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April 23, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 23, 1927

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PP., XV. [iil Perpetual Miatio~a--- [] [HI "The Guard;an |m evt'~T ~1 home"---out m.~ i ]aL~ The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas - LITTLE ROCK, ARK., APRIL 23, 1927 , No. 32 TO FORM , 2-1 SIATE UN TO ]C , 21 l t~ ~ 11 T I 1~ I~ I 1~ U eaeh new Chmstlan made by the VERD|o In thins ]ntI 3oln wlthf A. I L$ /"k I111 $2,000 iS GIVEN ITSl,, A,T".A A'..Ce HURCH CONVERTS AGAINST KLANSMEN tiltl lVl/'lll/- llll O Q ~ :.C'NewsService) [ ............... [ AND HIS FITNESS TO THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENTOFI Ca T nan A('HI Dayto., o., April lS. H r. E. I~l J.'--The ehai~anl THE UNITED STATES--MAGAZINE LETTER BRINGS ~vua qr-~vvv aaz~aiJaa Reeder, former owner of a dry-clean- . - . . , . ~t::::v~::Tecdo21Crirne Commission Finds They "ave[ AMAERICANuL TATESMAN MANFULLY, UNEMUIV Method,:t: NGe: MF:?~:;s~erEexpenae ~r~t0 7:c:=n::dpl:a:U::uT:n~re~f it be submit,-~ - A Very Bad Influence on ] , nesday t:9, ~; held at Sava~ I Young. I " ]r~. ~t ~t A ~t ~ ]~i ][ ][~ ]~. [~ ~ | V eal~|~|~t]e|~_] It costs approximately $4,000 for The verdict was given in Reeder's , _ I ,, . ,, I ffl0 O/l tl r.U 1 r. b 1 b ' " $25,000 suit against the Em ire ~Change has.b ..... I The ~o-called Art Magazines" is] I Methodist denomination within the o,,~,u~,;,~, o ....... 1. ..... a P.x the . ==- ma~e, ~ / .......... s .....v~,,z, .......... _ assocmte mere the. ~tle of a specmLreport by the New York C~ty dlstnct, ,the Rev., Todd and Fred M ers The com- aSSOciate .... bets. Suo-t~ommission on t~auses of ~ne]SINCERITY AND INTELLIGENCE_THE DOMINANT NOTE]Dr Hough Houston said, last Thurs- ~ , .Y." ...... all ' ,-emoersni , . . . . pany lorIneriy pUDllsneo r, ne UnlO thor ~ . .. P' New York. State Creme Com~mss]on~[ OF REPLY , ]day morning m hm annum repor~ as Kourier, official organ of the Ku Pre:S ~'"~_wru;ers for made pubhc last Thursday. The re- - . l superintenent to the 128th annual , sey:uiar anti re- nort says" [ The anxipusly expected reply of Governor A1 Smith of New York to!x~ .... v~..~, a~,~,h~;~e r.~, ..... ~. ~.. Klux Klan. ~a.em nationally]- ,,~. - " . ..... [the open letter of Charles G Marshall in .the April issue of the Atlantic ........ "~"~'" "~: ...... ~'7~' ~:['~ In his petition needer said that rathe ~urlng ~ne pas~ ~wo or ~nree " " . session a~ ~ne ~arK ~venue ~ue~nou,~ . . r nebulous Monthl is now a matter of news story, part of which we cull from the ...... . ~;.. ~.~ ...... lus plant on the Salem Pikenear ers of t~ -- [years the news stands have been dis-|Y " ~ - _ .......... Ch .... h .... E,~hty .... th ~tr~t, Ne ........ "... ~, ,t. -= uxecu-i_, ...... |Arkansas Gazette of last Sunday. Mr. Marsnan lU rean~y pu~ ~wo ques- ,,__1. the eonven~ oI ~ne ~is~ers oI ~ne ate -- ganized, lthree cents a co--- |of all churches, all sects, and all beliefs before the law as a matter of right J~lace of su-reme sacrifice " the warning and attacking the Cath- ' ~ate bran vy- v v ~ 'tess -- ch'l ' /and not as a matter of favor. [ Fi-ures on Membershi- olics of the county for such "intot- ~ssoeia . s v ~nake .... hon.[l~Trtltllr ~11-tlr Itr~t'~ ~ rl~rt [ "I believe in the absolute separation of church and state and m the stmct] Exnlainin~ .the cos~ for ever,, erance." their ~aen- own [[~W |]~*|,~,|1/~|~, [enforcement of the provisions of the constitution that Congress shall make [member ,,ained during, the ~,ear Dr. Publication of this untrue sto~ eir own o~. p " ,, ........... ]no laws respecting an establishment or rehgmn or prohib~tmg the free lltouston said "This is the price Reeder said cause him loss of ~raonth, o~o::::" ].~ ~|||~'|'~:|| ]exercise thereof. _ IMethodism pays in this district $or both Catholic and Jewish trade under [CClde ~ a,~ ~aaava~ta~.*~ "I behcve that no trflmna] ef any church has any power to make any chef he was aldm the Klan Th~ ~[ ~ " " - . " : ' , ," ' Inn increase of Christiau character, tho'b " . "" g , reco ~ ~ decree or any folce m the law of the land, ethel than to estabhsh the ~ r d to dis ose mmend~ [ T~ ~]~][~| : ~ " " ' "" ~ " tls it worth the price. ?:hose who and later he was fo ce "p .ties Par+;~..~_u_ ,xs[ , , l~ ~]U~'~]L~'~[status of its own co.mmunicants within its own church. [have read the story of God's esti-|of hi~ entire business because of the ~st o ~,~mariy, "I believe m the support of the publ e school as one of the cornerstones t r ~ ns n 1 sses suffered Jud e R~sm or was ne bano.o I / " ' ..... . . . I of el'gious perso a d l o . g ~rse .... ' of American liberty I believe in the r~gn~ oI every~ paren~ ~o ChOOSe .., . I " _ of the veto-[Toronto, April 15. The new Apes-| . . . , ............. ]Chrmt s estimate of the value of a tsent from Eaton to DaytoI~ to ,try ~ th - ' whether his child shall be eouca~eo m ~ne puvnc senoot or m a reugmus s ul h ' e local~--~ :'Itolic Delegate to Canada is officially] . . " ].o ave but one mlswer. Ithe case. to um~l ]schl su )erred b those of h~s own froth [ ,, o Which ue announced to be the Most Reverend pl Y . , About ~,000 members havebeen 1 l ~Andrea Cassula, Titular Ar b', op| A Common Brotherhood [ ' " Y " ch ~sh ,, ,, added to the churches th~s ear ation should b !of Leon~opolis His Excellency Msgr | ,, .... " ......... n'r- in the[Frm that number must be deductedlD|~[ ][~l~'~ ~'~U.t~ 1 at e " "I believe in the principav oz non-m~erzerence Dy ~m~ cou ~ y . r. . I the convert Cassulo was born m Castelletto ~ ........................ 1- a-afnst[abu~ o00 fo~ transfer, death and .......... ~,,,,,, ~, it ~,,,,. - -]-"~d ~,.~ i." ~.~*~'^ ~iuc~'~vr' ....... .~* ~.m~rt^nav on [internal affairs o~ o~ner nauons anu ~na~. we snoum s~anu s~eauxan~ y g Iloss of chuleh' records. The Iargest ~ -...~ .,n,.-.. .......- t-~-"" oe the] ......... |any such interference by whomsoever it may be urged. And I beheve lnl .... IU VI311 l'Ulq ~=a 'a ~--- '" ~'~ovemoer 60 l~u9 / ....... . . ~, ~^.~ InumDer recelvca Dy any one Le'. ~, vuzznngl ...... , " . .... ]the common brotherhood of man unaer ~ne common za~nernooa o~ ~r" | ......... ' .......... .'~ xor many in lVL4 ne was mace ~51snop el " ...... ellow Americans of all creeds in a fervent cuurcn "~as ore, av ~alem bnurcn, ment of ass~ ]Fabrianna and Mateliea and on Janu-[ .. P .......... . ,, ' .............. ~[the Rev. FrederickA. Cullen[ln Departing He Says Mexican Re- l)eal unit- :::}ary 24, 1921, was elevated as Titularlprayer cna~ never again m ~ms l.ana Will any puol:c servan~ ?~?-~7~cu [pastor." ] sistance Is Commendable. ~e 10ut " ~ "ul .......... hen a- [because of the faith in which he has ~rleu to warn nummy w]m ms ,avu. I Salem Church is a he-rec-n--- t in ca ~rcnDlsnop O:t ,eon~opons w p- . ,, ,. , g o gre- re~ arge Th~ governor at the start of h;s letter wrote You ~mpute to Amem llof the Cat~ I p6ir~ted delega.te to Egypt and~ ~., : , , ........ : ............... :,:'" I gation in the heart of Harlem. [ The Right Reverend Pascual Diaz, n. rcan tsa~nodcs views which, iI neia Dy ~nem, woum reave ope, ~u que~,v,,I [Bishon of Tabasco. Mexico, and see- -'eeaof of thethe cenv South's _ e,- ~- his He'served appointments for many to ~+~,- theYears Episcopate ~ ~ befre lthe xr~.... . /this 20,000,000 loyalty issue in Amemcan and the devotion onen " Cathohc and tOfor this. country your cxtxzens courteous . . I and am its expression grateful consh,tutmn tOo~: .yu me ....... Offer sa s ae on mre'th'an ] llmtMtOq i0n Ooelmmg ill~lllll~lP'lU) UI'IrUOP, annnov ,Iwh I retray has "~ tObeen ........ the inMeXican New Yo rEpiscpate' k s" in ce h e utiful ~;+;== as secretary, and 1 ..... o v,~,~--~ = - . ....... I ~....,,.,.~..,.. ~, ~. ,, ,, ** A ,, ,~fwas expeuea zrom /wex~co two the eolon'~'~,~ General, to His Eminence Cardinal|it will bring to my fellow c~tizens ~:or me to give a msctmmer oi une con-[ IIANEIN|; IN .~{'.HO{H..~lmonths ago, has sailed for Rome and ~33 " ~" .... 'victions thus im-uted , u.a.,v.~,~ ,**, ~v~avva~*,,,L urd s He x " " r*" r ; oY Genera~ Mistrangelo, Archbishop of Florenc,] v . .... I o e . e pecks ~o em n r~o rrivin~, o- "~" Italy [ "Without mental reservation.I can and do make that dmcm~merL[ New York l~ter in the spring. Be- Riv:.~ -~ me ]convictions are held neither by me nor by any other American Caznonc,[ Kansas City, 'April 14.---Modern fore leaving he made ,the following Gene;.~er a i2nn nan nlFT TO BISHOP ]as far as I knvw. Before answering the argument of your letter, however, Iballroom dancing~classes m ~he pub- statement: h:~l GANNON TO MARK JUBILEE ~n~Sntned~tP::e=tfhO=y O:a:% : i ::r~a~h~llaPP::'toifG~':Yr is ':Inyha;:~bb~e~2ol~df ::ttIlitn~intkh?~? dshi,~ ^~, m ~., x~ p. w ~ N s Service)]~StatesMy attitude with respect Y " " "' Y. putes between your country and the xerox- ~ id" later~id~ Erie, Pa., April 18. The clergy ofI augural address as go,~ernor when, on January 1, 1927, I sa . The clergy dxd not present an Caltes governmeI~t ,in Mexico, or be- L~eneral "- ~ ,the Diocese of Erie have presentedl .... on No Issue, He Sa-s united fror~t on the question, how- tween thaht government an~ the the city of u~ the Rt Rev John Mark Gannon, theirl I~eilffl .... $ " ....... ~.^ ever. Led by the Rev. Burris A. Catholic Church. A single con~ider- and exec..~?; Bisho: with a oqft of $200,000 tot " 'I have no idea what the future has ~n. store x or me:. ~very on'c ~,~ Jenkins of the Linwood Blvd. Chris- ation forces me to answer 'No,' to ~day +~.^ ~a~a ~,,.b ~ .;1 .... ;;.'~;1oo a hh -rains-| in the United States has' some notion aoou~ ~ excep~ myseiz, r~o man coum tian Church, a minority of nine ouestion~ No setlement ;o c~ ~'= mos~ .............. ~." J ............. stand before this intelligent gathering and say that he was not reeep,tive to urged more careful consideration osmb~e .... istaY:ehr?:sat~ :fn ;:i:sht: Ph::dhe~d'byA ~I::~n~;/the greatest position the world has to give to anyone. But I can say this, The vote on a resolution condemn-;eople 2dt=e~r::/oii~h: :~mg s [ tha~t I will do nothing to achieve it except to give to the people of this .... ,, " mg dancing classes, whmh ~s to be I ve en which Caule Vicar-General made the pre- , ...... , , .., . ~ ha joyed ,the hospitali,tv of 'ou~,h .... may _ _~ ~Y., , ]state the kind and Character of service ~na~ wiu ma~e me aeserve ~. presented to ~h.e Board of Education, your ~reat country 1 ........ ~ ^ -"~"~ ~ne ~en~a~lon ....... ~ ~,- o ~--~, -----,-~.. ~,, ~mu---" .......... ..,,.,t~.,., his[ "I should be a poor American and a poor Cathohc ahke ff I rejected reh- was 42 to 9. know how clearly and ri fl u~ J~ISflO t*~.ttv** ~**~.,r....~ _ gh y your 19 :~aileYd the priests,p immediately turned the[gius discus~:::,2~ a pol~ica! ~2:P::ngdidaT:f:;f2:e, I~lO:ldff~ck,= :: ~ people think; I have heard enough the t~n of accept this a rein me not a y p BIG DROP IN CASES of Premdent Coohd e o Atlantic. money into a fund for th~ eree "o [ .............. " . " g t believe ~nted b- "~" a " mina--- for this die /an American citizen, honored with mgn elective olzice, meeting a cnm- OF YOUTH UNDER 16 firmly that he cannot be deceived b" .and ~'od~y c2;ePh:a~:rYkS:n whYch will be in-[ lenge to his p~trmtmm and his.mtelle:ht:~a~ctteg~ty. "~ala- an The IN ENGLISH COURTS promises that are on ,their fae~ ddest stand, augurated without delay. The semin-[ Moreover, ~ cau your attention ~o ~ ~na~ am omy . ~ .. . " - false. States. the ary will be opened within a year. O~ t Atlantic Monthly describes me as 'an experienced attorney' WhO -has maue London, April 11. A big decrease the occasion of his jubilee Bishop himself an authority upon canon law.' in the number of persons u'l~der the ARCHBISHOP SETON'S m 1819. Selected as for the ed- all business Well as mary AT 1,000 of Detroit a body Conc]u. retreat here ~en, includ. and pro- Whole or Gannon issued a pastoral on the ex- cellency of the holy priesthood. FIRST MARYKNOLL BISHOP'S CONS ECRATION (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, April 9.---Word has reached the headquarters of the Ca- tholic Foreign Mission Society of America, at Maryknoll, N. Y., that the Society's first bishop-elect, the Rt. Rev. James E. Walsh, of Cumber- land, Md., may be consecrated at Sancian Island Jund: 29. Sancian, a rock-bound little island lying southwest of the delta of the West River, in South China, is the scene of Saint Francis Xavier's death and the sacred spot of the Maryknotl missions. June 29 is the Society's Foundation Day, and this year will mark Maryland's sixteenth anniver- sary. "I am neither a lawyer nor a theologian. What knowledge of law I have was gained in course of my long experience in the legislature and as chief executive of New York state. I had no such opportunity to study theology. "My first thought was to answer you with just the faith that is in me. But I knew instinctively that your conclusions could be logically proved f,a]se. It seemed right, therefore, to take counsel with some one schooled in the church law, from whom I learned whatever is hereafter set forth in definite answer to the theological questions you raise. Confers With Noted Catholic "I selected one whose patriotism neither you nor any other man will question. He wears upon his breast Distinguished Service Cross of our country, the Distinguished Service Medal, ~he ribbon of the Legion of Honor, and the Croix de Guerre with palm of the French republic. He was the Catholic chaplain of the almost wholly Catholic 165th regiment in the World war--Father Francis P. DuffY, now in the military service of my own state." After g~ving his interpretation of Mr. Marshall's letter and stating that there was no conflict be,tween religious loyalty and patriotic loyalty, the governor said: "I have taken the oath of office in this state 19--times. Each time, I swore to defend and maintain the constitution of the United Sta,tes. (Continued on page 4.) age of 16 brough,t before the juvenile courts is recorded in a government report jus~ issued. The report deals with the year 1925. In 1913, the year before the war, the number was 34,662. The peak was reached during the war years. In 1917 the number was 51,323. Since then the number has declined, until in the year under reveiw it was 27,- 801. The Departmental Committee on the Treatmen~ of Young Offenders which makes the report, deprecates strongly any indiscriminate use of whipping. "To the boy who is ner- vously unstable or mentally unbal- anced," the committee state, "the whipping may do more harm than good. The mischievous boy, on the other hand, who has often been cuff- ed at home will make light of the matter and even pose as ~ hero to his companions." LIBRARY TO COLLEGE AND N. Y. SOCIETY Morristown, N. J., April 9.---The New York Historical Society and Seton Hall College at South Orang~. received the library of the late M~st Rev. Robert Seton, titular Archbishop of Heliopolis, who died at the Col- lege of St. Elizabeth on March 22, under the terms of his will which has been filed for probate here. The library, which is to be divided between the Historical Society and the College, includes a number of his- torical documents as well as numer- ous volumes, including the late pre- fate's own writings. One of these is "An Old Family," a genealogical study of the ancient Scotch family of Seton, of which he was a member. The will leaves the residue X~f the estate to the Sisters of Charity who conduct the College of St. Elizabeth.