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April 12, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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April 12, 1930

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PAGE TWO THE GUARDIAN, APRIL t2, 1930 Published Weekly THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIE~[Y of the Diocese of Little Rock 807 WEST SECOND STREET as second-class matter March 21, 1911. at the postoffice ~ Rock Ark., under the Act of Congross of March 8, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $2.00 THE YEAR CHANGE OF ADDRESS a change of address is desired the subscriber should give tl~ old a~d the new address. CORRESPONDENCE intended for publication in The Guardian should reach us ~t ~t~ t~n Wednesduy morning. Brief news correspondence is ~lm ~ome. The kindness of the clergy in this matter is cer- ~dy appreciated. ~RlgV. MSGR. J. P. FISHER ............................. Business Manager ~mmunieations should be addressed to, The Guardian, ~07~ ~ ~oad Street, Little Rock. Ark. OFFICIAL ORGAN I~un'dian is the official organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, ~iml | ll~,lr God that it may be an earnest champion of the cause or :~pntiee and truth and an ardent defender of the religion which In d bye ao well. I extend to it my blessing with the ~incere nop~ d~t ib ~reer may be long and prosperous. JNO. B. MORRIS, Bishop of Little Rock. ~~, 16 BIRTH CONTROL DEBASES MEDICINE. what he is and has been since the dawn of Life. I bleeding, was presented to the uv - -- i That the Soviet cannot do. And being, unabie l---behold "the Lamb of God, L eh, Specialization is an inevitable consequence ito do that, its program of general material ben-Ltaketh away the sins of the world! of the complexity of modern life. It has brought efit, even if it could be realized, could never 0us sins, which I commit so in its train both good and evil. One of the evil satisfy the soul of man. Only religion can do recklessly, these and not the results is,the increasing inability of many caught ! that, because only religion gives a man hope in its processes to really see life whole. Set-[that the longing of his soul, unrealizable on ence, properly concerned with the objec tive earth, may be satisfied in Eternity. side of l e, is apt to forget that its own prog- o JEFFERSON'S ANNIVERSARY. With the endorsement of President Hoover, the birthday of Thomas Jefferson, April 13, is to be observed this year as a Religious Free.]urn Day, under the ausp!ces of the Thomas Jeffer- f son Memorial Foundation. The idea of .cele- ress and success in the physical and material order is purposeless and meaningless apart from a rational complete conception of men. In the realm of medical science, so intimately 'concerned with human life, it is pa*rticularly needful to guard against this materialistic ten- dency. I nno field of science has the process of specialization gone to greater lengths than in medicine, and so there is the great danger that in the endless research and analysis to which the physical body is subjected its spirit- meat of the proposed celebration was given in a nature may be entirely lost sight of. have painted this heartrending sins have reduced Him to this state, wounded for our iniquities." Deeply conscious of our sinfulness "Lord, I am not worthy that Thou under my roof; say but the word shall be healed." The Catholic .O A timely and readable little book come in from London. It's written Watt, S. J., and it's called ", ciples A Commentary on the Pa --Rerum Novarum." These in the Letter of Pope Leo XIII on the of the working classes) have "an and can never become out-of-date." In recent years many of our medical authori- letter which he wrote to Felix W. Warburg, a derstand all this if you read the APRIL 12, 1930 ties interested in the human brain, its diseases and disorders, have felt impelled to seek unda- member of the Board of Directors of the Thomas (it will take you less then an hour) Jefferson Memorial Foundation. its well-chosen solutions might ably AN EASTER DUTY. mental causes of these disorders outside the some of our knotty problems today. --- purely physical realm They have begun to ex- The fact that a Republican President has the Half-Inch Labor Book Shelf wi: The Church makes it a solemn obligation for i amine mental, an deven physical, breakdown in I seen fit to give his encouragement to the pro- you to right thinking alon the lines f0 the hght of envnonment, and of mmal tram every Catholic to receive the Sacraments of Pen-I. " " . " -/psed celebration in honor of the author of leconomics. mg and conduct Thus. we have appned, psy thestatuteDeclaratiOnof Virginiaf forIndependence and of the ante and Holy Eucharist during the Easter sea- " "I i religious freedom is 0 does I chology, psycho-analysls, and psychiatry The an on. But this. not constitute the fulfillment . / Glancing over the list of the 85 terms themselves imply a recognltmn, as yet of our only Easter duty There is another one . . . indication that the observance is to be entirely perhaps dimly comprehended, of something m free of partisanship. Broad-minded men of all entists, artists and educators award and indeed it ranks in importance with the , " " parties can stand with Jefferson in his attitude lShips from the Guggenheim Memhri man s make up beyond the mere physmal con general law of the Church, since it furnishes " " - towards human liberty and his opposition to re- tion for research and creative w tent of mind and body If these sciences are U,e means of fulfilling the law. viz: the sup-] " -- " run across the name of Sister l, ort of our seminary ]ever to justify themselves and reach their full ligious prejudice. Antagonism towards reli- ' gluts prejudice was almost a passion with Jef- Devlin of Rosary College, River " service they must acknowledge man's rimar- It appears that it should be unnecessary to P Y 2erson. His service tothe cause of religiousl On August 1st, she gives up the ............. I religious and moral nature and see in the hu- ,miner an expmnauon par[ .......... freedom was one of the three claims that he sor of English and (in the British nary ............. prays m our t a noLlc me. rJverY li"lman sour aynam c suosmnfive principle made to remembrance in the epitaph which he London) will study from unpublis requested be placed on his tombstone, the other the influence of Bishop Thomas li:t Sh:lyldh:e:hl; hthpte l:f S:mulrnar At the same time there is grave peril to both two 'being that he was the author of the Aineri-England during the days when Ed ............... - I science and social well-being in the actions of lt m whichme nurcn_can everhop tohave men to' mmre' r l em ne nesurcelthse who care nothing for the moral good and can Declaration of Independence and the Richard II wore the crbwl . . ....... ,_ ,. I the laws of the Creator Sex ual license and Founder of the University of Virginia. work ofnthe neChurchWrkfmeans every single thingl thnurcnnere ann :nelphysical' as divorced from spiritual, well-being In the Declaration of Independence he laid Catholic Action means leading down the principle that all men are entitled to life; for life is action and action is are the goal of the contraceptionist Dress hfe, hberty and the pursmt happiness, and the Church does for us all. All the consolatmns] ........ ,, , .... ,, olic Action is not a new thing. ....... ........ Imr n con rm up as ne may, he cannot hide p ding ofC tholic tea hi g and protec ingl rengmn' neaeaUca 'mnc nUr cmmren't nelfact that its essence is a gross materialism. It in the statute of Virginia for religious freedom Catholics have been content to live denies a freedom of the will and a power to he wrote: way Catholic life, that it sounds teaching must ever depend on these young] control our acts It denies .... v *' "All and every of parliament by whatever have sliced their life into parts - mora men now m the Seminary '- " " title known or distinguished which renders stamp of their faith and their morals Im out to try and break down legal barriers slices and not on all. They have di l mes, while impressive, are really no stand-]which have been wisely erected between the criminal the maintaining of any opinions in mat- life into compartments and have atd to apply to things of the soul, yet they]people and commercialized vice. ters of religion . . . or exercising any mode only for what are called Church du' muld. be considered part, cularly when one.m] To this travesty of medical science the Corn- of worship whatever . .-. shall hence'forth , gmng sacr nce m the balance w th self m _ " ' " -]mittee on Maternal Health in New York gaxe be of no-validity or force within this Common- life and the more personal relationsl have been fractional Catholics. And /recognition recently at the New York Academy wealth." . have done this, they have added to On the Sunday after Easter, six young meat of Medicine when it made its report on birth Every lover of human liberty, every one who evil that afflicts public life, w(,rk] lm ordained to the priesthood in the Ca- control. That part of the medical profession believes in the right of man to worship God social and private life, too. d[ral for work in this Diocese With one ex- there represented took evident pride in the fact according to their conscience, ought to take o--- ^" an-- s" to this tare Ithat between 1926 and 1928, twenty-eight cen- part in observing the anniversary of the great hat' the Catholic University re eepuon, .cy are a. ', , . . . . _ , , .............. I ers where birth control advice ann appliances Ame ican who is probably foremost among into possession of some rare auto , ra T ear ammes nwng etsewnere, us, apply lure supphed," had exactly doubled; the number* those who have spread the twin causes of ha-the gift of the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Art Uhen the standard of dollars and cents to these of large cities where such centers are estab- man liberty and religious freedom throughout nelly of Boston, consisting of 20 lroung men What do they represent in terms[lished had grown from twelve to twenty-three: the world Steven's Facsimiles, a scarce that birth control advice and medicine are open- ly distributed in twelve states instead of ten. f figures on ordination day? of these young priests graduated from a tollege with a Bachelor's degree before begin- mg his seminary work. This college education paid for by their parents, and it cost t least sfx hundred dollars a year for each one f them. This expense was borne by their par- eats, the majority of whom are far from well In short before they. entered a seminary all their parents spent in round numbers at An dthis despite the fact that the federal penal code makes criminal the circulation of such im- morality through the mails, and that the United States Senate a few days ago retained in the tariff bill that section declaring criminal the importation of just such knowledge and appli- ances as the Committee on Maternal Health boasts is now obtainable in twenty-three cities o tered through the volumes were BEHOLD THE MAN! ters and documents bearing the A Lenten Meditation. many historic figures. To name a -- Adams, Charles Carroll of The inhuman soldiers brought our Lord back Clinton, King George III, Alexander John Hancock, Patrick Henry, ington, Jonathan Williams, Thomas Marquis de Lafayette, Lord North, XIV of France, Lord Henry F. Sir William Howe. in twelve states. $3,000.00 on each of these young men, o. every limb trembled and quivered. Even the That gratifying succ:ss is mee-tir g they were ready to enter the Seminary a an P" , SOVIET STUPIDITY. p g date, accustomed to scenes of horror, ogetlc campaign to place 1,000,000 where they were to study from our six years _ __ was ouched with compassion. The Jews how- nger, depending entirely upon the com:ses The Pope's of expiation for Russia was eve,,:, continued their insults and'mockery,hands.the 'FaithMoreOfthanOUr aFathers"quarter ofina mil] : Uhe7 had taken heretofore They were sull a la m Behold " ost impressive ceremony. Fifty thousand , says Pilate, after the trumpeter of Cardinal Gibbon's famous work, iss 5 tden on the family treasury Those years e , had anhounc ,, . . " I P ople crowded St. Peter s basilica. The sing- ed silence and order, I bring Him new Holy Name edition, were distri m the seminary would have been years forth to ou ling of Slavic hymns during the service, the l' y , t hat you may know that I find no ing the first nine months of this when they could have helped their parents m l r cause m " " " " ,p ayers after the Mass said aloud by the multi-I " " . The soldiers then brought Jesus drive Every part of tlle United education of the younger members of the into full " " I tude, the exhibition of major relics, namely, l" view of the mob. When they had Canada, as well as many far-dist3nt fami Thin could not be, fm the Faith of their! , lutted t " - " " " " Longinus lance, a portion of the True Cross, I g heir eyes on this terrible spectacle, an helping to boost the total, which nts encouraged them to continue the sac ...... " - and Veronica s Veil--all these touching cere- exclamation of horror burst from them. Jesus 231,519 copies sold. w'lU, ees they nan a reaay mass m order chat m 1 trained Hm droo m h on'es--made the occasion one of great emo- " " p" g end and cast a compas- --------- o he[r sons might serve you tion sionate -lance ........ :, .. ' . g mm kuae. Pilate paused is after all but the practical side the The answer of Moscow was ribald abuse of for a moment during which there was an im- gons of these young men. This unpoetic the Pope, and new Soviet outrages against reli-pressive silence. Then pointing the finger ofEDITORI/ sxplanation however, should impress you, for gion. Fifty-six additional churches were closed, compassion at their victim in His state of utter is the story of every priest who serves you, From the Veronesh District workers sent to story of sacrifices made by others that ' you the Industrial Fund at Moscow ten carloads of mi t en: oy'the consolations of religion, i church bells, sacred images and crucifixes to On Easter Sunday then you are called upon be melted down. describing the shipment as take up the work of preparing priests to "Our Answer to the Pope." you. You are asked by Church to l The Soviet government and its frenzied ad- make possible the coming of other young men herents are manifesting a stupid misapprchen- imt the vineyard of the Lord where they will stun of the task they have set themselves. Their take the place of those who have labored i announced intention is to make the world over In the year that has passed two priests for the benefit of men, oppressed, as they be- concluded their lives for you, both were lieve, and kept by enslaving capitalism from [f-made victims of their divine Master. They the happiness that might be theirs. on until very end inspired by a To make over the world- or the system of of dutY, by loyalty to their vocations and lcivilization---is a I ig task. But the Soviet has I enerous Faith that they had, by the grace i really a bigger work than that to perform is it Cod and the zeal of their devoted parents l who are left to mourn them. I [ Think of this then on Easter Sunday morning mad ask yourself if you are doing your full duty i m,d only when your conscience answers yes, i you be satisfied. l' ar generosity, no matter how great, caRl balance theirs, but at least make it ex-I I shre of appreciation and the Faith that you ,by reason of the sacrifice of .others. is to achieve its program of universal equality and happiness. What it must do to attain that end is to make over man himself. It must not only undo the work of man, but of God. God created man, and always in the heart of mum-- madmen of course exeeptedthere has been a longing for immortality, for a happiness beyond anything that this world can give. To get that longing out of the heart of the normal man it F. would be necessary to create him different from degradation, he exclaimed: "Behold the Man !", as though he would say, "What a spectacle is this! It is a human being, have pity on him." It is a human being, yet looks like a crushed worm. What a spectacle our Lord must have been to elicit such an expression from a pagan accustomed to bloodshed. Yes, behold the Man! It is your God, your Creator, your Redeemer, foretold by the proph- ets as your King, the object of the most intense longing of your patriarches and holy men. Be- hold, what have you done to Him! It is the tenderly beloved Son of the heavenly Father in Whom He was always well pleased. So has He loved the world that He gave Him up to be treated so contumeliously by men that they may be loosed from their sins and that all who believe in Him despite His helplessness. and who humbly acknowleclge Him as their Saviour may not perish but have life everlast- ing. PASS Things have come to a nice pass when Governor Leslie has to the policy of the Daily th Indiana State University at openly opposing military training and advocating the principles of the pacifists. It is a pity that this stitution should nurture in its bosom Internationalists, Communists and gandists, in addition to a number professors who take money from ernment agencies.--The Indiana Record, Indianapolis. O' SAME OLD STORY.' When a Catholic looks at the world reads the same old story that has and ret61d during the last two Yes, behold the Man !--"behold the Lamb o lIt is a story of progress here and God," these are the words which the priest ad- there. But invariably persecution 1 dresses to you when he raises the Sacred Host, shall ever be'a stepping-stone to pro! the same Body whic h, mangled, bruised and Witness, Dubuque, Iowa.