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April 19, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 19, 1930

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PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 19, 1930 Abraham Surpassed ~eautiful woman, and that when the Egyptians shall see thee they will say, Highest Civilizations, "She is his wife," and they will kill Says Jesuit me and keep thee.' He therefore sought to pass as her brother, and itual progress that we must measure if love had merely stopped with Goal the true worth of any age or people, becoming man, we might say that Go( That is the Divine norm by whichdid not do everything He could do God measures them and so the only ~ to show His love. We might say that true one. Let us strive to master this He was like the heathen gods that Though Patriarch Rates Low in So- it was into the harem of the divine lesson." sat indiffelent to the woes and ill ciolo--ical Scale, Spiritually He Pharaoh himself 'that before long i and heartaches of the world and hence R M(bh DM TFAMFF/ - s~ .......... Ia Sarai was brought 'But the Lord SAVIOUR'S SERMON never drew from the heart of man a ~too~~ ~Ut 12,xaltect uver wor tt , of His Day, Fr Husslein scourged Pharaoh and his house with FROM THE CROSS IS i be~t of love. If Divine Love stopped " r Over Rattle most grevious stripes,' continues theRETOLD OVER RADIO nrcrely by appearing amongst us, man Ave s . , " Tim modern, ]uxuriou, way to Erin . . . econonrical, too i Scripture account, for Sarai, Abra- might say that God could never an- .'.. on these spacious Cabin ships. Large airy staterooms, (By N C W. C. News Service.) ! ham's wife,' and she. so escaped in- Vivid Picture of Christ's Great Pulpit dcr:,iand the sufferings and tim lone- lounges and libraries.., cheery verandah caf6s... Canard ~ T~..;~ M,, Anril 15--- K1- violate.(Gen. XXII) Drawn by Dr. Sheen in "Catholic liness of a human heart; that a God .......... ~ ..... - food and service. Special facilities for daily celebration of tnougn ............. Aoranam anu his ~rib~e were" "Through all these events God had Hour" Address." could not love as men do, namely, toMass on board. Cabin $135 up, Second Cabin $132.50 up, onl nomads and desert dwellers, protected Abraham and his wife, but the point of sacrifice. Tourist TbirdCabin, One Way $106 up, Round Trip $187 Y ...... yes "to a full they offer us an excellent example of (By N C W C News Service.) "If, therefore, love was to give of up, $85 Third Class, according to steamers, plus U. S. tax. never devo~ang ~nemsel m r 1 1 I ", .... and settled a~ricultural life," yet the o-al'ty which preys'led in theI Ne~ York, April 14. When the its fullness, it must express itself ' ...."~ " " " and the cul Egypt of the Twelfth Dynasty ~day came for Our Lord to deliver tits even to the point of sacrificing itself ASK ABOUT THE FIFTH ST. LOUIS IJXGUP~ION, S. S. SCYTHIA, JUNE 14TH irkuany ~ne pa~rmren - t See Your Local Agent or ,, -'P " , ................ a~ a ~urer "It was during precisely this same i last and farewell address to thefor the salvation and redemption of ,ure unaer n,s ~e,, .... v , ~ ~NA -ivilization than that of the proud- period also that the high point of world, he chose a "pulpit which, like mankind. If, therefore, He Who ' .......... he Rev lo power was first reached in the third!the words lie was uttering, wouldbe suffered on Calvary; He Who was RI} I,IP es~ l~gyp~lan t-naraons, '~ " ' " , I e h Husslein S J director of the of the world s great civilization of.remembered down through the arches now preaching from the Pulpit of the ~ 1135-37 Olive St., St. Louis s p ' " "' " " ' rs" th ross the Rev R,~;aln~ioal Denartment of St Louis that early time, the wonderful Mmo- of the yca -- e C ., . Cross, were not God, but a mere crea- University, declared Sunday in his an Kmgdom which artistically was D:. Fulhm J. Sheen of the Cathohc tare, or a mere man, then there must ~e creatures in this world better regular weekly lecture over the Uni-' the peer of Babylonia and Egypt, in University of America declared in versify Station WEW. The subject the wide city of Knossos, the great his radio address on "The Pulpit. of and nobler than God. Shall man who of Father Husslein's lecture was Pc}ace off Minos. The art of Greece ltho Cross," delivered on the "Cath- toils for his fellowman, suffers for "From Abraham to Moses." and of the modern world was here to [olic Hour" last evening. The "Cath- him, and if needs be dies for him, In contrasting the backgrounds of be anticipated and prepared for in/olic Hour" is sponsored by the Na- be capable of doin'g that which God Abraham's Semitic civilization with the naturalistic and imaginative work tional Council of Catholic Men and cannot do? Should this noblest of That Provides Complete Protection +h~,l)~,~.~._ w ~,,~1~"~'~ and~tionma~n'ificeneeo and Minoanitef the andf thatenterpnatiOnrl.s.mOfg skillfUlmerchantsCraftsmenwhose broadcastti on a l Broadcast'ngVer a lnetwrkc om Pfan ytheftom]toNs" , love,sinful, whiChman,iS andSacrifiCe'yet impossible" be possibleto It Pay:, If You Live ~.~: .......... ~Jv ....... a erfeetl good God9 Shall we It Pays If Yea Become Disabled ............. lein clwhzatmn had been entirely lost to Station WEAF h~-re. ~ P Y " cmtures ox ms (my, tanner Jaus~ ........... .. ,, say that the martyr sprinkling the nointed out that Abraham stood out ~ne woHa unnl reomcoverea m our "Like all who mount their pupils, , - ...... . .... It Pays If You Die exalted above them all as one "who d;y~ aIrtti:]~Ootfl:2:ldabtelmposslble said Dr. Sheer,, "He o'erlooks His bl::d, t;: so~deerU:Y;gelm hT~tnounn~ 8o intimato-ly communed with God, ' auty man- audience. Far off in the distance,.. ~. " ..... . ,~ This policy provides a permanent income for the insured in ~hheOm:a~genl; ~lt~i::dWhlat~::: Aftaietii~sl?i: foK:ndSSthe~/ray vt~: d~no:::1 otln~etV:lloet~y JdhOS:?htlte h!!t~!iij[~.:Spe:![~fi~i!]iingh~!:s~! total and permanent disability. It provides a liberal cash e for old age. It provides protection for the family in case you ~nd of the supreme promise made by tets o.f the Patriarchs.valley, He could see the gilded roof, " .. / y , __f .... a, Let us furnish you with complete information about this c "Such ~nerefor " . . saytna~ ~nose women, ma.'~z-~ -z before you buy additional insurance. ~od t~ malakind " , e, is the back- of the Temple re:ftectmg~tsrays ........... ,,_ ..... ~round of ma~-r-'-' ... , .... .. - - pain, wno in lll;Ele novels ano 10~;ly Father Husslein's, lecture in part ~ . ~e m~ magnn~cence,[agams~ ~ne sun, wmcn was soon ~o ~^,, .... ~. ...... crificed all the ~o-s is as follows: power,achievement, and humanlhide its face in shame. Here and ~~; ......... . o , JEFF J. RALEY, State Agent "The chronicle of the Chosen Peo glory against which, in that great!~here on Temple walls He caught of life for the sake oI s~mpte a uues~ " , I~ . and little charities, unno~iceu ann Central States Life Ins. Co. _~ ...... ~^ .^:z ,^ ~en with God's epoch of the world s hmtory, we must I glimpses of figures strammg their ........ ~:~, :~.'~::= ~z~'~o ~hold the set the simple and patriarchial figure ]eyes to catch the last view of ttim iunkn0wn oy all save ~ou snail we LITTLE ROCK f h , t say that all those, who flom the b - ~,,ent of a new era eulturall,, no o t e nomad Abraham, the dweller, Whom the darkness knew not. Near- .... Sylvester Lukas, Special Agent "~" ' z l ginning of the worm nave snown ~-oo than reli~,iousl- in the history under tents, the desert wanderer, the er the pulpit, but off at the border of ........... ....... ' " m , xor h tne oeau~y oi saemxlce, nave no G.P. Kordsmeier, Special Agent ~ th~ warld aster of camels, oxen, sheep ruler the crowd, stood some of Hrs own, ..... . . 9 "- - ......... ' ' fllVlnro~ol~ e in neaven. lna~ ,, ,a.~ ~h, r.,~A *-i,~ ~- Abraham" over, but hm small household of man- I timid disc~iples ready to flee m case e P YP ...... ....................... s~van,, an.~ -.~:., ~ ............ ithev have been eapaoie oI-mspia~jmgOver one hundred million insurance in f =" ,~ u .,atu ~e~vanLs ~oge~ner of ~angel I . Go forth out of thy country, and " , , ". " withthesouls he had be oftenet ,,~ . . ..... ,a nobler fo, m of love than He Who from thy kmgdom, and out of thy ..... g Y ] ~reeKs and ~omans were ~nere, ~ ~. +h, . ,ph. t-he, have ahnwn , zor au ~nat the chosen of the LordI " " es .............. t ....... . ........... mmmm=m father s house, and come rote t/m o , _ too, as well as Scmbes and Pharme : ' . ............ ,,~ l oI neaven and of earth; the inheritor l r ..... grea~er love man ~w ~=,~. land which I shall shew thee. And t from .,erusaiem mere were 'rempm ........ i through Adam, Seth and Sem of the ............ ! o~tit on the ~.ross. I will make of thee a great nahon, prmsts in tne crowt~ asking ~alm ~o .......... ~ ........... hlt** +h~o ~,,,~ .... W ,[ great promise of the Redeemer which I ......... I ~nau we say ~nm. ~nu ~uppuse and I will ................... s ..... ~ ......... " ,,come sown ann prove rns J)lvmlty. t+h.+ ..,h.. +h.. attributed sacrificinz~,.~ ~.~ ~ ps they name and thou shalt be blessed, lsnoula oe iUllllled at length in theThere were the Deity-blind mocking~love "to'~'Chl:~s~ "on-'the-Cross, they ~.~ ial ~- I will bless them that bless thee, and!race that was to spring from him. i and spitting at Him. There were imade a -od in their own image and C Ot I a t But above all else he was to be the g curse them that curse thee, and in ~ some who had followed Him for an'~ ......... thee shall all Shy kindred of the father" of a spiritual offspring, in-thour, taunting Him that ;others He g~?::t::S'p~y~:d~:aL gnXoba~:y th:; . ~"~1 ~'~ ............... numerable as the stars of the heavens ~av~,~ but Himself He could not save .......... ~ -::7 ~,,,~ lur earth De ulesseu. ~en. ~x,, ~-o.1 ..... ,. ~, " n~ ........ ally exists' Shall we say "The great promise of the Re- and ~ne sanos which the wmd whirls *t There were Roman soldiers throw- this'or~ shall"we sa- with John an~t up and sweeps across the desert~- God' ' ~ ) deemer, made to our hrst parents m . , mg d~ee for the garments of a' ~' ~ +~ ; ....... ~ .......'~ We can do the Printing best; . . . here s an Paradise, and after the Deluge car- waste. For all who today are begot- ', And there at the foot of the cross i, God"du:( ie ;n~i;,ite~y better;that ~en anew m the Blood of the Lamb 1 tied on 4n the line :-of Sem Blessed , stood that wounded flower, that brok-!if man can love so much God can Here's Why--- Wa~ tO raise .be the Lord God of Sem,' is now more who are gathered into the Fold of en thing, Magdalene, forgiven be- love infinitely more. \Shall We not His One True Church, are the off-Icauso she lo'~ed much. And there, say this, and find in the Cross of We specialize in this kind of work. for- ~our clearly defined as awaiting its ful-t fillment in the seed of the Semite' spring of Abraham, his children in with a face like a cast moulded out . Our splendid, modern equipment , .......... Cal~ary tV, e perlect expression of can do the work better and at atlon. Abraham: 'And in thee shall all the',the spirit, though not in the flesh.,oI" rove, was conn. and ~nere," P~Y love by an AIM)erfect Being, of lower price than others. Summer nei, was H~s own mother, Mary r kindred of the earth be blessed.'i'Knw ye, therefore,' says St. Paul, ~ . . ~ " ~h hem perfect condescension and is the ideal time to publish such Many church circles and Mary, Magdalene and Jonn inno .... I'that they who are of faith, the same ~ " sacrifice were required by naught a book, and for ~hat "reason, we From lns offspring is the Savior of, fish cook books and r~ the world to be born. And as the iare the children of Abraham' (Gal. ~cence, penitence and priesthood q%e in heaven or earth save b" His own are takin~ orders now--be among profits from them. These boo tree types of souls forever to be centuries pass that promise is con-1111 7). In Abraham, therel'ore, above '" 5 the first to get ~urs in. tain recipes from the best i~ porJ~ect and inconceivable love which your community and are s~ stantly confirmed anew and rondel all the men living in that great age,' found beneath the cross of Christ ........ r-ach-- *r~" *~ u" ~"i* -f He ....v ............... v- You Can't Overlook Such a -immense sale. "Full details andatill moredate preciSeof the untilRedeemer,sthe verYcoming i trulYplace: were,, thebtessed.nations, of the earth to be I "ApThe ~sLaStsdencelmpressiVenow TheWrdS'scnbes ' the,, Crss"~ , r mates free of charge are clearly revealed in the suecessive l Anti here rs the supreme lesson - " " . .~. ' If we do say this, that lle is ~e'y Sure Fire Money-Maker and Pharisees cease their ramery, Write Us Toaay: BATESVILI Messianic prophecies, to be learned by our age, to ber~e ........ ~toman sommrs pu~ awa"x ~*h~ire God of God, and love ds now reach- Called in Great Epoch. conned in our schools and taken to dice. The sky is darkened and men ing its climax in the redemption of RECORD giBUt ......... the perioa oi Aoranam s ca,:l heart, by .ear sociologists, that it is grow fearful. They are awaiting the mankind, then no longer can men I - - -- -"---L - -=:" "!_-_ Batesville, Arkansas .... no~ according to the stages of mate synchronizes with one of ~ne grea~- . - . " farewell address of the Son of God. say, Why does God send men into " ~ "-- . .. lriai aeveiopment that we must rate lle begins to speak, but like all men APPLF$! l est epochs in the entire securer ms-'._ tl~e world to be miserable when He ....... ..... i the worth of men and the highest tory of the ancien: worm. ~e~ usI who die, He thinks of those whom ..... value of any culture ble for a moment taKe a glance over ~ne i " He loves most. tits first word was a is happy? for God-man i misers "Sociologically speaking, Ab'raham word about His enemies: 'Father, for- now No longer can men say, Godi NO I INGRAMS civilized countries of that day, whoseI hx at would hold a place at the very low date I wouldapproximately " i - give them. for they know not what makes me suffer pain while He goes l " "-- ............................................... Per bushel basket 1 est stage of c~whzatlon He had gone about the year 2100 B. C., or short y ~ " " " ' they do.' His second word was about through none, for the Goa-man is' - ......................................... after that century, forth from the ancient city of Ur, isinners, and He spoke to a thief: 'This ...... . ............... NO. 1 YORKS-- ,, where arts and crafts trade an t . . now enuurmg p~ln ~o ~ne u~mu~. ~u In Babylonia ~t was the golden , d com-~day thou shalt be with Me m Pars- . ..... ~ 50 baskets or less ......................................... ' lon er canmen say~na~~OU nasa, age of Hammurabi, generally believed merce had flourished for centuries,!dise, And the thief died a thief, for g i tRKANSi to be identical wlith the 'Aura hel,iwhere, according to sociological rat- he stol Paradise~ His third word heartthatcannotundersttand, for' P .... e " " I King of Sennaar, mentioned in " " ;] S COLI~ Sl 011AGE ~t ' the rag, the very chmax of c~vlhzatlonwas to His samts" . It was the new now ths" own Sacred Heart under- " " , . , , 1 t Holy Scmpture as among the fOeSn reachedthe mdustrmlperhapsStage,somehad2000alreadyyearsbeenor" sonannuncmtmn : Mother behold Shy stands what it is to be abandoned by II Little R~k, Arkansa, --- Phone 4-0157 -- Long Distance 115~ whom Abraham defeated. By Se - . "- " m ~" uffers sus end ' naar, or Shin'ar, is certainly indi-I more before his day. Yet leaving allI "As the sermon went on it seemed ~dab:~waee:nth~ ~k~n~doms of Pboth,I . . l-e ~ , ov r this, he proceeded to Haran, where I cased the region of Babyloniae :to ~ain in emphasis about the love ~_, ..... h ..... --' --.~ earth rejected "" ................... Have the Protection of he recewed the Dwme call and went and at ~hls artmu which he had established his reign of i of God for man, " P " " ...... the other ,ower and magnificence un~reee- out into the land of Chanaan, where. ...................... ider ~y one ann a~an~one~ Dy .... : i " "" ~"- "" ~"t he ,yea ........... a pas~orm hie lar poln~ ~aa~ w~ a~ .......... " Now i~: m ~rue ~o say oI l~ove l~setli nahan Memorial ] dented m tna~ "two-re,vet val ey, in~" when He began to speak, it was ~, -, - .... u..~.~;~.. for us for~ a Me a Abraham Only a Nomad ~, ~u~ ......... ~ ~,,,~ , while within the walls of Babel 1 y " a curse u on those who crucified - " [ no~ " - P treater love than this no man hath, I accumulated the wealth of his vastt "At their highest development,--- Him; it was not a word of reproach ~t a man lay down his life for his lAbove all a Memorial must bs ~ I conquests, i in purely sociological terms--Abra- to the timid disciples off at the border 7r~end ~ ] ing. The Guardian Memoria~ [ ....... "At Egypt i~ was the second of ham, Isaac and Jacob could only be of th crowd; it was not a word of " " da is an' Monahan's guarantee by a certlfica~ I ttLVA:~ e The drama of that y that they are perfact and lut~l. the three great periods in which the classed as semi-nomads, since they withering scorn to those who taunted abiding one. For Calvary is not just Se~ b~autiful d~milrns here. splendor and glory of the Pharaohs never devoted themselves to a full and mocked Him; it was not a proud a mere historical incident, like the reached a supreme culmination. The and settled agricultural life. Even prophetic word of power to those battle of Waterloo; it is not some- first had been the age of the Ghizeh as late as the entrance of the sons who taunted His weakness; it was not thing which has happened, it is some- MONAHAN & SON Pyramid Builders, the second was the of J~cob into Egypt, their brother a word of hate to the Roman soldiers; thing which is also happening. Christ 41~-414 W. Muldanm St. reign of the' Twelfth Dynasty kings, Joseph represents them to the reign- it was not a word of hope to Magda- is still on the cross." when the wonderful renaissance of ing Hyksos Pharaoh as herdsmen and lene; it was not a word ef love to Egyptian ar~ and architecture wasshepherds, 'The men,' he says, 'are John; it was not a word of farewell ~ ........... "~ - in its full swing. Great monuments shepherds, and their occupation is to to His own mother, it was not even ~-~ ............. were then erected, but small art in feed cattle; their flocks and their to God at this moment, it was to particular had reached a delicacy and herds and all" they have they have man! And out from the abundance perfection which still remains the brought with them' (Gem XYVI, 5'2.) of the Sacred Heart there welled the amazement ef the world. Perhaps Their whole household furniture and cry of cries: 'I thirst.' nothing has ever been designed to all their earthly riches could bel "He the God-man~ ~e Who holdsl The College Offers the surpass the exquisite beauty of the'strapped on the backs of their cam-/the earth in the palm of His hand, I I jewelry in gold and precious stones els I He from Whose finger-tips have turn-I found in the tombs of the mightyI et spiritually, morally and m bled planets and worlds, He WhoI Arkan as Genera/ USUAL CLASSICAL COURSE Twelfth Dynasty Pharaohs and theh'lthe highest cultural sense Abraham threw the stars into their orbits, and] ~. ' court. Among these kings were num- stood out immeasurably exalted spheres into space, now asks man,] Utdity Co. in the bered three of the most imperial and above all the world of his day. There a piece of His own handiwork, to help powerful rulers the world has ever is, moreover, an inbred dignity and Him, He asks man for a~drink. Not Telephone 2600 known, Amenemhel I, Senuseret II, nobility in this man, who so inti- a drink ~)f earthy water, that is notI El Dorado, Ark. =mightYPyramidand Amenemhet BuildersIIi' mentypeOf ..... 'the mately communed with God, whom what He wanted,,,but a drink of love: .... ' angels visited, and who was the re- I thrist for love. C ~ .~ ~ ~.- ~ ~ .w. ~= .~ w. ~..~ ,,~ : Abraham Dwe!!s in Egypt. , cipient of Divine revelations and of~ The Great Proof of Love. ...... ~'It was to the :Egypt~ of the'the~ supreme premise'made by GodI "BUt," continued Dr. Sheen,/."if Twelfth Dynasty that Abraham him-ire mankind, love, in its highest reaches, means GrJth & eelf came for a time when a grevious "Under the tents of the Patriarch~, sacrifice, then these words of Our famine drove him out of Palestine. too, there was a higher, purer civili- Blessed Lord from the Cross are the The morals ef the Egyptian people zation than any that existed in the climax of Love's ways with unloving at that glorious period of Egyptian proudest age of the Pharaohs, of the men. Love did not keep the secret history cannot be better gauged than kings of Babylon, or the Minoan mer- ~f it~ goodness that was creation. by Abraham's own words to Sarai, chant princes. It is not hy material Lov~ became one with the one loved, his Wife: 'I know that thou art a~iIevelopments, but~by moral and spir-.and that was the Inq4~rnation. But I Broening Outfitters for Men 708 Main LITTLE ROCK HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT For Terms and Information Address Rev. ReCtor,: _, UB[ . O COLL Submco, Arkansas