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April 19, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 19, 1930

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to that nothing is than that Catholic and Catholic li,terature a large circulation, as every one may ha~ee every reading which instructs and strengthens and the Christian virtues. "~BENEDICTUS. pp. XV. ..... , [[ P. ,.tu.l ]I 1~ 'The Guardian in *~ry ~t I THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK LITTLE ROCK, ARK., APRIL 19, 1930 No. 2g WEEK uo the picture of these terms, but they are not a part of our daily life, and they are more or less unreal to us IN THE 0R|ENTin consequence. Biblical Customs in ~:hina d ' tire Actual Times of Our Modes of Life on Every Hand Now, it is one of the consolations of the missioner who spends his life oa Earth--Biblical l in the Orient that much is still left Customs Faith of Chi-lt remind him of Our Lord's times. It is perhaps more true of China than of anywhere else that the traditions of the East have been handed down Msgr. Francis X. Ford, unchanged. And it is surprising how feet Apostolic of themany of the customs of Biblical Pal-l ~11 Kaying Mission, estine are common to the whole of South China. I Asia, and are still retained by the ChL I for N. C. W. C. News Ser- nese; while, on the other hand, the ]/la.~ter Supplement) westernization of Palestine, the in- Whek, the heart of the roads commerce and manufactures is turned towarsl the have made, have destroyed in-great ld. We have had in our part the local color of the Holy Land. names of Gethsem- The automobile has made a "Sabbath Jerusalem, and the day's journey" obsolete; the roar ofI We have transferred our- airplane and railroad has invaded the SPirit to the scenes immor- peaceful quiet of the Holy Land; ma- ] the physical presence of cadamized roads and filling stations, a~d there is none among souvenir shops and tourist trade, golf not like to know bettcr [and jazz and military barracks have 't and times and conditions turned the center of the world s r - r the Passion and Death ligious sentiments into a British out- ' post. The same is true, to a greater Lera life is so different]or less degree, in Arabia, India and that of Palestine__.e~ar com-/Japan, and even in China, in the port and industry, our dress and l cities of the coast. Znanner of speech, are so But once we have penetrated into Oriental life that it is the mountains of interior China, we to visualize the people ~are struck by its Oriental atmosphere Lord preached, and byI~-not Oriental in the modern sense Was rejected. We find it of exotic, luxuriant, langurous sensu- realize the meaning of ality; but like the Orient in Our Biblical terms as "the Lord's time. A land devoted to sire- the temple," the "upper ple agriculture, with a barefoot peo- Cenaele," the "washing pie who walk, not ride, who bear the ~ of the disciples," the "gate heat of the day and the burdens, who the '%hirty silver shek- ! gather the crops by hand and winnow the "court of the house of the chaff in the wind, who yoke the Retteetion, of course, givesox to tread the corn. who draw water THE DAY THE LORD HATH MADE By DENIS A. McCARTHY. Oh, lean no more, ye lilies, in dejection! Oh, flowers that star the sward, Lift up your heads to hail the Resurrection Of Christ the Lord! Oh, winds that since Good Friday have been sleeping In silence deep as death, In joy this morn o'er all the world be sweeping With every breathl Out-spread again, ye birds, each feathered pinion, All in the dawning dim, And sing of how the grave hath no dominion Or power on Him I And sing of how we too, in Him believing, Shall rise as well as He, To share, beyond the graves, beyond the grieviug, His victory[ Nor stone, nor seal, nor guard could there restr:~in Him, Nor carven tomb nor clod, What fools who thought this chamber could contain ltim, The Christ of God! What fools who set their human sentries o'er Him-- For when arrived His hour Back fell the hardiest troops of Rome before Him With all their powcr. These men had seen ltim die. Aye, they had nailed ilim Cruelly firm and fast; Had heard Him ask if God Itimself had failed Him There at the last. And they had seen their comrade's weapon cleave Him The spear-thrust in the side, And they had turned away at last to leave Him Even as He died. And now before their eyes, a Vision splendid, He rises from the tomb Whose life in passion and in pain had ended In Friday's gloom. n~!~t Who shall recount the terror and the wonder That fell upon those men When th~ dark veil of &,ath was rent asunder Compllme Before them then! ~V aa~ Or tell the joy of her, the Blessed Mother, /I When, passing time and space, He showed Himself to her, ere any other Had seen His face! Oh, droop no more, ye lilies in dejection! Oh, buds and blooms of spring, East of North Of Christ, your King! Phone 4-0286 Iltl This is the day the Lord hath made. So duly ][~I~T]~.]~ |O ]~.&O~][~][]} I "Can I help you not to bury yo [ r~lr2,r~ |~ r.d-~l r,~ 1--but if you want to go to yo?r roe: [ By Constance Edgerton 11 will s,t, ay here. I have no em~ zn I(Written for N. C. W. C. Eastcr/Pe d" . -- with me eamfort ~vly ~ear, stay l Supplement.) ,1 me I have fallen heir to a ehild. She I Mary Chase, dean of Shorewooa/ " I School for Girls, sat at her deanery['i~ cfm:uhhare~p; sm;:o~he ~::q:~ ! desk and tried to think; tried to ad-| Y ]just herself to the great change thatt ~:s~:tlTwfrlo:rT ~kfap~,:e~ was about to enter her life. Before1 ' " her lay a letter, neatly written, po~t-~ ::lul:~:~i b;Stlliisedgr:y :ai~(i=d;on marked Johnstown, Wisconsin. Johns-| I~ .... ~ .... ~-~ ~-~ w~- behin~|teach" Can you suggest what w I ........ ~ - -:7~, -~"~ -.- . .~i do with and for her~'' [ Mary Chase. She react ~or vne ~ourtn ...... " .... - ' time Kutnmary s~ueie~ ~iss u~ase---t~e Dear Mamie: i last word in poise, unstiffened dig- nity, public manner and tact. She I am your second cousin, Barbara knew this country girl woukl wound Clark. Mother and you were such Miss Chase deeply with her erudity; friends I feel I am almost your felt she might not be properly clothed daughter, so I am coming to Chicago, to appear before the Shorewoed i to you, hoping I may teach in your senior girls; shivered at the eomin'g school, lhumiliation that would drench Miss Mother died a year ago. Both my Chase were this J0hnstown girl brothers are married. Meet me at viewed before she were caught an(] i the Union station at four this Friday remade. afternoon. "What would you suggest?" par- Yours affectionately, ried Ruthmary. BARBARA. "Call all my teachers together at Miss Chase arose and paced the recess," said Mary Chase. "We will floor. Surveyed the rare rug, an- discuss Barbara at that time, and ar- tique furniture. An inviting room. range for her happiness." One in which confidences were ex-! Twelve teachers filed into the changed: the one in which the dean ldean's office at recess. Without pro- picked all her pupils and turned them lude, Mary Chase touched upon the over to her school, topic that lay heavily upon her heart. "What did I ever do," she asked Bravely she set herself to do her the world at large, "that my relatives duty by her cousin anci'Shorewoo~! should pick on me? This child--" school. "Did the mail come, Miss Chase?" "I received a letter this morning asked Miss Ruthmary Inman, teacher from Barbara Clark, my cousin, say. of French. ing she is coming to live with me. "It did. It did," said Mary Chase. Twenty minutes ago this was deliv- "Are you ill, Miss Chase?" asked ered." She held a special letter Ul~ Ruthmary. for inspection. "This is from hez "Worse," said Miss Chase. "I am brother, Homer, and one paragraph dying--dead---ready to be buried." (Continued on page 2) I H. W. Houston M.E. McCoy t ! Owners Get Action Buyers Get Bargains i That's why our customer list grows in size month after |1 month. / M'COY & CO.. REALTORS ,i. | 409 West Third Street Phone 4- / -- ; ----: Let all creation join the sons of men i our Saviour Chris~, and praise Him truly . -.~__._~_=~._______~.'~ To pra se Who rose againl , [ "=" BUICK-MARQUETTE from the pool, who make brickswith uncontaminated bymodern inven- Ill, ..... ,- '*- I straw' and burn the grass ~ethe~fi:lndd tiH'o~S still prese=:d" ve A am Iltt ALl & 880]'0 of whoso temples have per ". , y Week Seen L" g " ~ t, II :/~' ~] I whose cities are girt w~th walls, whose All thin ~s a helpful background for "~ BUICK OWNERS blind and lame sit begging a a missioner s understanding of Bibli-! Iltl Illi Again andBUy Again. g e .e[n h hff]aii ]r f ii!C n a[ !: do!o!ir2!ndaE isf Oil i [[11 Aetna Floor, Bankers Trust Bldg. enjoys...A where the fishermen let down their the Passion and Death of Our Lord. I I[ll ~ T A - I Z E [,'|lflfl ,l, nets and where fishing boats are toss- The first Holy Week found the q~en-[ Illl . - x ......... itil i~$' [NY Ied by tYPboon winds; where the sw" tile cnverts all turning t Jerusalem' I iIH ~ IIIl r oes out to sow his seed; where, in [as to the holy city of God. The nar-I ~d Scott Phones 5197--98 e g " (Continued 2) ~ .In ward, the simple patriarchal hfe,I on page "Think First of , Whenever You Think of Buying" Nine Great Mail Order Houses and Hundreds of Retail Stores WARD STORES IN ARKANSAS ARE LOCATED AT Little Rock, Helena, Hope, Texarkana, Harrison and Fayetteville Everything [or the Family, Farm and Home Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back I SIXTH AND CENTER STREETS Let Us Figure on Your Bills Prompt Service Phone 4-0260