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April 13, 1945     Arkansas Catholic
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April 13, 1945

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mmmmm _ - wE GUAaD, Am,. n3. 1945, ' ........ ( .,,,, ..... ,i .............. , rAC FIVE a/ P "fCallsL ........ .......... ' .... I PADEREWSKI -l' ....... NCH-APLAINS' HONOR ROI.L ...... rles 05 -, I ,.---.- o Banos Internment """"-'-'"-""""-"' ' i €tT' ne nm eotpt his tive land. eobndl. Net did he  I  I I Ja.e2evUtk°deeekofm. eekldml'mocon IXt"dd'€"Rq"m"em. ! I .,ppm.,,,,. ......... l I ]S dN iti '" ---- " CEAT U51¢-- V 5 t:),/I,I HE, '- HI IT o, econ ov ate or oo =,, ,_ . , by I , near vanha last February . nthony "Los Banos taught us realistically the meaning of detachment from earthly possessions, poverty charity, dependence on Divine C.S. providence," he explans in his let- d Dloeess-' ter to the Rev. Thomas M. Fitz- S ity Gi uty Of patrick, C.S.C., editor of The Ben- oror ves ; as a galese, official organ of the Holy M h Aid T fffer to Cross Foreign Mission Society. UC O enjoyed "We saw human nature in the • e are raw," he continues, "exposed to Church, School :come storms that brought out the best )ns, and the worst in a man. We lie- Stuttgart.  The Kappa Phi tisfaction ed in the atmosphere of downright Kappa Sorority, an organization on the deliberated selfishness, and sub- comprised of the young ladies and PEOPLE offsets lime Christ-like generosity. We high school girls of Holy Rosary suHered, lived in a world cut off from the Parish, has distinguished itself in an the imt, O. F. M. (left), of Cleveland, U. S. ravy Capg rest of monna world that is now the last few months by many bril- : younge Ii March 20, in an airplane flight from Adak to dead and gone, but one which has liant successes in social benefits. i ve to the ' Iland$, where he planned to celebrate Mass left impressions which I hope will The chief aim is to bring the Ca- *' )e so guide us in the future, helping us tholic girls closer together by !": in the Roy. Clarence A. Vincent, C. $S. It. (fight), of to live the kind of lives that chil- uniting in social and benefit ac- oken the Array Chaplain reported killed in action, March 13, dren of God should live." tivities. d, and in Germany. (NC%VC) Father McKee, a native of Ma- Since the first of this year, some   F could lone, N.Y., was on his way to a of the projects were as follows: S lig n January a Luneheon Set was : " gs in the Mrs. e mission post in the Diocese of the things Dacca in Bengal, India, when his raffled with net proceeds of xi made. Hostess To journey was interrupted in the $120. $90 was raised later. A ;isfaction Philippines by the outbreak of war current project is contribution to w and it Aft S ty with Japan after Pearl Harbor. the care and education of three Lo know ar ocie Together wilh the Rev. Jerome needy children. On the calendar use you '[A for them. g that Stuttgart.--Mrs. George Sellg, Lawyer, C.S.C., of Portsmouth, O., of Coming events is the annual led her from the war oldest member of the Stuttgart Brother Theodore Kapes, C.S.C. of Mother's Day Program, an oc- .,. dtlr eautiful the strongest Holy Rosary Altar Society cole- Hazelton, Pa., and Brother Rex casion eagerly looked forward to . ting and in Asia, brated her 87th birthday Thurs- Hennell, C.S.C. of Evansville, Ind., by every Sorority Mother and s of the human and ma- day, April 5, by acting as hostess he was interned by the Japanese member. On this day the girls d that it William Henry to the Society's April meeting, last July after being engaged in and their mothers attend Holy )r one and author, Thirty-seven members and two missionary work among the Fili- Communion in a body and after- wards the mothers are guests at Looking Columbus Club guests attended at her home south pmos. ere the audience that of town. Father McKee gave a graphic a Communion breakfast. These are but a few of the still signs Mrs. Herman Woerner, prom- description of the day and night many accomplishments of this warm dent, was in charge of the meet- preceding the liberation of the i sorority. Since its organization life on could be an im- ing. prisoners at Los Banos. On Feb- ten years ago, it hag done much Ry and the mainten- Mrs. Oscar Sells, linen and ruary 21 each pristner received for the church and school, and flowers chairman, reported that one-half pound of unhusked rice each year strives to broaden its in it. Jn's lecture was $50.00 was spent for cut flowers which was to last them for two activities into newer fields. days. "We set to work pounding . : : : iliarUCh awiththin OfdcesfOUroftO thebe dayand andEasterEasterLilieSsunday.f°r HOlYTheThUrS-new the rce," he writes, "and after Bxshop Offers Requiem one day of continued pounding on succes- Italian cut work altar cloths, cred- and blowing we had enough for For Young Franc[scan h and The theme once table cover, and white pleat- breakfast on Washington's Birth- Cleveland. (A Solemn Ponti- ftentheiS the s "Can We have ed satin draperies were used along day. At noon we picked some fical Mass of Requiem was offer- ture whic with the silver lamp drop. Pink greens from our little garden and ed at St. Joseph's Church here to- lhe best never so and white carnations and gold added one-third of a can of corn- day by the Most Roy. Edward F. argo price m this country, candelabra enhanced the beauty !ed beef. At night the kitchen Hoban, Coadjutor Bishop of notably military of the gorgeous background, gave us a broth and we were able Cleveland, for the repose of the )in:efUltheir andMr" theChamberlinunited dueCreditthef°rbelovedaltar Sisters.arrangement is to finish husking enough rice for a soul of the Rev. Benjamin Toth, n. Very breakfast the next morning. O.F.M., Who died here suddenly mtry clashed ser- Mrs. Paul Wallworth, Red Cross "An announcement was made at the age of 38. Born here in They and there are chairman, reported that $160.00 that the Japanese had refused to 1907, Father Toth was ordained ry and to of wars and was cleared on the War Fund issue any mm'e rice. No more in June 1934. He had served in home ba In a world of project, and five dozen overseas rice! What were we to do after the Diocese of Cleveland during )wering America and • e meadoW benefit from Mt bags were completed, the morrow's breakfast? Mary his entire priesthood. Vobeco.-,d t--='.. teen fields trade." h{rs. Woerner, co-chairman with simply must hear our prayers. All e farmer wherein the Father Evans of the Home Service, through our internment she had treatment at Yalta has been well 24 Sacred Heart Statues has broken American Red Cross, recently at- come to our aid in moments of Polish Gh{ II called 'the crime of the Crimea.' Are Installed In Mine .hind the of non-aggres- tended an area conference in For- crisis. Surely now she would hear To read the Yalta decision one ms )ung green neighbors," rest City, and one in Stuttgart. us. And she certainly did!" would think Poland had no gov-' Thetford Mines, Que. (It') SOunded a warn- Arrangements were made for "Now all that is over!" explains ernment and was a satellite of Twenty-four statues of the Sacred in part a ff "storm signals the serving of supper at the Father McKee in his last letter. Germany." ngs we Heart, which lately have been farm. policy which U.S.O., Sunday, April 22nd, at "No more worries. No more star- The speaker asserted that placed" in various sections of the folly to which the Kappa Phi Kappa cation. Good American food and "American public opinion is being :Johnson mine, were blessed at a "'Soviet an- Sorority will assist. Entertain- plenty o it. We have next to no New York. ()What happened Lublin region, 400 Catholic priests seriously misled in regard to Po- special ceremony in St. Maurice than two-fifths ment will also be furnished )ossessions, but gradually the to Poland at Yalta "cdn happen to were arrested and twelve profes- land," and gave a picture of what Church here. Baltic States the two hundred servicemen and American Red Cross is supplying any other nation tomorrow" if sors of the Catholic University be expects to happen jf a puppet reconciled with their amilies at this time. us. All along the way on the last power politics shape the peace, [were shot," Professor Halecki told government is formed in Moscow: II rter, although Tentative plans were made for lap of our journey from Los Banos Professor Oscar Halecki, Polish/an audience of 800. "These and "Any government created there Campbell, Mallory announced the annual school picnic to be to our present camp Filipinos diplomat and professor of history many other facts were ascertained would be led by a group of trait- ocument." held May 10th at the John Cain greeted us with shouts of 'Victory, at Fordham University Graduate by a leading Catholic personality ors, with two or three decent men  Colvert ,.America's policy Park. Mrs. John R. Riley, Mrs. Victory.' In towns, flimsy arch- School here, declared in a lecture in a last-minute report smugglefl for cover. These decent men n the interest of E. J. Hoolihan, and Mrs. Joe ways had been erected for our sponsored by the Catholic Club out of Poland with a desperate ap- would then be liquidated. Then 1NSURANig OF ALL KINDB effort," has gone Stems, members of the School benefit." of New York. peal to the Catholics of the whole the puppets will ask respectful Aetn Flora" W Bld, and "some- Committee, will assist the Sisters := Referring to Poland's exclusion world." permission for entrance into the on o.inion has de- in presenting the school play. Enroute To Vatican, Jacques from the forthcoming San Fran- Describing conditions in Russia- Soviet Union, saying that this ex- ]Fhome 44555 more Outright appease- Father Evans complimented the cisco Conference, Professor Ha- dominated Poland, Professor Ha- presses 'the will of thepeople" . We aVaberlin said in ladies on their past achievements Maritah Arrives In Paris "Members o the' Po-  L  =..___, lecki said: "Poland will not go lecki said: urging them to subscribe to and New York. (E)---Jacques Mart- to San Francisco so that a Rus- lish underground ar[ny are again ,eauty to mix firmness read their Diocesan paper, The thin, French Catholic philosopher alan-sponsored puppet delegation being,s theirarrested'comradesdep°rtedwereand shotby the i oo"'ne uy'r- - | to show Stalin Guardian, so that they may be and writer who has been appoint- can add one vote to the Soviet Germans. From one city 1,000 a of international better informed regarding world ed French Ambassador to the Union. But behind the chairs oc- t basis of justice affairs. He closed the meeting Holy See, has arrived in Paris cupied by the delegates of the day have been deported. Poland's : R fi gSh tM k J to make it un- with a prayer., from the United States and "will great powers, there will be Po- fcc.:€=¢---,, ..... =.==......#.=,; OO n ee etal Wor that the United In the social hour following, take up his functions immediate- lishghosts--the ghosts of unknown endorse or con- Mrs. Seligwas assisted by Mrs. ly,,, the French Press Agency, Polish soldiers who fought in the Plumbing And J E Hormbrook of a new Frank Erstine and Mrs. Victor AFP, said in a dispatch reported Battle of London, on the Maginot • s -% based upon Selig and daughter, Esther. A by the Federal Communications line, and on many fronts. Behind Heating [1 Z09-11 East Markham Street Pbmm 4-FA94, annexation of delicious ice course was served. Commission to the Office of War the chairs of the Russian delegates, !. ...............  ............  ........ .- Christian A beautiful vase was awarded to :ion here. there will be quite a crowd."  REPAIR SPECIALIST r Wreck of Hitler's Mrs. L. F. Calliotte. :' --- Bay Mild', May Choice "After the 'liberation' of the GEO. M. WOODS race' regime." 2 Priests, Nuninjured Of Literary Foundation St. Ant'ony's cu Z-3345 Little Rook  LIFE In Rocket Bomb Blast Escanaba, Mich. (E)--The Cath- ? k London. (E)-- The° easua]ty list o]ic Litelary Foundation has Hosp,tal ' ' "H f CI W r" page 4) from robot bombing in Southern chosen as its May selection the ... , ome or ergy ea., of life gives England mounted when two volume "Bay Mild," by Louis MORRLTON, ARK. 4 dty to enjoy priests and a nun were injured as Kintziger, it has been announced. H I M S T E D T Reasona/)le Prices  * Far from a bomb wrecked the rectories and The novel, Mr. Kintziger's first, or feeling sorry the parish school buildings. Oth- depicts the lives of the Great .,,,, "  Plumbing&Heating   should feel er priests in the rectories escaped Lakes fishermen. ROGOSKI - DAVENPOR ars is'the kind of with slight injuries. The Church Company q t TI have the oc-was damaged extensively and -- -- -- PLUMBING COMPANY I RUBE SCOTT "' life in its Mass is being offered in the parish PLUMBING--HEATING I Serving Little Rock For More g hall. These casualties are in ad- Allsopp & Chapple Than 20 Years ' KNOWN dition to the three priests who Serving.Little Rock Since 1897| were killed and four others in- Booksellers and St&tionel . -07 W. ?th Phone 99421 Instllaton and Repairs o[ ReCeived Into jured in the robot bombing of an- |07-S09 Main Street e PLUMBING & HEATING INCORPORATED 4 Convert other Southern England parish,  CaLl k" i reported previously.  ....  $1 West Capitol Phone ISI 1-41| MaJa 8treet Little  large group of DAN DEARASAUGH Little Rock, Arklmsml 4 fi WereihCludingreceived ser-into BILL SCIMIDT For Office Suppllea---Ph. ........... Z-1846  Reliable--Satisfactory old St. Mary's PARTS ty • -x the Rev. John M. AUTO- Hegar Parsel's raself a convert 'ianism. Father & TIRE CO. H.P. LOVE Drug Company Model Airpi,n. CHARUP'-q  TAYLOR C.H. RICHTER of the Catholic . and Supplies here, which Roses   truth about * PARTS FOR ALL CARS  Shrubbery 4th and Main Sts. i I Vulc.niing - Retreading Plants eho.. 9]] E ',lSOl%l .s-. Towsou Ave. Phone 2-3600 Little Rock, Ark We Frame Pl0tures Jtm PAR.EL'S D|.| 4l,, "Ol't .lnl.,rl 3,0W. Capit.| Tayl r & Richter HATS .... ,- J 0 "e  LOCKD Fentress Mortuary '. ,,. ,,,, S T A N D A R D John ,I. ltealey  Clarence *. o,,, Incorporated HEALEY & ROT" /t;;f T  " A AMBULANCE ,, ICE COMPANY u,,,ssoc,,os ,..... ' Isatifaao 1 SERVICE I NC  k',"l[a: 1  All Line. of Insurance Except Lib. Chiropractor 14 years Exper- ience as a Grad- I,tt, le Rock No. ILltlle Rok ! The Only Establishment in-Western Phone 4-1631 * 406 iamt ate Nurse " Arkansas designed, built and dedi- rune 2-2684 ",xl)o Brnkley eb ! cated exclusively for Funeral Serv- il0 E. 9th ,:'{. Blnff DeVI Bluff ices. Rock, Ark. " ,, ........  ,,""-'''',-,--a  ,  I '"