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April 16, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 16, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 16, 1927 Page Five ~,~N W~IT~'~ heeause a severe cold prevented hisl~/A|~A~ ][~ ]~]~ |~ lput in a setting which in effect fa!si-iBlessed John Felton, the Englishman in civil affairs is anarchy. Would he ~lv,.. -- ,, aaAltll.a kJ speaking. The message said, in part:lVl'~Ll~.DLl.~ ][~.LLIH[jO ~fics them." lwho defied Queen Elizabeth, was follow the State's d~eLum? But ,.hat I IIN. o A .... This school is, as you, kno~,~ a da~,, { ................ .... ! These fault y quotations, are then ~!heat fled because he. committed what is putt[hiE., the~ State above conscience,. rolL", ml ./tlIIOLIL ./tlHt|l.lll cbo l,,, ~.,.~ ........ ,,, ~;,,;1~.. ......... ~" ~'s,ur- ........ ............... +~/ A~V N'~'~l V~, N~|~NI ltaken, u)l individuall, y and their ira- Mr .................. Marsh'ill terms a treasonable act, and that is not Christianity, Would ~P~]~II~ ~,~.--&-___-_'~'"the Junior Senlinaries in Chica~o [ [proper use shown by gl, lng ,hew and asserts that tub beatffleatmn was h~. follow the organized doctrml~s of 'I - 0TESTED ] /f CALIFORNA NSSION!I '17:;?i'i:Shh}:;::[ ?i::2!: !: It Ne~s Se , w~ested from their context are theyI P r r t r ]?he doetlme which din,bibs Mr Mar e0nel ut~y, Utah, April 4 A ~ says the edltorml, that they present~ shall ~s very probably h~s own, after ~' U t_aLApril 4.-- tlenough in the fathers and mothers, priceless solid gold candlesticks, relics " "" ' '~ America conclues its editorial by" " " ~ " "" " address at thelwho send their boys to this Seminary, lof the old San Jaan Bautista Mission, Ia p;eure of Cathohc teaching x~lueh .tskinv Mr Mar~.'fll bim.~elf these all. in reS Onneville Club here t " ' " ' " " .per 1 is grotesque " Regarding several of'."? .......... [~;]mevllle Club 1 Io feel that under their wise dlrec-ISan Benlto county,, e sto en from{ " ~. ,questmns" : .. ~e~~on a~ ~olt=ion, their firm discipline, and cheer-[the mission last week, ~t has been}the,qutatmns which are, from Yope't "Wha;'is his theory of the relations" ~"~'~ ~ ~: ~esi0f*~:~2sn t ~a !V~lhl all:'s b,lug ful co-operation with the Vmeentlan learned 1 c~. 1 ,, t C. D. KENNY CO. dm-'~'~ u*a i ................. ,, f Ch Ichmd State Does h e = ----"- .... [d atholic s be[ ] ] Leo s Encyclopedia on The Chris- " " " ~llentFathers, that incipient vocations will The candlesticks were in a roomltlana~.:nst~tutmn of States, Amerl-iider U~he State to be superieor;, l L~a~ansas" :~i~]_ .. be fostered and their children will with other relics of the mission and[ca s .~ . Iconseienee? In case of a conflict, ~ T,-~:~ . ~'~n~,~ t [ ~an '~a.t~her. said to melgrow in wisdom, and age, and grace lit is believed unknown parties visiting l Reversed Pope's Meamng between those who compose the State[ 1 ~'~'~- ~,~.~a~.,~,o ~hite .... ~ell his beads " before God and man We are for - ,-~ "The whole purpose of Pope Leo's . ~,~.~ell his bead in] . -]the m~smon on Sunday, shpped a key[ " " " Iandh~s conscience--not an ~mpo~] I Sugars ~l~eIntaran~'._: _ itunate in having the direction of this out of one of the doors and then great Eneycheal was to show how thelsible supposition; suppose the State] ~ '~ ~'~n Catholic says school placed in charge of the zeal- gained entrance into the building the|state and the Church may hve peaee-lordained cannibalism as a test of el-l} WHOLESALE and ~m, Challenged this re- ous and learned sons of St. Vincent following day, taking nothing but the Ifully together. :IEs words are p!'esent-ltizenship__in ca~;e of such a eonflict I t RETAIL , ~~and that Mr. White de Paul, who bring to their task aleandlestieks, led by Mr. Marshall so as to give t hethow as a citizen would he decide? Phon. 4-S041 ~~eat by assuring his long tradition of service and self-[ ~ ~lmpresslon oi a oellanee nurleOAceording to his private judgment?/t llhWe|tSL~thStreet 01~cs .~u no ob sacrifice , against the State ~ih~s use of texts r'it's h~i:2'~ no objection to al ~- [MEXICAN PEOPLE S l " ~ " ' " " ' ' But that is anfinomianism, and that[ { ....... ,~ ...... { -- ~ re .... [ ~ . ~ reh ous eontrovers ~s an old ~~President, that hel This beautiful seminary so we nl ~ESISTANCE RIGHT ['n gn .~ y , [~ ~ad ~ ~o Vote f . - story " ' ={ ~ ' ~. ~o~:~e for a Cathohc[appomted m rts details, that we today[ BISHOP DIAl SAYS[ "" I i ., d t uper quahf Glancing at Mr Marshall's use of ~~ qualifications; he[dedicate, is the first unit of the Great[ -------- [ " I M A BILTZ ~ Ills 111 " " ,, ,, . ,, ,sv~o e, are earn words such as State, Church, [~~ me.aning wai'~that]Seminary. The building of the Major} (Continued from page 1.) [ " ! Ill I ~~..mericans not equa]_lSeminary cannot be long delayed.|that he cannot be deceived by prom-["pwer"' "jurxsdmtion" and "sever-I Repre,enting the 111 Tk--~'I,~,-D ,~f I ;#a I [.aMwh'~ distrust C*~^ Thanks to the ma~.nifieent ,-enerosit,,l~.~ ~h,~ ..... tholr face false |eighty," the magazine says that hereI FIRST Company in the FIRST l l[ ~aa~.. ~.,av-~a~ ,Ja a.~ [ bets " WOUld Vote m ..... u- of s - s ..... ,, ................ again the writer is faulty, using theseBusiness of the World r~o e i-n~suffi~ient[ Juan Camari]lo,a tract of 1001 The Calles government does not/ " " l " [ [ [ The clock of life i, woundbuto~ce[ , ' ~ira"~ any Ca words "no~,v in one sense now in an .... ~any Catholic to de- acres of land ideally s,ituated in Cam- represent the Mexican people. Yourl ' -i Assets: Over One Billion, Two 1]1 And no man has the power [ as wh : Mr White s " " , Y ' Y Y PP .[ . ,, " At late or early hour ~ca]Zle~'_fWh__~lto studv for the priesthood m thmlThousands of the Mexican people arel I NOW is the onl time ou own: ]o~i~its:y::l,Y,. tb e !nte,r t ~n olly u " - to clmm the second, says the editor- ~Wa~]:unate.- ..... *~r [diocese " now in arms in deteznnined rebellionjml" Passages about the State in the[ lllsl[lran Co. Ill ~aer , " , Live, love, toil wash a wall-- ~l~er~rnotu .... ....................... abstract are made to stand for thel Phone 5195 LittIe Rock, Ark It[ ....... : 'm b ~ ~vlr , ~ lagalnsL zc. lIllllOIIN, llbt~ii~ll.y~ itf~ " l " " lit ,, [~~'2~ ~r. Smith can be [ " ]+,-.'.~n ,,~ ..... ;*h~,, ..... ~,~ ,h 1105 non=~hev Ruildin~, l|l r ace no~ Iaim in tomorrow, for I [~~ida., ~-~' 'l ..................... ioutraged by its actions, silent or im-I ..... " ................. . ........ -I ................... -tit Th^ ^~^.~. .............. I ~it~, ~tes. ~_ ~:~ment of thel~,-s~t~x ~r o~v~t~I~ t - I,~,~ Mlowanoo~ hoinct rondo Wn~A~I ~|l ~to~r~ tztity t.u~zt ue at, tit. j ~fnould be str~ef.1 [ .................. lpotent only because the governmentl:'y-~7" .. -Z~ -~':'~.. ...... . .....[ tl I ~cs. Th.~=.:~'.cuY al t~tuc~.~t~ t~xr~t.t~-~ At. 1~* ~^..;.~;o a t-rann- a ruthless[m WhiCh ~ne rope oeciares that sep-I ~ll __ I C " t liesw lll c P A CONVENTION[ ........ ........... omeansofro-r s arat on of Church and State not , .Ill t nlell Ol re " " | " " " Lyl'aIllly, ~, IbIl ~li bit p ~ " ~~v~.ryigion. We " "-- ;*o ~-~n tained hands" ['universally lawful' are made to ap- I I ' . TKR'R II I i "~i ,,nit ~ mort h, ,~ ...,,~,-o . . -- .~ ,,., .,, .... ,., .! ~~'ffm_ te and to the[ [ [pear a condemnatmn of the Amerl-[ [ .... | | 1[ [ ~ th gets Whom h (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) ~ stem w i v ~'., ~ /a~etsf:?h~he._ca_lledl o ........... t Among the new fabries for Spr4nglcansy , hen nthe erypassage ] Odorless I[l[ JEFF J. RALEY I ~ey w~l"'~:~~s own mis_I -,mcago, Apmz a.---one o~ ~ne mosul. : ......... ~;~-n i ....... Iquoted, the United States are ex-/ I ~'~ Illl i ~:~ 0litics tl~ ~ nk epV0r, -m tel [ [" " ' ue e tare f t e ath lie Vre s is CnlliOnThe ~s qmte arge andlWnlCn l~ p~'e~u~u n p~.~t i~ ~ties thor ~eep rehgmn unlq f a s o h C o s " " " l plieitly excluded " ] [ ~leanl [ ""Vl~litie~.e'e~Willebe noireli-[Asseiatin's cnventin at Savannah|clrs" America then takes up Mr Mari -- , .... - General A,ent ng. K" ~ -" ion Ma- 19 20 21 is that the cle----Ithe effect is ind~wduat anti s~rmmg, i , " -I L I Men ~utts ~ieltn~l &~d I Ill .~ . , ~,. __ .. ~ I ~W jijl~.~ I Y .... rgYl I shall s argument. In view of the I1 .~ . .^ I I I/ Uentrat ~tatm Late Ins, Uo. I ~101~ .~,~..~-"~ [of the entire diocese will be invited[ ~ f fault~' use of ,meSa,ions the "wholeI[| rr~! ~u | 1}] ] [: ]~L~ ~M~l~[yE2TARY [to attend all the sessions. This is ai"AMERICA" ANSWERS [first'part'' orbit might 'be "brushed] [] ..... ------- .... |]~l ........... [ ; ~LESSED MARSHALL LETTER TO ,, [ ~.anel tot and L~snverett. atv reaerat ~antt ~taf. TWELLInewthe Exeeut,veandpermanentcomm,tteerUle adoptedat ~ts ffanbY [ GOVERNOR SMITH [aside as irrelevant, it concludes. In [I __.____ till .TTLE R AR~ I ~YN. o .."~-~ CANTW, [ .' ' . . . ". . -[ /this, Mr, Marshall arrived at the con-[| 313 CENTER STREET Ill| [ c ~ uary meeting An official ~nvltatlon n th t ':~"" .C ~, I [ ~ [clusio a the Catholic Church [I Pho . .... Illl I '~ " will be extended to the clergy every (Continued ~rom page 1 ) I n oon~ | Phone 8S~ Res Phono 3-~3~-J ~.~eTM Service. " holds that no other Church may func-I I I " ~ele~ ~g~s, APril 1.--The )~lyear in the name of the Catholic Press}examines these quotations and points[~; .... th .... h~,; .... I~ ;, ;.~ ~.l ~[[ Ph~ 8~ R~. Plmne 3-23~1-J [ [~le~efl';,,~eminary was so-l[lAssociation through the chairman of J out their faultiness in much the same ]S't1e[-that th;Ch:;;~ "i:';mm'itted] ~w~ll, at. RoyJohn/the committee in the city in which the|terms as were used by Father Wilfridlt ~olitical intolerance- and the, itI ~j~v Bi~go,"~aPs f Los Angeles|convention is to be held. [Parsons, editormof America, m a re-[hol~s there is not a lawful equal[t; of i Js T. HORNIBROOK I !:~ ea~er~ed ih ~unday. The[ This invitation ,to the clergy of the[cent address. the res.ui~:s.o~:, eX-fother religions with that of the Cath-I I Sueeusor ,o I ~t~ th_!aiga Wh;_,ae achievements] diocese to conven.tion sessions follows|aminatln are summamzea m ~ms par-jellc Church ![ I-~A1L~.'V' ~,, 14rf'}9Nl~]l:~f'~f"~K I ~eh~~ a ye~'~"ca ended a little[a recommendation made in the reportingraph m the ed~trlat: ] United States Not Included. i -'-'---'----~" --" -''--~--'_["-'--- "---~_'-_ .......... ~tly. ~r th~tw'~ilagun doll~and duringl ofl the Press Month Committee. Two[ "At least one of them.(ne is then t quota-it "Is not Mr. Marshall aware that allI V-E-NTILATING'AND-......... I I : th~ ~_ -~ ed-- - ~rs werelyears ago the Association launched[,ions) is falsffmd, o o o be|,hat is said by the Popes and theolo-I [ AI.|. ][~'|]~r~.~ [[~l~' ][~['~['~l~'][~['~, | w01~1 ucation ........ , I .............. - ..... - "-" eot -. of pr,ests[a nat,on-w~de Catholic Press Month|found in the document mdmated, tWO[glans refers to those countries where m~h0, -e ~l~ocese at cannot be found because of fault :.~ ~_ ~s essa- " [Campaign, whzch was conducted . [ . Y[the people, that is, the State, ]s Ca- ..... ||~mental contention, that a deadlocked ~ I|/conflict is inevitable in the United | ][States, fails of its own weight. Except HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS is famous health water enjoys a reputation Over seventy-five years as a dependable aid treatment of the stomach, kidney and blad- q r. .... ~' it, . ' !i \ LEARN MORE FROM NATURE AND ENJOY HER GREATEST GIFT---GOOD HEALTH. MAY WE SEND YOU LITERATURE ? e @ in cases, impossible in this country as !long as our Constitution lasts, of the States defying the plain law of God in which cases even Mr. Marshall would be obliged to resist, the whole thing is imaginary and quibbling. Conciliation, not resistance, is the Church's policy." Then in rapid succession the edi- torial disposes of Mr. Marshall's four examples of "conflict" To the first --what would the Church have done if the parish schools in Oregon had been accused of giving instruction "inconsistent with the peace and safety of the State"~-the answer of America is that Pope Leo says the Church would have arbitrated, or submitted to the courts. ' Marlborough Case Restated The second is the Marlborough nullity of marriage ease. The maga- zine replies: "There was no interference with civil jurisdiction, because the RoSa itself did not exercise an act of civil jurisdiction ,and did not in any way pass on the civil aspects of the mar- riage, but expressed an opinion on the religious aspects of a marriage which civilly, by the act of an Eng- lish court, no longer existed." Third, to the raising of the Mexi- can issue America replies that Mr. I Marshall is certainly wrong when heI says the MexicanConstitution was l ! legally adopted, or by the Mexican1 people, then asks: [ "Does Mr. Marshall seriously hold/ that a political sovereignty is absolute! and supreme in its acts, that it has no ethical or moral that Whether you are a fool or vise person ctn be tested very simply. The acid test is tomorrow. That means: I tomorrow in ~our thous~ht, dominating all you do tody? Be tomorrow man. The money you put in your Savinp Aeeount is Tomorrow'e Money. .mme ebem qeq IJmd 04o mam Subscription A subscription to The Guardian for yourself, in the form of a renewal, or a new subscription for a friend would be a fitting observance of Catholic Press Month. 307% West Second Street, Little Rock Ark. Please enter the undersigned name for a year's sub- script[on to The Guardian. For which send bill. For which $ ._is enclosed. Name Address __ City State_