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April 17, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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April 17, 1920

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/ thts of Columbus iociety A ctivities Lie Rock Council No. 812 'iven __ official Notes. this  lnday morning, April 18th all U of the Council together with ng knights, are requested to ',our hall 609 Scott street, at }'-five when we shall approach mmunion in a body at the ;sea soliChl at the 7 o'clock Mass In Lyears we have always made ,rnout and it is hoped that 1 ]'-]-[le ar we will surprise all other leer there is no demonstration ughly Catholic as this one in We unite in our profesion of' r in the Real Presence At this lr Supreme Secretary Me- Will probably be present and t is but an incident in connec- Street tth the solemn oeeasion yet we overlook the importance of a Rtendance and the favorable sion it will give to this officer. e that every member will show :lride in the Council to make - ' tubers in keeping with the oc- .'es ........ aPreme Secretary to Visit." Will have the honor of a visit lUPreme Secretary Wm. G. Me- on Sunday. At this writing senses. mnth) .... 'e no details as to the program ed for his visit which will be! linens) .... -day only, but it is most prob- r the year- m.t our members will be given Itar wine, Mry Altar rtunity to meet our disting- visitor. Bro McGinley has ts Supreme Secretary for the its ....... Years, during which time our ........... has enjoyed a period of marvel- supplies_-. 0Wth and expansion of activi- lemoramk ch brought it from amongst ramonplace fraternal insurance .s to one of the world wide 'or the highest type of patriot- Ld philantrophy. We deem it cholas Vel bre an honor of no small order cretary_T$$SVored with a visit from one had such a. large part plan- ard's GuiIJ nd carrying out some of the SPlendid achievements in the lurid gave t" of our society. t the St. AXgular Meeting Tuesday. day. It * meeting to be held on next both oCiy Will be one of great' ira- re numbertee ' _z' masrouch as it marks the ception ro o  .... . . Je x our cross ior initiation on ad'orned ud - _ . . uF . Here, too, you will have a A snor te , dg report of the different com- renoereu } _ . , I ' un arrangements, and as they re inaeea bob - " "i s:  ably be vastly different from tee on :' tWio . ,r us classes it would be well ,, lrom mth . acre and hear them first hand. ...... la meeting also the delegates to lanerm ., Yen" It " our Council at the State ' ation will be elected. " Mrs. I, 8tinday Afternoon Session. ' a'eat lot is being written" of i " ' . : 'i Aeade$ Be. So far however, the daily " has overlooked our little "Uni 'ose" pres ,,,, + ,'  " Which is ra idl becomin nne'g pup t:'--. P Y g ,_. mtmn second to none in the fit ih' r0y "la 'ass from aft-neat of brand nw idea. : .... [| deas, as presented, are first trees wnt d t _" o the severest critical tests are requena I- .... 'l[ ly passed on by a committee  .... 7 Felts d papers' . All the instruction is Press Nal Without the use of text books as tern AmeX  nothing but original treatises Anmz's A - advance of the recognized in tTaorou# ls of teaching. To illustrate Pl'av whi datoness of the plan we have refer to a discussion on the ),ed by $ oot - he auditJ ed question of Does the t' of tur .'Vex :Justify the means." After s who had t thoroughly pro and con, all'. The ed as if :he answer would be ;, .nd bec Iegative until one of the bro- tat night, pt the query: "how about tail er packed -an exception which appears Pe mers. St. been overlooked by moralists e past I s, and which flaould settle the ned their i oa once for all. Had you been cer before : You could have heard. Dono- k than the! the prolapsed trip to Metz. Play. Igl n the Pilgrimage to Lough umed, the Elliott on Our Next Class. and the y0 Y on The Fourth Degree, to- not onlY r With a dozen other interesting , but the es and speakers. ven them I{. of C. Evening School ,, _i.Vening School ':has proved a ms repor a SUccess from every stand-. Rose, or 1' The number of students are toe's auditTwaly in excess of our expecta- ay of Hollhile its management vies with ,vho tr m[: omCCeSSainl;tcsehls in this jurisdiction. :t nnection we are pleased to proficieVa at the popularity of this school result of T gely due to the thorough man- behalf Whi .  "ih Brothers Norton and leading c g discharged the work assigned d ability |e. who too e time ago we made mention of m Hancr :eaefit s of these Evening Classes e ;he wife  Xtended to members but our he Empr .eucernent was a little premature , who apl Were lacking definite informa- +s; Mary   to the method of acceptance. aghter at i : been decided that any member , who w$ _ a course on payment of a : act whet ' 2.00, the necessary applies- ere impri: *!k together with all particu- +tartlinglY an be secured from Br. Young rendergaSt  the School Registrar. ery grace , C. L. Paul Returns. train of I v+ere Pleased, indeed, to see one was amOS tried and faithful broers tt sat bcl0 ed on Pa#   .....  ................ ................... o .....  ............................. THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 17, 1920. I back in our city, in the person of Bro. [ C. P. Paul, who made his first ap- I I afternoonPearance insession.a, lon time at our Sunday Plan Big Fourth Degree Class. At the Assembly meeting Tuesday it was decided to hold an exemplifica-! tion of the major degree on Columbus Day, October 12. This class will be drawn' from all the councils in the state as well as these in near-by states wlao wish to take avantage :of the opportunity. The following com- mittee on arrangements and publicity DIOCESAN NOTES (Continued from Page 2.) The grace and charm of the dancers delighted all. Professor Maurice Derdcyn and Miss Lillie May Woods played inspiring music. The audito- rium was packed with a great audi- ence both nights." Cast. Gaudia Proclea, wife of Pontius Pilate ............... Catherine Tancred Claudia, Pilate's daughter at 10 years ................. Mary Lou Sims were appointed: John A. Vick, Victor Claudia, at18 years___Marie Scherry oers and H. W. Elliott. Sir Knight lLivia ' a Roman Lady .... Alice Fried J. C. Donohue delivered a splendid talk I Maxima, a Roman Lady on the proposed trips to Metz. Lunch-, Heste'Rathfon eon and egars were ,er,:ed at the[Jeis'h, Maidens--Kathleen Littlejohn, close of the meeting. [ Margaret Fenolio, Juanita Jeter, Lest We Forget. I Margaret Carrotto, Allie lish. I. We meet at the Hall 6:45 Sun- day morning to attend Holy Com- munion in a body at the Church. II. Watch for any announcement regarding our Supreme Secretary's visit on Sunday. III. Regular meeting but special business on Tuesday, April 20th, which closes our Spring Class Dele- gate to State Convention to be elect- 'ed. IV. Social Session Sunday. The Ghosts--Undine Campbell, Ruth Page, Nellie Maumme. Vestals--Marie Dressendorder, Clara Limberg, Pearl Teater. Christians--Marjorie Maus, Leona Rappolo, Laura Johnson, Nannie Johnson, Josephine Ban, " Marie Coone, Mary Harrington, Julia P ardone. Afra, a Roman Sorceress ........ ......... -'---- ...... Irene Sehmidt Agrippina, Empress of Rome ...... insttaetive, dealing at length with Papal Benediction was then given. Sacramental Confession, the requis- I As though loath to exclude' any ites, the dispositions, preparation, con- I member of the congregation from the trition, amendment, etc. Some very iblessings (if a Mission,'the Reverend concise and decisive statements were  Missionary closed his labors amongst ritest, rarest and most entertaining features since the days of the Old Forty-second. Our Thought for the Week. In men whom men condemn as ill I find so much of goodness still. In men whom men proclaim divine I find so much of sin and blot. And thus I dare notdraw the line Between the two where God has not. M. P.M. THE NIGHT SCHOOL One of fine biggest possible con- tributiona to the nation's future is being made by the Knights of Col- umbus. At the rate of one a day, they are opening free night schools for ex-service men, regardless of color or creed, in the large cities of the United States. Upward of 100,000 men are already enrolled, and by June, the organiza estimates, the total will reach 250,- 000. Textbooks and supplies of all kinds are furnished free. Every man who served with the colors is invited to attend Expenses are paid from the fund wich the Knights of Columbus had on hand for welfare work when the war ended suddenly. Abraham Lincoln studied by the light of a fireplace. President An- drew Johnson was taught to read and write by his wife; Governor John A. Johnson of Minnesota left school at 15 to support his mother, but he, like so many "others, made good use of his evenings, after his day's work was finished. The Knights of Columbus schools, the free night schools, operated by ninny cities, and the publi7 libraries offer an opportunity for any men de- termined to forge ahead.--Cleveland Pi-ess. CHURCH LEADS LATE CENSUS lContnued from pag 1.) with 152,905 students. The Presby- terians came next with 216 institu- tions and 45,938 students The Roman Catholic Church re- ported 1,188 philanthropic institutions with 616,513 inmates and patients. The Salvation. Army .was next to the Catholic Church in this line of en- deavor, reporting 232 institutions and 11,182 patients and inmates. Most Progressive States Catholic The 33 States in which the Roman Caolic Church ghowed the largest proportions were identical at the two periods, with the exception of Indiana and Kansas, the Methodist Episcopal Church leading in the former in 1906 and in the latter in 1916. Geog- raphically, the Roman Catholic Church led in the New England, the Middle Atlantic, the East North Cen- tral and Pacific divisions, except Kansas. In the southern divisions it led in Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia, of the South Atlantic, and in Louisiana and Texas of the West South Central division. Although the membership of the Roman Catholic Church is thus wide- ly distributed among the States, yet a large proportion of this member- ship is concentrated in the larger and more thickly settled States of the North and East There were 25 States for each of which there were reported in 1916 over 100,000 mem- bers of ,the Roman Catholic Church, and each of four States reported over 1,000,000 -- New York, 2,745,552 Pennsylvania, 1,830,532; Mssachu- setts, 1,410,208; Illinois, 1,171,381. These four states, together with Ohio, which had 843,856 Roman Cath- olic members, reported 8,001,529 Roman Catholics members, or over one-half of the total membership of the church in 1916. Popular Bible Stories ]or the Children--Be OKERY--20c. .................. Catharin Tancred Rufillia, Cup Bearer to Empress__ .................. Heater Rathfon Dancers--Kathleen Beland, Loretta Redmond, "Irene Tancred, MaD' Dell Wallance, Leta Lochridge, Flo- rine Beal, Juanita Littlejohn, Fay Craw ford. Flower Girls--Battise Bunas, Agnes Tancred, Sara Pauline Sengel and Velma Phipps. Pages--Margaret M. Prendorgast, Ants J. Skinner. Tableau--The Crucifixion. The Sorrowful Mother--Isabelle Mc- Guire. Mary Magdalen--Clara Burt. HELENA. A Parish Mission in Holy Week I What a wealth of meaning and im- poFc is embodied in this expression none save partakers of the benefits accruing from such a benediction can begin to recount. Yet it is not to be doubted that the congregation of St. Mary's Church, Helena: are fully pre- pared to sing the praises and rehearse the words of the Very Reveend Doc- tor Polk, who, during the imposing solemnity of Holy Week, conducted a most practical mission among them. The bell which summoned the taith- ful to Holy Mass on March 28, sound- ed with new vehemence for many not accustomed to obeying its call and so the congregation was greatly in- creased by their presence at divine service. Nor did they assemble in vain, for the pith, eloquence and zeal which permeated the opening dis- course impressed all with but one con- viction, that "he spoke" as of old it was said of the Master like one having authority. "Yet forty days and N.ineveh shall be destroyed!" a stir- ring text was forcibly" developed and applied to the present circumstances of the parish. With equal earnest- ness and exactitude were the follow- ing subjects treated in their proper order during the evening exercises: Means of Salvation. Mmal Sin, the Abomination of Desolation. The Christian Home. Death. The Precepts of tJe Church. The Last Judgment. The Glories of Mary. Be Thou Faithful! The morning sermons were highly made upon the nature and scope of spiritualism, secret societies, good lit- erature ,devotional articles, etc. To the average Catholic, the Mis- i sion was truly an education in tself, [ forced home and firmly established within the sanctuary of the heart by! the very interesting and appealing examples seclected from practical life and close experience with human na- ture. Curiosity may have lured many to enter the Church but intereest deep and heartfelt held the listeners spell- bound. Loyalty to Mary is, I believe, the characteristic devotion of the Order of the MostHoly Redeemer to whiqh Father Polk belongs. Hence in filial love, Saturday was selected ah "her own day"--a day to display the heart's affection--a day to array er elients--a day to confound her enemies--a day to rejoice her chil- dren and make them thrill with new and holy delight in her glories and their honors. The evening services were begun with a simple, touching procession uniquely arranged to rep- resent a rosary. And it was verily a living rosary, rich with beauty, charm and fragrance. From the sacristy then sanctuary and on through the Church they filed, these symbols of Ayes and Paters until at reaching their Mother's shrine each deposited a pure, white rose, whose sweet holy breath ascended as blessed incense through Mary's hands on to the Great Creator's throne. Who can estimate the amoun of edification, merit and saving grace obtained through this evidence of unwavering fidelity to her whom "all generations shall call blessed because He that is mighty hath i done gxmt things to her." And what shall be said of the discourse deliv- lered? Oh! it was wonde(fful from every theology, philoso- standpoint, phy, art, science, reason, but best and above all from the view of common sense and strong personal love for the Mother of God to whom children and grown-ups pledged themselves. Sunday's dawn marled indeSd a Resurrection morn. Never was there so reverent, so, attentive, so inspiring a number of communicants as on this Easter Day. How the Risen Saviour must have rejoiced that He could re- veal Himself to so goodly a multitude vho presented themselves as so many Marys seeking Jesus of Nazareth the Crucified and finding Christ, the Glori- fied living Lord. How ardently the Master had used His power to roll back the stone of past sins that hin- dered them from entering in! How joyously He embraced the wanderers returned to Him none but the wander- ers can tell. But surely this we all know, such extraordinary gladness must have its source in God, the source of every good. The sermon given at tihe gorgeously sung High Mass on Easter was a masterpiece capable of arousing the highest loyalty'and enthusiasm in pos- sessing and retaining Catholic Faith, the grand old heritage of Christ's fol- lowers. Evening found the Church well filled with'parishioners truly re- vived in the spirit of Catholicism ready indeed to promise with God's aid to be faithful unto death and thus to gain the crown of life. The key- note of this last instruction was that of hopeful warning suited to inspire the hearer to undertake any task necessary to attain alvation, confi- dent that "we can do all things in Him who strengtheneth us." The Service and Ex-Service Men ! YOUR OPPORTUNITY "Knights 0f Columbus" FREE EVENING SCHOOL Courses: Bookkepingand Accounting,. Stenogra- phy, Typewriting, Cotton Classing, Auto Mechanics, Mathematics, lVI#chanical Drawing, English and El- ementary Education, Salesmanship, Etc. REGISTER NOW K. of C. HEADQUARTERS 609 SCOTT STREET "EVERYTHING FREE" Catholic Heleneans, on Monday morn- ing, by celebrating Holy Mass :for the departed of the parish, after whicla in a most striking exhortation, includ- ing Scriptural, psychological and philosophical proofs for the bases of a belief in the Catholic doctrine of Purgatory, he made a strong appeal and gave counsel in regard to prayer for the faithful departed. May the fruits of this Holy Miss|on be preserved and disseminated unto the great harvest of God. H UNTINGTON. Solenm N,uptials Easter Tuesday Uniting Rudolph Silc and Miss Angelina Karchliker. It was an unusual thing to witness a wedding' with a nuptial mass in our litt',e mission chZlrch today. As a rule our young people have been going to Fort Smith to have their marriage solemnized. The parties of today's wedding were Mr. Rudolph Silc and Miss Angelina Karehliker, attended by Mr. Caesar Medwik and Mr. Louis PAGE TIREE ii = mlmmm 't Karchliker as best men, and Misses Marguerite McFaul and Welma Pech- nik as bridesmaids. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. Stocker. A number of friends, both Catholic and Protestants, attended the nuptial mas. Mrs. Freeman is preparing a num- ber of boys and girls for first Com- rnunion, which will take place on Tri- ity Sunday at 8 o'clock. On that occa- sion will also be the last chance for making the Easter duty. There will be another service, however, before that date, on April 25, 10:30 o'clock. CARLISLE-LONOKE. Services Next Sunday. Mass will be celebrated in St. Rose's Church at Carlisle on next Sunday morning. Rev. Geo. H. McDermott, of the Guardian will officiate and in con- nection with his visit, will endeavor to place a Guardian in every Catholic home in these two progressive towns as a weekly visitor. In no section of thv diocese has there been greater stride in church work, considering the number of souls, than in what is now termed the Arkansas rice belt, situ- ated east of Little Rock upon the Rock Island route to Memphis. Training Schoo l for Nurses + at Joseph's Intirmary Hot Springs, Arkansas Three Year's Course + 4pply to Sister Scholastica St. Vincent's Infirmary LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Training School For Nurses Conducted by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth LARGEST HOSPITAL IN THE STATE Offersexceptional opportunities for experience and training in all classes of nursing to young women desiring to vocationalize in this nobling and remunerative profession. The Sisters of the Infitnary and the able medical and surgical staff connected with them, ]rovide a Three Years' course of theoretical practical and modern training, fitting the graduate for successful future effort in all classes of nursing, both medical and surgical4 and all cases pertaining to general hospital work. The Infirmary is acknowledged to be one of the best equipped in- stitutions in the South. It has a capacity of 250 beds, 100 private ooms and about 5000 patients are treated annually. The class is now being formed for the all Term. Applicants must have one year of High School or the educational equivalent, and rommendation from reputable parties. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS ADDRESS Sister Superior ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY Tenth and High Streets Little Rock, Ark. ! Cheerful, Helpful Bool00.. ,. YOUR SOUL'S SALVATION iNSTRUCTIONS ON PERSONAL HOLINESS By REV. EDWARD F. GARESCHI, S.J. / ..+ For Religious there are many manuals of holy living; for the Catholic man or woman in the world there are comparatively few; fewer still that deal with life as it is lived at the prcsent time. Father Garesehe's book supplies this need. It is full of practical suggestions, It is interesdng, cheery, full of edification and iaspirat iota OTHER BOOKS,BY FATHER GARE3CII The Most Belovet Woman Your Neighbor and You Your Interests Eterp;!] Each, net, $1.25.. Sent postpaid! for $1.35 THE BOOKERY, W.T sEco.. STREET LI I'ItE ICCK, ARK.