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April 19, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 19, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN. APRIL 19. 1930 PAGE TPLR] CARTHAGE, WHERE On the Nones of March, 203 A. D., toward the end of the Seventh cen- comparable prodigy of generosity, Church that was subsequently estab. : followed generally the march of tIH MOLOCH ONCE REIGN- in the reign of Septimius Severus, a tury, was again captured and totally consents to make forever of His lished in Carthage. i Roman legions whie}, conquered PREPARES FOR TRIUMPH OF tumultuous and coarse populace, in- destroyed by the Arabs of Hassan. ~crod Body the Sacrifice and the The best historical evidence would i and held that territory. Christian. GENTLE EUCHARISTIC GOD flamed by wine, the i-oars of beasts, From that time on, during twelve Celestial Nourishment of His chil- seem to bear out the theory that I ity's beginning was humble, and it b the sight of blood and the cries of centuries, it knew only obscurity with d~en. Christianity was brought to Cathage ' not until the year 180 that it seemJ (Continued from page 2) victims, filled the amphitheater. The rare flashes of recognition occurring at t~:e end of the th'st century by! third Century of our era, 400,- gate of the prison had scarcely open- in the recollections of Christians. By Daniel Easter Doran. inhabitants were again living ed when five martyrs rushed into the It was there in 1270 that the pious (Written especially for N. C. W. C. Roman soldiers and mercenaries, it t to have made a very definite im- press upon history, for it is at aboui Easter Supplement). soon spread to pro-consular Africa, i that period that the records spea$ in the walls of this third city of arena. To the representative of French King, St. Louis, pitched his It is conceded that in the early the Eyzacene province and to Numi-i of two groups of martyrs who sub- ROman Empire, for only Rome Caesar, they did not give the usual Alexandria exceeded Carthage in salutation of Morituri te salutant! camp in his crusade against the in- history of the Church, especially in din. Its progress, thouzh compara- feved at Scillium and Madura. (Those who are about to die salute fidels. It was there that he met his the '~clds of Chri~,~!an }itvraLu~e a::d ripely rapid, was impeded by many Age of Herloc Tertullian. Cradle of Christianity thee!). With defiant voice they death It was there, too, that St. philosophy, Africa, where shortly the oh~tacles, since the efforts of the With the beginning of martyrdom Vincent de Paul came one day in great International Eucharistic Con- church were constantly exposed to it is apparent that the growth of the Ca .......... cried out" "You who have judged us the attacks of schismatic and here- Church became rome ra~ id Tertu| T~:age.?eeame. ~nr:stmn God will soon judge!" And soon, aft- magnanimous courage and good will gress is to open, held a place more ties, notable among whom the~,." ' . ' .. " ~P - . . " crane oI ~nms~mm~y ....... d manded b the to disarm the hatred of the Mussul- dominant and important thanItaly ~ ~nan ,WhO was um ~on ol a uenturm~ it saw ........ er the ilagena~mns e Y ' Nostics, t :~o M~nophvsitcs, the ~ri.m% I ...... ~ne renglon ox ~ne. , ., . , luaus, itself. " " .... :m the pro-consular service, was Do~ Savior despite furious perse- crees of the popmace, the serms ol and Manichaeans, and the Donatists. ;in the -ca1 160 After a brilliant e:preading with an irresisti- pumshments commenced. And in our rapid flight across the It is sufficient alone to establish . ~ ' And the African Church The three men were martyred first, ages, let u's add the grand memory of the primacy of North Africa in the Although most of these heremes have !career as an advocate, he was ordain- Lavigerie, who was not only the re- intellectual life of the early Church ~flsappeared, they were pwerful:ed toward the close of the second zorces in their day and enfeebled and centur " and became one of its meal ;hod the point where it could! For Perpetua and~ Felicitas a wild storer of a famous place but the an]. that it should have produced Saint held back the efforts of the infant ibrilli ~t n" o " " r ...... to 700 bishops. Roman Car- cow had been saved. In the violence mater of a true resurrection for the Augustine, the "Eagle of Doctors" ..... a a ~ m sz io ceiul apongmut church. Later ~nev hayed the wav~ ......... as the city of illustrious con-[of an attack, in which the beast's doctors and martyrs--like horns were broken, the Christians Church of Africa. There wel'e nine whose influence today upon thefar- its destruction- "first- by the Van-~ li~. ~ne perma. ~nat had ~ts beginning, m, Cyprian, Fulgentius, Feli- were hurled into the air and fell parishes in Tunisia when he arrived; Christian world is no less potent than !w~th Tertulhan and lasted untd Ca~o today there are 72. The present it was amon~ the Christians and pa- dbylS~h:h:ll=::s Ao;l~:~ta?dm~i.nally thage and its surrounding territo~ erp .tu~, Men]ca and Augus- bleeding on the ground. Perpetua, Archbishop. the Most Rev. Alexis Le- guns of his own generation. Since " [ (~ontinued on page 4) ext to Rome, there is without ~ her clothing torn, her flesh in shreds, maitre, expects to have 150 before the year 1930 will mark the fifteenth ~Rut it was very largely as a re- ] city more sacred to Chris-recovered sufficiently to readjust long. centenary of the death of Augustine, sult of the persistency and obstinacy lililllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllflllllmillfllll s spread than Carthage, for the folds of her robe to veil her At the Christian renaissance, the it is probable that not a little of the of schismatic and heretic that the soil has received the blood nudity from this debauched mob. For church in North Africa was able to laany martyrs, next a second she held the hand of her Mussulmans have shown only sur- benefit that will be derived a~ a re- boast of that ~lorious band of doc-] TONY MASSA'S amphitheater where, slave FPlicitas, who had become her prise. But with regard to the pres- sult of the assemblage in Carthage sister in suffering and glory, ent manifestation being prepared by will be i~ the renewed interest arous- tors, confessors, bishops and martyrs[ PLACE Mass of the Eucharistic Felicitas first felt the blow of the the adorers of the Eucharist. it is no ed in the work of the greatest a all whose memories and whose deeds~ Will be celebrated, thous- lictor's sword. Perpetua stiffened longer only astonishment they have the Fathera. i will in a sense be commemorated thi~[ thousands of the disciples her torn arm with superhuman el- displayed. They have shown the St. Mark First Brou[ht Faith [year ~Beer on Draught Cigars and Cend~ Were delivered to the beasts fort of will, and laid it across her greatest sympathy, the most out- i ..... i ......... I The spread of the church in Africa[ deny their Faith. breast just as the steel entered her standing being their offers of hospi- ~nmsz antzy, ~ ~s ~rue. Dene~ra~ea~ [l I l ] I II II' Phone 4-4137 tality to the visiting prelates, and Africa prior to its establishment in i iillllllilI.H.IllIMllll.llllll.lllllll..llll,, touching tragedy that heart. rpetua, the Roman noble-Again Laid Waste, N~w ~lories also their willingness to take part in Carthage. It was first brought to .... ~.~ D ..I.~ [ HOME-BOILED HAMS L of her slave, Felicitas! After the centuries of splendor the public demonstrations They Alexandria by the Evangelist, St. Sl(flWlI ~ D(~l~ O]l(fltfl [ Best in the City ~.I.~.,, that the Church of Africa knew, in seem penetrated with profound re- Mark, and thexe it shone with no in- 1608 West Fourteenth Street I a peace merited by the blood of the spect.~.ongress ~ p pe considerable .... snlendor, leaving us Telephone 5819 I All Kinds of Lunches ~r- f~ --~ martyrs, a sad epoch came, bringing " "us ires New He i such names as Clement of Al~xan- "~ w o" ho e that th ..... dria, urigen, An~nanasius and Cyril You Know Good I Imported Olive Oil and Macarm~ ~* I~CO~ S ]the Berbers with devastation and uan e n ~ p e scmtu-: ........ ' .-. : latmg trmmph prepared for the Host ............ Bakery Goods ] All Kinds of Soft Drinks. C--J' -- " [ruin. They established their detain- " " iTnence ~ passeo m~o mw~r ~;gypz Wlll bring ~o ~nls LOO long ~eau an-- . Shoemaker-Bush I UNITED JEWELERS !,, EGPLES TR! 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