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April 12, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 12, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 12, 1930 PAGE FIVE IST STUDIES CENTRAL AFRICA DWARFS T~ey Have Belief i'n Supreme Belag'~The Little Men Are Monogamous. By Dr. Frederic Funder podent, N. C. W. C. News Service) a, April 1.--Information of st Importance not only to also to religious science brought back by the Rev. Dr. S. V. D., the distinguished of the Mission House near Vienna, who, for a year, h~s been conduct- s among the dwarf tribes of according to a report from Awakubi, Belgian Dr. Schebesta it was who Years ago caused an interna- by his research the dwarf tribes of the Schebesta Travels Chebesta set out for Central Jaunty, 1929, and began at Studies among the "Ituri the tribes living near the furl. As he continued his in- he pressed deeper and rote the primeval forests, hardships awaited he had completed his ~esta had covered no 1,300 miles on foot and as by motor car. By far the of his marches were ~tot on the beaten track, but forest paths where Eu- Penetrated .only on rare the purpose of the priest- ascertain the mode of lie- :customs and spiritual con- 'of these dwarf tribes, which the primitive races of man- the survivors of the pri- there may be drawn from important conclusions the earliest inhabitants of of the theory of mate- like to maintain the primitive tribes were religion, and that belief being developed later stage. For this reason, importance that Fath- S.V.D., an associate of who is well known in a Professor of the Uni- found among the of Tierra del Fuego the of a belief in a hen- Of equal impor'tzmce discoveries made by Dr. among the dwarf races on results of value to re- that grow out of Dr. latest expedition is his in- among the Central Afri- of he "initiation" cere- ,r the declaration of puberty and his establish- fact that these dwarfs Africa also possess a belief Being. WoW, scientific circles have little of bhese strange lit- they are extremely shy particularly where rites and customs are - Dr. Schebesta estimates are not more than 10,000 and that he personally 5,000 of these during forest. Nowhere else in report, has he seen natives. They re- Very much of the Sakai of a, he adds. Aft- measurements, he the average height of s four feet nine inches, and four feet six and a half aOng the members of the of the t~akango, while the who live near these five feet one and one- in height for the men. Apostolic Prefecture of Albert Lake. He calls this territory "the most in- teresting of the whole of Africa." Dr. Schebesta reports that he has Istood well the rigorous trials of his expedition, although he has lost 20 pounds in weight. His colleagues are planning to receive him here with I great honors. FR. SHEEN TELLS: WHAT CHRIST DID ON EARTH AS MAN (Continued from page 1) voice, forgave penitent Magdalene, sanctified the woman at the well, and remade Nicodemus as one born anew ..... "In other words, the human nature or the body of our blessed Lord was the conjoined instrument by which He taught, governed and sanctified; by it He communicated His truth as teacher, His law as king, and His life as a priest, for He was in truth the way and the life. Could Take Up His Life Again. "The remarkable thing about His earthly life was the fact that He often spoke of it continuing after His death, for He who laid down His life could take it up again. He reminded His apostles over and over again that after His resurrection He would as- sume another body, not a body like unto the one which He took from the blessed Mother, but rather a kind of secial body which would be made up of all those who would become in- corporated into His kingdom. He said that this union between Himself and this body would be organic, vital and life-like, like a union of the vine and the branches, and just as the branches cQuld not live without the vine, so neither could this new body of His live without Him. He prom- ised them that He would not leave them orphans but that He would re- main with them all days even to the consummation of the world, and that when two or more were gathered to- gether in His name He would be in the midst of them." .... "Am I teaching a strange and novel doctrine?" Dr. Sheen contin- ued, "when I say that the church is the body of Christ? Recall to your mind an in, cident that happened with- in twenty years after the day of Pen- tecost, within which time that new body of Christ had grown and ex- panded to fill much of the then known world. The incident that I refer to is that of Saul of Tarsus, the fiery Hebrew of the Hebrews, who hated Christ and things Christian as much as any man could hate. Armed with letters from the synagogue of Jerusalem, he sets out for the city of Damascus to seize and persecute the Christians there who belonged to the church of the body of Christ. While on the way suddenly a greaz light shone round about him. He falls to the ground and hears a voice say- ing to Him: 'Saul, Saul, why perse- cutest thou me' The heat of the Oriental sun gives him strength to speak and nothingness dares ask the name of Omnipotence: 'Who art thou, Lord?' The answer comes back: 'I am Jesus whom thou per- secutest.' Saul is persecuting th~ church of Damascus and the Chris- tians of Damascus, and Christ says to Saul: 'Why persecutest bhou me?' Christ and the church, are they the same thing? Precisely, the church is Christ and Christ is the church-- such is the divine equation. "Saul learned the unforgettable lessort, that day which he afterwards taught as Paul: the lesson which Christ Himself had taught to His apostles, the lesson which is taught to us now, namely, that the church is the body of Christ. And that Christ Himself sitting at-the right hand of the Father is the head of that body. This new body, sometimes called a mystical body, is to be understood after the analogy of the human body which is ma'~de up of many members performing different functions, and yet all co-operating toward the har- runny of the whole. The hand is not Monogamous the foot, the eye is not the ear, the live in huts which re- heart is not the lung. So, too, the ~, and which are built priest is not the layman, the apostle WOmen. The grown chil- is not the disciple, the vicar of Christ rule, sleep in their own I is not the deacon, and yet all are one Led according to sexes, l in the same spirit. As St. Paul puts s are hunters, but, ~s ar-lit: 'As in one body We have many weapons, they can members, but all the members have Small animals. They feed vegetables and white ants. mon~)gamy, as polygamy between relatives are It is also interesting that not acquainted with the on of a fire, and-therefore fires burning at all times. won the confi- People so completely conferred on him the title a-Bambuti,,, or "Father of Despite this, it" was ~nths before the explorer Yen the first traces of. their and customs, and dis- nally, the long-searched for of the African dwarf tribes. e ]ast months of his stay in Schebesta was able to vis- or the territory of the of the White Fathers of the not the same office; so that being many are one body in Christ and every one members one of another.' The church then in the language of sacred Scripture is the body of Christ, not the physical one like to the one that was born in Bethlehem, I was crucified in Jerusalem, but ruth-{ era mystical One in which He con-I tinues to live and to act and to think I (though in another sense, than He did in Judea and Galilee) ..... He is doing with this new body three things, as He did three things with His physical body: He teaches, He governs and He sanctifies .... "Just as His own physical body had a visible head, so, too, His mys- tical body has a visible head. This of hell would not prevail against it. special design and composition. For I "Did you hear about Mr Goofus I Two conclusions follow: The first is, many years it has .been preserved in [the bride expert, being the father of ] '~-~%%%-'~-~%-~-'-'-~-'-~-~-'::'-'-'%%-~ ~ that the truth which is communicated the pmvate collectmn of the agham. [twins'" ] f ~. ~ ~'~_~rV' ~ to the body through its visible head, 1he aecorauon presents a scene zrom ' Yes Looks like his wife doubled I ~ the vicar of Christ, is not a distinct the life of Orpheus. This vase is one his bid ~' I ~ ~ ~ Bw spiritual truth from the truth exist- of the most beautiful types known to ...... . I[ |~ " ~[~r~ ing in the invisible head of the the modern world, and is the most im- ~ , e~ "]~ Smle~r~ church, is Christ Himself, any portant of all those found in Sardinia. ~r~a~ (~ ][ ~ ~ more than the spiritual truth of the ~- WHOLI~SALW teacher becomes another truth when PARISH BANKS Broenmg ii[ | articulated. The truth of Christ and . GROWTH IN FRANCE __Outfitters for Men__ II | t4,41 | the truth of His vicar are one and __ 708 Main [] ~: ll Wo~t [~'tb ~ 4 the same, and such is the meaning By M. Massiani, LITTLE ROCK [I ~ Little ]L~f~ Ark. 3 of the words: 'He that heareth you, (Paris Correspondent, N. C. W.C. Jl~~ ..................... ~_~ heareth me.' Secondly, the truth will News Service.) " I b .............-- .........= be necessarily infallible, or free from error, for it is essentially the truth of Paris, March 31.---In view of the Christ, and hence the infallibility of approaching application of the law the vicar of Christ is only another on social insurance, Catholics have way of saying the infallibility of begun to establish banks intended Christ. Infallibility is an endowment to facilitate application of the law. of the body with which its visible head thinks and speaks the mind of Christ. And to deny that Christ can ,communicate His truth as He com- municated it centuries ago, is to limit the truth of the Son of God to Pales- tine as a space and to 33 years as a time. To the members of that body Christ speaks through the Peter of our own day as He spoke through the Peter the first. Governs Through Body "Secondly, Christ not only teaches through the instrumentality of His body, which is the Church, but He also governs through it. The su- preme, legislative, executive- and judicial decisions of the Vicar and those under his authority are the decisions of Christ and therefore binding with the authority of Christ. My will for example, may direct that my hand be moved. The deci- sion of my will is invisible, but the manifestations of the will are ex- ternal and visible. So, too, the will of Christ and the government of His Church are expressed through the visible head of His body and those joined to him "'as the other Apostles were joined to Peter. This alone gives the key to the child-like obedience so incomprehensible to the outsider which we give to the Church, an obedience whereby we submit to it as the will of Christ ex- pressed in the action of His Vicar. It is for us no slave mentality, no corpse-like servitude, but a pro- foundly religious act, an absolute de- votion to Christ paid by His children who are enjoying the glorious liberty of the children of God. "Finally, Christ does a third thing with His body and that is He sancti- fies with it. The body of Christ is continually receiving through seven mysterious physical signs the Energy of the Divine Life and the liberat- ing handling of His Precious Wounds, for each Sacrament is a kiss of God, a material thing used as a means of spiritual sanctification and the true minister of every Sacrament is none other tl~an the supreme and Eternal High Priest--Christ Himself." DR. WILFRED BARTON, DEAN OF GEORGETOWN MEDICAL SCHOOL, DIES (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, D. C., April 4.--Dr. Wilfred M. Barton, Dean of the Georgetown Medical School, and prominent local physician, died Wed- nesday at the Mayo Brothers Clinic in Rochester, Minn., in his 59th year, according to word received here from the clinic. Doctor Barton had been taken to the Rochester hospital for an opera- tion after an illness of three weeks. His wife, Mrs. Mary Q. Barton, was with him when he died, Dr. Barton was a native Washing- tonian and was a graduate of George- town University College of Arts and Sciences. tie also attended and grad- uated from the Georgetown Medical School. In addition to his work as dean. Dr. Barton had written many articles for medical magazines and several books on medical subjects. He also was the author of a history, "Road to W.ashington: History of the British Invasion in 1814." RARE ARTS OBJECTS FOR VATICAN MusEUM (By N. C. W. C, News Service) Vatican City, March 31. --- The Etruscan Museum of the Vatican has been enriched by two new and very precious acquisitions. The first consists of an Attfc am- pimra decorated with figures in black depicting the fight between Hercules and Apollo for the brazen-hoofed hind. It was found at Naples and is thought to date from the VI century B.C. The rarity of its decoi~ation caused Signor Nogara, director .of the Pontifical Museums, to desire it for the collection. A number of promi- nent Italians purchased the amphora and presented it to His Itoliness as a jubilee gift. The second acquisition was also a visible head is the successor of His jubilee gift to Pope Plus. It is an- first vicar on whom He built His other amphora but one of those church and promised that the gatesknown as aryballos because of its At the Catholic Diocesan Congress just held at Paris, it was announced that in 64 diocese.s, 450,000 workers have already joined the parish banks. In the Department of Le Nord, where I the population is largely industrial, the General Confederation of Labor, a socialist organization, has received only 18,000 members for their bank, whereas the mutual bank established by the Christian ~yndicates has 120,- 000 subscribers. ALFRED NOYES FATHER 'OF NEW BORN DAUGHTER (By N. C. W. C. News Service) London, March 31.--Mrs. Alfred Noyes, wife of the distinguished Poet Laureate who gave the Lowell lec- tures in the United States in 1913 has given birth to a daughter. There is also a son of the marriage. Mrs. Noyes is the daughter of Capt. Jasper Mayne and the widow of Richard Shireburn Weld-Blundell She married Mr. Noyes in 1927. .Mr. Noyes was formerly married to a daughter of Col. Daniels of the U. S. Army. She died in 1926. GRAND MUFTI HELPS HANG CHRISTIAN BELL (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Jerusalem, March 12.---When, some days ago, the bell of the new Chris- tian church of St. Nicholas in Beit- jala, near Bethlehem, was to be hung, it was found impossible to put it in position. The builders came -to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin el Husseini, President of the Palestine Supreme Moslem Council, and asked him a ballista in order to lJut up the bell. So the Grand Mufti sent it to them, together with four workers By this means the bell was put in posi- tion and the Mufti received thanks. CATHOLIC YOUTH WINS BRITISH AMATEUR CUE CROWN SECOND TIME (By N. C. W. C. News Service) London, March 31.--A young Catho- lic, Laurie Steeples, 21 years old, has become amateur billiards cham- pion of England for the second time. He first won the championship in 1927 at the age of 18. Two years before that he was boy champion. The match for the championship attracted large crowds here for three dayS. The final scores wore Steeples, 3,000; Coles, 2,462. Arnold: "Did you hear about the terrible accident that happened on the way to the Scotchmen's picnic?" Adams: "No, what was it?" Arnold : "Two taxicabs collided and fifteen Scotchmen were hurt." M. A. BILTZ Representing tho FIRST Company in the FIRST Business n~ the Wor~ Asse~: Over One Billion, Two Hundred Million Do]lazl, New York Life Insurance Co. Phone 5195 Little Reek, A~k. 1105 Do~he4v Bulldln~ Up-To-Date Hatters 906 Main Street Hats cleaned and bloeked--one-da~ service. Why wear a soiled hat? We call for and deliver. 50c---75c---$1.00 Phone 6494 Little Rock Thompson, Sanders & Ginocchio Arehlteets BALL BUILDTNO LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS1 QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS Our Major f~ff~ring. Shrader Studio 120 Main Phone 4-2198 harp SECURING FOR THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK THE EDUCATION AND TRAINING OF WORTHY ECCLESIASTICAL STUDENTS IN ST. JOHN'S SEMINARY FOR THE ARKANSAS PRIESTHOOD Any Full Burse or Share in an Incomplete Burse May Be Do- nated. Donations, Large and Small, Will Be Gratefully Received and Recorded. A Burse Is a Sum of Money Invested and.Drawing Enough Interest Always to Provide Board, Lodging and Training for One Seminarian. Requests for further information and the benefits shared by contributors, and likewise all donations, should be sent to the Rector, The Very Reverend Monsignor S. J. Peoples, Ph. D., St. John!s Seminary, Little Rock. ST. JOHN'S SEMINARY BURSES. COMPLETE ST. MARY'S BURSE, Hot Springs ................................... $5,000.0~ MONSIGNOR TOBIN BURSE, Little Rock 5,000.0@ ANNIE JONES BURSE, Pine Bluff 5,000.00 MARY HOLLAND-CRAIG BURSE, Pine Bluff .......... 5,000.0@ ALUMNI BURSE, in Honor of St. John the Baptist 5,000.00 BISHOP BYP~E BURSE 5,000.00 e INCOMPLETE BISHOP FITZGERALD BURSE The Burse is s memorial to the Right Reverend Edward Fitzgerald. From a Benefactor Pupils St. Anne's Academy, Fort Smith ....... Anonymous, Hot Springs Anonymous, North Little Rock second Bishop of Little Rock. Very Rev. Monsignor A. P. Gallagher, Mena, Ark .... Anonymous, Additional sums received Anonymous, additional sums received. __ For favors received, Morrilton, Ark. Anonymous, Hot Springs 50.00 25.00 50.00 100"00 $100.00 2~6.24 430.00 2.00 50.00 Total x $1,033.24 ALUMNI BURSE IN HONOR OF THE BLESSED TRINITY This Burse is the second foundation made by the priests who were ordained from St. John's Seminary. It is open to the elergy and people in general who have the work and interest of the Seminary at heart. Previously acknowledged $101.50 In Memory of Hugh McDevitt 25.00 Master Raymond Maus, Atkins, Ark. 25.00 In Memory of Alfred Frei ...... 20.00 Appreciation, Slovactown, Ark. 10"00 Alumnus, 1924 25.00 Alumnus, 1919 ~ 20,00 Alumnus, 1924 20.00 Alumnus, 1914 20.00 Alumnus, 1925 25.00 Alumnus, 1923 20.00 N. N. Paragould, Ark .......... " Alumnus, 1926 10.00 20,00 Alumnus, 1927 10.00 Alumnus, 1916 ........................... 10.00 Friends of the Little Flower, Dixie, Ark ...... 5.00 In Memory of John M. Murray 10.00 Jubilee Offering, Hot Springs, Ark.--_ ..... 10.00 In Memory of Mrs. Hannah McMahon 10.00 Alumnus. 1914 ......................................................................................... 80.00 Total ............................................................................. ~ .................. $476.$0 SACRED HEART BURSE This Burse consists of donations, large and small, in Petition and Thanksgiving to the Sacred Heart. Previously acknowledged Gratitude Good Counsel Holy Name Society Miss M. P. Gengler, Stuttgart, Ark ...... In Thanksgiving for Favors Received ......... Thanksgiving Thanksgiving for Favors Received, Morrilton . Miss M. P. Gengler, Stuttgart For Favors Received, Clarendon, Ark.__ Little Missionary Club, Stuttgart, Ark. ___ Morrilton Friend Anonymous, Additional Sums received For Favors Received, Mr. L. P. Zurcher A Friend, Paris, Ark. In Thanksgivifig for Favors Received, M. O. B.--. Special Intention, Mrs. E. M ........ Jubilee Offering, Pocahontas, Ark. A Friend, Paris, Ark. For Petition Granted Through Little Flower . MrsJ. K. H. $326.00 5.00 .- 25.00 10.00 25.00 20.00 2.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 107.84 10.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 10.00 1.00 5.00 Total .......................................................................... $596.84 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS BURSE The Burse is a foundation by the Arkansas State Council {o assist St John's Seminary in the training of candidates for the priesthood. Arkansas K. of C. Councils, 1926 ...... $892.00 Arkansas K: of C. Councils, 1927___ 326.80 Arkansas K. of C. Councils, 1928 .... --_ 482.80 Arkansas K. of C. Councils, 1929 360.80 Total .... $1,562.4~