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April 9, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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April 9, 1943

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 9, 1943 PAGE FIVE ,ommittee On Family States Rights, es Of Parents A 13-point on marriage and the been issued by the Ca- Committee on National in conjunction with of National Fam- from May 2 to 9. the emergency arisen from the disturb- of family life as a result war and seeking the con- action of all community churches of the nation the observance of Na- Week and the ear- groups now are pre- carry on parallel pro- own. Committee on Na- Week is composed Dr. Edgar Schmiedeler, of the Family National Catholic ee, and Execu- of the National Ca- on Family Prob- Rev. Lucian L. Lauer- of the National Ca- of Social Service; J. Kress, Vice-Presi- National Catholic Con- on Family Life; Edward Executive Sacretary Council of Catho- and Miss Margaret T. Secretary of the [ of Catholic Wo- I)ivine Institution s statement on and the family emphatic- that marriage is a which cannot by man; as a natural act, it is a sacred and that it is a Sa- that it is a symbol of Christ and the and father is the home; the wife and its heart," ,the state- "Husbands should wives 'as Christ als0 Wives should to their husbands as is obedient to Christ. is the head of the is head of the reminds that the rpose of marriage is the and rearing of children God, and adds that PUrpose "is the giving and rigltul ex- natural instincts and Which God has ira- man's nature." is called the "edu- excellence" and .,the "School of schools' which continues: is .an institution in It arises spontan- nature and has cer- rights and duties. exists to protect the It may not disre- and do away with them. the State may not family to the extent the birth rate or the 'f children, or dictating education of children, children away from These matters are parental rights." also is duty bound to "by assuring it circumstances and not hamper life," the state- of the family life important one," avers. "One of'the rights of man is the The right to mar- implies the right primary purpose of rear a family. That, lraplies the right to a wage that will support a family in reasonable comfort, since the ordinary wage earner has no other source of income wherewith to maintain his family. Hence the family living wage is altogether basic in any consideration of the economic as it relates to family life. Where such a wage is not provided voluntarily by industry, the State should demand its pay- ment." Duties Of State Upon the State also rests the duty of aiding the family in such matters as decent housing, assur- ing able-bodied men of employ- ment, controlling prices, making provisions for children so that mother will not be forced into in- dustry, and assuring mother of proper maternal, as well as pre- natal and postnatal, care, the state- cent community conditions is list- merit emphasizes. Insuring de- ed in the statement as a moral duty which the State owes the family. "Adequate finances, a multipli- cation of social services, and satis- factmT community conditions alone are insufficient to insure a stable and wholesome family life," the statement concludes. "Re- ligion is necessary. The superna- tural is necessary. The teach- and' ministration of the Church is necessary. The merely natural will not suffice. More specifical- ly is religion--the supernatural-- necessary within the home circle itself. The Catholic home should be in reality what St. John Chry- sostom called it, a little Church, a house of God. The need of the day is the enthronement of Christ in the home." Vatican Brin9s Wife, News usband'sAlive Wichita. (E)--A service by the Catholic Church was termed a "value beyond human reckoning" by the neighboring Fredonia sec- retarian newspaper when a be- reaved non-Catholic wife, who had been notified by the War Depart- ment that her husband was "miss- ing in action," learned through the Vatican that he was a prisoner of war in Italy. The wife is Mrs. McCager Thompson, of Fredonia. Three days after she learned from the War Department that her husband, Corpl. McCager Thompson, was "missing in action," the Rev. Pat- rick J. Leahy, of St. Patrick's Church, Parsons, called at the Thompson home. He notified the !bereaved wife word' had come to: :the Most Rev. Christian H. Wink- elmann, Bishop of Wichita, from the Vatican through the Apostolic !Delegation in Washington, that her I husband was a prisoner of war. The Vatican message, which in- structed Mrs. Thompson be noti- fied, stated Corpl. Thompson had been wounded but was safe. Commenting on the tragedy- turn-joy incident, Father Leahy said the action on the part of the Vatican "for this non-Catholic boy did more towards creating a better understanding toward' the church here in Fredonia than the most eloquent apologetic sermon." No. 20 The Story Of The Bible In Pictures And the Lord visited Sara, as he had his old age. And the child grew and was promised: and fulfilled what he had weaned: and Abraham made a great spoken. And she conceived and bore a feast on the day of his weaning. And son in her old age, at the time that God when Sara had seen the son of Agar, had foretold her. And Abraham called the Egyptian playing with Isaac her the name of his son, whom Sara bore son, she said to Abraham: Cast out this him, Isaac. And he circumcised him bondwoman, and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with my son Isaac. Abraham took this grievously for his son. And God said to him Let it not seem grievous to thee for the boy, and for the bondwoman: in all that Sara hath said to thee, heark. en to her voice: for in Isaac shall thy seed be called. But I will make the son rise of the bondwoman a great nation the eighth day, as God had command- ed him. When he was a hundred years old: for at this age of his father was Isaac born. And Sara said: God hath made a laughter for me: whosoever shall hear of it will laugh with me. And again she said: Who vould believe tha4 Abraham should hear that Sara gave suck to a son, whom she bore to him in Timely Eternals Rt. Rev. Msgr. Peter M. H. Wynhoven Editor-in-Chief Catholic Action of the South TOO MUCH PATIENCE That too much of a virtue can be a nuisance, was dem- onstrated to us the other night. We were invited to dinner at the home of a nice, interesting young family. The mother attempts to raise her little brood according to good rules and regulations. The Benjamin of her flock is a boy, the only one, four and a half years old. Patience in dealing with her children is her keynote---as it should be. Before the meal was announced, we sat outside on the lawn, where a little appetizer was served by the father. After awhile, the mother, all fresh and dressed up for the evening, joined the party. The children were around when she seated herself, with a sigh of relief after a busy day. Benjamin, did?" were the words that fell, in even tempo, from the maternal lips. "We shall have to put on another suit now, one that is not half so nice." Which announce- ment left Percy cold, because he didh't care how he was dressed, or how much his personal appearance meant to the one who loved him best. Dinner finished, the party piled into a couple of automobiles and, after a short ride, reached the ball ground. We witnessed a thrilling game. After the excite- ment was over, a friend', who lived in the neighborhood, suggested that we come to his home for a cooling drink. The children were served a glass of Coca-Cola, a pre- cious beverage on the ration list. Young man Percy dropped his glass and spilled his "coke" on the dining-room floor, an accident that can happen to any youngster his age. He started crying over having lost his drink. Patient mother settled that momentary grief, in two shakes of a lamb's tail, by consolingly providing her Benjamin with another glass of coke. Hardly was the debris of his first spill cleared away and mopped up, when he dropped his second glass. The mater then became patent- ly provoked, and spoke, in dtlcet tones: "Darling, now you shall have no more Coca-Cola; next time you must be more careful." This "terrible" rebuke brought forth ill-tempered wails from young Percy's outraged personal- whose name is Percy, insisted on sitting in Mother's lap. She sweet- ly and calmly told him that it could not be done, for he would nmss her dress and, besides, she was too warm. Her arguments had no more effect than the pro- verbial cold' rain on a duck's back. To the annoyance of the guests, and to the embarrassment of the father, the youngster kept on whin- ing, pulling at her, and climbing all over her until, at last, she com- promised by letting him sit on one knee. The maid announced that din- ner was served. As an exception, the children were permitted to eat at the big table. Percy was warn- ed to eat very carefully and to tuck his napkin under his chin, so he would not soil his new white suit, which he was to wear to a championship softball game after dinner. Everything went according to Hoyle while the food was attended to, for Percy,has a healthy ap- petite that nothing can distract. But, alas! when the chocolate pud- ding was served for dessert, his napkin had slipped, and the front of his little coat received a gen- erous blob of the sticky confec- tion. Quickly, he smeared the embroidered, gaily colored em- blem on his chest with a nasty brown that did not match. Maternal consternation? No, not much! Captial P, for patience, in- stantly and automatically flashed to our hostess' mind. "Now, son, you see what you A Bond- Help The Knights Buy A Bomber Knights of Columbus have pledged $25,000,000.00 I out the receipt below, have it properly filled in, and stamped bonds to be sold throughout the nation. The Little Iby the selling agency. Mail this receipt to the Knights of Colum- rail has pledged a bomber to our country in conjune- [bus, 609 Scott St., Little Rock, or give to your local council,, national pledge. Please assist this drive by cutting ]Knights of Columbus. KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS BUY-A-BOMBER CAMPAIGN Receipt for Bond Purchase t ................................... 1943 (Place) (Date) This is to Certify that .......... ............................................... (Name of Purchaser) has purchased Series E War Savings Bonds in the amount of $ .............. Please credit this Sale to Knights of Columbus Attest ............................... (Authorized Bonds Sales Agent) (Deliver This Receipt to Your Financial SecretmT, OR Mall to Knights of Columbus Buy.a.Bomber Committee, 609 Scott St., Little Rock, Ark.) because he is thy seed... So Abraham rose up in the morning, and taking bread and a bottle of water, put it upon her shoulder, and delivered the boy, and sent her away. And she departed and wandered in the wilderness of Ber- sabce. And when the water in the bottle was spent, she cast the boy under one of the trees, that,were there. And she went her way, and sat over against him a great way off as fax as a boy can carry, for she said: I will not see the boy die: and sitting over against, she lifted up her voice and wept. And God heard the voice of the boy and an ity. But, the tricky mother had that display of temper under con- trol in two nothing flat. "I'll let you drink out of my glass," she said. At this turn of events, Papa, who had been working hard in a hot office all day, was fed up with exhibit A of maternal patience, and, with irritated determination, told his wife, "You shan't do any such thing. Drink you own drink, and I'll let the boy have a glass of cold water, if he is thirsty. Then we go home." How can the foolish performance of this mother be explained? She is otherwise sensible, and a model mother in every respect. She is convinced that she scrupulously tries to train her children accord- ing to fundamental rules. She is intelligent, a college graduate who has dabbled in child psychology. Her own mother reared her ad- mirably. She has succeeded with her older children, who are girls; but, from the looks of things, she is ruining the youngest, her only boy. And the pity of it is that her mistakes are blindly predicated on patience, the first requisite in child rearing. She does not seem to realize that, in this case, her brand of patience is frustrating the laying of the very foundation of good character, which s obedience. In the wake of disobedience will follow a thoroughly selfish lack Of consideration for others, a failure to appreciate things that are right and true, and the affliction of an ungovernable temper. If child Percy is not taken in hand soon, his character is bound to be ruined. Why can a mother act so incon- siderately and unwisely? The only answer is that she has an inordi- nate craving for the unruly affec- tions of her handsome little son with the big brown eyes. Her self- ish, possessive love has blinded her. She adores the boy, and she cannot bring herself to do any- thing that will displease or hurt him, no matter how much it may be for his own permanent good. The egotism of parental love is her weakness. St. Anthony's Hospital ..... MORRILTON, ARK. TO GET RID OF A BAD COLD IN A HURRY TRY S. & B. "SPRATOX" It is Just the remedy to check it quickly and if used in time will often prevent it, and other troubles that follow a cold. We are mailing it out every day, why can't we mail you an outfit75e complete and guaranteed to satisfy SNODGRASS & BRACY Advertisement. Hegarty Drug Company 4th and Main Sts. Phone 9111 Little Rock, Ark. SAVE MONEY ON Fire Auto INSURANCE See JOHN H. TUOHEY W|th A. W. Slo InL AScmcy Phone 4-41PA 213-214 Exehae Bldg. angel of God called Agar from heaven, saying: What art thou doing, Agar? Fear not: for God hath heard the voice of the boy, front the place wherein he is. Arise. take up the boy, and hold him by the hand: For I will make him a great nation. And God opened her eyes: and she saw & well of water, and went and filled the bottle, and gave the boy to drink. And God was with him: and he grew, and dwelt in the wildernesS" and beeame a young man, an archer. And he dwelt in the wilderness of Pha- ran, and his mother took a wife for him out of the land of Egypt. Belgian Cardinal Brands Letter Urging Support For Nazis As Forgery, Nazis Declare It Hoax London. (E)'---The forgery of a letter purportedly prepared by His Eminence Joseph Cardinal van Rosy, Archbishop of Malines and Primate of Belgium, which called upon Belgians to support the Nazis in a crusade against Communism, has been exposed by Belgian authorities here, the Brit- ish Ministry of Information has announced: Cardinal van Roey has issued a "formal, stringent, biting denial" that he was the author of the letter, and Caandre, pro-Nazi Belgian newspaper, and the Belgian news agency, Inbel, have since reported the Cardinal's protest and con- tended the forgery was a hoax perpetrated on the Nazis. The purported letter was timed Cuban Bishop Warns Against 'Soul Clinic' Havana. (--The Most Rev. En - rique Perez Serantes, Bishop of Camaguey, has issued a Pastoral instructing his people not to con- tribute "in any way or for any motive to the establishment or support of a 'soul clinic' which it is proposed to establish in Cama- guey." The instigators of the proposed clinic have invited the public '" i 0 ..... w th ut dxstmctmn as to rehgmus creeds" to cooperate in establish- ing this service for souls needing attention when "psychial distur- bances upset them," or for shelt- ering those who "live influenced by psychic forces" or "impure spirits." an'Ullyl cnvincedd ern iou of the great P "c" us errors of spiritism and the terrible havoc wroght by this fantastic and superstitious system," Bishop Perez Serantcs an- nounces that "we are wholly op- posed to the establishment of the so-called soul clinic." Plumbing And Heating REPAIR SPECIALIST GEO. M. WOODS Call 2-3342 Little Rock HIMSTEDT Plumbing & Heating Company Serving Little Rock For More Than 20 Years Installation and Repairs of PLUMBING & HEATING 321 West Capitol Phone 6153 Little Rock, Arkansas Reliable--Satisfactory to offset protests made in a past- oral dated February 21 by the Catholic Bishops of Holland against deporting Dutchmen to Germany for forced labor and against other Nazi injustices. The forged letter, calling upon Belgians to aid Ger- many, was broadcast widely over the Hilversum and Paris radios and by the German Transocean News Agency. The Breman radio, in addition,read excrepts from a letter the Cardinal was falsely reported to have written recently containing anti-Russian passages but it was discovered the letter was written on Christmas Day, 1936. The Nazi controlled Belgian press made it appear Nazi auth- orities were victims of the hoax. The Holy Bible No. 1 No. 6 No. 3 Douay Version ize 5 5/8 x 8 inches, 1300 pages Contains 14 maps of the Holy Land and 4 page family records. Bindings number 3, 4, 5, and 6 also contain 32 pictures of biblical events. Supplementary Features A.A double index. BIndul- gence prayers before and after reading The Holy Bible, and data regarding indulgences granted for the reading of the Sacred Scrip- tures. C.An historical and chron- ological Table of Events in the Old and New Testaments. D.--A table of the Epistles and Gospels as read in the Pulpit each Sunday. 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