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April 19, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 19, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 19, 1930 PAGE FIVE EASTER IS EASTER. She thought of Ed. He couldn't road would be off the hook and These sects, which for a simple the real sentiments of that holy day. tha~ the Church takes from the work Continue, from page 4) dance. He didn't like dances. But telephoned the message to the role- t:::t~:?ve:ff:h: ::~en:atySeoPfra~hdel Blessing of PaschM Candle. of the bees and through her ministers .nee with me, Barbara? he was so kind and gentle, wise and graph office. Then she went down- .. .... F Another characteristic rite, the offers to the Lord. It adds also that had known Phil all her life and good, that a little thing like not be- stairs and helped with the supper, unurcn, continued to exist for some. blessing of the Paschal Candle on the flame is fed by the wax that tt he was handsome. But she ing able to dance did not blemish When the telegram arrived, Edcenturies, notwithstanding this sop-t Easter Saturday, deserves special at melts and that was prepared by the r~anted him for a husband. 'him in any way. was out on an important case---a aration, until one day they died offtention and has left many remark mother bee as substance for that lied sweetly and said: "I How manly, knightly and hand- student who was penniless and thah:Ua~tllthe Cb:isttih~:sg toheYhePrp:em~.SI able traces in ecclesiastical literature precious light. some he would appear in Johnstown working her way to fame as a sing- ... . -~and art. The functions of Easter Remarkable Eulogy to Bee. dance hall in tuxedo and top hat, Or, or. He spared neither energy nor ttli:: ~neUvr:~wh~:~ P;:~lC:lea;lrYr~en~lO Saturday which are now celebrated In the ancient Liturgy, instead, at ~st nay luck," said Phil, reaching if the weather were warm, he would time on such cases. So it was near- Easter. I celebrated in the evening, and in fact logy: . -,,ucaer handful of cookies,come in white trousers and blue ly ten when he reached home.The " in the morning were in the beginning that point was inserted this long eu- let came and took Phil to the coat. What a striking picture! telegram was on the table. _. Catacombs Bear Wltness_~" lull the llturgy of that date speaks "The bee is the noblest of animals ~or a conference. Barbara She reached for her pencil. She He read it three times before he There is fdrther proof in some of[of that most holy night" when subjected to man. Being small in the baking and went to her would write an ode to white flannel was sure Barbara was calling him. the inscriptions in the Catacombs, Christ arose victorious. Thus in the l size of body, it nourishes great sen- which particularly note the fact ldarkness of the night---since the day ftiments in its little breast; weak in She had to be alone. Had to trousers and blue dinner jacket. Ed He went to the library, picked up when members of the faithful died lbefore, all the lights had been put t strength, it is strong in intuition. h!:d to adjust herself to lie- would see it and know she had not the telephone, asked for long dis- in the course of the Easter festivals. I out in the temple---the most solemnIThe riglat moment sought, when the t Ed nned-for af- pined for him; would know she was tance and: "Johnstown, yes, Johns- Generally, the ancient cemeterial in- moments was when the Candle waslrigid winters have deposed gray hairs knewL J°hnstown---inthe most plafact m" the li allmarriage.fOr career and never thought of i town, Wisconsin. Miss Barbara scriptlons were extremely meagre as l lighted with ~new fire. It was a sym- 1 and the weakness of spring time has :ounty was the Easter Men- The words did come easily. She i Clark." In an incredibly short time, regards p~articulars referring to thel bol of the Resurrection, which was to iswept away old age, the bees at once ri • she answered. He closed his eyes, dead whom they recorded. At Rome, burn during the whole of Eastertide. desire to begin to work. Dispersed tee. Everyone went, and you sharpened her pencil, laboriously, drew a long breath and began: married your escort. Tom repeating:" 'trousers' ends like "Honey, this is Ed " in the Catacombs of St. Praxedes, This lighting was generally done ~ through the fields, wings poised, bal- ~raer had taken Molly and 'bousers;' 'spat' rhymes with 'hat'; there is the inscription of a young --~s it is today---by the Deacon, lanced on their feet, some gather the ~rden, and later married 'white' rhymes with 'light'; 'flannel, EASTER SATURDAY'S EXULTANT virgin consecrated to God who, it is dressed in the richest and most fes l juice of the flowers, some return to ,as at an Easter Monday flannel, flannel don't rhyme with CHANT d:tsd°v:;' ~le:tt~r;;gtl:o.Heaven tive vestments, while all the rest of J the hive laden with provisions. And uther asked her mother to anything." That was her technique, nd to re- the.clergy wore mourning vestments at the hive some, with inestimable Why, it was traditional She seated herself at her desk and Ancient Use of "Rotuli";Historic ceive the prize of the ressurrection marry the boy you wentmhmbled. Arose and paced the Monday with. floor. She couldn't write. She ,, .... He mounted the ambone---that is, the art, build the little cells with tena- Value of Their Illuminations-.. on nosy eve of the Sabath," pulpit of stone, in which the Gospel (~ontinued on page 8) Queen Eulogy of the Bee in Early seventh founa of the calendar of is usually sung and which formedI could see the Easter Monday dance Liturgy--Jealous Guarding of Eas- ' ---. par~ oi ~ne presbytery reselwed 1or[ Aprn---~nar is, i~aster Saturday ...... . ~.- -..- -~ -.- .,- T .... ..,. T~,.-~..- fund every girl in Rock County ex- ter Tradition. At Chiusi, another very sweet in- the clergy---and there, turned toward p eept herself there. They were not By Msgr. Enrico Puccl, scrlption, that of a little boy ......... " hone 6814 DAD'S career-bound, as she was. They were ................... ' ,, ~y~. bgle. people, ne sang the long praise ~t~re,,, t~nrmtmn child, "Exultat." This is still sung today, t ~ .I iai~nIm pugrim, was laid here, who except for some secondary variationsi tznmore Paint I thegirlSSheCarWh°mustandC°Uldtheforget.Curtains.bake sheandmustSew; write.Wash (WrittenTheiCecenterfOrEasterN.of C.theSupplement).W.wholeC. NeWSchrlstianServ. t lived four years and two days. He the most notable of whicla consists in I Pa er Co. SCotchORIGINALa was deprived of life on the Saturday [the suppression of a long eulogy ofl P O_tmeal of Easter on the very night dedicat.lthe bee, contained in the ancient lit-I She seated herself and wrote: liturgy is in the Easter Festivals. Cookies Dr. Edmund Foley, ] Easter is the starting point of the ed to the vigil of prayer, and was lurgy because of an explainable con- I Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 4731 Greenwood Avenue, l eomputation of the ecclesiastic year, burl_ed on the s]lxt, h Sunday of th~ I nection of thought produced by the ............ or Health. Eddie Dear. I am so lonely for you. and everybody knows what care the ~menaar oI ~pril. wax, the fruit of the work of .... t wcatl r'aper, tarots," uHs, okieATALLcompanyGROCERS Biggest affair in county is Easter Church has taken so that the calcula- . . . ., . . . ~ms m-[~ Varnishes, Etc. In conformity w~th thin extraordi dustmous httleinsect, and by the Monday Dance. Monday, April 21, tion of the Easter date should be e~- nary ~mpo~ance attached to the strange idea of those times that the I Phone 9710 1930. Will you go with me? tablished according to the most yen- P " , the generation of bees took place without ['" whom of the Easter erred I JOE P GILMORE, Manager Barbara. erable and authoritative traditions, ceremonies with which it was solemn- I fecundation. Our Liturgy conserves 320 Louisiana Street ROCK, ARKANSAS She reached for the telephone--- Indeed, it was so much at theized have had, from the very be. i only a slight trace of this eulo- of ... LITTLE ROCK, ARK. ["[I[HHIIIIIIIIIIIII~III!HIII [I~ '~ ~ ..... knowing ............. every receiver alongthe seCtSwishheart toar°se°faccepttheam°ngfaithfulthe thoSedecislonthatwho ofdidheretiCn°tthe passingnaveginning,everoftheacq~ireatime.greatestTheymoresplendorwerewithpreced-andthe I i the-bee' where it speaks of ..... , ............ --------------- __ _ BEN HA! [NA ]Churchtainties andWhen'errorsin vieWintroducedOf the uncer-into always~c~tbYhhecyL:l:te°~had in theftI:~;We:k:ClUhd:hLatin rite the t~ [~- -H~HDI!H[HI~I} BOOKS President the calculation, she thought it her same general disposition as in ourl Compliments of Vice President duty to impose fixed and definitlve .LE, Treasurer FURNITURE AND [rules. These were the "Quarto-deci. days, except for local variations. I We carry the largest stock of COFFINS maul," who at the end of the second Some of these local customs, how- books in Arkansas. Chevrolet Co. 'Sales----Service Phone 4-5000 11"413 West Cap~tol • Ave, K, ARKANSAS IllililUlIIIIIIIIIIIilIIIIill IIII Licensed Embalmer Automobile Ambulance Automobile Hearse Day Phone 312 Night Phone 219 MORRILTON, ARKANSAS Compliments of BOYLE, President W.G. HALL, Vice-Pres. CORBIN DUNCAN, Secretary l oYle Building @ Telephone 4-5293 century objected to accepting, the,eVer, on account of their importance FRANK OBERLE ~oo'~' L~brary rule that Easter should always fall ended by being imposed as a part of Latest Books. on a Sunday; cud the sect of the~the universal usage. Thus, for ex-. "Protoparchites" and other min~r ample, the Adoration of the Cross Automobile Specialist 3c Per Day groups who would not listen to the which takes place on Good Friday Between 15th and 16th on Gaines dee slon of the Cou c l Nicaea is a rite that came from Jerusalem LITTLE ROCK, ARK i' Allsopp ChappIe that the reckoning of the Christianfwhere it was fulfilled around the Easter should be maple independentJy relic of the True Cross of the Lord.-- 307-309 Main Street from that made by the Jew.~ £or ebei'r I~ wa.~ spread and imposed through- lil!llllllll!!ll_l!iiillilllllllilllllllllllttlilliilI, Easter. out all the Church, and very justly ,, ~~ so because it com'esponds perfectly to ...... _- -~ .... .,, ...... flll!ll!!!!i!Jlllltll!lllil!llli!ll!, tItlOl, , 'Jltl!l!lilllilillllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllll @ ChGs. S. Watts Your ,Hat Search Will Always End Happily at Approved Contractor for Compliments of Little Rock, Ark. @ Acousti-Celotex Exclusive Millinery (For correcting acoustics and quiet- ing noise in all kinds of buildings.) 406 Main Street LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS :. iiJill il!lltillllll[ !illllllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll -:. Ii/111111111111111111111111111!11111111111111111111" ,-,, ,,,, l , S. IFFT CO. F, . WOOLIIIC '"'°" ot Little Rock COMPAI Y lilt ........ "+" ilfl Five and T~..c~.t Sterling Dept. Store[ I111 ~~?~;,;4"~s I111 Goods, Specmlt,es, Etc. and Center Sts. ....-.. G:OD?UM,E? and MILL- ¢ORK Jewelers ill[ [ t111 1" R. GROBMYER LUMBER CO. t111 IIII TWEL T ANt, WOOD OW - - ttll 400 Main St. Little Rock, Ark. Ilillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllll Jill ...... I111 "Dedicated to Constructive Progress" 3rd and Main, Little Rock, Ark. |