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April 23, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 23, 1927

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TtIE GUARDIAN, APRIL 23. 1927 Page Three _ bing their own nation and attempt- ~ .......... 'i" " ...... m LAND IN JERUSALEM re-]~phlle or Se-a ing to ex~cnd t]-c robbery to the l trtF~t~F~ d~F~:~,TOF~ ~ [ ! ~ " " ~ ]! PURCHASED BY JEWS United St,,t,:s is hardly i L 0i BL ill FROM CREE CHURC. The Guardi.. Vlll{'illt~Jt~ ~t,~t~]~ All social items ]since-co when he pleads for further] i ....... ~ I| IIKJ%~IIIDLF :'~ la~lg& ] |i " .: 0fgiee, -" ,.~,-~,~a~, ~.~%a~a~a must be in ]cnlighC,.mment of the American pea-I ~ ~3~[~1%N ~ i i ] ~|gl~_ n~A~TI~TrlP ] i i (By N. C. W C News Service ) '07~ " b i, - ~ . ~ , li EIL,%I~J,II "'1I [ | " .... : SeCond S* F.~tm~{'~ _ . y [p,e. Wha~ Calles needs ,s p,enty of ~ !t ii]tl ffl UI l , rusale ., April 4--The United h0 Tuesday noon. t _ , ~ , .............................. t .... lie 5486 triple ply darkness, q2he beam of the ............. Sy]m~,ogue c.~ Amcr ca has acamred Ifo:t?'Z7~:tsea:cl~l?~:~:~itl].~2:l:e,L1L,~t T~~ I:ente? s~:s~:l~.ifWu~Scd:2?~,:nt~2 St. ~(~ary's Girls Make Splendid Rec-flol]l the (),thodox :Pa!rlarchate .?f ~."~.~.~ ~ . p s . z " " ~ '" - ~ a close ev ~ne).a b ~'' e.. - o.. .. .. ,deru.:al,em a sire on \VfllCU Will SllOrLl __ ~s .,op~ ~,]a. ~nor ~eclna s a.socm~estoi /.oty weeK. i I De erected the first modern synagogue !in the United States will not too zeal-1 On Itolv Ttmrsday Itigh Mass was .... --7--~. - land comma ' ' I usl r ~ ~ " I ]Jurlng the r, as~ six or eight weeks . mty center m the Holy I,o 'y p opagate the hokum he has:c%ebrated at 7"30 by the Rev J H ..... ~ IClty This is said to be the first %,'2"~lkL.~lr%lll]l.fl~kl~. I I ~ ............... ~ J, , ....... I contests m various suojec~s nave oeen i ' '~da , [tcontmveu ~ao,e~, ~rooKlyn, ~ ~ ~;2U;k:cner, assisted oy r~ex. m]. A held in the high schools throughou,t ~ra:::~ru:f 2ru:alem property for ~l::rith::'~--'ircle No. 4 will give a card party in the School ., or the Procession of tohu~ St;tthe Tuh:i:e;:~ttyn:f 'Arrka::::!oYccupgagon Pal P.~l::ts::C~nthl;1BS?tain~h l~eMa," st S,xth street l] II~lhtll3 tlJLUI IBUhl the lessrd Sacrame~n~ wended .~tS[and the papers were sent there to be]als the first time that the Greek .'*,-~Pril ~@....o__~ [I ~*'~*~"~ -,av~v~u,~t,~] iway ~o ~ne .~l~ar oi ~epose wmcn ~'raded In accordanc~ -'-:*~- *~^ _.~__lPa~riarch has sold land in the Holy at their hall ,,.,~.ra party by the ladies of St. Edward's Church II- - - --[was beautiful in its decoration of/s. .. - . .......... r,meS]City for Jewish nurnoses ~t. ---, *~lntn and F~r~-,, o,o-,0 II f .... , .~ . , ....../oi ~ne con~es[, no names appeared on~ - ~ - ~- .... ap i o- ....... II LITTLE ROCK COUNCIL No. 812. Inwersanp candles.. ,,or=y n.~ue ~o[s]the papers and those who graded[ The site covers more than an acre, 503 ~_~, ,.~'~Card party by Circle No. 7 in School parlors, il __ \ ipreeeaea ~ne l-roeessmn carrying ~as-[them had no knowledge of the pupil's]and is mtuated on the new King ~etla . -'~ mXth street, i! Lats week we outlined some of thelkets o I rose. pe~am, vo strew ~elorelname or the name of this school The (~eorge V avenue adjacent to Jaffa- ~*~..ay, A~ril ~ ,, . ~]most prominent activities of our or-]thmr ~ucnarmnc r~lng. ~n sp~e O~/State was divided into twelve districtolrad" Together with the site on uathed~,~', -o.---~ara party at the Elks' Club by Circle No 2, i ......... lthe inclemency of the weather, the] ........ Olwhich the svnaeo~ue center will be --, aid. " lifter in ]he way oi social servaee anal . ......... , . /anu winners oi ilrsl; and second place~ - o o ~May ~, [[patriotic work Great and glorious]cmluren anu people were Ial~nlm m[in each district are invited to enterterected' the Undted Synagogue of tl~Z:Yn 1,~_~'May-pole Dance by the Good Counsel School ehil- ][as these works were yet it seems that[the2r w?it: thf^Ad:;ats2umacher ex [the final contests at Fayetteville,[A.memca.has also obtained, possesmon li .... ~ae school grounds ][the greatest solicitude is and has al-] .~.~ ','~.~' e .~.~. " ....... -[April 22-23. This is also the date of]~ sulnment land nearby)n order to -~uay, May 2--.o - " ]/ways been shown towards education.~plalnea. ~ne msu~uuon at ~ne holY[contests in Debating and Athletics]prevent. the erection of undesirable \ at their hall, party by the ladies of Good Counsel Church /iWe see this in the action of the Su-IEucharist .. .... " . ]and the University expects this to beI .nstltutmns or commercial enterprises ruth and Bishop streets. ]/preme Council back in 1904 whenl ' t~ooa rrmay. ., [one of the biggest interscholastic [m close proximity to the house of May 2 ~- iI ............ [ The unveiling and adoration of ~ne~ tworship The syna--o--ue will be un ~_- "~uay Day Fete and ~a .~..~ ~ va~ .~ M~,,'~ i[i~y ~nousan~ aonars was approprm~-i .................. [Meets ever held m the Southwest. l_ ,_ ".. . ~ fi -~my. . ..... v~-~ ................. I led to found a chair of American His-[t~rss' xo~lowea ~y ~ae ~a~s o~ ~,etGold and silver medals will be award-]aer ~ne a,rec~ supervmmn of the Jew- May3_ ,~ . i/tory in the Catholic University of[Preh:rns~:hT:2;h2;:lte8roa,~c~:cky ~;;iled the winners of first and second]]sh populahon of Jerusalem. One eta, b,. :---t~ard party at St. Edward's Hall, Ninth and Ferry I]America at Washington, D C ]fl ........... ' .Iplace in each of the final contests. ]hundred thousand dollars has already . -me st. Rose Society ]l Later. in 1912- the Kniehts of Co-]church ~ms aaynaa ~aKen on i~s gar~/ St. Mary's girls entered six out of[been con~rlnu~ed Ior the Jerusalem Me,, - I/ , , _ o . Ioi mourning rne rasslon was reaut ........ , , ~svna~or, ue center ~,~a ~-Na T,~,tro ,,4~ "~ ~-~Excursion ,. ,~..u: ..... n.... ,.~.;.~^ ^.~. I[lumbus established a foundation oft~,,' ~ov Mr a w.... u~ ale.tithe nine preummary eon~es~s and am-l-]_ o ~, .,, . , y:.~ ~.,,~ o~,,~ ~ ~- ~o,a~o u~.,=s=, o.o,~.~, =... ], .......... -- t-~ ............................. ~tin~uished themselves in evener sub {2~merlea Wlll Iurmsn the balance lffa _ Ita nalI a million sonars Inonesame~ .. .-. , s -~ -., . . . Y 12"Ann Carmval ] ]anu iorcmle vmce ~ nea " "'-" " b the students of Little Rock university for its general purposes, ". . ject, ranking not lower than fourthe eu ior the completion of the pro- Con th~ o^,,ual y I I It was most edifying to see the! ........ ~ect which t-~,~~ .... ~. *~.~ ,,~ -~ ,~ouege grounds Ilenabling the university to award 501 ...... /m any con~es~. ~ne winners and ~nel~ ..' , -~ ........... ~,,~ .... , " if ..... ,,o ~ ...... ,,;,. inumoer oI people wno Kep~ company[~,,~ ,h .... ,e~,~,a ..... ~ml ..... [will, it is estimated, cost approximate- . - i[iree scnoiarsmv .... v,~,v ...... s iwith Our "Mother of Sorrows," dur-lA1-)ib;;~zF~;;;nce~Vc"~ "= "f-~'--"ily $500,000. s J I ~ 2 z _t | g , o ogler, ilrs[ place, ~. ' , Since September, 19 3, the Lni hts L. Kenne g mg the three hours agony I the:- Y have,pensatedbytheopportumtyofreee,v-, ...................... ........ " ... 1Regina Carlettb second place; Eng-I "-=,r'ni,~. .. ) |OI bolumous nave ~een conuueclng a At 3 o CLOCK ~ne ~adons oI ~ne , of B~,~':~e' ~mss Ger-ling one of these elaborate pillows as a]corres.ondence stud- department fori ......... ]lish, Helen Schultz, second place; MARY ANDERSON S ~"~lmore, Md ~rize ~ " v - ~ ~ross were sam, and a~ ~:ao ~ne ~ev-/ .......... I APPEAL FOR " ..... ............ " .... en Imam: words were DeaUl;llUily ex- ' SHA 's j ] ] ......... ] ............. /first place, Regina Carletti, fourth[ KESPEARE THEATER oe E,-- I_._ t l~ nas suceesslully unoer~aKen alpiaineu oy ~ev. It it wernKe, anal , ~ ....... , .I tan- s~ announcelV-ATHER STRASSNER / ............ ,, ...... 1 ....... /plaee;~aun, ~v~arie ~arey, ~n]ra/ Qa~nr___.. |wide alsl~rlOUl;lOn oi ~ne rmr~een~n~in a very [ouemng sermon ~ev. ~a~ner/ , ..- ., ,~ .... t ~.. ~,~ o wr o x~^.... ,, - tau,~-'-v ~acmngmar_ ELECTED PRESIDENT AR- / ....... turies" _, ,,m, ~ ............ /place, ~e~na wonrey, ~our~n place,/ x~-~ -,. ,~. ,,. ,~. ,~,,~ ~erwce) s-~er M~- ~. . I t /~ne orea[es~ oi wen , anu xne~benumacner ]eta oi u~e vasmon O]l ..... . . ,~ . i ..... Lllk- , -,~trle l~or~e,! KANSAS-NOTRE DAME CLUBtPo-es and Science " two wonderfull" Lord |&merman ~is~ory and ~overnmen~,l hanson, 2~prll 14.---Mary Anderson, ~s, the \ P " ' , our ..... Wed- wedding] __ ~ ..... f Dr " ~ ] ...... ]Lorraine Phllbm, third place, Pat-the celebrated American C~holic nesdav .. I lOOOKS Irom l;ne pen o oames o. I raoly oacuroay. ! r~ . .. , ,~ . -I , .. Chu- - 0' auay 18th,[The six governors of the Arkansas-i~xr_is~ --, . o, r,~.. *.,~.~_ ,,r~_.~.~ ..- ]mere ~e~mer,iour[n place; bpamsn~actress, is making an appeal to all Eetl , YY ~ ~. 11 2"kb d :Ot~ L%~v. ~ gt~llt2K VY ~111~, a~- . - , North L~ttle]Notre Dame Alumni Club have elect-] ......... " ted b- Rev M~ A Wernke -er ]Helen Buroker, third place, and Maryladm~rers of Shakespeare to contri- e ' A special ~ oI t~. edition of the ms y ". , p - ] . . . ] d for their President Rev. Geor~,e F [ : .. . , . ,~,,. ]Cooper, fourth place , buto to the erechon of a new bufldm -~ X . .' ~" " Catholic Encvcmpema was ~ssuea, and formed the ceremony of the Bles~,,,~[ . ]. g ,~ ] Strassner,Principalof Morrisl .... 2 ........... .o~ w~ ...... m ...... +.~ ~+, All those who ranked first or sec- m place of the Shakespeare Memor- "' t, athed nearly ~u,uuu oi ~h]s grea~ liorary o~ ~,,o ....... , ...... , .,a~,, ....| " " ' " " ia ., ral Aid ...mlPre~aratorv School of Little Rock] . end have received mwtatmns to the1 Theaterat Stratford-on-Av r~y on Tu -., ~m - ,~ . and university of culture and refine- The twelve prophecies were read/ ' . on, _ esdav A~.mtCollege, Vine President, Aristo Briz-! ....... . ............... final meet, from Dr. G. C. Futrell, which wasburned down twelve : ra., in th -, v-- ment and of Cathouc ~ru~n nave been Dy ~ev. v a~ner wernKe. ~ne mgn . . . ~, e school ,,-~ [zalara, of L~ttle Rock; Secretary ] ............... Premdent of the Umvers~ty In ad- months ago ~a Street v~'-/ ~ . . o, sold.For years ~ne order sent vlass was cemora~ea oy l~ev. ~a~ner- . ., " .[ ,, . " .~ Beau~,,~,Warren B,Adwm, Little Rock: Treas-[ . ,, . . d~tmn to these contests the followangW~th all true lovers of Shake- -~u Pillow ...... ' out this country and 9anada Peter Schumacher and sung by the jumor . . [ ,, ,, h +-~. cases will urer, Chfford Twoomey, Camden .......................... ,^~:~ .~^ pupas have been selected to represent speare, she told the Evesham ~ole as the - ' - IThese ~f~ ..... ~,~. ^.~.~ .... v ~_ tW. t~omns and uawa t, oms~em ~o ex- cnmr, iouoweo, ourlng ~ne t~,,,~ ,~ Mount St Ma,',,'s in th .... ~,~= ~ rffournal " "I h .... ~ ,~,,~ o" prize iol.I . " ...... ' **'.~': ........ , ....... -Iplain the dangers of socialism and deep mourning that prevailed for the . " "~ ~. ~."~ ....... I , . . ~ ..........~.z ..... .,,, _ drlcks, Jr and Wflflam D 0 Shed, of ......... which there were no prehmmary con-:task of building a perfect shrine will " set forth the Catnouc vmwpoin~ on pas~ ~wo weeks was cnangea ~o a . , . . Fort Smith, fo~ma the Board of Gov- . . . .......... ~ . . , tests; Expressmn, Het~u O Bmen, soon be accomphshed, and Chat an ex-wc~e .... ernoro ........... ^, ,~.^ o~, ~ }all the questions. .... mcmae~ in ~ne so- scene oI laY, when. ~ne s~an~es ano Plan" o, Angehne" Kaczka. , and Helen edifice" " worthy of him who is known , a at the ' cialistic ~rooaganda. These two men flowers that were h~dden by the par- .~ ............. ,~ . ~Y Cirol~ ~,~^Notre Dame Nk-ht will be univer I~ " " - - ...... ~ ...... throoKe~, spemng L~or grace and revereu ny CUlmre~ people over -- --~ *.". o -~eacn a mas~er oi nis suolec~, nroIouno Die were suaaenty revealeu, . . . .. . .. ... . .... .. Elks o,. 1_sall., celebrated this --ear on Thurs } ....... : - ,. - ~. ~ . SChOOlS), ~noenure world Will aengn~ me . .~mo on ~ z -[students oI t~acnofic doctrine, auuress- Easter ~unuay. ' .... . .. . e.. .,. ' the s ....... ~pril 2"7~. day, Anril 21stThe Arkansas Club l ..................... zne g~rlsor~v~oun~~. ~viary s u ands wno come ~o pay ~rmu~e . -,~ - leg over a mllllOn anG a rlali men two- no llrsl; Iv~ass, on r~as~er ~unaay, .~ . , .... .. . ... . ui han~ is maldn~ arran-ements to hold the ' , , ,' t~ommercmi uepar~men~ nave come ~o~omm eacn year. .. u era- ~; ~ {thirds of whom were probably non-a Low Mass at 7 o clocK, was cele- . ............. ,, ............ Will~ _: first annual Noti'e no,,~ ~,l;~.~, ".. A.._ ~..., , . . . . Iron~ Wll;ll ~ne]r WOrK ~nls year. All wno nave oe~n lli'l;ea neaven- :ore at each table kansas this year. The Secretary, with' .. . . :e mak- -'~ ~ .............. t L ne serwees of d~e late Prof. James u resm,.~ um aid oI the vice l-resmen~, is all Mrg ~* -'-"-war ....... IC Monah-tn, Dr. J. J. Wa]sh, Dr. aarrin~,_ Klng ou~ a program oi entertain- .." , ~ ~. . ., quested ,_ , ....~ .__ .,_. ~, . .~ . l ben(re ~5. YaLien anu many o~ners on u ~u Dring["t~nt' lot t, ne nlgl]E lnvn;al;lons were, . , , , .~ ~ xl_ TT"--:..~-~ Seore n~a. [e..~- ,.,,~ *~, *t,,, 1 ..... ;~ *--,^ v 4e itlle pUDIlC plag]orln tar Lne xxn~gn~ - .......... ~of Columbus nave oeen sources oi LNoEre Dame men in /~rKansas. lr ]A the . , , .~, __~ l t,x,;oh ~, ~ o~,.,...;~,~ +h,,.~ ;, .... intellectual progress ana enJo3menu ""~'llgivelVlrSa" ""~"Notre "~Dame~"~" "~""""~==lnan in' Arkansas~"'~' ~ O.ll~V~las wltnout" " col 11 p are . Parlors at afternoon, red pillow as a Prize for Will also be a rnes of bridge, Will be played. 4-64. 1. Players cards and score ~ar/l's Church ue ~day, April ~n~;, in their : e] ry streets. or high score or Prize will td afternoon he following Mrs. Andrew Mrs. George Mrs. Law- Probst, Mrs. Theodore Probst, Sr. extended to ale dance by Good Court- ]mraediately the church loon, May Practi- n Will par- le child re- In 1923 the Kmghts made a con been overlooked, he, regard this an- " ~ " ' " - tnbutmn of ten thousand dollar~ to nouncement as an urgent invitation " " "" _ to be present. Particulars may be Archbishop Christie of Portland, Or- secured from anyone of the officers egon This contribution was made to .... determine the constitutionality of the MEXICAN PROPAGANDA Oregon school law and is indicative IN ROTARY PUBLICATION 'of the interests and co-operation of the Knights of Columbus in this ira- In [portant matter which threatened the the April msue of The Rotarmn, of ' " ' ' irights and liberties of millions official pubhcatmn of Rotary Inter he are " " -iCathlic American citizens w national, there appears an article by, du . . ~deeply concerned m the proper e - one Juho Zetma, resident of the P i cation of their children. Rotary Club of Mexico Ci.ty. Mr ......... "h a ,~ .... . . .. ,, I Nex~ week we snail closeWl~ ~e~lna, in ~ne course o~ ms ar,~lcie,,[ ...... ' - 5anal instru ........ h ~" i" ,,snor~ accoun~ oi ~nem~erna~ c~s ~ne ~a~arlans oI ~ e un ~ea~ , . Sta .... ' .... tworKoi our order. ~es as ro ~ne menoa OI promoting] DE QUEEN international understanding, good will'. : : : : = : : : : : : = -~- ate a better knowledge of this na.]religious and instructive program tion among the American people; held at its regular meetings The that you make public the fact that last meeting was held in the home of by Rev. Father Wernke, They have surpassed girls of other ward on his wings should help this which a large number received Holy years by winning pins from the In- wo~'k, even in some small way. We Communion. The chihtren's Mass at " . . . ~ f 9 ,o'clock was celebrated by Rev. ternatlonaI Typewriting Company o owe Shakespease a heavy debt of Father Sehumaeher. " Easter hy'~nngNew York. The girls who received gratitude. Let us pay now, and the were rendered by the junion choir, pins are: Misses Irene Sutton and building of tribute will soon rise in High Mass was sung by Re~. H. H. Bessie Emerson, typing at a net rate the place of Shakespeare's birth to be Wernke, followed by Benedidtion of of forty words a minute. These girls, a perrnanent proof of love and grati- the Most Blessed Sacrament The with the other pupils of the depart- rude." ment are working energetically that palms, lilies, and lighted tapers they may reach the gold'mark at the brought forcibly to our minds the final contest in May. joys of Easter First Holy Communion. On next Sunday there are to re- Seven Basketball Playera Receive ceive their First Holy Communion Honor Sweaters about 22 children of "Good Carousel On Wednesday afternoon, April parish. They have been carefully in- 6th, in presence of the entire stuAent structed and prepared for this the body, Dr. T. L. Keany conferred hen- greatest event of their lives bya the or sweaters unpon the star players of Reverend Father Iterman Wernke for Mount St. Mai-y's team. The seven the past two months, girls who were eligible to receive The children are eagerly looking these sweaters are: Mary Cooper, fomvard to the reception of Our Di- Carolyn Yarnell, Helen Buroker, vine Lord into their hearts They Rosemary Durst, Sowania McFadin have fully realized through their and Jasamine Berry. The sweaters careful instructions ~he longing of are handsome V-neck models, bearing the soul for Our Divine Lord in the the official monogram in white. The Sacraments of His Love. girls who were awarded two stripes are Helen Buroker and Mary Cooper, the latter also receiving g white star REPORT ~GIVES FACTS OF BOYS' BI~GADE (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) New York, April 11 The eleventh annual report of the Catholic Boys' Brigade of the United States,~Metro- politan Division, shows a membership of 34 companies and battalions, 3,- 712 cadets and non-commissioned of- ficers and 137 commissioned officers and instructors. The aggregate num- ber of participants in the brigade's activities was 157,031. The budget for 1926 amounted to as a symbol of captaincy. A sweater of the same design bearing on the sleeve the letter "C" to designate "Coach" was conferred on Father Keany by Mary Cooper, retiring cap- tain, and Carolyn Yarnell, who is to succeed hez~ The pr~entation was followed by a talk by Father Keany, and the meeting closed with som~ very enthusiastic yells. The basketball season just past has been, without doubt, the best in the history of the school The following is a summary of .the season's games: St. Mary's, 34--Ark. School for Deaf 13. , St. Mary s 30---Y. W C. A. 'Midgets" ~1. St. Mary's, 8--Malvern, 12. St. Mary's, 31 Donaldson, 7. ,~. Mary's, 20--Jacksonville, 26. (forfeit) some $6,000. This, the financial pen- "By this means of publicity, ofivisible society," 1st Tim. 11,, 5, ~rs. statement says, "means that the actual royal undeniable effect, since it will be purl John Tobin; The Apostles, Luke 6, headquarters expense per boy was of the forth in more than two thousandi13; "Their Commission," Mass. 28; about $1.56 In other words, these rill will be cities by more than one hundred:Mrs. Jas. S~ith; "The Bible," Mrs. boys enjoyed meetings, received in- the school. Chousand business and professional ~J. E. Blevins; "The Catholic Church," structions, ~ere taken on outings, the grounds, men selected frolfl the flower of the i Mass. 7, 29; "Her Founder," Mrs. J. hikes and excursions, were g'iven Urged to American nation, yomwill be able to.E. Tobin; "Unity", John 17, 11, Mrs. daces on athletic teams and in games, St. Mary's, 2--Alexander, 0 are invit_ direct public opinio~ in favor of A. Palmer; "Leading Religious Bodies were lined up in meets, competitions, St Mary's, 13---Jacksonville, 15. Mex," t t'in the U. S.',, Mrs. Sullivan; and the .co, since the promotion of be- ter understanding means the attain-!closing hymnur~Ae social hour, with a parades and t~ok part in a number St. Mary's, 24--Little Rock, 27. to headquarters of tess than one-half Opponents, 121. 1 benefit mentof true and sincel:e friend-idelicious COee~e of refreshments of civic and patriotic events at a cost Total, St. Mary's, 162. by Good ship." t closed the m "ng. The next meeting cent an hour per boy." Spring training was introduced this and ~hus Mr. Zetina sings the samelwill be held at the home of Mrs. It is pointed out that the brigade year for the first time, and proved old sweet song, brings forth the lSmith, with Mrs. J. C. Blevins, lead- is a big volunteer organization and both popular and profitable. It ended same old plea for "sympatheticler. that it does not duplicate the work on Tuesday afternoon with a game of this understanding" of Mexico. The] Palm Sunday of other organizations The work in between the "Blues" and the ,at each marvel is that he finds AmericanI Mass was said here on Palm Sun- New York is supervised and conduct- "Whites," which was won by the and i:a..e most citizens willing to print his song. day by Father George F. X. Strass- ed by a board of three priests and former with a score of 34 to 21. _ a most The "certain malevolent section of her, of Little Rock College, assisted seven prominent laymen This board i~i!] by the parish choir. Mrs. Ed Tobin is assisted in the parishes by the chap- On a mountainside near Fritziar, presided at the organ. Palms were lains and 160 officers and instruc- in Hesse, a baptismal font has been blessed and distributed. During the tors.~ , unearthed in which St. Boniface is week, palms were mailed to Foreman, , Stamps, Hope and Prescott, by Mr.[ Conductor--'Tve been on this believedHesse. Professor.t have immersedvonderau,paganSan at-in Jas. Smith, the parish treasurer. The train ~or fifteen years." chaeolegist of Fu~da, found evidences Passion was read at Mass by Mr. Jas.[ P~ssenger--"That so? Where did that it had been established by St. Howell. " you get On?" Boniface in 750. A young lawyer, pleading his first case, had'been retained by a farmer to prosecute a railroad for killing 24 hogs. He wanted to impress the jury with ~he magnitude of the injury. "Twenty-four hogs, gentlemen. Twenty-four; twice the number there is in the jury box." ~~ f Saill.g New ?June4th, l#27 on the1 [FRANCONIA] (20,000 tons) o-o ASSENGERS will be under the pers0nal escort of Mr. George G. McClorey, traveling" P, assenger Agent, who will arrange for special attention and entertain- ment en route. Rates From New York to Queenstown (Cobh) direct and Liverpool Saloon . $220.00 Second Class 135.00 87.50 Third Class Third Class . 160.00 (round trip) Combination rate one way third class returning second class on ~pplication. See Your Local Agents, 202 W. 2nd St, Little Rock. Bankers Trust Co. C. C Clayton 108 W. 3rd, F. R.,Penne]l, 2nd and Louisiana ~ta. CUNARD AND ANCHOR LINES 1135-37 Olive St. 2 \