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April 26, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 26, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 26, 1930 PAGE THRFA PERSONAL AND SOCIAL -. _ _ - Telephone or Send Social Items to T~e Guardian 0fliee, 307 West Second Street. Phone 5486 ALL SOOIAL ITMES MUST BE IN TILE OFFICE B Y NOON TUES- DAY. CATHEDRAL. NOTES Sunday Masses. Low Masses at 7 and 9 a. m. High Mass at 11 a. m. Evening Devotions. Devotions every Sunday evening at [ARTISTIC SARCOPHAGI FOUND IN CATACOMB~ (By N C. W. C News Serviee} ' Rome, April 14.---Important work are being carried on in the cataeemb~ a beautiful little cloister has be~ 'constructed to house the principal ob- Jonah," a comedy, will be Jas. A. Ginoechio and Jennie Halber- 7:45 o'clock, consisting of the reel- THIRTY-FOUR CHILDREN BAPTISED jeers unearthed during the exeav~ Friday night, May 9th, at stadt, tat,on of the Rosary, a Sermon and tions, among other things pagan sm- hail, under the auspices _ Benediction of the Most Blessed Sac- ,~ 1 r~ ..... cophagi that had been broken intt Society rament. oiemn ot Baptism and Mass an Inter- bits for construction material. ..... 0511UAKI D~votions in honor of the Sacred estlng RItuahstlc Feature for Lar~ fully put together they present tim 1AI~ ;rt Healey, who is attend- IIeart are held on the First Friday of ] -* ~ ~ r~o~ -. =,-- ~--~-~e~" most beautiful specimens of seeo-~ e Univer -- uon rowalng altlCe---Alta " , slty of Arkansas, Fay- ..................... the month at ~:45 p.m. I _ _ r and Sanctu- century tombs tha have been fount .. pent bhe Easter Holidays I ary Splendidly Decorated--Father Harr. to date The decoration o one ~s Parents, Mr. and Mrs. John! ~. . ~ i ..... I mann Con ra --J - cophagus, depicting children at pla~ ,ley. ~lrs. ~vlamie Casaretto, aged 63, I :~unaay, ~pril 27. [ ~ ~.,,~t=u ann ongrat- ......... ~18 , uu,u .uve uone creul~ to uona!~e~ 1 61 Schiller avenue, died at a hos-I There will be three Masses at the[ ulates Holds Newly Baptised As ior Della Robia That of an al~ehited P T A.-'--~ard ~" " !pital here at 10 a. m Tuesday, April Cathedral on Sunday, April 27th,~ g'~L..--L---- ~tN__ !_ #" ~, r~ -- Ire-reduces th "~- " "~ " . ~ ra rarzy, i1 [ .,l| trt r lvlemoers or l ew ,-~, e nouse or a ~oman l~ .P" -.~ ~ o~ ......... rio~y ~OUlS bcnool 5th. Mrs. Casaretto suffered a namely at 6.30, 8.30 and 1130 a. m. [ ~ . _ . r'arish trician and is adorned with arebite~ ~ve a ear~ ..... stroke of paralysis the week before t At the 8:30 Mass the Bishop will[ Frocesslonal and Choir Fea- tu ...... a parw a~ ~ne nome . . . . . ~ ral implements. ~. tt W Brown, ...... while walkmg on the streets and was!ordam nme young men to the Holy[ tureo ...... ]-- - i ng, olol ~uge- r 1 . . . o --auaa lil y ~,ttrrleg:l-OU[ on Tuesda M , _ _ emoved to the hospital She wasIPrlesthood. The Mass ordmarfly eel- J ~ ~" - e ~.~-- " le~ y, a~ 6th. ~ . " , ~v36,784 EXPENDED r the widow of James Casaretto, well ebrated at 7 o clock, has been chang-[ lsters or rloly ihost. I ON - -- . " " ~ _ ed to 6:30 and th late Mass usuall~ I i CATHOLIC CHARITY ~rd part known business man She ~as a men e , y will be g~ven by ~the . . I , ~[ IN N. Y. IN PAST YEA~ ~OUls ~ ....... ber o~ the Altar Society of St An-i celebrated at 11 o clock, will be he,d Easter Sunday of1930, will ever time arhc] ,. -. x. A a~ ~ne ,nome oi ....... , ............. p pated in the blessings of ~. W ~" ....... urews t~a~nearal. ~a~ lt:3u, ann WUl De a ~ow lviass 'be the first mile s*^--- -'- ~- -- th- ~-~-- o__ ~. - ~ --- x, ~ ,,, .~ ...... o ,~rownmg, OlUl ~uge- ,~ . ~. ^ , ........ l ~u.e m ~ne nlscory ~ ~my ~acrlllce as members of) ~i ~ ~ w ~ ~ews ~erwee 012 T,,.-~-~- :~. ~.~- ..... ~ 1~ uneral services were held on Fri- I rne u o CLOCK lvlass nas been cnanged J . .~. . .. , ' ~ . .......... " .... ! . ~uay, ~uay b~n, a~ z:qu. ~ ..... .... , , ~ I. , ........... ~ ..... IoI ~ ~ugustmes parish for the ~ne ~al~nIul. New York, April 17.---Two 8rid i . . . . uuy aI~ernoon ar ~t. Anar w s wa-~ro o:3u ann Will De rile ~uass ox urns- ] half weeks " a~;~Iad~gan, m fhalrman and thedral in charge of Very R:v Men !nation A large congregation is ex-]clOred in North Little Rock It was' Father Harrmann gave evidence ofI before the 1930 anmmd ~u oy ~ne iOllowing tom- si .... > "- " ~. ". -I -~ "" ....... ~ ........" [*~- first Eas+ ..... ~-~ ......... ~his own Easter ~oy in his celebra appeal for Catholic Charities in tl~ ]}/Imes R#~qell T.ffov,,, g,or dames ~. ~Vlol'an. l~urial was lpec~ea ~o a~eno ~n~ o:ou mas~ /~"~ ~- ~=,~ura~mn in zne : ~. .... " .__~,._ ~ c. .. _ , : ..... s .........~,- ~ ~lon o~ the ~irst Hi h M s ~xrc,ulocese el ~ew ~OrK, a rellm~ r, Kellehe~ Bfltz Fmkbemerin Calvary ceme!e~y . o ] .Sunday, May 4th. ]new church. 1.t was. the ~.mtlal bap-!Au_ustine. Hi ch g- a s.m t of muff ys expended by the Catho~i "' ' " ' Pallbea~ . . i"~ ~ s anon wish rich e Tt~omnso, ~,~+ ~-~-~h,, ~ er were George McFad-] The children of both the Cathed~al]hsmal admmzstrahon w~th thirty-' .... g I~ .... - ............ and w^:__"'~."'~'." ....... ".~' 'den, John A. Lonergan, Geor~eland the Holy Souls Schools will re-!four children solemnly ba~ei~-~ ~.~ t-tna~ expressmn of the festal num-]'~na~l,ues smce ~ne ,~ppeai wee~ m~. ~:-"' "-~ae. lwo none maoe Krickenber- A u ....... . Ice,v_ thai~ vi~-* ~^1"" Comm ....... [ ........ ~ -.~ .... ~=" ~ bers of the Mass,was taken unlyear ~ust released, shows an expendl- Ill be ~iven -~ A.~ .~o ~, s,.ey reay, looeri } = v ~ ~" .o~ ~-,, # .,.oh [ lore ~ne mass Dy ~ne pastier, ~ev ~ -~ - , . ~. ~ ~,,, ~o. .( - .o _ are asked to b~Tn's~" """=" Schader and C. L. McCarthy [at the 7 o'clock Mass at the Cathe-!Joseph H narrmann, S V D, who a~equaze~y ann touchingly by the I~ure o~ ~o~o,#~% more ~na]t nat~ tl~' g core pats' " . .............. !_ . o " .. " . ". cnoir consisting of eight Sisters ~I money collected during the Al~e~ "us, Im'a~ on ~unaay, ~v~ay ~a. xms "~.,lll bul; a lew mon~ns ago started the the H,~-- "~--~ ~ ........~lWeeb ~,~ ~aoo I ANTHONY MEYER t be an unusually large class and spe-[narish with a new church scho,qI -,-~ ~-Vs~_ ~rvm ~. ~ar~nolo.I .......... -- . . "- , ~ : mews convent Littl " " Th raont~ ...... !cml pews will be reserved for the land recto,-, , _ , e Rock, w~th S~s- e report states that 9,524 fam/~ ,,,y u~erary meeting o:[ - I I "" ter Bertelle at the or an The M [lies re resentin 42 553 in i " No. 4 ~--:,, ~ ..... ~ -- Clarksvllle, April 15.-~Anthony,children in the center aisle of the l The unusual ceremonies attractedI . ~. g ass[ P.. g , d viduaI~ i .. ~"t ue nero az zne Meyer a~ed 53 z,, i~ ....... b Cathedral ]- , ....... ~-^- -* .......... I was sung from ~ounod's Mass in C. l were recipients of rfinaneial aid fr@m t Kec , e, , '~s ut~t~ o.t ~lalKS ~t largv ,,u,.uer u~ people, illllng zne . . . tory, 802 CenterSt.,. ..... "~ " ' canfath:L the Clar~tYofu~d~e A.rchdL~ee~__f..:nd~in, fo=~e=i~Z ~SPt~l ~Pthhll:tet~de !ey~ ~i::e.~eelS2~!d;Yi~:;H~:?~,,i~h!:i!:Ti l:li~n!!?::~;:i:nhnuea::i!:h'7!rk)iil- [~r:hutT~ c!i:C!~e:O~:n]l w~or~m;Ul:;:m :heH~:7~?n ;:tT:Y'Harr- ~2D ~:hdaensg:e':::tpp~:t~y tt: er, George Meyer of St. Louis. ]braPlon in honor of the B~css:~ Vi~-I tions of the church, autffuI deeora It the :otnegrdgedatl2: E:~t=:;:=l?g~ !~:mfltoY three :umbered.l.7'7!6' aceo~=. 1 , g eport, While ire m~.~ls -~ After En~tor ~A n~,-h, " gin Mary The children will be ten- ] The'program started at 10 o clock ~l them on being able to so intimate- and led in s were iven the hetdMondaT-the~28t~; FRANK W. DEMARCHE serrated to the Blessed Virgin, the Easter morn, with the solemn ad-ly sing with the church, on this their homelesFml . g ~ 2,1~ . , " . .... . n ann women ano l,~lm~ Frank W. DeMarche, aged 64, 616 statue of Our Lady will be crowned mmmtratmn of the Sacrament of fzrst Easter, her joyful anthem of laged )12L~n's City Clubs' home at cared for ~, . ,, ~, ....... . State street, died at his home at 2:25~ and a special sermon will be preacr- Baptism to 19 boys and 15 girls. This Haec Dies Q!uam Fec~t ---This is Although the business depresaiem ~. monsignor uo~an . . . ~ed. Benediction of the Most Bless rite was most impressive and expres- the Day which the Lord has made" resulting in the serious unempley- SPeaker for the afternoon. ! a. m M~nflay He was a native of i ed of ot~_ _.: ....... ~l Little Rock. He is survived by a sis- Sacrament will co~clude the services, sire. It was a living picture of the ~ At the end of the Mass, Father "~=:ed~'::'e a:vTte~ ?:[ ter, Miss Mary E. DeMarche. HeI Cathedral Aid Society. ,ment situation drew heavily on tl~ are mtere Church and its part in the salvatio~ Haarmann announced that on the!charity sources of the Archdioee~ I had been blind 47 years. Funeral The big feature of the Aid Society of God's ~reatures. The children third Sunday after Easter, the feast i the past winter, the report states, _ : [services were held at St. Andrew's(for the post-Lenten season will be formed a circle before the altar ten- of St. Joseph the patron of the ~ greater increase m the number e~ rty ~-$ Sz.........~-awara s ~tar |cathedral, Seventh and Louisiana the, card. party to be held at the Worn-, tering Father Harrmann, who in a Universal Church, May $1th, the I those seeking technical direction an~ . [streets, at 9 a. m. Thursday in len s City Club, Fourth and Scott clear and distinct voice followed tach newly baptized children of the information, rather than monetar~ lt~ ~oc~ety. |charge of the Rt Rev Msr Jame tstreets on the afternoon of Me-tpart and received from the children ~hool will receive their First HolybeThniSonYes:ntl ?: aid, Was record:d. 7cA: --- oocmty of Saint Ed-Ip ,, ~. g . si~ :, . . n a spirited response to all his calls of ~ommunion. ,,~:-~ . i . moran. ~uria~ was in Calvar nay A ril 28th. Advance inter eal w-~ '7"~a will give a card party l_ . y; _, P _ . . est ri p lternoon an .... |cemezery. Ipresages one el the largest attended !renouncement and adoption of theAnother big event is the Bishop Y, y , d, as I~ Y, May 7th, :t :hV:hl:mge :~[ ' , parties of the year, and Mrs. John L. Catholic faith. Sponsoring the boys plans on Wednesday 28th of May, to year, will extend over the period ~ [~rnola, lYark ~ if_ me ~ .......... |WHEN OIL HURTSINSTEADS !highly~ Kennedy, chairmanwith of the event, is land girls, as God-parents, were Mr. participate in the three fold eele- a week during which time volunt~ Uoom=, i ro.u = workers will canvass the parishes ~I . I'.- j. Arnold,~Mrs. Joseph- | B Rt R .... I tained thus far. At a meeting of the brat,on, the dedication of the church, the Archdiocese for contributions tt k ~r .......... ] y . ev. Franc~s C. Kelley l officers of the sectary, the chairmen confirmation and commencement the fund. $1,078,979 was collecte~ vVullam t~eroerle~, lvlrs .t,v .. ~ .. - I "~x dr., Mrs.A bert e~n I", ,n~ne ~oumwest Courier, Okla-'of the circles, with Mrs. Kenney pre- exercises, in last year's drive. ,ph' Jung_Mrs. 1john Hi~ir' I homa City) siding, held at the Cathedral Rectory, John Klmmo," M,~ T~.~-! Thereis nothing humorous about~802 Center street, on Monday last, GeorgepT/b::k,'M77 7h;o" ~oil in the State of Oklahoma It is'the'reprts indicated a very large st M~. . . .. ~.""Ibread and butter, clothes and sho~ Isale of tickets for the event, and the - ---~. ~cnm~z. A prizei . w,, SCor~ ........ a~ eacn table ann ~,1 money and stock., leases and ro~ali~So ~ ~ ~utmst enthusmsm on the part of all Please bring cards Re I--all very serious things to Oklaho-"cncerned" Nearly two .hundred ta- i mans Other people may joke about!bles will be used for play, and with Will be served. ~-il but we in Oklahoma do not. we ta valuable and beautiful gift for a F -- I are not as good sports as the Scots t prize at each table, with a door prize, eStlval at St. Edward's. iwh originate most of the stories of and various other mizes offered for ttee in charge of the[their closeness for their amusement, play, ~he corn:petition should be of which will be given on and genero~asly pass them on the such a nature as to bring out the grOunds at St. Edward's 13th, afternoon and to make this event The crowning of the will take place in the L:c:'OC ,Io Fg Will take part. Side shows world which laughs with them and largest gathering of card players sometimes at them. But we do noth-tever witnessed at a like affair in this ing of the kind in Oklahoma. Funny'city stories about the producer and the Monday, April 28th, will be one product are not current around thereof the gala days in the social calen- derricks When a good oil story,dar of the Aid Society ~for this pres- does come out it is only half as eat year. funny as it ought to be. There iaI S.A.C. Club. oo much hard tension on nerves One of the peppiest minstrel shows while awaiting results, ever produced in the city by a group But it's funny the way some of us of youngsters, was that of Wednes- behave when we hear rumors about day evening last when the members new drilling Then things get serious of this live organization of boys of and sometimes sad. Here is a case in St. Andrew's Cathedral School made point: St. Joseph's Orphanage has a its first public bow to the patrons in "wildcat" test drilling on its land. Cathedral hall. of all kinds for ~old will be furnished the day and light. Re- Will be served. There card party at. night prizes for high score Dancing will also be of the Festival. ARKANSAS POWER & LIGHT COMPANY supplies these NECESSITIES of every-day life A more detailed ac- It may turn out to be an oil well or count of the show will be given next te at Mr. Sf Mary's. it may turn out to be a salt water week. Mrs. Harrison accompanied Ia y,~ Alumnae are mak- well, but the objective of the drill- the singers for the show which was e plans for the May Fete ers is oil. For the lease to drill the produced under tim auspices of the at the Academy on Thurs- sum of $2,100 was paid to the Or- Club, and Miss Lucille Bcseigel lent Mrs. j. I. Madigan, gen- phanage Board. When the derrick her assistance ~itl~ several of her pu- ] nan, ably assisted by a went up everybody knew that the pils rendering dance numbers. \'~ ~ /// ;hing't~thusiastiCundbne workers,to make thisare wildcat was active and rumors start- ~l .~ ~ )~;i~!i~k ~ "% SUceessful entertainment Ad'f Rumors :gr.ew. Rumorsknew: supported by oil I will never cease! ~ ~ ~//!t//l/'~x~ % ~ he Alumnae The fete ew weeks la~er came ~ne 2~nnuai . . rp ection in the diocese.. ] = ~ ~ ./~! ) ~ _~ 0 han's Cell to regret the fmdmg of the ugly hquld To take the orphans awa 9 a.m. A procession of Result. About three thousand drop " " " Y[ ~ ~ \ / :~ ~. of the Academy will form from normal. Funny the way folks from the charity of the people would I ~ :'~. ~'~/.\~ :~ Queen will be crowned, jump to conclusions but in this case be a disaster, for the ones who mostI-~ /~/. . \\~\ all will attend Benedic- it was serious for the orphans. I"rofit b'" charit-- are tho-- --~- --~-- /. ////~lli\ \ X ,\",,~ ~'clock a luncheon will "" "h d " " _ v ~ ~ ~ wuo nmr.~'~ the cafeteria. At 2:30 now U'y::eYkn~wnTh:;eiaanltnh'il sacrifices for charity's sake` I wouldI Will clai mattention, as well " The Orphanage has a fine like to pay that debt and improvet ELECTRIC LIGHT ious other amusements, mortgage on it. The building of a the buildings. I am willing to let offI nment will close with a chavel is called for. Structural do that much; but I am very un-[ PUpils, which will be*gin changes are needed to make the old will,n- to ~am ....... e Alumnae extends a g e up me genue zlow oz ion to all their friends lhlfilrgei'r::::::nd Ifolh::::[doge~ charity and kindness that blesses fete. -------- prospects~ which is scarcely possible "him that gives and him that takes" unless the wildcat does more than in the Diccese of Oklahoma. If it is Card Party. I whine as the drill rotates, we will dammed up by the mud that come~ committee, all past have only enough money to pay the out ef an oil ~vell, I may be tempted :che Cathedral Aid So-l last of our debt and make part of to use the verb and call down a as hostesses at the tthe necessary improvements. But it malediction on petroleum and all its ~~ PartY to be held at looks as if the debt and the defects works and pumps .... , k;~ty Clubon Aprilwill stay. for Dame Rumor and n~t Please, good folks, let the Bishop ~) . -, 'it . m.: Miss Lizzie Quinn, oil has made the Orphanage rich. un his diocese, and listen to the one Bigelow Robin- Dame Rumor's riches are delusion~ who has the responsibility rather Chas. Franz, Joe Up to date all the cash the board got than to long-nosed Dame Rumor who n, Miss Florence on its first lease was taken away al- has none. The aforesaid Bishop gets Junior Schoer and Mrs. most before the cheque w~nt into discouraged when his best and most The committee in the bank. It's a funny situation, su, ccessful efforts are nullified by ELECTRIC POWER door will be: but it has its serious side I am gossip or the devil---which is the . Letzig, G. W. Kumpe over on that side wondering why it same thing He will tell you when he The committee is that when I do make a step ahead does not need your help with far Pri~: Mmes. E. A. I am pulled two back more joy ~and alacrity than he now Sherry, Joe Sanders, If St. Joseph's Orphanage is to b~ tells you that he still needs it. [j "-" Consider the NATURE of the business of Ar- kansas Power & Light Company. Whether times are good or bad its services are always in demand because they are NECESSITIES of every-day life. Is a business of this kind a good one to invest your savings in? 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