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April 16, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 16, 1927

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!) Page Six THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 16, 1927 • ][ f I ... " the production or putting on of an been exeremmg hm mind considerably SHUT IN SOLDIERS r~ ~ ~ ~ | ~ Ir ~ II we are glad to hear that Brotheri* * objectionable play, scene or part of alFinally he hit upon his present plan TO HEAR RELlt ~ L [J ; ! , ~ I ~. t [Mat Durst is getting, along nicely andi* STATE LEGISLATURES * iplay on the stage, the theater mayiof returning the stone to the Church•SERVICE ¢ : : : : : __ : ; : : • ~.imcenas ~aKmg a trlp to Colorado to * * be padlocked for a period of one Obtaining a doorstep which form- A naT hrhneh ,~ th^ ~-- ........ !recuperate. We hope he will have anl * * * * * * * * * * * * P year by the commissioner of licenses 'erly belonged to a convent he cut B N C W C• Ne .................zz~ Uluer Wlll De ell'o +' • , ( Y • • • . t ......... ] J yable ~lme and soon be back atJ (By N C W C News Service) t out an altarstone about eleven mchesi ~ A rll 9 ms~l~u~eo a~ Jonesboro on Tuesday, our " ,~ " •• .... • I • I .Vashmgton, P April 26th, when Dr Felix Gaud;,~ ]- meetings retell us of the big newsi Washington, D. C., April 7. Due PONTIFF'S ATTITUDE square• In this he placed the stonetlain at Walter Reed Ge ...... " ~ _ ~--, 1rein the grea~ west. Irecognition was accorded the work! RESPECTING LEAGUE !from the cathedra.L in which he then!here, the largest Arml d:n~:eo~ t::eond'erL~:llUP[:ite;:;:- V. Piazza is bacl~ home from St•lof Fra Junipero Serra, intrepid! OF NATIONS STATED[CUt the central reliquiry• Ipital in the country,ht bore. • "[Vincen~'s. We hope he will soon be[Franciscan missionary, when the Calf-[ -- I Father O Keefe will probably give',have the Sunday reli! p , ,, . ~around with us again. {fornia State Senate last week virtu-I (( By N. C. W. C• News Service) ltho altar-stone to the little church at Catholic and Protestanl rogram IOlmWS• / Ed Jarstka is at the Missouri Pa-[ally ended a contention of fourteenI Paris, April 4. Declaring that the[Cleat, where the vestment cupboard all wards and reereat Institution Program !cific Hopital. He has our best wisheslyears standing by naming the pion- Holy Father is always ready to sup-]bolt is already in use• • the post. Both patientS _ St. Roman's Branch, Catholic for a speedy recovery• leer prmst as one of two subjects for port the action of the Leagu~ of Na-] isonnel may listen in, Kmghts of America, Jonesboro, Ark.,l As is our custom the Council has[c°mmem°rah°n in the Hall of Fame, tions in behalf of peace and justicetMRS• PEACH, MOTHER ladvantage of the pla~. April 26th, 1927, 8 p m. [organized a committee to further the[m the National Capitol• Thomas but that he does not desire personall OF CONG. BRITTEN patients may now enY Opening Prayer and address of[interests of the Little Rock CollegeIStarr King, Unitarian minister, who representation at Geneva, the Rev. t OF ILLINOIS.• DEADIbY the services. EacI Welcome, bv the PastorRev w T!carnival It will be a bi affair, and mnoreu so untiringly to hold the Father de la Briere, speaking at a with head phones , • ,,• u • g • . • • - • Kordsmeier; Response byState Vice levery member of the Council is whole/G°lden State m the Unl°n during the large public meeting here, described I (By N. C. W• C. News Service)[ Catholic services br° President of C K of A Gee H heartedly behind it We will ~ive[s~ruggm between the North and the cooperation which theCatholic/ ~.~ w~ • ...... chiefly of the serm0~ • " "' " " ~ " ~" Sour ' . . . ..... ,ancmco, Aprlt a. ~eqmem 1~{ Steimel. . of Running Lake, Ark. ,- ] full details, of our plan next week.[ h, was the other far-westerner Internatmnal Study Umon.and the~Hic,h~. Mass w_. .... ~.~.~.~-loh-~+~n -.;- .~.~÷ [the Sunday Mass. ~t Obhgatmg Cl~arter Applicants b..tYou will hear much about it in theIs° honored• League of French Cathohcs for In-} ........... decry is in charge ~. State Superior Jes. H. DeClerk of Li~}meantime, and it is hoped this corn-/ The question was immediately pus- ternational Justice are giving the ef-[M::llE~Sp:::hr, e:o~hl:r :;rc::gr::sr_]serviees at the hospitSt tle Rock, Ark ; -]mittee will receive from you and!Sed on to the Assembly, but indica- forts of the League of Nations The[ " ~" ........... -] • ' meet" " ,man ~reu A. ~r1~en ox t~mcago, wno 1 ...........AISE Election of Officers ~yours fullest co-operation I tions are that complete agreement mg was the result of an invita-~,i .............. I t~AWIFAIQ;N IU " ' " 'has been tion exten ........ iu eu ~a~uruay ms~ ax~er a onex m-I ..... "'~"S ART In ~ ........ J Meeting } reached on the two candi- aeu oy ~ne EXecutive tgom-~ness Mr Brit ....... ~ ~r.,-,t,~ s~auauon oi uxxicers by Gee tt ! -~ . . "• ~- - -: .......... ' , I • • ~en, ranking ~epuon-] __~., ... . - • •~ ~e sure and be at our next meet loaves• zm~ee oi rne ~eague oI t~a~ions re} ...... ~.~_ ^. ,~.~ t~ .......... ,! ---- ~eimel; Delivering. of C~rti+'io~+~ I. .. "1 . . ~z~ z.~.,~vz u~ ~,~ nou~ ozz nava~ _.. r __~ ,~ .... °., ---~'~':'-~'~jmg tuesday, April 19 Big doing } Would Facilitate Divorce the rep~'esentat~ves of ~he larger Ca-]_,~_: ................ {By Rev. Dr. Win• Bar0 ,,~_ ,~ .... ". ' ....... ,/we need you be there I A determined move *^ ~-* n^---- *~-^ ~nonc orgamza~lons to promote a[ . ](Cologne Corresponden • ~ ,=v ~ow, ~,~ . passefl away• I rvic ¢,:,~ ~.~: oi A. ~y Jos. H. DeClerk. I Ibarsand make die .... -.. ~_~ ....... pubhc meeting for the purpose of af-I ........... t News Se -*-= ., ,.~xz~xuHtzu . Mrs. reach nan been a resloen~ oi ~5-" :~ms~ora~ea.~ec~ure, The founder ofIGERMAN NOBLEMAN, [speedy and eas- of cons ..... ,~..brining the attachment of their core-[ .......... [ Cologne, March '. .... ,~a~nonc unurcn and His fell ..... ~ ] ~ -,,,,,,,,~,~,, , ........ i~an vranc~sco since ~t~#~ and rs sur-}.. . ~ .. thi ers, showing 100 views mostly ,::1"~ [ IN MANY WARS, DIES ]was made last week, when the judici-'Tmms~s. ~.o zne cause•oi peace and[vived by her husband, her son, the ]oemg conauctea ~:~'~c e~], by Dr. Felix Gaudin, of New-Or [ .... -~ [clary committee of the State Assem- oI prom,stag aeuve sympathy lcongressman, and a daughter, Misstthepr°ductmn o.~ ~.~,~ leans, La Su,,r~---~ ~--~:-~ ........ "|~y ~ev. l~r. Wm. Baron von Captainelbly, with only two members dissent- zo zne WOrK oI t~eneva. [Elizabeth Britten of Washin~,ton D vna~ will ~e arus~,,~ C K at A n.~ ..... .. ](Cologne Correspondent, N. C. W.C. rag, sent to the Legislature for final ~(~. I-~,-~-e ,,~-~ ;- ~4~,,o to Chrmtm _ ....... • he entire congregauon ~ .......... _ ~reT WITHDRA~,,~ ~ .................... z ..... , ...... ~-~;ou is :---~'-~ .... " ,~ews ~erwce) aeuon ~ne ~ochester immediate di-- .... "" ~-,o | ........ leu ~o zne ~ouz,u,*-- mvz~eu ~o a~ena. ! Cologne, March 31--Reichsgraf vorce bill. AS FRATERNAL RITES cezne~ery. Silesia of the East-G~ Count Fritz von Wolff-Metternich The measure nro..oses ....... ;--- PREVAIL AT FUNERAL of Christian and mec~ z r ........... v v .... v,,,s FRENCH CATHOLIC WOMEN Th m being ] ,u t~racn~, ~ne msungumhed soldier changes in the California divorce law, ANN"U"C .............. e progra B • U 1~ E LUYALIY IO l~OFl~ SUit and sportsman and a member of a would abolish interlocutory decrees, ( y N. C. W. C. News Serwce) adopted as a re . 'famous Catholic family, died a few make the first decree final and grant London, April 4. Because officials plaints that there is days ago in his castle near Muenster right of re-marriage without the of the Order of Buffaloes announced By M. Massiani gious art, U .... in Westphalia• He was 85 years old. present one year "breathing space" pictures, rosaries, • ~. Veterans' Hos i " • p tal, Fort Root~. The family of Wolff-Metternich is period, objects of devotmn. ,, . " .----y-- one of the oldest feudal families, its Relatives Permitted to Marry that many such ob: unaer the auspices of Sylvester best known member having been The over-riding of Governor Rol- eries of art and de Lukas, Knights o.f Columbus Welfare Prince Metternich, chancellorof Aus- and H. Martley's veto of Senate bill sought to promote ~ecretary, me.wag pictures were trig at the time of Napoleon and af- No. 21, by both the Washington State to produce artistic ShOWn on Monday and Friday nights ter the latter's fall the leader of Eu- Senate and House, automatically tion at a price all co x or.~ne t)enefit .of the patients and ropean policy, transforms the measure into Chapter dress, whmh has been forwarded to ends seem now to ha iea,~urmg ,the films: Count Fritz von Wolff-Metternich 189, of the Sessions Laws of 1927, Cardinal Dubom to assure him of The foundation o~ where W ~" ,, • " • as I and The Fear at the a e of 1 their loyalty to the Holy Father m the d the c .... ,, . • g 7 was a heutenant in thereby making it possible for a per- Neisse followe r~gn~e~ A radm r present crmm which the condemnation thohc em~cmns • t': . ' p 0gram was also the Papal army and took part in the son residing in the Evergreen State ",' .' ' " acad " • , en~ea m eonne_ctmn. • battles against Garibaldi• He was to marry near relatives by marriage, of the 'Act)on Francmse" has 1924. The shop has nree games of baseball were pla wounded m the bath dec~ brought about m France The address a amst oor rehgwUS _ _ Y- " e of Ancona Under the old law it was illegal "ded upon, and the priest then re- " . g " P ea (luring the week between the Fort Later he was an officer in the Aus" for a man to marr,, his father's tired is considered of particular impor- West Germany the Roots Tigers and Bears of which the trian army and in 1864 wen~ ,,,;+h ~ widow his ,,,;vo,o~ ~^,~ .... ~,~,o " __ tance because of the fact that many now found champio~iS" Tigers won. two ~nd lost one. The corps of volunteers to Mexico "to'as: daughter, son':'w~'dow?'so~n'~s s~o~n's MRS. C. OSCAR----LA--'MY__ of the .adherents of the "Action ,------'V---'~_.,, score was T~gers 5 1~ 16, Bears 8 6 0 slst the Em eror , , Francame" were drawn from the MAINZ CATHEDRA~ T ..... "/. - - - . " p Maximilian• For widow, daughter s son s widow, or for NATIONAL DIRECTOR . . ~ .he .Ieau~re ~fthe week was the three years .he took part in the cam-la woman to marry a man standing in " N. ,C. W. C., IS DEAD ranks of the old French armtocracy. CONDITIOI~_~ p~cnmg o~ tiuI~man m last Friday's paign in that country and five times the same relation. The new statute BY 20o game, ne_n, awng held the Bears to lrode on horseback from the Gulf to!removes these restrictions and makes (By N. C. W. C. News Service•) HOLY FATHER GIVEN -----~_~ omy one m~ and shut them out. the Pacific. He ultimately became it lawful for such persons to contract St. Louis, Me., Anril 4---Funeral CHICAGO CONGRESS By Rev. Dr. Win. Bare Several games of volley b~ll were]ordinance officer of the exnedition i marria~,e ~ services for Mrs C "O Lam- ,~rom PICTURES IN ALBUM Cologne, March 241 played a! the gym during the werek[When it failed and the Emperor mei[ Minnesota, too, proposes changes i~nent in Cathoiie "activ~tie;'a~d i architects attended a c0 ~e~ween ~eams composed of patients[his tragic fate Count Metternich]in certain of its marriage regulations member of the Board of Directors (By N. C. W. C• News Service) held at Mainz and stUa~ IZom.~ne vamous wards. • [traveled through North America• IAmong other bills introduced in the of the National Council of Catholic Rome, April 6. His Holiness Pope tion of the eathedr~e ~aies~nenms exerc.~se m the openI The Count then returned to Ger-lGopher State Senate recently was one Women, who died Friday, were held Pius XI yesterday received as a gift With the arehiectS•~t~l aria rakes were paruc~pated i~ onlmany and later became an officer in]which would put an end to commoni at Our Lady of Lourdes Church here a historic album of pictures of the and sculptors---all l u~ .~nree occasmns_, the bad weather hav-lthe Carlist war in Spain He was allaw marriage in the commonwealth t this morning. The interment was in Twenty-eighth International Euchar- preservation of the ~ In m~er~erred " • . " *. g, the remainder of the I volunteer m the Carhst army and l Another measure presented in the]Calvary cemetery. Mrs. Lamy had istic Congress made bv the staff of In addition to the .~ weeK. • • • • • . - - • " h 1~ ...... /took part m the siege of Estella. tsame State Senate would make it un-lbeen m fll health for more than a the Chicago Herald and Examiner dreary decay, wh~.c ~,~1 ,~", c~gar.e~es and tobacco waslWhen the Duke Adolf von Nassau|lawful for a school board memberlyear preceding her death, during the Congress last June• lalong with the catheu:~ ~s~yJourea au.rmg the week by the]followed King Wilhelm III on thelt° question an applicant for the posi-] Mrs. Lamy is survived by her hus- The Holy Father thanked the don-]Trier, Aix_la-Chapelle ~i [-~.;=_~[ ~ecre~ary an? ~so c~garettes]throne of Holland, Fritz von Wolff-ttion of teacher as to his or her reli-[ban~, C• Oscar Lamy, and five chil-! ors of the present through their rep-]the Mainz Cathedr.a)._: • ~.u ~ouaeco was um~rlouted b hlm rot~m~ ...... Y " ~Metternich became his adjutant• |gious affiliations• A bill similar to[dren, Charles S, Mar- Helen Mar iresentative. ]by sinking and , , • or ~ne Amerman Legion Auxiliar' Af ' ' ~ • " ~ ' - . ana ' Y ter Adolf s death the Count re thin, now before the Colorado Le wooden pillars 1~.~,, ~ ........ " [ , -/ g-{garet, Genevieve and Josephine Lame. . _ ~*'~'" o..r. r)sner wm say mass ~orlturned to Germany renowned over{islature, is being[ - } RELIGIOUS LIFE [formed its foundatWU" ~!e ~enell~ oi the Cathohc patients/Europe for his campaigns and decor-led by Catholics of that State• ] [ IN NORTH AMERICA [lem has been solvea '*'" ,~unaay morning. ]ations• He next turned his interests l Smith Signs School Bill IAPOSTOLIC DELEGATE / AS SEEN BY GERMAN Idral saved. J ......... ~ /to sports and soon "The Mexican," [ Cameras snapped and motion-pic-] TO JAPAN, MIKADO'S ]__.._By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Baron yon ..... I ----'----'~__ tha ~tzsLr~ ~ut~K COUNCIL No. 812 ]as he was known, became mterna' -/ture machines" • chcked' as Governor [ GUEST AT LUNCHEON I Ca~ p'~tame", [ The smartest furl ~"kaS ,~,,.~ ltionally famous in this field. /Alfred E. Smith of New York affixed ~ ' ~ (Cologne Correspondent, N. C. W. C. Inew Spring coats o -e T .......... ~zrtcta! INotes. [ [his signature to 'the Di, ek-Riee bill,] (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ] News Service.) Ithe tawny ones that ~e .. --aum~mn ~o ~ne insurance the|S. F. COURT ADJOURNS [more popularly known as the "Fried-| Tok~o March 21 ~;~ w...~ .... / ~.~ .....;,~,~.~. o~ n~ w--~ ] "If I were you," ~'\~ ~.n~ghts of Columbus offers many in-[ BY ORDER OF JUDGE [sam Bill," which carries an aDDroDria IArehbish'o- Mariu~ ~,--~'~';n~t~'::*"~/~^--'~'~['~-" "~::~:'~:~:¢---,~'~:~!a lull in the domestic s~ ~uce~])ents and op.portunities to Cath-/ THREE HOURS GOOD FR,DAY [tion of $16,500,000 for a~d'diti'onaiiie Delegat~e to Japan:-wai'th'eVguesif::d~ Church' h~':tor~:~at the Un'i:e'rs~i'i~thave more sense•" ,; :?, [,]m. lr is to see howl : ~state aid to city public schools.. I of honor at a luncheon given by Hislof Freiburg in Baden, who recentlv[ "Of course you W°a'" = =,e order spread throughout the] (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ~ The bill originally contained $18,- [ Majesty the Emperor in the Akasakalcompleted a tour of ti~e world, gaveled decidedly. s~a~es gnu ks membership multipliedSan Francisco, April 4 Presiding[500,000 but was reduced $2,000,00O[Detached PalaCe here recently]his impressions of religious life in :~artit i:f bfeag:enrn~:y ~hOh:] ~ulanb[::d sJUdge Louderback has posted and is-Ira. Legislature. Of the total appro-] The Pope's representative wore the[North America in a'n address to Ca-! After a nora a°~ in ....... ,.- P . stI ed for publicatio~ thefollowing[prlatlon now carried, New York City/First Order of Merit, Grand Cordon|tholic academicians and business men[Pal pastors of Chic g ,~ ~ne tJnurcn, m pumlc serwce to the notice to attorne s schools will receive more than 10 l wm { esta ~ nt of a~ ez .......... ~ 1. ' [ ' Y : l" " , " " $ ,-[of Pau o "a, a decoration which had]in this city Dr Krebs, Driest and, bl'shme a ~**b~ and ~0 Our IellOW man "For th " • . 000 0 • • . . . - - . ann It ,,ms *~-^ • ........ = , - I .... e purpose ef permitting h-] ,.00 under the.equahzatmn tables/ben awarded to him by the Emperor~scmnhst, entitled his talk "Discovery tchml school system t~'~* _~._ , .~,,~ ~xmgn~s o z uommouslugan~s, attorneys and court attachesJprowded m the bill. /some time ago. Just before the]Travels through the Religious Life of]train teachers• great"~ ~OOUubl.m ~ne. vanguara in so many,properly| to observe Good Friday, it[ The Governor congratulated Col. ]luncheon, Archbishop Giardini was]North America and the Far East." th~ ~;P~ ~_c dragsters. They were[m suggested•that the various depart_]Michael Friedsam of New York,[received in a~dience by the Emperor,~ American Catholics, the professor] ~=~-------~ pr~.~.~ ~o answer ~ne call of thelmemts of th~s court, if possible, ad-]chairman of the commission on, school]who shook hands with him. ~said, bare built in 100 years what / ~ T I~WY. r~ ..... ~-~ o~ ~ne umved Staes for[journ on Good Friday, April 15, finances, on whose recommendations[ ~ European Catholicism built in 500 l~J~_d~ . p~eerg;j~p:enh, efd~:::ihgSt(ic:;tn .~:e[1n9o~7, from the hour of 12 o'clock, ]the bill is based, and his co-workers I SUPERIOR OF CONVENT "! years. American Catholicism, he add-]l ]~J][tr~T t~ ............ Y" I , until 3 oclock p. m. of saidlfor their faithful and unselfish serv-[ KILLED IN ACCIDENT ed, is of medieval color ready of[I~ l~a~.~' _.,~4 f,i~t~tzm oozmrs~, l~.vcas among the[day." ~ce to the state, and the state upon[ sacrifice and courageous in building/~l ~e~,|~'~R|OLJ~ o olier renei ~o the sufferers The ~ '~.~"'~"~*"- _ • ] notice of adjournment was/the benefits to come from the bill• [(By N. C. W. C. News Service) i---which some Europeans have un-{~ .... ,,,.., l of the San Francisco disaster, to help[signed by Judge Louderback and~ Among other bills signed by Gov [ Chicago, •April 8 Sister Ma.~y justly called "show and material Ca-{ l]~V~ the flood sufferers of Colorado, Kan-|Thomas Mu}v~y, his secretary ~Smith during the week was a child-~Sylvester, mother superior of the tholicism." , [] ACtt . eS~rs, Ohm and Texas; thefire suffer-[ {marriage measure for which women[Convent of Our Lady, Help of Chris-' There is great dan~er to itself intl __ =, ~'~ s o~ tmemea, ~mem, Ontario, a~d~ANTON LANd'S NEPHEW /and welfare organizations have beenltians, was killed and two other Sis- such a spreading and fl.ourishing Ca-[~ ~r~ N°rthern Minnes°ta; ~the victims °f | NOT LOST TO FAITH |campaigning f°r tw° °r three years' ~ters were injured when tw° aut°mi" th°licism' but the Eucharistic piety II ~LU~ the awful calamity at Halifax, and in( ~prohibiting all marriages of boys un-lbiles collided near Morton Grove, aand benevolent charity, even of the] fact, wherever there has been a great]. . (By N C W.--~. News Service) ]der. 18 and girls under 16, except onISuburb, yesterday ipoorest, are the best guarantees of/~ t~A ~T¢ pubhc calamity the Kmghts of Colum New York wr~tte ' "] , April 9---The Rev n consent of both parents and] The nuns were returning from a a healthy religious life for Americanl ~W~]~ |~, bU~ohf::b::c~icf:~,ndubsm::tgtheflrstlWilfrid Parsons, S. J., editor of{either a, supreme Court justice or a[wake and ding in an automobile Catholics, Dr. Krebs continued. HeI~ ~ VV ~"~'" :~ " ~ ate-| America has received a letter from|children s court judge• with a man and his daughter. Their i~ointed out that in the course of [I ~:Imb::f :n~d;su:::r~onOtlto:~fe:~lAnton Lung, Jr., son of the Christus/ The Michigan House of Represen-lcar and 'another met in collision and years the appearance of the Ameri-[,.~ ~la ~- s]of the Oberammergau Passion Play,[tatives yesterday passed a bill au- both were overturned. :can countryside has taken a Catholic _. reg.~rdless of religious faith or sociat~.denyin~ published stories that a ne~]thorizing the whipping post for bankl iatmosphere through the erection of[~ ~r*~J]~" ] alIluatlon ~ , :~. " . " ~ {phew of the elder Lung named Otto [:robbers, and later'attaChed an amend-[SOLDIER REPENTS HIS LOOTING edifices, deeply reminiscent of old/[] ll-I _, .~ne record el our order at ~he~IW Lung has been ordained a deason[ment to a Senate bill providing life[ OF CATHOLIC CHURCH Catholic structure~ elsewhere. /Iml OF ~U, M~xican border in 1917 and in thelof'the Methodist Episcopal Ch~urch ]sentence on charges of breaking and [ i ~ I W0iqd War is too familiar to need Mr. Lung, Jr, wl~o is now a ~tudent[entering. [' (By N. C. W. C. News Service) BISHOPS COMMITTEE Ig AND m6re than a mere mention• The or-tat Holy Cross •College, conducted b-[ The bill -r ..................... J London A,~ri MEETS APRIL 2 de-'s ......... ...... , t ' ~ t v uwu~ .a~ ~rwn ~. ~,t . ~. 1 4.--An altar-stonel 6 icon ;:;c:':w~l ~n:vme:e°;o~n:t~mer-ithe Jesuit Fathers at Wo/'cester,[twenty lashes "on the bare back," [made out of apiece of the.Lady Altar] IN WASHINGTON]~ .., , ...... = . g: en. ,Mass" wrates: {well laid on, may be administered in the ruined.Cathedral of Arras,{ I.. A PH! ettver ~ne war Ene ~nl n~s ]nstl "This A~,-- - ~ .... g '-i " Otto W. Lung is not the ne-~every six months of imprisonment France, has been presented to Fatherl (By N C W C News Service) l~ ~ ][ 2"~ ~u~ea empmymen~ bureaus for ex- phew of Mr Anton Lan " " • " , • -" " " ". ~'= • . . • g, Chrmtus of The maximum ~s set at 300 lashes•. Rowley O Keefe, of Stourbr~dge, by[Washington, April 9.---The Admm- [mm . _ servlce men gnu were the first to the famous Oberammer au ,, ' , f ~* .... ~ . ~ .... g Passion The so-called Walestheater pad- a former Army officer who obtained,istrative Committee of the National]~ ~r~o~ntat[on o ozxer znese ex serwce men w~thout~Flay It m true that th~s ,, , ~m .... ~,~ .... " , ,, • " Otto Lung lock bill, recently adopted by the it during the World War as a souve-iCatholic Welfare Conference, corn-/,n Progr any cos~ ~o ~nem, evening courses in[~eft Oberammergau at an early age, New York Legislature, was signed by air ]posed of Archbishop Hanna of San li academic, commercial and trade or but I c~n assure you tha~ he is in Gee Smith today The officer was billeted in the]Francisco,cbairman; Archbishop ,m ' -.-"171 techmcal sublects and then asmst h~m no way related to m famfl ~ T~ D~ • " " " / y ' y. " - The signing of thin measure by the vaults of the cathedral during 1916. bowling of St. Paul, and Bishops ---STAR , tolremove the deficiencies in his edu-" "The name Lung is a common one Governor, which provides for possible He hacked the stone from the under- Muldoon of Rockford, Schrembs of ~ ,, 'RIL lu cahonal training occamoned b the n our town th ~ ~'*~ • " " " " Y i , ere being about 22 fam- padlocking of offending places of structure of the altar and took it Cleveland, Gibbons of Albany;; Me- ~ ,,~ war and f~t h~m for. more attractive ~ flies of that name• Many of-them amusement, will place theaters whichiaway together with an antique bolt- Devitt of Harrisburg and Lillis of occupations gnu grea~er uselu!ness, thave no relationship whatever to the stray from a straight and narrow]~from a vestment cupboard•Kansas City, will hold its regular [] ~, ~ • ~ ] Next week we will continue a sur- family of Mr. Anton Lung, the Ober-ipath in the same category with boot- I At that time he was a Non-Catholic spring meeting here beginning Tues- ~ ~ U ~ | L vey of the activities of the order ammergau Christus I do no ' .... ~ ......... • t pretendtleggers, lbut -after the Warr he was received day, April 26. It m probable its ses- ~ ~. ~='j ~l,~tV wmcn maue sucn a ~avorable impres- to explain how such a di ' ! ...... ; == " ..... ~ scusslon ell The bill prowdes that after con-Irate the Church, and since then the mons will extend through Wednesday ~ !~ _____ -... ~ion on ~ne .~merican pumic this feature appeared in rint" ~ . . . m , • P • wctlon of a person connected w~th matter of the consecrated stone ha and Thursday. ~ ~ ~ ~