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April 22, 1990     Arkansas Catholic
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April 22, 1990

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3 ARKANSAS CATHOLIC APRIL 22, 1990 from page 2 the clicker and that created even more conflict. So I told them I was leaving the family "IV circle and I did." Clickers are wonderful for the bed- More needed Change to survive ridden, the elderly, the arthritic, and the lone viewer who can click to heart's content without annoying anyone. I ka0w a man who always watches two games simultaneously. When a time out in one, he switches 0the other. But he watches alone he drives his family crazy. 8o how does a family live with a itker and still retain family unity? By some clicker rules or etiquette. negotiation works best: Each ember of the family regardless of age power should be heard. Children are often the victims of !arental TV behavior. If they're view- "IV and a parent enters and changes channel without asking permission, Iiow does a family live with clicker and still retain tells the children they don't count, they are as meaningfulas a piece t'Iere are some suggestions for clicker might consider a start. Modify them, add some, some, but talk about them and to live with them withouthaving them. ]' The clicker is not owned by one but by all. 2. Whoever has the will ask permission to switch before doing so. 3. Those who have the clicker will ask permis- before asking the possessor to switch channels. 4. Permission does not have to be asked during commercials. (You may want to discuss this. Some viewers enjoy commercials.) 5. If the family cannot reach a consensus, each person gets to use the clicker for a portion of the evening or program. 6. If that isn't feasible, each person gets to click once during a given program. 7. These rules are made for the benefit of family harmony and they will be posted and observed. 8. If the clicker causes ongoing tension in the marriage or family, it will be put away. The whole issue may seem inane to readers but it's little things like ice cubes, toilet tissue and clickers that intensify family conflict. Unless they're dealt with, the stress they engender will grow out of proportion to the issue. Ask the man who went to jail for clicking one time too many. Copyright 1990 All Publishing Co. A point of view is more valuable when it's shared., Share yours with our readers in I llgllDlll on page 2 We want to hear what you have to say. Columns should be about 500 words, and address a single topic. ARKANSAS CATHOLIC P.O. Box 7417 Little Rock 72217 Dear Editor: If anyone questions the Catholic charismatic movement, I suggest they spend a weekend at the Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH. I had this experience about 18 months ago and I was astonished at the Christian unity at this college. just a few years ago, the school was losing students and was about to close. Then they changed the administration. Fr. Michael Scanlon became university president and everything turned around. Now, they have students from 46 states, the District of Columbia and about ten foreign countries. They have several Masses during dif- ferent hours of the day and 75 percent of the student body attends Mass daily. (Look at our present elementary schools in Pulaski County. Children are not encouraged or allowed to attend daily Mass.) The priests have their sermons about what the Scripture readings contain and not about everyday happenings. [One priest there said] "too many priests have their sermons about anything and everything but what is contained in the Scripture readings, and the sermon should be about the Word of God." The. students also form into small groups of eight to ten and meet daily and pray and sing. If this is what the charismatic movement means, we need more of it. Joe Masty, Jr. Marche Dear Editor:. It's too bad that more of us don't expe- rience the kind of motivation that St. Paul did. IIe certainly realized that the old ways were not getting the job done. Mikhail Gorbachev realized that changes were needed for his country to survive in today's world. Pope John XXIII called Vatican II because he realized that changes were needed for the Church to survive. He was really sin- cere, not just trying to intimidate people who stubbornly oppose and resist changes. Yes, we have a major crisis in our Church at present because of the shortage of priests. Catholics and potential Catholics are not getting their share of the messages that Jesus intended for us. Perhaps this is because of the teaching methods used or because of the many interpretations of the instructions of our Church leaders. We can take a very abstract attitude to- ward changes in the procedures and cus- toms we had fixed in us in our youth. One example is having married priests. I person- ally don't know just how good of an idea this might be, but I do say, let us stop our shallow thinkingl Just because we have survived 2,000 years does not mean that a change is not necessary to satisfy the needs of our present time. If it be the wise course, in order to put needed life into our Church and to assure survival, so long as dogma remains intact, then why do we hesitate? I implore and pray that our Church lead- ers study and make the changes that are necessary for the survival of our Church and then be uniform in the implementation thereof. John G. Matalon BeHa Vista IY IWII Ft. John Dietzen am having some difficulty with a Could you give me the in the where Je- I i tituted the sacra- of come rae nearly along line. They answers Scripture kinds of beliefs which usually most hold as well but which be "proven" from the alone. aaany Catholics (and again most r Christians), when approached by literalist, cultic Chris- grOups, find themselves confused when they are aggrs- confronted with the question: do you fred this-or that in the Bible? They panic and run to their priest and say: We must be wrong because I can't find this belief in Scripturel , The plain truth is that Catholics, and all Christians, have many important beliefs that are not found in the Bible. Jesus did not write the Bible, nor did he tell his apostles to write it. He founded a Church, a community of believers, to which He promised his Spirit; with. Whom He promised to remain until the end of time and to keep in the truth (See Mt. 28 and Jn. I5, 16.) Th0usmids of Christians were born and tied before all theNew Testament was" ven written. They received their faith not from a "book," no matter how sacred, but from the group of those who : :weYd::Christ's disciples long after He died, e-group we call the Church. To put it bluntly, we do not believe, and Christians never have believed, that all the doctrines and truths of our faith are explicitly in the Bible, : Just to be clear, we do believe whole- heartedly that the Bible is the word of God. We believe nothing that the Church believes or holds as revealed by God can ever contradict the Scrip- tures. That is what the Church means by saying that the Bible is the norm of faith for all time. We always must measure our beliefs and practices against that word. Nothing we believe can ever contradict or deny it. But we believe, as the Church has believed since the beginning of Christi- anity, that the Holy Spirit guides us in our Christian belief and life, above all in and throughthe community of faith, not primarily or exclusively by the book which that community of faith pro- duced during the first hundred years of Christianity. I said above that all Christians hold essential beliefs that come from outside the Bible. That includes even the most fundamentalist "Bible-Christians. For example, when such Christians point to the Bible and say, Wou must accept this because it is the word of God," ask them how they know that book is the word of God. Because the book says so? Anyone can wdtea book and declare in it somewhere that it is the word of God. But that declaration doesn't make it such. Even for Christians who accept nothing that isn't in the Bible," the most basic of all their beliefs, that the Bible is the divine word, must come from outside that book. It must be authenti- cated by someone, or some group, that points to it and says, This is God's word; accept it and believe it. Of course, the community that po!nts to the book and authenticates it in the power of the Spirit is that very commu- nity of faith that Jesus founded and promised to be with, the community we call the Church. I'm not trying to dodge your ques- tion about the sacraments. I'm just saying, as you should, that I will not be drawn into trying to justify my own Christian faith in a way that I don't accept in the firstplace. Neither should you. (,4free brochure answering questions about - Mary the Mother of Jesus is available for a stamped, sdfaddressed envelope to Fr. Diet- zen, Holy Trinity Church, 704 N. Main St., Bloomington, IL, 61701.) c.o /ght 199o cars ....