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April 23, 1982     Arkansas Catholic
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April 23, 1982

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PAGE 6 THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 23, 1982 Women ,he - The Doors Discuss Weren't Locked at Fa mi Pentecost IF our stress levels magazines located in beauty A smart arrival insures aren't high enough, try this salons that when couples go immediate interest on the Marshall, Minn. (NCRLC) - NewSubiacoAbbey one on for family size. I read out for the evening, they in one of those posh fashion should be color-co-ordinated. DON'$ DOWNTOWN SHOE SERVICE Complete Boot and Shoe Repair 311 W. 7th, L. R. - PHOHE 378-0228 7:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M., Mon. - Fri. 1:30 A.M. S:O0 P.M. Sot. DON RIEL "The Saturday Bank" PLLASKI BANK AND TRUST COMPANY MAIN OFFICE: Pierce at "R" Street. 661-7700 BRANCH OFFICE: 10901 Rodney Parham - rl-70 part of others," it said. "If you're in browns and he's in blues, there's an aura of disharmony." In other words, couples should match. I've given this some thought. I don't think I could take the stress involved in trying to co-ordinate my husband's appearance with mine. First off, I have a hard time trying to match myself. AT CHRISTMAS, in a heroic effort to appear chic and dress up my annual holiday outfit, I decided to buy some of those new pastel hose. Since my outfit is basic lavender, I invested in a pair of orchid stockings. But when I donned them for the first party, n centered family's was anything ,ut aft: "What's tl .' mal your legs?" asked year-old. "YOU LOG commented r son of few, words. "Are you those?" quest I began to toughed it th: the evening everyone bluish leg, three-hour, party, my male- reaction was anything but affirming. "What's the matter with my 13- "YOU LOOK like a nurse," commented my 16-year-old, a son of few, but descriptive, "Are you going to wear those?" questioned spouse. I began to get nervous, but toughed it through and spent wondering if everyone was staring at my bluish legs. Since it was a standing-room-o- nly affair, I concluded that nobody even saw legs and my investment was futile. Anyway, during the whole season, nobody said, "What lovely stockings you're wearing and how well they match your husband's tie." Above Monument Gray Granite on 4ft. Base s395oo ,o...,.,o.,0. Cemetery Lot-- Guaranteed Delivery Before Memorial Day OCKER MONUMENT CO. 3018 Oak Lane Across From Cloverleaf Plaza R. W. OCKER OWNER MARKERS FROM $50.00 INSTALLED CHOOSE A FACILITY CLOSE TO HOME There is something comforting and reassuring about a quality nursing facility close to home. We operate nursing centers all over Arkansas providing the best professional care available anywhere. Our homes are licensed and approved by the Arkansas Social Services Dision Office of Long Term Care, and best of all, cost no more than other nursing homes. To learn more about our facilities in your area please give us a call. Our (toll-free) number is 1-800-542-1041. ! NEVER had'the courage to suggest to him he get a lavender shirt or tie to match me and I knew I couldn't find tweed hose to match him. The only time we ever tried to co-ordinate ourselves was when we had a studio portrait taken of our family five years ago. The photographer ad- - "I came here to get charged up." That's how one woman summed up her feelings at the outset of the Midwest regional rural American women's conference held here recently. The three days of speeches, workshops and policy sessions which followed were designed to provide a forum for rural women to "explore together the process of leadership as well as the critical issues challenging them in their communities." The conference was co- sponsored by Southwest State University, Marshall, and Rural American Women, Inc. (RAW) which is headquar- tered in Washington, D.C. RAW is a non-profit organization, founded in 1977, to "organize the rural women of America to work together to develop their individual capabilities, to contribute to the welfare of their families and to the improvement of their communities." About 240 women of all ages, political affiliations and life-styles came together from nine states for the conference. Many were sent by interested organizations: co-operatives, farm organizations, schools, political candidates, banks, religious groups, cor- porations. There were housewives, activists, artists, nuns. Some were feminists, some not, but they put aside their differences to share their concerns, to learn from each other and to face the threats to their common rural future. A feisty 75-year-old farm woman complained, "These tax laws are terrible! How can a couple of 42-year-old kids come up with $35,000 cash for inheritance tax without selling the farm?" A young woman, when confronted by a futurist's vision of people, freed by vised us to dress everyone in robots to develop inner shades of blue, brown or potential, said, "I get my best ideas while milking my green and the process came as close to fragmenting our goats." family as a family vacation The basic theme running ever did. Being basically democratic, I said to the family, "I'm wearing my camel dress. What are you wearing to match?" "1 THOUGHT I'd wear my navy suit," said my husband. "The only good pants l have that aren't floods are my green cords," said one son. "Can't we wear jeans?" chorused another. "We're gonna be sitting down, aren't we?" "WE COULD all wear our grey sweatshirts," offered ever-helpful. "Why do we have to have our picture taken anyway?" protested the family clincher After that abortive discussion, we ended up at the studio in shades of sort-of blue and strained smiles. i SHOULD have learned from that experience but after reading the article about couple co-ordination, I decided to give it one more try. "What are you wearing to Tom's wedding?" I asked my husband recently. He gave me a blank look. "I thought it would be nice if we matched," I quickly ex- plained. I won't attempt to describe that look. The upshot of it was I waited till he dressed and then chose a matching outfit. BUT llF:N we got to the through keynote speeches and workshops was em- powerment. Early on Mon- day, a women's musical group, "Mother Tongue," singing verses about energy flowing into women who open themselves to life, provoked a spontaneous sing-along with the refrain, "Filling up and spilling over, -- it's an endless waterfall. -- Filling up and spilling over, -- over all." Frances Humphrey Howard, from the National Institute of Health, picked up this waterfall theme in a speech which obtained much of the vision and energy of her late brother, Hubert Hum- phrey: "Women can fill one another with power, the ability to say: I can, I will, I must. Trust and believe that power rests in the people. Don't give up. Don't be cynical-. Don't just let your energy spill over into a sea of nothingness. Direct that energy." In the workshops, whether reception, he went one way and I another and our color- co-ordinated ensembles just didn't have the impact to grab the immediate interest of other guests. So I've decided we won't be chic and posh. Rather. we'll be real and comlortable. But I doubt if  e'll ever be featured ill oIle of those posh tashiol*l magazines There are just solne things you have to Sire up in life. 1982 PICTURE A cowering group of apostles and friends hiding behind locked doors and you have a wrong picture of how they awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit. There was fear and a locked door at Easter, but not at Pentecost. We get mixed up about that, though, because of the Gospel passage that is read at Pentecost. Actually, the Gospel passage read then is an Easter account. It is used because there Jesus is recorded saying "Receive the Holy Spirit." We can look at the Gospels, especially the Gospel of Luke, and Luke's Acts of the Apostles to get a very different picture. First, let's look at something in the Gospel of John, Chapter 21. There, we find Peter and six other apostles and disciples going fishing. We can picture restlessness there, as Peter says he is going fishing and the others quickly join him. Restlessness, but no fear. Obviously, they were not afraid to walk out to the lake and take out their boats. There, Jesus appeared to them on shore. THIS WAS one of various appearances of Jesus described or referred to in the New Testament and Luke, in the first chapter of Acts, tells us that Jesus appeared to them often and spoke with them of the kingdom of GOd. He told them to wait for the fulfillment of the Father's promise of the Spirit. This waiting had several qualities. It was joyful and prayerful. After the Ascen- sion, Luke tells us "they returned to Jerusalem filled with joy. There they were to be found in the temple con- stantly, speaking the praises of God" (24:52-53). If they were constantly in the temple, they were hardly hiding. But they did come together often, too, in the upper room which had become their first central location. Before the crucifixion, they had no one place to assemble, but had gathered wherever Jesus was. Now, they returned always to the place of the Last Supper. We are told that there they were in constant prayer. BUT ALSO, they were doing some planning. They wanted to choose someone to replace Judas in the Twelve and they discussed what qualities such a one should have. They the subject was self- development, community and political involvement, dealing with change or individual, social or environmental problems, women were continually encouraged to take charge. Carlisle Drug Co. PRESCRIPTIONS PAT COOK Registered Pharmacist e CARLISLE agreed that it slaould be who had been a follower Jesus from the time of baptism by John up until Ascension. They wanted who could be a witness of all that Jesus said and done. Matthias chosen. It is probably here that tJ Gospels were born, they would not be put writing until much later. can picture the ApoS Mary and others sharin memories and recalling post-Resurrection that Jesus had been them. So the New Testament gives us many things followed the Easter fear a which prepared the A for the outpouring of the Spirit at Pentecost. the prosaic act of fishing on a quiet day. were the occasions Jesus appeared to them # gave them instructions the kingdom of God. was the joy with which went back to Jerusalem af the Ascension. There constant going back between the upper room the temple, with praying in both places. was the planning ahead their ministry, even a replacement for one, so they could go forth in number. IF WE read the end of Gospel of Luke and beginning of Acts, we nothing of fear, nothing cowering behind We find a joyful people ea for their mission and readY to undertake it. Try the COWIE WINE ,AIR COUNTY BANK of "The Bank That Backs The Community" Hazen Arkan