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April 19, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 19, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 19, 1930 PAGE SEVEN OF TRUE RELIGIOUS the Osiris-Isis myth, "were great nat- mythologies, yet whose fundamental his prototype, Set determines upon throne of the Pharaohs. At first, in- FOUND IN EGYPTIAN!ural truths and ideals which all men truths are never entirely ecfipsed, the death of his brother, Osiris, a deed, he may have mainly conveyed could grasp by their purely natural The history of paganism is invariably wise and beneficent deity, who ruled the concept o the dead king, or of Y, FR. HUSSLEIN SAYS reason. Paganism at its best falls a persistent process of increasing re- the earth, with his queen Isis. To'dead royalty itself personified and ' Paeanlstl Beliefs Possessed i far short of the true religion, but we ligious perversion, compass this purpose Set induces worshipped. Through the d~voted l~lemental Truths, Although,must not fail to recognize the gold i "Particularly popular with all Osiris, by aruse, to enter a wooden efforts of his goddess-wife he re- Mythical and Poetic Lore we find trodden down into the mire; classes was the Osiris myth. The coffin, which Set promptly closesgains now some vague kind of a new Nile Dwellers, Says Radio. C. W. C. News Service.) Me., April 8. Even pa- some gold "trod- a into the mire," the Rev. S. J., Director of the Department of St. Louis asserted here on Sunday the University station 'his weekly lecture The Father Husslein's address ,ds of Egypt." ~ ~ the theogony oi ~nv beliefs, Father Ituss- out that, even in the elegy of the early peo- in which marriages ~ther sister wer~ ap- flashes of ele- natural truth occurred. Florists and Railroad the grain half hidden in the chaff." marriage of this god with his sister Father Husslein's address in part Isis was typical of a most common was as follows: I Egyptian practice. "The outline of Egyptian theogony T ,,i~ . , ...... i ~ was no~ unusual for a Pharaoh can be briefly given, tn ~ne begin- to ......... aKe ~or ms cme~ wife his own ning appeared on the ocean of chaos an egg, some say a flower, out of which came forth the sun-god Nun. From him sprang Shu, the god of the air, and his wife, Tefnut. These two in turn begot Geb, the god of earth, and Nut, the goddess of the sky. Geb and Nut had two sons, Osiris and Set, and two daughters, [Isis and Nephthys. These gods and Igddesses together constitute the primitive group of nine deities, known as an 'ennead.' On such groups of' Telephone 4-2653 Horus, as the sun-god, that the LITTLE ROCK, ARK. strongly monotheistic trend of Egyp- Island Eat 8hop Lunches and ches nine the Egyptian mythology is built up * * Belief in God Horus, Monotheistic. "The most human of all the gods was Osiris, with his sister-wife Isis, from whom Horus sprang, the falcon- god of Behder. Since the falcon lifts its daring flight up to the very source of light, it was but natural that the course of the sun itself through the heavens should be pictur- fed by the flight of a falcon through the skies. Thus the falcon-God was also the sun-god. In Osiris, Isis and Horus, as husband, wife and child, we have. the most important trio in all Egyptian mythology. It was in tian worship expressed itself, even as in the general theogony Nun, the progenitor of all the gods, would have clearly held this place. But Nun, himself the primitive sun-god, became absorbed by Horus through a process which was continually go- ing on in the Egyptian religion, as it was equally observable in the Su- Imerian, Babylonian and Assyrian worship. For the gods of paganism held a precarious position and their supremacy constantly depended on the chances of war and the turns of human politics, or even upon the Iwhims of individual rulers. * * * "The worship of this primitive people was still far more pure and healthy, though paganism at all times implies a serious degradation from that primal revelation the distortion of which can be seen in all these LOEWER, Proprietor S21 Main Street ROCK, ARKANSAS Plate Lunch Ca Pliraents of sister. Such a practice is held to have been common among all classes of the Egyptians. Abhorrent as it is to the natural sense, it yet implied no transgression of their pagan codeI of morals and religion. Indeed theI union of Osiris with his sister-wifel Isis, through the unceasing devotionI of the latter, was the greatest idea]l of martial fidelity the Egyptian reli-]l glen had to offer. Osiris Like Abel. "There are many versions of the Osiris-Isis myth, but it will suffice to follow here the one given in all its details by the ancient historian Plutarch. The story, to begin with, introduces as the evil elemen~ in Egyptian lore, Set, the brother of Osiris. No less vicious than Cain himself, who p0aaibly may have been T H E' ME I md nMls tight. This is then thrown into the sea, whose waves bear it on to Bibylus in Syria. From this source in fact the Egyptians may not im- probably have deriw~d the entire myth. There, at all events, an Erica tree grows up and encloses the coffin, and there at last the faitt~ful Isis, in search of her husband, finds his body and brings it back with her to Egypt. But alas! the wicked Set, hunting by moonlight, spies it our and scat- ters the bones of Osiris. "In the meanwhile Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, has been carefully concealed from Set in the marshea of the Delta. Grown up to be a man he seeks nut his father's murderer, and a fe~irful combat takes place in which both contestants are terribly mutilated, Horus himself losing an l eye. But Set is finally worsted. I "Thus then arose that most popu- lar cult of the dead god Osiris, who, l under ong representation was pic- tured as a mum~ny placed on the life and becomes finally the god of the underworld, the god of the dead and even the judge of the dead. We thus have the most characteristic Egyptian myth, that of life in death. Pa~anlsm Had Gram Amid Chaff. ! "The sad fate of Osiris, the fidelity and tenc~er affection of his wife Isis, : the loyalty nnd filial devotion of their son Horus, the constant strug- Izle betwoen evil and good here sym- bolized, and the ultimate triumph of .the latter, in spite of innumerable hardships and apparently complete failure, were all intensely human ele- ments which made of the Osiris-Isi~ myth a stirring drama expressive of the primal conflicts, sufferings and triumphs of mankind. Add to all thi~ the fundamental domestic rela- tmns nere exemphfmd m a f~deAty that paused at no sacrifices, feared '~no dangers and extended victoriously t~beyond death itself to meet with an i everlasting reward Here. then, were great natural S S A.G E MU Compliments of l Vlduallty in FOOtwear Main St. ROCK, ARK. Fifth and Pulaski Streets an [] J. C. LEIGII WM. W. LEIGH GENERAL AGENTS Fire and Casualty Insurance LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Adjuster W.B. KNIGHT, Adjuste~: SPECIAL AGENTS ~AWBECKER ANDERSON C. C. COLLIE C. B. SENHAUSEN M. E. GARANFLO -CASUALTY & SURETY DEPARTMENT W. M. APPLE, Manager ilIIIlIHIHIIlIllllIIIlHIIIIIIlllIlIlII & Loan Association 212 Louisiana Street LITTLE ROCK, ARK. illlllllllllllillllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllliilll on Full Paid and Installment Certificates Pr~. Moorhead Wright, Vice Pres. Asst. Secy. J.G. Leith, Vice Pres. and Secy. Director T.E. Wilson, Asst. Secy. P. W. Niemeyer, Vice. Pre~ Over $4,000,000 Organized 1911 "F.I! many a star lutt &,r part unseen; To humble callings knt itw talents rare." --APOLOGIES TO THK POK'I~ 5 AKE, for example, Molly Malone as she report8 for duty on the "evening trick"! From 6 to 10 o'clock each night, a prosaic switchboard at the telephone office is privileged by Molly's presence. Lights play upon an alert brown head. Blue eyes Watch tiny signal lights dance to and fro upon the switchboard front. Deft fingers weave surely through a web of cords and plugs. Picture Molly thus at 8 o'clock, with evening traffic at its height. Friends visit by telephone. Plans for the evening are made. Relatives are called. Through the switchboard courses a strea a of joy and despair, happiness and sorrow, drama and tragedy. And briskly UP and down the board, the little lights gleam and flash. Swiftly Molly plugs in, answers: "Number, please!" # A good operator, Molly. Her cords are never tangled, her nimble finger seldom confused. Her crisp voice answers each signal light within a few seconds. She meets the evening traffic rush with quiet, assured efficiency. truths and ideals which all men could grasp by their purely natural reason. * * * Paganism at its best falls far short of the true religion, but we must not fail to recognize the gold we find trodden among the chaff.*** "Perhaps the supreme attraction of the Osiris myth for the people of aI1 classes was its intimate connec- tion with the two great facts of ~eatli and of the future life. Combined with these was that unquenchable de- I sire of immortality planted by God in the heart of every man, and which we know can therefore not be void." ROTHE & MOORE Master Cleaners and Dyers 1104 Main Street Phones, 6155---6156 LITTLE ROCK, ARK. |! I i ST GO WHIR. | e 0 U OH reports e "She meets the evening tra c rush with quiet, assured e ficiency.", Picture Molly thus, if you will, as the dry slowly settles to sleep. Slower and slower blink the lights. Girl after girl in the long line of oper- ators rises, leaves her position. Nine o'clock, and the girl on Molly's right pushes back her chair. Nine-thlrty, and the glrl upon her left removes her head- set, nods "good night". Only a few girls remain before the long board. Molly stands now, the better to reach the vacant "positions" on each side. Alertly she watches the flashing signals, plugs in, answers. Thus Molly, watching through the last slow minutes of the evening trick, when calls are few and the night force waits to take the board! Yet after all, only one of ten thousand girls, faithful, alert, who nightly stand "the evening trick" in telephone offices everywhere, Go to your telephone this evening. A low voice will say, "Number, pleasel" And you'll meet another Moliyl Southwestern Bell Telephone CompanT THE MOST TELEPHONE SERVICE AND THE BEST .... FOR THE LEAST