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April 23, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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April 23, 1943

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 23, 1943 :-.._____ .00aster Customs Of Mexi00:o Still purvlves After 500 Years IN By Charles Betico "It is better to have peace with .C.W.C. Ea poverty ._tholic Than disturbance with wealth." cust to Mexi Ie early da 18rae sectio re tradition Easter Supplement) customs brought from to Mexico by missionm-ies .arly days are still observed sections of the country s are guarded with .waavering devotions and com- dable good taste Of the tradi- 1 Easter ceremonies, one of tal st is what is known 00easing e y ' As the priest intoned Allgluia on Easter Sunday, [a.ll cars bearin the word ''AI- d:l a: and an explanation of why 4[L?'aurch rejoices in the Resur- lnon of Christ, were distributed T:ag the faithful. :];tl, the fifteenth to the eigh- i-' ,:a centuries the distribution of eluyas was a general custom [? Panish countries. The ter e I s also applied to the Pllegos la series of couplets, re- i:' g to special occasions. The 0s de Cordel and the so-called 'aees de Ciego---"Stories of c facts and fiction center- ,a0ut memorable occasions, +n s the trobadours of the ' century recited their de geste. The blind earn- . Qnies for their livelihood by ade f aleluyas nd romances. of the aleluyas bear spirit- .uvice in verse, which trans- l WOUld read as follows: coanend thyself to Christ and vary, t, y guardian angel and thy r0n saint daily." th finally prevails the lie perishes with its ath0r.,, The term aleluya, is used also to denote a little cake made by cloistered nuns and sent to their benefactors as a token of appre- ciation at Easter-tide. This pious tradition has been preserved in Mexico since colonial times at the convent of the Capuchins of Maria de Guadalupe. This Religious Order was founded by Royal Decree in 1780 under the special protection of the Archbishop and the Viceroy. Its first Abbess was Sister Mariana de Jesus who, in the world, was known as Dana Maria Mieaela Hernandez de Echevarria p Vey- ;tia. The original convent, built beside the Basilica of Our Lady !of Guadalupe, was expropriated in the time of Benito Juarez and the Religious were obliged to take up residence elsewhere. But the Franciscan rule established' by the first Abbess is still rigorously ob- served, and so are the traditions. On Easter afternoon the baskets of aleluyas are ready for the Sis- ters to perform the customary Easter rite. The basket or tray is covered with a small embroidered cloth on which are arranged small round almond cakes with rose- colored icing. The word leluya and the figure of the Paschal Lamb appear on each cake. The cakes are accompanied by a wax candle made at the convent from the candles which burned before the Repository on Holy Thursday, a cross made from palm and a laurel branch blessed on Palm Sunday, oranges and other fruits and danties. With the gift goes a card with e e-" I drawings and arabesques sur- I f :Irate which is wealth among [rounding the aleluya or Easter Q:.', I greeting to the family of the bene- h cUvided among many is l factor in the name of the Com- :vverty.,, - - [munity and its Abbess. FORD WHOLESALE CO. DISTRIBUTORS Poplar Bear & Hollywreath FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS YAFFEE IRON & METAL CO., Inc. 501 South l lth FORT SMITH, ARK. FORT SMITH VEHICLE & MACHINERY CO. Hardware, Seds, Sporting Goods and Paints John Deere Tractors annd Implements G. E. Appliances and Radios Phone 5103 South Ninth and Rogers Fort Smith, Arkansas St. Boniface Church This beautiful Gothic Church was constructed in 1939, at Fort Smith. It is of light brick trimmed in almost white stone. The seating capacity is 588, and there is a Sisters' Chapel off the sanctuary, which will seat 30. The Rev. Peter Post, O.S.B., is pastor.. Just For A Minute O Sacrament most holy, O Sacrament Divine, All praises and all thanksgiving Be every moment Thlne. "Just for a minute." I remember when I was only four, Mother would' bring me 'round to the store, And just outside of the church she'd stand, And "Come in", she's say, reaching down for my hand, "Just for a minute." , And then when I started going to school, She'd bring me down every day as a rule, But first the steps to the church we'd climb, And she's say: "We'll go in you've always got time, "Just for t mnute." Then I got real big, I mean seven years old, And' I went by myself, but was al- ways told: When you're passing the church, don't forget to call, And tell Our Lord about lessons and all, "Just for a minute." In the evening coming from Casey's lot, Though it takes me out of my way a bit, To slip into church with my hat arid mitt, "Just for minute." But sometimes I see the other fellow Standing around and I just go yellow. I pass by the door, but a Voice from within Seems to say, real sad: "So you wouldn't come in "Just for a minute." Thereare things inside of me, bad and' good, That nobody knows and nobody could, Excepting Our Lord, and I like Him to know, And He helps, when in for a visit I go, "Just for a minute." He finds it lonesome when nobody comes (There are hours upon hours when nobody comes) And He's pleased when anybody passing by Stops in (though it's only a little guY) "Just for a minute." I know what happens when people die, But I won't be scared, and I'll tell Sometimes I run most of the way, you why: Or meet some guys and we stop When Our Lord is judging my to play, soul, I feel But I manage to squeeze out time lle'll remember the thnes I went enough to kneel To make the church where I pant "Just for a minute"before His and puff Throne. "Just for a minute" Resolve never to pass up a Ca- tholic Church without stopping in, 'And now it's sort of a habit I've though it be JUST FOR A MIN- got, UTE, whether to or from work or EASTER GREETINGS Clinton Furniture Co. 919 Rogers Ave. FORT SMITH, ARK. on a pleasure trip. Surely you can take a dip of Holy Water and salute the Blessed Sacrament by a devout genuflection -- if nothing more. Do our grade and high school children visit the Blessed Sacrament next door OR IN THE SAME BUILDING? What power such good example on the part of fathers and mothers. It will edify their children throughout life, and will tend to make them better Catholic men and' women. (From Approved Sources) Garden Gethsemane Has New Road Just Completed A new road to the Garden of Gethsemane, running below the eastern wall of Jerusalem, has been : completed. In raising and straightening the former steep, winding road, care was taken not to obliterate the traditional site in the Cedron Val- ley of the stoning of St. Stephen, the First Martyr. OLIVE TREES (Continued from page 4) and has an agreeable seent, Cabi- net makers prize it highly because it takes an exceptionally high pol- ish. But olive trees are not grown for wood. They are cultivated principally for the oil obtained from their fruit, which is the lightest of all fixed oils. The oil is used for food, for medicinal and manufacturing purposes. Italy and Spain have been the largest exporters of olive oil, but experts consider the finest of all olive oil is that which is made from olives which grow round-about Aix, France. Olives trees flourish only in warm and dry parts of the world. They are found in Italy, Spain, France, Malta, Turkey, the Ionian Islands. There is one species found in both China and Japan, and we have an American species in California. The Chinese use olive flowers to mix with and per- fume their tea, and both flowers and leaves are used by them to adulterate tea. The wood of our American olive is often called devil wood because it is so diffi- cult to split. The history of all past ages shows that the olive tree has long been highly esteemed by men. Olive leaves were made into wreaths by the Greeks and Ro- mans to crown the victors of their national game, and the olive branch is still thought of as an emblem of peace throughout the world. The olive is referred to many times in the Bible, and the Mount of Olives, in Palestine, is named from the trees that flourish on its limestone ranges. Anyone who has ever stood in the cool silence of an olive grove will easily un- derstand why Our Lord so fre- quently sought Mount Olivet. Be- cause of its hardness the doors of Solomon's Temple were made of olive wood, and the story of the dove that brought back the olive leaf to Noah is one of the most famous in all the world. Metal Changed In Holy Land Coins; Paper Rose-Hued (N.C.W.C. Easter Supplement) Even though the various con- tries are not yet returning to the gold standard, Palestine is going on a "gold-colored standard," since some of the lower-value coins are soon to be replaced by those made of a copper alloy instead of nickel. The new coins, which will bear the present English-Arabic- Hebrew inscription, will continue to have the characteristic pencil- size hole, which facilitates the handling of quantities of coins without wrapping; one merely strings them, Both the news and the news- papers have taken on a rose-color- ed hue, as the existing newsprint stocks have forced.them one af- ter another--Arabic, English, Ger- man, Greek, Hebrew, Jugo-Slav, and Polishto use a bright pink paper for their editions. The AUTOMOTIVE k ARKANSAS Clarksville Fayetteville Van Buren Mena Paris OKLAHOMA Ada Omulgee Wewoka Henryetta TEXAS Paris Sherman . 906-912 Rogers Ave. Fort Smith, Ark. PAGE FIVE : St. Seholastica Academy, Fort Smith St. Scholastica Academy, Fort Smith, is both a boarding and day school. The Academy is conducted by the members of the Bene- dictine Order, who for over 400 years have guided the minds and hearts of a host of eminent men and' women. Curriculum offer- ings include subjects in the classical, scientific, commercial, and vocational fields. Former Chicago Pries Makes Archaeological Find In Holy Land (N.C.W.C. Easter Supplement) Considerable interest has been aroused in archeological and oth- er circles by the discovery of a statute of Venus on the site of the excavations in progress at Ain- Karem, about four miles.west of Jerusalem. These excavations in the town of Zachary and Elizabeth, and of the Visitation, are under the direction of the Rev. Sylvester Sal- ler, O.F.M.; formerly of Chicago, and have already brought to light a number of important discoveries. The recently found statue of VenusRoman equivalent of the Greek Aphrodite and of the earlfer Oriental goddess Astarte---is de- scribed by Father Sailer as a pro- duct of classic Greek art, cop- ied from the Capitoline Venus preserved now in Rome. The mar- ble image, which is about a meter in height, is the first of its kind to be found in Palestine, and by direction of the Department of Antiquities, will remain at the Government IVPuseum. One possible importance at- tached to the statue is that its ex- istence in Aln-Karem furnishes another proof of the antiquity of that locality, and may indicate that the birthplace of St. John the Baptist there was included in the number of Christian shrines pro- faned by the Emperor Hadrian who in 135 A.D., desecrated the place of the Nativity in Bethlehem, and Calvary and the Holy Sep- ulchre in Jerusalem. The destruc- tion of the temple of Venus upon the site of Our LorEs Tomb, in 325, A.D., at the time of St. Helena and her Imperial son, Con- stantine, proved the death-war- rant of the Venus cult in Palestine, from which time it was gradually abandoned and forgotten. Thus St. John-in-the-Mountains, sanctified by the Benedietiu and the Magnifieant, became one of the tombs of Aphrodite and her cult. BLESSING (Continued from page 1) he went to tle monastery of the Canons, where a large number of distinguished personages assembl- ed to, extend their congratulations to Hi Holiness. When the Pope's carriage return- ed to the Vatican he found the Basilica and Papal Palace il- luminated with lights and re- flectors. The Square in front of :the Basilica was filled with citi- zens of Rome, who applauded en- thusiastically as His Holiness made his way into the Palace. GATEWAY BAKING CO. FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS UNITEO STATES WAR. BONDS AND These doors open on the STAMPS svlngs possible in times like these. May we renew our pledge to give you at all times the highest merchandise at the lowest possible prices. 907-11 Garrison Ave. Fort Smith, Ark. Congratulations To Bishop Albert L. Fletclier O. K. FEED MILLS,00Inc. MANUFACTURERS OF POULTRY & DAIRY FEEDS Fort Smith, Arkansas BOSTON STORE COMPLETE LINE MACHINERY and EQUIPMENT IN STOCK Heft Hydraulic Hoist Truck Bodies Air -- Water -- Suction and Welding Hose Fort Smith's WIRE ROPE Most Complete Motors -- Pumps -- Belting -- Rails Department Store Road and Mining Machinery We Rent Equipment For the Entire Family Re A. YOUNG & SON Fort Smith, Ark., 301 South lOth St. Phone 8901