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April 19, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 19, 1930

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.____ THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 19, 1930 " ,, PAGE SEVEN d at 20,078,20Z the dawn of reason, but the light of same time is that it be not only ma- an animal hanging in it. Why glory Ibut also as a recompense which may E,,,~,.,.IN~'~ FRAMES P~.AN~- FOR God coming to the darkness of man, terial but also spiritual. Incidental- in the link that binds us to the beast? I be some faint expre~ion of that re-I PEACE IN HOLY LAND Catholic in U. $. Prope, and the eom nions of the Babe are ly, that is where all behavioristic and Rather let us seek the bond that l compense which the Heart of Jesus Increase Is 83,944, According to New not ape-men, but Shepherds and mechanistic explanations of life fail. binds us to God. And where is that has prepared for those who faith- By Dr. Alexander Mombelli Official Direct°ry--M°res'rist andC°n" Kings, and the woman in the cave is They cannot account for that won- bond? Inn cave, most certainly, but fully serve Him and thus bring to (Jerusalem Correspofident, N. C. W. not a monster, but a Virgin-queen." derful madness called laughter, not in La Grotte d u Cavillon but in Him unspeakable consolations. C. News Service.) verts---Number of P "e The questions asked Dr. Sheen dur- Nothing in lower creation ever pro- the cave of Bethlehem. And the The presence and work of the Jerusalem, March 19.--The eminent Churches Grow. ing the "Hour" and his answers are duced anything even remotely re- name of the one in the cave, is not 'Friends of the University of the Sa- Jewish scientist, Prof. Einstein, the (By N . . t~. W. C. News Service.) as follows: !sembling a laugh. There is no such Pithecanthropus but Christ, and the cred Heart' recalls consoling uncle- well known author of the "Theory of li New York, April 15. The Catho- Question. Last Sunday I asked thing as some animals beginning to animals in the cave are not wild!gigs to us, and in particular certain Relativiby," has just made a practi- you about evolution. What were the smile and then man breaking out into beasts, but the ox and the ass at the 1 Holy Gospels. Yours is an activity, cal contribution towards the solving e population of the United States distinctions that were made? a laugh. There is something abso- Master's crib, and the light shining a holy work, a friendship which is of the present difficulties in Pales- ~rOPer crossed the twenty-million ~rk for the first time in 1929, ac- [ Answer.--First, it is not absolutely lutely new even when we come to in His eyes is not Zhe light of a exercised continuously, fruitfully and tint. In a letter to the Arab paper Frding to statistics given in the and intrinsically impossible that the man. The pony did not give a smile beast coming to the dawn of reason, charitably; to it you consecrate all "Falastin," English edition, Jaffo, Y30 edition of the Official Cotholic body of man could have evolved from and the truck-horse a horse-laugh, but the light of God coming to the the energies of faith• Your special ProL Einstein suggests the organiza- ~irectory, a lower organism. Secondly, if it The early hyenas did not merely grin darkness of man, and the companions interest is the University, a center of tion of a sort of a round-table confer- . ~ons here.pUblishedThe newbY Directory P" J" KenedYhas could be proved, it would not conflict and the later ones laugh they only of the Bhbe are not ape-men but culture, truth and knowledge which ence between representatives of both ]U~ made its appearance, with any official teaching of the have their mouths open. The small Shepherds and Kings, and the woman must atLain the necessary develop- Semitic races. This suggestion is valleys did not begin to titter and in the cave, is not a monster, but a ment• based on th opinion that the politi- Catholics in the United State-~7, ex- Church. Thirdly, since, at the present the bigger ones rock with laughter. I Virgin-queen. cal difficulties of today in Palestine 'e of Alaska and the other terri- stage of scientific development, there One never meets a smile until one I Seek Man on the Tree A Work of Charity. • "We are well pleased that--you, are more of a psychological than an ~, are listed at 20,078,202 in the are no conclusive proofs of such ori- !comes to man and the only reason I gin, but, as the Smithsonian Institu- I There are, after all, only two pos- dear children, have dedicated actual nature, and that they can be one meets ~t in man ~s that man your- solved if honest volume, as against 19,994,258 tion informs us,only two smallhas a ~oul that can rme" ~ above mat" i sibte theories concerning the nature selves to the work of charity, but fested by both sides.g°°d will be manl- for the United States proper "finds" and no more, it is evident that ~ ' " and dignity of man and one is that your charity is the more elevated be- Directory. The increase. ........... ter and see the relations between Prof. Einstein's Suggestions. is 83,944• ~ne nm~ oe~ween ~ne amma~ ann man ......... 1 "' ~ life is a push from below and the cause it is directed toward such a :~ _,:n ~:~.: ......~_~ ....L~ ~nmgs, ann m partmu ar ~ne Iunny other is a gift from above• In the vast center of culture, the Catholic The letter by Prof. Einstein runs r he United States proper, plus =.~'~ .' ...... .rig u.,u^~,~e:uL,= ~,:~ ones, which help to make life more first instance man is not supposed lUnivers~y of the Sacred Heart.. ~nurcn aeems ll; WlSe ~o ~tu-~Le ~v bnL; . . in part as follows: :a and Ha~vaii, the total number • • . amusing. There is more truth than traditional teaching that the body of , ..... to act like a beast because he camel ,inthls conn~ctionwa v~enH th~ "Our present situation is so unfa- ~ttolics is given as 20,205',702, • . mere poetry in saymg znat man man was nnmedlately created by God ...... from one; in the second he is sup-I~oO~dit~~wG~mSii!S~hnf~mg.~ii vorable because Jews and Arabs against 20,112,758 listed in 1929, . breaks out into a laugn, zor i~ is a posed to act like God because made Anan increaseinCrease of°f 1,85690'944'in nun Questmn Why, when I asked you 1 ":-- . positive break away from everything stand as fighting parties before the to His own image and likeness• In of Jesus, Mary, sister of Lazarus, mandatory powers. This condition is" ast Sunday whether man might have ' below him in creation. It is a break the words of the message of Palm Mary thae amst evolved from a lower animal, did you with the past, it is a break with mat- of COnverts in 1929, as g " n ask in return if I referred only to the ter it is the beginning of s-irit Sunday addressed to you but a f|~ She°f~rewBethanY•near to Him one day 1] unworthYcan only beef alteredb°th of by°urbothnati°nSpartiemand ~revious36,376, andYear'iniSthereC°rded'1930 volumeC° "tha_tb°dy Ofasamancompos~teOr to theofWhOlebody man,I an~theThe seconddawn o£,:~"o" v , moments ago the sonrce of our dig- and poured over" His Blessed ador- 1 A secret council has to be formed to ~0ns given in the 1929 Directory• • " is taken nity is not to be sought by looking able Feet a vase of precious oint-twhich the Jews and Arabs will each soulm and ar~_...ent for the man inn tree but rather by ment and wiped them with her hair, send four representatives, who will • ,from art. Art is the expression of looking for th~ Man on the tree. The to the astonishment of all the on- be independent of any political body• recorded as 38,232• ! Answer.---I asked that very neces- the ideal through the real• To do the ry Contains 1,100 Pages. t sary question because while it would same things over and over again ingmanfromin thehistreetailiSinthethebeaStselfishSwing-joy lookers, who certainly did not have / Thgse will consist on each side of one in their hearts a like ardor of char- physician elected by the medical Year's Directory is a large and not be impossible for a human body through necessity, like beavers build- of his bestiality. The Man on the ity• For there were those presentI body, one jurist elected by the law- ;s.;e book,It containsreplete withl,100CatholiCpages ism,t° haveit wouldeV°lVedhavefr°mbeena lowerabsolutelyt°rgan- ing dams and birds their nests, is tree is Christ Jesus in the ecstatic i who deplored that excess of luxur- yers, one workers' representative i not art, though it may be instinct. Iu beauty of His redemptive Humanity. fiance, that act of hospitality• There elected by the unions, and one cleri- ~ves the location, with person- impossible for the soul of man ever order that man produce art, he must The man i nthe tree is the beast-man• i were so many poor! And, lo, Jesus cal man elected b,v the ecclesiastical el all Catholic churches and re- to have evolved from anything ma- have ideals, ideals which he expresses The man in the tree is the beast-man• reading their thought, replied that body. These eight people will meet institutions in the United terial or from anything animal. It through the medium of matter, like man. The man in the tree looks for- the poor are always with us. The once a week• They will undertake Statistics for Alaska, the must have come immediately from color, or marble• He must have, for ward to a progeny of the children of early writers place this interpreta- not to act as representing the inter- Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, God. If, therefore, your question example, such an ideal as justice or animals and the Man on the tree the Philippine Islands, would have been" "Could man as a truth br v r r honest- N " " " w r ....... tion on these words: The poor, those ests of their professions or their na- Honduras, Jamaica and Sier- . " • , a e y o y. o one lOOKS zor a u ~o ~ne progeny oi tne .......... tions but to take int ........ * ^~ composite of body and soul or as a ,.,_ , ,~ . ...; . .. Wno oWell in the lOWly places anu , ,, ,~,u,~} =~- e also are given, together with . . . has ever been out for an automobile cnuurenoz ~oo Tne man m the ............ thlnkmg animal ever have going en ~ " " • lower - ride with Justice;no one has ever sat tree looks back to the earth whence~ =o are ever walkmg upon this earth, i :::eU~:g th:n~s::O:m:~el?n~ con- ation on Catholic chaplains t!relly from any fqrm of crea- down to a meal with that ideal call ......... ne sprang. ~ae ~t~an on ~ne tree~a e_always to be found at the Savior s ~ .............. , p p y ~ne n- kmerican Catholic missions tlonI would have answered m the ed Truth; no one knows the latitude ........ sect• , naolrmnus oi tat lanu• Tat ~mcus- . mo,xs upwara ~o ~ae heavens w,mnce,, ................ I sion shall be secret and shall -'"'- ~'- Inegative" l or longitude of Bravery: These .......... ~ ~s a ~nougn~ zuil o£ nign meal-, " n~ u~ no (lescen(lea. ~o tne man in ~lle • . * re olted o" " " " "- ~da and the British Isles also]Question'." .-- But the only grounds, ideals are spiritual. Where do they ........... lsmann inspiration that there is a l p • , n ~ even pmva~eiy, when ~l'ee atl ~ne o~ner ~l'ees oI tat Ior- ' ' " a lesolution a" " "