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April 12, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 12, 1930

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PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 12, 1930 BOLSHEVISTS OUTDO NERO (Special Correspondence to N. C. W. C. News Service.) Sofia, April 1. Bishop Seraphim, "TIME" DISTORTS EVIDENCE SAYS FATHER WALSH (Continued from page 1) his pamphlet ascribed no date, actual- ly appeared in Soviet Russia seven years ago. He agreed that since then there have been no 'modification of the (Soviet) method, which has pass- ernmental approbation and support it l must be regarded as one of the indi- rect state methods to abolish reli- gion. " 'I cannot say what its circulation is except that I have heard on reli- able authority that approximately 20,000,000 copies have been distrib- uted in the seven years of its exist- Violation of Request Charged. on the study at once and expects to CZECH ANTI-SOVIET Commenting upon this correspond- have it completed by the middleof BODY PROTESTS one of the high ecclesiastics expelled ed from legal brutality to brutal le- ence. case, necessarily contains certain re-Iin obtaining accurate information from Russia, attended a great mass gality' i. e., Soviet law is now en- " 'With the various numbers spread volt!ng, incidents dating from the very l about the Apologetics movement in meeting of representatives of all!forced with iron strictness, but Soy- open before me, early dates as well beginning of the Russian Revolution. !tl~is country. We would like to know Christian Chu'rches held here to pro-liet law no longer countenances say- as the latest, I-endeavored to select That is inherent to the nature of his-lthe extent of the work being done, test against the anti-religious atroci-/age acts. Father Walsh further a few specimens that seemed to ex- tory.,, . lwlth. what efficiency the situation is ties perpetrated in Soviet Russia [agreed that most of the Soviet atroci- press best the scope of the publica- 2. But st also proceeds chrono- being met, and what could be done in • I • . ,~ • and, by hls accoun~ of thepersecu-ttms and murders of priests de~crlbedltion and ~he intent of its sponsor-s. tion in that coUntry, moved the vast in his pamphlet (nearly all without Two which I have reproduced in the logically and hsts other authentic m- a practical way to organize the vari- s~ances ol la~er ann equally revolting/ous groups who are working in this audience to tears. Idat'es) occurred prior to 1923, and pamphlet appeared in the early year injustices. The most casual reading field. The matter has been one of With the full'authoritly of his of-some as early as 1919, when the pres- ---1923. The i'rreproducible cartoon of the text will show that far gi•eater great concern both to the University fice and his person, Bishop Seraphim :ent Soviet government as now or-lmentioned in the appendix appeared slhace is devoted to the more recent and to certain individuals outside it. bore witness to ~:he following list of ganized did not exist. In a word, in the ve~'y first number, January, than to the earlie-r instances of per- We have felt that no progress could horrible atrocities which the Ortho- the Walsh pamphlet is another pre- 1923. I do not believe it has been secution, with names, dates and be looked for unless an accurate and dox Church can report as a resBlt of sentatio~ off the same out-of-date l surpassed in hatred, violence to com- the Bolshevik persecution of religion: stories against which Prime Minis- men decency or in vulgarity. In or- places freely furnished, ending with painstaking survey of the field be Metropolitan Wladimir of Kieff ter James Ramsay MacDonald re- der to furnish grounds for my c~oice, 11929. made beforehand." was murdered in a beastly fashion, cently warned (Time, March 10), I am also enclosing herewith four "3. The particularly offensive ~ar- Dr.~O'Hara already_ has decided up- teen, which 'Time' alone of all news- on three major undertakings in the Metropolitan Benjamin of Petro- urging Englishmen to demand fresh additional specimens of later carica- papers and magazines welcomed to study he is about to begin. They are: grad met death by being tied to the not vintage news from Russia." tures published as late as the clos- its pages in defiance of common de- 1. A study of Catholic Apologetics paddle wheel o~f a steamer. When this distortion of the facts in~ months of 1929. I am als~ en- cency and in violation of requests resources---the personnel and equip- ArchbishoP Andi'onik was buried of the persecution by "Time" came closing a copy of the particularly of- that it be not printed is but one ment of the Catholic Apologetics alive, to Father Walsh's attention, he de- fensive cartoon. ("Take Ye and of a similar Soviet series which con- agencies now in the field. Bishop Rlaton Revelsky was taken out in extremely cold weather and dashed with water until he became a statute of ice. His torturers then amused themselves by piercing his body with bullets. Bishop Feofan Solikamsky was thrown alive into a pit. cided to correct the false impression it was designed to make upon the public by the publication of the full correspondence between himself and the editor of "Time." First Request for Data. "On March 21st," says Father Walsh's statement " 'Time' sent the Bishop Isidor was pierced with a author of this pamphlet the follow- wooden pole. ing special delivery letter: Bishop Amwonii was tied to the " 'Time,' the Weekly News Maga- tail of a horse and dragged to death• zinc, New York-Chicago. Editorial Among others who were tortured i Offices, 205 East 42nd Street, New Eat.") " 'Whatever be one's personal be- lief regarding the central sacrament and afterwards murdered were : Arch- i York. imandrite Mitrofan Astrochanskii, his I" 'Rev. Edmund A. Walsh. S. J.. ence, Father Walsh said today: October. . I OF "An analysis of the abundant in- The R~. Rev. Msgr. James H. Ryan,] formation thus furnished, not pri= [Rector of the Catholic University, in By M. Myslivec, Jr. vately but at their request, fora a letter authorizing Dr. O'Hara to un- (Prague Correspondent, N. C. 'Time' article, reveals: dertake this study for that institu- News Service} "1. The pamphlet, as a condensed tion, wTote as follows: Prague, Czechoslovakia historical review of the facts in the l "The University is much interested I--Despite abortive tinuesunbroken up to the present 2. An analysis of the field to be hour. In Order that. the editors of reached in the United States, indi- '~ime' might be in full possession caring in general the extent and va- riety of the problems of religious pre- judice and ignorance, at different levels of intensity ansi in different Vicar, Archiepiskop Wassili, the Bish- Georgetown Univdrsity, sections of the country. 3. A study of the possible diocesan and parish methods of meeting the opa Leontii Zarewsky, Joakim, Niko-I Washington, D. C• ,,, a former O~thodox Jew, but at pies dim, Makarii Orlowski, Lawrenti Bal-] Reverend and dear Father: " " " in Russia were reproduced, i ogetical institutions, and will indicate ,,, ent a mflstant atheist achininski, Pimen Wernenski, MefodiI Tirpe Magazine has received " " " • "This entire correspondence and lin what lo.calities or over what areas, Pawlogradski, German Wolski, War- from The Catholic Near East Welfare " 'Faithfully yours, documentation was suppressed and iin what way and with what breadth I • • " "' • " l' (Signed) Edmund A Walsh, S sonofi, Eftim Selengiiski and Mefodi Assoclatmn your booklet telling why ,, • "'" ignored. Instead, 'Time' gave to-its land intensity the work of Catholic A m 1 ra era for Rus ~,t the end of this letter the au g o inski.' [p y sia on March 19. were " " - readers, on March 31, 1930, the shortlApologetics is now being carried on Many Hundreds of Martyrs :asked. I have telephoned your sec- thor added a postscl:lpt ~.vrl.tten m statement already quoted. ,, in the United States. r mK Dy nls own nann, pointing out Many hundreds of the cler~,v and retary fo additional information on Called Amazing Distortion. I In the second part of the stud'y, Dr. "" ..... ~ .... u~f r the caricatures shown in the Ap-en that the editors would find addltm al "This deliberate disregard of the I O'Hara will examine carefully into ~nousanfls oi ~n'ls~lan people s I e - ~ ~ - . _ . , , specimens of ant1 God postels actual dlx, and she has referred me to you ed deaths of martyrs for Christ at the " • . . _ " • ~ totality of facts and this amazinglthe field to which these agencies are aanos .............. oi ~ne ~oisnevm~s, ne ~ecmreu. ~] "'We. should like ver'~ much to ly. used in Russia today, reproduceu distortion of evidence sumbitt~d atlapplying their efforts, or to which ,, know when and whe m the New York Times of Sunday, It is part of the so-called Five Year re each of ~hese the request of the editors of 'Time' lthey may be applied. Plan of the SovietGovernment to cartoons first appeared, their circula- March 16, 1930• •though a ~istinct disservice to the In making the third section of this • " • ' a an wh The second communication w s rus hrm 1 n 1 tlon, d atever detasls you can c h C " t'a ity comp etely in Rus~ " • ' • • . ~ . .. ~ high cause of truth amt a blow at Istudy' Dr. O'Itara does so with the . in the fo~m of a paid telegramo~ " sia the Bisho~ asserted add In particular we should, like all ' ' the ethics of responsible journalism ~fact in mind that the Catholic Church oss~ble mfo~matl n app~ommately 300 words, filed a~ound Demonstrations of protest, of one P "" " " "o concerning Ex- . " . ---has its compensations for the can-l is organized-o nthe basis of dioceses kind or another have been arranged hibit No. 2, the public reproduction [midnight of Sunday, March 23, in did reader. The incident revives con- land parishes. It will be his purpose ' "" ~of w " , answer to theis previous telegram" wr all II h wn o hmh is not given Perhaps 3ou "n " tu y a of t e to s f Bul- i .... " [ ..........." . - ~ " ' fidence in that prime tenet of Greek he says, to establish in what measure may kno~ too whether the~e ss any ~lgn~ ~e~re~ ~o garia. Thq, mass meeting in this city, I " " " I " ' philosophy, 'To- see life s~eadily and diocesan and parochial organization however,, has ~roved~ the most~ ~m.I' i way of getting any facts about the I," 'Time Newsmagazine .o05 East 42 to see it whole.' It will emphasize and institutions can be employed to pressive. It was attended by repres ..... man who depicted the-'e caricatures I ,,,St'--New York City, N. Y: the extreme caution and reserve to foster Catholic Apologetics without entatives of all the big associations Whatever assistance you may give us/ Replying your telegram request- be exercised hereafter in accepting the establishment of additienal or- of the B/ulgarian capital, and by many Iwil! be of benefit in a Time article ing details outrages recorded Russian 'the quips and pranks of 'Time' as ganizations and agencies• writers and teachers. The meeting which, when you have seen ~t, we pamphlet beg to state first StopIn-- serious reporting, or impartial crit- adopted a resolution stating that the hope will meet with your approval, formation gathered personally during icism or authentic news• It wil~ PORTO RICO TO HAVE B-lgarian nation joins in the world's " 'Let me express again Time's ap- stay in Russia from March nineteen again demonstrate how easily one i CHAPEL FOR LEPERS protest, and requests the Great Pew- preciation of your trouble and com'- twenty-two to November nineteen may relax into a favorite attitude orl ~rs and the League of Nations to put tesy. twenty-thre~ from persons all classes pose even in the presence of the most : Puerta de Tierra, P. R., April~ 1.- an end to this horrible outrage b.~ (Signed) "Lillian Lerner, later substantiated in documentary compelling proofs of human suffer- The Redemptorist Fathers have brok- intervention. "Assistant to the Religion Editor. evidence submitted by Entente ings." In a recent edition, Moskauer " 'May I add that we need this ma- against Third International to League DR. O'HARA TO MAKE FOR C. U. SURVEY OF APOLOGETICS en grosmd for a chapel for lepers in Porto Rico. The structure is to cost approximately $4,500, and is to be dedicated to "The Holy Child,~' or; "The Child Jesus in the Temple." The Rt. Rev. Edwin Vincent Byrne, ~Bishop of San Juan, and the Rt. Rev. (By N. C. W. C. News Sea:vice) Washington, April4.---The Rev. Dr. Edwin V. O'Hara, Director of the Ru- ral Life Bureau, N. C. W. C•, has been commissioned by the Catholic Univer- sity of America to make a compre- hensive survey of the Catholic Apolo- A. Kennedy is pastor, is giving an- getics movements in the United iother $1,000. The deficit is to be States. Dr. O'Hara will begin work •covered by donationu. Little Rock, Arkansas For Boarding and Day Students breaks intended to incite cent meeting of the ( Section of the Internati against the Third Inte~ non-Catholic organizatio~ protest the religious per Soviet Russia, was' held week in one of the bigg~ halls in the city. Re]~ from all the Slav nations, lecturers, authorities on fairs and distinguished sonages were present at and made addresses. Msgr. Andrew Apostolic and veteran er in this country spoke daily cruelties against Russia. Other lectures were V. Myslivec and Haijin; Dyk, well known Smolarova-Capkova, League of Slav Women. Stray Communist ed to break up the ing ill smelling bombs crackers into the assembled~ One of the Communists the address of the Most Archbishop of Prague, with for the Soviets. Police, were called and dispelled of would-be rioters. The mained to listen to the the meeting until late Deputy Myslivec praised tion of the Holy Father ing the European silence" Russian Government's prior to which "suffering ity in Russia had been ig FRENCH PRIESTS ARE GIVEN LEGION OF HONOR DEC0 (By N. C. W. C News Se: Paris, March 31.--The : priests and religious have J named for special honors, il~ tmn of their outstanding wo! Legion of ~Ionor. Father Vincent, DominicS~ sor at the French Biblical a~ ological School at Jerusalel~ a chevalier for 'thirty-eight: journ in Palestine, thirty-tW-° as professor." Abbe Emile Vaisse, ~undsehau, a paper edited in Moscow terial by Monday, March 24. We of Nations and now available Geneva by Otto Pohl, a former Austrian So- should be most grateful if you could Stop Condensed summary in pam- ~ialist who was sent by the first So-!get it to us by special deliverya~ phlet proceeds chronologically from cialist Government of Austria as Min- that time.' earliest cases to latest evidence pre- later to Moscow, but was later re-t "This communication couched in served in Vatican archives and is de- lieved of his office, publishes state-l language that merited a courteous, signed to present complete historical ments concerning the number of an immediate, and objective reply pictt~re in refutation Soviet claim churches closed in Soviet Russia. The was barely in hand when a telegram that present world protest is due spe- paper, which is entirely in the service arrived dated March 22: cifically to fear of alleged economic of the ~oviet Government, states that " 'New York City, N. Y. 22 217P challenge to capitalistic nations, aris- "in 1929 tens of thousands of resolu- " 'Rev. Edmund Walsh, ing from Soviet five year plan Stop ~ • .. ,, Secondly hence typical cases of per- tmns were ado/pted m the Soviet 'Georgetown University, Union by which the closing of t~ouses " 'Washington, D.C. secution of ecclesiastics cited in or- of prayer was asked for by local So-" 'Time wishes to kno~, date of der as proof of antecedent and con- tinuous anti-religious policy Stop Or- viet and Communistic organizations, outrages mentioned in your pamphlet,thodox prelates mentioned section ~ut only 1,380 of these requests were against Bishops of Perm, Belgorod, three pamphlet murdered between granted." In the towns of the Soviet Youriev, Voroney and others stop nineteen eighteen and nineteen twen- Union a total of 530 churches, 111 Please wire collect• o ty Stop Photograph a~vailable show- synagogues and 96 mosques were " 'Time Magazine.' ing body Bishop Platen Youriev lying closed, while in the villages a total of Complete Answer Made. ~ with sixteen horribly rautilated 589 churches, 15 synag°gues, 98 rues- "At considerable inconvenience,priests before corpses were transfer- ques and one house of prayer of the owing to the increasing number of red to anatomical nmseum University Kalmucks were closed. serious demands on his time, the un- Youriev January first nineteen eigh- "The cFosed churches," says the pa- dersigned prepared and forwart~ed to teen Stop Archbishop Voroney hang- per, "have to a great extent been "Time' th ....... • transformed into institutions of cul- Both of thesmXd:m:mtl:n" requesteu" ,ed before altar of church in monas- ture and enli~,htenment" I - nts were re-" tery Saint Mitrofane December nine- ,, g f Ma~ch 31 Though two to ks ,, , " • S p Bud "evicz murdered Mos- The so-called Club of the Godless not acknowled-e ........ • is an "institute of enlightenment" ,, , . g u, ~nelr rece~p~ ~s cow twenty-three other Catholic vic- which is sho{vr~ a marked preference ~punnciy admitted by Time. There ~tims murdered exiled or imprisoned when: the closed churches are being was no pmvacy about the correSpond- : various dates from twenty-four to ence ] .... , - " twenty-nine some still ahve m Jan- converted to other uses Tne ~v~oscow t ,, ....... : ~ ~ne nrs~ communication was in uary this year on Solovetsky Island papers point out thatin many o~ the sha e of ..... .. , .... p a letter in answerto mentioned page seventeen Stop those buildings once aevo~ea zo ai- ~ ..... . ...... vine worship the'~e have been estab-~ ~ne~rs, as ~ollows :,, ~ t T,hn'dly documentary evidence re- " . March 23, 1930• counting Orthodox victims sumbitted lish~d power houses, fire stations, ,, 'Miss Lillian Ler " t ..... • . ....... • - her, urimmal Court Causanne Switzer- granaries, olnlng llallS, ezc. ..... , . ,.., ..... , . . .... .... .~SSls~ant ~o x~e~lglon ~al~or, lancl .November nineteen twenty- cue one m m a posmon ~o cnecK ~ne ...... f • ~me, r~ew ~ort(. ,three accepted as authentic Stop Sir accuracy of these statements, and to ........ " , . ~ ~Jear ~viiss ~erier: ~ernard Pares Director School Slav- find out if it isn t true thaz more " 'I beg to acknowledge with thanks onic Studies Lond~m leading English than 1,380 churches have been closed. your courteous letter of March 21, authority has just published stage- But taking these figures to be correct, which reached me late Saturday night ment putting list of victims includ- it is a harvest of religious" hatred and to which I Zasten to reply, ing religious women higher than my that is horrible enough, when one " 'The anti-religious magazine estimate Stop His testimony avail- considers that it is the toll of but one "Bezbdshnik" (The Godless) began able if desired Stop Essential point year. Thousands of churches, of all to appear in January, 1923, during my presentation to demonstrate de- confessions, ~uffered destruction at earlier dates, and among them were my stay in Moscow. I immediately lilierate and continuing persecution went to the public office where it through last ten years with no change • many famous and precious temples. ~was on ~sale and purchased several of purpose but with modification of copies of the first number an([ con-Imethod which has passed from lega~ Most of us who claim we have a tinued ~to do so regularly each fol- brutality to brutal legality Stop Re- kick coming should get it---hard and lowing month as the successive hum-I~ectfully quick. Never pick a quarrel even when it ~crs appeared. A~ nc~thing ~f that[ " 'Edmund Walsh, is ripe. ~o:t apl~ears in Russia withou! gcv-[ " 'Georgetown University.' " 'Omer Emeth," professor at olic University of Santiago, 'forty-five years' service French cause in Chili. Msgr. de Marcy, chaplain to--"fifty years' service est of France•" Brother Joseph Viarrouge' ty-nine years with the Brothers in Ecuador. Mother St. Edward, French home for the aged who has given more devoted service to the old a Mother Mary Josephine superior of the Dau in China, who "has alwaYS strated in the aceom ministry in Greece and tional qualities of energy otic courage." A four year College offering courses leading to the De: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of .Philo Also offers Pre-Medical, Pre-Legal and Commercml C( SCHOOL OF PHAnMACY (Three Year Course leading to the Degree, Ph. G. Modern and Well-equipped buildings, very strong Faculty, location unsurpassed venience, healthfulness and beauty. Rates Very Reasonable For Catalogue Apply to the Dean (Under Direction of the College.) A standard (Class A) High School off rin a four year Courses: Classical, Scientific, Commercial C OUFse' Modern equipment and strongf .c,,It.v Very Reasonable Apply to the Principal