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April 23, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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April 23, 1943

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PAGE FOUR -, THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 23, 1943 , L April 25 Latest Easter Immaculate Conception Church June 0 St. Edwards Mercy Hospital la I Possible Not To Occur Again Till Year 2038 By Brother Anthony Bruya, O.F.M. that early datc,'for it was 125 years The unusually late date of the ago--in 1818. With even more Catholic Easter this year recalls some interesting facts. As is generally known, April 25 is the latest date on which Easter can fall at any time, while March 22 is its earliest possible date. However, it is not so gen- erally realized how very rarely Easter falls on either of those ex- treme dates. As a matter of fact, the date of Easter, as computed by the Catholic Church, has come on March 22 only 16 times since the dawn of Christianity, and it has occurred on April 25, as it does this year, only 15 times during the 19 centuries since the Resurrection of Our Lord. It was in 1886 that Easter last fell on April 25, and, while many who celebrate it this year may re- member that occasion, few indeed of us will be hero the next time that the Paschal festival occurs on this latest possible date, for that not be until April 25, 2038. Easter on March 22 is even more remote an event. It is quite safe to say that no one living recalls the last time that Easter fell on Sherwin-Williams Fort Smith Store 1216 Garris(m Avenue Phone 4430 Style Guide Lending Service certainty can it be prophesied :hat no one now in this vale of tears will survive its trials and tribulations to celebrate Easter when it comes on March 22. That will not happen until the year 2285. Old Olive Trees Of Jerusalem Still Flourish (N.C.W.C. Easter Supplement) Olive trees flourish a very long time. There are some on Mount Olivet in Jerusalem which are still vigorous and green after more than 2,000 years. There are in the Franciscan's Garden of Gethesmane, on Mount Olivet, eight olives trees which, accord- ing to tradition, are the ones un- der which Our Lord was bowed with sorrow on the eve of His Crucifixion. By Norman C. Schlichter I will never forget my first sight of olive trees along the shore of Italy's Lake Como, one of the world's beauty spots. It was mid-winter, so I know for myself that the leaves of the olive tree remain on the branches throughout the year. The leaves are small, narrow and profuse. When they first come out they are light green in color, but they soon take on a grayish cast. When bright sunlike strikes a grove of olives trees, they look like patch- es of silver from a distance. The leaves are so dense and thick that they overlap and intertwine, mak- ing a dense shade. The flowers of olive trees are quite inconspicuous nd attract little attention. THeft  fruit is small, green at first and black when ripe. It is never used in its natural state for eating, but is pickled first. A tree begins to bear when it is about seven years old and continues to bear as long as it lives. It grows very slow- ly and lives commonly for a thou- sand years and more. OIive wood is beautifully veined ee OLIVE TREES on page 5 ---.--.-.--. J. C. PENNEY CO. FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS ARKANSAS BURIAL SOCIETY, Inc. See Our Plan of Beneflts--Fixed Rates---No Assessments Call Our Associate Funeral Firm in Your City Merchants Bank Bldg. m Fort Smith, Ark. FORT SMITH--Fentress Mortuary. VAN BUREN--Fentress- Miller Mortuary. RUSSELLVILLE I Gardner Pate. LITTLE ROCK -- R. F. Drummond & Company. NORTH LITTLE ROCK  Owen & Co. JONESBORO--Langford's Mortuary. EL DORADO -- Hall Chadwell. PARKIN -- B. E. Oquinn. EARLE---W. F. Holt & Sons. PARIS---Jacobs-Dever. BOONE- VILLE--Roberts Funeral Home. CLARKSVILLE -- Hard- wick and Son. HOT SPRINGS--Paul Heady, Inc., CAMDEN-- Bowie-Mathis Funeral Home. WARD ICE INDUSTRIES Always the remarkable note of Immaculate Conception Church at Fort Smith is the fact that it is located on 13th Street, at lhe head of Garrison Avenue, Fort Smith's main business district. On days when the doors of the church can be opened.wide, lights, and the flicker of candles can be seen as far as the eye permits down Fort Smith's busiest street. Remarkable also is the fact that though, the church has a seat- ing capacity of 700, there are no pillars to obstruct the view of the congregation. The Immaculate Conception Church is old in Catholicity, as far as Arkansas records go. Easter Week Ceremonies Traditional In The Philippines Before War (N.C.W.C. Easter Supplement) How will the Catholic Philip- pines celebrate Easter this year? Will there be the usual Procession of Palms, the "Solidad", the "En- cuentro"? We do not know. We can only hope and pray. These customs have come down through the years, from the times of the old Spmaish Padres who taught their people how to give fitting expression to the faith that was theirs. Simple yet impres- sive, the ceremonies bespeak the heart of a people deeply in love with Christ and' His Church. Let us suppose it is two years ago. We are in Mindanao--in one of the Jesuit missions there. T)le American Jesuit Father in chm'ge is glad we have come. He is all alone. He invites us to stay with him for Holy Week and we are happy to accept the invitation. It is Palm Sund:.y. The first thing that attracts our attention is the fact that the people have palms even before they get to church. As almost every one in the parish owns a cocoanut tree there is no need to distribute palms. The palms, some of them six feet long, are frequently decorated with flowers or woven into various de- signs in keeping with the spirit of the day. An especially ornate palm is given to the priest by some :prominent family of the parish. When all the people have as- sembled in tile church their palms are blessed and after this the priest walks through the church while the people wave their branches in the direction of him who is "another Christ." On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there is the Tenebrae and every day the usual morning ser- vices draw large congregations. On Holy Thursday, a remembrance of Our Lord's Last Supper is en- acted. Twelve young boys come to the convento (Rectory) to have "supper" with the Padre. The ineal is entirely supplied and ser- ved by families in the parish. In the afternoon these "Twelve Apostles" arc assembled in the church where the Padre, in imita- tion of Christ, performs the "Man- datum," or Washing of Feet. During the late afternoon of Good Friday the people again con- gregate about the church for the "procession of the Holy Sepu- This EASTER Buy WAR BONDS And Bring OUR BOYS BACK SOONER iiii{iiii ..................................... :!iiiiiiiiiil;;i!iii!!ii;i;/ii:!i!;:;i:. ,::.:::: .................................. Deadline For ......  ................................ ::i;z:ii;i!iiii!i!i!i!/i!i!!ii/!:iiiii!i!iiiiiii .... $th, Easter Duty ..... .......... .... u,,, Easter duty is the !iliiiilil ie.l resting upon Catholics to receive ttoly Communion at Easter time. It is a mark of fidelity to mem- bership in the Church. in a state of sin, the duty also involves the obligation of receiv- ing the Sacrament of Penance be- fore approaching the altar rail. Easter time, or the prescribed period in which one must receive Holy Communion, extends from the first Sunday of Lent to Trinity Sunday in the United States; from Ash Wednesday to Low Sunday in Great Britian, and from Ash Wed- nesday to the Octave of SS. Peter and Paul in Ireland. Trinity Sunday this years falls on June 20. Thus June 20 is the last day on which a Catholic in the United States may fulfill his or her Easter duty. lcher", one of the largest of the year. It will generally stretch over several blocks. It is a fav- orite procession in the city of Manila. All participants carry lighted candles and the line of march is marked by special lights placed in windows of Catholic homes. Several appropriate hymns are chanted and the Rosary is recited in groups. A mark of sorrow is note in the slow and hesitant step. It is well after dark before the procession returns to the Church. At about nine o'clock, Good Fri- day night, is held the "Solidad". A statute of Our Lady is carried from Station to Station along the same Way of the Cross. There is a pause at each,tation, but all in silence; the priest, as usual, is the last in line. The idea is that Our Lady, on the night of Good Fri- day, retraced the steps of her Di- vine Son, in ilence, alone with her sorrow. Early Easter morning at about half past four, all the people as- semble at the church for the "En- cuentro" or "Meeting", the beauti- ful symbolic procession that re- enacts Our Lord's apparition to His mother. As the people leave the church the procession divides into two sections. The women, bearing a statute of Our Lady robed in black, as the Mother of Sorrows, go one way. With a statue of the Risen Saviour garbed in a white flowing mantle and holding a long thin cross, the men take another route. The two sections of the proces- sion meet in the middle of the town after a five or ten minute march. 'At the appointed meeting place a stage has been erected. This "sugatan" is a wooden struc- ture, some twenty feet high and acts as a "heaven" or "clouds," out of which an "angel" is to descend. The Blessed Mother is brought up before the "sugatan" or under it. The priest is nearby; the people stand about on all sides. There is a hushed silence. Slowly from the "heaven" above, a little child--an "angel"de- scends singing: "Queen of Heaven, rejoice, alleluia; for He Whom Thou hast merited to bear is risen as He said, alleluia." When low enough to reach the statue of Our Lady, the little child removes the black veil of mourn- ing from the head of the Mother of Sorrows, who is now the Moth- er of Joy, all in white! After placing a crown of flowers on Our St. Edward's Mercy Hospital, located on 15th Street, and Avenue, occupies the south eastern part of the spacious on which are located other Mercy institutions. Being in a tense area, the hospital and its staff have been taxed to Holy Sepulchre Repairs Continue; Restrict Entrance (N.C.W.C. Easter Supplement) The repairs which were made some two years ago at the Holy Sepulchre, when the great arches of the rotunda were braced with wooden beams, are now being car- ried a step further by the Govern- ment through the installation of steel supports, of which some 50 tons will be required. At the foot of each of the 16 stone piers supporting the dome over the Sacred Tomb, the stone flooring has been removed and the ground excavated down to solid rock, which was reached from a few inches to a yard or two be- neath the surface. Thus far, the excavations made have not re- vealed any finds of archeological importance. Into these openings, concrete foundations for the new supports will be poured. During the progress of the work, which even now is in the nature of a temporary expedient designed to preserve the venerable fabric of the ancient Basilica, entrance to the church will be severely re- stricted. Lady's head the "angel" withdraws into "heaven" and a group of chil- dren, also dressed as angels, break out into hymns of joy and praise. The two processions are now unit- ed, and, escorted by trumpeteers, they return bearing the statues. At the church there follows the! Easter morning Mass. Easter in the Philippines! So ; it was two years ago, and for so many years before. Holy Land Really Has But 2 Seasons: Spring and (N.C.W.C. Easter Su Palestine really has but sons--spring and summer. is called Winter merges Spring to renew the face earth, changing the brown hills to verdant green. The "green hills are a reality when the son--"the early rains" in the Bible--commence spring in the Holy Land. Summer in Palestine said to last from about til November, during no rain falls. Thus turns into "the sear and leaf." The greater Dart of ainous Palestine would summer desert were it not : heavy dews. 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