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April 24, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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April 24, 1942

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 24, 1942 PAGE FIVE Bish0p.Answers Celebrate Go,den Wedding Propagation of Faith Requests M00nael Mea.,00st Prayers For Native Chinese Blasphem,es . Clergy Laboring In Missions (By N. C. W. C. News Service) When one considers the formation and expansion of a native vigorous answer to public attacks by a high clergy in China it might be well to recall the inquiry expounded by against God, the Sacraments, prayer and Christian Ignatius Ying-ki of the Catholic University of Peking some years ago. by the Most Rev., Francis R. Bornewasser, Bishop "What would have been the condition of the Catholic Church today ermon in the Trier Cathedral, the text of which has be- in China," he asks, "had Crown Prince Constantine, son of the Era- in this country, peror Yung-li, last of the Ming Dynasty and heir apparent to the sermon the aged Prelate, who passed his 76th birthday throne, became ruler of the country in the latter half of the seven- Spoke of a "wave of meetings" which is sweeping over teenth century? At the death of his father this Prince, who with his Iblicized as patriotic gatherings but actually being used mother and sister had accepted Christianity, was murdered and the the Nazi "war on Christianity and the Church." The Church lost its greatest opportunity to achieve a really prosperous had "seen the campaign in action" in meetings state in China." at Coblenz just a week before he spoke and "at both American Catholics may be unaware that 300 years before same high Govern- the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plymoutti Rock, the Franciscan mis- was the principal "Today there remain only three sionary, John of Montecorvino, had inaugurated an era of Catholic said. in which divine worship is still evangelization in the Flowery held. The rest have been convert- Kingdom. "By 1304, 5,000 persons American missionaries but the point-by- ed to use as warehouses, riding had been baptized, the New Testa- work is well under way. How- series of blaB- schools and the like. Thirteen are ment and the Book of Psalms aP-for ever, despite a five year war ha- ks made at the two closed." In the whole Diocese of )eared in Chinese, a school tive sons of the Dragon Empire lop Bornewasser Posen only 45 of 431 public boys, intended to be the founda- continue to answer the call of the indicating that churches are left, Bishop Borne- tion of the native clergy, was be- Master thus preparing themselves which has reached wasser revealed, and asked, "Have gun. Cambaluc (Pekin) reached as "other Christs" to care for this one of several ser- we not every reason to pray: 'Lord, the height of its early ecclesias- harvest which is whitening.Rt. he has taken up save us from the loss of the Bread tical glory when the archdiocese Roy. Msgr. Thomas J. McDonnell, questions" and of our souls, the Most Holy Sac- of Pekin was set up and John of National Director, The Society for persecution of the rament of the Altar.'?" Montecorvino was made its first the Propagation of the Faith. Nazi Government. "The reviling of the holy Sac- Archbishop, with the title 'Patri- "€: Dr. Joseph A. Becket. of Moun- to a statement rament of Baptism was done with arch of the entire Orient.' Seven Father Vohs Succeeds ta Lake. N. J., Research Physt- azi attacks which, he a comparison that I should be Bishops in charge of suffragan read the same day ashamed to repeat in this sane- sees were given him as assistants." Abbot Wlrth At ct of the Bell Telephone Labora- Pulpits' of Trier and tuary," he said. "I must assume When the zealous follower of the tories, who has been awarded the that the speaker has no notion of  gentle Saint of hssisi was called St. Bede's Abbey annuel Mendel Medal of Villa. one blasphemous Baptism. He only knows, it would i .... to his reward there were 30,000 Peru, Ill. (N:).  The Reverend College. for outstanding achievement in science. The medal Which the speaker at seem, that Baptism is the gateway : .... Catholics enrolled in the arch- Laurence Vohs, O. S. B., has been iwill be presented at the College tad Coblenz meetings to Christianity, and is therefore : diocese of Pekin alone, elected Abbot of St. Bede's Abbey God that His "game opposed to it as he is obviously This is but a brief outline of here to succeed the Rt. 1Roy. on May 3, by the Very Roy. Ed. Bornewasser said opposed to true Christianity itself." speaker that " : Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Hanson to Celebrate the condition of Catholicism in Justus Wirth, O. S. B., who died ,ward V. Stanford. O. S. A.. presi- : China before Christopher Colum- last month. Fifty-four priests of dent. Dr. Booker is the 14th sci: millions of godly Court Upholds City's bus made his discovery of a New the Abbey were present at the entist to receive the award. bend their knees in God when there Ban on Burlesque House Golden Wedding At St. Edward's Church World but proo positive that election. ,N.C.W.C.) left who remembers New York. (E).--The action Of Christianity was known and loved Abbot-elect Vohs was ordained .ial who blaB- the city authorities in refusing to Little Rock.--Mr. and Mrs. M. that time. They have 11 living in the Dragon Empire long before in 1928 and has been Superior of Educator Appointed reissue a license to the operators N. Hanson, announce the anni- children, 24 grandchildren and the name of Christ was heard h] Spalding Institute, Catholic High the public attack on of a burlesque theater here was versary of their golden wedding one great grandchild. America. School for boys in Peoria, IlL, Regional Chaplain Bishop Borne- upheld by Supreme Court Justice on Monday, April 27th, to be Seven sons: Joseph C., John R., Long Years of Trial since last September. Previously his people of a Aaron J. Levy. celebrated Sunday morning, April Edward L. of Little Rock; Maynard For ahnost two centuries after he had been prefect and teacher Of Federation in which he haft at St. Bede's College here. Operators o£ the theater asked 26th at 8:30 o'clock at St. Ed- N., Jr., Carl G. and Lawrence W. the death of John of Montecor- Philadelphia. (E).The 1Roy. Dr. confiscation and the Court for a reversal of the ward's Church, Little Rock, Ar- of Memphis, and William P., vine hostile rulers waged an al- Born in La Salle, Ill., in 1900, Francis J. Furey, President of of churches and con- license applications rejection by kansas. The immediate family will[ Greenville Army Flying School, most ceaseless war upon Catho- the new Abbot was educated at the Immaculata College. Immaculata, ]e Nazis. "In the ec- Paul Moss, City License Commis- honor them with a dinner at the Greenville, Miss. Four daughters: licity. Then came the day when Benedictine Brothers' S ch o el Pc., has been appolnted regional of Cologne, to sioner. The Commissioner's re- Freiderica Hotel. They were mar- Mrs. J. D. Elms, Mrs. A. Roy At- the ardent heart of the "firebrand there; at St. Mary's Seminary, chaplain of the National Fedora- he said, "forty- fusal was based on tim ruling that ried in Little Rock, April 27th, lwood, Mrs. John W. Land and of the Indies," St. Francis Xavier, Perryville, Me., and at St Bede's tion of Catholic College Students fell victim to the performances at the theater had 1892, at St. Edward's Church and Mrs. John H. Renfroe of Little was consumed with desire to College and Seminary here. for the Philadelphia area by His last summer been offensive to public rfiorals ]ave lived in Little Rock since Rock.  bring back to the Chinese people :v Eminence Dennis Cardinal Dough- churches and chapels and decency. The theater operators the knowledge and love of Jesus Radio Drama on Express, erty, Archbishop of Philadelphia. Christ. Although he died within lOt.h-Century Peacemaker The Philadelphia region em- Lightwarehouses.Was quenched." Moss'had chargedaction wasthatan "undemocraticC°mmissi°ner Francis Heazel Miss Hooley  of this, his promised land, braces Six Catholic collegesCol- New York. (K:).---Express Alic lege of Chestnut Hill, Immaculata, troops entered process and censorship," a contort-not Named.00n Awarded 1942 wishes.his followers carried out his of Burgundy, known as the"peace- Rosemont, La Salle, St. Joseph's of Posen in 1939 tion Justice Levy declared was _u,reme Outstanding among them maker of Europe" in the tenth and Villanova. churches, he said. sustained. K. C, Treasurer Siena Medal upiS FatherresidenceMatthewin CantonRiCci' whOin 1583.reek century, but whose own life was ,em:nar_Ourse W t a stormy one, will be the prin- Rites for Prominent Layman. He and his confreres "discover- cipal figure in the drama to be Marblehead, Mass. )---Solemn New York. (E).At the regular Hollywood, Fla. (E)Miss Anne ed"' European culture to the Chi- presented over the "Ave Maria Mass of Requiem was celebrated quarterly meeting of the Board of Sarachon Hooley, assistant director nose. They won the respect and Hour" next Sunday. Directors of the Knights of Co- of the National Catholic Commun- confidence of the most educated in the Church of Our Lady Star lumbus held here, Francis g. ity Service and a former president classes and it was as a result of St. Alic, also known as Ado- of the Sea for William F. Cure- Sum of $5,000.00, Which, Invest- Heazel, of Asheville, N. C., was of the National Council of Cath- their intelligent approach, diver- laide, was born in 931 and d'ied mings, prominent layman, who , Will Help Defray The Cost of Train- o0000¢tod Supreme Treasurer of the olic Women, was the 1942 recipient sifted learning and high stand- December 16, 999. She was the died at his home here at the age orghnization, succeeding Daniel J. of the Siena medal of the Theta ards of education that by 1636 wife of the King of Italy, Loth- of 54. A Young Man For The Priesthood. Callahan, Jr., of Washington, who Phi Alpha sorority at ceremonies the heir apparent to the Dragon hire, being herself a native of A native of Charlestown, Mass., held an interim appointment to held here Tuesday. Throne was a Catholic, as well Burgundy. On Lothaire's death Mr. Cummings rose from the low- Are Listed The Burses, So Far Receiv- that office following the death of The presentation was made by as 140 Princes of the Blood, and she rejected the marriage proposal er ranks to the position of chief John's Home Missions Seminary, his father, incumbent of the office Mrs. Francis A. Moran, of Jamaica 110 members of the Court. usurped°f Adalbert,her husband'sS°n of ThisWh° Railroad,engineer ofthetheMaineBOStOncentraland MatneRail- for 33 years, in February of this Plain, Mass., national president Because of the high standards of led to her imprisonment, rescue road and the Portland Terminal Complete and Incomplete. year. of the sorority, in the course of education imposed by the mission- and war between her rescuers and Company, He was active in the Gervase T. Murphy of Calumet, the 21st convention of the Na- aries of the 16th and 17th centuries the would-be father-in-law. She work of the St. Vincent de Paul COMPLETE BURSES Mich., was named to the Supreme tional Council of Catholic We- the CMnese had the utmost respect married her final rescuer, t h e Society in Charlestown and was Honor of Bishop Syrne ............................ $5,000.00 Board of Directors to fill the un- men, which is being held here. for their countrymen who enter- Emperor Otho. expired term of Mr. Heazel. The Siena medal, given annually ed the priesthood. However, the a members of the Bunker Hill Joseph Enderlin The Directors also voted' to hold to an outstanding Catholic woman, overthrow of the Ming dynasty, to Her efforts to bring peace to Council, Knights of Columbus, and e (Conway) ................................................................. 5,000.00 the sixtieth annual convention of previously has been awardec to which the Catholic Crown Prince Europe won her the love of rail- of the 1V]assachusetts Catholic Or- the K. of C. in Memphis August Miss Agnes G. Regan, former exe- Constantine belonged, inaugurated lions but her charity earned her der of Fgresters. :him F. Galloni Surse 18 to 20. cutive secretary of the N. C. C.W. an era of persecution which con- the dislike of her daughter-in- One of Mr. Cummings' sisters Miss Mary Merrick, founder of tinued until the signing of the law. Alice also was noted' as al- is Sister Rose Patrice, Superior of age) 5,000.00 Mr. Heazel has been a member the Christ Child society; Agnes treaty of Nanking, in 1842. ways forgiving her enemies and the Daly Industrial School con- ......................................................................... of the Supreme Boarcl of Directors urse No. 1 ........................................................... 5,000.00 of the Knights of Columbus since Repplier, author; Miss Jane Hoey, Hope Renewed never exacting ,vengeance for ducted by the Sisters of St. Jo- social worker, and Anne O'Hare al Burse No. 2 ......... : ................................................. 5,000.00 1930 and a member of the Execu- McCormick, journalist. The work of training a native wrongs. : :v seph in Dorchester. clergy progressed slowly during Encyclicals Subject z:z tire and Finance Committee of that Miss Hooley took an active part succeeding years although, when of Columbus Burse ......................................... 5,000.00 body since 1940. A member of the Whatever plans we shall devise P. Moran Surse 5,000.00 law firm of Heazel, Hartshorn and in the development of the Kanshs the Boxer uprising launched its Of Home Study Course for our own peace, our lives can- ....................... Redmond, of Asheville, he is spec- City Diocesan Council of Catholic fiercest attacks against Christian- Chicago. (E).The Home Study not be without war and affliction. of Bishop Morris .............................. 5,000.00 in1 counsel of the Metropolitan Women and served on its board.  ity Chinese priests comforted and Division of Loyola University here e (In Honor of St. John Casualty Company and is vice- boardIn 1928of ShedirectorsWaS ofelectedthe Nationalt° the consoled their Catholic flocks, ls now offering a correspondence TO GET RID OF A BAD course in the Papal Encyclicals. COLD IN A HURRY TRY president and director of other at- many offering their lives that their .......................................................................... 5,000.00 filiated companies of the Loyalty Council of Catholic women, and people might be saved Bishop J.M. Featured in the study, which is S. & B. "SPRATOX" Iffo irish Burse, Hot Springs .............. 5,000.00 Group of Insurance Companies served successively as treasurer Mere1, P. F. M., Vicar Apostolic conducted by the University's De- headed by the Firemen's Insurance and secretary. In 1933 she was of Canton during this trying per- partment of Sociology, are two It is Just the remedy to check i% In nor of St. Anthony of Padua .............. 5,000.00 Company of Newark. He has been elected national president of the led, gives ample testimony of the Encyclicals of His Holiness, Pope quickly and if used in time will Thomas V. Wobin Surse ........................ 5,000.00 active in the civic and social life council and served a term of two courage and fortitude of the Chi- Plus XII, Summi Pontificatus, often prevent it, and other troublel of Asheville for many years. He years, nose priests who had labored in his which deals with racism and to- that follow a cold. We are mailing is a director of the Bank of Ashe- Upon the expiration of her term district for 200 years, talitarianism, and Sertum Letitiae, it out eve day, why can't we leceived from a Special Estate (To Date) $20,329.12 ville and a member of the Sinking on the board, Miss Hooley became With the assession of Pope Bene- which is addressed to the Hies- mail you an outfit--75c eomplet Fund Commfsston of Buncombe national youth chairman of the diet XV to the Chair of Peter, new archy of the United States. cud guaranteed to satisfy. County, N.C. N.C.C.W., her committee sport- impetus was given the work of Included in the course of study soring as one of its activities the SNODGRASS & BR&C' INCOMPLETE BURSES Mr. Heazel was appointed a annual series of "Call to Youth" forming a native clergy in China. of the most important Encyclicals Knight of St. Gregory the Great broadcasts in cooperation with the His statement, "I would be more of Leo XIII and Plus XI. Special AdverUzement. Persons Requesting That in 1939 by the late Pope Pius XI National Broadcasting Co., which pleased to hear that you conferred attention is directed to the Encycli- Holy Orders upon a Chinese than cals on the Reconstruction of the e Withheld ...... " .... ............ $10,619.45 Hedren,iS twomarrieddaughtersand haSandthreeoneChil-son she directed for five seasons, if you had christened 100 men," Social Order, and those on inter- Allsopp & Chapple In 1940, His Holiness Pope Plus became the signal for renewed of- national questions, the family and Alumni Burse who is in the service as a Second XII bestowed the Pro Ecclesia Bookmer$ and 8tatlem fort in the training of young men Christian education. (In Honor of the B|essecl Trinity) Lieutenant of Artillery. Medal upon Miss Hooley. She is to the priesthood in the Flowery z :  $-|09 Maim Street : : : the recipient of the Immaculata Kingclom. Pope Plus XI further Gazing retrospectively over the Previously reported $ 91 7.29 Navy Chaplain Reported Medal of Conception College. Catholic Daughters of America Btrse Lost in Pacific Action  : : granted the seal of his approval years separating us from our First  Call Philadelphia. (E).  The par- Film Company to this project by personally con- Holy Communion we experience DAN DIARASAU4DH ents of the Rev. John J. McGar- secrating six Chinese Bishops. remorse of conscience by reason For Office $upplie-Ph. |1| reviously reported ............... $ 1,148.30 elruary 7th, 1942 I i 1.00 rity, Navy chaplain and former Official, Brother placeThis inimp°singthe VaticanCerem°nYBasilicat°°kin ions.°f our many lost Holy Commun- ............... Archdiocese,CUrate at severalhaveParisheSbeen notifiedin this Of Priests, Dies 6 and was attended' by many  ' , Total $ 1,259.30 by the Navy Department that their New York. (E).Walter J. Hut- Cardinals and members of the pa- pal and diplomatic corps. Then to chinson, director of foreign distri- J. E, HORNIBROOK CO. son is missing in action since last bution of the Twentieth Century- climax this effort a Chinese was Burse in Honor of Bishop Fitzgerald month. Previous|y reported ...... :.... .... $ 2,815.83 The last word from Father Me- Fox Film Corporation and brother consecrated by Pope Pius XII as Ventilating • Garrity came as he was leaving of two Jesuit priests, died here one of the 12 Bishops, who, like Heat|ng and January 29, 1942, Bishop Morr,s. • • 500.00 Honolulu in January, assigned to Saturday at the age of 49. the original Apostles would carry duty "somewhere in the Pacific." Associated with the film com- the message of the Redemption to Sh Met] Work and All Kd$ o Roofing party since his return from war l the farthermost parts of the world. |l|-ll Nut Markham 8tre Phone 4-|O Total $ 3,315.83 He is known to have served on . the U. S. S. Langley. serwce in France following the! The day is still far distant when first World War, Mr. Huchinson China will be ready to dispense ]se in Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Father McGarrity, 36, was the rose from salesman for the corn- with the aid of European and Previously reported .$ 2,813.94 son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Me- pany in Canada to the important . .............. Garrity, of this city. He was or- post he held at the time of his The Oloph Guild .............. 500.00 dained in 1933 after completing death. He was born in,Waterbury, Campbell, Mallory February ]8, studies at St. Charles Borromeo Conn., and was gradhated from CHARLES M. TAYLOR C.H. RICHTER Memory Mrs. John W. Snyder. |00.00 Seminary, Overbrook, Pc. Holy Cross College, Worcester,  Throgmorton • " " In the course of his parish work Mass., in 1914. His film work took INSURAN.CI OF ALL February 2{}, Rita Willett ....... |ft.00 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel him to all parts of the world and lst. Mr. and Mrs. Gee. Hart, Sr ..... 50.00 Church here he helped organize in 1937 he received the Legion of Aetma Flr Walla Bld. the Philadelphia Catholic Bowling Honor decoration from the French Phone 4-$ZZS Total $ 3,478.94 League in 1939. His first assign- Government. I I I merits with the Navy were at the Mr. Hutchinson is survived Great Lakes Naval Training Sta- among others, b. Fathers Gerald St. Edward's Parish Burse, Texarkana tion and at San Francisco whence F. Huchinson, . J., of Weston , Previously reported .............. $ ,0[ 0.40 he left for PacificenpaydUty. 1vf.C°llege'Huchinson,West°n's. Mass.,j., of Holyand CrossJ°hn St. Anthony'. a yxz r ,,, 00c00eer January 2 7 .................... 132.00 Officers, M Tribute College. Hospital February 5, in Thanksgiving ...... 25.00 To Departing Chaplain :: : February 28, Camp Lee, Va. .}Tribute was That you may avoid the future Mrs. MORRILTON, ARK. Elmer C. Patkowski ........ 10.0O paid by officers and enlisted men everlasting punishment, endeavor lncorporatea March 4, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Weikel 10.00 at Camp Lee to the Very Rev. to endure present evils patiently Raphael C. O'Brien, Catholic chap- for God's sake. lain of the 7th Quartermaster '  DR. ANNIE M. BREMYER Total $ 3,187.40 training regiment here for the last I five months, when he left for duty Plumbing And Chlropraetor All Lines of Insurance Except Life additions are encouraging. Three of at another Army post. [M Pathometrle A native of Reading, Pa., Fa- Heating vo burses are now beyond $3,- thor O'Brten was ordained in the magn Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul, rRNPAIR IPI[ALST r I Year. IxD.r. rapid growth of the St. Edward's aryPhiladelphia'he was resPonsiblein 1934. Lastfor therebrU-col- GEe. M. WOODS Phone 4-1631 * 406 Louidmm Phone -S4 Texarkana, indicates an early lection of several thousand relig- Call Z-|SI| ][Am, ]geek s,o ,. ,.. on. Who will give the next burse? ou articles for distribution to the LIttl, Rock. Ark. mn here. '  ,