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April 19, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 19, 1930

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PAGE TWO THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 19,1930 t ltl t t] , _, y_ His realm, the victory of His kingship : It is con- any of the greatest to be. found in a classical :cries were erected in these summated! While He yet hangs on the cross, poem." " cathedrals rose, great saints e biished Weekly His enemies are already judged and destroyed, this period and later, besides the TIRE CATItOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIE~[Y of the Diocese of Little Rock the power of hell is overcome, the Old Covenant SECRETLY CONSECRATED BISHOPS 807 WEST SECOND STREET ed above tS. Bridget being most c ~t~'e~ as aeeond-class matter March 21, 1911, at the is ended and the New Covenant goes into effect. FOR RUSSIA But in the sixteenth century ~ Rock, Ark., under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1879. ---Thus the inscription became a reality On the SUBSCmPTtO P ]CE-- . very day on which it was nailed to the cross. In the Commonweal (April 9), the editor Mi- kings plunged their peoples headlong heresies of Luther. These bishops an / .................. That was the beginfiing of the kingdom of Je- chael Williams, raises an earnest cry for united who remained true to the faith were c hangs of address is desired the subscriber should give SUS Christ .... " actmn against the threatening menace of our iled or i i d'mpr'sone-, tlhe old and the new address. " " " CORRESPONDENCE receiving some even atended for publication iu The Guardian should reach us As at the beginning of that first Good Friday complacent, easy-going, bewildered American ~ than Wednesday morning.Brief news correspondence is dom. For three centuries Catholic wor~ ~D~Ira elcome. The kindness of the clergy in thi matter is eer- SO even today mankind is divided into two camps peo One reads: forbidden under severe penalties in t: a,kJ under the cross. On the one side are those who,ple." paragraph But the Pope does not merely speak: he realms. In 1845, however, a changeC m l$. R 'V. ]ut td R. J. P. FISIIER............................... Busi ..... Manage raise their clenched fists and cry out: "We will acts, and he called to-,his presence the general ,today each of the five countries of Sca communications should be add.... ed to, The Guardian. ; o7"i2 ]lOt have this man reign over us" (Luke xix, 14), of the Jesuits, and him Father Michael lNorway,I Sweden, Denmark, Finland, (~'~t ~d ~treet, Little Rock, Ark. : ..... who join the mob in reviling and mocking Him, d'Herbigny, the great authority on Russia and t land, has a Catholic bishop. Of these, w iau'is t .e o fieial organ of the ....... L me who storm against the cross and would .fain the Near East. All the Catholic bishops of Rus- Meulenberg of Iceland is a citizen of ~a~ | lm~" God thatit may be an earnest champion of the cause ot j~atlce and. bruth cud anardent defender of the religion winch n,a so w ll., x exte,d .to it my with the cast it out of the homes and banish it from pub- sic,,had been killed, imprisoned or exiled. Fath- tory born in y erman". Bishop ~r re'a)' be long */nO prosperous, lic life. In the other camp are those who r cog- er d Herbigny, under obedience to the Pope, and JNO. B. MO}{I{.1S, l ishop of Little Rock. nize the kingship of the Crucified Savior, who under secrecy imposed as well upon his general, APRIL 19, 1930 CHRIST, CRUCIFIED KING In instituting the feast of Jesus Christ, King, olic Action. are inseparably united with Him, who wish to was sent to Berlin to be consecrated a bishop live and labor, fight and suffer for Him, to ex- by Archbishop Pacelli, then the papal nuncio pand His kingdom, to Germany, and after that he made his way That precisely is not only the duty "of the in disguise into Russia, where he consecrated individual and of the families but of Catholic twelve Russian priests as bishops: the twelve societies and federations as well. For it is, in apostles, one might dare to say, of the rebirth the last analysis, the principal purpose of Cath- of the ruined Catholic Church in holy Russia. Now it is by no means a mere co- And he escaped, and now in Rome he labors hal is the first instance of the prelate born within his jurisdiction. Catholic population of Scandinavia 698, of which 23,000 is in Denmark, Sweden, 2,600 in Norway, 1,500 in 148 in Icelan.d Despite fewness of numbers there of vitality and progress. Numerous tions have been opened during the P years and the number of priests has be observed late in October, His Holiness Piux incidence that the Pope who issued and repeat- on with preparing the apostolate to Russia." to 140. Of these 23 are native XI by no means wished to confine contemplation ed the call to Catholic Action is also the Pontiff The editor of the Commonweal dreads the day in Norway and Sweden, two in the granduer and significance of the Kingship who gav to the world the feast of the Kingship when fifty million militant atheists come pour- Iceland, and 14 in Denmark. the Savior to this one occasion. On the con- of Christ. There is not an accidental but a ing out ofRussia five years from now. Unless Sisters. desires the doctrine and the lessons causal connection between feast and mandate, social conditions are quickly improved in our The distinguished Norwegian to illustrate to be pondered fre- Catholic Action is to spread recognition of the country, the Russian agitators will find a fertile Undset, some of whose works have so that the fundamental teaching be- Savior's kingship, and the inspiring thought of soil for their work. ' of the constant thought of the faith- the latter is to be a constant incentive to Cath-, English, is the most outstanding it is proper to call the fact of the olic Action. Societies of Catholics as well as OUR DUTY TO SPREAD RELIGION among those who have entered the power and honor of the Savior to mind individuals are to submit to the rule of this king recent times. At the Abbey of St. at:least when suitable occasion offers, and to promote His reign. It is on the Cross An English priest, who is now in this country, Clervaux, Luxembourg, there has Few will associate, at first glance, the concept that He began to rule, and from there He drew stated recently that the principle upon Which 1910 an Association of Prayer for the "of Christ's kingship with the image, ferquently and draws the eyes and hearts of all to Him- the Catholic Evidence Guild of England is based sion of the Northern Nations which 56,000 members throughout the world welt upon during Holy Week in particular, of self, inviting them to bow to His authority and is the duty "of Catholics to place the truths of teresting organization for work am0 the Savior suffering and dying on the Cross. Yet power. The attraction, however, is, as Bishop of religion before their countrymen. Whether precisely the period of the life of the Redeemer Keppler says, "not external pomp, but the in- these truths be accepted or not by the persons cans of northern origin is St. Ansg r recalled during this week is rich in references trinsic beauty of His dignity, His miraculous pa- to whom they are made known is another mat- navian Catholic League, 433 West 37t to this Kingship. The question of His royal rank tience, the royal color of His blood, the jewels ter. Catholics have no responsibility for that; New York. ihe League aims to spre power was cast into the world by the Magi of His wounds, the diadem of thorns glistening but they have the duty and the responsibility edge of the Church among Scandin a ming from the East to adore the Redeemer with the sparkling rubies of His blood." of bringing the truth to the attention of hose, Rome, then, on Via delle Isole 34, is and render Him homage befitting a royal His kingship then as now is not only a king- out ide the Church. ihis duty is one that ,heyithe historic Order of Our Most Holy ruler. "Where is the newborn King of the ship of external glory; is also one of blood and cannot evade by saying that those outside will the Bridgettine Sisters, re-established Se s?'they ask, they, their gifts, the honor wounds. And even in blood and wounds, in dis- receive th'em, so that it is useless to make for oblation, prayer, and apostolic about the return of Scandinavia. they how the I abe, and the star that has led grace and humilation, in pain and labor Catho- the effort. ] 4- .... O" them to Bethlehem, shed a regal luster into lic Action must follow Him, that His rule be It s r kes us that this brzef statement of the '~ nd Fhroughout New England, yes a the humble cave in which He lies in the man- spread everywhere. C.B. C.V. situation in England has a meaning for us in , f the than that, there a Monsignor get. However, a cloud of poverty veils the America. Conditions here almost parallel theI' " " . ". loved fm many i easons, including royal power and grandeur, and when once dur- ."IMPRIMATUR." conditions in England. The Catholic Church " " . the Savior's public life the people seek to there is in a minority as it is here. Protestant]Of the cotton mill workers during their make Him king, he conceals Himself from them and betakes ttimself into the mountain. A correspondent asks the significance of the churches have lost their hold upon the masses, times, told us all about them, words "Imprimatur" and "Nihil Obstat," so oft- even as they have in this country. The vast ma- and their working conditions, at But the moment the Passion begins, yrites en found at the beginning of Catholic books, jority of those outside the Church have no re- Conference on Industrial Problems, the late Bishop of Rottenburg, P. W. v. Keppler, The shortest answer would be that they are a ligious beliefs whatsoever. They are practical- in 1928. Recently we read th, in'The Passion, .... the question of Christ's i ing- formula indicating a kind of negative approval, ly without religion and they are grol ing for re- man--the Right Reverend MonsignOr &hip is raised again, and, like a golden thread, All diocesan bishops , are required to select and ligious truth. Are they to be allowed to grope Cass]dy--has" just been appointed ver through all the disgraceful scenes and appoint qualified theologians who may act, ex- in darkness whenwe have the light of truth to ishop in'the Diocese of ] all R" ' and bloody abominations. The Savoir does not officio, as censors of books. These officials ex- give them? That is what some would say--but good labors continue in his new merely permit, but Himself arranges for a royal amine volumes submited and return Written de- we do not believe that such an attitude can be] of activities. entry into Jezusalem, w th the multitude ie , , ! . . " " " ". " . " - If nothing sub.tantial can be opposed justified on any grounds. It is selfish and cyni- o Jotting loudly at His coming Blessed be the , . .' : ' : " by them to the issue of a ork examined, the cal; and selfishness andcynicism bring their That the proof of the pudding is King who cometh ]n the name of the Lo dT ,, : bishop ,,ix es his formal approbation to its pub- own punishment. ' ing is well illustrated in the recent 1 Omke xix, 38) " At the trial, we are reminded, " ' lication. This is noted in th*e book by the use A.nd yet are we not in practice in this country pectus of the National Catholic SchO0 the chief priests are the first to broach the issue following such a selfish, cynical philosophy? Any Service in Washington. Here are list of His kingship. He says he is the king of the one who observes our activities for the past gen- former students of the School and the ........... ........ ........... .................... eration cannot but see that we have been seek- now being held by most of them. Her they cnarge, v mte w]ce a uresses the the censor The faithful are required in con- ClUSion to the Lord, and when he a ks Art . . " " science to submit for censorship before publica- ing the material things of the world for our-t ed also the courses, free from thou a king then the reply zs, Thou sayest that 1 . ... tion books deaAng with Holy Scripture, theol- selves, while, we have entirely neglected the I trends, which have helped its a i am a king (John xvm, 37) .... ogy church histo 2, and kindred subjects which needs of those around us who are famishing for I the real social gospel into 20 Moreover, even Herod and the Roman soldi-treat especially of aith and morals. Books treat- spiritual truth and perishing for the lack o.f it. L trict of Columbia, Porto Rico, sty, mawittingly, must direct attention to the klngahip of Jesus and provide Him with the royal insignia, the white festive robe, the mantle regal shade, the crown of thorns and the t eptre of reed. "Fitting insignia," v. Keppler oaliinues, "for the King is suffering who, to re- maakind, ascends the throne of the cross toes to His death. Pilate presents Him as inch:a: king to the Jewish people and all of mankind: "Behold your king!" (Jno. xix, 14). Further, the Roman governor determines the in- smii 5on to be attached to the cross, indicating ta c stom, the crime for which the a ior was executed; and this inscription pro- claimed this cause in three universal languages : Serum Of Nazareth, King of the Jews. Nor did tho hitherto weakened Pilate permit the inscrip- to be changed, in spite of the pleading and ing of indifferent matters need not be submitted] If the Apostles and the missionaries of the na_Switzerland, Canada and Germany except in the case of clerics. Priests, as a token of their due submission to ecclesiastical auVchor- ity must confer with their bishops before pub- tions had acted on our practical philosophy we would probably all be pagans today. Is it no concern of ours that modern paganism flourishes all around us? Are we so taken up witti our selfish plans that we have no time to think of others? We cannot escape the fact that we have the duty of putting the truth of the Cath- olic Church before the world. The acceptance THE "DEADLY PA they do. He Himself pardons the penitent thief. he had honored Him as King (Lord, me when Th ou comest into Thy King- diom), thia man was permited to hear the.con- words: This day thou shalt be with Me im lmradi e. On the cross the Savior founded d mmty. His mother is to be the mother of family of the faithful (Son, behold thy mo m'; woman, behold thy son). And when was fulfilled, He Himself announced with a voice the completion of the founding of whic l the Sisters make on non-Catholic patients way and of the martyrdom of the saint King "Within the last twelve months in often last throughout life. An instance of how Olaf. daily their cheer and sacrifice is remembered is Scandinavia's greatest saint is Ansgar, monk Moscow alone seventy-three more contained in a recent statement by the German of the Abbey of Corbio, France, who was sent have been closed by order of Jewish historian, Professor Edward Engel. by Pope Gregory IV as Apostolic Legate to the let, the latter announces." Speaking of his wife's experience in a Cath- Northern Countries. Each nation, however, has Both stories cannot be true. olic hospital and her.regretful exclamation to a saint king. Olaf ruled Norway and died fight- The Pope says Russia is one of the Sisters, "My dear Sister, what un- ing enemies of Christianity July 29, 1030. St. In one b 'eath Moscow denies the clean duties you must perform!" he remarks: Eric was King of Sweden and Finland while St. the ne 'gloats over the closing of "The venerable woman replied, 'I am allowed i Canute was King of Denmark. During the elev- As to who is right--one conclusio to do them!' I consider that word as great aslenth and twelfth centuries dioceses and monas-Ibe drawn.--The Columbian, i 24, a year and half before the institution of point out the importance of this Catholic con- thrifty peoples of the north countries who for Church." Thus read the opening the Feast of the Kingship of Christ, "By the itribution to the national life of both countries. 40 years have been almost completely outside which was followed closely by obvi* pmclama on of a general pardon He com-I Catholic hospitals are not infrequently chan- the pale. Bishop Offerdhal will be Consecrated .... e meml[a His enemies to His Heavenly Father:tnels through which conversions to the Faith are in a year memorable in Scandinavia for 1930 ed .rephes of churchmen who wer "fixed." The opening paragraph in I Uher, forgive them, for they know not what]made, and indeed the favorable impressions is the ninth centenary of the conversion of Nor- ing column read: d empted, bullying of the chief priests. !the hospital systems of both countries, in Can- that on March 12 H[s Holiness named as Vicar foreign reports that religion was The crucified Redemeer is a king indeed, ada even exceeding those controlled by the Apostolic in that country His Lordship O'laf cuted' in Russia, and in attempting "The opening act of His reign is marked," de- State, and in both cases being more numerous Offerdhal, a convert from Lutheranism. them by the publication of replies to P dared the distinguished Bishop on-Good Fridaylthan other private hospitals, it is only fair to The nomination calls attention to the strong naire put to the authorities of the of it can be left to the grace of God and the 1 ....... "The growth of Catholic hospitals in the Uni- , . umns prm ea sine oy sloe ted States and Canada, as set forth in the recent good will of those who near The rru(, ...... " versions oi me same su,jec are survey prepared by theCatholic Hospital Asso-tVme ferred to as "the deadly parallel." ation, is a tribute to the zeal of the Si tersi ! More by accident thenby desi ho devote their lives to the care of. the sickI FAITH REBORN I:N SCANDINAVIA. l two columns on the Russian religiOt f and to Catholic enterprise in a most important J . appeared in the New York Times field of social service," says the Tablet. i For the first time since the Reformation Nor- ner. "From a perusal of these figures, which show way has a Catholic bishop who is a son of the Both were date lined Mosc0-- that Catholic hospitals bulk extremely large in soil. ihe press has already carried the news "The Soviet press today united