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April 19, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 19, 1930

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-- ..... I .... abJ than that Catholic /~ "/ ~ ~. and Catholic li, terat ure ~'~ t *~ Perpetual Mi~sim~-. s oq readlnt~ which instructs rts, and strengthens and "-'BENEDICTUS PP. XV. "T)~ G~t~rd{~,, :t, ,~T |Jo rne"---~)ur Motte. ~.C. T I.E OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE .............................................. DIOCESE OF :!TTLEROCK LITTLE ROCK. ARK., APRIL 19, 1930 No. ffDEVITT, BISHOP PRIEST THE BiShOP WILL IN d£$T FORT Sr lTi] BOY /IMEEAN MISSIO WEEKS, DIE DEFENDING THEIR MR. JEWETT AS A gN| HT ST. ANNE'S PUP'IL, . IH CHINA WAS IN IS IMPROVED, HELPLESS CH/ GES EASTER SUNDAY MASS WINS FIRST HONORS BESIE6ED TOWN Clymer Cooper, a member of the (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) W• C. News Service) IN. c. w. c. new, Se ,iee Reeel,e, Distinguished Fort Smith Catholic to. Receive senior class of St. Anne's Academy,Wuchow, South China, Pa., April Wr,t Detail, the Mu,de, of Be- Papal Honors at the Hands of the Bishop at was the fortunate one in having the Father John Romaniello, M. M., tel*- the Rt. Rev. Philip R. loved Saleslan Prelate by Chi- D., Bishop of Harris- nose Pirates---Bandits Later Pontifical Mass Easter Sunday Morning. best paper in the English final exam- merly of New Rochelle, N. Y., I inations held for the state contest at young Maryknoll missioner seeps Chairman of the Release Girls. Press Department, who Has Done Much for Church in the State. the university, Fayetteville, last reached South China in the autum~ week and was awarded the gold of 1928, has had strenuous e~l~- ill here for almost two Washington, April 19. Word has Belongs to Old American Family. medal. Clymer has been a pupil of riences in ~aking over Watlam, tim ~s steadily improving. His!been received by the N. C. W. C. are very well pleased with News Service here, direct from an On Easter Sunday at the Solemn . . St. Anne's since his kindergarten first mission of which he has beam ss he ....... for dmtmguished work in earle ~ days and will graduate from high placed in charge. has made m recent American m~ssmnary in China, g~v- Pontifical Mass, The Bishop will f:^,-~- ^* ac*i--: .......... )us ' in 'for~the first 1 ,~,u~ ~,~ ~ ~ a,m especm,y ~or school ~ in June. St. Anne's feels Father Bernard Meyer, M. M., fo~ ts~,:~ • - I g' t'me, the exact and solemnly confer on Mr Charles J !services render~ *~-^ "~- ......... ,,, . . • • ~t, ~,~ '~nurcn. ~nere proud of him and wishes him suc-merly of Davenport, Iowa, the S~ v was taken suddenly, substantmted account of how the Rt• Jewett of Fort Smith, Ark., the title I ar la s " . , " " perior of the Maryknoll Wuehom 17 at Latrobe, Pa., where Rev Louis Versi~,lia beloved ~o~-~ ~, v-_:..~., ^, ¢, ~^:. ........ .. : e two c ~ es in the order civil and cess through his college career. • *, , ..... --~ -~,-g,,~ ,,~ ,,~. ~¢g,--y ,e ~reat .... • missionfield, accompanied Fath¢~t ne to at ...... . . • military• one ~s ¢onferxed on men tend the funeral lan mlssmnary bishop m Ch]na,.was The occasionwill be a momorable lwho are activel. M ' the Rt Rev A r " 'ma " . . . t y engaged in military en s Shelter Report Romaniello on his jo~.~ey to War. • • u ehus rtyred recently ]n that country, one,sinceMr. Jewett ~s the [list s n Reveals Decrease ~ In ' lain. They had some difficulty i~ ~. B., Arch ...... ". ervlce a d the other on laymen ,who rL . abbot of St. i together with one of h-,s priests. Catholic gentleman m thin state to :, are en a ed in i " " reaching the city, owing to eivi][wi~ ,;:e was brought to Mercy ! Bishop Versiglia's murder and that be so honored by the Holy See. I order gf gI~nio'ht: :~ p~rsu~y. :he . e for treatment and re/ of his companion constitute the latest' The cerem ...... m ,.^_:........ .... ° .--~: .o Those Seeking Charity in that vicinity. '- - " " t ..-z ..... -~, w~n mo irecogmzea ~nrougnout the world has l., The mission at Watlam Was ~1. ! ' ! martyrdoms of Catholic missioners in Solemn Pontifical Ma~s at ten thirt-'a ....... i-" ...... ! l~ast Sew d • ~ ," .... . ~ - ~ ti ~ne pr vl~eges enjoyea by various (By N. C. ~V. C.' NeWS Service•) tablished a numbei: of years afro blz been"able ays,to sitBlsh°Pout inMC-a i much: China, indignationand their kllhngas wellhaSasCaUseddeep and will be preceded by the proces- I orders so bestowed in" other countries" • Sau Francisco, Cat. April11.-- prieStSsociety,O~buttheit hadParlSbeenF°reignfor tenMiSsi°~year~ a half } ore" each day. ~grief. The St. Patrick's Shel~er for Men without a rasident missioner, and s~rength slowly, but isI Earlier reports of the tragedy, there which cares for many of San will probably remain some tim e. which were meager and came through indirect channels because of the dif- ficult conditions in China, are, shown Catholic hy the account now received to have ..been inexact in several particulars. in Sweden Killed for Defending Young Women. at Stockholm ~t is now definitely confirmed that ----.-__ Bishop Versiglia and his fellow- :" W. C. News Service) priest, Father Calixtus Caravario, D.C., April 15.--- were attacked, clubbed and finally 0hy, who formerly shot by the Chinese bandits because Consul General in they defended three women from the and who was a clutches of the marauders. Sunday in the city It further is confirmed that the l SerVed tot the as consular, repro- three young women have now been l Year. United States, in released by the bandits• 1 I This direct information comes in Mr. Murphy the form of a letter to the director old wken he entered of the News Service from Father of the government as a William J. Mc~limon~, C. M., one! Pension office. He of the American Vincentian mission-I law here from 19{)2 aries recently reported trapped in' Was editor and publish- Kiangsi province by Chinese "reds." ew Century, a weekly, The letter, written at the he!ght of ~nd 1905. He also sere- the danger to the Vincentian group, of the Isthmian Canal of which Bishop John A. O'Shea, C. in 1904 and 1905. Fol-M., is the head, not only gives the in that connection details of the martyrdom of the COnsular srev]ce and Bishop and priest but also describes Consul at Bord-] Gall, Switzerland, Sofia, Bulgaria where he years until his re- the government sere- had been making (Continued on Page 4.) Pastors' Cooperation Asked in Effort to Ban Magazine Frauds during t:ais year. "We had 27 empty beds in the shel- ter One night last month," McGuire said. "Law. March there never was a night with an empty bed. This year we don't expect Lo take care of more than 7.500 men." The Sholter was established by the t2ev. ,John Ro~ers, pastor of Old St. Patrick's Church on Mission streeL had been appropriated by the goverm, Francisco's army of, "down and out- ment. On the arrival of Fathe~ I ers," may not house as ~hany "guests" Meyer and Romaniello they foun~ during the coming year as it did dur- the mission occupied by a bureau of ing 1929, accordlng~, to L~uperintend- ent philip McGtfife, :despite wide- taxes, and were given rooms in th~ spread unemployment consequent up- servants' quarters. on the depression. I Superintendent McGuire states More Diocesan Wm-b It]v~t 9,457 men availedthems~:lves of Planned By B shop'; "-- -- ~the oppo:tun[~ie~ fhr rest, food and entertainment offerc~l by the Shelter ! To Aid Unemployed during last year, MeGuire predicted i a decrease in the number of "visitors"i (By N. C. W. C• News Service) Providence, Apr:! 9.--Urging d~ ~!rcct action to relieve the diatres~ canseddn Rhode Island hy unemplo~. menL,the Rt. Rev. William A. Hickey, Bishop of Providence, plans to in- crease diocesan construction work as far as possible during the comin~ ~montl~s, and is considering an appeal to pastors and the heads of religious communitieg in the See to initiate such construction work as can be ear. ~.~l~K~/r~| ~ ~.~E~,~ r~ed out betwec],, the present time ~. ~ ~4~:/t.,g~ ~:~ and fall• Bishop Hiekey believes that nlally I~]in31" improvcrflments to par- ~, ~ ~.~J~!~'~i "~n.q, in the aggregate, give a substan- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) tial amount of employment. Washington, April 15.--The pro-~ A~ the same time, Bishop Hickey gram for the "Catholic Hour" spon- appeals to :tll property owners to sored by the National Council of consider the advisability of making Catholic Men and to be broadcast contemplated improveme.nts, to the a network over of the National end that many who are out of work i Broadcasting Company, through Sta- may 'find employment with busiuess tion WEAF, New York, on Sunday in general quickened as a result. Em- ~lm since his re-(By N. C. W. C. News Service) SIR CHARLES J. JEWETT, K. S.G. !evening, April 20, at 6 p. m., is as phssizing the fact that the America** Washington, " April 12.-~In ai~ el- Mien of the Bishop clergy and sere-I honor conferred on Catholic laymen[ follows: " industrial and business structure i~ was credited with fort to stem the tide of fraudulent to the Cathedral where the ceremonyi of St. Gregory are entitled to the 6:01--Signature Hymn, "Thy Will have faith in the future, espeeiall~ the Bulgarian gee- inarians from the Bishop's residencei In many European countries, Knights 6:00---Announcement, fundamentally sound, he urges all to the allies tel" an ar- magazine salesmen and magazine will take place before the High A1-Iprivilege of higher militaryof-Be Done." Was Consul at Sofia. companies posing as legitimate Cath- tar. since leaders in industry, business and !ficials. 6:02---Paulist Choristers: Victimai finance throughout the country are army had suffered olic publications, the Circulation Immediately following the core- I A Member of a Well Known Family. Paschali (plain chant) (Liturgy of working energetically to effec Mr. Murphy was Vigilance Committee of the Catholic mony, a dinner will be served the in- Mr Jewett b~l .... + .... ~athe Easter Mass~ . _ .... . . t a g~n- i " 1 : .... ~ ..... , ,,,-, ,. , erat m~provement in eonditio the Liberal cabinet of Press Association has issued a warn- v ted guests of Mr. Jewett at the American famil- He traces hisi 6:06---Dr Sheen "D,,i .... a ~^ ~ _ , as. ~t, with whom he had ing to Catholic pastors in the United ' ~" I " , ~ .,s .... ~,~- Bi " • Lafayet!e .Hotel: ! famfi'y history back to Puritan days. hold We Live." ' ! ÷h,* snop Hjckey points to the fact ~fluence, to the idea " " ~ 2 ,, , ........ r ~,u~,vuu worth of Country on the mercy ~ States against approving applicants mttttuted by Pope Gregory XVI. I The Jewett family settled in New i 6 : 6--Paulist Choristers, Lo, the such constructi.-- -.-~. -~ ~ ..I. _._ At that time he waslfor permission to sell magazines in! The order of Knights of St. Greg-lRowley Massachusetts in 1624, hay- World from Slumber Risen" (Easter ce " ' ........ a ..... e~=~ se IS now in re ,'lean diplomat left in [ their respective parishes without i orYGregory~ne ~reatxvi WaSand mstltutedconferred bYb Popeh~m ~ musing ~mm~gratederse there to escape relig- I Carol),6 30 FatherAnnouncYOUn~rm • .... ,was recenuy completedP greSS,conthatstructiomthere. 'rear°Pc" ]proper credentials, i for the first brae m 1831. ItYis an l" " P (ContinuedCuti°n inon PageEngland'4.) The 6:30: --1-2--Aria,e"lent'Know My Re- !workthat Catholit° the amount ......... o~ ~bo,000 m~ : bets of Mr. Murohy,s [ .As a means of acquainting pastorsI J t~i:~!a °Lr!: ati~et !?;$~t~i!~000°~l een identified wit]l the [with the true status of magazines! e ss Years particularly as and magazine promoters in the Cath- TaPF¢ e vumw ..,..,,, .,,., , Senate. olic field, the Catholic Press Associa-i It/ L~ U[ 1 llUhib JILi W /MRUI'4 IP.I ]Finn y~ ol ist; Haec Dies, Father~ • " "------ __ tion emploYs a plan whereby a red , :M4 ~ s(sF)~ :? ;:to :it: :7 0;r: h e;:: IVER [TY seal oo,.o HOUR SERIES PHILADELPHIANS % ;% HIGH HONOR certify that the validity of the solici, i kTHOLIC DOCTOR tation has been established. Absence ~D~ A~|~|~|TMd'~.~. ~lttll~l~.l~ rl~lt ll~gtl~l~_ "Questions and Answers " I PARENTS~ ~UPPORlr of the red seal, according to the As-i ~l][~ /tl~II~UI~LP, I/ HUI I P,V fit ~'~rr~ 6:50=--Paulist Choristers, "0, Filii (By N. C. W. C. News Service.} . ~, April 4--¢N O. w sociation's plan, will indicate to the 'Let" - I (By N. C. W. C. News Service.). , ,e, tr,F!la.e" ~Praditional Easter Carol);]reM°:e°w' April 11.--The.Soviet law e the first '" " ..... pastors that the bearer of the ereden- term Received From Foreign Coun-[ Philadelphia, April 12.--Albert M. ! untoold Ye Portals,' Gounod, (Cho- q_ 2ng cmloren in this country to ~. . ~me the tials is not guaranteed by the Vigil-: tries Written by Persons Who [Greenfield, nrominent .Tewi nh•l [rus zrom the Redemption i c°ntr~Duce to the support of t~is" "~ent of the Imperial ] ance Committee. _ _ . sh ~..L- . . ). . Hoard and Enjoyed the Pro ]anthronist w~ ................ 6:58---S~gnature H,,mn {parents was recently mte~reted okyo has conferred . ' --, -,, ~v~: ~,,~ organ ~or, ~, . ~ . . by " 6 59 1 2 Announcement a court m Mmsk as not appealing to grams--More Protestant [the chapel of the new seminary of--: ," "-- (signing the son-~-~----~ ...... ~rofessor of Medicine [FRANCISCAN GETS : Tributes. ] St. Charles Borromeo, Overbrook, has [ off). i ~ or ~aug,,~ers ox e~enea. ann Grauert, of Yoke [ FIRST CHICAGO U. ' ..,~ -- [been created a" Commander of the l ' If Three rabbis appealed to the vom~ ~n of foreign descent [ POST GIVEN PRIEST or execut" - . ~y N C W C New Order f CATHOLIC GUILD mn of the standm .... • • • • .- s Service.) ~ o Plus IX, it is revealed in a l S AND COTTON la .... • g Sovi~ Catholic. was born in Japan, [ (By N. C. W. C. New~ Service) ic wasn~ngton, April ll.--The top-~list of Papal honors announced by I INDUSTRY 1"-~ m zinc case of their Bona who xor ~ne secona seri s ~s Em B [ e uses, they elmmed . _ . e of six lee-, H" inence Dennis Cardinal [ ( Y N. C. W. C. News Service ~ ..... ' , to Im~ t~ first German Consul Chicago, Ill, April 5.--The ap-~ures, ...... to be delivered during theI Dougherty, Archbishop of Philadel- London, Anril 8 ~" ...... '~ ..... , montJ~ly ~ee towards~_ their" ~mpport :charon, but was edu- pointment of the Rev. Bernard .t~atnone" liour," which" ]'s sponsored lphia on his return from Euro,,ow ~+hi',, I ~u~on~^ ...... maust" . .-- v ~peeo. up the ~ne law provides.i Rabbi Sa~lovs]k~ r_anY• He graduated Halle, a Franciscan missionary of St. by the National Council or Catholic lweek , ry of Lancashire, the has four sons who are artisan~. R~ ! " C " " • v ers|tY of Munich and Michael, Ariz,, to the staff of Chica-Men and broadcast over a network of The other 'honors announced by'I eashireath°hCtown,guildShave°f thisPrest°n'year decid~a Lan b~ernment,SegalOV,andOneRabbiemployedChaltbY alsothe b, OV-om~ ~i::~theto''-~seases'HamburgIn In§ti-1924 ing°theUniversitYDepartment as Researchof AnbhropologyASS°ciateis the National Broadcasting Company, l Cardinal Dougherty are as follows: that eo~ton dl'esses ~ son 'who is a teacher. The so~s ~.oapan to spend his the first instance eta Catholic priest were ann~u,ced here today TheI The:Rt R:v Msgr Hugh.L Lamb: the man thous wl]be worn by m~tted at the trial that they had t,~ . :Pi~d° ~n~in! a~i!~imtci : :Z :: name °f the speaker wh° is t° deliv Chancell°r of the Archdiocese of Y andsof er the series ~ httle child fused to a for e~ ' tu ,_ of addresses has not yet lPhiladelphia, is credted a Protono who ar ....... ' ren _ = P Y th ;r parents SUl~ d: v:tl:gih'cm;:~ i ni y . . - ~ ~u ra~e par~ in the great por~ ~ecause they had cut themselves s s oeen announced. [tary Apostohc ad mstar, annual reli ' ~ • off from The Rev Dr Fulto gmus proeesmon throu any affflmtmn ~th then* b,-~ t only a scholar authority on the language, ethnology the ....... • .. n J. Sheen of] The following distinguished priests ........ gh fathers on "-- .... i' ! "= ~a~noJ1e Unlversl ~n~ streets at Whltsunt ~ ~ne groua that the d~tl ...... ty of America, are made Domestic Prelates with the " " ide. , n~~ ......... y i • " " , An enterprmln manufa : u,, w~sn ~o recognize "parents who _ u~ a zealous apostle and rites of the Navajo Indians of wm concluae the first series of six ititle of Right Reverend Monsignor." " g cturer then were ?~ the Catholic Sanato- the Southwest. According to Profes- addresses on th " • . " ' clerics. _ -rosa atShichiragahama, sot Edward Sapir, "Acting Head of " " e evening of Easter t The Very Roy. Joseph M. Corrlgan, thought of the idea of offering a The court ruled that arents oe- :s city of Kamakt~ra,]the Ethnology Department of the ;U:do:Yth:he~se:°ndvser~s_wll] be- Rector of the Seminary of St. Charles prize for the most effective dresses cu led i "" p .... nnected with mission-]University, Father Halle will con- "" "" -7-~---~ ''~ Sunday, April Borromeo; the Rev. Dr. Jehn J. Ben- made of cotton, P .w th such. rehgxous~ work m~ ~ ~r ~heen ,, solemnizing marrla a • . : . s series was , ar- nor, Diocesan Superintendent of This is to be u ~,~1;~ ......... ~-. ., " ge, rid' Perform- . ,, "~ ........ ~ ~uncuon, ing the circumcision rites e givesfree medical ],tinu~ his resem'ches on Indian lore in ranges to treat of the existence of Schools; the Rev. Dr. Wi~[liam P. Me- not a pageant, replied the commit- entitled to the r ~or Catholic Japanese I connection with his work for the God in Three Divine Persons--Crea- Nalty, Rector of the Roman Cattiolic gee, politely rejecting the idea of from their children on on Page 4.) commercializing it. , disinclined