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April 10, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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April 10, 1920

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PAGE FOUR Published Weekly by # THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY of the DioeeHe, of, Little Rock 309 WEtIT SF,COND S&apos;rREE'r F.ntetcd as necond-clas$ inat,:cr March $G 19 t, at tile posioflice t Little Rock, Aik., under the.ul of CongreaJ o| .March 3, Lo79. ,, , Subscription Prh:e, $2.00 the year Cbauge el Addrcns When a change M addru is djired the subacriber should glee both, tbc old and the new addresL 0 Correapondence gatler intended [or publication in The Guardian should reach us sot later tuaA Wedneaday motsg. |lic licw corlespolJdcnce is alwa *vctcome. The kindness of the clergy, in thil matter i cordially ippremutcd. 'ly Rev. A. blocker, O. S, IL, D. D .................. EMitor-in-Chiel R. Edwald A. Flamlcry ................ ........ Contrtbuting l':dtor leer. Geo. il. McDermott ........................... Ma.agmg Ed/to: All COmhnmicatina about "The Gualdian" sl,ould l,e aadrcaacd : Rcv, (3co. II. Mcl)lmutt, 309 West Second .Street. i vm'sy, li'or it is utterly unemx/enial to us even tf seelll tO take the side of England against hiartyred Ireland. Still we wouhl venture the (iuery whether those Irish patriots of fornaer (lays were less rrdent lovers of Ireland be cause they were satisfied to proceed step by .'lep in the achievement of Irish emancipation? WouM not they, perhaps have accepted Home Rule as a temporary success towards the, final goal, if that was the altelTmtive of jeopardizing the very existence el, the Irish nation? S. OFHCIAL APPIiOVAL The Guardian is the official organ of tlae diocese o btttle l'ock, aud I pray God tlmt it may bd an carnust e.ahampmn ia .le cause of right, justice and truce and an &rden| defender of the 'religion whicil we all love so well. t extend to it my ble.sing with the sincere hope that its uoer may be long and pro:!perous. JOHN B. MORRIS. " ' Bishop of Little Rock. THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 1920. t LYNCHING Farther Vernimmlt of the Dallas diocese writes, in a conmmnieation to The I oft,nightly to lh'.view of April 1, that "Bishol) Kelly of Sa- valuiatl, (]a., with the help of a devoted band ot; Catholic laymen, is nlaking a tremendous ef- fort to stop the barbarous practice of lynching, l:u|ning and quartering negroes. In tbis effort the valiant bishop of Savan: mfl is acting the part oF l)oth a churchnmn I'jghiing for justice an<t an American citizen fighting for the honor of his country. lAttle Rock, Saturday, April 10, 1.920 lin!it of its possibilities. Only thus, it was then s(.en, could the Church, as it had ahvays been ]lt,l. lint)licit intension, render her best service to the conntry in the hour of 1)eril. But the Catholic Church has her hours oil i)eril, too. In fact her perils never Cease as h,ng' as the worhl's history is a struggle be- tween good and evil. Therefore it was a wise },()licy to preserve and strengthen for the miss|tin so sm.eessl'ul for the country (lurina' the war. "in view of the re- ,'-ults," says the Pastoral, "el)rained throu'h the merging of our aetivitie, s for the time and purpose of war, we determined to maintain, for the ends of peace, the spirit 0F union and the co-ordination of our forces. We have a<'eordingly grouped together, under the Natiofia] Welfare Council, the various agencies ta" which the cause of religion is furthered. lqach of these, continuing its exam special work i, its chosen fiehl, will now derive additional ,,unport through general co-operation. And all will he t)roug'ht into ch)ser contact 'with the l iiei'arehy, which t)ears the burden alike of ,uthority and of resl)onsibilily for the interests Under the direction of the Intercliurch World Movement, John l). Rockefeller is to make the rounds and add his efforts 'to those of other ,epeakers in aronsing the. enthusiasm of the Pro- testant church'members in preparation for the ,oming drive to raise a minimum of $336,777,- 572, with which to finance the enormous expan- sion program of the Protestant churcheb, in their:.Interchurch movement. Local gasolene dispensers predict 50e gasolene for our sumnmr joy riding. But we may not object so long as the excess i)l'ofit will help John l). to pay his raih'oad expenses and at the finish donate, the odd $72 perhaps. The Mayflower Pilgrims crossed the Atlantic to escape the. religious persecution of their Eng- lish enem!es. Now England desires to make an- other bluff at tim brottmrhood of blood and lo.v by sharing in the. ee.lel)ration of the Ter-centen- ary of the Landing of the Pilgrims on the rock at Plymouth. Another sob picture of, Englis? forgiveness and forgetfulness i another play al l)ropaganda, as the Prince of Wales recently evo]'ked off, when he so reverently placed a wreath on the tomb of Washington. ttis fore- fathers .wanted to put a halter on Washington's neck. But "the world tto move," and as far a: England is conce, rned she will b(!nd to anythiug i:o show us how she loves America despite th, s(;vere treatment the founders of America hand- i ,(1 ow;r to tl'eir "mother c,,untry.", When it! comes to lfluff, just watch Johnny Bull, Ply- nouth Rock and Mr. Vernon, objects of present day Engllsh sobs and reverence! TI:LL lRk_ll CONTROVERSY indeed lynching is an injustice from several ,>1' the Catholic Church." y' r ,, "  points of m.. F,st, t often happens that At the bottom of all well-ordered activity is the wrong party is caught and made to feell(.ducati(m. It is education that forms "the tl!e t'urv of an excited mob. Secondly, suppos-[ti,ought: and ideals of youth and shapes their ing that there is no mistake as to the identity of I ,onduet, to a large Iileasure, for their lengih of the criminal, still the sword has not been pl{eed mys. ] h mee for us Catholics the importance in the hands of indh'iduals but only of lawfully ('onstituted authority. God has not abdicated lis right of heinz the nmster over life and di,aih. If lie lets olhers have a share in thi right, is is only 1)y delegation, and this dehm'a- lion ix nmde to legitimate authorit.i, alone for tl,e, protection of tlw eonmmnity. IIence it l'(dlows that individuals arrogating to then> seh'es the right of inflicting the death penalty, re on a par with assassins and highway roh- be/'s. They are murderers p'ure and simple, :.<'h and everyone ot' tim lyn<'lffrrz reel). Thi/'d- Ix, 'the.practice ot! lynehin, is art infraction of lho Constitution. which provides: that no man's life shall l;e tqken without due p'rocess of law. This last pMnt leads us over to' the second tt'orm, atio n of minds is goinp', on all the time. ('on-ci(leration, viz; that the Bisho'p" of" Raven-IThe' workl is a mfiversity m|d its tw.o important MU in endeavoring !;o extirpate ryn'ch'in, is l(.hairs',nt the presen* day, are the Press and I'i,,.qtimr as on Amorit an citizen for fire integ'ri-[ l.itorr{rm-. What would t profit u, if we .,nt x of th( (onstltut|on If the Con*tuton , , ' .......... " .ur chffdrcrr forth from raft; Catholic schools to s(t aside in so iml)orfmd a matter as ffmt offife! the un{v-erv[tv of the wbrId, if we left ;u]d death, what eerlmntv have we flint [t wilt i;hair trnpro-hled Vifh' fb,[ and those two a'ftractivo wolect ou/' lihertv and the 1)ursui.t of" happi-  Catholic t!onehir. No: we must have,  strong" hess? '(Dtholiv press rind (meom'age Catholic litera- Mol'(,over, tile ]loner oF' our country [s at r.)-o. seeiu'at tl're'same trine; tlm't they ge* into stake in this ahominal)le practice. Barl)a'r[ans lhe hon,,s and' ]reads o1' ore' C',ttt'|oli( t-m'oph*. ',1' <'muse l>elieve in the fTcr,trecht, the riht i %). [nsm'o tfiis en,,]' we have the 1-)'ep!lrtmerd <)f ,q' the j)rix[at)[ fist. But i)r .proportions a's a'j ["rr,s: and 1At'eratur< t peel)h, )s (,,vfl!z(,d J and semele, assumes ,tj) .r- t Thi'rdlv, nmnv are' there wl, o lbse' their eo'r-I dm'ed form, th(.r'( are tril)nna'|s of lust|((, to ,, ,-," -. " ....... ....... . .... ] r( t f m ,ntatmn' m fhrs worht nnd ace' e'strangel w]li('h evmv disturbance of the uoei'd orde, "t ,, . ,. .......... t trom' the (.|mr(It betause of the p'realent IFI'-I must be referred. The lynchers; therefore, at-] iustii, e, cd social' eonffitions. For a re'an who' hwh to our eounttw the stb.wna of' harbaris:n or 1,n: to mt'age fn a daily struggle for' his 1)reaql' . low stage (ff civilization, and unl)atriotie i:'is diffieult t,) mnintain a loving eont'id'enee in' Away, thml, with this un.iust V)ivine P'rovidenee. ]f' the'ch i to' mqjn- ;ractiee of lynching! Let the eom'ts so a(.t as Lath lier hwld upon' tile mnltitudes; stie nmst not ;r an e(lu(,ation that will perpetuate the ideals l .1' our Catholic l'aith! We need primary :(heels, (',)lieges, univ(,rsities that will insure i:.e I)lessings of achristian education, i,,.' tl.eoretieal and practical, to ou|' children. At t o seine time it must he our ezMeavor that these seho(,ls are, in the matter of seeular educal,ion, if(,rim' to none in the country; that they are 1,osi(tes. conducted in such patriotic spirit, a .ot ta justly invite even a shadow of eritimsm. F',)r the achievement of this end we have ttie Departn|(,nt of E,Iuetion. Ne, xt, the education of the schooIs is to be mlpplonmnt(l hy the educati(m through press arm literalure. In orm "way or another the Yfc wish our readers to know that the com- munication in the present issue, under the head- ing "The Irish Republic an Accomplished Fact," has gone into the columns of The Guard- tan with our full knowle.dge and permission. It might be gentler in tone, but it is good to see an Irishman's soul armtsed in defense, eL' his mother country. ' We were not conscious, however, of making an attack on Ireland in our editorial of two weeks ago ; and had we not always had the most kindly feeling for the h'ish people, diplontic" tact would have prevented us from appearing in pri:nt, with the. expression of our pe, rsonal ophfion. We were aware at the time that our ,views were not shared by the majority of our Irish friends.. I]owever we argued that with v friend one c, an afo'rd to discuss a touchy subject nmch nmre easily than with an indif- ferent person. As a matter of fact, we calculated that our editorial would provoke opposition,, and we re- .oieeA, by anticipation in the fact that we thus would be instrumental in bringing before the :readers of The Guardian, many of whom may 1)e puzzled over the Irish problem, all tlmt can be said in favor of the Irish republic. Neither we nor they, we are sure, have a desire og o  (P  r sisting (.nliht(.nmcnt or conmfitting the sin ot' impugning the known truth. It is" only fair, however, to remark, as will have appeared to the careful reader "of our (,ditorial, that we took "Sinn Fein" in its recent d, t,olmlar eomotatmn, as synonymous with Irish B.epublic, when wc asserted that it has done no good to Ireland these last few years, nor was likely to do so in the future,. A more unequivoeal l[e,.(lin-to convey our meaning would therefore have been "Irish Republic or Home Rnle?" It was far froni us to put a lur on the greet serviees rendered to IrelmM I 1,y Irish patriots of the past in the cause of I emancipation. The "Sinn Fein ' of Daniel I O'Connet!l;: for instmme, has alwaTs had otr i unqnalifiel a4nairation. : " ' I  0r ngt axious to prolong this centre-I [o iuspir the lmaple with an unshaken con- fidenee that every crime will be' vited with ([uc punishment. And for the lionor of our vountry, public or)i'n'[on of th(, saner par{: of the eomnumitv should er3'stallize into the demand that everypartaker in a lvnehii/g outrage houht be h|dicteff as: what actually is be- rm'e God and the l'aw of the  e0untry, a mnr- derer.. N. RgO'IANIZATION VI [. Organizath)n,, as applied to human society. means-the linling and co-ordination of" moral forces. ]ndivii'Pual's are, so to say, ll]er/ pote,r/- I, ialitfes, hut when marry individuals are. actrt- ated bv the fbrnt of a' crmnon thought and a common imptffse, th4n we have the promise of mighty aehhwem.rt. This conception of an elementary trtLh l'[es at the bottom ofClmreh and' Stare'and rotnor ,ssoiations for specific lmrposes wi'thi both. The Chholie,Cqmrch is no doubt the, Iargest aud st'l'onest org-anization in all the world. ) t r "a b'rom i:l're Iope, the visihh head of the- hoh, ,Iowa t the bishops, the heads'of the several dioceses an(,[ dmw to the priests, the hads of Um vari'ous parishes, the org'anizatim] is per- fect. But, aft(:r all. the test of its streng'th lies in the, fact whether it actually nmkes the :nultitudes move towards salvation--for that is the purpose of the organization--as the test of the organization of an army is found in its nmk- ing.the sohliers march to victory. Now, while the essentials of fMth and nmrals ere the same for Catholics all over the world. .rid these are, iu(teed, wonderfMIy well attained hy the existing organization as outlined above, caeh emmtry has its pe, euliar problems for the Church ti) face and solve in the interest of both tt:e Chnrch and the State. This requires with. in the larffe.r organization, a re-organization on smaller lines, For the attainnteht of these special ends. It was during the 'ar" that Catholh. Chm'ch in this country first fully realized the! nced, of pushing the idea of 0rganization to the ,,nly 1)renvti against ih:ihstice from her pulpits,, I,ut must muster lier fbrces tocombat ft in actual', tiough m|hh)ody, l:attle. To a('hiew this aim we have the Depm'tment of Rectal Welfare. l"ourtlily; wisdbm suggests that the already , xislin' lay org'anizntions lie co-ordinated s,z li]izod for purposes of n'ati0mwfde scope, vl'ether ii lie that a good that concerns the u hole bodv of CathoHbs is to b(; compassed, or ":bother an evil that fhreatons the who]e oom. ,lunity is to be averted. Tlioso ass,,eiations "re alrea(ly "so roans- hos(-pow(r units wlifeti ;t should not be foe liard so to amalgamate as Io 1)e ablb to wMd theh" c<mfliine.d force w[tli ,remendous efrMimcy in any given enmrgeney. "q'o achieve this' end we have the Deparfment of oeieties and' Lay Acfites. Fina]Iy, the worst curse that cpuld befall the :'h.ureh tould' be barrenness, l[as she not been con mfissioned to preach the gospeI to every creature? Had she. no eyes and ears for the multitudes ttiat are, ye.t crying t'br the Messings el' redemptihn, it 'wmfld" be a sign, not that she ;s (Iyin, but that she is dead. Are we going o (t us l)e put to, shmne by magnificcnt gen- ,rosily of Protestantism for the cause of ntis- ionary worlt?' Let no one say "It is useless to 'ompete witli tliem, for they have the millions which we have not.'! If you Irave faith in the Catholic Church. you will feel sure that God's blessing is mi'ghtier thnn all the money of the ,.-,,rid. Ho,,evo,', i:, , ,nd the lot of furnishing it, in thes( tim(s oil ,ld world l)ankruptcy, has fallen WSleeiallv on I \\;mm'i6a. In orde, r[o elieit the best efforts of[ ,\\;meriean Catholics along this line, we have .: { meriean Board of Catholic Missions, "Theorganization of these Deparhnents." :)ys lhe Pastoral, "is now in progress. To ,omplete it, time and earnest co-operation will 1)e required. The task assigned to each so Nhorims and yet so promisin,, of results, that we may surely expect, with the Divine assist- ante and the loyal support of our clergy and people, to promote more effectually the'MorvJ -,t' God. the interests of His Church, and the] welfare of our country." S. i iiir t i I I QUESTION BC With a view ot iurnisifing in/ormat]on on points of II dimcipline not touched upon in our leading artmltm we a thla co|tram to It. Thoae who arc seeking iformation she qucstios early in the week. Does a peal'son who is aba2tt to recei Comm,uniou commit sin if he smoke.,', wa !,, , Dr.. Ki is it clear that !he sudden af] now evident mouth or cleans his teeth before ,r':cei de-Anglican|: ..... l'zing proces It is permtss/ble to wash the mhfor.ears, " ,. .y eh anse the teeth before going to tloly Cally active , ion. Smoking is not the most reverenti prior to his to do, but it is allowed. 'of history in '[[Was inst22e . .t. his aba on IS there any hope of salvation at aAi;, " v (.'atholic living iu a marriage fo,'bidde'Unnlrtr ('hurck ? [i Oord ant , hurch for whi Absolutely not any,  tthout repenta.n . , giving up the false nmrriage. A person" oaf hSiPsebo: ing in such a life is certain el' going tol" which will 1 hell. '  ' '|cl0sl ch eness of th,  h and the S ' ' - -  I of Christiani' How often, to ao to Confesszonr  ...... r  r, r.m, ne write: _d.,swer: .l?hat depends. .the legisl[ of Rimanism [)ius X about daily communion is gen0lr% and of C t(, (on1( ssmn,1)ut mdeed)m only enlarg :rd s 2::oCh r what,, '.}lasS" always 1)ecn" .: ' Catholic. .-gl:lllt,'lte as p much o l lwre IS no ot)ligation to go to eonfesmotht. Pe ," o , ' ,. ter. In 13 v<hl]st h(.lng accustomed to go to tll:f Church and daily: vet weeldv confession is laudablah spiritualize i'ol]owing classes of frequent commit of fact, th r , been to secu] xvouhl do wisl) to go l[ss frequently I I(,sSlOll :' " l:)ersons of scruDulous, or eve,:,,.r|,.mam J M-'-A, (.onseieme: those whose home duties oitm " Jaues his inte hours, of lal)or would make frequent coe .a.mea,, on ear (>]R'L'OtlS, |'or it often means a couple o5 question H waiting one's turn. I ]]ave come acroSln "America,s p| l'('w daily coInnmnicants who went tois well wort , . '. 1 nt s a fog wh ion only one( a month, bei g relucta t "_9 lo the clientage waitiIg upon an over,..... I,asfor. But the usual eustom is weekly w - - ! sion. 1 wa. born a Lutheran and 1 will When [ was confirmed I swore loyaltYl cl,,,reh in which I was born. What Irish Republit c]ta'tc',% 9 I An A u.s.u'er: No one is born a Lutheran, 0  rednt issue a Catholic, f0'r the Christian 1)irti is the! md an editori m] of 1)3' our Lord to Kieodemus: "Bor[ t er Home FIu (,t' wate,' and the Holy Ghost" (John kh ilnttohattt he h, That re-birth yea :may Imssibly have i'ta e situ ..217' fe in hand Imtheran ministers often baptize validly|lt, as the in who gave them the right to make child,r the editor g ,a oath to live and die in their gtturc,;  Fein has ,," th(, most lnOnstrous things in Protcs ad in the past toi00',i It,,.omd do no wh@h l)r,ffesses to leave-each one free /- his own reHgi(m.  as it disloyal irt ISt._ a a statement 1;o 1,cave JtMiasm? Your loyalty is due lhgence of o and hat means t,idelity to your con:: whicri as I judge 1!rein your letter, t)ebi it,el l'estive under the sla;eerv of that fri oath, amd is yearning for m(re Iight. IR, I!i, that feeling and study Catholicity. en, and ahr le of Irish d, for the firsl Only hy the s own admj insight intc the ca groun that it i le silent alwa sense the' sm i that wrm measur, h people during | mlt. Pein is a ourselve Words I Does th time, and could b( ',.a elerlma 1o elective athersthat educated, that hip' God, but nade and ] " Does flxe nn Fein ag l s? In 181 ic Emanei e "Ashbm Propriet rae since l'ocal'bm : Wt',at is an infallible .o'.,,,ttiow to God's altar? A,usw('f: No single sign, nor any sigas is infallihIe: but yet you may nmrally aad practically sure. can: hardl:y be discussed through the i!ox,. Pick out a priest to your lildng, let g'.,tting some intimate acq hi'n|.' I',th h: the confessional and out, lay him y,mr as'pirations: and I)e patient, rying" qther yourself or him to ntake a And muantime let me advise you to go 1) re commun/on. Be a help t teaelt, etechism to children; join the e(,m: de Patti cont'(u'enee; sell tickets for and' bazaars; lm the pastor's factotum savristy and ot]wr stteh things, and prett s a, you will ge,t as nmch light as you can t i i)y the time you graduate from college:! June your path will be clear. [ A pr,destaut friend, having been urwOV or some houy.: under ether durinq an , /io,u. wa, nts to know if that is not the caZ tl :'verfl)ody aMcr.death until the Day of:'  l'c'lti; he .was inclined to believe thftt suc1  t" a , s' e . if ol 1 An,swer: Your friend's belief is a de, 1 at he wa whie:h Was once ahnost universal among 1; er the ec )rs has fe ants, dating from the Reformation. It 0... as Some el ii,ntIy disposed of the Catholic doctrine.:,. flay  }t" appreeiab ,'.'atm'v and prayers for the dead. But t  Pei has dc realI.: no essential difference between tltl%'t  been rot t] rs England ion of ether and that of a sound dreamt e soul, the h,ep; the soul is not absent from the bah tellect, the ,;ther case. But after death the soul i |] Whiiher' Tell vottr friend to rend tl)e1118e tue h'ish . .I la lh, of l)ix(.s,, and Lazarus for the where,t cPeiner',,. ,n an( 'd' tl,e ,just and the unjust, respectiv_elyi'lh,,i nan'Iai 1031 Ia0 ele, and li diately after' death (%uke xvi, ". )[i|h Views ',bose who at,tt/e time of death are 3us 'I I of England norfect., let him read I Corinthians iii,  have no des Luke xii, 58, 59. Hebrews ix, 27, which s. to solll/, ealle  look| 'tells of the universal first step of il:i* rth e death. "It is appointed for men one[l as, ore, and after this the ;judgment." No on0 a, in spiri arrainged and judged in a_ state of l,l. jt  w a sciousness. I( [li , "' :".: enl!ghtene