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April 10, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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April 10, 1920

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PAGE EIGHT THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 1920. i CARDINAl, GIBBONS MAY SIZE HOLY FATHER Trip to Rome a Possibilrity In Corn-  pliance With Church Rule of "Ad Limina" Visitations. (Special to The Guardian) There is a possibility that Cardinal Gibbons will visit Rome and pay his respects to the Pope during the con{- ing summer. The trip would be in compliance with a 'recent lxling of the church directing prelates to visit the Holy See at least once in each five years. When asked if he contemplated such a journey the Cardinal admitted the possibility of it. "Nothing definite has been decided one way or the other," he added. According to members of the Car- dinal's household the new order spec- ifies that prelates shall "go to Rome during the year 1920. A visit in this year would fulfill the obligation of a five-year period ending at the close of 1925. They have learned that Car- dinal O'Connell, of Boston, alrea/dy has signified his intention of making the trip. It was thought probable, however, that Cardinal Gibbons, for various reasons would not be expected to go. One reason was his alvanced age in view of so long a journey. It was felt, too, that the decision would be left to the Cardinal's own wishes. I May Have Bearing On Peace. I In view of the present position of I America in World affairs, it is pos- I sible that such a visit might have a I bearing on steps toward safeguarding I international peace. In view also of' the dependence the Pope is known to place in the Cardinal'g views of con- ditions in America, the project of a visit to Rome was mentioned yester- day by several prominent Catholics in I connection with the Cardinal's signal ture to a memorial requesting the[ President to resubmit the Peace Treaty to the Senate. It was believed that the Cardinal would obtain great plbasure from an- other visit to Rome. Like every other Cardinal, Cardinal Gibbons has a titular church in the Eternal City. In his case it is the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere. He takes a keen interest in his official church and keeps in close touch with the welfare of his congregation, through resident clergymen. Archbishop Visits Cardinal. Archbishop Francis M. Redwood, Mar[st prelate of Wellington, New Zealand, arrived in Baltimore yester- day from New Orleans for a two-day visit to the Cardinal. Although a native of England the visiting churchman is a warm friend of the Cardinal and the t]vo prelates were much together recently in New Orleuns, whore both were on vacation. Archbishop Reuvood .s a native Jf Birmingham, England, but is well known also in this country, r where he has come on several trips, including visits to the motherhouse of hk order, the Mar[st College, Catholic University of Ameri"a, at Washing- ton, D. C. The two prelates were in confer- ence on church matters early in the afternoon. Later they went together to Notre Dame Academy, where they visited the Cardinal's two graffdnieces the Misses Clara and Dorothy Gib- bons, granddaughters of the Cardi- nal's brother, John T. Gibbons, of New' Orleans, who are students at the academy. Later the Cardinal and the Arch- bishop paid a short visit to St. Mary's Seminary. MISSIONARY FIELD AT HOME. ...... [ "They tell us that there are a mil- lion folk in the palaces and hotels of New York that never cross the thieshold of a church--Catholic or Protestanb--and forty millions in the land, Verily the church is encamped on the edge of a dark continent of worldiness and selfishhness and pleas- ure and sin."--N. D. Hillis. Protest- And is it not singuar that ants send missionaries to "Papal I lands" (where the people go to church), when thousands of Protest- ants in New York city have ceased to go to church? HOLY CROSS ALUMNI. ? oreester College Boys Prominent in Washington, D. C. = Alumni of Holy Cross College, Wor- cester, Mass., of whom there are more than one hundred in Washington, had as their guests of their club on Men- "day, Senator David I. Walsh of Mass- achusetts, Representative Ambrose Kennedy of Rhode Island, and Dr. Peter J. MeLauglin, of the Catholic University. The last is the president of the organization which is one of the flourishing institutions of its kind at the capital. Let us flee, said the fly. Let us fly, said the flea, when both were at- tacked by the flu.--Jamestown, (Kan- aas) Opportunity. Don't You? I love the lilac at the door And yellow roses, aveet with lore, And hyacinths, come peeping through The morning chalice of the dew. Old hollyhocks beside the gate, And where the garden paths ns straight Tall tulips, and my spirit thrills To find the virgin daffodils. i But, oh, when spring is on the way The fruit trees have so much to say, And waiting for their blooming seems :A holy pilgrimage of dreams. :The plum, the herry--pioneers That come when blackbirds do, and play Amid the April sun and tears Until the apple flowers in May. And peach and pear in smiling guise Occur with their divine surprise. The apple is a fairy rose That dapples where the spring wind blows, And if it did not fall so soon There would be such a perfect June, With flowering almond to attend The rosy flowers that sway and bend Upon the apple boughs in glee Of such an elfin witchery. --B. B. Get Rosey. Take good care of the rose plant offered to you by the Lions Club of Little Rock. We do need a touch of beauty in our city. So many of our shiftless landlords besmirch the city "lot-scape" with delapidated shacks and punky junky surroundings. It is disgusting and discouraging to the neat and tidy to have to vision such eye sores as Little Rock shack own- ers present to the public in the very heart of the city. A clean yard and even one blooming rose would give a tone and touch to many of our very prominent street frontages. Some of our colored neighbors can give many of the "white brethern" pointers on home and civic beauty. Clean up! Beautify! Get the "bloom  habit!" Make Rose Day your day. The Chap Who "Fools." I know a fellow at our school, And all he's good for is to fool; He cares no more for class and books Than fishes dO for empty hooks; Hi only business is to play And kill the time in any way. I know a man lives in our street, The saddest man of all I meet; He goes his lonely-looking way, And has no heart for work or play For when he was a boy at school, His only business was to fool. --Father .l.arls, S. J. Good Signs Needed. A traveling salesman, standing on Fifth and Main, awaiting a south bound trolley car, let two going his way speed on, because, from the side Walk t was impossible to read a designating sign. He asked if the people of Little Rock could "pick out the 'right car by the smell or the noise, which?  Com to look up and over the next few cars, his auditors did not blame him. Prominent let- tering and clean glass on terminal signs would help a lot. Aftex dark if is a guess at most of them. Thirteen To One. A certain rector just before the service was called to the vestibule to meet a couple who wanted to be mar- ried. He explained that there wasn't time for the ceremony then. "But," said he, "if you will be seated I will give an opportbnity at the end of the service for you to come forward, and I will then peffoln the ceremony." The couple agreed, and at the proper moment the clergyman said, "Will those who wish to be united in the holy bonds of ma*,rimony please come folard ?"" Whereupon. thirteen women and one man proceeded to the altar. Self-Satisfying Bigotry. Bishop Sanford Olimstead said in Denver: "Bigorty, even in its mitd- est form, makes me smile, for it calls up the story about an old lady. An old lady and John, her coachman, were so bigoted that no recognized church service suited them, and so they used to worship together every Sunday in the drawing room of the mansion A friend remonstrated with the old lady one day. 'Do you really thing, that you and the coachman,' she said, 'are the only true members of the only church on earth ' 'Well,' "said the bigoted old lady, thoughtful- ly, 'I'm not too sure about John.'" Punish the Agitators. If there be any one of either whites or black skin anywhere in the south who is guilty of trying to arouse radial antagonism and strife such per- son or persons should be immediately ferreted out and punished for their traitorous crime. Any and all agita- tors to racial violence ar infinitely worse than the poor deluded follow- ers w.ho are led to their own destrue- i tion. No motive whatever, can serve in the least to extenuate the foul crime of such conspirators. There is no disputing the fact that the races can get along in the ;outh in peace and harmony if the baleful influence of the agitators is removed. Any and all persons who preach any sort of class strife in this country are traitors, not only to the section where the: operate, but to the whole country. They should be deprived of their power of evil, and they will be whenever they show their heads in the light.--(Selected.) FIRST MASS I" AMERICA. The island of Haiti was the place at which, in 1493, the first Mass was celebrated in all America. The priest who officiated was Father Juan Pe- rez, friend and counsellor of Colum- bus. As superior of the Franciscan convent of La Rabida, Spain, Father CARPENTIER REGISTERS; I PRA2SE___S K-C STATUE I One of the first things George Car-I pentier did on rriving at the French line dock on the liner Savoie Tuesday morning was to signify his intention of sampling American education. Michael S. Hogan, Knights of Colum- bus supelwisor, met Carpentier on the of the K. of C. school system for for- mer service men. Carpentier gave in- formation for the filling of the card,[.r .electing English as his course. He 1 gave his profession as pugilism, un- I lAVm:heaheadblcf,,"employer" stated P " Carpentier participated in two or three K-C boxing exhibitions for the A. E. F. in France and the Knights, by way of reciprocity, will give him frec tuition in English at their schools throughout the country. Carpentier =-- also accepted the invitation, tendered by Supervisor Hogan, to officiate at the great K-C indoor athletic meet to Perez had encountered the discoverer, be held in the 22nd Regiment Armory and by repeatedly interceding for him on April 10. Carpentier said that the at court made possible the first voy-ipeopl e of France were thrilled at the age. On the second one the faith- announcement that the K. of C. would ful Franciscan accomparded his nOW lprcsent a statue of Lafayette to Metz famous and powerful friend. Theylin August. landed on the island of Hispaniola, or J Haiti. At Point Conception Father Perez built of boughs and thached with straw the first chapel in the New World, and there, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, he offered up the first Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. LESS EXPORTED, MORE TO USE HERE. Exportation of daiy products is likely soon to end. This gives prom- ise of more abundance and lower price in this country for milk. HELLO CENTRAL! Give Me 1926 or 1927 YOUNG'S DRUG STORE The Store of Quality Ninth and Rector KLE/00N l00]/lll] Made by ROSE CITY BAKE] 'The Most Sanitary Joe Jung Proprietor. L Y O N S C A F E, 210 W. Second Call and see us. Me'st sanitary spot in the city. Speiclals pecialty. Quality FArst Consideration. Special accommodation for days. Regular dinner 35c. J. N, Lyons, Mgr. ! Eastman Kodaks Developing and Finishing. HEGAR TY DR UG 501 MAIN ST. Haley & Horn[ Venfilafin00 and All Kinds of Roofin00 ARKANSAS FARM HOMES WHITE COUNTY HILL LANDS PROSPECTUS FOR CATHOLIC FAMILIES Not for Speculation--No Fictitious Values No Inflated Boom Values MOST DESIRABLE PARCELS FOR HOMES Soil--Rolling Hill Land--Small Creek Bottoms. Crops--Staples, with open seasons for double crop system- Cotton, Corn, Wheat, Rye, Potatoes, Grasses. RIGHT IN THE STRAWBERRY ZONE OF ARKANSAS Live Stock ADAPTED FOR GRAZING, W I D E - RANGE of PASTURE VALUE TIMBER--MANY FARMS WITH UNCLEARED ACRES. Location CENTRAL ABOVE FLOODS ABOVE MALARIA ABOVE SEA LEVEL 500 FEET Right in Center of White County--9 miles from City of Searcy--our County Seatwith Station on Me. & No. Ark. R. R., Connecting with Main Line of Me. Pacific R. R., at Kensettll mile run60 miles from Capitol City, Little Rock. 300 miles from St, Louis, Me. Good Shipping Facili- ties on direct railroad from Joplin, Me., to Helena, Ark. Present movements assure good roads in every direction. I WHY WE ADVERTISE r Ten years ago the Diocese tel Little Rock prchased the Famous Armstrong Spring--with its commodious Hotel and farm of 160 acres. Built Hospice and Equipped a fine Church. Section has been thoroughly non-Catholic until a few years ago. A few Catholic families acquired homesPast year several more became our neighbors--now we have promise of four more families. WE WANT A PARISH. WE HAVE THE CHURCH AND PRIEST WE ONLY NEED THE CHILDREN TO HAVE SISTERS AND SCHOOLS YOU ARE NOT DEALING WITH "LAND SHARKS"--BUT WITH RESPONSIBLE PER- SONS, INTERESTED IN  BUILDING UP A PARISH. For 'Further Information---Visit or Write E. W. KETTLER, Armstrong Springs, Ark. Or Rev. Geo. H. McDermott, Guardian Office, Little Rock, Ark. ECZEMA CAN BE CURED Free Proof To You All I want is your name and addres so I can end you a free trial $. . HutB.R.P. treatment. I want }'ou }ust to try thi. treatment-- that's all--Just Dvao,s try It. l'hat's my on|y argument. l've been in the Retail Drug Business for o years. I am President of the Indiana State Board of ]'harmac}' and ['resident of the RetailDruggists' Association. Nearly everyone in Fort Wayne knowa me and knows about my successful treatment. Over twelve thouoand f[v hundred Men, Women nd Children outside of Fort Wayne have, according to their own slate. merits, been cured by this treatment since I first made this offer public. 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Formerly LASKER-MORRIS BANK & TRUST CO, '' Fourth and Main If Deposited in Savings Account will earn 4 % AT oJ Beauty always expresses to the passer-by the with Which it was selected. If you have an such a memorial, we will carry it to the last accordance with your desire. We are at yourl vice for monumental work of any kind. No Agent-No Commimdom Write for MONAHAN & ez4x00 Wm mrkhm st ' txrr00