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April 11, 1952     Arkansas Catholic
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April 11, 1952

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Gambling Evil But Co/iege Not Can Be Off/c/al Syracuse, N.Y. {E) -- From the lseriously so, the Rev. Raymond Catholic viewpoint, gambling in J. H. Kennedy, S.J., told a Le itself is not intrinsically evil, but Moyne College lecture audience it can be sinful, al3 even very here Discussing "Graft and Gam- 1 bling in, J ful?" tt [ Plumbing And [ Moyne d [] _ o  referred l] Heating i:] I lhe Cathc [] . _ [] Father R * aEPam SPEC=ALISTS. B I Lh,, gbo GEO. M. WOODS m' Call 2-3342 Little Rock  sic; bffiffiffi,ffiffiffiffiffiffi,ffiffiffiJ I ful. Booksellers and Stationers 307-309 Main Street Call RAY HARNEY For Office Supplies-Ph. 2-1846 |gll kvlnls HILIP BALEST (District Mamm-) AMERICAN UNITED LIFE PHOTOSTATS Army Discharges, Marriage Ueanses. Important Papers bling in America: Are They S/n- the chairman of the Le Moyne department of phi!osophy referred to misunderstandings f the Catholic position on gambling. Kennedy said "Gralt throughout the world always is if serious enough, mortal sin." Gambling, although not intrin- sically sinful, he said, can be sin- Drawing from the writings of the Rev, Francis Connell, C.SSR. professor of moral theology at the Catholic University of Amer- ica, and statements of the Amer- ican Catholic Bishops, Father Kennedy pointed out that dis- honesty, graft, slander and de- famation of character are as truly sins against God in public head where his tall ought to be, that is, "turned around in his stall." The American motorists help the manufacturers and the government shake them down. During the war, when it was im- possible to buy new ears, the peo- ple learned that an automobile has a long life of good service. But they didn't learn their les- son. They still fall for what Is called a good buy. Some one tells them it is cheaper to buy a new ear than to keep the old one re- paired, and so they buy the new one and pay the taxes all over Intrinsically! Pasc::JCandlethe EDITORS WIlL JUDGI= CONTI:Sl Sinful, Declares life as in private life. "There is on y one standard and that's God's standm,d," he asserted. Considering gambling. Father Kennedy said its meaning in the widest sense is to take a risk or to take a chance "If you say gambling is sinful, then you sin every time you take out life insurance on a member of your family, or when you in- Risen Christ The Paschal candle has 'eamed at Easter time in humble chapels and great Cathedrals since before the vear 400 A.D. as a symbol of 'he risen and victorious Christ It burns at every solemn East- er service and, as a symbol of Hoe Ascension, is extinguished and removcd from its place beside the altar on Ascension Day. The verses chanted during the ceremonies accompanying the lighting of the Paschal andle are of ancient Chris- lion origin: 'We beseech Thee, therefore, O Lord, that this candle, con- secrated in honor of Thy name, may go on burning to banish the darkness of this night. And being accepted as a sweet savour, may it be mixed with the qghts of heaven. May the morning star find its flame alive.' Farrell & Schaer BLUEPRINT CO., Rector Bhlz. Phone 4-9365 Little Reck. Arkansas 809-11 East Markham Street Phone 4-5494 Arkansas' Largest Creators and Designers of Distinctive Lawns sure your car," he said. Father Kennedy listed motives for gambling, which he stated are not immoral in themselves, as: The enjoyment in taking a risk, to add an element of thrillar added interest to an action in it- se'f innocent, to get a relatively large amount of profit from a small investment, or to get a rela- tively large return with as little effort as possible Father Kennedy pointed out that gambling can be sinful by reason of motive or circum- stances. The priest raised the question of whether race track betting, on or oft' the track, is necessarily evP, and concluded that it is not although it can be sinful due to motive, means or other circum- stances. Making clear that the Catholic teachings on gambling should not be interpreted as advocacy of ambling, Father Kennedy noted that in Great Britain, "not a Catholic country," the Royal Commission on Betting recently reported that legalized gamb'ing not only had not led to evils but had actully cut them down. something that they keep put- that characteristic, which Ty Cobb says is so conspicuous by its absence in athletes of the present d er.. It is known among the initiated as the desire and the l 7aid :vOereXeeel. whM:Millen had it] Y , odes to be a I real success must have it also. Thirty years ago "Be" McMillen's name was a household word. He came out of the South leading an intrepid band of athletes from a small, and. up to that time, un- k-own Centre College, located in Danville, Kentucky. The rugged football of McMillen's playing days was a far cry from the two nd sometimes three and four platoon system of today. In those old days a team of eleven play- ers were supposed to play a full game of football, only a casualty or some other unusual circum- stance called for a substitute. The Centre Coqege squad was com- posed of from fifteen to twenty players, but they were real men and with a strategist such as Msgr. Joseph B. Lux (left), managing director of "Extension" maga- zine; Clem Lane (center), city editor, Chicago Daily News, and ReD. Thomas A. Meehan, editor of the New World, Chicago archdiocesan paper, will act as final judges for the Speech Essay Contest sponsored by the National Forensic Commission of the National Federation of Catholic College Students. Prizes totaling $225 will be awarded for the best speech essays.on "The Role of the College or University in Developing the Spiritual Leadership and Economic Security of Our Nation." Contest closes April 30. (NC Photos) New Method To Avert Baby Mix-Up Used By Hospital i! | Sandusky, O (E)--What is re- gm,ded as an "infallible" and otherwise improved method of identifying mother and new- born before they leave the birth room is in use at Provi- dence Hospital, conducted here by the Franciscan Sisters. A Sanduskian, Clifford Lyon, developed his new way of get- ting the footprint of a newborn ancl the thumbprint of a mother after four years of experimen- tation. Experiments resulted in a smooth-surface plate of porous materials, an eighth of an inch in thickness and 2 3-4 by 4 inches in size. The prints, taken in the de- livery room on a special paper, are viewed at once under a combination five-power magni- fying glass and flashlight. Two sets are made---one for the par- ents, one for the hospital. The plate has a density that allows soil bases to be absorb- ed, yet releases ink by capil- lary attraction of body warm- th, without use of pressure. A special ink is used. Use of a rubber roller and ink pad, the earlier method, objectionab'e as too smudgy, giving blurred results and causing soiling. Human-error objections at- tach to the more common idertification methods of bead- ed bracelets and plastic bands, said Sister Lucia, hospital ad- mizistrator: A baby mixup in another Ohio hospital set Lyon search- ing for a foolproof method of identifying mothers and babies. He estimated the cost of in- sta'ling his method in a hos- pital would be 60 cents a new- born for the first 250 uses, and 33 cents a use thereafter. Only Providence Hospital here is now using the Lyon method. But he plaLs to ex- hibit it at the Catholic Hos- pital Association convention in Cleveland next month. Rest in reserved for Heaven! on earth we must always struggle between hope and fear. St Fran- cis De Sales. Say frequently, in the midst of your contradiction: This is the path to Heaven. St. Francis De Sales. It Is No Whip It is no whip against the love . Of Jesus Christ; it is my sins . That scourge And all the bloody flowers of . Gethsemane are but my sins . That surge. The needling thorns upon His head? . . The times my heart denies Him inn . . At night The burden of ny life is there . . Upon His f/agellated skin . . My cross is light. Bertha Emend The Holy Name All peace, all good in Jesus meet; . . . His Name than honey is more sweet--... The sweet- est sound on earth .... Love Jesus and your love express--. . Nor overpraise His Worth. Celestial sweetness unalloyed, . Who taste of Him still fell a void . . . That naught but Him can fill .... More than we seek in Him we find: . . . His very Name inspires the mind .... His words can sorrows still Our tongues to Jesus ever shou'd--. Tongue, weapon both of ill and'good-- . . Pour forth to Jesus songs of praise . . . And speak His worth throughout our rays, . Not desecrate His Name. Brother Francis Patrick Hear Bishop Sheen on the Catholic Hour Every Saturday, 4:00 P.M. Easter Our selection Cards, all bossed or produced in offered in an on display in store in Little lovely Easter twenty-five cents Order your mail today. Box of 12 Postage and 311 West 2ha over Ladies' Station K A R K s, Y, April 12, "The Seven Last Open Words" ]OHNNI] _', ................... ", " . . ' .-  Ohiroprtetor |10 Eut Ninth 8trmt Llttlo Rock Arkansas P{IONig_Sffllefl [ dnts. This^ iso no .surffse to up on work that they were behind to play the annual first game of Phone |-2094 =-o  on. ":"' "" " -: ''" " In The chances are that the-- the season with Kentucky Unl- House esns &. lacy Atwood. fllmelal Agent  quaintd with human nature... It w/ll be rushing at the v*-, I o" versity. The Centre boys were  Mad. " has always ven a maxim znt , ..........  "" sitting around the lnbb v ..e h = , if -v" ..-.nt .mzthln.D dne, s-'t mt.ute. 0 Go melr regular as- n- .........  "' " ,.,u .... s . s..._ __ .. a_ u " *- - '-w slgnments. Those who live near otel, me nln more me gme,[ t ULLI&y 11111 b UU ib &l, ID t 1 V wn l"fMnEI I[s, tw|| | .. _h.,o,o .s., .' .... ls . .. the church, the school or the of- i .. en an enthusiastic Kentucky I 24 hour nursing service ..... .a,.a..auaas | ,{. 'f,.o .... ,.. '.,,.,, .. rice are usually the ones. whoa ] .lumnus spottea a young man] was s'@ mum------ ,-, ............... w ........... - ......... - _ re, sims*, b ,,,,,,,, ho r,,., ,. , S@N ramtlng ,ae. WOrK IS gooa for any one ....................... ucy FREEMAN - II, tion, while bodies at rest tend to ............. man wanted t- h, ta.a .,,a ,. "-------z"vml]t r l : tt.u especially IS It goou for stu- - ........... - -.. Vecoratm ema n at rest. And so people en encour  g [ .... ,. .ll.w thi ..... I, d ts. They learn to appreciate age the boy, so he went NURSING HOME m ATTE]t" ,w  i-'a---:-- s, ........ : ......... . .'--"-. "-'::lthe value of their .,,otl.. , over aria spoke to him and sat  '-,-t; II Those WhO are worgmg rind it ......... -'"  ....... "-"'J down beside him qh., he ob,a J Since 1906 i r a u]ey mtve to help pay tor it If, e- ,, ................. for elderly people LADIES AND i aemodeim8 II easy to keep on we king nd eontl, , ........ 7 _ ] How much do =on reeko-r. ] PIAZZA SHOE SERVICE H]'S  in  . o, .i u. meracan coors- ,  ,. -u,,- s r |1 those who are resting f d it hard, in .............. i tueky will beat ou h.. , .... ] Clare Freeman, R.N. MEN'S ilki epatrlng II in ,t attd aln It i aeom- I _ s u.ouz, me stuuems navel ...........  ...... ?''" / ---ustin Boots & Belts Ph. 43914 2120 Louisiana CLEANED AND BLOCKED 1309 West r .,.. |1 " o ...... .- --  _ ._ I oeen called upon to do their o -- I ruw: xne young man Irom Dunam8 |l men experience oz mose who j hous w,..b ,, ...... .. .^ ."'" I Centre replied. "I don't thi-k 712 MAIN ST. Little Rock, Arkansas  .... |lhave a great deal of time to doJ.,. .',="'%-" " '.": .,n,,., they are oln'to bt .,, -The t23 W. 6th Phone 9976 ,t ompmte rroperty II  ,,,,, o,,,r ueus anu omer SUCh .... -- ........ : Phone -- . . " . II ....................... /chores This is due nartl,, to th renuexy Atunmus  edlfiea nsamtemmce Dervtco II C__',LLL IT_L_I_ ,L ..... [fact that it is difficult to obtain by this raw courage, but he said, i {Wel)eOddJolm) '|[ ,.,mltn8 u pneantrY[helptodothlskindofworkan d "Oh, eomenow, let's tlk sense."  Porish Trodin9 List ....... l/*  rwawS.L .gO   I partly because the students can le young man actually was "Bo" IIIM lUIgflMMITII Pfl 1/ - -*'-,-7 -- t- "1 thus cut off school een :vtelumen, and he replied, "I am "'-"""-'"'"' "' Ili i ..... (Contractors) ' lgrefl:tres?reT%nto::nnneln  Ekei:;neSe' oSiu?ee:e vvg 2911 Kavamtagh . Pk. 1-168 II' Little Rook, Arkans # be ashamed to work. There is a core more touchdowns than all the Ken ....... / .............. ,,ffiffiffi,ffiffi= dignity to labor and it has achier- .. _tueky players put to- . A     ,  A -- - . . . A A A ed great things Man, after the ' gemer." 1"he elder man asked,   fall .e a,o,... " ............. . .^ I "What is the name of this super .  __ work. It is a part of his life man "o'",--tim name is t t ,',J [.. rs. and it should be eni_o_a_Iv h ..... ,, ndI"Bo" MeMillen." And the next I] I,,Pl l IIi]f refreshing because in the natural day 'Be" made good his beast and . __ ....... course of events recreation or scoreu enough touchdowns to Will. fr MeMillen, a Catholle boy, among gootlng Sheet Metal Work ee time is only pleasing because it is a respL_n t from ___Its! ......... x. group predominantly non-Curb- r . The Merchants and Professional P eop!e of your Community want J. E. Hornibrook anern aversiontimes' too,to manYwork peopleTo puthaVe[lt prayinglies: madeon hiStneirteamKneesfamoUsbeforefOr rat.ronage and are taking thin means of asking for and thanking you for nlalnlv th,,v a,m,t ;.,. ...... . each game, They were known as Business. . and h've no-ne-/n'th'lr. A the "Praying Colonels". "Be" eomplishments.- In the days-of MeMillen was a man whom the old, people worked to produce I yung men of the present gen- .s oV'here.poss]ble, show your Appreciation by Patronizin th*m ,.,,,4 M, somethin oration would do well to emulate Erie tact mat ou saw ............ GUARDIAN o WOrth while. They I. "  wn""en Y thmr Adverhseme nt in THE di tie was a real he man in any d not work for money. The| you great artists, men of literature, group, yet he never used pro- musicians, naint re s, all wrn,b_ "' faulty and never drank alcoholic St. Andrew's Cathedral Parish _----7_ "7", turn our s lendid beverages He proved his worth P products. They l holy corns rarlsn H. P. LOVE Nursery and Landscape Co. Good Landscaping Doesn't Cost--- It Pays 1416 W. 13th Little Rock Phone 2-3600 I ALLLL 6" bbbbt b dL 4kbbbbb b b 4 I, t , See Jim Maloy : Dutch O'Neal's Personal Representative for the Cler00y and Laitv 4 A Bin. Phone 4-S225 Res. Phone 5-21410 ,:'i' DE S010 i 4 'i PLYMOUTH i 4 4 -4 v loved their work, and many of on the athletic field as a player "------- them produced masterpieces that and a coach. All his boys loved ;''E;;L'I;N'' him. That is a tribute to any  HEATING CO., Inc. ; will live forever. We need some man. of this spirit in our times. We need more who will try to excel. It is good that students are work- ing and are glad to be able to ROGOSKI - DAVENPORT Mechanical Contractors - New Construction or Repair 717 Main Street Schaer Tailor Shop Bill ScaNt, Prop. Weaving -Tailoring- Alterations "For Dependable Service Call" HILLCREST PLUMBING CO. 2715 Kavanao, yh Ph..-2805 . '"2 ....... _ ii 7 II IIljII II I I I Charles M. 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