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April 10, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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April 10, 1920

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_ of Columbus Society Activities ROCK COUNCIL NO 812 E • i Official Notes. afternoon sessions are be- a set thing and here to stay. t ([_our elastic parliamentary rules it • 2,ible for at least half a dozen to once and not all get a hearing ,*S SOIl  da • L y some of our qnterprising e will probably take out a t t on one great time saving l of discussion and sell his ile , the government for exclus-! i in the Senate and Congress, i [riucing the high cost of legis- about 82 1-3 per cent. It is an !qUestion whether this brother y.aate this to the government as oue benefit and take his place treets. AIN C0N00' Will Be Hel ashington. t. to The Gust rch 29--T shop's Co i hington SeP mn sent out I Gibbons, J policy ad01 dlast year .o the Catholi States s fence will  niversity, meet at call annual of Catholic inst'tution, i held at none had of ibbons is ad program ill )f the N,tional which has vhch will he NationS! I [m latter is ce. Bishop's created be said to L their v'o: . Cathplic sen nt of a . Cmmcil. olic laymeS: meeting al. By the n estimst the the  light fitted by !e Iall of Fame as a public bene- }t or receive a pecuniary reward )ther great invetors. In either Our little society will in all bility have a claim for honor or ent and it is hoped that this .r Will be definitely decided at 8ion next Sunday, together any other perplexing prob- Which no one seems to be able !ale but ourselves. There are, ,er, a few doubting Thomas' who 0t convinced that we have a on pretty near everything that rth knowing, but they are getting ! . . h every Sunday m the exact ratm e increased attendance at these Clasfi May 2nd. }rliminary arrangements are :°Plete for the coming (nit(a- All applications for member- t be presented not later than xt regular meeting, April 20th, the class will close. This class sea to he one entirely different Y class given heretofore, but i reserve this for a later issue[ c0nPlete details are at hand. Special Meeting. [ Will be a special meeting night to pass on and receive and Reconstruction Session at which Bro. Gilmore took the chair for time, was a pronounced suc- of many events entertainment as in the coming After a brief outline of Bro. Gilmore called on Bro. who gave a splendid talk ork of our Order both in and Europe. His inti- of these achieve- all the way from the ' of France to the coun- Supreme Officers, places the foremost ex- 'Columbian(sin. His talk ERY !HE na Will ry School ins,tans. a treat as well as an in- Fourth Degree. Will be a meeting of the As- Tuesday night, April 13th. have something good up mthing out of the for not being a member of we have not been able to What is the particular at- this meeting, as we have Previous occasions, so you to be present to get next. Out A ain. HORRIBLE CONDITIONS Found by Apostolic Visitor Among the Armenians. (Catholic Press Association.) London.--Very Rev. Anthony Del- puch, who is representing the Holy I Father at the Cqnvention of Geneva for the Starving Children of Central ]urope, is a White Father, who has just returned from a most interesting and fruitful visit to the Caucasus, a visit the incidents of which empha- size again the remarkable prestige, with which the Vatican is regarded by even non-Christian Powers. Father Delpuch visited three re- publics, into which the Caucasus has now been divided, those of Georgia, Armenia and the Tin-tars. At Tiflis he was received by a representative of the Govmment, and was given an official auto during his stay. The Gregorians assured him that every faculty would be given to him in his work, that they regarded with the deepest respect the Papal influence, and that they looked towards the Vatican to protect their liberties. At Eravan the receptions were as cordial, when the Visitor arrived by special train, but they were not so brilliant, for the Armenian capital was mourning its massacred sons, and the city was full of refugees who had escaped the Turks, and who were camped in the streets and outside. Within the city there were fourteen thousands orphans; and a terrible de- tail is the fact that every morning a cart used to go through the streets to carry away the bodies of children who had succumbed to cold and hung- er during the night! The Armenian Pat(arch assured Father Delpuch of the good-will of the Government, the members of which accompanied the Apostolic Visitor to his official re- ception in the church. In the Tartar capital the Mussel- man's authorities came out to meet the Pope's representative, and the President asked the Visitor, smiling- ly, why he had so long delayed com- ing. Was it that he was afraid of the Musselmans? Father Delpuch answered that he had lived for thirty years with Musselmans, and had al- ways got on well with them. The Georgian Republic counts some three million subjects; the Arnmnian two million and the Tartar three mil- lion. There are two interesting groups of Catholics: forty thousand in Armenia and twenty-five thousand in Georgia, who have survived, despite the fact that it was in 1845 that the *'Czar Nicholas I expelled the Franciscan missionaries. A question, which needed study and regulation, was involved regarding the Georgian Catholics. Nine thous- and practice the Latin rite; the others the Gregorian• These sixteen thous- and aver, however, that, though their usage goes back to very ancient times the Gregorian rit was fomed on their ancestors, and they desire to be transferred to the Latin rite. The Vatican, always ready t sympathize with national aspirations, is consid- ering this proposal benevolently. ROUMANIAN ,CHURCH glad to know that Bro. E. . ...... Is out and about aain after I Interesting Aaoifion to me National " '  Churches in Rome severe illness, but regret was not made of his " a previous issue. For the Week: Judging another just think few lines: Whom men condemn as ill, so much of goodness still. whom men proclaim divine, much of sin and blot two, where God has not." M. P. M. bI0{00ES'00AN NOTES , March Hanna haS s Altos, unior ;t. Patrick property [ three n the m Snyder as Camden. • , mrs the Percentage attended the been of ',ely Week. the colleg e 0f the feast of the Resur- s. It is Church was beautifully separate With the bright flowers of m the Under the patient tu- Frank Loda the child- tidings Performed extraordinary Le Los ; Was quite in the nature of an ns for to hear their childish :midercd, the grand hymns of Easter. Lt will soo deserving of great credit in efforts with the young to which '. Father Heagney laid spec- Altos on the Collection for the ors who as announced last Sunday. priesthood taken up was $23.50 rnarato llm Was forwarded to the Junior Secretary, Rev. H. H. r final spe Patrick g services consisted of on the "Risen Christ" and and c',inat of the (Most Blessed teal site for . The daughter of Mr. (Catholic Press Association) Rome, lVarch 12.--Rome has now the Roumanian Church. It is the lit- tle Church of S. Maria dells Coppelle in the Piazzi of that name in the quarter of interesting narrow streets and little squares between the well- known Corso and the Tiber in which if, before you know the city wll, you try to walk across to St. Peter's "by the map." Msgr. Lucaciu officiated at the solemn Mass in the little church recently adapted to the' new Rite, and quite a number of Roumanian Catho- lics were present. Msgr. Giobbe also, Rector of Propaganda, which is so busy just now, both his department, the college, which has care of students who have no college of their own, and the Sacred Congregation which has to thnk of innumerable countries now seeking regulation by the cen- tral authorities of the Church in Rome. Msgz:. Lucaciu, who is both Rou- manian Minister for Transylvania and Delegate here for the consideration of a Concordat with the Holy See, preaching after the Gospel, asked all to thank His Holiness in their hearts for his great goodness, and to re- member King Ferdinand, the Bishops, clergy and people of Roumania and Cardinal Mar(n(, Secretary of the S. Congregation of the Oriental Church. MIRACULOUS KEY. d When you hae prayed for your an own intention until you have a head- .in the was baptized Easter ache and there is still no response, ,ssed for ..eext tone time if: t lSday " [try dropping a coin into the poor- Masd will be celebrat-Ibox. Charity is a miraculous key for nta Clara t[ek Orado at h • Mass during the] opening the gift-box of God's fay- , but tx IT' all after seven. , ours. prohibitive i,i] ' THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 1920. I HOW TO BE HAPPY a club or by purchase, husband buying brie from father-in-law. The posi- THfllIGH 0000ARIHi00I} tion of women is changing from sel- .............. .... [dora to partnership, but many a hus- ...... band, whose office has all modern Common Sense Advice Given By a l • ........... i methods, fails to sense the change m very rJuman anu wise mor. t domestic relations. He expects his •  ,, wife to be a female slave--and an This hne of thought came to Uncle .......... Du-- ,, .... I olnamenl;al slave al; lnat---lus prl- re Y o ne ;bos.ton .Globe, upon lvat e drudge and his private dancing a  g an m%mm m the ,copras .. g] r! Magazine, by Mrs. Julia J. McGuire ............. ........... I rrlvnegcs ana l¢esponsmnmes upon ne vravmence o ar]tat trou-I bles. He gave the solution of con- The modern worht demands a change, for women should have both jugal peace in these editorial deduc- tions. How To Be Happay. "By business methods" is the ans- wer of Mrs. Julia L. McGuire, "of- ficial conciliator" of the Court of Do- mestic Relations in Chicago. Mrs. McGuire ought to know, because for the past four years she has been on the seamy side of 125 husbands and wife cases a day--in all, after deduc- tions for Sundays and holidays, 44,- 000 cases--88,000 men and women who found life with their chosen partners difficult, if not impossible. Common 'Sense. In an article published by People's Magazine, Mrs. McGuire sets forth her deductions from the enormous mass of material which has passed through her hands and she finds that sentiment has a hard time surviving "where the common sense of the business world is not a factor in the home." Apply Proper Test. The trouble often begins before marriage, in the method of selection• If a man considers a woman for a I wife he should Apply to her the same ] tests with which he would measure I a prospective business partner. Sel-I dora does he do so. On the other hand, a similar lack of system is common. No woman would select an attorney in the same casual way in which many women choose their husbands. Take Precaution. A man should take he precaution of finding out whether the girl in queshon is able to be happy without the aid of an orchestra, and a woman should remember that the sort of a man who is an egoist in the office will be ten times worse in his ow apart- ment. Relations a Nosey Lot. Even if husband and wife are both of the right sort that does not assure that they will make a "go" of it, for there are many rocks ahead. There are relations on either side or on both, and relations, taken by and large, are a pretty nosey lot. Some couples fail to understand each other bqcause neither realizes the import- ance of telling the tth to the other. And some fail because hey let little misunderstandings develop i n t o estrangements. That sort of. thing would not go in business, where a man must be on the level with his partner. System Needed. Elementary arithmetic s.hould not be left downtown in the office, and yet few men finance their families ]with the same system which they use m earning a living. Home Is Not An Office. No business long endures if the members of the firm insist on taking out all of the profits and leaving nothing for expansion. Home is not like the office; and that is one of the reasons the divorce courts cannot keep up with the tsh. Partnership. The world once belonged to th male sex and courting was done with the privileges and the responsibilities i of partners. A wife has a right to i known how much her husband earns. If she is obliged to wheedle a dollar out of him, it is not surprising that she spend it foolishly. Family Budget. A family should have a budget, sttys Mrs. McGuire, and the partners should apportion the income to the l expenditures. A block of paper with i figures spread over it and four eyes i examining the figures will explain much better than a series of hot words why the new suit must wait and why there cannot be roast beef evmT Sunday. Easy Circumstances. A busness partnership which en- dures has a goal toward which the members of the firm strive. Many a cduple which has struggled in early years to keep up the payments on a house is wrecked by arrival at what is known as "easy circumstances." People who lack  serious purpo and only live on in a daily search for a good time get bored with life very soon. Some of the marriages which break down fail because of real hardships, but more of them--to judge by the statistics--turn out badly because people arc trying to live in marriage the sort of life which could not be a success in any other relationship• 1 Not a Busness Proposition. Being happy though married re- quires liberal application of corn- sense. Marriage is not exactly a bUsiness proposition, but due con- sideration for the rules of getting on with other people is not to be neglected. [ Where husband and Wife regard each other as human beings and look. on the family of which they are the heads as a common interest of su- )reme importance, the divorce lawyer finds no job. CHAPLAIN DUFF DECORATED Catholic Press Cablegram.) Rome, March 20.--Rev. Edward A. Duff, chaplain in the United States Navy, was decorated today by the King of Italy with the Cavalier Order of the Crown of Italy. Father Duff is a native of St. Fran- cis Xavier parish, Philadelphia, Pa. After studying for the priesthood at Mt. St. Mary Seminary, Emmitsburg, Md., he was ordained for the Diocese of Charleston. Four years ago he was commissioned a chaplain, and during the war he was assigned to the fleet of Admiral Sims. CU---T°I)OWN TAXES, SAYS McADOO. The heavy burden of taxes is hav- ing a bad effect on the country, for- mer Secretary McAdoo says. He pro- poses an immediate cut of $1,000,000- 000 in the amount. To make this pos- sible he would postpone for two years the Government's purchase of Liberty Bonds. ,:, ,, :,i, € Service and Ex-Service Men YOUR OPPORTUNITY "Knights of Columbus" FREE EVENING SCHOOL Courses: Bookkeping and Accounting, Stenogra- phy, Typewriting, Cotton Classing, Auto Mechanics, Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing, English and El- ementary Education, Salebmanship, Etc. REGISTER NOW AT r K. of C. HEADQUARTERS 609 SCOTT STREET "EVERYTHING FREE" ROMAN LETTER (C. P. A. Service o The Guardian) American Bishop's Letter. Rome, April 3.--The Osservatore Romano carries a summary of the joint pastorial letter of the heirarchy of the United States, which takes up three columns of that important pub-" ,(cation. Appointments. Cardinal Sharetti has been nomin- ated protector of the Irish College in Rome. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Omer Cloutier, of Quebec, Canada, has been nominated a urotonotary apostolic ad instar. The Acta Apostolicae Sedis pub- lishes a consistorial decree, fixing the canonizations for May thirteenth and sixteenth, and the canonical consistory for May seventh. This consistory will be secret and semi-public; and the Acta'gives notice of it to the bishops of the world, and states that those at- temling from afar will be exempted from their next visit "ad limina." The request is added that such as intended coming, advise immediately by letter the Perfect of Apostolic Ceremonies, 98 Piazza Capranica, Rome, of the . PAGE TI/REE date of their arrival, and their place of domicile in Rome. Some overseas bishops are already arriving. Among recent auidences are those of Rt. Rev. John March, Bishop of Harbor Grace, Newfound- land; and Most Rev. Michael Kelly, Archbishop of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. ,," *" '  raycr-Boo- ]hc  mest 2at]oilc q': .... My Pra.yer.100ook IAPP]NI'.;3 IN GOODNESS i}v key. F. X. I,ASANCE . ] k, ppJncs,' l That is the key- ,olo Of ];atlt:r Lasunce • dream. ] teaches l)y pre- cel,t , poets,y,, a;ad prr.yer how' 1o secure tlm h:tpldnCss which all :a.elt m:t:lG but ".v h ; :h mi:t akdn gcar'dh leads'* so few to fhld. Imitation leather, red edges . $1.25 lmitatlo leather, gold e.dge . 1.60 Amcr. Seal, Ump, gold edges • 2.25 THE BOOKERY' 309 West Second St., :Little Rodk,,Ark. , ,f, Training School for Nurses & at ......... Joseph's Intirmary Hot Springs, Arkansas " ' Three Year's Course 4pply to .Sister Scholastica St. Vincent's Infirmary LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Training School For Nurses Conducted by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth LARGEST HOSPITAL IN THE" STATE Offers exceptional opportunities for experience and tratning in all alasses of nursing to young women desiring to vocationalim in this nobling and remunerative profession. The Sisters of the Infirmary and the able medical mad surgical staff connected with them, provide a Three Yem's' course of theoretical practical and modern training, fitting the graduate for mteceaful futtire effort in all classes of nursing, both medical and surgical, and all cases pertaining to general hospital work. The Infirmary is acknowledged to be one of the beat eqpped, in- stitutions in the South. It has a capacity of 250 beds, I00 private rooms and about 5000 patients are treated annually. The class is now being formed for the Fall Term. ,Appl!can must have one year of High School or the educational eqmvmsu, anu rommendation from reputable parties. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS,ADDRESS. :, , Sister Superior00 ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY Tenth and High Streets LRt]e Roe.k. Ark. Cheer.ful, .,H.00elpfut,Bool'£ YOUR SOUL'S SALVAIION i  , , . , ,, .,,-, iNSTRUCTIONS ON PERSONAL HOLINESS ly REV. EDWARD F. GARESCH]. SJ. For Religious there are many manuals of holy living; for the Catholic man or wonran in lho world there, are comparatively few; fewer still that deal with life as it is lived at the present time. Father Garesehe's book supplies this nee(1. It is full of practical suggestions. It is interesting, cheery, full of edification and inspiration. OTIlER BOOKS BY FA22tEIt GAtllLSC|If'; The Most Beloved Woman Your Noighhdr and Ynt Your Interests Eternal Each, net, $1.25. Sent postpaid for $1.35 309 WEST SECOND EmEET THE BOOKERY, Ln00t00. 00.ocx, :i !i:' i, i' :} i: !: !