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April 23, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 23, 1927

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TttE GUARDIAN, APRIL 23, 1927 Page Seven , "Let me tell something," said the THE PROOF PANCAKES IFIRST U. S. CATHOLIC 1;v)ther (if a little chap. "I couldn't One cup of m~lk, two cups fiour, l CHURCH'~ITE TO BE HOURS AT HOME find the two chickens I had ordered Two Irishnlen were walking along one teaspoou salt, one tablespoon! MARKED BY SHR,NE I f,r to1~iff'at's dinner, l know the lthe street when one of them re-~su.~'ar two tablespoons melted butter,~ * I ~'~'~'f~*~*~~-O~4~~ men,man had delivered them, but find i marked, "How brig]~t Orion is to-'lone egg-r, beaten~ Mix dry ingredients{ Baltimore, Md, April 15.--A shrine * * * *.. . , , I iand add beaten egp:and milkand beatJis to be built at St. Mar.9's City, ...... ~I The success of this initial complete them I could not, Going upstairs tolnight." YOUR CHILD's - *lpt~ysical examination depends on the;my bedroom for something, I glimps- The other IrLshman looked up and thoroughly. Add a teaspoon of bak-]Md., on the site of the first Catholic HEALTH *i~:ceuracy and faithfulness with whichied them in the middle of my bed." said, "So that is O'Ryan, oh? Thank ing powder the last thing before bak- church built in the 13 original col- * * , o ~ ..... * i tl:e parents carry out the physician'si I mxssed a brooch w;th a small ~oodness there as one Irishman in rag. Bake on an aluminum grMdle omcs. Plans for the structure have .... * irecomme~ldations as to daily schedules idiamond in it after I had been to a heaven, anyhi)w." without grease, been drawn by C. Grant La Farge, a and Treatment diet, correction of defects and the~concert,'' said the music lover, "and I r INew York architect and brother of luther suggestions he may make. Prob-!advertised it for some time, but heard COVERS IT ALL SYRUP Ithe Rev John La Fargo pioneer in ry E. Spencer, [ably the visit t,) the doctor will re- nothing of it When Winter w-is over __ __ ----- jtho organization of the Piigrims of Specialist. assure ~ou tha S nn is i con and the hu 'e ~ile of ~now bad melted ~ - if ym haven't maple syrup maketSt Mar-'s wh E" . . N. C. W. -. :~ t . o y . n good -, g I .... The Snagtown Torchhght has corn- I ' y ~ o are sponsoring the r uucatlon. (Written ]dition and does not need corrective on my front lawn the pin showed up ed a new heading which was former- a very g'ood syrup, of on,~ cup brown[movement to erect the shrine ; c. News Service) !work. In any case, if he has receiv- in a patch of young grass. It was as ly captioned: "Birth, Marriages and sugar and two.-th~rds cup granulatedI The shrine will be of brick, with a~ ed beforehand a medical examination absolutely uninjured as if it had been Deaths." The caption now reads: sugar. Add three-lourths cup water[marble pillars. The architecture, i~are planning a lon~you may-send him to school ~vith thelt~cked away in my jewelry case all "Hatched, Matched and Dispatched " and cook until it begins to thread, lwhich will preserve the atmos here :k .Y. Do you start outlassurance that he is in good runmng]Wlnter. Springfield Union. -- lof the first chapel, 'will be purely co- ~,^ ~nat all will go well~!order, ready for the trip, fit to corn- -- AND THEN HE LEFT TOWN SAUCE SUPREME ]lonial. A feature of the memorial ~ an average alan orlpete with his fellows. He will be up[38 PER CENT OF AVERAGE "- ~ [structure will be the use in its con- :ar,~n ifsense" prompts .you Ito. par physically, with .reserve vital-l. INCOME GOES FOR FOOD ...... A ..... n~r.,j .d~ itor, harassed by One cup milk, one tablespoon ...... corn-[structioa of many of the bricks of ~ it has had much lty fur stress and strata. If he is] ~..,~t..~oA 1;h~ .i~ t~l..n a oare starch, one-half cup salmon hquld,[the omgmal edifice ~ , er -y~ garage where, nap "itlflt' he will have fewer colds. He will] Thirty-eight per. cent of the aver-[~d*"~"el'hStUd"z of the libM~ law. He was one tablespoon, butter, one-half tea-tI[Id~cmg an mdecen show" ao.~Y an expert where be less likely to catch the so-called age man's total raceme goes to the~. ~,.~...~e~ _n~ -otonished as well as spoon salt, pinch of pepper. Scald The German St-~--*~' ~*:---'~- s .... nts will be reader"children's dlseases,"-the bug-bear of~purchase of food, according to nu- ~--~alled b.. the fact that in nehrl- the milk combine the cornstarch andlcrusade founded in 1a~e- ~-^~ -'-- .. . tltated for thoselthe first school year His attendanceltrltlon specmhsts Percentage of the ........ .;.t.~ ;.~ l~ ..... r he had salmon hqmd. Add gradually ttfirst conference in w ..... i. ..... t. You ' r ' " " milk st,rrm all the t~me then eo~ . 5rill make ecord too will be good, and his school average income taken by food has .... ~^~ -'-- .-.~- ........ ~ * ..... .~ *~ , g , 160 000 .,ersons ,--rv-~---*~ : .... -~ is "~"~'to'" d and a stron h ht thrown into its ware, howe ,y " -, w,,~.~ ..s,~ ~e,~.=u ~ ........ " "l:) ' v v,~ ~,,-,va~CUThe:. an~n~ tl~, "=" oued and in[accomplishmentwill approximate[increased 18 per cent in twenty +,~,~ R,r h,*, o~,~,~,t~fi,,~ he di~ aoo outter, sale anu pepper. A/ "ght nroeo.~ian z~u nave n r ne fifth of th tamespoon ot catsup may De auoeu e - enoughl core nearly his mental ability. "~ hen years In 1907, o - ' e work- covered that the government weather ~ " I ,o~ two before at-lit comes time for the exodus fromling man's income was deemed suffi- , .... t ....... hunt th~ ~nl, ;n'~rm'~tian just before serving. [~..c~,~,~,- "rr, e ....... Y ur tr~p the first grade to the second we can[c~ent for food. At that time the bill he could safel- -ublish -- ] ............. rl is " I ' Y P " PORK SAUSAGE r~u~-~ t;~o:~:~ COLLEGE going to start lrest assured that Sonny will be count-l for the entire natron at retail food Then he wearily and rcsi~,nedlv [ % in Feb .... " P " ' ta" ruary or]ed among those going to the promlsedlstores was only $4,000,000,000. Th~s took u~ his -oose ,mill and described [ Announ ................. are o " . v g -i r , . ccmen~ .as oeen maoe xna~ ,. Y u going to ]and. o Isum was doubled in 1921 and has .. ~'--ocial function-iven the ni-ht Be su e to cook your sausage[ .............. too Will ~- I t .... ., ~.fle Dig t~ g g|xr ~t f~ donfh of ~..~.0 / ms~ concer~ recr~al to oe gaven Dy ,~ nave a long -- ~mounteo s~eamly since " " ~- -n- o~ the -r--d'ladies of ...... ~'-'"' ............ ' ......... "" ........ ,x'~ COU2rse, we ex ect ~A MI ! The avera e American' eats more Delore oy o e g an . ou~"" enough'- to " insure: .... tnelr~-"- 9cnlg~--:'-L uone'~-- |donn tvle~ormacK, Internationally fa- e to s" P [ SSIONARY TO HIS MOTHER[ g lthe town, qualifying each sentence .. . ~ ....... !mous artist, in New York, this season t, op n " " " ~nrougn ann nicely orownea on ~ne ' especiall,, ow andlm" [than hisweightm m_eat each year,[so as to put hunself safe on the ques- outsi~e tI-ve th, l~m,~ ..... h,,lat Carnegie hall, Easter Sunday eve., ent~ - -~ '~ ne They say I do not love you, mother as is ShOWnoy~ne iac~ ~na~ ~ne per/~ion of libel He said" ....................... IA~ril 1~z -~ ~ ~-~ ,, ~, ~,,;u I,, .~ ~.~.~ ~.. s he ready! mine [camta consumption of meat last year[ ,,. ...... :...~ ...... . ~ not too hot when 5ou put the sau-I ............. make a ' " K 25. WVlllalt givttib~ ~llc xtaliic ux O .... eIl, l~ concer: Ior l-lOly ~ross uouege, 'f the: good start? ! They say that I have left you tolwas 16o pounds or .4 of a pound[G. Jones, who isreported to be one of sage In. Let ~t cook slowly until!worcester' Mass, one of the oldest ; and d2~ur~,ey is al-! repine;, [per day, w~th a value of about 1,500 [the society leaders of this section, is mcely orowneu. Je~suit institutions of learnin, in the ,top.o;::~Courag- That I, who should have propped[calories a pound. Consumptmn Of[said to have given what purported to [country. b .~Cco_~.~- ~nen may] your latter years, ]candy, which is a food that averageslbe a reception yesterday afternoon. DATE PUDDING [ r ....... ~;.., o ~.,s Ut.ea~-U~gt figures[Have given you a dowery of tears. [double the energy value of meat,] "It is understood that a consider- ]nrti'~:;::'~':h'~ =~1","~. o+..'~..... l chil,t~'~ ~uu.catlon,]They know not, prattlers of an idlelpound for pound, amounted to one/able number of so-called guests, re- One cup sugar, two eggs (beaten}:~'~'=~"::v~'S,:::,=~"o+:. ~'==; 1'--:-=u enter thet word Ibite per day .per person. Milk and| .... ~ +- ~ ~-~ ....,-~ - .... ;~,.. light,) one tablespoon flour, one tea-I .................................. ~ ~ .... .. . . , . . .,,,,.u~u .,,. ~ne uegree ot il ion,;f~a~U~be'half The glory of the call that I havelmllk products accounteo ?oy twentY[circles' were present, and some of spoon baking powoer, one cup wal-iDoc,,r ., .... '- ~o re ' do 1 .......... ~ ..... e a-- - achl heard; Icents out of every food 1 at. /them are -uoted as sa~,in~ the- en- nut meats, one cup dates cut flne. I __ .S ........ . ccordin t "~ z ~ ~ . . The rloly Gross uonege uluo oi ~, g o the!They know not of your oraver on] Clothing in the average familyh .... rl th~ - Bake slowly in a sheet twenty ram- . . . uall - - - ~z ......occasion. b* .... y of theseI bended knee ]budget costs less than half the sum| "It is char~,ed that the firm of utes. Serve with whipped cream orINew... York... has.,, token, active .c*narge' . -~uiy due to in ~ ..... , - .' , /-~:~ .^- .~.a O-st of fuel and lff, hts/ ~ ..,_ ....... Io~ ~ne ms~rlourion oI parque~ sear~ tandiea~- _ u-i~na~ rleaven s Iavors mlgn~ ram/v~m ~o~ ~vo .... : _ _ . s |Bower & Blank furnished the refres'h- puoulng ~auce. l an'~ these ma'" ~^ ~'-:--~ -" "~- 0 "' p~ and thisl down on me" /isone-sevenththato~ ~ood. / .... ~ o._:_~.~._... .~._ _..._..a I u : uv. uu~meu n~ vne Work costs the[ .... -." , . .. I" ~ /men~, anu o .... ~ ....... e ~,~s~u .............. ]~club headquarters, Hotel Shelton. t~Z. Ixney Know no~ oI your neart.----lts/ /music ~WIS :STI~AIK FIE ~".~ taxes yearly,] fire-tried ~'old | VEGETABLE SOUR ] "~- ~^o~ ;~ ~;~ +^ h ...... r,~ ] -,e~'-'m" gn mant[That. , gave to God, not once, but/ . a necklace of alleged pearls which she (From leftovers.) Boil potatoes, ild...~Ju,ryand ln-I manifold | In making soup use a foreleg|declares was given her by her hus-cu~; up in tiny cubes, with small piece[ ....... ^.. ,*no la . - . . rares, ~pru ~6.---Monm or Jose h t bed,i..--" as made,[Oh, I could tell themof my child- ~bone, have it sawed in several places[band.,, of cutup onion, being careful that the/ ....... g~. v all ~0~u.~.~ng in thel hood days ]in order to expose" the marrow which [ An hour after the paper appeared potatoes do not get mushy Mix['.sqven~y'ne' ~or Io~y ye .ars a - we parents"-,- - - ' " "'" " ---'-'--- -nd flavors the sou-" You t .... ...... ". ,., /prles~ in Texas ano a~ one l;lln~, vlear- the ehu~ ~_ I~vnen your nan0 lea meever inrllsienr~cne~ u v- [the editor qui~ iiguring on now ~o wa~n sal~ ann pepper ann" lei~-over/,~_ , . ..-- ...... ,,u o~t with iece of boil ....... . . . ~enerm oi ~ne ~an .~n~omo ~locese, eess-a .... I ways, ~may prefer to use a p mglget away from libel suits. He began Swiss steak which is cut into small| .............. ,u Iree aim " one will make lent " ' meo yes~eraay a~ nls mrmptace near ~? ]When sacrifice of life was held[meat, but either P Y figuring on how to get away from pieces Put into casserole and[ ........... ~ . " " " ve meat enou h f r' , ,~ /fflez, ~o wmcn ne retiree several tl above of soup ann na g o "oat N ] [ [town. I cover with ~, rich biscuit dough 1 'our bo.e.~es'ary" IThe earthly promptings of amoth-|the dinner. Potatoes, onlons,] The 11:30 p. m. freight bound west! made from one eup flour, two tea-[yearn ago. :f ..... , [o school, er's. love, made to]:Pacgh:t~'g:mr:tth:' ::yet:~7:sy l::deS}slved the problem, spoons baking powder, one-half According tea compilation made t~l~U~YPhymelan, lAnd the-ideal that you | ] ---The Mueller Record. teaspoon salt, two big tablespoons[, _ ,-vuern phy-! sh:-^ / I I ........ Ivy Simon Newton, the ten most popu- hess as lit " I *~e " I I |laru ano. aDOU one-iour~n eup I, ....... UCll as . far Papa;[stoat names m America are: Ctorin-o to|Drew me to Jesus, darling mother] RAISIN NOUGAT CAKE ~ _ Imllk. Roll out on floured board[l.~ ............ .. # ur pres-I mine / I CLIPPED AT RANDOM I ........ IJonn, wuuam, James, (;naxles, thor^-- - ; i t tana cut in cen~er, tgover ~ne mea~/ ........ uugh exam tieorge, Tnomas, X rlenry,ltooerr~ a I Oh, I could tellthem of your lhn water two "nventor-- ~-- ] Five tablespoons bo''g , ] . . ~ ...... [mixture with this dough, pressing[~ .... \ m.." ...... ai. y oi his l radiant face / ....... . ,~ t lrisnmen are oisgruntieo w~tn! ............. ioosepn, ann rgawara. TinS snows ma~ a~s. T~. i ,ounces Dither cnocoiaEe, one-nal~ cup| ........... /IT; arouno ~ne sloes ox olsn. tmKe/ .............. don, of lWhen first I told you of the Call of|r.,,~, --~'and one-half cu~ su~ar, lrlenry _~'oro because ne nas iaueo ~o]in hot own about 25 or 30 minutes |~ne gooa om unris~lan names are swu +^ ~ well in ad-] Grace- , ]= ......... .' . ~_~-_ _"__ lacknowledge the offer of an LL. D.] .... ~ ..: ....... ',']dearer than the modern misfits. ~v SCh.-~ -,- s , /Iour eggs, oeaten separately, wte-i. ~., ...... .~. . ITne juice Wlll come mrougn ~ne Sll~! ,_ .~ tithe to~: that[How close you held me, close[half cup milk, one and three-quar-]zrm .umversl_~Z ,,~n~ proo-]in the dough. ["""ATR" '~" .......... i: ,.... ~e use~ a~-ainst ,,our breast ~. - -" "- ~ ---oons]ale expianauon is ~na~ ~vxr. ~oro m, t an~ ~- r~u.-ut~ .... "qUOted b-- t" ! ~, ~ , I'~ers cup pastry xiour, ~nree ~easp ! t __ h" " # ne ex-~And thanked Our Lord that ,-ouI: ...... er teas-oonIt busy thinking about F. O. B. De-] | MEASURE ~SIGNED '~.s be nece ...... ] ...... ~ [baKing powoer, one-quar~ P- ,.]t~.n;~ ~ Times New York ] THE GRAND' SCALE | ally ,._ ~"'~'I nag oeen so mest. ]salt oneteasnoon vanilla, one-haiXl .......... ' " I 1 ,(,~'"animous in ]You knew m,, love for -ou had not[' ' "'-~ .... - .... ~ ..... ;~h [ I ---'---- | Albany, April 14 ----Governor Smith is pro-st P . . From Life anna ,~ heel[ grown less, ]boilin~" water Cream to~ether but-[ Water has killed more people than[ ............ [has signed the Wales bill under -". ~ae t , s ~, . Mrs. riowaru--wnen my aaugn~er a a* ' .Y ell us[For when the wonder of my Gods]~ .... 4 ....... ad beaten e~'' volks,|wh~skey. We have not the exact] .............. ]which theaters may have their 11- -SUcha ti ......... ~"**' "~" oo .... IlrSI; marrleu sne llVeU a~; ~ne ra~:e ox tenses revok " ahce -,- me] caress ]~nilk and chocolateMix well; add[statmtlcs at hand, but ff it be our] ..... ]' ed for a year ~f the man- Correc~:dd:faerltS]Lay on my spirit with its mystic[flour sifted with baking powder and[first move we wall commence with[earl:: ;aYeaHow long did they keep]a,gement.f a theatrical preductlon are he-~-~ ly,| touch, ' [salt Snrinlde portion of this ovei-]the Flood Houghton Line~ Phila-]:~ . ..9" .[playing ~nerem is convac~ea oI pro- sc ~,~n P" I felt I never loved you qmte so " ~ ter Add p ia ~-v- hoe1 " " raisins and combine with bat ~ s " " " Work .... ] t; / [Mr. Howard--For their 7-day]douncement was m ...... Will | much ~- ............... ~hl'-Fold in | -- ! .. . 1~ aue rooay zrom zne ..- ~vanlua anu oea~ ~noroug y. . / 'weaning trip greater ~vly mother, far away in alien lands[stiffly beaten egg whites. Divide[ A hick town is a place where the| ' [executive chamber. mi- atten- My thought is yours, and in yur]mixture into three layer cake tins[bootleggers never make enough[ DiSAP~rV .... [ nation pre "~ "~'"~'~ WILL CONSECRATE GROUP "alice , .tender hands _ ]and bake in moderate oven (300-3501money to get out of the crnnmal/ ]' .................. if the " ' .... ur JAt-~t~t~ ~t~Hut-~ o Y I pledge my memts Can you, can de rees F for 15 minutes When class Memphis Scemltar f it ~'. - " l g ~ .) [ "--" " ]From the Louisville ~ourier-Journal] ~ tion of 2~.:Iy ,~, - "youthlny ,. ~ ...... ~coot put together with nougat filling.[ | After all these sanguine stories, it[ "-,~e a,~,;1 ~"~'~'ph,~ p,.,o ,,,~u e ,~..,, ,~iallthe soum ~natt nave leo.r,o ' " " X ....... ' --v .... v.--- ..... v'- '~,*- w York '-"* ] ~ [ It cost the Japanese Government [m now admitted that only one Ameri-]~consecrate a ....... * -o+;,,~ ~n~ ~n;y ' ~,..v v ~wp- r "'"~ is two drink b Iver Th salad is Ealways serving Try to tlme your cooking lysthe rate of $125 75 per barrel Olsen Wer~ ~ I SETTING THE TABL I$2,000,000 to give the late Mikado a]oan is known to have been killed-byI~,~ m~ps ~e ~-~'~a~ed na "e~ ~ ~OUnd: From fountains pure;of countlessl ]"ro--er ~ ..... 1 When a Ja"anese/*~-^ '~: .... -:-'--- ~" I~ ...................... P 1- cent. v _13 &tlllUli~ ~J bll~ ~lllll~ l-lo~el-~ .... , de ~ " ,, | [tlve Chinese Bishops, it was announe- 25 .... - ones who died 1 For luncheon, if the bare table iS[taxpayer cries, Long livethe Era-/ / ............. wr cent;A " . eu oy t~armnai van ~ossum a~ tne adobe-'- nd dying, knew and loved the/used lay the correct number of plate peror," he means what he says.---| THANKSGIVING meetin of ~he Council of the Pro.- 7 ,,ers' 25 Crucified! doilies at equal distances around the/Spokane Sp~okesman-Review ] -- ]' .. g o ; ..... v- v Cent. . ', " agal:lon OI rne rall;n ~nt; tu~._ , For you I offer thankson heathen table and place on each dolly a serv-/ ~ [I open my eyes at the break of day I~ uercul. . d ~" ~e he , sod, lice plate The silver is then arrange With the words on m h s " , aring, 2You made Iof me a missioner of God, -- " as for other meals "-the } Before electric signs were invented[ . _. ,, y p I thank/ It is always safe to speak the truth. ', Per cent - - , . . . [~ne same , actors had to make their reputations| Thee lit is alwa-'s safe ~- ~ ' '-; "" ,~ y ~o oo rl n~ 1~ ma ed ...... ~na e er, belore my eyes your knives, spoons and silver needed for h,, ~+;,~ ~.~.z;~ ~ ....h~;.,o,~ JI ~,aze at nio-ht on the starr- skie~l~ g ' Y -ut the . . ...... s. ........ v ......... - oe aangerous according o earthl ~es t .... teachings shine. ~the first course at the right, forks at /And I breathe a~'ain "I thank Thee "It .......... Y ehn.~- great God bless and keep you, darling ~the left---never laying more than _. ~ . ., ~ ~ \ |smnaaras. t~ may ~eaa to me cross .u anct in -- ~'- ............. ~ce 'ne money paid ~ne inlan~ s nurse ....... ~., . land to the stake. But it goes safely uefe,,,~ mo~ner tn*ne, three---Ix more are neeuea, P~ " '~ .... - .... 0 Lurk m~r ,~'a~elui ne~r~ is *-,,~-," - -- .. ~, are ~ ~_ w ;., ,rh~ ~-ck .- ..... -~ *he is nKe~y ~o De nusn money.---rxansas , ,~ ~ ........ Ilnto me e~ernal years of God, where ~he~, ..- -~, ~.,,., "- --"~ ~'~ , .~nem wnen requlreo, r~owever, ~ ..... ",h the iO~r~ d~vine Thou s~n4'~f ~-,~ ; - - - - Yearsmaylat~,.'~ non~ g- ~om~r-:""s, ,.,.,,,,,'t':"". ~oyster or cocktail" fork is" placed . at ulty ~mr. AndWi-'~my'- humble" " ............ thanks and burningtYoun~,' IalsenOOUp~,,,,1,~ano wrong are punished\ . .-- ) t~ae -- - ~" --- the right of the knives---on, the outer ~ . love I" b ~..v-~. ,\ ~ystemS .... ' ~ Howell--We still monkey with this ....... " . . , | -- '. e. OMETIMES THE THINGS WE eoge. ' ' . . 'I'o ~ne oep~ns el my oeing reno me:~ BEER SUPPLY l HI ve Your be LOSE DO COME BACK There is some disagreement about evolution question. ~ , ] N C CAGe .e before hYe ~ -- the placing of the napkin. It r ea!ly boP:We?,l--~,Yes,.we hav.e t~f::: ~o2;-I thank Thee for all Thou hast given/ "~ .... ~ ....... "" Th .... " vesti-a "" at the left of the forKS y au ~neume---rxar " - - / ~vln A ulsen, re~lrmg ~ae tri~, - e plane ra~leo, so an in g - belongs " . " ~o me, " -- " lly n~...'~ o~ tion was in order The top was apen- Placing it at either side of the silver- ant. 0 teat "o of sorrow of sadnes S[$ ~ates District Attorney, says ~hat the ~w sur- " g J Y , s 1 " e ver ma confuse the year y graft of the Chicago beer trade the ch" g "g " For my work, and my home, for my . ~e bu..~ fld depths "No wonder it rattledw yel- places Napkins are therefore often HOUSEHOLD HINTS deart,, beloved $219,000,000. Beer manufacured ,ruen 0~[ .... o , " e , at the cost of 5 er barrel is s 1 tag his ~" led someone, and out of the interior placed in the center of each servac -- And O God for m,~ Faith's Hob,IS $ P o d he :- ~l~t of the instrument he pulled a scarf- blare If you are a guest remember The flavor of vegetables is lost . ' al~a,~::~; " ztto "soft drink parlors" at $50 per let t;,~*'~ mal-~, p.ln which had been lost for a year, that" "your ~aapkm" is" at the left of if they are kept standing"before ........ ![barrel and retailed~ to the consumer at ellt inn-- postage stamps and a eom .your si "e " " " " " So from early dawn till my eves close l . . . " " t~as ~.^pres- "That's nothing," said the head of placed at ~he left aiso so' that vegetables are served ira- at ni~,ht - lesdma~es the consumption around rs, Cod live-- the family. What do you suppose I ~ mediately after they are cooked ' My heart is singing "I thank Thee." j 5'00.0.barrels per day. Not half bad t " find 1 often~ AS SHE IS SPOKE conmoering that it is onl el ht mrs abl.~s, more ~,n my shoes every so -- 0 Jesus, My God, when Thy call[, i. . y g ye new man of xour mother's hair net." ~ If you wish to boil an egg "{hat brings me Home, ]since ~ne country wen~ bone dry. , .. "Well, the upholsterer who brought "Gimme a bowl Rf tomato soup; has been cracked wrap a small piece Let nty greeting then be Lord, "II m- back the recovered sofa had a tale an order of beans, bread and butter, of waxed paper around it It can thank Thee " . .. ~ Mrs. Knagg wandered into the big docto--,- to tell," remarked mother. "He said apple pie and a glass of water," or- then be boiled in the usual way ----E M ~. ~drapery establishment when the busi- re-- ~ae found a pack of cards, three cigar- dered the customer in the beanery, without the egg coming through the bess of the ~lay was at its height. qulre ..... ,, , . , . ette butts, about a dozen hmrpms, a and the walter shouted rote the kltch- shell. ARCHBISHOP BYRNE I don t think III buy anything to- nipl Le to a nursing bottle, a nail file en. ~ ~ - TO ACOUIRE GAELIC[day''' she said, after she had monopo- and 50 cents in the stuffing of that "One splash of red'noise, platter of Do not use s~da to clean alumi- -- --"ilized the attention of a busy assis~nt l for more than half an hour."I'm article of furniture. He returned Saturday nights, well done dough num. A little pumice powder is (D~BYHNn: C--W'IC'Apri N:~.,s -Arc}lbislaServie~-~o- den,~..;everything to me but the cigarette with cow to cover; Eve nuder cover, more effective. to have troubled you,~ but the of a ,.~*~tbutts." "-- P.fact is I was just looking for a Byrne announces ,that he has begun friend." Slee;~er:s: "Huh! Where do you suppose Ilet Adam chaser." Never, leave sugar, raisins, cur- ~phSibeaUdYh!fai~e mI~i~S~ndn~h~etgli!las :~:~:h :lll2~h:i's e seh .]found my gold watch?" asked the DISCRIMINATING rants, or peel in paper bags. 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