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April 10, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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April 10, 1920

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PAGE TWO THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 1920. t. ! ..... - ....... of l !!! χ ch aq : :. "&apos;i" ...................................... i SOCIAL AND PERSONAL ' , ,| octety _ , ........ urch Calen r Mrs. GT:ge Daeahrer oti:rn.eaIol A REVELATION ,, . .... The smaller checking accounts ar given  i -- is the gu st o , '. --  , the most careful detail attention at this   Official Jennie Harding. Holy See Asked German War Aims NEX 7 WEEK l ay afternoo Prio to August, 1917. SUNADY, APRIL 11 ............................. First Sunday after Easter bank, where good service is the rule.  a set thing SICK CALL SETS---Home Necessity. The Bookery, S09 W. 2nd, St. I (Catholic Press Association) P Rome, March 9.--A revelation of Mrs• Ned Campbell will arrive the Herr Bethman Hollweg gives us yet laer part of the week to visit her]another glimpse of what might have mother, Mrs. Thos W. Newlin Sr. happened, if the voice of the Holy .... - .... Father had been listened to (luring EVERYTHING CATHOLIC for self, the war. It is concerned with His friend and home may be secured at! Holiness' approach to the German the Bo.okerT, 309 West Second St. 'Emperor (luring the summer of 1917. , ---- The Get2nan Chancellor's tale is in Allen C- McCabe of Columbia, O., h r,,; .... -0 m attending the bedside of h s slstej, Msgr. Pacelli had recently been ap- Mrs. A. G, iMoes, at the home of his pointed to the nunciature at Munich, mother, Mrs. M. D. MeCabe. which meant for the wtmle of Ger- CIGAR MAKER WANTED--Union many; and he did in fact send through scale, steady work. Hoyt Bros. Cigar to the Emperor a warm appeal from Co., Clarksville, Ark. 1 3-13-3t the Holy Father for peace. But, as ]peace is a concrete thing in such Mrs. James T. Hornibrook will en-cases, it was necess',try first of all to terrain at €rds ot q[Mesday afternoon, ! have sonle concrete idea of Geranally's April 13 fortkebemefit of the Cathed- I aims and intentions. Msgr Paeelli ral Aid. All friends are cordially in- I endeavored to get this from the Chan- sited. I cellor, and failed as His Holiness,HI- MONDAY, APRIL 12 ...................... St. Julius I, Pope and Fonfusor TUESDAY, APRIL 13 ..... = ...................... St. Hermenegild, Martyr • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14 ............................... St. Justin, Martyr THURSDAY, APRIL 15 ............................ St. Crescentia, Virgin FRIDAY, APRIL 16 ....................... St. Benedict J. Labre, Confusor SATURDAY, APRIL 17 ................................ St. Anlcetus, Pope RESURRECTION OF CHRIST [ IITV illl41Hll • EVIDENCE AND FAITH J ............. .l   r / Evi--ence ' [ DIREC:ORI When the first report of the re-J Hours of Dcvo.ion surrection reached the Apostles they  St Andrew's Cathedral corner regarded them as dreams and did not iSeventh and Louisiana streets--Sun- believe them. (John 19-34.) Yet intdays: Masses at 7, 9 and 11 (high); spite of this skepticism which refused ]evening services at 7:45; First Fri- to believe till convinced by indisput- [day evening services at 7:45, Rt. Rev. able proofs, all of the Apostles were Men. Thus. V. Tobin, RectoI; Rev. H. soon rejoicing in the triumph over Ill. Wernke, Assistant. Residence 617 death of their Master, and proclaim-]Louisiana street. Phone 399 Main• ing His resurrection as an evidence[ of His divinity and of the truth of I St. Edward's Church, corner Ninth His teachings. They had beheld the and .Sherman streets -- Sundays: indisputable proofs and were convinc- Masses at 7, 8:30, 10:30 (high); even- rout elastic pal ible for at le The checking aeenunts of small businesses solicil td°Ceomnd no of rS will prob !t on one grc Union and Mercantile to the govel tse in the Sen T C Tlucing the l about 82 1-3 rust ompany ,0000.oo |0aate this to •  }blic benefit al  Second and Lomsiana Street i'Sall of Faro, !f or receive a .0ther great im .}t Our little so hllity have a q ?eat and it i ..... r Will be def --- l teSsion next !ILE FIELD BISHOPS AGA| t illaay other rU/ /(I]Idl[Vhich no one F0100 THE BIGOTS ,, .... • ][-,e but ourse S e e eh t =o00m°g°=:wW'L00o00f An Annual Event. Pretty ne (C. P. A. Service to The Sunday Waslington, March creased at Baggage lmuling, plowing and" first l class house cleaning. M-5955. Call for Arthur Hunt. 2-27-2t HOLY WEEK boks--all .the de- I vot!ons of Passion tinm---in English, t will be on   the BOOKERY. Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Sezymanski and his children, and ister, Miss Pauline, left Thursday overland, for Lexing- ton, Ky., where they wi'.l visit their ways failed every time that he set , • ing services 7:30; Friday evening • ed. "[hey had seen the Sawer: and ser- hmself to the problem next lns heal% • " .'" . • the circumstances under which Christ the sholenlng of file war, in wllc'h . . " . . " . . appeared after His resurrection prove hm children were kflhng hs child _ " . " " " .- that the disciples were not deceived. ten Wth egald to future cond • • • '" " " " He was seen not only by the Apostles tion, disarmament, arbitration, and - * - .........  ....... h-n five • J bu uy llli,lty, vvelt uy Huru t, , more definite things, such as Belgium • ' Jhundred brethren at once. He ap- and Alsace-Lorraine, nothing definite[,.w, t ,e .hr ,n hut -nr.fttfrllv could be obtained  .......... " ..... ' ......  ..... " ....  " . I during forty days, till His ascension. It wa ne time o mlmors in thc l,   " .......... • i rte spoke ann am VglUU Ills Olsclples Entente countries of tile Holy F atl " ' " • "' "land slloed them the marks of His ct's wolklng for peace on behalf of "" " ' "l wounds and commanded them to Austria--v,'hich lmors, absurd aS[touch those sacred scars vices at 7:30. Rev. Maul"aS Rohner, As It Appears To Our More Northern 0. S. B Pastor; assistant, Rev. Plus and Self-Styled Modern Brethern. Zroyssi, O. S.B.. Residence 813 Arkansas Not So Rampant, but herman. Plone M. 5089. Open to a Few Religious Bash- Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, whackers. [ Ninth and Marshall--Sundays: Mas. ies at 8 and 10 (high). Rev. P.H. "The New World" of Chicago holds for the second Bishop's Boyle, pastor. Residence 1615 W. a copy of "Opie Read" on the editor's to be held in Washington Clasd M NinttL Phone 4411. des and when there comes a story of 22d and 23d, has been sent Prlirainary a the South old and forgotten "Opie" Eminence, Cardinal Gibbons, for 1 St. Bartholomew's Church (cololed) is introduced as a starter. Nevertlle- cordance with the policy applicati( ,, ,, , " mas o Fathe ohn Hu hen onlen, even those v, ho dedicated at" ne'" '"'ew apltat ........ notei -in, essay' The Vat,can, Kome,• March 7, 1920. , VALUE el FOREIGN. MONEY. funeral .8 f r J  g % "  " • : ......... 0"0 ! E--iscoal so|icitude for Poland has! -- Superior of the Paulis Fathers. their lives to tile servme of thexr evemng wnln  at-en{l oy go  l,- v - I , • "" " " ' chu ch " " * " o meted to ome r ee unsDeakabl immoral - " -' ...... : been shown on all occasions b-" thel ql'e I,mtmh pound is not as cheap Hm attentl n was art . . ' , • Y • Irienas ox the momners. , on m , ' • ..... a;,, ions the Alum-ae'Vatican Monsignor Ratti, the Panal as it was, measured in American of the snlendid bok. and pamphlet We wonder if three hundred and / . " . " ....... i xr__.:^ "_, , ........ ,-,i-,, in the J money. It is ranging around $3.81 that one'can find there for sale in the eight3-five Protestants in that corn- proves nemaelves wonuerxui Hostesses .u,,u , ** ""' "" .....  " ': "" " " • """ " ....  " " " " " "" "" " be sole' - tern ted __. ^, _.a each egt with the war name of the whole di,qomatic corns of to ;6.o, :lor ovCoay ores, a rme oI vestibule; ne ootamea anca sent a cw munlw woum no • w p • .,u.,,.,,.,..,-.. ,,,,’s- ............. " •_.:. h_ ;,: ,.. a.- ..a - . thalf a doUar from its lowest. De- select ones to her. I to take tile law in their own hands. mest corftlallvy, ln music Wtts eh-lW-- .v , . u=a., aau, .t .st- ,. • . I . , . ............ ll-- fine ' -ratulatin- the Chief of the Polish ' mand ermg ha. lately touched In this eastern hospital quarters for seeing themselxes powelless of any ,celtent ana ne ltoor tn unusut y g g s c r.-, ,, • ' o . , • I 9 • ................ t-'i- "l--" 1-- w: '--' -'--" - " [93.7o':t. I rancs are still down, 1..70 vocational aals were nor axatlable. I other remedy. Of course, t de- -confllElOn• Ine proceeoa Will De lopuol C, b tu, l llU lsaeo rolUllU I10U ... " .... I . ' . ..... - - .. .. * , ,, ...... to I " They lived in the civ THe cnapxamtpens on wnose ox ]s goreo, tlut ne added to the fund for cne _m'se.s onty gooo years, ouu gooo ano gtor- " , '-" "" " "" "'i- -t'- Iious centmies of -ros- lit', " ,,You f ..... suggested to her to call on the Sisters conlparison is a fair one." .,, .... ,, . , .L, tSE FOR THE ,X-RAY. who conducted an academy close t.o, ---- Ire resent, ne a(ltle(1, a grea people ..... I ""':--': " ..... I''P ............. i's .... a -eonle ] ' --- i her residence, thus site wouhl be able i 'GREEK BISHOPS IsenenL uarl t arty• j b/lat, 1 4 a lllillbyr uy L y.,b;  t- k" [ I-  • . z, ....... ln,l;  .€ } .............  ^" a luiracle b,, its resent at a I The Journal of Electricity tells of o nlee some o[ ae yuu,g ....... " *1 mrs  U JLrlen, flLrS la t) LI"u " J" ' [ • r n  t , n w usesfo tlle X Ra It l founet the clt She began a sc ms of  br e Expulmon of the Turks From chins were hoss at tt benefit card unique moment of its glorious his-1 e •" - " Y" '" I . " " .... istet i; :uidanc [ ....  " :" ' " ' • . ...... - - *^--,, nor- useful in inspect'ng lumber I strucctons unoer zne  ." • 'r g e. Uonslantlnople. , art at the, lmme ot mrs. nwaru v,y. . [ a .... 'Ben , on Tuesday afternoon, which ] Poland, emerging from the shadows, Hklden kno's, resm-l.ackets, cracks. [. She was .°rdeledrneSh°?lYrew af,,erwar!! JXol.K Ior ,'c' ........ rres: :"- -A.uc,,o.t,:^-' , to a cam In no rn ]o o,l hole, are clearly revealed t P t was attended by 120 guests• Bridge, of war, with approximately 35,000,- ." " "' s . . ' - sister, Sebastian at the St. Joseph's .............. Sixteenth and bIarshall streets--Sun- less, the New World covers the fact the initial meeting last year be presen ney wele, ne to(y ee neernees ]n the meetm of the Cath m( /nfi,nnrv qPh wtl l,-r ,rn t, • . .... s l Even the enemies of Christ had tin- ,days: Masses, 7:30 and 10:30 (ltigh); of libellous circulation, not alone for " g " g _ .......... -" ---- ......... ,- -- elgned to mlOW your corresponoent • •  • • arc f the United States a, class will T.,w,,h FI^,4a- χ- --e *'-lr .......... I wittingly taken measures tlmt proved, l evenulg .ervces at 5:30. Rev• J. J. the South, but also as we know, fox hy o .. t ........ , .... • °" "" "'" to Hen iormatt ann it was tile time e o fee will l home. .  Y..  Y... ....... ]further evidence to establish the fact Steinhauer, S. V. D., Pastor. Resi- the very effete North and East. event. Th c. n r.nce. . to be one • __ ot eouot In elmany JlXCn .lea :[of I{is resurrection. They made cer- dence 1615 West Sixteenth street. These same grafters find "suckers" at the Catholic Umversty,  class giv, cnanges oI tr, anceuols tsu ne e tees of which will meet at t reserve this A CRUCIFIX IN EVERY CATHOLIC., •.. . .. ".. , ',e [ rain that he was really (lead before Phone M. 2994• '- in every postal zone, and for this " " at 'eoraPlete deta HOME--(I years at nen " ac a nyume even acer me!they allowl His body to be taken -- reason do we put the case in the ]time. The second call mar, lloiy v atnel s veace Note ot August I fom the cos even om to the ex St Patlck's Churcll Noth Itt,' recogmtmn of the annual coa THE BOOKERY, 09 W. 2nd Street [ '" " . . ' , ' " ..'; . g " g - , '" , : ' -'" - words of the Chicago editor. [ " " •   Special 1 of the sanle ear, even after Jng s reels   olC : Will be a Y cuss of mrcm Hm bed th a Rock, Seventh and Cypres st to duss matt , of Ca h - [ .... ' '- " . ..... '-, "l "'" p' ." g • y ," " s . • -- IIow the Thing Is Done. [ ". ..... rs ' : " : ,aY night to p, lan(l s snowing the varies11 1.118t r.Jle • , Bah Drmam o und s Mas s at 8 and 10 (lu h), ,, as a ermanent lnst tutxon Y " g, [ . "" " " '" ,, . j qpear, after having pronounc.d him S .Y : -='' g " Below the Mason Dixon Line [ " P • " .:_ cations. A baby boy is the latest plaything : obstacle was that' they com' - ge no [ dead Moreover, knowing that Jesus evening .ervices at 7:30. Rv. A., thlnr, s,,. are done a little ' differently.. ,. t the .fir:;t meeting lleld at ti lhthootl and In the home of Doctor H W and[statement of Gcrman:'s lntcntmns, Demur 1 Pastor Restdenc 700 verslt last veal none had I • . . • . . . • "s . [had prophesied that He would rise g', - "" '  The trains slow up, and men slow[ y , . ..  I oeial Sessit Mrs. Browning at 1810 Main.St. Born, e:pccmlly. . regarding, Belgmm, and [ after three.. (ta,,s .... az a ,.nreeaution )l;ve street., Phone M. 4102. . , ...... -own Tinle has sme si *s .......... ...... I since, the Council. .°f 13ali. W. Gilmore t( a 1 t SL VI e ' Hxs Itollness fulthel approached tel St Ma s Cqlulch North l tt,e which Cardinal Gbbons as @ M reh , a "nc nts Infirmary. i  • " '"" " "  . " ., against the possibility of His body • " 'Y " ' .  but not a great deal. Men are in-[  "t time, was , d child ver well Duct t Gelmm on that subjecb--even tnen Rock I, fftcenth and Moss st[eet I smw]v]ng member ' Moth#er an " y " . o" "  ' . being stolen by His friends or of any ., " • . ;' . s-- , clincd to live in the past, and not in]" " " " . .forerunner still smiling, nothmg defnnte coul:], be gnt,. (,;e.n- other deception influential Jews ha(! ,un(la. •s: Manses at 8 and 10 (hgl); [the present. Prejudices (lie hard and ] Between now and the .cony I or Your , • ___ Jingly because the mmtary a(t tney demanded cf Pilate that a uard of evening services at 7:30. Rev. Peter]b;=otr_ i'- s-*--1 ^ °-]-o^ls ,re]the conference a program . ,. st. ymcens Aid. ,, Iwould achieve vlctor3 by force alone. Roman soldiers be stationed at the v.rto,lzwj. Pastor. Residence StX-]not nlentiful and i,nor'lnce is ram-t °uthned" Ths will undoubte l,; llatructionAfter a l: St. vincenvs ia ociew wilt meet Anyhow the ncident is one more ..... _ ._:,^ ^€ +. ......  ^€ It.,enth and Moss streets. Phone M. I ." ...... " " --• - .. I clud discussion of the pros 'as Pro. Gilm ..,  ,. I, . .. . , . .. . , ... ,. ,. nr:,*-. -- t,,: o, ,, u,,,,, ", " " ' " ' i pant. the nurcn is wlnoul; ;ne ...... at tne infirmary monoay auernoon a bit oi ew(tence o now ts rtounes, .. .... d *- o - --r-ir - of the 686 ..... I the work of the National 9 ^,_^=. ' I , .... • -.-_ ,-.- :... "'"'", """ "" " " o,, .  ,, • !_" .... __ ...... t power ana prestige oi numbers, an(t  ' ' h who ga o o t; was atways rymg xwn eornpl'c'Le HH- to'.nb, and the icy grip of death Jesus [ ................................. i so a fertile field is here for corn- ] Welfare Council, which has ! of oul ' 1mrtml ty and unfailing pelmstence , COURTESY/ WINS k SOUI  I maugu,ated, and hch will I  _"'-'.. I " . .... "s : ."*.-- came forth on Ea.;tcr morn to fhe[  " [merciali;ed hater of the Catholics. " "" ' " , and E .... ’m .crate._ _ [ even m the zace o cmumny antt m- ’"stonishmcnt even of His Apostles; I * ---- ', The other day there came into a] the activities of the Nation,a). ars. J. J. urnoeelaio, Mrs. Herman:salt---in his God-given mission, to ,  , .................. I ..... , " , , ' ;Way Council The latter iS ''   " ' manlle:;ulnt, l-llS (llVlnlV uy the iUl- Un :t COl(I, ralnv algal ill lle Wlrlel•;tovw1 oI wenw r.dlousana neop[e a " • I,ensing, Mrs T Chichester and Mrs. Isave the world from it,elf " " ....... e , md b the ....... '   t ......... 'go out of exi.qtence. . ' .... " " ,,, , .  ,  .... illllnent el ne propn .c [ y ( I], an army chaplain was reuu "n- SDeciallv nrineo ani-anolie DaDer. ; onlsa euer, wm eontmc a roo ................... - .... t Since the first Bishop's .......... I ' . dlsotay el ,ne miraculous power re ins t.o his pot on a sree car AS iConyin after another, now nartiMlv: a[e a’tne onergan sx)ro on -m-aln  !O1 .NI) I E ',D.q •  ' " ' ........ the committees it created .... ........ t ....... , ..... E which He had repeatedly as the car app.'oached the post, a young i defunct it was a tissue of black lies sreer, auroay, _pral u, arom tu a. CENTR ,L EUROI" ........... • " • " -. ' " " " ized and may now be said , ..,  ..... ! , " ne  nat creaenuat ot rtis mss]en, lady of elegancy ann rcxmenaen, em- and blacker libels T]'is naicular 111. unl;ll O p. m. n alnusuany iine ..... [ *" '  ..........  Fa;th nloyed by the governnlent as an art-town had only three hundred and jtioning, although their  assortznen’ ot nome cooea zoo(! wm ith 35 Million Catholics Ranks As " • • .  - ." • • I • • • . ...... o ,.+ ......... . ,;, 'Phe  W ' " _ ..... The fact of the resurrectmn wth 1st ]n ,he voca.tmnal trmmng wolk, I eighty-five Catholics, evidently not I fully under way. Cathplic ::.::',;'5=’l:t:i t_ i mportant t'llurcn enter. rope ts significance for Christian faith, -.,q<ed the chaplain where she should enough to create any great disaster, ! activities have been co-ordb ;;?A"£nd .................. OltCltons. Ila.q providentially come down to us get off in or(Ier to reach her quarters, even though so willed, among twenty! the establishment of a --  m ] proved by evidence adequate to such [ Thn mrfl)reIIa she earthed offered: thoutand peoile The burden of the Catholic Women's Council. C P A Selwce to The Gt lla_n) (   scant rotectton to the mcr(aslng ram  1 Catltral ,.chool Outing • • • " " ' " a militly important event. The i" " P " " '" s" " • part'cular sheet was the old famil'ar project for Catholic ]aymO h:Si(lered at a meeting so . ' ...  o ..... ' The interest of Pope Benedict in Apostles x,.'e intolligent and l'eli,ble She was a new arrival at lhe post, atoll one" It was using the vaunted free'ibeMoatish the capital. By the l"le 'emlren ol t. norew s .  • ' • •  " " " re s ( he homesick-' " .... o ......... the fortun(, of tbe reeonstruct..d Re- eve-watnes:;es of the l'sen Lord. Theu" I the ram but mc a.e I .... ., dom of the press to the last degree. acnearat scnaot enjoyea nelr annuat ..... -" I • he felt l • . ... . ......... pubhc of Poland ,IS flccted m ,us slowness to believe the malwcl except,ncss that s .  Meetings were to be held, copies of " ps meet an estimatei aser outang a rmasm e]gnts on[  3'€ " I • • i , achievements of the Welfa Tuesda, last Baseball and basket:personal message to General Id.ud- upon evidence of thcfir own senses, i The chaplain gave her a run coat the paper were to be spread broad- • . # ...... I ski, Cl ief of the Polish State, the shows that they were as little moved land saw that she was properly d;rect- !cast, subscription blanks were to be may be made in the light ' nail were tim gre attraexions, witn. . " xlli " h " st been received .... ".'' I   -  ' " . ..... " .... ........... I ex o ' cn as ju. . • by tne imnume oz emnusiasm as is e(t o net quaroers. I generoumy aisrioutetL ann tne rascal ports to be submitted by t] tamer wernme striving to umpire .... a,hin ton ." , , ..... " .' - • I , . ..... . . , . ,, : . ,. committees. v,'tthout" favu.,^--w' *'e ''^J',, . o,,o or the -ixls.. Im w s g . . the me,Hera mnmc observer.. THeir l- I the next day she callect upon. ana I in cnarge, oi au was to. reeelve ms From the noise made on the trolly] Upon his l'etuta fronl Rome, wluch truthfulness and sincerity are mare- thanked the chaplain for his kindness, precious rewald. Against such a MISSAL for EVERY DAY' c.ur return the tiffs won -i he recently visited, Cardinal, Kakow- fested in their whole conduct. Though ,and came to Mass the foIlowing Sun-. crusade we are. of course, llelpless. English at THE BO01 ski, Archbishop of Warsax, by dwec- a mghtly important event. The ,clay As time went on, she came t }One scamp of tlus Ilk was killed be- --. t,.v .oq [ tion of His Holiness, presented to [ plactling of the resurrection of their Jthe chaplain with her post difficulties; i cause he persisted in maligning the JUNIOR COLLEG1 ........ General Pflsudslo an autogTaph letter M'aster wouht lead to their ovn oer- tho question of rehgo was neve virtue ef all Cathohc omanhood.  e 2akn 2k-ItS WI| no'fi gquli-e(l :O IO- . . ! . . I .... .... Y ......... together wth a portrait of Pope Ben- I secutmn and death, v,'th the dwnelv ,mentmned by ether. I do not wsh to advocate thin sum- Archbishop Hanna Will' cute ne hearts ox ,oemr A. ai. ann " I x,o I  ,_q r,,,t _th .qt 1,ot le&ct" The letter reads: !fearIs: strength of men who know I Shortly after this, she was ordered mary procedure, but as man to man Preparatory School ,,'"'' ;:''.n' bo--='C"haem' the i "To the Most Eminent Chief of the that they proclaim a truth transcend- by tle govetment L,o an eastern hos- let us put it this way: Suppose in a Seminarians. • ",',h "', M;--- ose Maya, The : Polish State, Commander Joseph Pil- [ently great, the Apostles continued tOpital for tuberculou patients; she vi::- community of twenty thousand peo- do:tor's'l;e-'t is of alth and 'sudskV, We'send Our Apostolic bene- preach everywhere the resurrection, ited the chaplain befo,e leaving, and ole, of whonl more. than nineteen San Francisco, March happiness at No. 71 diction as a testimonial of Our high- t;II one by one, they laid down thmr !asked for a rosary and to be instruct- thousand were Cathol m that an antx- Pev.,Archbishop Hanna haS est res. pect. and as an earnest of the lives as ..... malyrs for the divin'ty, of ed in the manner of saying'_ _ it. Protestant lect-urel' came; ann sup- ed a site near Los Altos, Dance bv St Vincent's Alumnae ,grace, We wish for him and for the t Jesus Christ. I The chaplain, being in Ncv York, pose further, that the sole topic of County, for a Junior St "incents Alumnae gave a dance whole of Poland. t ' (.luring the early summer, attended the hm trade was that all Pltestant affiliated with St. Patrick Menlo Park. The property 703 acres, located three Mountain View in the ish, known as the Snyder l the cost price was Ca- For several years the e e Percenll Menlo Park has been eve t or ttoly ll with ztudents of the college' i:°lor of fhel nary departments. It is nee by His race to separate ., tory college from the P 1 ,He. Und and theological dcpa00o0000 :rect suitable buildings for V_ll. lt°ir errol students on the Los er AltOS 9L i t Was quill No (lefinite the'.J.  l'ation h'l plans for !t:  h have yet been co;laidc.'rcd, b g did p!. t t n wllehiiitl: nd;S:l college on the st: new 1 ..acled purp dedicated " " ,Jitro' llas Fath- i When the Los Altos Colb,.i._-ss on th el ]pleted, the juniors who '-a!_ ry as annl ]study for the priesthood "e:tao, nt tak'i their seminary pronaratot _ aala W-o 1 six years at the $ml•r tl[l  s 8ecre'l passing, for their final speC;!e. • ! etn: ::k t. St. Patrick S .,:gon Ste'l Altos make  The terOg!'iUfant da lional in.-titution. e worl-''_ ' a. Rucks uiruay for , " ti '.' ra q tt " ;Sometimes a log is seen to have] deeply bedded in it. [ OBITUARY J 500 and Euchre/ were played, and seven handsome prizes awarded to the high score winners. Those winning Cqe trophies were: Bridge, Mrs. WiN Uam Hazan, Mrs. 'r. J. McCarthy, ! Mrs. Chris Imdwidge, Mrs. Gus Fulk 1 and Mrs. Brandon; Five "Hundred,! Mrs. H. S. Tllrner. At the conclusion l of the game de:clous ices and cake' 1' was served. The proceeds will be O00 of people, take rank as the most important Catholic countly of Central Europe. At the present time it is confronted by gtat difficulties, due to the lack of food and necessary supp]fes; but its natural resources m'e so great--consisting of oil, timber, coal and other commodities--that its restoration is only a nmtter of time. Because of these natural riches and Nora 'a, tricia Epps. ..'.rora P4ttricia Epps, the 3 1-2 year- (?d daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. I donated to ;the Catredral Aid fund. the favorable trade situation it oc- Epps, died at 1.2:35 Saturday morning, cupies, it will probably constitute the -t a local hospital." Survived by her Mt. St. Mary's Alumnae i nucleus around which the reconstruc- parents, one sister, Winona, and one Mr. St..M'y's Alumnae Associa-tltion of Europe will crystalize, once brother, Brandon. The remains were tion Will meet aster 9 o'clock mass ipoace is restored and the menace of[ taken to the family residence by on Sunday, ,April 11, at Cathedral ithe Bolshevik armies is removed. Healey & Ruth. Funeral serivccs in hall. As this will be a vaT Important i , , ........... J charge of Rev..P.H. Boyle, held from meeting all rnmbers ae urged to bei :-CK CAI,I,,SETSHo]ne Necessity, [tle residence at 9 a. m., Monday. present. J The Bookery, 3uv w. zna, t. Burial in Calvary. (duty there. The chaplain hh::el,; h:': [ !also been ordered to other pots anal i .had lost all knowledge of her where- iabouts The chaplain of the camp I where she had been seqt met her and i finihcd the insLuCion, bapt!zing lwr i fill Soptember, 1919. It is curious that a little act of good manner: in offering thiq lady the raincoat should have been God's means i of startin her c.anvcrsion. It is also curious that Ihe two chaplains should e t have aftorward met wholly hy chanc , and thus have felicitated each. other on this lady's conversion.--(The Mission- ] ary.) MISSAL for EVERY DAY]MASS "n Engl'ib at THE BOOKERY. Lo:.don, March 12.--The Greek biMm.)s are making urgent demands for the expulsion of the Turks from Ccnstant"nople. There is a "cea:;o for this, apart from the praution cf Christians, for the Greek Sch!smat'c Church desires to claim the great Church of Santa Sophia, and will be f supported in its desires by the Protes- tants, should the Turk be expelled, Ctholics, will not be supine in this! regard, for Santa Sophia was a Cath- olic Church, when Constantinople was l taken by the Turks; and it should be O'e most equable in the returned to the only Christian Church, scenery unsuvassed for not to one of the numerous sects. 3esuit Fathers at one I erect a new Santa Clara -ICK CAIJ, SETS--Hmne Necessity. ,,ear I,o Altos, but tt  The Bookery, 309 W. 2nd, St. , found the cost prohibitiver:!| , )!::!