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April 23, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 23, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 23, 1927 Page Five ~g~Ji'~A~||AISTlf~Rm'~:P~ lwoutd know to what deuomination, f, ';~, o al hal l lV| fany, bebe on ed, be decided to go ilwr t,lv lr nADM ! Patronize Our Advertisers V .. ----------_ On Monday at noon this gentle- ~ ~~ll ILd'~]L~I~IL$~III B~ P" e" SeaMan, Mana~" ~ Rd;,.~ ..f .,.o w~l.h~, R., [man called us on the l~hone He waslH rt~l ar0~, ~D'al tr~ s,,nil : ...... -L ...... ___.__ " - ~o ~ .............. ~,. , o ,lost amazed. For years he was|Or ~~0~-~A~I VAI~]I i'--71=;7RT ....... ]" t reply of Dr R-an never ~, ..... u~-;*~.e,~" "Will ,,~u t~" dreading the Jesuits and suffered!n ............. II ===;C;=: ,--~]~, as well as President refuse to let Catholics into severo nalmcmuons, he, however, splendidf answer to the 4.1my 'lnd N lvv bee m,e they found Father ParsOnScleartO be "a hu-I Sunday, April 24.--St.born of nobleFidelis of ~ Arcliitects | .... Odorless are o . ~ i ~ ,, ' ' - ' .: . o ~ .... spee al value owe a double allegiance"" nlan person, with a head and S,gmarmgen was par- IIall Building i Call attention to t~,~i ~ " extraordinarily intelligent," More-lents in "the year 1577. Finding iL ,i Little Rocl,, Ark"nsas ! "~" ~lean'-'~ ff our advers*uies "'! .... -- ~ . ~ .- over, he learned a lot of things byldifficult to become rich :is a lawyer ~< " s ori oames }k. llnlonev, angel OI zne ~ } ' ~ ' ' ~ '~'~ 's'" " yr. Dleffenbach and the listening to, as welt as lootdng attan, set ~e a goo(l t~Lm, uan, nc cm- ~;" ........................... ';" Men's Suita Cleaned and and salacious play called "Sex" Pressed 50c to be leading one who wanted it to be made as him. lie is going back again next braced theaustere life of the Capu- non-Catholic faiths, yet dirty as possible in hope the police Sunday and intends to bring his chin Order. Waylaid by a party of a rnalice, for it is not would give it attention, "and then father. He has an aunt who reads Protestants in Switzerland, where he The Clo~k of L~n: Called for and DMivered. their attempts to m!s-we- wm ........... make to~s o~ moneY, gout" Maria Monk' and ' Fox s Martyrs". had gone to preach against the Calvin to discolor, the very serious" when the jury" - went~every night before retiring. He heresy, he suffered martyrdom when The clock of life is wound b 313 CENTER STREET h practices of an-out to pass on his ~uilt tie sat in wished he could bring her. We for-he would not renounce his faith for And no man has the power Phona 8593 ody " ' ~" " , ' --'-- .... - Dr Ryan fit- the corner with head bowed and, ae- got to ask ]f he thought the lecturer them. To tell lust when the hands will _.___ ._.__ -~lcally rebukes Dr. cording to the press, prayed with had anything to do with poisoning Monday, April 25.--St. Mark, stop-- ' ..... . ref n~~~nve'nt~ng falsequo_ Rosary. beads in his hands.That's poor I=Iardmg. ~,..~-~ ~.. --- ..~ ..-- o..~ Ev:~?gehs:~e~;Si c??v;rtt?~d-~ .~.:ostth: N2tla:eZ.~ ,. ,~,~ ~,.., ~ ,,~?~rlYihUr'ou ow For Practical Nurse Call--- athUSl-2~ to statethe the prize story of the century. It : Well, Father Parsons hypnotized Y P : , n y y n; i ~aer Parsons shows l is even better than Earl Carroll's him anyway, whom he afterward accompanied to Live, love, toil with a will--- MRS. E. J. TSCHANN | a pnall gave a "state-]"so many girls will ,be out of work -------- ~ Rome. To St. Mark the Church owes Place not faith in "tomorrow," for 3012 West Fifteenth St. t ,tLePe which was never l if I go to jail." ~ t Note for musical erities: A police the many touches which often lend "The clock may then be still. Phone 3-1574 Little Rock, Ark. | ~. others and took The man sa-in~ his beads reminds official informs us there are onlylvividness to the Gospel. Sent to .a,-.~- ................ ^near context A mis . . .s ~.... - '~.- - sixteenor~,an~rindersleft in Egypt to establish the Church of Alex- mnm : ................... '.e of bu-" - us oI a nor~orlous western oanalr oi ~" ~" I . . m l,, ~ .... ~mess are theselwh ......... ~_~ Hi~ recrea- Greater New York. The number islandrm, hm dmelples'attracted wide- ~ i]m ........ :'..'u~elligent and "~rom I_. """ "',',"~ ..... ~" . " - 'eonstantl- decreasin~ ;spread attention by their piety and II ~ ~ R|| "l"l I ,Xiltv .. ._ v -ilion was noloing up trains, muroer- ~ ~" I t, ~-. ~. aj=a.~ 1 ~.~ a - ~. It the use!. ' " e " asceticism and he himself suffered What a~- ". Y mg the crew, rffhng the mall. Moreover, the little monk y m red .' .......... |~'~"]~ | ~ ~| ]~"V I~ .. .~ .. i 0^~ -~we to expect~ ..... ~. .... ~.~.;..~. ,~. .......... ~s ~nd breeches and ea~ is no lon~,er touted torture ano aea~n. ~. re~er re~erreu ,$a.~ ,i. ~a.~a.~ | ~epresenung the ! ~s gentlemen who I-v~' ..... ~'. .... ,,~ ~,,,~ v.~ ..... s..~, ..7 'ar -n ...... he o'r-an -tin~ ~, [to him affectionately as "my son l iFIRST Companyin the FIRST | on of *~ -- ~nen fining Oli into ~ne mountains ou u oy ~ g g ~ers. we " _ . _ a n.._: .... ,L- ~,---t~ a the r~ae, Mass refersIOne Thursday at midnight with fivelsuppose he has got up in the world, lMark"' General **ent l i . "................. I -vpe s armamentsl s fr m the Tuesday, Aprd 26 Sis Cletus and Proverbi-~ ~ " "iconfederates he held up a Saute Fe[He has pas. ed o gutter to beI " --- Central States Life Ins. Co. IJAsse~. e__Bill!on, Two| "~ oasement of 1 Mareelhnus, Popes and Maltyrs St ~rch~ ;train. He killed the conductor, enthroned in the univers'ty [ " . . ,_ . |~ ~mmn ~o~lars. | ecache-- wounded a brakeman, helped steali ~ Cletus was the ~third Bishop. of.Rome 510 Fedora," Bank Bld~. ~ I ~ ,, ~ .,. I f t understand,$30,O00 and so frightened the pas-I|~ ~t onw.eua[~, av and succeeded- St. Llnus, a c,rcum- I1 lyew XorRLate ! ,e' Practises. Yet last sengers with threats and profanity U. 0. ~l~[L0 ][]~'~Lr ~r ]stance, which, alone, shows his emi- LlTTLE ROCK, ARK. !i |ng|lllP$11~t~lm. ~AflL ] .' explains itc~...lch.+ *~.0. ~;..~on I ................ ]nent virtue among the first disciples 11 _. -'?Y _'Y" | dn~- - all ........................................... ~co the multitudes,] Heading his bandit gang he rodel iViBNN|ON.~ b llNON]of st Peter. He sat from the year Phone 6694 Res. Phone 3-2368-J ii,~o~~t ~.~lOZku*r~.l You shah . I ...... - .... I ~vaa.~a~v~.~ ~ ~a~aw~,el76 to 89 I=. - --~" -" ........ o d I r . convict over hills ann rnrougn woous lOt SlX] [ ~ i H li'.~_ ~Y truth of why |hours straight, Finding a secluded} ---'---- I St. Marceilinus became Bishop of .',~--,~..--~. -- .. ~'~ Me'~',T Cathohes Here Donate as Much as Ped a -" he Jews place he halted the contingent, forl " Rome in 296, about the time Diocle-I [ ......... ,~.. ~,.a.~ ,~-~ ,~*~,-, ~d s nd eyes straining all where tried and hungry. With a] Rest of World, Pope Hears. tian made his impious claim of divin-] ~ ~r~l,~ Jo an,'. ~v~.-. ~.~ ~r~t) ~__ ~,~ | S0r~:me contradiction, string of profanity he told the chap] -----'-- ity. He died in 304 after gaining] i ERECT A MEMORIAL T T I ..... Scandal in His in charge of the food to open up the] (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) much glory in cruel persecution [ I ........ i []!!,i ~ue~io ,, " wi~n ~ne coming oi nowers anu green ned H~m Rome, April 16 Amezaca ~s the a ~ - , they sandwiches and get the coffee ready. I "-- Wednesday, April 27.--St. Zita, I ] ""'s hel" nature beautf~, ,,our loved ~ ',~lf" ~'r~ I ueNl; t " i i " - s, .... , v a a he ac salvatmn of the m ss ons, Arch , ~ein~ Y eused The faithful follower obeyed. Soonl - Virgin, hved for 48 years as a servant[ | ones ~rave bv selecting one of Mona- ~ rot, L,% ~[~ | g or kn . . . .., , -, " 'v. .~ r, owing Abra-the coffee and ham sandwmhes were]bmhop Marchettb presl.dent of the in the house of Fatmelh, a citizen[ | hun s everlasting memormls. ~ i ~ | k,~ae, answered their prepared. The leader comfortably!Superir General Council of the Pro- of Lucca. She w/is very devout and] j ~m1~.1, ~, w w ~ ~ n e'~1~'~ i [ ~ l v stone t a atlon of the Faith, declared when h n he h ,, s, therefor sea ffee m one P g a.' e, ted with a mug of co " l ". " . . . once w e s ad remained "nl | NIUI~AI-IAI~ ~k ~UIN ~ I / ! hun ' 1 h in the other the R~ght Rev Monmgnor Wflham aaoth~ ~ d and the sandw'c [ church absorbed in prayer, long past l | ........... .. ~_ ~'~I~t[~=------~1 ! ay sou h J Qmnn national darector of th~ Pro isrepre g t to suddenly drew the morsel from his . . . " her hour for bread-making, she re-]| ..... .. n,~.,~ ~ J sent, to enta pagatlon m the United States, read ~a,-r, ~x,.,~.~ ~Ure~, . ngle lips and paused as if in deep . . turned home to find the bread all[ ~ ~[._k~,~,~ .... ~""~lt~| | , my His Ch mrades hm report at the Internatmnal Coun red No one m the house had Mark Every Grave be,- ureh thought. One of his co - prepa . " i| ~_a,~"t~'t~'~. ~.~:~;: | ~er tr - " ~ -" --- carmen .... ell meeting in the course of the last .... . t. noticing h m consternatmn sheep- . . touched ~t and a delicious perfume l,~,~=,o , ,._ ishly said: 'What's the trouble, wee~. of roses issued from it. Her pleas~ we ,, . m ,i Wrotea piece Bill~ Enthusiastic applause greeted the ant demeanor in the face of mmtreat- high stun ,, " "it'sFr~ statement all of the twent six dele nt won her the admlratmn of her dards Ah, h----l, he said, " "- , y me T. HORNIBROOK Uonthl e r m various countries omm s and the res eel of ,~. Y once day and we only have ham sand- gut s f o " " j ' " g fellow servant p Su,~eesoor to ~nlng of the wiehes." in it heartily, her employer. She died in 1272. H"" EY & "'~'RNH~R"*"K ,~ notonl ~ nv ~ Y had Wednesday Monsignor Quinn was Thursday, ~prll 28.--St. Paul of appealed to an in- Alexander Beckerman, New York and did not en- labor leader, offers this kindly sug- circulation gestion to the American Civil Lib- erties Union: If you were as solic- of Mr. Mar- itious in getting the victims of gang- ~ae more point in I sters out of the hospitals as you Mr. Marshall lure gangsters out of a jail, you might be doing some good. irtterview, Years he has Same religious to newspapers With little suc- PUblication. The Was that editor; ies Unfair o The letter from a non-Catholic, printed last week, urging the or- ganization of a Protestant Holy i Name Society, and stating that he i had been corrected several times by i Catholics for using profane Inn- vered that guage, reminds us of an articles we or reputed quota- saw in the New York Evening Post Part, investions, dis- the other evening. The writer ,f~isrepresentations. Frederick G. Lieb, said Connie Mack -he Atlantic Used the rejected was the most beloved man in base- ball to .day. To give an idea not Proposition, only of the popularity, I~ut the afec- on the head lion baseball men have for the cele- eeds an answer.,, ~ntinue a series the same suggestions: before Xe- ~n he, as Presi- or the COmes? brated Mack, Mr. Lieb said at a re- cent dinner, Mr. Wilbert Robinson of Brooklyn, when he met him kissed him on the cheek, saying as he did so: "Dear old Connie." In giving the reasons for Mr. Mack's popularity the writer said he never drank anal never let "an oath answer of any dind leave his lips." Mr. ~, if he is elect-Mack, we know, is a model Holy maintain his Name man. )r at Washington, The example of a man who never Why~ drinks or swears being so popular Dawes tell the among a supposedly hard-boiled set when a prel- as many baseball leaders are known, Manning, indicates that as these things are a treaty with not necessary for success neither are When the big- they necessary to obain or keep COUntry demand friends. ess ~an Long- There Lis no limit to the possibili- the Presidency, ties of the good that may be done by from the K. of C. Forum. We met a fel- Odore Roose- low last week who was with a best Presi- friend. He had been brought up in of his four- ~t,ntwithstanding received in audience by the Holy Father, the interview lasting half an hour, and the Pope himself spoke his high praise of the pious gener- osity of American Catholics toward the mission cause. His Holiness noted that the contributions of American Catholics amounted to half the general fund collected for the Propagation of the Faith, or as much as all the rest of the wvrld together contributed. After expressing his great pleasure at the advance of the Propag~tion's work in the United States, His Holi- ness blessed the national director and all the American members with the liveliest paternal affection. Sunday evening Monsignor Quinn addressed the students of the North American College on the labors of the Propagation of the Faith. He was introduced by Monsignor Bres- lin, vice rector of the college, and his address was enthusiastically re- ceived. MRS. ROMANES, NOTED CONVERT, IS DEAD (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) London, April 11.--Mrs. G. J. Re- manes, widow of the famous scientist Professor George J. Romanes, F. R. S., and herself a noted convert to the Church, died last week at Santa Mar- gherita, it is reported here. She was there on holiday, with May Bateman, Cathl~ic ::~::, when she contracted doub p nia, and lived only a few days. The late Professor Romanes, whom she married in 1879, progressed' dur- ing his career at Oxford from a posi- tion of agnosticism to a belief in the Christian revelation. He died before the intellectual process which would have brought him into the Church a narrow sphere and suspected had completed itself. The annual Re- many things connected with the manes lecture at Oxford was institut- the Cross modelled his 81 years of life on Christ's Passion. Several crushing crosses beset his attempts to institute the first house of the Passionists. He branded the Holy Name on his side and his heart beat with a supernatural palpitation that was especially vehement on Fridays. An intense heat from his heart at times scorched his shirt. He endured 50 years of bodily pain. Friday, April 29.---St. Peter, Mar- tyr', was born at Verona in 1205 of heretical parents. He went to a Catholic school, however, and no per- suasion could shake his faith. He received the habit from St. Dominic himself. Two heretics, whom he had confounded attacked him as he was returning to Milan and split his head with an axe. While lying on the ground he dipped his finger in his own blood and wrote, "I believe in God, Creator of Heaven and Earth." Then they stabbed him to death. Saturday, April 30.--St. Catherine of Siena, daughter of a humble tradesman, was raised up to be the guide of the Church in one of its darkest periods, the Fourteenth Cen- tury. In face of virtually the whole world, she brought Gregory XI back to Rome from Avignon. She died in 1380 at the age of 33 years. RADIO OPERA IS OUSTIN~ JAZZ The preference of the American radio audience for jazz, which was shown in answers ~o questionnaires ser~t out three years ago, has changed to opera and educational programs today, according to Frank A. Arnold, director of development of the Na- tional Broadcasting Company, who spoke yesterday at a luncheon of he American Institute in Town Hall. Mr, Armfld said that 75 per cent of those who answered the question- naire three years ago voted for jazz, while only 5 per cent expressed a de- Catholic Church. The Jesuits were ed in his memory, sire for it in answers to a similar ::21d like to his pet aversion. He considered Mrs. Romanes devoted herse,f to que:tlonnmresen.t .OUg e;ently lUe-,'-" answer them a group of plotters, like the literary work and to study and pub- yo:~n!., "Have Mufti we suppose, who were wityllished several devotional and theolog-thP :=Ltstw?h=: ~h~ea~e:cP~i or v~.~e?'' and intriguing; older Jesuits, helical books, as an Anglican.' She also the individual," Mr. Arnold said. ~_~ lVlaryland, lthought had a mesmerizing faculty, wrote the life of her husband. "Truth is being spread. No program ucy ~ He ~s alwhile the young ones carried bombs] She was received into the Catholic is accepted unless it educates, ele- :~ore h~s can-]under their coats In fact he con-~Church in 191'9, twenty-five years aft- votes, stimulates, Or, taken all in all, Poe(1 W" / " o~ -- Ill he lsldered them guilty, of most every- er her bereavement. During her is worth while. ~t is a type of pro- ' ~aefact'thing but being intelligent. "Med- eight Catholic years she showed a gram the like of which the world has Eng- ieval hair-splitters" was one term never-failing sympathy with those never seen." m agree, used The sudden death of Hard-]passing through intellectual difficUl- VIII, of in~ he said was to be attributed toltles similar to those which she had Eng- therh. We asked for names, but helexperienced, and gave much of her Cs D. ~ CO. .ry in the wouldn't telL I time to the service of the poor. She ever ,, ,, Y per- ] We wanted to take him to see one I wrote two novels, A Great Mistake, , ~ut tel of those sunnosedly vicious men, butland "Anne Chichester," and at the ea~ .. ~e World ]s "-'- K of C t~me of her death was en aged upon ~ . "]instead sen.t him up to .'1" .g n~ner is a [ Forum to watch Father Parsons m la work on St. Peter's Epmtles. ~hun Ex- action, suggesting that a seat near[ ~ . WHOLESALE nd ' seven-Inn exit and a pair of opera glasses] Sacred Hosts, buried under a RETAIL centuries.) Iwould be of assistance for personallmountain of debris caused by the col- e- _ - Ritchie]safetv. After being assured the[lapse of the tower of the church of Phone 4-3041 ~ Felton ~ " 1 A rfl ~, ,t.--'~"'~ ]meeting was onen to the public, that~Notre Dame de a Dalbance last p 116 West Sixth Strut ~,n~ qu .... , Inert-Catholics as well as Catholics, [have been recovered and found to be LITTLE ROCK, ARK. "~lOrl ' ' , i should would and bhat no one intact be present, "~- ....................... VENTILATING AND ALL KINDS OF ROOFING BANKERS TRUST CO. MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS --We are agent~ for practically all the important Steam- ~hip ompnie~ --If you are contemplating trip brod for busine~ reasons, or if you desire to undertake a pleasure trip, make use of the many excellent Winter Cruiaez, do not fail to call on us for information, which will be cheer- fully given, without charge. --We wiah to remind you also of our foreign Exchange Department, which is in position to effect money trana- fers to foreign countries by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money Orders at prevailing market priee. We both buy and sell Foreign Exchange, getting quotations hourly. BANKERS MAIN AT SECOND TRUST CO. FOREIGN DEPARTMENT Wheth~ you are fool or a wi~ parson can be tested yea7 eimply. The acid test is tomorrow. That means: Is tomorrow in ]rotor thought, dominating all you do today? Be tomorrow mgn. money you put in your Savings Account is Tomorrow's Mon~/. " a maai CAJqT, L. aqJ JrU 04m.44 Io Subscription A subscription to The Guardian for yourself, in the form of a renewal, or a new subscription for a friend would be a fitting observance of Catholic Press Month. grr . nr ian 307% West Second Street, Little Rock, Ark. Please enter the undersigned name for a year's sub- script|on to The Guardian. For which send bill. For which $ ......... .is enclosed. Name Address-- City .State SUBSCRIPTION PRICE SILO0 A YEAR } - / o" ~ /:i"" , '