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April 19, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 19, 1930

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4 PAGE TWO THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 19, 1930 HISTORIC CARTHAGE, WHERE I little left today. Five leagues from F ................... temple woods were like lakes of ver- into her streets, which were taken BLOODY MOLOCH ONCE REIGN. j Tunisla-Blanche, which bustles with dure amid these mountains of vari- one by one, house by house, at the ED PREPARES FOR TRIUMPH OF J life, it is only tt city of religious, colored blocks. The public parks cos~ of superhuman combats. THE GENTLE EUCHARISTIC GOD scarcely reborn. But it is a grand, stretched out at irregular distances. One knows too well the frightful impressive promise, a keen resurrec- Innumerable streets intercrossed, cut- denouncement of the tragedy. When By M. Martial Masslanl, tion at a spot where, fifty years ting in above and below, the last of the Carthaginian chiefs, (Written for N. C. W. C. News Sere- ago, there was only a desert of ruins. "The hill of the Acropolis disap- ttasdrubal, had surrendered to the ice Easter Supplement). A priest of genius, "Le Grand peared under a disorder of menu- Roman general, his wife and two chil- On a few weeks now u~nti], before Lavigerie," having come to evangel, melts. There were temples having dren, amid the burning ruins of the a white promontory of Africa, the ize Tunisia, wished that a city mfght twisted columns with bronze crests temple of Esculapus, refused to cap- blue waters of the Mediterranean rise anew from that incomparable and metal chains, cones of dried itu!ate. "Poltroon!" cried the wife, will support a fleet of vessels unpre- dust charged with history. There he ea, o,d'~ with azure bands, copper cu- "Adorn the triumph of your conquer- eedented in such a place. From all erected the monastery of the White polas, architraves of marble, Baby- ors, support the chains of a slave at the continents, hordes of pilgrims, Fathers. There he set up a haughty lonian counterforts, obelisks resting Rome, and undergo the punishment having traversed the vast seas, will cathedral whose vaulted ceiling would on their points like reversed torches, due your perfidy." Then, throwing hasten to the same point of land a boast, in majestic letters of gold, The peristyles extended to the front; her children into the flames of the spot that boasts only the cupola of the memorable words of Leo IX: scrolls unrolled between the colon- temple, she hurled herself into the = cathedral, the walls of a few con- "Next to the Roman Pontiff, thenades; granite walls supported tiled fire, cheating captivity through vents, and thej, debns," half-hidden in first bishop of all,,Africa is thepartitions; all piled one upon the death. 1;he soil, of the monuments of a dead Bishop of Carthage. other, half-hidden in a marvelous and Devoted to Blood Reli-lon civilization. [ Revealing Buried Glories incomprehensible fashion. Despite the horror oYf suc~ scenes, Carthage! The very name someI With the illustrious missionary, One became conscmus of the suc- ~ is only right to recall the bloody months ago lived only in the minds creator of the future, was an ad- c:t~n oi ages and memories of for- sacrifices" demanded by the savage of archeologists. And now suddenly mirable savant who from that day g ,,~ counrrles~ ..... I religion of the Carthaginians. They it encircles the Globe repeated devoted himself to unearthing the in s.~l~e saw a~ the angles oI Dmm-!were a most religious people, but the wherever Christians pray, filling the past Pert Delattre, during fifty- g , n ~n~ summits of walls, in cor-I gods whom they adored Baal, Me- thoughts of the fmthful, animating years o~' labor that not even old age ners of the parks, everywhere,, gods't loch, E'schmoun--were cruel gods the hopes of pilgrims, setting mul- could interrupt, has discovered and with hideous, colossal or dwarfedI One shudders at the recital un- l.n motion, unearthed the naves of two greatneaos; with enormous stomachs or fortunately only too accurate--0f the me t-rlumphal homage rendered basilicas and of many churches and rmlculously flat; opening the mouth; sacrifices offered to Moloch m the the Eucharist in the unforgettable oratories, the galleries of a theater, !i~k~i~n~lhuet:h~fn!~m!c h!ni!md oPPii:!~~h:del ~splendors of the congresses at Syd- and the eft:ale of an amphitheater al- s ~ off ::Sa:p~rYo=dU:;dpbYltho: ~eT, Chicago, Amsterdam and Rome, most as large as that of the Coliseum i anguished fear of a celestial veng- Christ our Lord is about to receive in Rome. He has assembled in thethe ends of the strets, which perspec-t eance for the first time on the soil of rich museum attached to the cathed- tire rendered even more precipitous." The immense statue of Moloch, a Africa, at the places where St. Au- ral, hundreds of statues, crests, fret-] Fabulous Richness, Destruction I man with the head of a bull, before ~tine preached and in this the fif- coes, monoliths, notterie~ ,~ I It was, as everyone knows, in 860 which the Cm~haginlans gathered to ~ea hundredth anniversary year of ings, inscription an immense iz:;asure B " . " C., accoromg to the legend, that allay their axiety with superstition, the death of that illustrious apostle, of the vestiges not only of Roman Dldr- coming from Wyre, founded'had a cavity in its bronze body. Sev- From All the World antiquity, but of the more remote ~a rouge. The port developed rapid- en compartments within were pre- Bishops by the tens, priests by the Punic civilization of which no other ly. Seamen and merchants acquired pared to receive the victims of sa- hundreds, laymen by the thousands, remnant has been kept. l enormous wealth, l:t was that Carth- crifice. A ewe was placed in one, a are. coming from. Tunisia and .A.l" Was this not the site, centuries be-' age that drew great revenues from ram in another, a calf in the third, p_rm,. "l'npon and Morocco, Sicily i i fore the Christian era, of the Capi- her African territories, imposed and in the seventh compartment an ~m:;7~Pa~n?nE: ~:dn:ealn~UIr Ger-ital of one of the riches empires heavy tributes on her colonies, pot-i infant human On the days of hole- , g e nd i whose reputations have come down sensed mines in Spain and Sardinia, ! causts, the remainder of the interior are sending contingents. Delegations to us~ ~ sent galleys into all portions of the ] became an enormous brazier. from the New World are planning to. J Seven hunareu ..... ~nousana persons ~ Mediterranean, out into the ocean to I " According to Diodorus of Sicily, ~n=t~s~ d~=:nt T:a~r~.t ~i.1;fai~to dwelt in Carthage in the time of its the Canaries, to Madeira, even to] during the siege sustained against ...... i apogee, l~lve story houses---fabul- Great Britain. Her sailors visitedI Agathocles two hundred children of mtve representation before the rub- ~ .......... shores that were infinitely more dis-:the best families were thrown on the i out ae~au zor cons~ruc~mns of mat rant, of which they spoke only with:l brazier, and three hundred citizens, ernaele. Australia will send her ' . . !primitive epoch--flanked zts c~ta- meM~n~?u:AT::~:n~llan:ssC~ble i del, situated on the hill where now great mystery, so that it is some. voluntarily, in the intoxication of the - stands ~i~ Cathedral of SL Louis; times asked whether or not, per-!mob, threw themselves into the in- ~mua, river men ~r rathe nee~L-s~an~-'-b!a-ck-frmoSenegalcoand ~ and so imposing were the walls of haps, the hardiest of them reached: ferno while drums were beaten fu- ....... . :~defenso surrounding it, that within the shores of America long before!rlously to drown the heartrending ~:;e~lan~t~= f;:rmG?bo:nmn ~hh: fits breadth was shelter for 300 ele-i Columbus. I - --- phants, 4,000 horses and fodder for The Carthaginians went to seek~ midst of non-Catholic but under-~he entire cavalry amber in the Baltic, elephants' tusks i l]HHH]]]HHIIHHlllHH]H]IHHHHHHIIIIHI] ~ithdm:otf::b:=n ann:w A;a~h'e ~:di A 72-foot channel that could be and gold dust in the heart of Africa, -- - i closed off with chains permitted and the products of India were! Compliments of ~g;~ai=~i~:fo;ne:::;trth:t mingles ]si~ip~ to enter into an interior port brought to them by caravans fromI Mcaellan Stores the Orient. Of the commerce of the] --f-- - " . ~dotted with large docks where 250 506-508 Main Street ~artmage, we must say, there is : vessels found shelter. ~ known world, nothing was unknown / to them. It even appears certain! LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Of this city itself, Gustave Flau-that, in order to carry on t~.ese vast l bert in "Salammbo" reconstructs negotiations, the state issued real I]HHHHHHIIH~[HHHHH][]IIIH]HIIHHHIIII this striking picture. ' bank notes, made of leather and im- Comphments of "The city was an amphitheater possible of duplication. with shelves of high, square houses. They were of stone, wood, flint,' reeds, shells and beaten earth. The AlI9 CIGAR 0, Picnic and Home Orders Solicited J. T. BERRY 420 "Louisiana Street Little Rock, Arkansas | BARBECUED MEATS The Meat That's a Treat Phone 4-8280 Visit Our New Store And See the Newest and Largest Fixture Display in the State. If you are planning a new home or to remodel your present home, let us give you a free estimate on your fixtures and wiring. THE LAMP PEOPLE THE FIXTURE FOLKS ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION CO. Phone 6127 Eighth and Main 42 Yehrs So much richness and so much pow- er disturbed, defied the arrogance of Rome, and let loose the long enmi- ty that involved the two city empires in feroclous wars. After" interminable alternatives of d~feat and success, Carthage suc- cumbed in an atrocious drama Sci- pie, who for two years had besieged the city, and who, to shut her off from all help by sea, had not hesitat- ed to blockade her port, finally broke down her walls and hurled his troops Compliments of JONES & BEWS BILLIARD PARLOR 106 Main LITTLE ROCK === ==_= === =-= ~ m n --- i Nat Ryan, St., mro.,dOotyA C. C. Hughes, Sec'y & Treas. Compliments of HUGHES-R 1V (INCORPORATED) Manufacturers Agents Ice Distributors for Little Rock and Overalls, Work Shirts, Dress Shirts, Sweaters, Clothing, Underwear, Hos- low Aprons, Piece Goods, Shoes. 107 Louisiana St. P. O. Box 483 LITTLE ROCK, ARK. ! Ill" ='- ............ fill Guaranteed Hat Renovating Will Del ey Zo.ueth Wlng HAT --Look at Your Hat--Everyone Else Does !--HATS GF-,IVEERAL Hats renovated by experts. You Illl Jill will be pleased with our high- [l[i Transfer Storage Co. UII class workmanship: We call for J[l[ LCT C Renovating Department ItllPHONE 8794---8767 LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS PHONE 9976 [[[1 cries of the victims, age. His untimely end Of the capital conquered by S'~i- realization of his pro pie, not a wall remained. The Re- years later, Augustus mann even spread salt on the land so ! fa'sk. Carthage then that it could not bear fruit. Never-! fortune So flou 'isl i~ theless Caesar, m 44 B. C., w~shed to' der the Roman ] ~st undertake the restoration of Carth-i (Continued on page feel lil