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April 19, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 19, 1930

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PAGE EIGH THE GUARDIAN, APR/IL 19, 1930 PHlS Social and Personals t The regular meeting of the Young tation. This also is a newly-formed The International Federation of Ladies Institute will be held Wed-club, and with each performance has ~HOW~ S~T~ PASTORAL Catholic Alumnae met Saturday aft-inesday, April 23, instead of the 16, established itself more firmly in our ernoon in the Sacred Heart Convent. : on account of this being Holy Week. city and has won not alone the praise The regular routine will be followed but also the confidence of the pea- next week, bridge and bunco will be ple. enjoyed, and a general "get togeth- "Two Days to Marry" is the piny er" evening promised, that has been chosen, and it will be presented in the auditorium of St. Sacred Heart Mary's School on the evening of April Mrs Annie Gimson of 1301 Har- 29. The cast in order of appearance bert avenue has announced the en- follows: attend Mass and receive Holy Cam- Final arrangements were completed for Mary's Day, which is to be cele- brated May 10, the Saturday before Mothers' Day. This day is in honor of the spiritual Mother, and precedes the Sunday set apart for honoring our earthly mothers. Members of the Alumnae will meet on May 10 at 9 a. m. at St Agnes' College to By special permiss:on of the Rt. Rev. Alphonse J. Smith, D. D. B~shop of Nazhv:llc, the Guardian has been authorized to publish the ~:she~,'s Pastoral !~t~:er to ~he Catholics cf Tennessee. Th'.~ timct', in- structive and scholarly exposition of the Christian ideal of Marr~ge so simply and accurately expressed merits the attention of every Catholic. 'lhe Bishop's Pastoral will be continued from week to week until it is car, eluded. (Editor's note). gagement and approaching marriage Chas, a negro servanLArchie O'Brien(Continued from last week) derstands by divorce, and is what thq of her daughter, Margaret Ann, to J" J" Dare ...................... Kevett Adler Ill. MATRIMONY ITS INDISSO- Church condemns and prohibits. 'away his wife."** *:~ Corinthians 7:10-11. In his letter to th~ RomanS, grea~ Apostle uses even language. Here he says: woman who hath a husband it to the law. Therefore, while band liveth, she shall be adulteress if she be with man."*** And what he women is equally true el band, as appears from thc ~ text, Confirmed by Traditio~ reunion, after which breakfast will Mr. J. C. Nuesch. The wedding will Pink, a negro servant____Agnes Baker LUBILITY---DIVORCE The Condemnation of Divorce ***Romans 7:2-3. be served by the Alumnae of St. Itake place April 23 at the Church of Imogene McShane (to wed J.J. The Church's law on the indissolu- Divorce stands condemned before Tradition from the Agnes. ~ After breakfast a rose bush ithe Immaculate Conception. Monsig- Dare) .................. Dorothy Keebler bility of the marriage bond, and the God's own word, the sacred Scrip- confirms the interpretation will be planted in the rose gardenInor D. J. Murphy will officiate. Sawyer, lawyer to Dare_John O'Brien consequent prohibition of absolute tures; before the bar of tradition as Catholic Church regarding. kept in honor of "Mary." The chap- Sadie Boise .................. Dorothy Reed divorce, is not merely a Church leg- it has come down through all the teaching on this subject. ter will also hold special services in Mr and Mrs J J Vinnucci, 715 ....... ~ islation in the sense that it hinds Christian centuries; and lastly, be- Fathers of the Church, the the cemetery adjoining the Academy, ! .... o nee th ' TI'I/~ M/~MFHIS PLAYERS and Doctors of all the Clrist Dickinson street, have ann u d eI TO PRESENT COMEDY only Catholics The laws of Nature fore the bar of right reason. where some of the sisters of the Con-tengagement and approaching mar-I ,, .......... and Nature's God must also be con- The Scripture Argue Against It ! turies, are unanimous in th] xne mempnls rlayers, a arama~lc vent are buried. The delegates to ridge of their daughter, Mary Anne," " " all. While it istrue that the Catholic the beginning, and was not intended countmanydramatic incidents ....... orgamzatmn formed last fall with sidered; and these are binding upon That" divorce did not exist from i Prohibition of divorce. We n the Dixie Conference which will be'to lvir Ennis aonnson hughes, Jr, . " " " " l a membership of young girls and Church stands today as the sole cham- by God, ~'~ae Author of marriage," we held in Biloxi May 16, 17 and 18 will : The wedding will take place Wednes- be s ........... tory inwhich the Popes ace be named this week. ! ..... ......... , y oz ~ne ~a~nonc umo, are pre- plan of the indissolubility of the have onthe authority of Christ. ter of every kind rather t~ nay, /~_prll Du, wlzn rgev. r'r. LOUlS aIin to res--~x~ri'--~ a#-~k's ~- .. ............. J P " g P ~,,~ ..... ~ ...... marriage bond, and against the evil Speaking of divorce, He said: "From grade the holy State of Ma~ j. r~empnues oiilcm~mg, rams wn-tcomed,, "Kick In " It will be ~iven The ladies of St. Brlgid's Church nucci has chosen Miss Florence Eck- in "" ~" - : ....... ~.. of divorce -which, if not approvedthe beginning it was not so . . England's defection from the will entertain with a card party on erly as her maid of honor, and Mr. ~ne Danroom oI zne ~atnonc ~luo of, is at least tolerated by practi- Have you not read that Hewho made occurred because a Pope the afternoon of April 22, in the blue James Norvell will act as best man. on the evening of April 25. cally all other teachers yet this man from the beginning made them against the lustful Henry room Of the Catholic Club Bridge Immediately after the ceremony theI "Kick In" is a play of rapid-fire stand is founded upon arguments male and female?" He then referred In 1806, Pope Plus Seventh. comedy, and we feel safe in predict- ] other than her own laws for her own the questioning Pharisees to the the anger of the great Napol and bunco will be enjoyed, and at- young couple will leave for a short ins an evening of enjoyment to all'people. Nor does she becomecon- ancient Scriptures, in which it is refusing to grant a divorce tractive table and attendance prizes trip, after which they will be at who are present Following the lcerned over the protests against this written of marriage: '!For this cause brother Jerome. In this latt~ will be awarded. Miss Ethel Murina home in Memphis. "show" a dance will be enjoyed by i stand. She raises a warning voice; shall a man leave father and mother, the Pope stood the defender is chairman for the afternoon and is ~ all who care to remain. The one and if the world will not listen, she and shall cleave to his wife, and they Protestant American ~o~ being assisted by the members of the .~,.~.~y ticket admits to not only the show waits with her accustomed patience two shall be one flesh." Then He a Catholic Prince; but no Guild. . ~but the dance as well. until time and the logic of events added His own comment: "Now they answer was.the same, "It Mrs. Sophie Moselage Schmacke~" The cast of characters in the or- have shown men the results of their are not two, but one flesh. What, ful; it cannot be done." Wednesday afternoon, April the ladies of St. Mary's Church ::d died at the family residence, 1357 der of their appearance follows: folly, and the wisdom of her posi- therefore, God hath joined together, ity and the Church made Union avenue, after an illness of Commissioner Garvey. ~ Jack Cusick tion. let no man put asunder"* what she is. and this Po other Popes before andsinC~ their friends will gather in the lodge about a year's duration. She was a Whip Fogarty .......... John McLaughlin There Is Cause for Alarm j *Matthew 19:4-6, 8. room of the Catholic Club and enjoy native of Kentucky, and came to Jack Diggs ............ :__Archie O'Brien [ Sociologists in this and other court-i What clearer teaching could be I time, showed ms' klm thst an afternoon at cards. Mines. C. J. Memphis about 25 years ago. Shell Memphis Bessie __Angels Monteverde I tries are expressing serious alarm desired? "Let no man put asunder." Church will maintain w ~a~ Fuchs, N. Lee and J. B Dilaney will was a member of the Sacred Heart Old Tom ........................ Vincent Pera! over the laxity of morals in connec- Let no man dare to violate this holy place of honored wife[ ~d, s serve as hostesses. Church, where the funeral was held, Chick Hewes .................. Kevett Adler ~ with a requiem High Mass. M~s. Molly ................................. Helen Fay I tlon with the marrmge bond. And bond, for this bond is ratified by the cost, against the blighi g r~ I there is cause for alarm. It is shown Father of all mankind, divorce. Mrs. Joseph Dolan and Mrs. M. Schmacker is survived by her hus- DM::iyH__o!!?an ............ __M. pCea~ratc:~ by a survey recently made by a But, like the people of today, the (Continuednext week). Harley will preside as hostesses at band, John L. Schmacker, an attache ............... Pharisees tried to justify their posi- i prominent sociologist of this country, the meeting Easter Monday after- of the government fleet, and two sis- Charles Cary (dope fiend) ........... not a Catholic, that there is a most tion. "Did not Moses command di- DEATH CLOSES CAREER noon of the Guild of St. Patrick's. ters, Mrs. M. J Goike, Pittsburgh, - ..................... ~ .... Justin Adlerlserious increase in the ratio of di- vorce?" theyasked.There was a OF MISSIONARY S~STE~ ' " SUBJECT This will be the fi~-st meeting of the Pc., and Mrs. W B. Burke, Birming- FR. SHEA, ALUMNUS, TO GIVE States. In 1889, only one marriage he replied quicldy, "By reason of the Guild since before Lent, and is being ham, Ala. vorce to marriages in the Unitedsting in the gentle Master's voice as anticipated with a great deal of pleas- 1 Mr. Benjamin Stevens Cuneo, a C.B.C. RETREAT (N. C. W. C.-Fides) ure. The meeting will be held at the life-long resident of Memphis, died At the Christian Brothers College, [in nineteen ended in divorce. Inhardness of your hearts Moses per- 1 1895, there was one in fifteen; in mitred you to do this thing" Yule Ishnd, Papau, OceaniS, Catholic Club and will be followed by the past week and was buried Sunday Rev. Fr. Leo Shea opened a retreat 1900, one in twelve; in 1916, one in In other words, "If you were not 4.---The gripping narrative of a social hour, at which bridge and afternoon. Mr. Cuneo was formerly for the students Monday morning nine; in 1922, one in seven; in 1927, so wicked, Moses would not have per- filled with missionary labor 1 bunco will be played, stage manager at the Lyceum the-and continue three days. The ser- one in six. During the latest year mitred you to put away your wives. SouthSea Island following a atre, resigning last October on ac- I vices are held at 9 and 11 a m and ! for whic~ statistics are available, the In order to avoid other ~.vils, he per- leus cure at I,ourdes ha~ bee~ Ia ~' " ~ 1 Mrs. H. B. Waterman, 434 Lewis count of ill health The funeral ser-I t 1:o0 p, m. daffy. Fr. Shea is a total number of divorces in the Unit- mitted that which he could not pre- by the rec,~nt deati~ of Mother~ street, and Miss Mary Crawford have vices were held in the Blessed Sac- former student at the Christian} led States Was over 150,000. Behind vent. But I, the Supreme Lawgiver, Therese Nobler. at Koubot~l$ returned from a week-end trip torament Church Burial in Calvary Brothers College, later taking his A. Ii such figures lurks a mass of human whom Moses represented, now with- vent. Pine Bluff, ~rk. cemetery. Surviving are his widow. B. degree at Manhattan College, N. 'misery and moral infamy which no draw that permission unreservedly. The cure of Mad, Mrs. Goldie Lenhart Cuneo; a sister, Y. He is now a teacher in the Dotal- I serious minded man c ......i~^~~: ....................... There,'e Ne~,h,t ~' mrs ~ss]e ~yrne, accompamea ~y M~ss Ohwa Can mean House of Studies in River t ,~ ~ ~ . ~ ~e ,_ ....... . " "" co, and a brother, " " For- ~ without grave anxiety It may be ate it in the New Law. Hencef--~~, ~ rt;c~ ar], well .:now~ ~o ner, m~s mary,, ann son Thomas Cuneo; a half-slster, Mrs. est, Ill. ' !that experience in time will bringyo uare oined to~ether in wedlock~'~" ago through the study made 0: .~oe, ann niece, ~ary ~co~, ann ner Frank Hume, and a half-brother Fr. Shea will speak Holy Thursday l ~" ". ......... ~. ~ ~ -" Do " "~.: '~ ~ Wl~ __ . . , . ,. home to the peoples of the w.~}d ]r.e~.~ab. a~ v r ". .~ cter BoL-.u~.. details ,f b~uther, Mr. Joe Jordan, mo~ored Louis Parodi during the Holy Hour at St Peter's'*~ .... alizati^~ *u-~ : ....... 5 ...... ~.~ , ~.e e your fast pa IDea.- in ~is ..... i ,,~ f:,eriS t.n l~ul~n~ l