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April 12, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 12, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 12, 1930 PAGE SEVEN Gives I others, Professor Haldane in his re-land would drain England if care ance, after a career of more than first General Chapter of the Mary-[entirely in ruins. Only those who I~__ .. ,~, [cent Gif[0rd Lectures states that the were not taken, forty years on the American stage, knoll Society, 'held last August, Men- [ saw the devastated region abo~t a VOllltlOn lheory later mechanistic speculations no - -- [ He was born in Boston in 1865, m n ' "g or Byrne was elected as Assistant/ Arras can comprehend the dishea_t- Stand of ChurchlstandinglOnger affordlife.,,any prospects of under- Wl-i~R~ Tfl l.~h~ ]~A~ the son of Fred Williams, also an ac- to the Superior General, the Rev./ening burden placed upon the new [ of Man From Lower A'nimals, Other questions and the speaker's V! lllLtlltl2 l~'LllL IY|~UO tor. In accordance with fine best James A. Walsh, M. Ap. prelate. With magnificent qualitiba The followin~ list while not com traditions for actors sons, he made ef leadership, he encouraged his peo- C~ven, Would Not Contradict l answers were: ~ ' " athollc Teachings, Priest's Question. "What has faith to say plete, gives the summer schedule for his stage debut at the age of six g~FhTl.l~|hfl ~|~,~ ple to come back to the remnants of Sunday Masses in various parts of months, when he was "carried on:: ~-rltl1[~lWltdHO lilUUll% their homes and Ix) cultivate fields Answer. concerning the possible evolution of the State.It is published for the in a farce called Seeing Warren .............. where every day ploug'hmen risked - News Service.) plantSeveninto higherpossiblefOrms of plantSof ~|||~| I[~ p~ death from buried, unexploded shells. ~Y N. C. W.C. and of the evolution convenience of our readers, and At the age of fourteen he was the IHtl'glt#l~ItJ 0~RAM ~: York, while every effort has been made to Sir Joseph Porter of a juvenile corn- The very name of Bishop Julien be- April 7. The attitude plants into animals?" . puny playing "H. M. S. Pinafore." -- came a symbol of hope and" resur- , e Catholic Church with regard Answer. "That question is a pure- secure accurate mformatmn, The . _ . he evolution of the body of man ly scientific one and faith has nothing Guardian assumes no responsibility . . Played W~th Booth ~. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) rection. He wrought such miracles for any changes or errors herein. ' He ~oureo wkn FranK,, lvtayo in . ---~ that even anti-clericals soon joined ~a lower animal is scientifically to say concerning it." -- .................. ' "The Streets of New York and later rwashm~tn'~D'o~ -; April 5.---The calm and balanced," the Rev. J Question. "What has faith to say~r~~e~ t~llL--luass on ~ne . . . with him in restoring the churches of p gram Ior tne ua~nolicHour, his diocese first Sunday of tJhe month at 9:30 a. appeared with Edwin Booth. Fiom Sheen, of the Catholic Uni- concerning the possible evoluation of Williams was a 1889 to 1896 Mr. sponsored by the National Council of In pre-war days, the Hierarchy declared Sunday ni~,ht dur-tman from a lower animal?" m.. ............... ,,o ....... ~ ~" I ..... IJLYTktEVILLE, Immaculate Con- member of the Lyceum company, Catholic Men to be broadcast over had been a target for evgry anti- ~a~aonc Hour" over Station ztnswer, luay I ask wnst you ........... with he scored success in such the network of the National Broad- clerical barb, but such men as L~_ ~ .... cepuon t~aurcn. classes on ~ne Ilrst ;,ere sponsored by the Na- mean Dy man:uo you mean man as S ....... plays as "The C'harity Ball," "Old casting Company through Station Bishop Julien command the affectioR t~:ncil- "of Catholm Men, m ' " " " " "~ " " ~s," - "th ~ un(mYanda~fomfin, c .a" Sundaym" on ~neat 10.30secona" a. Heads and Young Hearts," "Lady WEAF, New York, on Sunday eve- and respect of even those who be- esuonproposect to Mm~ at:hifki:~yaannld:~t~aotr ao ;2;P;:~ m~rd Bountiful," "The Gray Mare," "The ning, April 13, is as follows: fore fine war regarded the clergy aa icSul ~H::r .his addresses on the~:Ofnc,:r:;dgy trh:2:SlS:bl:r 7OlmUta~lOn of CAMDEN. St. Louis Church-- Guardsman," "The Amazons" and 6:00--Announcement. implacable enemies of the Republic. i " I Masses on Sunday at 7:30 and 9:00 "The Home Secretary." 6:01---Father Finn's signature questioner asked Father Sheen1 Question. "Today I will restrict a m A round of.farces followed the hymn by the orchestra. 9th CENTENARY OF ~didory tnt "condemn absolutely myself to .the body of man alone. I " FAYETTEVILLE and ,t,~x-~x~'" Lyceum engagement, and in 1901 he lections6:02--Paulistfrom fineChristerS:Palm SundayTW of-Me" NORWAY'S CONVERSION hat the body of the first Does not.froth condemn absolutely the TOWN Masses at 8"00 and ..... joined Weber and Fields in "Hoity- tght possibly have sprung from theory that the body of the m "" ~ .... " . ~u.uu a. " " A rice, "Blessing of the Palms"; (a) "MARKED BY NEW BISHOP "animal.," m~ght o bly have sprung from a I ternate" l~. ~. e~s ~ne nours ot Mass m- "Thet theunforeseen,,,Emp~re m 1902, he[,,Pueri iornorrow',, - p_sm ,, each Sunday it is well to find was and some Hebraeorum" (Gregorian , Father Sheen an- lower ammm .............. of the many other plays before[Chant), (b) "Ingrediente Domino" Rome, March 31.--(N. C. W. C.- ,.:. " uu~ a~ ~ayer~evlue as ~o ~ne ~our for o" *~ could be proved that, the: Answer.---"The Church has defined a part/cular Sunda,~ "Ralnl' in w~hich he had a prominent (Sir'Edmund Hurley), with the or- Fides)--For the f/rat time since the ".man we~-e evolved frohi a nothing concerning the immediate or- HAMBURG---Mass on the fourth part, ~were "Litt,!e, Mary," "Letty," chestra. Reformation Norway has a Catholic ~*~al, it would not be found igin of man's body within the mean- Sunday of the month at 10"30 a m The Acre Club, Fifty Miles from 6:06--Dr. Sheen: "The. Pulpit of bishop who is a son of the soil. On a(lict any official teaching of ing of the words of the Sacred scrip: HELENA, St. Mary's Church-- Boston," "Paid in Full," "The Lady the Cross." March 12 His Holiness Pope Plus XI ~h. ture: 'From the slime of the earth. Masses on Sunday at 7'30 and 10"00 from Lobster Square," "The Three 6:26--Paulist Choristers: Lumen- named as Vicar Apost61ie of t'hat '~nUrch has defined nothing Secondly, if tomorrow it could be a m " i Romeos," "What the Doctor Order- tations; Psalm, "Miserere (Allegri), country the Rt. Rev. Olaf Offerdhal, the immediate origin of proved that the body of man evolved HOT ~PRINGS St "'ar .... ! ed," "Come to Bohemia," "Our Bet- as sung during the 17th and 18th a convert from Lutheranism. The of w*t] n the meaning of the from a lower animal, it would not be --Masses on Sun~lay" =t ~:0On~d terM," "The King," "Too Many HuM- Centuries during Holy Week in the nomination of Bishop Offerdhal calla Sacred Scr, ur F o " an " ,, S*stme Pa attentmn to the stron "pt e: r m found to contradict any official teach- 10"30 a m on holida s "2 .... bands d Fools Errant. " " pal Chapel in Rome with " g, thrifty peo- e of the earth.' " ing of the Church. Thirdly, the atti- tion at 7"30'o-~ a.of/7 2z oul~ga. Mr. Williams had long been active the orchestra, plea of the North countries who, for " ............. '" " , 6 4 . 400 years have been tUeshons re usedto Father tude of he affmrs of he 0 Dr She n , almost . P P ~he Church toward the eve- LAKE VILLAGE o, ~ , in t t Actors Equity : e and Father Finn- com- l~ng the Hour and his an- lution of man's body might be de- Uhurch M ....... "---~' !uarys ~ Association. At the time of ,his death "Questions and* Answers " " pletely outside the pale. foll.,:s.__~-ast Sunday you view that man's body evolved from LITTLE ROCK St Andrew' I Council That Pass by the Way" (Theodme crated ~n a year memorable in in : ' scribed as prudently scientific; the and 10"00 a:~= .... ~un~ay a~ 7:301he was a member of the Equity 6:50--Paulist Choristers" "All Ye Bishop Offerdhal will be conse- Lmugh the universe a lower animal is at the present time thedral---Masses on Sunday at 7 Ca- l~ie, God wou f:O'!KNIGHTSINAUGURATE bY Master Stewart McKenney, solo centenary f the conversion of Nor- at even th ld still be nec- an unproven hypothesis, and hence, 9"00 and 11"~00 a 'm , on holid - Dubois); "Seven Last Words," sung Scandinavia, for 1930 is the ninth o account f ~ I ys at way and of the mart rdom o 'e ...... o" its existence, she believes it would be unwise and 6:30, 7:30 and 9:30 a m [ PLAN FOR CARDINAL boy. . ~:~, .... Y f the ~uJUtmn explains the "How" imprudent to reject the old tradition-] LITTL~ ~- "o~ " ,~, ., I GIBBONS ~r~v~ 6:58---Announcement ..... ~-mng umf. ~' t~ . ,, ,, . ~ ---.. .~v,,.~, ~. ~wara s ....... "~"~'~ " p . od ex lain h al w 6 5 ' roduced Fare Great Stunt , . p s the W y. ew that the body of man was Church---Masses on ~"~-- " 1 Washington, April 8--Plans for :, 9---Father " Finn s signature - -. . s ~?egood enough to "further created immediately by God, in favor Mass at 7:00 and ll:0;~'"FI~;l~ l~::'the erection of a memorial to Cardi- hymn, with the orchestra, i, b'ca__ndmawa's great e s! Saint is re ~n~gar, monl~ oI tne Abbe o P vinces of faith andof the new and uncertain view, even'at 9"00a m nal Gibbons to be suonsored bv the ,. _ y f Cur- " " " 1 - # line, France, who was sent er .... th9ugh such a view would not be con- I l.l'q~P.~ ltn~w n,,, r o~. ^ o^.~ Kmghts of Columbus will go forward CATHOLIC AMITY I o . . . by Pope ,:'~" ~c~ence by its very na- trary to her decisions. Now certain- t~_-'-~ "'",'~'*'.'~ ..... z ~, ,~u~ immediately as Eae result of a nled~e RF~TW~PI~ I~AT|IF$1~t~ ] ~regory ~ as ~postohc Legate to ,,as " . . ,~ounsel tJnu~cn lviass on ~unaay a~ . - o -- ..... --...,,-~--,v,,~ ~ne Norther o~ W~th the observatmn of ly thin sane, calm, balanced outlook!~.nn n.,,-_~ ,,.o, ~ x. ....... made at a meeting of the Supreme A'P-e,2~.r~r, ........... I.. - n Counties. Each na- ,u Which facts it formulate~ should oammand i~o1~ nxr~n tn +hno~ I .... ' ~/ .vv ~IIIA U .OV a. 111. I on nUll- ~,~a.- ..... .~n ....... ,l'~.~t lt~?l~i.~ DI 12il~lFIUIT"~l~lon, ~nowever, has a 8aint-kin~, Ala~ .................................... o= da-'s 6"15 and 9"00 a m t Uiilcers .nn~ ~oaro oI l)lrectors oI I-.~_a ,, - . ~, .... nYPoth ~, o ~ rme~ x~orway an