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April 9, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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April 9, 1943

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$175,000 Realized In First Week Of Kn00hts 0f Columbus Bond Raii Official Record .,u0000-ure - LADY OF GUADALCANAL". Show High Point Women Of Bolivia To Send Statue Of Good Counsel Of Virgin Of Copacabana To Bond Booth At Worthen's P.T.A. Mee,, Wed. Rio A, S00i00i,ual Amba,,o00 Little Rock.The Good Coun- La Paz. (tC)--Bolivian Catholic the Church of Copacabana. sol P.T.A., will meet Wednesday, women will send to Brazil a faith- crown is to be made in At the regular meeting of the the W. B. Worthen Company, April 14th, at 2:30 p.m., in the ful reproduction of the image of The famous Brazilian Knights of ColumbUs, 609 Scott Bankers, has extended the court- school hall.  the Virgin of Copacabana, to be Copacabana is named in St., receipts totalling $!75,000.00 esy of a bond booth to be placed A picture show explaining the venerated at Rio de Janeiro as the Bolivian Virgin. were officially reported. To have in the bank on a date to be desig- Tuberculosis skin test will be a "permanent spiritual ambassador vout Portuguese carried a received official record of the half- nated by the banking firm. shown to the mothers and chil- from Bolivia." of the image to Rio de way mark in the bond drive was All the Knights are deeply ap- dren. A report on the Junior Red Ana Moldis de Ells, President built a church there. encouraging to the entire mere- preciative of this splendid gesture Cross and Junior Victory Vol- bership, and it is with renewed en- . , , ,, . , . . . . , , , . , . unteers will be given. The nomi- of the Committee of Women, says a Church was built in the the Committee agreed to a cam- of the city where the thusiam that the Little Rock Coun-, : Readers are asked to clip * hating committee will be ap- paign for donations from all Bol- is venerated. oil looks forward to completing * the receipt from the opposite * pointed, ivian women to bear the expenses ::= " their $300,000.00 drive ahead of* Buy-A-Bond Compaign Page * It is hoped %hat a large number schedule. * and give an" Knights of Co- * of mothers will be present for nationalf the projeCt,movement.thus making it a Abbey In Belgium In cooperation with Council 812, lumbus Council credit for * this regular meeting of the P.T.A. Destroyed By Fire z : : One of the most famous sculptors [*your bond purchase. Any* PROGRAM of Bolivia will make the reproduc- By George Barnard il* ited States Post Office, * tion and it will be dressed in one London. (IC) The NATIONAL CATHOLIC :l L* Bak or agent authorized to * _ ][*Sel government bonds will * (Continued from page 3) of the authentic mantles preserved tensian Abbey at Aberbode, llttlm4, [[ * glflly fill out your receipt. * come out of the war will differ in the Sanctuary of Copacabana. glum, has been destroyed  [[* For additional receipt * in many respects from the world A committee of Bolivian women according to a Vatican  "t n,,a, I[* blanks write The Guardian * that went into it. It is pointed will conduct the image as far:as broadcast, heard here. It  I KUK/I. I[* for immediate mail delivery * out that, even after the war is the frontier, where a committee stated that the Abbey was fmmm  M [l* anywhere. Get your friends * over, there must be a relentless of Brazilian women will receive pletely burned, though fire  jl HE" I[ * to give Knights of Columbus * nd earnest struggle to overcome it. Upon reaching Rio de Janeiro, ors attended from Liege llkt@k mP'JafJJJ .-mr,= I ] * in your council or at Little * the effects of the war, the havoc it solemn coronation and dedication twerp. The church and the 1ttt,'Afl ' I[* Rock credit for bond pur- * has wrought, ceremonies will be celebrated in ing works were saved, r l L* chases. * It istruethattheroadaheadls - TO HEAR MASl  |[* Our Country wants us to* not altogether clear. At the same WHERE rnM==RENC E []* "sell bonds." Buy Bonds! * time, it is felt here that a return v,,,,= /|* * :* * * * * * * * * * * * * * to the pro-war order would be | disastrous, and would open the Corrected as of October 1, 1942 3801 Grand Ave., Des Molneo, Is, [ 6n :tlieipart of this large banking The statue of rOUr Lady is all that remains ndamaged at the corn- door to further wars and the col- es on Sunday at 6:00, 7:00, ! : 4 "-'-"|h0iseL With the assistance of the , ALTUS.---Our Lady, Help o| Chris ............. [exlrielded personnel to aid the pletely ruined Marist Mission at Visale, Guadalcanal, residence of lapse of civilization. For this rea- tians Church. Masses on Sunday at I0:00 o'clock, High MJass i .. Ln.rr.z, z, va,.. [Br0her Kniglts operating his Bishop Aubin, Vicar Apostolic of the South Solomons. It was here son it is expected that the struggle S:80ATKlNS._...Churohand 10:80 o'clock.of the Assumption o'clock ;8 :00 o'clock.WeekdaYHolyMaSsessoulsat . 1 was ur neinze oI 'rer .mae, '^*" ' ther ...... that missionaries met their death at the hands of the invader. Pico for peace will be a momentous one. Mass on let. nd and 4th Sundays of the 4assea on Sunday t 7:801 . -uu:?, e is no quesuon vu Holland, who defined the qualities '('r ' "=--. ............. ture sent through the courtesy of Chaplain Francis L. McGann, O.S. Because of this, it must be ap- month at, 8:00 o'clock; 3rd and Bth o'clock. _ ._ ; ....... . mt;'',nany cnuusanaS or sonars St. Edward's Church.--M OZ ne perlecz farm. ale salQ, ...... Ji11 ................  ddod n +ha _,si,..s.. B., on duty with the U. S. Marine Corps in the Southwest Pacific. proached with the same resolution Sunday,ays at 6at:80S:00and and8:3010:00o'vloek.'clck; holy Sunday and holy days at :$ ,, , ," and the same high purpose as the o'clock; '[ Pro er proportmn of human be .... P - . . . Negotmtmns are under way with (N.C.W.C.) BALD KNOB.--t. Richard's Church. 8:80 and 11:00 ings, tillable land, livestocK, pan- nthpr h,,b ;. , -;, . V;+*, -- prosecution of the war. Masses on 2nd, 4th and th Sundays at at 6:30 and $:80 o'clock. ture and timber." ..... Rock, in an attempt to complete :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: . 8:45.BARLING.__t. Mary's Church. Masses OUrMassesLadYatOt 7:00,Gd 9:00Cunsel'][tl4 we are asked quie siren wnat similar arrangements. Their as- on Sunday at 6:00 and 10:00. weekday Masses at 6:$0, is /he size of the family-type farm. sistance, of course, will fall well 'Round The World With The Chaplains BATF.SVILLE.---OurLadyofth, Sl.,- s.'0 o'clock, If Of course there is no universal Within the dead-line of April 28. sod Sacrament Church. Mass on Ist, 8rd MAGNOL|A.--Amerlcan KeIIl4: and 5th Sundays at 8:00 o'clock; 2nd Mass on the 1st, 8rd and th PJ[ answer because of differences in Don't delay buying your bond. and 4th Sundays at 10:80; holy days at at 7:46 o'clock and on the 2nd ] Sundays at 9:80 o'clock. soil, climate and traditions. In Buy today, and credit the Knights s:0e o'clock. BENTON  Court room of Saline MALVERN.Malvern LibrarY.' practically every state of the of.Qolumbus by reporting the pur- Appeals For Religious Articles For Natives In Pacific Mass at 9 o'clock; Hol days of Union the average size farm is ]che on the official receipt. A County Courthouse. Sunday Mass at tion at 8:0. R  :80 o'clock. ' MARCHE,Immaculate Heart #l larger than a family=type farm [bon purchased, but not reported, Saying Daily osary Reported Among Army Fliers In Africa BIGELOW.--St. Ann's Church. 2nd should be. Iowa averages 170 I willnot count toward this drive. Sunday at 9:00 o'clock; 4th Sunday at Masses on Suadays and HolY 0` Daft ,,,0 o'clock, weekdays at #:S acres per farm unit. With its I " Arabian Stone Hut Used As Chapel For y Mass ...00 o'clock. BLYTHEVILLE. -- Mass on Sunday MARIANNA.--dt. Andrew s C Mass on Ist, Srd and Gth soil fertility and 35-inch rainfall : ,(. , ; ........ at 7:80, end 10:30. J the ' nth at 0e }ul forty acres should be amply suf-ill . .... Chaplain Helps Teach Arab To ook Doughnuts For Soldiers BRINKLEY.---t. John's Church. Mass, n 8: o'clock; on tlSundays at 10:80 o'clock; h| , % :ficient. A North Dakota farmer IIg:-.l.^l,. I I.,^. o. 1st, and rd Sundays at 8:80; 2rid, atll;loek. .rte will say that he must have not II ntllUllt |JIIIU|I Church Locked, So Ashes Distributed In Dark and Cold , and $th Sundays at I0:00 o'clock. DTREE.---St. Norb ordi FU nishe CAMDEN.--St. Louis Church._ Sunday Masses on 2rod, 4th and 5th less than 620 acres to eke out aLL  ........... h A d,, Masses at 7:30 and  :$0 holy days the month at 10:80 o'clock. living and yet not far from Dick-I Arkansas Polish Boy Wit cc on r s Music for Mass o, obligation at 7:,0 and 9:00 o'clock McCRORY.--St. Mar,', Chur', inson we know a family with I  week day Mass at 8:80. on Ist, Jrd and 5th Sundays o! tJ CARLISLE.---St. Rose Church. Mass at 8:80 o'clock; 2nd and 4th .. eighteen children, who are well, South Pacific Island: "A North Africa: The first lot turned out to be a o, Sunday at 9:80 o'clock. 11:00 o'clock; holy days at ll:0t dressed, out of debt, go to Identified only as Catholic The ReD. Walter J. Poynton, of complete failure, they were hard CHARLESTON.---Sacred Heart Church MENA.--St. Agnes Church. every Sunday and Holy Day, Chaplain," a priest with the arm- Ma,, at 8:45 o'clock; evening r cipate in the social life of the corn- ReD. Anth.ny Lachowsky, C.S. Sp: ed forces in this war area makes the Order of Calced Carmelite as rocks. Now he is a doughnut Masses at 8:00 or 10:00 o'clock. CLARKSVILLE.  Holy Redeemer at 7:80 p. m. Conway, Spiritual Director McGEHEE St. Winand'$ ; munity and live on a 320-acre Carl J. Meurer. Little Rock, President a general appeal for religious Fathers, from his chaplain station artist before whom no one takes Church. Masses on let and 8rd Sundays precedence." st 10:00 o'clock; 2nd, 4th and 5t)z Sun- unday Masses at 6:00 and $|$0 farm. Brno, Morrilton articles and lauds the simple, child- in this battle area. writes: _ days at 8:00 o'clock. MORRILTON.---Sam-ed Hesrt  Secretary.Treasurer like faith of the natives. He "At our present base Sunday Waco Flying School: COAL HILL.-----t. Matthew's Church- Sunday Masses at 7:80 and 10:0[ The bigger and better the man,  .no. M. Willems, Sub|ass, Mass on 2nd and 5th Sundays at 10:80 holy days at 6:00 and 8:00 o'el0. the bigger and better the acres he First Vice Pl, esident writes: Mass for the men is said out in The Rev. W.P. Connor, a priest o'clock. MORRISON BLUFF.---S$. F.$. tills. The acre is 208' x 208' but Geurlge Stiemel, Pocahontas. "At the instance of the native the bright sunshine. Daily Mass of the Diocese of Omaha, assigned CONWAY.--t. Joseph's Church. Sun- Paul Church Masses on Iun.a/ holy days at 8:g0 and 10z0 o,, Second Vice President Bishop I am writing to seek your is said in my chaplain's office---a as a chaplain at the Waco Army dy Masses at 5:80, 7:80 and 9:45 o'clock. " ' that which makes an acre is not ' Peter e. Hiegel, GonwF, its geometric measurement. Its Third Vise President aid in obtaining religious articles small Arabian stone hut covered Flying School, reported: CRAWFORDSVILLE.  Sacred Heart MORRIS SCHOOL.(Nin w Ohureh. Mass on let Sund4t at 7:80 of Searey on Highway 86)I fertility depends on what comes . . . Never have I appreciated' che with a tarpaulin. About 15 men "Ash Wednesday evening at the o'clock; 2nd and 4th Sundays at 10:80 Church. Mass on Sundays P" from above---sunshine and rain. PROGRAM value of thework these Saints of attend Mass each morning here." other field, the church was lock- o'clock.DARDANELLE.Mass on 1st Sunday daySMOUNTAINat 6:80 a. m.HOME__AasS l/ Human intelligence is the final C.U. of A.C.W.U.of A. God accomplish until actually ed when I got there, and no one of the month at 10:00 o'clock. Sunday at 11 o'clock., and most essential ingredient of the Charleston, April 11 faced with it out here. I can hon- North Africa: was able to open it. It was cold, D-RMeTT. -- St._. Mary's_ Hospital. NEWPORT. -- St. Cecella's productivity. I:P.M. Benediction of the estly say that I, a priest, have In a letter to the Most ReD. too, but that didn't bother me, and Sunday Mass at 6:80 o'clock. Mass on 2nd and 4th SundaYS DeQUEEN St. Barbara's Church. o'clock; Ist,' 8rd and 5th St, Stretch the acre nd not the Blessed Sacrament. learned much from the simple, John J. Mitty, Archbishop of San the boys were willing, so I dis- Masses on 1st. 8rd and 5th Sundays at 10:80 o'clock; weekdays at 8:000 acreage is good advice for farmers. 1:30 P.M. Registration of dole- child-like faith of these people Francisco, the Rev. Patrick J'. tributed ashes from the top step zo :80; 2nd and 4th Sundays at 8:30. First Fridays at 7:80 ;' holy daY#' I A farm should go up in work pro- gates by committee, Parish Hall. who have proven themselves our Ryan, a priest of the Archdiocese of the church in the dark. I told DeVALLS BLUFF. -- St. Elizabeth's o'clock. Shrine ROC]I ductivity as the family grows and 2:00 P.M. Opening of the Joint trustworthy friends. Never shall and now serving as an Army chap- them that it was a real penance Church. Mass on 1st and 8rd Sundays NORTH LITTLE yet it need not increase in geo- Meeting by Dist. Pres., C.U. of I forget them when I return some- 'lain, revealed that among his and they agreed with me." of DlXlE.St.the month atBoniface10:00 o' Masses andSt" Anne'sholy dys at9:00"--Masso'loe';[" metric size. As the family dim- A., Mr. John Vorster, Paris, Ark- day to America but I shall send duties in North Africa was aiding on 1st, 2nd and Gth Sunday at 11:00; Friday at 7:00 o'clock. . . inishes when the children have anses, them whatsoever gifts it may be in the education of an Arab to o'clock; 8rd and 4th Sunday at 9:00 St. Mary's Church. SundS; grown up and only the older folks Song, "Our Lady of Good Coun- possible for me to give and obtain." cook doughnuts. North flLfrica" o'elocko at 8:00 and 10:00 o'clock| ' remain on the farm, that same sol", by audience. Father Ryan's letter stated "all The ReD. Denis G. Moore, now EL DORADO.Holy Redeemer Churh devotions at 7:30 p. m.$ acreage should shrink in work and Welcome address, by ReD. A1- North Africa: of us have been terrifically busy" serving as a chaplain with the holySUndaYdaysMaSses&t '/:00at and7:809and:0010o,clock.:00 oloCk;First WednesdayMaSses at and8:00 lriday,'clCko,elo0,wI| The ReD. William Walsh, of the with the tasks that follow every Army in North Africa, in a letter Fridays of the month at 7:00 o'clock, is celebrated at 8:$0 to the Most ReD. John J. Mitty, ENGELBERG.--St. John's Church. Sun- NORTH LITTLE ROCK---t. productivitY.A father, mother, and six small phonsetor. Mueller, O.S.B., host pan- Archdiocese of .St. Paul, now in battle and it had been "only in the Archbishop of San Francisco, made day Mass at 10:00 o'clock. Church. Sunday Masses at /::ii children (oldest twelve) live on Talks from C.W.U. of A., Resolu- the chaplain service, lauded the last week or so that we have eas- ia belated report of activities at EUREKA SPRINGS--St. Elizabth's and 11:00 o'clock. J an eighty-acre farm. "This farm tions as follows: work of two fellow chaplains for ed up." He revealed he had estab- a,, on 1st Sunday at 11 o'ctock; no OSCEOLA. ----Sunday Mass at is tOO small for me and my four "Fortitude in Adversity", ReD. the pious and widespread devotion lished an Enlisted Men's Club, Christmas. Ms,, on 2nd Sunday; 8rd and 4th Sun- PARAGOULD.  :St. MarY'S 2[ of saying the Rosary daily among complete with game room, lounge, He told how the boys had built days at 8:80; 5th Sunday at 11 o'clock; Masses on 1st, rd and 5th  boys,"or buysSaYmorethe SOHehehasrentSto Bluff.Eugent Knoff, O.S.B., Morrison fighting men in this war theater, reading and writing rooms, and him a wooden platform for an al- dailYFAYETTEVILLE.Mass at 8 o'clock. St. J o p h ' the2nd Sundaymnth atat 108:00:00 and.clock.10:004tr: work harder, he goes into debt, "Support of the War Restriction He reported: free coffee and doughnuts. The tar so he would not have to use Church. Sunday Masses at 8:00 and at 8:00 o'clock; weekdays at'B:|0 "YOU will be happy to know the club, he said, is called the best in the front of his "jeep" as had been 0:00 o'clock; week days at 7:00 o'clock; PARIS.St. Joseph's Church, . he worries and makes things un- Program", ReD. Anthony Schroed- daily Rosary has spread to every Africa by the Red Cross. He con- his custom. He reported when First Fridays at 7:00 o'clock; holy days. on Sunday at 8:00 and 10:00  pleasant for his family. That or, O.S.B., Subiaco. PETIT JEAN.St. Elizabeth'.| ' place where priests are stationed, tined: the Mass started more than 900 at 6:00 and 7:00 o'clock, work,lays nt 8:80 o'clock. ?J FOREMANMasses on 1st. 3rd and Mass on Sundays and holy ds;]. drives three boys to the city, and "The Equal Rights Amendment" "We eventually it drives him to the ReD. Edward Chrisman, O.S.B. Men are also gathering of their own have an Arab cook who soldiers were kneeling about the th Sundays at. 8:80; 2nd and 4th uno o'clock. rank of a renter or farmhand. We Paris, Spir. Dir. C.W.U. of A. accord to say the Rosary, where no does nothing but cook doughnuts altar and more than 400 received dss at 100. FORREST CITY.--4St. Francis Church. PIGGOTT.Mass on 2nd T;llr| Mass on 1st, 8rd and 5th Sundays of the the month at 8:00 o'clock.  contend that the eighty acre The Missions , District Pres., priest is present, to honor Our everyday. It was very amusing Holy Communion. PINE BLUFF.---t. Joseph'|. Blessed Mother. Fathers Joseph when we tried to teach him how "The music was furnished by a month at 10:30; on 2nd and 4th Sundays Sunda. Mases at 7:80 and 10.0g' give profitable work to the father C.W.U.'of A., Mrs. John Werner Kenny and Stanley J. Kusman to make them. There is no such Polish boy with his accordion. As at 8:00 o'clock; holy days at 7:00 o'olock-" PLUM BAYOU.---St Mar' $ " and mother, to the four boys and ?ort Smith. week days at 8:80 )'clock. Mass on 1st and 8rd' SundsY | two girls. That would mean State Youth Chairman of C.W.U. are responsible for the inception of word in French as doughnuts. We one officer said, 'There never was FORT SMITH of A., Miss Helen Fritchie, Prairie this lovely practice in the --- Air had to get an Army cook and an a time when we had so little and Immaculate Conception Church. Sun- month at 9:00 o'clock. the farmer would have to change ' View, will" speak on Resolutzons Force." interpreter to get the idea across. [appreciated it so much." daY11:00MasSeSo'clock:at week6:00, day7:30,Masses9:00 andat LowPOCAHONTA'-'t'Masses on Sunday atPaul'S6 ..00 P,[ , ' o'clock, High Mass at 10:00 1| the manner of managing his farm adopted at the business meeting 7:00 and  :00 o'clock; holy days at as years go on and children grow C Iti f 1942 By N i I Splli H .00, 7:0o. 8:00 and 9:00 o'clock: holy days .f obl|gatton, Masse''J up. That means intensification of the Youth of C.U. of A., and rue es o az s n e ng onor confessions on Saturday afternoon and 8:00 o'clock. and diversification in the use of C.W.U. of A., of last State Conven- and evening. PRAIRIE VIEW--Sunday Mass 1 P l nd Cited I P lish C th lic R II St de St. Boniface Church. -- Low Maases or 10:30, alternat|ng : the acreage and livestock projects, tion. O a n o a o o u nts co Sunday at 6:00, 7:45, and 11:00 ATCLIFF.--St. Anthony'S. 0 By the time each boy reaches Talk by State Pres., C.U. of A., o'clock. High Mass at 9:80 o'clock: Sundays and holy days at g:vk | twenty-four he should have saved Mr. Carl Meurer, Litt]:e Rock. p Ag R p St A d w's on,,o,oo at 7:30 p. m.: week- RECTOR.--t. H.nrF' s Ch,r",| enough to rent a forty or an eighty Talk, by State Pres., C.W.TJ. of ross ency e ort  n re ,0, day Masses at 6:00 and 8:00 o'clock; ,)n 2rid S.nday of the Month  o'clock: 4th Sunday at 10:00 o' confessions Saturdays and for holy ROGERSMass on 1st snd ,i on his own account. At thirty- A., Mrs. John Willems, Paris. London. (IC) -- Barbaric condi- Vilno, Przemysl and Tarnow. Of- Little Rock.--St. And'rew's pup- days from 4 to 6 and again at 7:15 ' days at 8:80; 8rd Sunday at 11 o[ four he should be ready to buy a Dstrict Speaking Contest for tions prevailing in Nazi-occupied ten members of a victim's family's ils high in spelling for the past p.m. Chrqst, The King.  SundaF Mas- RUSSELLVILLE.Mass on small farm on his own, and at young men and boys will be con- Poland are gruesomely detailed in are forced to attend his public month are: Third grade, John sea at 7:00. 9:00 and 11:80 o' 4th Sundays of the month ;! o'clock. fifty he should have it paid for and ducted by Frank Willems, Contest a report of German activities dur- execution and at times the entire 1 have boys ready to start on their Chairman. ing 1942, compiled by KAP, Pc- amily is put to death. The bodies Louis Segalla, David Steber; fourth Ma,B on First Fridays of the month and holy days at 7:00 o'clock. SCRANTON--Sunday Mass st 10:80, alternating. own. Open Forum: (While Judges are lish Catholic Press Agency. of the murdered victims are per- grade, Anne Rob{nson, Yvonne GILLETT.---St. Anne's Church. Mass ST. VINCENT.St. Mary ' Lack of intelligent pInning and making a decision as to contest laziness cause failures in farming winner.) During 1942, the report states, mitred to hang for long periods at Mathews, Mary Frances Heinze; o'eloek.n the 2nd and th Sundays at 10:80 Masses: ' andOno:30SundaYo'eloek.and holYb -| nd not droughts or low prices. Contest Winner will be an- the Germans carried out of Pc- road crossings, railroad stations fifth grade, Rose Marie Battisto, GRADY.Blessed Sacrament Church. SEARCY.---t. James Chute '1| i land one million tons of grain, a and other conspicious public Ma,a on 4th Sunday f the month at on the 1st and Jrd SundaY# "J The perfect farm is proportion- nounced'---Prizes awarded, million tons of potatoes and a mil- places. The number of Jews mur- Tommy Keller, Helen Krallman, :00 o'clock. ed; the perfect farm is managed by Song, "America". HAMBURG.---St. Alphonsus Church a.m. Mass on last Sunday st the month at Church. Sunday Masses Stfollil0q[ a good planner, a thrifty person Prayer. lion hogs, without regard for seed- dered has been estimated at ],- Pickle Massery, Frank Lewis, SHOAL CREEK  St. S ing requirements for the future. 500,000." __ Tommy Stuart; sixth grade, Ray- 9:00 o'clock. I0:00 o'clock, the last Mass and an honest worker. The suc- Adjournment, after which busi- In localities where the demands of nu::="S Alt mond Bujarski, Evelyn Biltz, HARDY.--Mu, .n th, 4th Sunday. at Bened,ct,on: weelday Man, St Wi l1:00 o'clock. cessful farmer must not be greedy, ness meetings will be held by toth requisitions have not been met, na ar Geraldine Flanigan, James Hain, HARRISON--Mass en 2nd Sunday at o'clock. stingy, unsociable, lazy or a shirk- societies of C.U. of A., and C.W.U. the Polish population has been SLOVAC.---$S. Crrfl sd or. Success is assured to a good of A. S i M G h Curtis Johnston, Janet Lee Jones, o'elockS:$0; 4thon SundaYsaturdaysat precedlngll o'clock:lst,at 98rd Church.10:00 o'clock.SUnday Masses at wiped out by executions and de - OC e c e ee John Lock, Geraldine Massery, and th Sundays. STAMPS.--St. Mark's ch.r_.'4: man on his farm. Failure is as- ital, said the "continental leader" portations, it is stated. # HARTFORD.--t. Leo's Church. Mass on the 1st. 8rd and 5th $1undSt' ' hisSUredfamilyt anoninferiOra farm. man and to contented himself with mention- Prisons systematically have been Elects Officers Loretta Menna, Lois Poussard, on the 2nd andHARTMAN.__Mass.s 4th Sundays at 9:80 a. re.on Ist and 3rd at'clk and7:45 o'cloek.n the 2nd and 4  Good man, good farm; poor man, ing the occasion of the meeting-- overcrowded and inmates tour- Paul Dougan, Ralph Troillet, Ann Sundays at 8:00 o'clock; 2nd, 4th, and STUTTGART.Ho F Rosmr/...  poor farm. saying that the oil expropriation dered to make room for new ar- McGehee. The women of St. Wrape, Billy George; seventh 5th Sundays at 10:00 o'clock. Masses on 1st, Jrd and 4th v'/ := v 'had redounded to the glory of rivals,' the report states, adding Winand's Church met at the home grade, Joe Biltz, Betty Black, HELENA.--t. Mary's Churh. Su". SUBIACO.  St. B,nedl t, ,:.,J[ M i R di l Mexico--and had used his two that, the prisons in Warsaw, Radon, of Mrs. Leo Malvar for the pur- Grace Booth, Pickle Ellington, 'day MaLes atHOTT:,0$PRINGsand 10:00 oclok. I theand monthth Sundaysat 8:00 andat 8.'0010:00o'' |Pt:| ex can a ca hours to deal with the international Cracow, Przemysl, Rzescrow and pose of reorganizing the Ladies' Patrick Flanigan, Jean Ella Go- st. John's Church. Sunday Masses days at 7:00 and 9:00 o'cloC.',|O,][ situation "referring to the recent Lublin are noted for outstanding Altar Society. Mrs. Harry Hughes forth, Anita Gullett, Bobby Hef- at 6:00, 8:00 and 10:0. Church. Sunday Masses st.' ' Assails 'New address of Vice-President Wal-cruelties. acted as chairman for the after-fernan, John Hudgens, Tommy St. Mary', Church. Sunday Masses 6:80, 8:00 and 10:00 o'cloes | at 8:00 and 10:80 o'clock| Holy Days Masses at 4:80, 5:80 6:1 "| ]ace, launching diatribes against "In the numerous concentration noo. Kemp, Billy Simpson, Sam Strick- st Obl|gat|on at 7:80 and 9:00 o'clock. ' . $.} --,'h i ti O der' o Pins xiii and the Papal En- camps the principal causes of Officers elected for the ensuing land, J osepha Stuart, Rosemary o'clock: wkd, Masses at ,:SO SULPHUR r s an r cyclicals (but not without declar- death and murder, undernourish- year are: Mrs. Lawrence Hall, Vestal, Joan Waggoner, Rose o'eloek. SPRING$.M_'o,[ ,, HOXIE.Man on the 1st and 3rd Sun- Sunday of the month at 90,, TEXARKANA.---St. Edwar t.| Mexico City. 0U-- At a meet/ng ing that he was respectful of the ment and:exhaustion , the report president, Mrs. Harry Hughes, Marie Hess; eighth grade, Steve ..t 0,s0 o'ook and on the n Masses on Sunday at 8:00 s| of the Confederation of Mexican Catholic religion and Catholics); states. "Man-hunts by specially vice-president, Mrs. Leo Ma]var, Battisto, Helen Booth, James: 4th and 5th Sundays at 8:80 o'clock, o'elck; holy days at 6:80 ". Workers, held in the Palace of against Sinarchism (but not with- organized units comb the country secretary, and press chairman and Browning, Charles Dearasaugh, HUFFMAN.  Sunday Mass on the o'clock. t- Fine Arts to commemoratq 'the out reiterating that he was the for young men and women to be Mrs. M. Phelps, treasurer. Mrs. Pat Doyle, Otelia Drew, Patricia 1,t Sunday of the Month, at 9:00. TONTITOWN.  t. Jo#P#[ HUGHE$.---Cycamre Bend,Mass on Mass at 8 and 10 on SundYJ "'| fifth anniversary of the exporpria- champion of freedom of thought) sent to forced labor in Germany. Ritchie was appointed chairman Hain, Bernard Heinze, Julia Ann 8rd and 6th Sundays at 11:00 o'clock. Days. _,J tion of the oil industry, Vicente and against the 'new Christion or- The official estimate of the Reich for the Red Cross work. Krallman, Anna Louise Lock, HUNTINGTON.--t. Phlllps Church. WARRN -- St. Luke's ch" Mass on the 8rd Bunday at 9:00 o'clock, every Sunde.y except the last o | Lombardo Toledano in a two-  der' which, according to him, is placed the number of Poles sent Meetings are to be held' every Hilda Massery, Jack Savary, Rose Jm'NNY LIND.---t. Mary's Church. the month at 9:$0 o'eloek._. hour address predicted the "new trying to turn back the world to to forced labor in Germany during Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 at the Marie Stuart, and Mildred Cham-Mass on the 1st Sunday at 9:00 it. m. WhINER.--St. Anthony t-, Christian order" would return the a feudal regimen... Lombardo 1942 at 1,110,000. homes of the members, hers. ] JONEJBORO.Blesnd Saeramsn on 1st and 8rd Sundays of tb" post-war w0rld to a feudal re- made a categorical dental hat "Polish women, sent "to racial The new officers are elated over War Stamps awarded to one urh. Masses on Sunday at 8:00 and 6 :0 and 8 00 o'clock: 2nd,  10:00 o'clock" at 8:00 o'clock on wk- Sundays at 8:00 o'clock. ' gimen. He attacked His Holiness either he or Fidel Velazquez, in camps, are forced to bear children, the responses that they have re- pupil in each room for the high- d,y,: holy dtys at 6:00 and 8 :SO o'clock. WEST MEMPHIS.  St. Pope Pins XII anti the Papal En- whose name he was speaking ap- who are iater taken from them to ceived. They are especially proud est score in Catechism during the KNOBIL.Mass on the |st and rd Church. Mass on undY$ cyclicals, praised Soviet Russia parently, is a Marxist by convic- be reared in German institutions, of the fact that of the thirty ladies past month will be awarded to the Sundays at 8:00 o'clock and on the tnd days at 9:00 o'clock. -t, at 10:80 o'eloek. WYNNE.--. Peter's Ch' and sharply criticized the Sov- tion; he exalted Soviet Russia Some Polish men and women are belonging to the parish, twenty- following: Jimmie Ellington, Billy LAKE VILLAGE.--Our Lady o| tho on 1st, grd and Jth .ndsy oi,  t atdjtarply criticized the Soy- forced to submit to sterilization five are active members of the so- Beck, Edward Guinee, and Tommy ak, Church. Sunda MssRs at S :00 st   :00 o'd nd a,d_..# ereign Pontiff for his anti-bolshe- eei& n Pontiff for having declared operations. Mass executions still ciety. Plans are now being made Kemp; at Holy Souls: Bernard De s,d 0..00 o'clock, at S'S0: hol dar, at 8:80,w,' vsm.  LITTLE ROCK fat 8:00 o'eloek: Holy H or La Premm, a daily of the CaD- himself anti-bolshevist, are carried out in Warsaw, Lwow, to interest the other five. Bosier and Douglas Brandon. St. Andr.w's C, thdml,--Iw Mass- day of the mot  e o''-'