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April 19, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 19, 1930

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PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 19, 1930 EASTER IS EASTER. wives and children to speak above a' over and sat in his car waiting until[ "Hello, Miss Chase," said Ed. He 1 it now, after having seen life and : went for groceries. If whisper until the verse was complete. !she came out. She was so thirsty for always liked her and was at ease having been in love. She would home,, folks would say they (Continued from page 3) From which Ed gathered that knowledge that she found time in with her. neighbor's, they complimented the write something worthwhile, farm and were treating he: ~ok. And when it came to looks! there was a houseful of Clarks back the day to slip into the university "Sit down Barbara will be in di- Only four months, and it seemed !ugly. on the home acre and this little lady for a class in chemistry. A nurse had rectly." like four years, she had grown so She might as well go as 5 She stole a sidewise glance at Ed. fared forth to teach i/~ Chicago, or to be wise. And that hospital' Ed's "I came to see you," he said. old! She would not tell Tom and and wait for inspiration. It He would never wear medals for do something to earn her way; to be hospital. She could picture it on "Barbara and I are going to b~ Homer ~he was heart-broken. No. come. It was a minus qua~ pulchritude.,,_...Washer, the surgeon, was" all independent. ~ " !thej southwest corner of her forty married. She says in ten years and She would settle down to write and her. " The party broke up. t~d ~ated hert (the little plot her brothers persuad- I say as soon as Lent is over. What's make a name for herself. Nights when she knelt-at t~r puttting it+off, but I knew gang- for the next night and the next. ed her to keep for herself), where the use of us waiting ten years? She She would go to granary and to pray she thought of Ed, ene would set---" The teachers who had planned to Alder Creek rippled on to Rock Riv- says she has to finish her nursing write an od~ to a rat; in the chicken tears ran down her cheekS. "Ed," Howard Benton cut in, "join do so much for Barbara, to make herI er. The giant willows and the old and chemistry classes, and then she house she would feel the muse of the saw her, of course. By at Fox Lake for a week end?" visit a memorable one. found them-' stone fenc~ would be the ideal back- ground for this dream palace-heap!- ~, ........ 1 r te an one ~o an egg:cneerlm, ne~plub a T~a~L,'te~:phEed, ;33 toot~m:plWs selves o~tside looking in, as it were. means to tak~ a course in dietetics hen and w i .......... i She cou d not accept their invitations - 5he roves Knowmage.~ays 1~ comes - . tal along the creek she would find in sunbeamMildred and ~.rrative where he had dropped it. ]because Ed had her dated for a " first She told me she loved me " . " " ~,,.; ........ r.. +1... ~....-.~, . ." .... ,, ...... sp~ratmn to wrtte as Longfellow did real fond of her Hm head was swimming. He didn't lmonth ahead. She was at his house" *~, .... s ............. ~-~ ....... ~ "'Is tnat so-. ma'zeo ~arDara, WhO -~ner ...... Iamny wemomea her warml " Th " r h~e~lw they had hke her. So I for dinner; out to a party at South windows were pussy willows and tu-' entered -uietl" and stood ravinTM 1.. Y. e days grew longe -i ~ s s ,,~- Wh . : hps. Miss Chase felt like walking for- Mm "Discuss me on ~,~,., . ey felt they had not done right was warmer. Dayshke tJ e~.Iul, so sane, so beautiful [Shore with him; at the opera Tiffs' for miles when she saw these win-street'corner! In every office;~-I by her in the matter of education, go out to South Shore C omner over, they found them-[his parents; shopping with his moth-I doTs If she started Barbara home-'said I l~v-~ --^ut I sa-- now I d^'n^* ~ne wan~ed to go to a university, Probablyhe'd take a gi] serves in ~ne sun room. Ed did not]er ~ ~ ~u ~ ~ ~ ~ and " " I " _ they mmsted she go to a conventPhil Sands cam r "fiance: Declared it was useless wast~ { "And to think," said Ruthmary to ward love you vI am all through with ! sc ..... e in o I " noo~ ann learn how to li . . ~ll;:;rag~l.thBearbara found herself, i Margaret' "we were going to help "Barbara,.ar~,,YU going home } you, Ed Foley." +!now, when she settled down ~o'Vewrl~e,'S ms.'Hmer'"rhn Barbaracame m~o'WaS]~ne a g e youngmen wno.askeaiMiss Chase show her a good time! Easter vacation, she asked one She went to her room Repeated they thought she wgs des onde ...... +- ." ...... .- + " t p n~ sa~ ~own. ttaroara tom :~ aer I0r a (lance ~naz sac COUld not [ She came right in and picked the morning as zney uo~n sa~ m ~nel requests from Mary could not bringl over the education the,, ~;~ ~-+ ~..- a.:~_^~e ~ ........ " dance. [only--I mean the most---eligible man dean's office. " ] . - ....... s ......... ~e~. ~xe u~e nine , t her down. Ed was pretty much d~s- her, and resisted once m^r ............. ' NO Cousin Mar " - hem- ' . ., . ~ . u e ~aa~ ~ne waa~ a wonaerlui COOK She and Ed sat and talked about in this parish, inside of twenty-four ever-- 'Easter " Y:' ~ was. .e turbed, Mary ~nough:, as he left. f shape her life conventionally at sm~ed mad asked her n~ Ore hospital he was going to build hours " y oi my hie, ann ~ wm~ She tried to cheer him; said all girls least They took her over t^ ~'-" ......... -, - "" out in the open country---up around "She is all for a career. Her ~-~-" ........ -- . l were nKe ~na~ waen gney were m when the~, went to ~-e *~ ............. " "Wh.. -* :- -~-_,.. _~ . !. .,. - s ~ w+~ car re-pa~len~ way sue nan w ~eollng or Antioch--with tennis brother wrote Miss Chase she was. ~. ..-,z, ,v m ~ne om: wace ~o ue a~ ~lve" paired; to Janesville when they went He asked "Come to the ~urts, ~.ables, swimming pool and And what would Ed do with her?~aster, said Mary. And then, as anI Maybe Ed felt comforted. He lik- for shoes; to Johnstown when they tContinued on ~ They are exactly alike. Both hate afterthought: "And at Christmas and I ed Mary and depended on what she " ~ (left and subtle questioning, he money. Both think it their dut~r to Fourth of July. I said. ~ - - ' ~ll~w from her a few facts. One give it away. He means to build a ' " " , J That night Barbara went home. KYr r"r [3 'I feel differently, Cousin Mary ~ ~ _!~ that she wrote poetry--descend- hospital far indigent millionaries, and will stay here. I am practicallyI She was glad as she sat in the corner a.~a.~.~ ~t ~t~j~ h M 8o deeply into the artistic throes and she is dead set on a cat and dogomeless. I gave my farm to Homer,l of the car that she had not given the THE LATEST RADIO DEVELOPMENT eomlmaltion thai: Homer and Tom, dispensary. ,,0, can you explain how and Tom. Father Casey told me it farm to the disabled and infirm an!- _ ...... he~ brothers, would not allow their she does it? wailed Margaret. was better to give it to them than to reals of the county It was home ~at~aote ~nt~ in = ~ Miss Bailey, the clerk, was called the disabled and infirm animal's so- Homer and Tom were darlings. Peerless and Courier Radios ]2= __-r .~- :~= m T ~= .-r ~- ~ .-r home to care for her mother, and ciety. $ gave it all to them except Mildred and Molly, their wives, were Miss Chase gave her work to Bar- forty acres on the creek side. And--" like her own sisters, and the nephews l bara. "Easter at home--" were the three best youngsters in Business suffered Telephomc m I . . "Easter is Easter, wherever you the county. Bah and blah for Chi- + Iv!rations from Ed and purring re- are," said Barbara. sago! Homely men. No time to do promptly closed and an ideal savin,lspnses from Barbara irritated Miss "Easter is Easter," agreed Mary.the things one wished to do. She plan to help YOU SAVE YOUR Chase. She was not really against "Whether you are in Chicago or had ever wanted to be a writer to MONEY. Phone for.. folder or call ! marriage,--but business is business up in the North woods, it's you, not write a book of poems. She could do and see us. We're home folks +.'.-.~ - --'- ....... 'the country or place. It is for you " i ,x~u et private scaoo! musl; maintain ~- ,,- ~- -,- ~ T -~- T ~- ~ .,~-.,-~ its dignity, to lift up your heart and be happy," }~ ~-.~.+...0~i~t..._...~,./, ID--__I_J r~ ~. ++ Winter wore on, and as the days said Barbara. ..~._~_:~.:~i..'-w~-~" -.- ..- -,-~"---'~'.L' _.....'"'~ _..".~" ~t =o~xeS K)UlI(ll.~g ~ lengt, hened Mary Chase thought Bar- Mary laid out her plans on disc!- - ..... Loan Associatmn barn s thoughts should turn Johns- pline and applied herself. townward. She must feel the callBarbara made out the bank de- " Buy Your Flower Plants 905 Boy.e Budding. of the woods and long for the loosen- posit and went over to the bank. From [ ed brooks But no l No such thoughts The telephone on Mary's desk .... ~ ~- -~] for Barbara. She enrolled in a night rang. It was Ed's mother. "Ed is [class in home nursm~ Ed drove her in love," said Mrs. Foley. "I have B,~,~.~R~ _ __~/~:~>0[ _ = +~~I~~~~~,.,,,,,..,.~ to lead him to his meals." ~+EED - ------- + I l lllllllllllll{llllllllll [Ill!l] ]]HI "Barbara is weakening," admitted [Miss Chase, "but she dislikes for- l saking her career. 616 Center Street [ Ed came i+n that afternoon~ar- Compliments of C~mpHments of [bara was in the playroom talkin to SEARS~n~ MissM~ss ChaseRUthmary" Hello, Ed," said Do You K now of One 401 West Capitol LITTLE ROCK, ARK. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. VIGORO ROSE BUD FLETCHE[ ,{}FFEE & 9. 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