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April 19, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 19, 1930

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PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 19, 1930 t IlL - " ..- --- i a i - ". . . . . ,, . . First Nahonal lordship to ontmue untroubled, as parish and he has act:rely supported and make me a better girl. Brooklyn, will be dmbursed among Fears that the recent ][7,,~.k~,.;,.~ P ....... had always happened up to that time, and encouraged various Catholic "Although I am a Protestant 'by Catholic institutions here, according f-cto~ )~,, P.~;~-+ T~ these p]rates began to curse and works throughoutthe Diocese. He training and,,a student at a Protes- to provisions in the will filed in the Commission betwee .... ~ .... threaten. " has also been very much interested taut college, writes a man from Surrogate'sCourt Saturday ThA n ~t or veer Meetings anti opec~al ~e, . -- --" ----- . . ................ They then entered trho boat to m the work of St. John's Charch San Jose, Cal., to Dr. Sheen, "I want deceased, who died April 1. left an ht~cal factmns here wbuld ~DQIW~ton8 ~or q~lergy Wll| reatttlce~ * - - . ....... :se:ze the g~rls, whom they had sp:ed, for the colored Cathohcs of Fort 'to say that after hearmg your talk I estate valued at $60,000 by the refusal of the Council taree ~ay ~e,igzous I i " " But h s lordship and Father Cars- SmithHe has also been a great sup- realize how much good such pro- A trust fund of $15,000 willbe controlled by President Lou Festivities. " '"" * . " . . . , . - ~ vane S:tood~erect to p~otect them. porter of Cathohc educatmnal works, grams as the 'Cathohc Hour will do created for the benefit of John Mul- ~ m~.+ ~ ~ ...... ~^.. +h~ ........... ., :. , The: .bandits hammeied them Fsrst Clhzen of State to Be Soto clear away the old mmunderstand- len, a nephew. Upon his death, the ......... umana, l~eor., Aprn ~, umana d~wh with the butts of their ~uns. Hono~,*~l ~,~ h,~,,~,, +h~ p~,~,~ ~,~,~ ~;,,~_~ .. ~ ~ ,. ...... oz ~ne ~ssemoiy o~ l)e:egate ~ nos~;2o a ~a~lo, naL muenar~sc alad dragged them out onto the shore. ! Mr. Jewett :s" the first" Cathohc" m" Catholic churches, for the mutual tween St. John's College, Brooklyn,, cd by the Forbes Commission, ,~re~ on2ep~emoer z6,~ a.n%~o, Theg~rls clung to .their protee~ors,the state to receive this honor. Mr. good of both." and Woodstock College, Md The Presidency next month whell me nra s.nca congress o~.~ne K:na'~o 'sfi~eaming They were bound Roger O'Dwyer of Texarkana, Ark., A Protestant listener-in writes Church of St. Ignatius, Brooklyn, dent Borno's term expires, a! nm m ~nm counwy m aoout 20'~ihd Wrested away, whilst his lordship was nominated a Knight of St. from Bickleton, Wash., to say to Dr will receive $10,000 for the purpose spread h~re Rnmar_~ nd 7~rs, ntis sa~d. , ~, ..,. ~-arid Father Caravario were bound to Gregory but died before the honor Sheen "God bless you in your de-of installing a new set ef chimes. " .............. .a .~m l~.mmence...~eorge ~ara~nat 'a c!ump of bamboo trees and shot could be conferred on him, although ense of the Bible and God." I Forty-five hundred dollars will be have aroused the oppos:t:oa ~unae era, e.rcmmsnop o~ ~mcago, through the head. he did receive the decoration on his Interest in Seminaries distributed amon~ +he V-l~-...~ .... that originally appealed to*tb who was host to the International "The two boy students weze or ~deat~ ~-~ .... " " ~ ..........~ ~" ~ " - a ue~ ~etters thac come con~mue ~o m- gamzations in $500 bequests" - States for aid and concern is ~ucharist Congress held in Ch~d~b 'd'ered to flee The had ti . . i : .... * * , . . :. ..... ~ y me to joe i d~cate that Cathohc prmsts and nuns The Starers Adorers of the Prec- ed over the -~ossi*-'r*- ^f a~ m 1926, wfl!.attendthe,?~naha Con-ith"~ junk aS it hurried away, and gave :TOPICS OF CATHOLIC !throughout the country are greatly ious Blood, 53rd street and Fort ..... ~-( ~ .... ~ ~ gross, ann W:ll_speaK On the ~}ssea the news to: o.ur missionary at YingI RADIO HOUR SERIES ', interested in the broadcast Letters Hamilton parkway; the Carmelite er oemg elected by the V~ mmme~tynd Cathohc Act:on" a[a Tat, who telegraphed to us. I ARE ANNOUNCED have also been received from addi- Fathers, Chicago, Ill i the Brooklyn State over the admitted ex: great out-ex-eoors meeting to be held/i'' '!Two of our Fathers went downl I tional seminaries this week, indicat- Home for the Blind, Crippled and Of preference on the part 6f on the evening of September 2~. next morning and succeeded, after~ (Continued from page 1.) ling that a very large number of stu- Defective Children; the Church of ted States for Roy as the Pr Judge Martin T. MLanton, of. Newmany difficulties, in finding the bed- ties, the Incarnation and the Re- dents for the priesthood are finding Our Lady of Peace, Carroll street ork ,, ~ ~': ............. . ,Pros:dent. ~. , will speak on The Cathohc :es, hidden some d:stance away from dempt~on The second sex:ca of ad- respiration and profit m the "Hour."l the S~sters of the Poor of St Fran- ,. .... Laityand Eucharmhc Devotmns at %he scene of the murder, dresses will have to do with the! "About 30 people listened at my I cis, Hicks street; the St Catharin-'- ~ne nammg o~ l~oy as . the same extremes. ~ "Today we learn that the three moral order, and the individual' top- home to 'the 'Catholic Hour' last Sun- Hospital Association, Williamsbur~h~. President was one of the ag~ IRishop Schrembs to Speak " young ladies have been released and ics will be as follows: I day," declared a man and his wife, I the Passionist Fathers, Hoboken.~N' between the Hoover ,~ommis The Rt. Roy. Joseph Schrembs, Bish- brought to Sin Ken How Dee ..... ,, " " , .... " _ I The Sp~mtuahty ef the Soul, wntmg from Waverly, Men. AllJ., the Nursmg Smters of thethe Federated art~es m effe~ #p of Cleveland, Episcopal Chairman~ GratiasV' "Th , " ,, , P ...... ! e Immortahty of the Soul, thought it was wonderfuland on- Poor, Henry street, and St. Johns comnromise that. ~,~ l~nked ~f. the Department of Lay Organize-' Murder of Protestant Deaconesses. !"Freedom of the Will," "Conscience," joyed it. Next Sunday another large College of Brooklyn. ttta ~.~Mntin, ............. , ch,~ tioag, N C W C, and National Pro While the lmmment danger 6f "The Natural aw .... sum 1 " A .... " .... - " " " L and The Corn- bet wi 1 be here. n additional bequest of $1,000 is :J--~ ..... 7 .... teeter of the Priests' Eucharistic plunder and death in which the Amer- mandments." I A Protestant woman writing from given the Rev Johr~ Brown, S J of pouncer shah. League, will s oak at theSolemn lean Vincentian Fathers were reI ' ~ * " " If th P ..... port-t Letters from hsteners-m contmue Tacoma, Wash., states that the pro- St. Ignatms Church. e Assembly does Hour of Adoration for the clergY, to ed a short time ago has now some- to come in in a Steady stream to the gram is received there at 3 o'clock Roy, it is believed that an be held in St. Ceceilia's Cathedral on what relaxed, it is reported, Father offices of the National Broadcasting each Sunday afternoon. "I take POLAND'S TROUBLED ing situation will face both the evening of Septemmber 23. Pub- McClimont's descriptior~ of their des- Company, the 35 stations in the chain notes and enjoy reading them over HISTORY SKETCHED .q~ .... A ~ ..... 1~ ,t' lie Holy Hour of Adoration .will be perate situation at the time he wrote and the National Council of Catholic during the week," she adds. BY ENVOY ON RADIO ~. .... : --':,,'"~ "..~'~.~- -- ~vld simultaneously in a!l . the ~s the first eye-witness account, it is Men Since the very beginning, the Numerous letters arriving at the -- he. lc win Jeavv ~hurehes ef the c:ty behoved, yet to reach this countr m vast ma o B ~ move up to zne umfed sta : " y " ~ j rity of these letters has N. C C M headquarters of late !, y N. C. W. C. News Service) move it is ao~-eed could The tentative program which, "an- any completeness. I been of an enthusiastic and congrat- reveal that very many people who ~ ashington, .April 14. --- Poland, message refus~n~ to recogni' ounces these features also states The entire garrison stationed inulatory nature Many letters offer read the articles by Dr Sheen that the native land of Pulaski Kosciusko .... s ..... Kanhcow had de~ " " ' " , semmy's choice which, it is tl~at the general theme of the Con- parted, he reports, valuable constructive .criticism, and appeared in Catholic papers through- Madame Curie, Paderewski, and Mad- wo-lA ~ ~-o~o~ -~ +ho ffre~ will be: "The Blessed Eucharist, and four separate bands of "reds" every effort is being made in this out the country found an added inter- ame Modjeska, was described to the the C:uncil~of"Sta~e ]s~t~e were encam ed m h by Divine Institution, the Source and P " t e hills surround- far-reaching and important work to est in listening to his voice,nation during the Columbia Broad- electoral ~ower in ~h~ ~enU] Oenter of Christian Life." ! the city, ready to descend upon present a program as worthy and as A large number of the letters con- casting Company's weekly Conclave ......... ~. Following the meeting of.diocesan iv and sack it. One brigade of appealing as possible tinue te state that "our family" lis- of Nations progTam Sunday, by Tytus r^Hw~ ,-u,o,Tv-- " " " Chinese sol " ~ ........................... directors on the evenmg of Septem- d~ers had been called :ntoi EnJoyed an Formgn Countries. tens regularly w~th great Interest. Ffl~pow:cz, Pohsh Ambassador to the WORKER DI~5 Kanhcow from a no: hborm r n To date 1 Th~ ~ Umted her 22, the program proper is plan- . " "g " g egio ,' , otters have been received "s, it is said, ind'cates that in many " States. ed to open the following morning but was merely passing through, with from Belper, Derbyshire, England, Catholic homes throughout the coun- Th~ diplomat, whose status recent- rB- N C W C News SeX with the celebration of Solemn Pen-, orders to proceed to Kukien imme- Newfoundland and from San Jose try it is the practice to listen in each ly was raised from that of Minister ~ ~ .... - ~ifical Votive Mass of the Blessed Sa-~diately, leaving the city entirely un- Costa Rice The hoist farthest north: week as a family group Ire Ambassador while a similar honor ~an Francisco, April 1.2.'~ ' . " - ' " " ~ - services were held at Old. ~' crament by the Rt. Rev. Joseph ]~ran- guarded, i west at which the programs have wa~; conferred on the American rep- church tMs Week for l~Irs. ~is RummeI, Bishop of O~maha. ! "Thus," writes the missionary, "the been heard, so far as is known, is Vic- JEW AMONG TEN PHILADELPH- ire~cntative in poland, was introduced lames ' 85 ear "- ~ th01ic Bishop Schrembs will preside at the i entire region of southern Kiangsi is torts, British Columbia I IANS HONORED BY POPE tto his audience by Senator Hour- ~ ' ' Y om ~a _~ ,. ~ . left to the mere of th "" t ,, ,, ~ ~ : _ ~ oworker, who died in St Jose~ first mee,~o for the clergy to be held, _ Y e reds. I had much pleasure, writes the I ALes of Kansas ....... " "" ~ fa " . ' ~ " " ' pleat on luesGay ~, thez McChmont iv a ,, , ~at afternoon, w,en the Rt. Rev. i ~ g es ghmpse correspodent in England, in listen-' (Continued from page 1.) I The old Polish state was a men- ~,~ T ........ :~'~ *~ ..*~do~ Charles D. White, Bishop of Spokane, i of the s~rength of the "reds" whening to your "Hour' service on Sun- High School for Boys, Philadelphia;'archv but alreadv in *h ~.c ....... = . f'-~. ~';'"~ ,~'~ ~-e ,~* ~ wd| prese,t a paper on "The Euchar-: l~e says.that four brigades sent to day night, March 9, from Station the Very Rev. Leo G Fink, V. F., century Poland had deft'loped her l~:o~" wJ dames, ~aso l~aSC " "e. " fatback~nem h ~ an~ owner o~ ~ne mt~c SachAce, Center of D]wne Wor- , ad been able to do WGY (Schnec~ady).It was 11 Rector o the Church of the Sacred representative institutions, so that she Hot ~Drinffs resort and ha~ - ,, ~,~ ~ Jittle more than protect the ci ' " " " sh~p, ant ~,e Rt. Roy. ~.Is, :. Hwnph- ty ofo clock m England when it com- Heart of Jesus, Allentown; the Rev oecame one o~ the thre.. ~'~ ............ - "', ..... zey Moy~ihan, Rector of St. Paul's[Klnan" ,, menced. Iwas very pleased at theDr. Bernard A. McKenna, directorinations--England and l~un~a:.~-PCbe: ~,k~akea~gePa::n:he~af: Seminary, a paper on "The Blessed * Meantm~e, ou~egress is blocked beautiful singing and also at the ad- of the work of constructing the Na-~ing" the two others which fir~ o~on 1 ,.Y ~ " " ....... l~ueharist, in ttoly Communion, Nou r- theadlla:~di~"' he writes. Emphasizing dress from the university professor, lionel Shrine of the Immaculate Con-led the system of legislation~b;~re;- :C)l~:;:~rg~ ]nst;::ti~h~ iahment of Divine Life in the Soul." .g , he tells how three P~:ot- The only two things I missed were ception at the Catholic University of lresentation," Ambassador Filipowicz .............. ~ .............. " Papers to be Read ~estant deaconesses attempted to de- the professor's name and the address America, Washington, D. C., who is lsaid. 1 BishOp Sehrembs will be celebrant Ipart :from Kmkmng and "their boat to which to write, so excuse my writ- a priest of the Archdiocese of Phila-i He described the annexation of Po-i" ~._w ~ 0~~. 0~ , wasse:zedand the threeof them m to the w~reless delphm and the Roy Eu one J M ' 1 ~f the Mass on the follow]n m ~ g staten , c lan g orn-i, ,, ' " " - ~ ' fading - " ~ g -i d s tvrritory, in the eighteenth I Up-To-Date Ida int. Papers to be presented that day l lu/ally m u::tiered" . i caused it: ..... Your service seemed Gumness, Vice President and Gen- century, declaring that the partition ! ....... et are as folows: ! , "~ prores~ ~o rne provmcial author, to me more interesting and not so oral Secretary of the Catholic Church[of Poland was the "greatest ~olitical mm Jwatn ~tre . '~P~,, ah;ni,~ ~,,,,~,~o p ........ I ~g es, he adds, had brought only a dry as some we .get in England." Extensmn Soc:ety of the United ] crime in history " I Hats cleaned and block ea~ ............. ~ .................... , ' reply that the " olico " " ' . . -" service. Why wear a sent, " " C ' " a e " ~ p and home The letter from San Jose, Cos~a States of America, who :salso a ,, . I . a D~wne ompamonsh~p and.Sol c , ~ g ard.~" ~tho~ 1~ ......... ~ ~ , _ ; ......... T~me and agam thereafter Poland [ call for and dehver. ~ a Jesuit Father: "The Ito~.v Eu- i .:u_:__ .. ....... ~c~ omy a ~ew nun- ~ca, comes ~rom ~o~egro ~em]nario, o~ cue ~rcnumcese of Phfla- tried to re~ain her indenend~o~ " ~ 50e---75c---$1.00 ~arist and the Blessed Virgin,' by i~;;~.Pr,~Y~armed, ~armers) ha~;! been and asserts that the programs are de~hia .... 1Ambassado~r said, 'but"her-i'ns~'urre'c~_ !Phone'6494 Li ~,, ~,,,, ~r ~, ~:.~, ~22~.. ,~. ~ , ..~,uc~e~ co pro~ec~ ~ne m~ss~onar- neard from 5 to 6 o'clock, Costa l)an]e~ ~. lV~urphy, a Knight Com- lions wer- , ..... o .... ,,~ .... ~ ...... ~ ~,f~.~_~,~'---".~,~(~ ~m... ,; .... ;.., c~..*...i::.._ ^, ,~^ t es,,,and a further s]gnff,can~ caution R~ca time, from Station W2XAC, mender of th~ Order of St. Gregory[ only increased o-nression ~,, ~h~ ~~-~2 .~u~,~,:~.~,~ ~:= ,~'" .... ='to " seel; ~ place of refuge." Schnectady the Great, who founded and has! ~r f of *; - "~:--: "::'~: : "~" ':'''~ I ~7--~- : .......... -7- "---~ sea, m, Dy ~ne -~ev. 1)r. -r~Gwln t~yan, I " i " . . } t~ h~ w~g ,z,n~2bet~zlUll cen[lll'y /YOllSn 'I ' " l t was at th~s stage that Bishop'"We ,, mamtamed St Mary's Institute for ~ Thompson, Sa . ~.n~ th.., va.O ~h.ol'~c .~nL~r~TT ",~, sit~-~f~, - Ameri- ~ ......... ~ are very glad, th~ letter . ! mtellec~uai life was-~ supp'~essed and l I . -, ..... , ...... f t) ~nea ~en~ ~urt~er protests to Nan- ,,. ' ........ the Bhnd, Lansdale,is createda I e~en th- 1 ............ ! ], ~ ('~r~n~oh](- ~a; ann t~ules ann ~egula~lons oi ~ne ~ ~.; ..... , ~_ .i . . . says, ~o oe SOle ~o cer~iIy ~nat we ..... I " .e anguage oruluaen L re- ~ ~ ,-~ ...... .~'~ Church Governing:t:he Administration I Sh~'Ll~":he;:a;t::- ~tm:;:C:enDo::su~ follow this real Catholic transmis~ x'ap?~ ~v~ar!um. ]member well that ass boy I was pun-t]! Arehtteet~ _.,, snd Retention of t[o]Y Communion," !,~-" ....... ~- ~ ~' " ......... ~urs. ~. t~aroery i~itchie, of Spring[ ished several times for speaking Po- J ]1 HAL! BUILD,NO ...~-" ]~"'~ cuntry ~na~tne criticalsi~ua-slnwl~n ~neu~mos~interest. A1- LakeNJ~ ' I~ m! , ! , ~Yell?~v~YciRe:f t~fe'~R:'~eK~tCo:~:t1 [;::edf the m]ssmnar:es had been re-~hr::ghh::t::;:n an th:%fn~.~e:iStance ~Uai:c~:l: ug:'te:::a~hd la:epMap:l a: ~;';no~lng:ag~ ~:tn~y b(:twh, ~TTER~' ~ .... States, . .' t~athers" I : " " " "' #~m Sentember 25> the ~a~er~ to be THE B'c~ ~s, ............ ~ we understand here every word that ~ [ QUALITY PHOTO~ ~esented include" "Church Music and ! MR .~:~T'~- ~ ^ ~ ....... ~ ~s spoken or sung on the 'Cathohe W IVES CATHOLIC !HAITIANS FEAR THAT I ] ............ ~ ~ueharistie Worshi~ " b~" the Re~ I AT EA ............ Hour Some weeks ago we heard INSTITUTION $30,500i COUNCIL MAY REJECT ii " to a great number of their own poe- _~ " __ Fadden, of Cleveland. I The Jewetts furmshed officers to the . .......... ' ~ ..... -------u~.~ ...... ~ .... -= ~~ pie an