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April 26, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 26, 1930

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PAGE FOUR MAN'S TRUE PLACE UNIVERSE TOLD IN RADIO ANSWE ~.~t~ox~ That Hugenes.~ of Planet Sys- lem t.~,ake~, r~art lnslgnlfieant Is ][~ ptoded---H:~ s Dignity Upl',eld. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, April 21.---The Rev. ~ulton J. Sheen of the Catholic Um- ~rait~; of Amvrica hrou~d~t his series ~ aix:., r:~(th~ engagements on " the ~3a~.holic lhmr" t9 a dose last eve- t~iltSG~:,:W}lclq he: a>swered five qtlc~;- ~ons conearnin~" mau ,and the md- ~erse. '['h.e "Cathodic ]rout" is sport- gored by the National Cou;~cil of ~olie Men and is broadcast over get the whole universe into iris head. itow couM these scientists you have just quoted tell us ,,bout the uni- verse, about its laws, it:: order', its nioventent:-:, its light-year~, un!es~ in ,:ome .way they got the wholu thin,f. into the little universe of their he:-'d? t-Wiat does undcrstalv, ling a ,:hi~ , tllean but gel the thinffs ou{sid< into our head? Is not lhat why we say !uf ap. ignorant ma'a, that we c-uunot get unyghir~g into his head? With :~, speed which far excoet:; Chat of light, man can get the whole cosmos into his head in a second, and then imagine himself sitth,-g on rlm edge of some great planet wkh his4 feet hanging oww watching other worhls whirl into space. No star, oi planet, can do this. Man then, I THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 26, 1930 ferred. The Bishop congratulated ~ and ~ar from justifying him they Mr. aewett and stated that con-!a>ked him to re~:ign 1i:~ po:-q. Bishop ferring this honor on him was in-!3iontes de ()ca refu:ed to do this deed 'a great pleasure in a~ much as[alley:lag that i?l s~ far :is his ri;:ht he had ever been a faithful :eymI,a-ito exercise *he s-~cred ministry de- thetie helper in the work o[7 the !Dent{(!(, tli)oll the autho,.'ity of t! , ;hureh. The Bishop also a~kcd for a~,} See. truly the Holy See could greater enthusiasm and inte:'esl on~, bP~ivv~ him of ;kat right and the the part of all in the work of the iS,ate has no ri;rht to i,avade a juris- Church and sympathetic undevstand-;idh:ti.b which doe:; not belom:" to it in~ of (:he workhe as Bish,.)p was lbu{; which cxist,~d befo,'e any state trying to (io for the past lwenty-!and is hi?'her than the civil power. four years. ! '~W},i'~ el l'ta?(2 '.o C,~!l'aca,.; a :e(!7 MusicalProgram. [o,m,! tim% n()tice wns :-::::'x c(! cn ihi, The Musical proaram was un:ier l]{slmp to leave Venezuvla at o~ce !the direction of Professor J. J. KeJ-iond {hose servinF the .noth'e at oncv ler who presided at the organ. The obli.fzed him to enter an automobile, choir rendered Von Reeves Mass.'and, without even pe,mittinfr !'ira to The solosists were Mrs. W. B. Me- communicate with his rehd. ive~ took Connell, Mrs. Virginia Routh, Mr. 'him to Lo Guaira where }:e was put l:!,t the wrath of these serve to puri-[sion of the three days prayer Iprcsi(h'd over by tim Most RoY. gene Medenet, Archbishop ef !~,VDO 1S [1 ~alesl~.l/. Hundred Million Dollars, New,'b [,ire I~ ~tetwork of the N~ltional Broad- say, is gr,:acer than tLe hc,:tvens, be- Walker Powell and Dr. It. W. F, rown-~aboard a ship abut to sail for the " cause lle can get the heavens into ing. iBritish island of Triniria,.t. proposition~ it makes? Pbene 5195 IAttle Rock, MI ~ing Company from Station WEAF [lib; lined, which great and tremendm~:~At the offertory the full choir ?,, Writes to Papal Nuncio. tbi~ city. "1. The. Bishop is to write a letter ~na D, ,l,~y R,tt,~l, Th~ questions and answers were as fact n/tikes me t)eiiev(~ teat he is call- the Regina Coell, and as a recessional, i "Upon arriving at Trinidad, Bishop to the government, explaining that it ~~~ ~ ~' ~ t~|l~wsl. ed i.:) the hi;&, destiny of some day lt:he Te Deum. iMontes de Oea wrote the followinR ihas never been his intention to dis-ll~ ;' ,,' Nlan's "Insignificance." getting his head ini:o the h6avena. ] Translation of the Papal Brief. letter to the Apostolic Nuncio: obey the laws ;ff hiq country nor to'~ a- ~' ................ , ............... ,,,Does Heaven Make Earth Insignifi- I ^~ ,~,. 1,~..;..;.... ~u ............... , " 'My firs,: word is to your Fxcel ...... l.,,e,, ih,,m with ecclesiastical law:< i C.D. KFNN ~-ae, and. hence was the highest and, }o is tohl that he is not going to get ,elie Benediction. the, future. In arranging my. matters!to give him no reception upon his 6est in the evolutionary ],roms'.~; now another, and that this one ball will he "From our venerable brother, thc l~t shoukt be made clear to the govern- ireturn to the diocese. The Bishop - I aratold that t-re umverse ever have to en- ~. ...... 'ment that I will always be the same; reZ|ied to this saying that, as a man, ~isnop o~ Little Rock, we learn that t ....... i v ia higher and better than man be- joy. The natural reaction will be nag ~ ~ne circumstances which were lhe has always been opposed to this you have deserved well of us, because t t t e~/us~ ,it is bigger than he is. Both that the child will be so very careful. . he occasion of my statement pre-~kind of reception but he cannot now Arkansas ~itions Cannot be"held; either you of that ball, and will be so afraid to : t" es I.nrevent any receptionwhich t e of your blameless life, your interest sent themselves a thousand ~m t h uuSt a~dmit the supremacy of nmn play with it, that he will ge~ but lit- in the missions and,particularly your will say the same thing a thousand clergy or the faithful desire to give Utility Co. ~.~er matter, because he evolved from tle enjoyment out of it. But sup- dex/otion to those dedicated to the " " him because t e " t~mes It ~s precmely when the h se are not intended , and a very break- ancy in your uniform and- decoration, We ea both be- @e command that therexbe.sdnt you the an ekact design of the same. one hey- "Givemat Rome,, at St, Peter's, un- ,se to der the seal of the Fisherman, on thg children gold. And lest there be any discrep- for them, I wilt be the missionary of my fellow countrymen in Trini- is king of all viM. of the month mndred and "twenty-nine and our Pontificate the eighth. "(Signed) "Peter Cardinal Gasparri, - "Secretary of State. Dinner at Lafayette. Following the ceremony. ~ dad, now that I can no longer be it at Valencia. 'U i ' I " . ' , "C. HereI will pray and study and, will labgr in the manner I ha~e said. and my daily prayer to my Lord will be that, if this Will serve to win~ His cause~ .let tribulations-fall upon me on this earth! Oh, how much I desire that my name be calumniated and despised fo~ Christ ; that there remain nothi{ag whole of my body, Rome, April~ ll.---(N. " C. W.~ C.-" /. ..... Fides);=A cable,from Madras an- r.l~.daltl~illl~ nouncesthe ~co~elusion 6n March 30 ' HA of ~Solemn Triduum in honor of theLITTLl~ ROGK, ARK, recently beatified Do~ Boseo, found- er of the Salesian Congregation:. The triduum was unusual in the partici- pation of the following~four bishops: Our Major The Rt. Rev: Arithony Teixeira, Co- adjutor Bishop of My!spore; tile Rt. - S Rev. William Bouter, Bishop of Nel- lore; .the Rt. Rev. Denis Vismara, 120 Main Bishop of Myderbad, The 7 lsl~t:, Dtl~ 1 t2~tll|lOb .t~ee the Mr. Chas. J. Jewett of Fort Smith venience, heaIthfutness-and beauty.