the three girls, they fled Secretary of the Department of Edu-!ing them to make an appropriate an- and the Diocese of Hart- spread of Catholic mission, consist- funeral from the scene to a small village a cation, National Catholic Welfare~nouncement. The Rt. Rev. John F. International Eucharis- ing of the following words: "Queeni Bishop Walsh was in Canton at few miles away, where they had their Conference, and Secretary General of i Noll, Bishop of Fort Wayne, has re- at Carthage, and will of Apostles, pray for the missions; the time of Bishop Versiglia's mur- camp. It was only the next day that the National Catholic Educational As-lplied, pointing out that Our Sunday congress as the represen- that all may know the Savior of the der, and heard the story from Father the girls actually got away, and sociation, succeed the Rev. Dr. Fulton ]Visitor, of which he is editor,, has car- the National Council of World." An indulgence of three Dalmasso, one of Bishop Versiglia's made their way back to the river Sheen, also of the Catholic University~ried the program of the Catholic Omen. hundred days for each devout reci-lmissioners who was captured byjunction and safety. The pirate lead- of America, who delivers the final[Hour' on its first page since the Sun- See Passlon Play. tation of the prayer is granted to lpirates last year, and remained in er himself sent them back under an talk of hm" serms" Easter Sunday ev-Iday before,, the programs were inau- the close of the Interna- members of the Mission Crusade and' their hands for six months. Father escort, so that his band ~ould flee un- ening. Dr. Johnson will deliver a se- I gurated. lcil at Rome, Miss Lynch to their leaders, with the privilege of I Dalmasso's story, according to Bish- impeded from the inevitable soldiers ries of six addresses dealing with the ] tamelin will have the op- application to the Souls in Purga- ] op Walsh's letter was as follows: No harm whatever had come to moral order. /REVEREND MICHAEL O'KEEFE o attend the Passion Play ~ergau. They will also go tr~he brief announcing the indul- Bishop Versiglia started out on a them. I Beginning with Sunday, April 27,I TO ESCORT LARGE GROUP visitation to Lin Chow With him - ,the first night of this second series OF TOURIST TO EUROPE They said the leader at headquar,t ......... ~, Where they will visit the genced prayer was dated at Rome was Father Caravario, recently or- ters - evented the others from me of aaaresses, ~nree new stations win! IJA . , ' ! ors of the Catholic Circle on the Feast of St. Joseph, March dainec~ on his way to Lin Chow to .......... _,_ _ ~broadcast the ' Catholic Hour," bring The Reverend Father Michael lesl;mg ~:nem. ne WaS IUrlOUS when -, " L, 19, and was presented to Archbishop study the language. Also in the his men came in with the news that mogr~?: nt?b4r o~ stations in the net-]O,Keefe, Assistant Pastor, of the ational Council of Catholic McNicholas personally by the Most party were two Chinese students they had killed the foreign priests, I p . he new stations are Hol.. Rosar- '~ ............. ~ .v u/lure/l, ~r bOUiS~ Wll| aa been affiliated with the Rev. Xrchbishop Francis Marchetti- from the mission school, returning to KYW o~ Chicago, WOW of Omaha, hal Union of Cathohc Selvaggiani, secretary of the Sacred their homes, two Chinese young t::e:lf1 ~::Ye:d ~l:h,w, ffhr;2t,was and WBAP of Fort Worth, Texas. escort a larg~ group of tourists to Leagues since 1922. Congregation of the Propaganda women, graduates of the girls' nor- ~ .... --~:=:':--- ,,-- - [ Roy Dr Johnson's Career Europe June 14th, next, from New me wna no money was zne way net " z a .... ioed the da~,' ..... ~ ,~. ..... -~ I Dr. Johnson is a native of Toledo, ] York in the modern, up-to-date cruis" & "~--:,, Fide. The decree was issuec~through mal school, going to occupy posts in ' - ' " " ~v~,~ ~ ~_ ....... , ~,~.v ~a~x~, i " Pril i4.--- Family Moral- this Congregation because the Mis- the district, and another Chinese From the pirate s point of view, it: 0,. where he ~ompleted hm collegeling steamer "Sc.vthia" of the Cunard e general topic 'for discus- sion Crusade is an auxiliary Pontiff- girl, destined for Lin Chow as woman was extremely bad business. He im course under the Jesuits at St John's1-. -- - elghth International coun- eal Society under the Propaganda catechist. . College He made his studies for the mediately protected the girls and " ~ ~he t ....... '" " International Union of Fide. His Eminence William Cardi- Their route lay along a little af- treated them with every considera- priesthood at St. Bernard's Seminary, f. " . our on wmcn ~'a~ner u r~eeIe 01rien,o . ~eagues to be held nal Van Rossum, Prefect of the Sa- fluent of the North River, on which lion."Enough trouble is plenty," Rochester, N" Y', and at the Ameri- ] m acting in the capacity of spiritual '.0 to 25, inclusive, accord- Cred Congregation, is the Cardinal the usual mode of travel is a small tdde d:grC:l~gD:cntR?~ephHil=phyed tth:l~?~t~: :11 thep inipal-placesofia.mStrCcmprehenslvene' Program that has been Protector of the Crusade. boat. On the afternoon of Febru-hmeor:a.g"~T::s~: th::'acr'i'fT:[of gl The Youths' Section of The authorization of the mission s cry 2b, the Bishop and his party ar- two martyrs rewarded. . Catholic University of America, here, Union will meet prayer for the Student Crusaders is rived at Lin Kong Haw, the junction, and, for some time, served as super- terest abroad one might wish to see, 17 to 25, inclusive, the culmination of resolutions pro- point, and hired a boat. They set BIG RADISH CROP intendent of schools of the diocese of as well as the majority of the Ca|he- topic is to be discussed posed at national conventions of the out, settling themselves as comfort- SEEDED AT NEWPORTiTled" He re|tuned to the Catholic l ic Shrines so dear to those of the _ ~rom the international organization urging the inclusion of abl'- as ~ossible in the little craft ,University in 1921 as Associate Pro- Catholic faith and a performance oil ot facts in the moral, relig- mission petitions in the official Lit- Evenin~. rice was dispatched Brev" _ ........ [fcssor of Education the Passion Play at Oberammergau . ~ v " An impetus nas peon given ~o tne l . " . :a~l~nomm ..orders which any of the Blessed Virgin. . .. iaries and rosaries came out. Their truck development in the vicinity of! When the Rt. Rev. Msgr. James H. will. also be included, as well as an study mora~l_~y:~ere am:~ It is commonly known tha~ ~_n_e bark wound along the littlestream Newport, Arkansas, this spring by Ryan became the Rector of Catholic audience with the Pope m Rome. [e Ac~io~~ in~th:~ndustrial cnur.cns policy is averse zo ~:ng~te~in' slowly and peacefully, while the the planting of 600 acres of radishes University Dr. Johnson succeeded ~ zne presen~ zlme qul~e a large ,in ~ne stanaara iv, anles e p fl ........ " g _ I graceful bamboo nodded tothem Th~ radishes have been slanted on him as Executive Secretory of the N. number of passengers have made rac~,,.~ agrmultural, toreros, cases where proposed add~lons have]from the banks, and that perfect pie- cotton ~land, and will be-harvested C. W. C. Department of Education. reservations for the pilgrimage party, e to \-e aang.ers a)scussea, guinea wm.esprea~, use. ,ecause oXlture of pastoral tranquillity that is and m~rketed in time to plant a cot- Last Jane, Dr. Johnson was elected which m being sponsored by the il~t ee considered ~y me ; the extensive recitation of the Cru- lrural China spread itself before ton ere" this "ear ISecretary General of the N. C. E. A., Amemcan Express Company in con- ,,~,,e Presented as a report. I sader's prayer as a result of the addv l their appreciative eyes ~,~^ ~ o Mo~.:~.~,~ ~ ........ ~tsucceeding the Rt Rev Francis W junction with the Cunard Line. . of Facts of the Moral Ition of the indulgence it is considered ] ............ ~ ~ ......n n;o~^.~ ^, ,-~-- .... The ,~rice is vet,, reasonable and ~ch T~ ..... ~__..,. ~^._~ ' ........ ....... ,, I ~u~ueniy, l~ all cnangeu. ~'rom Robstown, Texas, is promoting the' ....... , ...... v ..~ ,~vvmg~on, ~Y., ~ .. ~ .... ~, . .. , k~ . .,-~en r~m,y ~*- i posslme ma~ the prayer, wmcn wm ],h_ -"---- ~--'- ........ ~ -. - ,~-. . who became President General Dr r a~neru ~eexe Will DO assls~ea o~ "~ Oas , . ~ c r~v~r ~unr~ came a ru~o corn rafllsn acreage. ~nls is a ~ompany - . . ~1 I ,, ,, "! . "1 in the bottom of the boat, with the~ The land was securedby lease i ' ndecent Styles, Body : One of these is a plenary indulgence I. , - ,, ,, ., * t ,~_^ ~e ,,. ........ pflgmmage tripmay be procured ~ly~__ .~ .. - -~,'~,-, - - - - - - - i ~reau worn pirates tremoiing on ~ from cot~-,~ ~,rowers The farmers ~ ~,,,~ -~ ~-e mos~ recen~ oi ~ne large ~ .. ,~ . ~ ~,~ae ~onslaereawl~n- wnicn may ve guinea oy s~u~en~ *~.~:.. ~'n~ ,,n.._,_ __,_ ,, ..... I_ , .. w.. ~ ? , . ~numberof lot|:or~ ,h~e ,~+~,~ +,, ~rom ~ne ~everena Michael O'geefe, "~o ,,~ ~,,~-,,~ ~u~. ashore, SalUline :[eel t l ~- ,, Decency and Morality, members who are admittedto the .... ~',,..._. i nat the raaisn aeve opmen~ .- -." .'-'7 ~-~.~ c~'7 ..... .w ~05 Clarence Ave, St Louis. Mis- ,~er, Moll-- p~e,,~o~ nanc ~ o ..... ~^ 1. ..... ~;.~o~;,,~ ~n eh~ ~~ t msnop. They wall only shoot us will be of ~articular advantage to pour m~o ~ne neaaquar~ers of the ~a- . .... " ~" ~. ~a. ..- ........ , ~ " ! ,.~,,.,~a,.,~ -z v,,-~a,.,v ............... "I ,~n~xr~ ~ ,,,. ~.V .... "" --- -- -- ...... tional Counpi| a ~th'd';r. M,~ ~,~A .~ I sourl, ~ne ~merlcan ~rpress t~om- ~ng, Conversation, Etc.,"] cial Ritual of Initiation. 1 ................ ~ ~ne ~newport territory m that ~t win ...... -.~..-..T~-::... ~u~. ........ ] ham, 9th and Locust Sts St Louio , De , An u 1 crew urt ~ne l'~a~lonal uroaacas~mg uom an ~ ~' ' " spoiled of Ends As .......... d- also claims l g y met them at the i f ,her stimulate the production of P Y I ~. . .............. ~_ ou age " may be gained by Crusaders in meet- ~ .... " _ : ....... Columbus anal th,~ h~,, v..~ v.,~_ :_ [ ST. MARY S PUPILS WIN 'araily.,~ I .......... unit-~ when the ~ we nave several tens of dollars for oI ~ne ~act that the raamnes" are De-: ......... ~ ..... ,~,-m I ................ ~_. t lngs oI melr wrusaae *h ........... ~ ........ :-- ~ .......... ~ -~ .... at the K of C Hall" to the 'Cath^l;- t am ~-o~z ~.~m~-~a -~il,- ~ - - ~ , .... . ,_~--_~.. .--_.u-- : ~ ~ ~vc-~e~ oz ~ne ~rlp we nave : lug ler~lllZeU a ~ne ra~e oz aooue " - ,~ ._ ~ xnreatenea. 1 pleuge IS recl~ea puotxmy, ~u~n~l ........ " . , : ........... 'I]our" each week "ann .~.,~ ~.,.n :~. i ~anOUncem~,e ,t this to~ic~---:'~ ~^~-^- *^ ~rist the Kin~ the' no means to s~op you ~rom taking z~u pounaa ot nitrate o~ soua to ~ne~ .... , ~ "'~ "'~ ""i ~.~...- ..... -~ ,~.. ~__:_,__ d that .....7" . ~ ! ..... v,~,,s ......... ' that." "Well, then, we'll take these i a,cre. I~ne~r p!:ame of this innovation.' ................. :- ~-~ ~,e,,m~rx ~v~*-- the family :s threat-I Cross,. and the banner of the Crusade,t girls," re-lied the leader oV th~ ~,-nd i ~m. ........... 1 Another letter from Seattle states EssaY Contest having been announc- 4 "~ slue, is amckea xrom bv whicn zney aeaicate ~nemseives, .... -- " ...... I ~,e mrge acreage oi raolsnes was e~_, ___~_ ...... I ed by Dr Harrison Halo h'~on at ~ithon~ ,,~ .... h~n~" ! *:*~ ~,.n .... A ...... ~ ,~ ~h, r,~ I worse Iears than death thus realiz-[ seeded with sneeial drills It is e$- ::'~. ~ca ann every one oI tne oo i,~. ~ : ~ ,4 . ~.' "" .'~" if" "is that's:::: ~:~,,,'::~:" :~^:: ..... : ...... vv .......... I ed, the missioners made their stand, timated that from-1 500 to 2 00O la-,athOll.C women belonging to a liter- ::~..~ne.Inlssry ~epar~men~ a~. the - -..--z -~-~, ..... - ' o.~-o. [ ,,xr~ :_ __.. ,:~ ~. , .... i . ' _ 'cry and travel club of that eit- "f-l* I umversl~y o~ ArKansas, ann ~nair- , lU the midst of ~enerall ^..~.~.~..~ ~,1,~ Chro,~hl.~u~ m my n~e-ume, you it mKe i borers will be required to harvest ~ ........... .~'~ -~lman of th$ St.~t~ e,mrnlft~a , |ha ~, a ..... -. ~ t ~,,.-~,.~,,,,v .............. , - -~"" these girm," said the Bishon "You th~ er,~, ~r',~ ~ ~ ..... o~ ~,,~,,~, ~ n ~u~y as weu as a pleasure~ ~o snow IT.. .~ - ~ ................ * "" ely ~l:mm numoero~ ~am-t whose direct efforts the new mission !don't know what you propose--one ! season-a-~W--~-a~-'*-:'::-']~'~^ns']t-]s her recognition" of the "Catholic [rr!ze ~ssay Contest. The National ass continue me laeai, ~ra,,er was obtained has held the ............ . ,,~ ,,,a~ c,~u~ ...... ,Hour" [Pmze Essay Contest is conducted v : , ..... !~s a ~ls~er, ann ~ne o~ner ~wo are estimated that from 100 to 125 car-;' [ . ~ office of national preslden~ o~ cue . . . . each yea~ by the Alnemcan Chemical ..... t ...... ~chool teachers of the Cathohc Mls-loads of r-~'~^- -h~u]d move to! A mmmter of the Dutch Evangeh- ~ ..... ~ . .... . nadonm organizations Mission Crusade since lvzo ~ne~ ,, .... ~-~o ...... , . . ~o~m~y ann l~ ma~e posslole ~nrouga and North and South Most Rev. Francis J. Beckman, Arch-! g~:: grHbndg :~fthe Th::=ndlts be- market from Newport this year. ~hla Rt:::mo~dNCeh:yho'lk.W~ti~nsge:rthme the genersoity Q~ Mr. and Mrs. Union and Cardinal tribute to ~he Blesed Virgin mittee at Washington which selects Just been named to suc- (By M. Massiani, Paris Correspond- arms to break the girls' hold. The Pacific Agricultural Bulletin. . " the national winners from :among Bishop seized the wrist of one girl, __ "As a Protestant," says a cortes- the state winners. The six national , I ent, N. C. W. C. News Service) and Father Caravario the other. CATHOL~ pendent writing from Providence and winners receive four-year scholar- ~ers of the Central Bu-I Paris, April ll.---Msgr, de Beause- Then the whole band joined in the l SECOND IN ARMY addressing the letter to Dr. Sheen, ships at any University in the coua- Union, Mlle. Dalamazzo]jour, Bishop of Carcassone and dean fight. For a half hour, blows rain- OF GREAT BRITAI~q "I have been much interested in your try with all fees paid and $500 a ~Vielle, are members of of French bishops, died at the age of ed upon the Bishop and Father Cara- London, April 14. Numerically, inspiring talks on the radio Sundays. year, besides. Mount St. Mary's of the League of Na- 91 years. He had been a prelate for carlo, as they strained here and tug- ICathlics rank second in the British My mother and I knew so little of the numbers the following pupils among ~epresentatives of the 27 years, god there to frustrate their attack-i army' coming next to the Anglicans. Catholic Faith, and your exp]:anatory the state*winners: Geanie Dicosmo, Sarah Weadick, assist- Originally from Haute-Saone, he ors. Finally a heavy blow landed on "Figures have just been furnished questions and answers have endeared who won first place in her subject, of the Bureau of Immi- became archpriest of the Cathedral of the Bishop's head, knocking him by the Minister of War, Mr. Shaw, in us to the Faith which is endeavoring "The Relation of" Chemistry to the National Catholic Besarcon, then was raised to the epis- senseless and probably fracturing his the House of Commons, where, in an- It stir and strengthen the wavering,Health and Disease"; Mar are| Bris florence, at Washington, copacy He was the last bishop named skull. Even then, he still held a ,-wering a question, he disclosed that tf paralyzed souls." g - ~a*een a member of the under the Concordat From 1903 un- death grip on the wrist of the Catholics (officers and men) in the Another non-Catholic listener-in, col who woI~ third place on the same subject, and Anna Mae Lipsmeyer - u as an expert on im- til 1905 he remained a bishop without Chinese girl, and it was sometime army---including the Indian establish- ! writing from Atlantic City, N. J., de- whose essay on "The Relation of tat|era from 1925 until authority to take possession of his afterwards that the bandits were men| but excluding colonial corps and clares that the broadcasting of the Chemistry to tho Home," received en she felt compelled to see, because the conflict between the able to disefigage his hold. "Indian army troops---numbered 22,- "Catholic tIour" will bring a better third place in that division. se of her inabilty to at- Vatican and the anti-religious Combes While this was going on, the :40 on October 1, 1929. r understanding among all religions. raeetings, administration delayed approval of bandits--or at least a few of them-- The totals of other churches a e: She has traveled in France and Italy "The lights in the lower part of and Midnight Mass. his nominationby the Council of disclosed their true colors. "What Church of England, 130,231; noncon- and is strongly attached to the Catho- New York seem brighter than those tur~ i will address the State. deceased Bish 'i are you doing, joining this foreign formists (Wesleyan a n d United lic Church, the writer says. "The in upper New York. I wonder why the "Catholic Concep- At Carcassonne the " church and following these men Board), 14,641; Presbyterian, 13,- Paulist Choristers, she adds, "is the that is?" op displayed great ability as an ad- around?" they cried to the girls. ministrator. He established a hum- "They only come to China to spy bet of seminaries and presbyterian out our land, so their Government schools. He was also a scholar and can seize it. They are enemies of only last year published historic China They teach you a lot of works on Franche-Comte, his natal superstition We are Red soldiers-- 596; Jewish, 124; other demnomina- tions, 771. Re.~ular Catholic chaplains number 16, and the civilian officiating Cath- olic chaplains 125. The Church of England has 101 regular chaplains and 113 civilian chaplains. The War 1V~inister sta~ed that every recruit was required to declare his religious affiliations and that no recruit was automatically classified as a member of the Church of. England. finest choral singing group I have ever heard in America." "Hour's" Growth in Popularity Charles F. Dolle, Executive Secre- tary of the N. C. C. M., points out that a further substantial proof of the widespread interest in the "Cath- olic Hour" is had in the fact that on March 2, when the "Hour" was in- augurated, 24 stations carried the program, and by April 27, this num- ber will have been inereased by 10 "Perhaps they are nearer the Bat- tory." A salesman, bringing his bride South on their honeymoon, visited a hotel where he boasted of the fine honey. "Sambo,, he asked the colored waiter, "where s my hone~?" "Ah don't know, boss," replied Sambo, eyeing the lady cautiously. "She don't wuk her~ no mo."~ Tw~ Bells. on the after- 21. On the afternoon will be a procession Sacrament to the Ca|a- 11 p. m. to midnight Hour. This by Midnight Mass Nominations and on the after- Council will afternoon, Sun- PUblic meeting, the an- China, since the late unlamented de-